I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm

“Well don’t you look smug,” Pam says with a slight smile on her face. She had worried for her maker the previous evening. His emotions had vaulted from one extreme to the next; it felt like he was a teenage girl going through puberty. She had been relieved when he had finally settled in a state of contentment that had lasted until the dawn of the new day that had claimed her. When Pam had risen for the evening, she was surprised to find that her maker had still been near Bon Temps and his happiness from the previous evening was continuing. She had hoped the blonde telepath wouldn’t be disagreeable just for appearance’s sake. When it came to Eric and Sookie, everything was combustible; they are two stubborn asses that would test the patience of Job himself when they decide to dig their heels in.

“I’m not smug; I’m happy,” Eric says with a smirk as he strides to the closet in his office. When he had risen for the evening, Sookie had not been in the house. He was disappointed, thinking she was avoiding him until his hand crumpled the piece of paper he hadn’t realized he was holding. She had left him a note that she was sorry to not be there when he rose for the night, but she got called in to work because one of the other waitresses had called out because her kids were sick. But what had soothed his hurt feelings was the fact the cubby smelled strongly of sunlight and Sookie. She had spent a portion of her day outside and then had come down to the cubby to lay with him before going to work. Eric had been reluctant to shower because it would wash away her divine scent. However given the way Pam is sniffing the air like a bloodhound looking for a fox, he might have to shower before sitting on his throne tonight. He wouldn’t want any of the other vampires to get any ideas.

“Then smug and happy are the same damn look for you,” Pam says drolly. “You smell like her, but I don’t smell any cum. You must be losing your touch in your old age,” as she smirks.

Eric turns from his closet where he has taken a rectangular box down from the back of the shelf. Pam’s eyes widen as she takes in the large gold bow resting on top of the shoe box belonging to one of her favorite shoe designers. “This was going to be for you as a way of showing my appreciation for your help with Sookie’s gift last night, but now I’m not sure if you deserve it. Your mouth is going to land you on Santa’s naughty list. I guess I’ll have to give these shoes to Ginger as part of her holiday bonus,” he says with a dramatic sigh.

“I’ll dip your balls in silver if you even think about giving those shoes to Ginger,” Pam says in a deadly tone. Eric chuckles as he tosses the box to Pam who manages to catch and tear open the box in one move. She smiles and coos at the shoes as one would a baby. “These will match perfectly with the outfit I’m wearing New Year’s Eve. Thank you,” she says with a grateful smile.

Eric nods his head in acknowledgement as he strips off the clothing from yesterday. There is no modesty between him and Pam, so she doesn’t bat an eyelash when he struts from his closet to his personal shower completely in the buff. Eric turns on the water once he is in the tight shower stall, not caring that it is icy when it first blasts his skin. It reminds him of bathing in the stream near his human home. He uses vamp speed to wash his hair and body, feeling regretful as Sookie’s scent is whisked away to be replaced with that of his designer soap.

“So I take it Sookie was pleased with her present?” Pam leans against the wall inspecting her manicure as she waits for Eric to finish.

“Yes, she actually wore all of it last night,” Eric says with a smile. He’d actually done some snooping before leaving her house tonight, wanting to see if she left the jewelry at home or if she actually wore it. He’d found the Bvlgari box tucked away in her lingerie door, but the jewelry had not been inside it. Of course, he had gotten distracted by all the lingerie in that drawer. Eric hopes that soon he will have the opportunity to see all of it on Sookie’s luscious body. And he will enjoy ripping each piece off of her. That reminds him, he needs to set up accounts for her at all his favorite lingerie stores. It’s only fair that if he is going to destroy it, then he should pay for it.

“I told you no woman in her right mind would refuse jewelry,” Pam smirks. “What is she getting tonight?”

Eric shuts off the water and grabs the towel hanging right outside the glass shower door. He hurriedly dries off his skin before wrapping the towel around his waist. Crossing to the mirror, he pumps a small amount of gel in his hands before styling his wet hair the way he wants. “Tonight she is getting six authentic Hawaiian leis,” he says with a gleam in his eye and a wicked smile on his face.

Pam looks confused. “What the fuck does a flower necklace have to do with Christmas or your relationship?”

Eric’s grin widens as he applies his cologne. “That ridiculous song lyric called for six geese a-laying. This is my version of “a-laying”. Sookie is getting ‘leid’ by me tonight.” Eric forgoes underwear and pulls his tight jeans over his long legs and award-winning ass. As he buttons the fly and pulls up the zipper, he begins chuckling.

“What’s so funny?” Pam had rolled her eyes at her maker’s humor. He always thinks he’s funny when really he’s a giant dork in a deadly body.

“I had the leis delivered to Merlotte’s since I knew Sookie wouldn’t be home to receive them. So I ‘leid’ her in front of the Shifter and everyone else in that desolate redneck wasteland. How long do you think it will take for Compton to learn that Sookie got ‘leid’ by me?” Eric chuckles darkly as he thinks of the apocalyptic reaction the sourpuss monarch will have. It almost makes Eric wish he’d installed secret video cameras in Compton’s home to go with the audio transmitters he had stealthily deposited in the monarch’s home to spy on him. After his concrete spa treatment, Eric doesn’t trust that pompous windbag at all. It’s better to be forewarned than fucking covered in concrete. As it is, Pam still insists she is getting concrete out of her hair and it has been over a year.

“Dare I ask what the note for tonight said to go along with the present?” Knowing her maker, it’s full of puns. After all, ‘Fangtasia’ had been his idea for the bar’s name.

Eric chuckles more as he slips the cotton t-shirt over his head, pulling the fabric down so that it covers his defined torso and arms. It may hide his flesh from showing, but it accentuates every muscle he has without making him look like one of those muscle heads that cannot form a coherent sentence. Pam stares expectantly at Eric, waiting for him to answer, but he never does. He continues chuckling quietly as he moves to his desk to handle the few issues demanding his attention before his throne duty tonight. Pam gives up, knowing he won’t tell her. As she walks to the door of the bar to begin letting in this evening’s paying victims she can’t help but think that although she may not like Sookie, she certainly keeps things interesting. As long as she keeps her maker happy, then Pam is happy. If her maker is unhappy, thank God there are lots of bayous where she can dump a body.


Eric is sitting on the throne in Fangtasia later that same evening. His mood had taken a nosedive from his earlier mischievousness because he hasn’t felt any change in Sookie’s mood nor had he received any messages from her. His present for tonight should have been delivered long before now. Text messages and phone calls to his day person have gone unanswered so he has no way of knowing if the gift was even delivered. He thought of calling Merlotte’s to see if his present had been received, but he has no wish to deal with an irate Shifter or any of the prejudiced members of the staff. It is nearly ten; why the fuck hasn’t he heard from her?

His cell phone buzzes on the arm of his throne. With a snarl, he presses the necessary buttons to see the text message from his day man, Bobby.

The gift has been delivered to Miss Stackhouse as requested. I apologize it took so long, but I got a flat tire on one of the back roads. AAA took four hours to get here.

Fucking idiot, Eric seethes. Of course it wouldn’t occur to his lazy day man to change the tire himself. Nor would it occur to the idiot to walk to find help. Why Eric keeps Bobby around, he doesn’t know. He didn’t think it possible to find someone more lazy than Pam, but he had found it in his day man. Once things are settled with Sookie, perhaps she will be willing to take over the position. He doesn’t expect her to do it for free, but he wants her to have the opportunity to be more than just a waitress in a dive bar. This will definitely pay better than working for the Shifter and she will be able to take online classes to study whatever she wants.  If she wants to continue working for the Shifter, so be it; but he at least wants her to have the opportunity for something more. As long as she is happy, that is all that matters.

Eric waits with renewed anticipation for Sookie to open his present.  As with all the other presents, the outer wrapping gives no indication of what is inside the box.  The suspense is making him jumpy, and he fidgets in his chair which is highly unusual for the Viking vampire.  Of course, the vermin think it is because he finds one of them attractive so they all do their best to be alluring as possible.  Someone should have told them that Eric thought the diseased, rotting corpses he had seen during the Black Plague were more appealing than their chemically ridden bodies and foul body odor.

Eric enjoys the hum of his bond with Sookie, studying it as if under a microscope. There is excitement and unease battling with each other inside her. Eric knows the unease comes from thinking he is sending her another expensive gift like yesterdays, but she needn’t worry; yesterday’s gift is the most expensive one he had planned. The anticipation inside him is building and building . . . Until there is nothing. The hum of the bond has gone silent. Eric waits, knowing the explosion of emotion coming from her is going to be soon. He intentionally had his note placed at the bottom of the package so she would have to lift out the six colorful flowered necklaces.

His fangs drop when he feels her puzzlement through the bond but then his lips move in a genuine smile as he feels the bond flood with humor and embarrassment though the amusement far outweighs any discomfort she feels. The vermin do not know what to think; they have never seen the vampire they hold in the highest regard seem happy. It confuses them because they never expected a vampire to experience the more positive emotions in the spectrum. They really are pathetic because they thought the only feelings vampires had were related to the darker aspects of life: death and destruction. It is no wonder Eric finds himself enthralled by Sookie. She is the first being to see him as an individual identity and not a thing in centuries. Even Pam as a mortal had seen Eric as a means to an end, not as a person.

As he continues to sit there with a genuine smile on his face, his cell phone buzzes to show a text message. His grin widens when he sees it is from Sookie and there is a picture attachment. When he opens the message, there stands his beautiful lover in her stark Merlotte’s uniform and there is a fuchsia lei around her neck. She smiles brightly at the camera; it is the same smile he remembers seeing in a picture of her with her grandmother. It is a smile of happiness and love, and it’s all for him. She looks absolutely stunning and Eric feels a tightness in his chest as he aches for her to be here with him. However, the caption underneath the picture makes him shake with laughter.

Was it good for you? 😉


Obligations have prevented Eric from seeing Sookie as he would like to on day seven. King Asshat has tried to monopolize all of Eric’s time so that he is unable to see Sookie, but that hasn’t stopped Eric from sending his present or from the two of them texting as often as possible. The seventh night of Eric’s gift giving features a large blue wicker basket containing sunglasses, sun tan lotions, a beach towel with swans on it, itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikinis, and a voucher good for an all-expenses paid seven night vacation to his home in Barbados. Eric has been stuck in his office on a conference call the king had requested with him and the newly appointed sheriffs in the state to discuss how to better improve vampire/human relations in Louisiana after the debacle with the Festival of Tolerance. Eric is playing a game of Tetris on his phone when the text messages start coming in from Sookie. The first one thanked him for the gift, saying she can’t wait to get away with him, and that he doesn’t need to spoil her. She ended her message with ‘xoxoxoxo’ which he thought adorable. Instead of saying he loves her back; he uses the new emoticon app he had downloaded earlier. Of course, the emoticons he uses are sexual in nature, showing Sookie exactly what he wants to be doing rather than sitting in his office on a conference call listening to plans the dimwitted prick of a monarch had already outlined in his weekly bulletin to his sheriffs. Eric feels the shot of lust through the bond with Sookie and growls quietly. However, the other vampires on the conference call hear him, and of course, His Majesty the Royal Pompous Asshole, wants to know if Eric has a problem with the king’s plan for interspecies cooperation. Eric covers his slip up by blaming it on a disturbance in the bar outside his office. As the call continues, he grips the armrests of his chair tightly when he feels the lust through the bond throb longingly as it is mixed with a hint of mischievousness. He has no idea what his little fairy is up to, but she doesn’t make him wait long. His phone vibrates again with a text message from Sookie. The message is of her in her new pink and white striped bikini. The top is only two triangles of fabric held together by pink and white strings, and the bottom is one panel of fabric that covers the front and back, with the material tied together at her hips. You would think the pink and white together would look innocent, but Sookie has taken her hair down so that it hangs wildly around her. She is biting the end of her fingertip as the other hand holds the phone out to take the selfie. His phone buzzes again with another text message from her.

What do ya think?

Eric’s fangs pop down as his erection pops up. Her look can only be described as sex kitten. And he wants nothing more than to stroke that pussy until it purrs. However, the king’s whining voice coming through the phone brings Eric abruptly back to the present. Setting the receiver down, he puts the call on speaker and mutes it so that no one can hear him. He has more important things to do than listen to that pompous ass pontificate about the importance of having good vampire/human relations. If the king would shut his mouth, Eric has a certain human he wants to further relations with at the moment. Eric texts a quick reply to Sookie wanting to see how far she is willing to take this little game between them.

Eric: You look good enough to eat and I’m feeling hungry.

Sookie: You don’t think it is too sweet? It reminds me of cotton candy. You might get a toothache if you eat too much.

E: Hmmmm. I don’t think I can ever eat enough of you.

S: ERIC!!!!!

E: Yes you did scream my name the last time I had you for dinner and dessert.

S: Oh my God!

E: You were screaming that too.

Eric chuckles as he sends his response to Sookie. He can picture her clearly in his mind; her cheeks flaming with her blush, her eyes downcast as if embarrassed, but her lips are curved in a wicked smile betraying how much she likes it when he talks dirty to her. That limp dick mother fucker she was with before probably never did anything more exciting than fuck her with the lights on. Sookie had seemed so shocked when he had taken her in positions other than missionary and had blushed uncontrollably when he had told her in explicit detail what he was going to do to her body. Having his memories back, Eric can now marvel at how innocent she seemed despite not being a virgin. Bill must have been fucking useless; he’d done nothing more than stolen her virginity with sub par sex which left her lacking confidence in herself and what she can do to the opposite sex. But Eric had more than enjoyed his brief time schooling Sookie in the art of pleasure. He can’t wait until they resume their training sessions.

Bill’s voice rising in indignation breaks Eric from his lusty thoughts. Listening to King Fuckup drone on and on is annoying to him. He raises his middle finger towards the phone, wishing the king could get the message loud and clear. Eric’s childish display of disrespect is interrupted by another text message on his phone. This time Sookie has sent him a picture of her in the scarlet bikini. Well, she is wearing the bikini bottoms; her left arm covers her breasts while the right arm is extended towards the mirror to take the picture. Eric’s hand drifts unconsciously to the front of his pants, stroking through the denim as his phone buzzes with another message.

S: I thought you might prefer something a little spicier. 😉

E: You’re playing with fire Lover. Those red bottoms make my cock want to play toro to your matador. Something tells me you won’t slip away when I come charging in.

Eric eagerly awaits Sookie’s response but none is forthcoming. Did he take the flirting too far? He doesn’t know what all the rules are for going steady and judging by that stupid movie Pam made him watch, sex isn’t part of going steady. Maybe he went too far? But how else is he supposed to react when she is sending him scantily clad pictures? Thankfully, the call with his royal asshattery is over, and Eric can devote his attention fully to Sookie. He is ready to dial her number when his phone buzzes yet again with another text message from her.

S: I think I like this the best for Barbados. What do you think?

As he’s reading, a new picture message comes through and he agrees it is the best one of the night. Sookie is posed again with her left arm covering her breasts, but this time she is not wearing any bottoms. However, her legs are crossed to hide what lies between them. It is not a revealing picture at all and that is what makes it all the more tantalizing.

All of Sookie’s teasing this evening has made him change his mind about what to give her for day eight. She has no one to blame but herself when she sees her gift to fit with the theme of ‘eight maids a milking’.

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6 Responses to I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm

  1. I do love the relationship they are building.

  2. Kittyinaz says:

    Love it!!! This is getting better and better each chapter!!

  3. valady1 says:

    This is such a delight to read. Each chapter brings another layer that is building their love for each other.

  4. murgatroid98 says:

    I’m glad they are having so much fun together. Bill is so clueless.

  5. Jackie69 says:

    Loving the playfulness they have together!

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