The Morning After


Eric shuts off the water in his shower.  He opens the glass door to grab one of the dark gray towels hanging on the towel bar.  Rather than wipe the drops of water from his chiseled body, he wraps it around his waist.  Using his hand, he wipes the steam from the mirror and stares at his body critically, twisting and turning to see if there are any marks on his back or arms.  Willa has a tendency to dig her nails in his skin when she’s close to an orgasm; it’s part of the reason he has learned to restrain her during sex.  There are no marks under his eyes from lack of sleep, though Eric is accustomed to only sleeping a few hours a night anyway.  His session with Miss Burrell lasted until after midnight.  It had been physically pleasurable, but his mind had been elsewhere for much of the evening.  Eric had thought of Sookie Stackhouse; he had envisioned it was her voluptuous body he was pounding into.  Those perfect, pouty lips of hers had been the ones he had wished were wrapped around his cock.  Staring at his reflection with frustration, Eric watches as his manhood stirs as he thinks of the blonde bombshell.  That woman has preyed on Eric’s thoughts for almost a year, at first it was solely an intellectual fascination.  Eric had been impressed with the findings presented in the journal article, and had decided to pursue Dr. S. Stackhouse aggressively for the vacant position of Vice President of Research and Development.  It was at the AAPS convention where he saw Dr. S. Stackhouse for the first time.  Imagine Eric’s surprise when Dr. Stackhouse wasn’t a middle-aged, portly gentleman he had envisioned, but a fresh-faced, bright-eyed vivacious Southern belle with a biting wit, ribald sense of humor, and a body that belonged in a Victoria’s Secret catalog.  His interest became two-fold: intellectual and sexual, though it was difficult to know which way Eric wanted Sookie more.

Eric grunts in frustration as he tries to will his body into a relaxed state.  He finishes his morning routine though he skips shaving the stubble on his face.  Call it a hunch, but something tells Eric that Sookie likes her men a little more rugged.  He can tell she is used to getting her way, but his gut instinct says that she also enjoys being challenged.  Eric cannot wait to experience the sensation of their wills battling for supremacy in the bedroom and the boardroom.  To Eric, it is a foregone conclusion that Sookie Stackhouse will give in to everything he wants; he’s never been denied before and he refuses to accept he will not be successful.  He always gets what he wants.  Always.

With that thought in mind, Eric moves to his bedroom, picking his cell phone up off the night stand.  He then moves to his closet to pick out an outfit for the day.  Standing in front of his vast wardrobe, he dials the contact for his Chief Operating Officer.   He needs to know that all the paperwork is ready to make an offer to Dr. Sookie Stackhouse that she can’t refuse.  Eric doesn’t care what it costs.

“It’s Saturday morning, Northman.  Don’t you have a random cum receptacle to toss out of your apartment and not bother me?”  An angry female voice snarls through the phone making Eric smile.

“I left my cum deposit at the office last night,” Eric admits with a smirk.  “What’s the matter Pam? Does your pussy need some TLC?”

Pamela Ravenscroft, the Chief Operating Officer of Viking Pharmaceuticals and Eric’s best friend since their days fighting over the same women at Oxford, hisses angrily like a wet cat.  “My pussy was being stroked and licked just the way I liked until you decided to interrupt.  What the fuck do you want?”  Eric hears the sound of something smacking bare flesh and Pam fights to contain a moan.

Eric chuckles knowing Pam’s partner has taken umbrage with Pam’s words or attitude.  It’s a golden opportunity for Eric to have some fun at Pam’s expense.  “Do we have the offer letter and benefits package ready to go for Dr. Stackhouse?  I want everything perfect.  I plan to have this deal closed by tomorrow night.”

Pam harrumphs on the other end of the phone.  “I’m sure you’ll be closing the deal a lot sooner than that when it comes to the buxom blonde.  If you don’t have her on her back with her legs spread by tonight, I’m going to think you’re losing your touch.  Everything you need is waiting for you at the concierge desk of the Waldorf-Astoria.  I’m sure you will have her crossing her eyes and doting her tits with your cum in celebration.  It’s a shame to waste those tits of hers on you,” Pam says with a wistful sigh which is followed by the sound of another stinging slap.  Pam cannot contain the moan this time and Eric’s ear is filled with a long, low wail of pleasure.

Eric chuckles again.  “Well it sounds like Lorena has her hands full this morning.  I’ll let you two get back to it.”

“Thank you,” Pam huffs.  “Having to listen to your dumbass is killing my lady wood!”

“You didn’t used to feel that way,” Eric says in challenge as his voice drops an octave.  “I seem to recall several occasions, not too long ago in fact, when my voice and other parts of my body were more than enough to satisfy you.”

“That’s only because I couldn’t find my dildo and I’d run out of batteries for my vibrators.”  Pam’s voice cuts off as Eric hears a series of rapid smacks followed by Pam’s shouted curses and cries for more.

“Good morning Eric.  I’m sorry that Pam is being difficult this morning,” Lorena’s voice purrs through the phone.  Pam’s faint whimpers can be heard in the background along with a buzzing sound.  The buzzing stops and Eric hears Pam beg for more, but Lorena ignores her pleas.  “It seems she needs to be reminded who the boss really is,” Lorena says in a voice full of wicked promise.

“Will you carry out my instructions to the letter?”  Eric unfurls the towel from around his waist.  He hasn’t been immune to the sounds of pleasure and pain coming through the phone.  Eric is a man after all, and this conversation has been like a free phone sex line.  His cock is thick and hard, jutting out from his body like the needle of a compass facing north.  Eric sits on his bed, leaning against the headboard to get comfortable.  His free hand begins stroking his cock languorously.  He isn’t in a hurry to reach his climax; he wants to draw out the pleasure for both women.

“Yes Eric,” Lorena says huskily.  Eric has often played with Pam and Lorena when the mood struck the women.  A dildo or vibrator is great but sometimes a woman wants to feel the real thing.  And if they are going to include a man in their playtime, it needs to be one that is well-endowed and knows how to use what they are equipped with.  Eric more than fits the bill for both of their requirements.

“Good girl,” Eric praises Lorena as he squeezes the base of his cock.  “Now put me on speaker and set the phone down.  You will need both hands for this.”


A few hours and another shower later, Eric is whistling a jaunty tune as he walks out of the elevator and down the hallway towards Dr. Stackhouse’s suite.  As the lady requested, he let her get her beauty sleep.  He had texted Sookie a half hour ago to make sure she was awake and would be ready when he arrived.  Not that he would have minded finding her still in bed, but he knows this particular woman isn’t going to give in so easily.

Reaching Sookie’s suite, he taps his knuckle against the door and then waits for the door to open.

“Who is it?”  Sookie’s voice has a sing-song quality to it as it comes through the door.

“It’s Dr. Northman.  Did someone call for a doctor?”  Eric injects as much sexual innuendo as possible in that statement and question.

The door opens to show Sookie dressed casually though the clothing is all designer labels.  Sookie leans against the door frame staring at him with an amused smirk.  “Did you really think that line was going to work on me?”

“Why not?  It worked on you last night.”  Eric’s eyes snap to the new voice in the room and they widen fractionally as he takes in the redhead with the tousled hair and a white sheet wrapped loosely around her body that she clutches to her breasts.  She’s walked in the living room from the hallway that leads to the bedroom.  There are faint bruises along her neck and chest, the telltale marks of love bites.

“Well hello,” Eric says drawing out the words as he amps up the charm.  He looks back and forth between Sookie and the redhead a few times before his eyes settle on Sookie; he stares at her with renewed interest.  “You are full of surprises Dr. Stackhouse.  I trust the doctor gave you a clean bill of health.”

“Absolutely,” Sookie smirks.  “Dr. Hamby was very thorough in her examination; she went above and beyond the call of duty.  In fact, she re-examined several areas to be sure I was fully satisfied with her service.”

Eric turns his attention to Jessica and gives her a lascivious grin.  “Remind me to call you the next time I’m feeling under the weather.”

“Oh I will.  In fact, I only make house calls for a limited number of patients.  It’s a very exclusive service,” Jessica says with a grin.  “Now, if you two will excuse me, I need to take a shower and be on my way.  I don’t want to hold you two up.  I’m sure you have big plans for today.”  Of course, when Jessica said ‘big’ her eyes drifted to the area immediately south of Eric’s belt.  Jessica saunters to the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

“You have interesting friends,” Eric says with a smirk as Sookie collects her purse and jacket from the back of a chair.

“Jessica  was my college roommate.  She and I shared everything when we lived together,” Sookie says as she walks to the door of her suite.  Eric follows after her, and opens the door as a gentleman should.  They walk down the hallway to the elevator with Eric pondering her words.

“Does the same hold true now?”  Eric has pressed the button to call the elevator and they are waiting for the car to arrive.

There is a faint ding to let them know the elevator arrives and the doors slide open.  Sookie walks in, presses the button for the lobby, and then moves to the back of the car.  She turns around to stare at the doors, waiting for Eric to join her.  Eric moves  in the elevator, caging her in against the wall.  Sookie raises her chin defiantly to look up at Eric.  Her eyes sparkle with mischief.  “It depends.”

“On?”  Eric lowers his head so that his lips are so close to Sookie’s that when she draws in a breath it feels as if her lips are brushing against his.  It’s as close to a kiss as one can get without actually touching.

“Some things are too good to be shared; they are meant to be savored in private all by myself,” Sookie’s voice is full of dark promise.  Eric is ready to close the distance between them but the elevator doors slide open and Sookie slips underneath his arms to walk out of the elevator.  She strides across the lobby, waiting for Eric to join her.  Eric vows that this will be the last time he trails after Sookie Stackhouse.  She will not pull his strings; he is the master puppeteer.  He will pull hers.

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7 Responses to The Morning After

  1. duckbutt60 says:

    Hotness personified! And the “Next” button is NOT working **pouts**

  2. suzyq591suzy says:

    Well this will be a wonderful battle of wills and the readers will be the winner.;-)

  3. I love it. Eric and Sookie have a right battle of the wills going on. I doubt either of them will really lose.

    You know what I love about this most though? It makes me want to work on The Masks Series.

  4. lostinspace33 says:

    Oh, he is full of himself, isn’t he? I can’t wait to see him dueling with Dr. Stackhouse!

  5. ashmo2000 says:

    Eric and Sookie aren’t deprived of partners in ‘crime’. Although once they’re finally together I doubt they’ll need partners anymore.

  6. kleannhouse says:

    oh he is so screwed , he just doesn’t know it yet. KY

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