The Man in Charge


“Follow me please Dr. Stackhouse.”

Dr. Sookie Stackhouse rises from her chair to follow after the slender, impeccably dressed assistant.  She is baffled by the assistant’s cold, hostile attitude towards her.  Sookie had been her normal, bubbly self when she informed the assistant that she had an appointment with the CEO.  The assistant had looked at her with disdain before indicating that she should have a seat in one of the plush leather chairs.  Sookie waited ten minutes before the assistant even bothered to announce her presence to the CEO.  She is furious at the way she is being treated.  In truth, Sookie has no idea why she is here at Viking Pharmaceuticals; no idea why she agreed to meet with the CEO.  She is quite happy at her position with Edgington/Crowe Pharma Corporation; she’s been there since a graduate student at Cornell University.  Her salary and benefits from her employer are more than generous.  There is absolutely no reason for Sookie to consider leaving her current employer.

Except for Eric Northman.

Eric Northman is the CEO of Viking Pharmaceuticals.  Some say the only reason he is CEO is because his father, Johan, handed it to him on a silver platter.  However those people would be fools.  Eric Northman graduated with the highest honors from Oxford with a degree in pharmacology.  Dr. Northman had set out to prove he was more than his family name.  He had actually taken a position with his father’s direct competitor to make his own mark in the industry.  Within five years of joining the company, he had become Vice President of Research and Development, due in part to his development of a new vaccine that helps to prevent breast cancer.  This drug has revolutionized breast cancer research and treatment.  There is even talk of  Dr. Northman and his colleagues being nominated for a Nobel Prize.

Dr. Northman left his employer to take over the reins of Viking Pharmaceuticals shortly after his discovery drug hit the market.  In the seven years he has been CEO, the company’s profits have steadily increased, earning billions of dollars.  Not too shabby for a company that started with ten employees including the original CEO of the company, Johan Northman.  Under Eric Northman’s tenure as CEO, Viking Industries has been named to the Fortune 500 list, one of the best 100 companies in the world to work for, and he has been named one of the most influential men in America.  He is known for his genius intellect, ruthless skills in the boardroom, humanitarianism when it comes to the ill, and is often called Dr. Love in the gossip columns because of his popularity with the women.  However, Eric Northman does not pursue women; he lets them come to him.

But he has pursued Dr. Sookie Stackhouse avidly for the last six months.  While working for Edgington/Crowe, Sookie has been part of the development team working on vaccinations to help fight heart disease, the leading cause of death among most ethnicities in the United States.  Their initial findings were published by the American Journal of Medicine and Sookie spoke at the annual American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) convention.  After the speech, Eric had approached Sookie, immediately offering her a position with his company.  Sookie had thanked him for the opportunity but declined.  He has been nothing if not persistent, sending Sookie gifts and other items to entice her to leave her current company.  Sookie was flattered by the attention, but she had no intention of leaving Edgington/Crowe.

It was actually Bartlett Crowe, one of the cofounders of Edgington/Crowe that convinced her to listen to Dr. Northman’s proposal.  Bartlett had no doubts of Sookie’s loyalty to their company, but what did she have to lose by listening to his proposal?  Eric Northman was willing to pay for her to have an all-expense paid weekend in New York City, escorted by none other than Dr. Love himself.  Bartlett had teased that she’d be wined and dined by the best; and if she was lucky the dining would occur in and out of the bedroom!

Pulling herself back to the present, Sookie straightens her shoulders as the assistant knocks once on the heavy oak double door before opening the door for Sookie to enter the room.  Sookie walks in confidently to find Eric Northman leaning against his desk looking expectantly at the door.  His  blond hair is slicked back making his Arctic blue eyes more prominent.  Those eyes are narrowed in a predatory way as he assesses Sookie as she approaches.  His tall, muscular frame is covered by an expertly tailored gray suit that hangs open to show the black shirt underneath that is open at the neck.  Sookie suppresses the need to shiver under his watchful stare.  She suddenly feels like an antelope being stalked by the lion.

“Dr. Stackhouse,” he says in a slightly mocking tone.  “I thought our meeting was scheduled for 2:30; it is now 2:35.  I do not like to be kept waiting,” he says coldly.

“Dr. Northman,” she says in a tone to match his, “if your assistant had announced my arrival ten minutes ago when I told her who I was you wouldn’t have been kept waiting.”

Eric’s eyes narrow to slits as his head snaps towards his assistant who flushes a dull red color.  “I see.  Miss Burrell, I will deal with you later.  Leave us.  Now,” he says in a commanding tone.  His assistant, Miss Burrell, scurries out of the office without a backwards glance, closing the door softly behind her.

“Forgive me,” Eric says with a smile as he pushes off his desk to walk towards Sookie.  She offers him her hand to shake, but he instead turns it over to bring to his lips.  Sookie once again feels the need to shiver, but this time for an entirely different reason.  The moment his lips touched her skin it was as if a pulse of energy shot through her body energizing her.  Eric must feel something too because his pupils flare while his lips linger on her skin.  Sookie has to pull her hand free from his grasp, dropping it awkwardly by her side.  Eric’s eyes stare at her intensely for a moment before he steps back.  His expression shifts into a more cordial expression as he gestures with his hand for Sookie to have a seat on the leather couch in his office.

“Would you care for something to drink?”  Eric walks to the side bar where cut crystal vases are on display with various colored liquids.  Sookie is not much of a drinker so she shakes her head negatively.  Eric pours a liberal amount of clear liquid in a glass followed by a splash of tonic water and a slice of lime.  “Are you sure?  I also have wine and non-alcoholic drinks if you prefer.”

“Water please.”

Eric pulls a bottle of water out of the refrigerator and brings it to Sookie as well as a glass.  He settles in a chair next to the couch, resting his left ankle over his right knee.  His eyes are focused on Sookie as he takes a healthy swallow of his drink.  “So why did you finally agree to come for an interview?”

Sookie snorts in response.  “This isn’t an interview.  You and I both know that I have the job if I want it.  This,” she flicks her hand in the air to show the lavishness of the weekend, “is your attempt to wine and dine me.  Show me that working at Viking Industries is far more superior than my current job.  You’re willing to pull out all the stops; finest restaurants, sold-out Broadway shows, impress me with you’re A-list acquaintances.”  She sets her glass down; wetting her lips as she slowly crosses her legs; à la Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.  Her eyes smolder as she stares at Eric intently.  “And for the coup de grâce, you’ll seduce me, showing me the entire benefits package I can receive while working at Viking Industries.  We’ll spend a torrid weekend in bed, our bodies wringing every imaginable pleasure from each other.”

“So what are we waiting for?”  Eric Northman is not one to let others take charge of a situation; he is the boss.  But something about Sookie Stackhouse’s forward approach and frank assessment enhance his attraction to the curvaceous blonde woman in front of him.  When it comes to business, he admires her intelligence, work ethic, and loyalty.  He had been fascinated with the article he’d read in the American Journal of Medicine, and wanted to know more about the research they were doing.  When he’d learned that Dr. Stackhouse would be presenting at AAPS, he arranged to attend; something he had not done in years.  Learning that she was a woman, and a relatively young one at that, impressed the hell out of him.  Eric Northman wanted her, personally and professionally; and he always gets what  he wants.  It has frustrated the hell out of him that she has denied him for six months.  This weekend is the opportunity to get everything he wants, and he is not going to squander it.

“Not so fast Dr. Northman,” Sookie says with a smile.  “Just because I know the rules of the game doesn’t mean I’m going to play by them.”  She rises from the couch, moving in front of him so that he has to look up at her.  “So, based on the itinerary your assistant provided me with, we have dinner reservations at eight. What time will you be picking me up?”

“I thought I might let you have the evening to relax,” he says suddenly changing the established plan. It is now his turn to shake things up, throw her off kilter so she is left scrambling. Eric Northman knows that sometimes to win the war, one must retreat in battle.

She raises an eyebrow at him in challenge. “Are you sure? A girl can get lonely in the big, bad city,” she says with a playful pout of her lips.

Eric rises to his feet, his signature smirk in place. “Something tells me you never lack for companionship.”

Sookie smiles sinfully and brushes her body against Eric’s as she walks to the office door. “I’ll see you tomorrow then Dr. Northman. Not too early though; a girl needs her beauty sleep.” With a final wink, Sookie leaves Eric standing alone in his office. His mind is racing as he plots his next moves in dealing with Dr. Sookie Stackhouse. The chessboard that had been laid out in his mind is swiped clean and reset as he begins aligning his pieces strategically. Eric crosses his office space to sit down in his desk chair and spins so he can look out at the New York skyline.  Time passes and when the sunlight is nothing but a sliver of bright light in an otherwise darkening sky, Eric turns his chair around to face his computer. He is satisfied with the plan he has outlined and will set it in motion later. But first, he has unfinished business with his assistant.

Leaning forward in his chair, Eric presses the button on his telephone that will connect him to his assistant. “Miss Burrell, step into my office,” he says in a tone that does not allow for any argument.

Eric Northman is a demanding boss; he expects the absolute best from his staff. It is the same standard to which he holds himself; failure is not an option. Willa Burrell’s earlier inaction towards Dr. Stackhouse reflects poorly on him and that is something he cannot allow.

Willa Burrell steps inside the office quietly, moving to stand in front of his desk. She stands before him with her eyes cast down to the floor, her hands linked together in front of her body; she appears to be the epitome of contrition. However, Eric knows better; she did this on purpose, trying to force him to react. He rises from his desk, walking slowly towards her still form, circling her like the predator he is.

“Tell me, Miss Burrell,” he begins in a soft murmur, “why did you not promptly tell me of Dr. Stackhouse’s arrival?”

“I thought you were still in a meeting with human resources,” she stammers.

Eric taunts her. “Are you going to add lying now on top of your earlier misdeeds?” She shakes her head swiftly from side to side, indicating that she is not. Eric stops circling Willa to stand behind her. He says nothing, knowing Willa will give away her motives, somehow, for her actions. The longer he stays silent, the more nervous it will make her. Eric stands with his arms folded over his chest as he waits for Willa’s tell.

She shifts slightly on her feet, trying to rub her thighs together discreetly. Eric’s smile is triumphant as he makes note of the action. Willa Burrell is absolutely fantastic at her job, quite possibly the best assistant he has ever had. But what’s most appealing about her is that she is a convenient fuck for when the stress of the day gets to him.

Eric grabs Willa’s hair, pulling her head back, allowing him to see her face. “You have been a wicked woman today Miss Burrell. One would think you want to be reprimanded for your actions,” he whispers while skimming his lips and teeth up the column of Willa’s neck. She shivers and moans in wanton delight as Eric’s other hand rests at her side, pulling her dress up slowly to expose her lace-covered mound. His fingers ghost along the material, testing her readiness.

He growls in approval as he finds her dampened with desire. “You seem very eager Miss Burrell; perhaps too eager. Maybe this is what you wanted all along. Why should I reward you for failing to do your job correctly?”

“Please Dr. Northman,” Willa whimpers. “It won’t happen again. I’m very sorry.”

“Prove it,” Eric challenges his assistant as he releases her from his grasp. Willa turns around eagerly to show her boss how repentant she is. Her hands immediately drop to the buckle of his belt, but he steps out of her reach.

“Take off your dress,” Eric commands. Willa reaches for the zipper of her dress and slides it down with a snap. She pushes the material off her shoulders and uses gravity to let it fall from her body. Eric stares with a critical eye at his assistant. She is an attractive woman with her long auburn hair and brown doe-like eyes. Her body is built more like a boy’s; no hips or ass but her tits are the best money can buy. He should know; he had been able to compare the before and after effects of her surgery. Those very breasts are currently straining to break free from the strapless corset she is wearing.

“Take that off too,” he says softly.

Quickly complying, Willa stands in front of her employer wearing only her thong and heels. She’d learned not to wear hosiery unless it was thigh highs or garters. She stands still, waiting for Eric’s next command.

“Come here,” he orders. Willa leaps forward and drops her hands again to his belt buckle. She hurries to undo his belt and open the closures of his pants. She moves her hands to the buttons of his shirt, moving rapidly up the row of buttons. Once they are all undone, Eric shrugs off his shirt and jacket in one motion, while Willa pushes his pants down. Eric steps out of his shoes, socks, and pants to stand completely naked before Willa. Without saying a word, she drops to her knees and takes his semi-erect cock in her mouth. Keeping her hands on his hips, Willa slides her mouth all the way to the base of his cock, feeling him grow as she continues her ministrations. She knows what her employer prefers; after all they have done this off and on for the last three years. Willa has no notions that Eric feels anything romantically for her; he’s simply not that kind of man. But he is far and away the best lover she’s ever had. Whenever she has an itch that needs to be scratched, she knows Eric will be more than willing to fix what ails her. By intentionally messing up this afternoon, she knew he would be feeling the need to reprimand her. She loved when Eric would become demanding with her. Willa was a natural submissive and enjoyed when he would dominate her. He wasn’t into the hardcore stuff like others were; she had someone else that would do that for her. But Willa thoroughly enjoyed what Eric gave her, and it was usually the most intense orgasms of her life.

Eric holds Willa’s hair back so he can watch her mouth on his cock. He knows his assistant likes it on the rough side so he begins thrusting his hips, pushing his cock further in her mouth. Willa gags slightly and tears form in her eyes but she quickly adjusts to his movements. She moves her hands down to fondle his balls. Eric growls as his the familiar tightening sensation in his lower abdomen and testicles signifying his imminent release.

“Stop,” he commands harshly. Eric pulls out of Willa’s mouth and rapidly jerks his hand up and done his cock, angling his release to spray over Willa’s perfect tits and nipples. He groans as the last of his release shoots from his body. Willa sits patiently waiting for him to finish, knowing it’s only the beginning.

Eric rubs his cum over Willa’s nipples, working them into tightened peaks. He pinches each nipple drawing a gasp from Willa’s lips. Eric smirks as he releases the pebbled peaks. “On my desk Miss Burrell.”

Rising on unsteady legs, Willa moves towards the desk. She turns to look over her shoulder and licks her lips at the sight of Eric in all his glory. Even having just cum, he’s still semi-erect and Willa knows his rebound time is extraordinarily fast. Eric Northman is truly a sex machine.

She asks with a slight smirk, “How do you want me?”

Eric growls deep in his chest before stalking forward. He grabs Willa by her hair again, not to hurt her, but to ensure he has her complete attention. “Are you trying to provoke me Miss Burrell?”

“No, Dr. Northman,” Willa gasps but cannot hide the gleam of satisfaction at having him show his dominate side. Eric sees the look and knows what Willa wants. He smirks in understanding as he pushes Willa’s top half down on the desk. She cries out as her skin makes contact with the cool smooth surface.

“Quiet,” Eric commands harshly. “Hold the edges of the desk and spread your legs open.” Willa quickly complies anticipating what is coming next. Eric remains silent which begins to unnerve Willa. She lifts her head and torso from the desk to look at Eric and that is when a stinging slap lands against her ass. Willa cries out in pleasure and pain, loving the dual sensations that move through her body.

“Keep your body down on the desk,” Eric commands. His hand moves down to the mottled skin of Willa’s ass, rubbing his hand lightly over the skin, enhancing the sensation on her skin. Willa grips the edges of the desk tightly, moaning loudly as her lower body clenches with desire, forcing more of her arousal out along her lower lips. While Eric’s right hand rubs her right cheek, his left hand lands hard against her left cheek. Willa bucks against the desk but remains flush against it as another moan makes its way out from between her lips. Eric continues to rub both cheeks, his fingers ghosting over her lace-covered pussy. He growls when his fingers dip underneath the lace to find her completely drenched. Eric drops to his knees, running his tongue over the scrap of fabric from her ass to her clit, biting lightly on her hardened nub through the fabric. Willa’s scream is muffled against the desk as her knuckles whiten from gripping the edge of the desk so tightly. Eric rips the offending garment from her body and latches his mouth around her clit as two of his fingers plunge inside her. Willa’s knees buckle as her walls begin contracting around Eric’s fingers.

Eric releases her clit to command harshly, “Cum for me now Willa.” He moves his mouth back to her clit, sucking hard on the sensitive flesh before scraping his teeth on it. At the same time, he inserts a third finger inside her rubbing against her g-spot.

Willa screams again as her body bucks against Eric’s talented mouth and fingers, her orgasm detonating throughout her body. Eric pulls his fingers out of her pussy so his mouth can lap up her honeyed essence. Wanting to prolong her orgasm, he plunges two of his wet fingers in her ass, pushing and pulling them in and out at a slower pace. Willa cries out again as her lower body sags from the intense pleasure her boss is giving her. This is a definite perk to the job that wasn’t listed in the corporate benefits package.

Eric rises swiftly from his position between Willa’s legs. He turns her over and lifts her limp body in his arms. He pins her against one of the windows behind his desk before plunging his fully erect cock back inside her. He sets a fast, ruthless pace, wanting to drive Willa to her next orgasm. Eric knows once Willa starts cumming, she will continue to cum easily for the rest of the night.

Eric’s hands dig in the skin of her hips as his hips pump against her. His thumb brushes against her clit and she cries out again. Willa’s legs are wrapped around his waist and her heels dig in against his ass, trying to push him further inside her. Her fingers have dug into the taut muscles of his back, leaving her mark on him. Willa would like nothing more than to lower her lips to his, but she refrains. Eric Northman is not one for kissing. She learned that long ago; he says kissing is for romance, and there is nothing romantic about what they do. This is fucking in its most primitive state.

Willa’s pussy clamps down as he plunges inside her again. She gives a strangled cry as her next orgasm erupts inside her. Eric smiles with dark satisfaction as he pulls out of her, spinning her body around so those medical marvels she calls breasts are smashed against the window. He drives back inside her, enjoying the reflection of her surprised face in the window.

“I hope you don’t mind Miss Burrell, but I’m going to need you to work overtime tonight,” Eric says as he switches his rhythm to slower, deep strokes that cause the tip of his penis to rub against her g-spot every time. He leans forward to nip at her ear as his thumb works tight circles over her clit. Willa pants rapidly as one orgasm rolls into another, her body on complete and total sensory overload.

“You won’t be leaving tonight until I am completely satisfied with your performance,” Eric growls out as he pulls out of her pulsing pussy to shoot his release all over her lower back and ass.

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13 Responses to The Man in Charge

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  2. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Oh…mah…gah…that was so hot. Eric Northman, CEO is yummy! Love the chessboard in his mind. I also am willing to bet that Eric Northman will be one for kissing Sookie Stackhouse…eventually. 🙂

  3. Interesting start to the story. Cannot wait to see where you take this.

  4. I loved it when you first told me about it; I loved it when I first read it, and I fucking love it now. You wrote my pairing. You’re all kinds of awesome. Of course, you do know I want more of them, right? 😈 I really do love this.

  5. E. B. Rhome says:

    Since I’m a strictly E/S fan… I skipped to the end once I realized Erica was going to fuck Willa. You did mention that eventually Eric and Sookie will get together, so maybe I’ll come back to this story once it’s completed. I’m certain it’s lovely, just not my cup of tea.

  6. suzyq591suzy says:

    Long live The Mistress — you rock 🙂 you and the Queen just keep talking all your evil talk and writing these wicked sexy stories because I want to read them all !

  7. 4xamom says:

    If that’s how he punishes his assistant for disrespecting Sookie then he is setting Sookie up for a lot of disrespect.

  8. lostinspace33 says:

    That’s an executive assistant job I’d like to have! (I’m an EA, too, but I have NO desire to do that with MY boss…lol!)

  9. gwynwyvar says:

    Umm. Didn’t he just reward Willa for being completely unprofessional? I mean hot and Yay. But… oh well. I guess he is going to find out the hard way. And not a good hard I think lol.

    Hehe. Sookie may roll over for him. But I think she may still deny his job proposal 🙂

  10. Sharon says:

    I agree, this was very hot and I like were this might be going. That being said, Willa was rewarded for her unprofessional behavior and I think it is going to bit Eric in the ass and not in a fun way. I don’t think it really shows him in a strong light. I think if he “played” with her and left her unsatisfied it would of put her in her place.
    That being said, I really enjoy your writing and look forward to Sundays.

  11. redjane12 says:

    I like brainiac Sookie and clearly brainiac Eric facing off in a game of seduction… Having said that, not too hot on Willa if for no other reason that as a CEO screwing your EA whose job is so essential seems a bit stupid and plain risky as made clear that how her jealousy already disrupted Sookie’s visit (even if they cleared the air already). If he is Doctor Love surely he can find ‘love’ with females outside of his staff?

  12. ashmo2000 says:

    Dr. Northman wants Dr. Stackhouse for her mind and her body just sealed the deal, but Sookie won’t be another one of his Miss Burrells’. Knowing Sookie may change him for the better, but will he welcome it??

  13. Very hot.
    What did she learn from making Mr. Northman look bad? Only that she’ll be doing it again, for sure!
    I do think he shouldn’t shit where he eats…for so many reasons.

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