My reunion with Jason went better than I ever expected. I was amazed to learn Jason suffered minimal injuries from the bombing. Godric and Isabel had protected Jason when they realized what was happening. The two vampires had pushed my brother behind the brick fireplace that separated the living room from the kitchen and that provided a buffer from the major effects of the blast. Eric and I had been the closest. It is unsettling to hear how much damage Eric had sustained trying to protect me. There are no words to convey my gratitude to both of the male vampires, so I try pushing the feeling to them. Eric gives me a tender smile, grasps my hand, and brings it to his lips. I’m still trying to get used to the idea of Eric being affectionate; the vampire I’ve encountered this night is a far cry from the one I’d slapped in the middle of Fangtasia. But I like this Eric; I want to get to know more.

It is bittersweet to say good-bye to Jason. Part of me wants him to stay, but an even bigger part wants him to go. I never noticed his smell thanks to his misguided efforts to help me, so that wasn’t a problem.

His heartbeat is.

I can hear it clearly and it increases my hunger for blood. My fangs want to come down and I want to sink them in one of his veins. Godric and Eric can sense my struggle, so they have kept me supplied with blood. They are more thoughtful than I ever thought possible. In order not to disgust Jason, they have kept the blood in an opaque container so to Jason, it looks like I’m drinking sweet tea.

Eventually Jason took his leave; he is returning to Bon Temps in the morning. My brother swore he’d look after Gran’s house until I got back, which got me to thinking.

What am I gonna do with Gran’s house now that I’m a vampire?

“You handled that better than I thought you would. I am proud of you.” Eric sends me the feeling through the bond as well as telling me. I’m not used to someone feeling proud of me. It’s been ages since anyone approved of my abilities; most people think I’m a crazy fangbanging whore.

“What am I gonna do Eric?” I look at him forlornly as the enormity of my new reality hits me. “I can’t live in Gran’s house anymore; I don’t have the money to maintain it. What am I gonna do for a job? Sam hates vampires. Hell, the town of Bon Temps doesn’t approve of me. I don’t know what I’m gonna do.” Blood tears fall from my eyes and I bury my head in my hands; giant, heaving sobs shake my tiny body as I unleash my misery and heartbreak.

Strong arms lift me, carrying me quickly through the house until we are back in the room where I first rose a vampire. Eric sits on the bed, cradling me against his chest. Through our bond he pushes comfort and reassurance but he says nothing. Instead, he rests his chin on the crown of my head, his arms wrapped tightly around me, and he rocks us back and forth while humming a soft tune. His chest vibrates with his song. It’s not a tune I recognize, but it is peaceful. Eric’s caring actions sooth my battered psyche and I go limp in his arms.

“I know it does not seem like it now,” he begins softly while stroking my hair after my sobs have stopped. “But everything will be alright. You have nothing to worry about. I will not leave you to the wolves. As my progeny, it is my responsibility to provide for you. Your Gran’s house will be taken care of; you cannot stay there yet. It is not safe for a vampire,” he says firmly knowing I will argue.

“I don’t want to be a burden,” I offer weakly.

He presses a kiss against my hair and his arms tighten a fraction. “You are no burden kära en; you are my child. Do you consider a human child a burden to its parents?”

“Depends on the parents,” I say thinking of mine. I was a burden to them from the moment I could speak. Momma always prayed that I’d be normal; a few times, I’d heard her wish I’d never been born. Daddy loved me but he feared for me. Jason loved him, but often wished I’d be normal. Even Gran prayed that my “disability” would go away so I could live a happy, normal life.

“A child is never a burden; it is a blessing,” he declares vehemently. “As a human, the birth of a child was celebrated with great joy. As a vampire, I have been extremely blessed to be gifted with two beautiful, intelligent women that I am proud to call my children. You, Sookie Stackhouse, are my child; I am your maker. Until you are ready to make your way in the world, you are my responsibility. Even when you go your own way, I will always be there for you if you should need me,” he finishes softly.

I pull back in his arms and my nose scrunches up in distaste. “It’s weird to think of myself as ‘your child’. I mean, it makes me feel dirty given that you want to . . . that you’re interested in . . .” I trail off flustered.

Eric smirks. “That I want to fuck you.”


He chuckles at my outraged expression. “We are vampires Sookie. Sex is a large part of who we are. You will get over these ridiculous notions you have about sex soon enough. A maker and child often have a highly charged sexual relationship with each other,” he says with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

I can’t help it; I laugh because his leer is something out of a silent picture I saw years ago. The villain had tied the damsel in distress to the railroad tracks. All Eric is missing is a long moustache for him to roll between his fingers and a cape.

Eric smiles gently seeing my good humor restored. “I don’t like to see you suffer,” he states solemnly as he cups my face. “It hurts me too,” he confesses.

There is a charged moment between us where neither of us looks away from the other. Ever so slowly, Eric’s lips descend towards mine. I watch with fascination as he draws closer and closer. His eyes aren’t blue like I thought before; his eyes are a bluish-green color that change with his moods. They are hypnotic and I get lost in their power. My lips part slightly and my breath catches thinking he is going to kiss me. At the last moment, Eric changes the destination of his lips, pressing them against the corner of my mouth, closer to my cheek. He kisses his way down to my jaw and I feel his tongue slip through his soft lips to lick the remnants of the blood on my face. Eric alternates between these feather-light kisses and licking my skin until he reaches below my eye. He then kisses his way across my nose to the other side of my face, repeating this cleansing ritual down to my jaw.

By the time he finishes, my fangs have slid down and I am panting with need. It’s the most erotic moment of my life. Without thinking, I grasp the back of his head and crash my lips to his. I moan hungrily as Eric takes control of our kiss, teaching me how to kiss without shredding either one of our mouths, but showing me how pleasurable it is to use one’s fangs to heighten our pleasure.

My inner voice is doing cartwheels that I’ve finally given in to Eric. She’s cheering loudly, her pom-poms waving wildly as she bounces around in a skimpy black and red cheerleading costume.

Go, Viking, go! Don’t stop, get it, get it!

I would chuckle if it wasn’t for the fact that Eric has his tongue in my mouth. He is using every bit of his thousand years of experience, reducing me to a quivering mass of nerves. His lips are gentle yet demanding while the light stubble on his face scratches against the smooth flesh of my cheeks. His tongue feels raspy against mine.

Is it possible to orgasm from only a kiss? We have no need to breathe; no need to stop. I’m so close to the edge. The old me would be embarrassed because of my lack of experience. He’s been with thousands if not millions of women; he probably finds me lacking. However, the new me is greedy for more.

I’m jolted out of my musings when Eric’s tongue slides down the length of a fang only to go back up so he can curl his tongue around the sharp enamel. I remember his earlier lesson about our fangs being an erogenous zone, but nothing could have prepared me for my body’s reaction.

I scream in ecstasy as my body shudders with my orgasm. The bliss is intense, radiating down every nerve ending and then racing back again to congregate in my womanly bits. My vagina pulses and throbs as my fluids flow out of me and settles on the tops of my inner thighs. Eric growls with approval as he starts thrusting up against me. At some point I shifted in his lap so that I’m straddling his lap, but I’m so happy I did because his thrusts are brushing against my dampened underwear, keeping the best damn orgasm ever from ending. Eric sucks on my other fang, making me shudder again as he thrusts hard while pulling my hips down. He slashes his tongue on my fang, letting a few drops of his blood fall on my tongue. His taste is exquisite; rich and decadent and I want more. I suck eagerly on his tongue, scraping my fangs lightly against it to get more of the richness that flows through his veins. Eric snarls viciously and speeds up his thrusts, moving faster and faster yet it isn’t fast enough.

Eric tears his lips away from mine to shout something in Swedish before he sinks his fangs into my throat. I gasp in surprise at the suddenness of it, but it feels good; it feels right. Eric must think so too because I feel him releasing in his pants. I continue rocking against Eric to keep the sensation going. I think he might have broken me because the most wonderful pleasure keeps pulsing through me. I don’t want it to stop; no experience as a human ever came close to this. It makes me hate Bill more because my first time wasn’t anything like this. It hurt, both when he penetrated me and when he bit me. That bastard deprived me of having this, because I know with every fiber of my being that Eric would have taken care of me, ensuring I found my pleasure before he sought his own.

“Where did you go, Lover?” Eric nuzzles my cheek, rubbing his against mine before placing soft kisses against my neck and down along my shoulder.

I rest my head against his shoulder, needing his comfort. “I hate him, Eric,” I declare passionately.


“Bill took my virginity; he stole my ability to make a choice. He is no better than . . .” I stop because I didn’t mean to say that.

“No better than who?” I shake my head, refusing to answer. Eric pushes me back gently before holding my chin so he can look in my eyes. “Who hurt you, Sookie?”

“It doesn’t matter; he’s dead now,” I say stubbornly.

Eric raises his eyebrow in challenge. “You know I could command you min lilla.” My eyes widen with fear which makes him sigh. “But I would prefer you tell me of your own volition.” He presses a kiss against my forehead before easing my head back down to his shoulder.

“You have already had too many take your ability to choose away from you. I will not be like Bill or the others that have violated you this way . . . which is why you need to get off my lap.” Eric sighs in resignation.

I rear back and stare at him with confusion. What does where I’m sitting have to do with making a choice? “I don’t understand.”

“Sookie,” Eric growls and it makes me tingle between my legs. “In about five seconds, I’m going to rip the clothes from your body and fuck you hard and fast as only two vampires can. I want to take you against every surface in this room, show you the benefits of a real vampire’s stamina. We will fuck for hours, with me having you in as many positions as possible before we give in to the pull of the sun. I’d fall into my daytime death with my cock, fingers, or tongue buried inside your sweet pussy. And when the sun sets tomorrow evening, you will rise screaming my name because I’d already have your body on the verge of cumming.” He paints a vivid picture with his words and I want every part of it.

Sign us up! That’s a vampire experience we can get down with! Well technically, I think he’d be the one going down . . . you know what I mean! DO IT!

“And you would give in to your urges because you are a vampire and I am your maker. But you will not be choosing me of your own free will, and that is why you must move.” Eric sighs in frustration, dropping his head back and exposing the long column of his throat to me.

There is a battle raging inside me, one I don’t know who I want to be victorious. On one hand, Eric is right; it is the maker/child bond drawing me in like a moth to a flame. It is a strong urge, one nearly impossible to resist. Yet the part of me that is me isn’t ready for the image Eric painted. I am attracted to him, there’s no doubting it. But I’m not ready to trust him with that part of me . . . yet. If things continue as they have, like tonight, it will not be long before I chose Eric.

As gently and gracefully as possible, I climb off Eric’s lap. “I think I’ll go clean up in the bathroom.” Eric acknowledges my words with a slight nod but makes no other move. We are both too raw to say or do anything else.

I gather a few belongings to take with me to use in the bathroom upstairs since the shower door in our bathroom is shattered. I take my time once in the bathroom, using this opportunity to regain control of myself. I lose track of how much time passes, but it must be getting closer to dawn. My reactions become slower, even slower than what they were while I was human. It’s a struggle for me to get out of the shower, dry off, and make it back to the bedroom I share with Eric. He’s lying down in the bed, thankfully he’s wearing a pair of black sleep pants. He pats the bed beside him, indicating I should lay down.

Sliding into bed, I lie on my side so that I am facing Eric. He shifts so that he is lying on his side facing me. It’s reminiscent of how our night started. My hand immediately moves across the space between us to grab his.

“Thank you, Eric . . . for everything. I hope this works out for both of us.”

“I have every confidence that it will,” he replies with conviction. His faith in me, in us, makes me smile, and I go into my daytime rest happier than I can remember being in a long time.

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