Part of Me


Sookie’s POV

“Good evening Eric.” If I could blush, I would. My thoughts were of him just before the sun claimed me this morning, and he was still on my mind when my eyes popped open tonight. I did a lot of soul searching last night and came to a startling realization.

Eric Northman cares about me.

He may not have said it in those words, but he has told me that he cares for me in both his words and actions. It took my subconscious beating some serious sense into me, but I finally get it. There is no way Eric would have turned me merely for the chance to have sex with me. He wouldn’t want to burden himself that way. Seeing the tiny glimpse of the relationship between Godric and Eric, I know that Eric takes his role as a maker seriously. I cannot attest to what Eric’s relationship with Pam is, but it must be strong if they are still together today. It gives me hope that Eric and I will have a strong bond as we move forward.

And really that’s all I need to know now. My subconscious was right. I’m no longer human so I can’t expect to have a human relationship with Eric. Hell, even when I was human the idea of having a normal human relationship with Eric seemed absurd! I think Bill’s blood and my own foolish notions about dating tried to pigeonhole our relationship into something it wasn’t. Really, we didn’t date; we had sex and we got into dangerous situations. That’s about it. Sure we talked, but I now know that Bill was only using those conversations to help gain more control over me; to exploit my deepest, darkest fears.

This is my third night with Eric and yet I already feel close to him. He’s cared for me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I think it’s time I return the favor.

When Eric entered the room, I could tell that he was torn and upset about something, but as soon as he saw me, his eyes filled with heat. It could have something to do with the fact I’m wearing those thin cotton pajama bottoms and thin cotton camisole that leaves nothing to the imagination. The lust is oozing out of every pore on his considerable surface. Is it only me that has him feeling this way or was he with someone else while I was still out. A discreet tasting of the air tells me that the only scents in the room are mine, Eric’s, and Godric’s though the scent of my grand-maker is faint, like it is only from contacting Eric. There are no bodily fluids clinging to him other than the staleness of bagged blood. It shouldn’t relieve me so much to know that Eric hasn’t been with one of the donors he said would be here this evening, but it does. It’s bad enough I can’t satisfy his need for blood, but I don’t want him to find sexual relief with someone else.

I want him to find it with me.

Hallelujah! She’s finally seen the light! Let me get my dancing shoes on so we can celebrate and party! Wait, I have a better idea! Let’s strip down and have Eric show us how to play pillage and plunder. He can do the pillaging and plunder us all night long!

“Hello Sookie,” he purrs in that delicious low rumble of his that makes my lower lips clench. Without thinking, I vamp off the bed and push Eric against the door. However, he doesn’t let me have the upper hand for long. In a nanosecond, I find myself lifted in Eric’s arms and pushed against the door. His head lowers towards mine but he pauses when his lips are a hair’s breadth from mine. There is a sense of hesitation in his movements, though I can feel his need as clearly as mine. It’s more than the maker/child bond, and it’s definitely more than a physical attraction. It feels right; it makes me feel whole.

My fangs click down as do his. “No more holding back,” I whisper to him before my mouth closes over his. Eric growls in satisfaction as my tongue sweeps the inside of his mouth seeking to taste every part of him. My hands eagerly explore the muscles of his back while I use my legs as leverage to grind myself against Eric’s body. My nipples rub against his chest through the thin cotton fabric of my tank top and my pants are quickly becoming damp as I rub my womanly bits against the hardness jutting out from Eric’s body. I moan happily when his hands rip the fabric of my sleep pants away so his fingers, those talented damn fingers of his, can rub along my lower lips. I cry out in shock when those wonderful fingers slip inside me, bringing me quickly to orgasm.

“More,” I moan out as my head falls back, offering my neck to Eric. With a grunt of approval, Eric lowers his head. I expected him to strike hard and fast, the sting of pain an added contract to the overwhelming pleasure I feel coursing through my body. Instead, Eric shows infinite care by lovingly kissing the spot on my neck as his tongue sweeps back and forth on my skin. When I think I can’t take it anymore and am about to beg him to bite me, Eric slides those beautiful fangs of his inside my skin like I am a juicy piece of fruit. He growls hungrily as his hips and fingers move faster against me. My fingernails rake Eric’s back, leaving bloody streaks though neither of us cares. We are too far gone in the pleasure of finally being with each other as we have craved being. The moment my blood hit Eric’s tongue, it’s like a thousand tiny explosions were set off inside me. His pleasure fed mine and vice versa, the orgasm it triggered in both of us left me feeling lightheaded but well sated. I feel like the cat that swallowed the canary and followed it up with a bowl of cream.

Eric’s soft chuckle brings me back to the moment and my eyelids flutter open. “Min lilla katt is very pleased with herself and perhaps me too,” my maker says with a sparkle in his eye. My lazy smile only adds to the smugness coming from him, but I also sense a kernel of worry pushing its way through his happiness.

His large hand caresses my cheek, sliding into my hair and pulling my head down to rest on his shoulder. “Drink from me, Sookie. I fear I lost myself in you and took too much of your blood. Drink; it will help you recover your strength.” Eric’s tone is soothing and loving as he continues to hold the back of my neck, scratching his fingers along my scalp to help calm me and center myself. Without question, I slide my fangs as gently as possible into Eric’s taut flesh. He moans as I begin sucking on his blood. If I thought the AB negative blood tasted delicious, than Eric’s blood is ambrosia from the gods themselves. I grip him tightly as I suck greedily on the wound. Eric bucks lazily against me and he turns his head so that can sink his fangs back in me. The feeling of ecstasy and rightness explodes between us and I feel closer to Eric now more than ever before. I can feel him more clearly in this moment and it humbles me to know how deeply he feels for me. Once again, I am ashamed of how I have treated him in the past.

“Mitt allt,” Eric murmurs as he rubs his face against my neck and cheek. The stubble on his face tickles my super sensitive skin and I shiver in his arms.

“What’s that mean?” I’m whispering because I don’t want to break that spell that surrounds us. I like this bubble we are in; it’s unrealistic to expect that it will always be like this, but I wish it could be. It’s like we are the very best versions of ourselves here away from the prying eyes of the world.

“It means that I am pleasantly surprised by tonight’s turn of events and wish we had more time to devote to each other,” Eric says in a voice heavy with regret as he places a lingering kiss to my forehead. Eric’s hands move behind his back, unlocking my feet from around his spectacular ass, and letting them fall to the ground. His hands help steady me as he steps away from my body. I keenly miss the feeling of Eric’s body against mine. It’s more than the sexual desire that burns brightly between us. His nearness brings me comfort and safety. Who would have thought Eric Northman would be the one to ground me? To keep me centered?

“Because I have to learn to feed from a donor?”

“No; well, yes, but there is more to it than that. I must return to Louisiana tonight. An urgent matter has risen and it requires my immediate attention.” Eric’s hands cup my face because I’m sure he can feel my dejection through the bond. “Min lilla, I do not want to leave you behind, but I must. The creature that attacked you in the woods has taken over Bon Temps. There was a message for me from your brother and the Shifter. I cannot let it destroy anything else.”

A gasp escapes my lips and my fangs descend as I think about the animalistic human that used my back as a nail sharpener. I owe that fucker some payback! “I wanna come with you. I wanna help!”

“No,” Eric declares firmly and his jaw snaps shut. I’m about to open my mouth and argue when Eric says the words I hate more than anything. “As your maker, I command you to stay with Godric until I return or send for you.”

“You son of a bitch!” I am furious with Eric and hiss angrily at him as I slap my hands against him. “You expect me to stay here when my brother, my friends, and everyone I know is in danger from that hell beast? I knew this wasn’t going to work out! I knew you only wanted to control me.” I attack Eric with my hands curled as claws and my fangs ready to tear out his throat. Of course, I am no match for someone of Eric’s size, strength, and age. I’m hissing furiously as Eric quickly subdues me, pinning me beneath him on our bed. His hand wraps easily around my wrists and he’s pinned my legs beneath his. Eric’s fangs are also down, though he is smirking at me with that look that makes me want to smack him. Despite the anger I feel, there is another part of me coming around. I like that Eric is dominating me, and I can certainly feel how excited my little attack has made him.

“There is that fire I so greatly admire. I shall have to make you mad some other time. There is much to be said for angry sex,” Eric smirks as he thrusts his thick, hard erection against me. I scream in frustration, both because I cannot buck his body off mine and because I want to feel him buried deep inside me. I’m pissed at him, so why is it I want him to pound into me roughly, controlling me and making me feel like I’m at his mercy? I hate Eric’s control over me!

Eric growls hungrily as he keeps thrusting against me, rubbing his erection against my wetness. “You want it too, Sookie. You want me to dominate you; to mount you from behind and pound into you all night. I’ll drag one orgasm after another from you until our bodies are covered in cum and blood. You want me to show you what it means to be mine,” he growls again and I violently shake my head in denial though I am fighting to hold back the moan that threatens to break free. Eric is far too good at painting vivid images with his words. All I can see now is myself on all fours with Eric’s body surrounding me as he thrusts into me from behind, stretching me in a way no one else ever has. I can almost feel his fingers playing with my clit while his hips slap against my thighs and butt. And just when I’m about to cum, he’ll sink his fangs into my throat.

“Oh Jesus Christ!” I moan uncontrollably as another orgasm erupts inside me as my juices soak the pants covering Eric’s penis. He smiles with dark satisfaction as all the fight leaves me as just as my arousal flows from my body.

“Absolutely beautiful,” Eric whispers reverently as I lie limply beneath him. For the moment, I do not have the energy to fight him, but that can easily change. Eric knows this and begins explaining why he is leaving me behind.

“You are too unpredictable for me to take back to Louisiana. There are still many lessons you must learn before it is safe for you to be out among humans.” I open my mouth to argue, thinking of Bill and Jessica, but Eric shuts me down before I can begin. “Compton is a piss-poor excuse for a maker for allowing Jessica to have as much free rein as she does. You forget Pam and I had her for two weeks; I know how uncontrollable she is. It’s a wonder she did not hurt you or anyone else in Bon Temps.”

I close my mouth because Eric doesn’t know how close Jessica did come to hurting people. If Bill hadn’t arrived when he did, Jessica would have killed her human father. While I’m thinking about everything I’ve seen Jessica do, Eric continues on with his explanation.

“Would you have me more worried about you and not focused on the maenad as I need to be? She has already targeted you once. I fear what she would do to you now.”

Damn, he’s good. Cue the guilt trip!

I instantly feel ashamed hearing why Eric wants me to stay behind. He’s right; there are many lessons I still need to learn if I am to survive. And didn’t I agree with my subconscious that I needed to trust Eric more so I don’t end up getting us both killed? Didn’t I resolve last night to stop fighting Eric at every turn and let him show me every part of what being a vampire is? That’s why I charged him the way I did this evening, because I’m tired of denying my urges. I want him; it’s as simple as that. I know there is something more between us, but I’m not ready to explore that. It’s far easier to accept that I’m sexually attracted to him than to think about anything else. We still haven’t had sex yet, but the sexual release tonight has somewhat tempered the cravings of the bond between us, but it has in no way completely satisfied it. I’m sure that’s an itch that will only become unbearable the longer Eric and I abstain from full intercourse.

Eric must sense the change in my emotional state because he shifts his hold on me so that I can move slightly. “I’m sorry. I should know by now that you’re only trying to keep me safe. What did Jason and Sam say is wrong with the town? Can she be stopped? And how are maenads real? I thought they were only a part of mythology.”

“You have hidden depth, Sookie Stackhouse,” Eric says with admiration before continuing on briskly. “Yes, she can be stopped though it is difficult. Maenads seek to offer Dionysus a worthy sacrifice to have the god appear before them. The sacrifice is usually an offering that arises from violence or sexual activity. Pain, pleasure, and intoxication are the mainstays for the disciples of Dionysus. A maenad believes that mating with the animal, usually a bull, will result in the rebirth of Dionysus. It’s a lot of religious bullshit to justify an orgy in my opinion. I don’t need a reason to fuck a lot.” Eric wiggles his eyebrows suggestively and I can’t help but laugh.

My laughter fades quickly as I stare into his beautiful eyes. “Promise me you’ll be careful,” I demand fervently.

Eric nods before leaning down to capture my lips. “I promise to defeat this Greek harpy so that I can return to you and finish what we started earlier,” he says against my lips and thrusting lazily against me so I have no doubt what “this” is. Before it can go any further, Eric vamps us off the bed and into the bathroom. He rips the few remaining articles of clothing off our bodies. “Wash my back before I go? I can’t get all the hard to reach places.” He looks woefully pitiful despite the mischief I feel swirling in the bond.

“If I join you, then you’ll be even tardier getting to Louisiana,” I retort tartly.

“I’ll be good. Scouts honor,” Eric replies holding up his three middle fingers with his thumb and pinky fingers overlapping properly in his palm like he was part of the Boy Scouts of America. I don’t wanna know how a Viking vampire knows about Scouts honor, but I forgot all about it. He was true to his word, if you define good, as was my earth-shattering climax thanks to his very talented tongue and fingers.

Fortunately for me, I do.

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15 Responses to Part of Me

  1. oh Sookie. cockblocked by the Maenad. but this way, Sookie learned more of Eric’s deep emotions and of course her own limitations. it’s obvious she’s not ready with the way she reacted. now let’s see how Eric is gonna kick the maenad’s hiney. 😀

  2. Kittyinaz says:

    MaryAnn is going to quickly find out why it isn’t a good idea to mess with the Viking when he has Sookie waiting for him to come fuck her. Bad bad idea!!

  3. redjane12 says:

    Progress!!! Glad Sookie accepted some aspects of her new nature though I can’t blame her to want to take her time… Her outburst at being commanded to stay behind makes sense since as a newborn she’s hyper sensitive and Eric could have presented the issue a bit more diplomatically rather than just issue a makers command… Though it might have been that (perhaps unconsciously) he wanted to see how hot a riled up Sookie would be…. Or maybe I am the one wanting to see how these two handle each other’s irritation…. Hope Eric deals with the maenad fast and gets back to Dallas fast….

  4. bdemille18 says:

    THis was the best thing to wake up too!!!

  5. valady1 says:

    Of course his reasoning is perfect, she would distract him at a time he will need all of his considerable abilities to resolve the maenad issue.

  6. duckbutt60 says:

    Well –looks like she’s truly warming up to him. Too bad the timing sucks….

  7. shoegirl01 says:

    Boy scout Eric! Lol Glad that they’re getting closer

  8. mom2goalies says:

    Sookie is finally listening to reason and her inner self, yay! Looking forward to Eric kicking the meanead quickly so he can come back and finish what was started! 😉

  9. msbuffy says:

    Well that certainly brings new meaning to “the best part of waking up!”

  10. lzdiva4 says:

    She’s reasoning things through – PROGRESS!!

  11. askarsgirl says:

    Those were some juicy lemons! Well that was certainly progress. Great chapter!

  12. ashmo2000 says:

    Sookie has remind herself that Eric will be a good maker to her and won’t abandon her.

  13. ericluver says:

    Finally she’s thinking things through. Ok, she had a tantrum first, but at least she realized that Eric has her best interests at heart. Yay for the sexy stuff too! 😉

  14. kleannhouse says:

    i feel bad for these two getting torn apart when he needs to be there for her, but it will also be a lesson for her and she will gain some strength in every facet of her training with Godric. KY

  15. cela says:

    I hope sookie can hold out until eric returns to her, I would really like eric to be her first REAL lover instead of just screwing godric. I know godric will care for her as part of his bloodline but I feel eric would be disappointed if he didn’t get to bond with her in this way first.

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