“Is there an area of the company you would like to see first? Perhaps the gowning rooms for the aseptic area? I’d be more than happy to give you a hands on demonstration of how to gown properly?” Eric leers down at Sookie as they stand inside the reception area of his company. Of course, if she wants to see the gowning area, he’ll be taking her clothes off and not putting more layers on. Eric chuckles darkly as he thinks about how to explain the delay for sanitizing the entire gowning suite and what it will do to his production schedule. That would be an interesting conversation to have with his Vice President of Manufacturing. Production would halt for at least a week as Eric would make certain all aseptic areas were sterilized if he fucked Sookie in there. It would cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars, but to Eric, it would be money well spent if it meant he got the temptress beside him. He hates to admit it, but she is getting to him. The car ride here had been the most sexually frustrating experience Eric can remember since his high school girlfriend Luna stopped him from rounding second and sliding into third.

“I know what you’re doing,” Sookie says with a cheeky grin. “You’re thinking about having to tell manufacturing they’d have to sanitize everything because we fucked.” Eric spreads his hands wide and gives Sookie a look that says, “Who me?” She laughs with delight at his feigned innocence. “Yes, you! There’s no way in hell I’m starting out here with your entire manufacturing staff hating me because they’d have to do extra work due to your negotiating skills.”

“So you’re accepting the position I’m offering?” Eric looks at her with a raised eyebrow. Sookie has been adamant she’s not leaving Edgington/Crowe, so to hear her concerned that she doesn’t want to get off on the wrong foot surprises him.

“Hypothetically speaking of course,” she says hastily backtracking from her earlier comment. “You haven’t sufficiently impressed me enough to consider leaving the good thing I’ve already got going on.”

Eric’s look turns predatory because he thinks he has found a chink in Sookie’s armor. It may have been a Freudian slip, but it’s enough for Eric to know he has a legitimate shot at making Sookie take the position he is offering. All he has to do is push his advantage, and push he shall.

“Very well Dr. Stackhouse, shall we begin? I believe in full disclosure, so you shall see everything I have to offer.”

Sookie’s eyes narrow slightly with Eric’s words. Somehow she doesn’t think his full disclosure policy relates only to his company.

An hour later, Eric is leading Sookie through a tour of the manufacturing and packaging areas of the company. Sookie has been impressed with the organization of Viking Industries and can only put the accolades for that on the broad shoulders of the gentleman beside her. Even though it is a Saturday, there is a full complement of people in the facility. Sookie had asked if the company was a twenty-four/seven production facility but Eric shook his head no. Weekend work was optional, but because the pay was double time for anything over forty hours a week, people in production volunteered for the work. In the interest of fairness, there was a rotating order for the production staff to make certain that all employees were given the opportunity for overtime and not hoarded by a select few.

Sookie was shocked. Edgington/Crowe paid well and had excellent benefits, but it looked like Viking Industries wanted to stay at the top of the ladder over all his competitors, he needed to rely on his employees to stay that way. If they weren’t taken care of, they wouldn’t give one hundred percent. The way he saw it was that it was good business to take care of those that worked for him; if they were happy, his company would flourish. Sookie couldn’t argue with his rationale.

Looking at his watch, Eric knew the crew would be breaking soon for lunch. “Shall we see if we can find the Vice President of Production? I think the two of you would get along well. Be wary though, his secretary is a little territorial.”

“Sounds like someone else I know,” Sookie mumbles under her breath


“How do you think Sookie’s trip is going?” Bartlett Crowe turns to his business partner who is reading The Wall Street journal. Russell Edgington, the other half of Edgington/Crowe Pharma Corporation, is old school; he prefers the feel of the newspaper in his hands and not swiping his finger on an electronic reading device to read his news. There is something to be said for the feel of the paper, the crinkle and snap the pages make when moved a certain way, and the black ink residue on your fingers that gets on everything you touch no matter how thoroughly you wash your hands.

“I know exactly how it’s going,” Russell says as he snaps the newspaper pages in half to read the rest of the article on the proposed changes in patent legislation. “He’s chasing; she’s resisting. Then the tables will turn and she will show him how much of a hellcat she really is. The Viking won’t know what hit him, but you can be damned sure he’ll make sure to hit it and often before her trip’s up,” he says with a playful smirk.

“You think she’ll sleep with him?” Bartlett spears a piece of fruit off his plate as he looks over at his partner; not just his business partner, his life mate as well.

“Sleep is the last thing those two will do. They’ll fuck each other’s brains out,” Russell says crudely as he continues reading. “And I told her I wanted all the nasty details,” he says with a roguish wink.

They are having brunch on the terrace of their home in the Hamptons, having gone away for the weekend to get a little peace and quiet. The demands of their careers are never-ending; the pharmaceutical company they co-own is a global giant that provides life-saving medications to those in need. Competition in the pharmaceutical industry is fierce; Bartlett and Russell are constantly looking for the next big thing. What started as two post-graduates completing their thesis has turned into a multi-billion dollar corporation that had helped reshape the pharmaceutical and medical industries. They are the granddaddy to all these new upstart companies that barely survive getting off the ground. New drug development costs millions of dollars; companies fold overnight if their products fail to make it through clinical trials or FDA approval.

Bartlett rolls his eyes knowing Russell’s fascination with Eric Northman’s naked form. He doesn’t mind too much; The Viking is a fine specimen of man, but they’ve seen a lot of beautiful men come and go in their thirty plus years together. “Think she’ll go work for him?”

Russell sets his newspaper down and looks at the man he loves with every breath in his body. Both of them adore Sookie; she’s the daughter they never had. Bartlett has worried about this trip from the moment Sookie had informed them she was going to hear Northman’s offer. “I think she will. There’s nothing else for her to accomplish with us Bart,” Russell says as he picks up his lover’s hand. “She needs to make it on her own two feet. Something tells me that she and Northman could have something special together if they aren’t too stubborn to see it.”

“What makes you think that?” Bartlett questions as he squeezes the hand of the man he loves.

“Because he looks at her the same way I look at you. He’s spent all this time pursuing her and he never chases after anything or anyone. But more importantly, he asked my permission to take her away, and I told him in no uncertain terms that I would rip the spine out of his body with my bare hands if he did anything to make her miserable,” Russell says with a manic grin.

Bartlett leans forward to kiss his lover’s lips. What starts as a slow and sweet sign of affection morphs into a blazing inferno of passion. Thirty years together has not dampened their desire for each other. It may not burn as hotly or as frequently as it did in the beginning, but there is something to be said for the intimacy that only comes from having been with the same person for a long time.

When Russell pulls back, his breathing is ragged as he stares in the eyes of his beloved. “Shall we continue breakfast in bed?”

Bartlett gives him a wicked grin as his hand drops down to Russell’s lap, stroking his hardening length through the silk of his robe. Russell’s hips thrust up, encouraging Bart to give him more. “Do you really want to wait that long? I was thinking I could have my sausage right here,” he says with a wink while dropping to his knees.


“Are you sure we aren’t going to get caught? People are milling about. Someone may notice we’re gone.” The female voice is cut off from saying anything further as the lips of her lover cut her off. The kiss between the two is passionate, frenzied as he pushes her body against the door, locking it with his hand before both his hands capture the woman’s to hold them above their heads. The woman rubs her body against her lover’s, seeking to find some kind of friction to ease the rapid ache building inside her.

“You’re the one that started this, teasing me while we worked,” he growls as he grasps her two hands with one of his large ones. His other hand moves roughly down her body, working in between their bodies to move under the bottom of her skirt. She moans as his fingers brush against the heated, damp flesh of her inner thighs. He growls again when he finds the bare flesh of her slit.

“No underwear and a skirt. Were you planning this all day? Did you want me to bend you over the desk and thrust my cock into you while everyone else is busy working?” He brushes a finger through the folds of her secret garden, teasing her opening as he speaks so he feels how her walls clench with need and more wetness pours out of her body.

“You naughty girl,” he grins wickedly. His lips move against the column of her throat, nipping roughly at the skin on his path up to her ear, but that only turns her on more. He tongues the rim of her ear, sucking the lobe in his mouth before biting down on the flesh, causing her to moan loudly.

“Can you keep quiet?” His hot breath moves over her ear as she nods her head violently that she can. Her lover shoves his finger inside her opening, making her moan wantonly as she clamps down on his finger, trying to suck him in deeper.

“Quiet!” He growls against her ear as he removes his finger as swiftly as it entered her. She whimpers in protest at the loss of his touch where she craves it most. “Don’t make me have to gag you,” he warns before claiming her lips in a punishing kiss.

As their lips battle for dominance, the man lets go of the woman’s hands. Her hands immediately go to his waist, working feverishly to unbuckle his belt. Once his pants are open, her hands immediately go inside the waist of his boxer briefs, pushing them and his pants down far enough so that the fabric falls to his feet. He hisses as if in pain when her hands settle on his cock.

“Quiet,” she says before nipping at his lower lip with her teeth. “We don’t want the others to know their boss is fucking around on the job. Don’t make me gag you,” she says flippantly as her hands work up and down the length of his engorged shaft.

“This is gonna be fast,” he warns her as he lifts her up in his arms. Her legs wrap around his waist with her heels pressing against the tips of his thighs. The woman uses one of her hands to rub his cock through her wet folds, covering him in her fluids. He groans as his phallus jerks inside her grip, knowing instinctually where it needs to go.

“Fast is good,” she whispers in excitement as he thrusts his hips forward, slamming her body against the door with the force of his entry. They both groan when he’s sheathed inside her. She gets off on the dual sensations of pleasure and pain, and the added excitement of getting caught has her on the verge of cumming. He fights for control, loving the sensation of her warmth and wetness coating his flesh. It’s been so long since he’s felt something this good. His wife hasn’t had sex with him in months, and there’s only so much relief his hand can offer.

“Christ Debbie you feel so good,” Alcide moans as he thrusts harder and deeper inside his mistress. They’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship for years. They had been involved when they were younger, but had both married other people. About five years ago, Debbie had come to Alcide looking for a job. She knew he was a supervisor in the manufacturing side of Viking Industries. He’d gotten her a job as an administrative assistant. She’d thanked him with a blow job in the employee locker room. Their relationship had continued this way for years, the last eight months having been the longest they had been off. But today Debbie had come to work with the intentions of provoking Alcide from the moment she took her coat off. She was wearing a barely there skirt and a tight button down blouse that was so tight the buttons kept popping open exposing her breasts. But the straw that had broken the camel’s back was when she’d flirted with one of Alcide’s crew members in front of him. The unspoken rule was that they weren’t to fish off the company pier with others. Alcide was territorial when it came to Debbie. She was his bitch and no one else’s. It didn’t matter that she was married to some pathetic accountant that pushed papers all day long; Debbie was his. And he was hers, but they couldn’t be together in the traditional sense. They were toxic for each other. That’s why this arrangement worked so well for them. Alcide went home at the end of the day to his perfect house where his Stepford wife had dinner waiting on the table every night. Well, really it was the housekeeper since his wife didn’t know the first thing about domestic duties. The only thing Maria-Starr was good for was spending his money whether it be on plastic surgery, clothes, or jewelry. The only reason they were still married is because Alcide knew Maria-Starr would take everything in the divorce, including their son Tommy. As for Debbie, she wore the pants in her marriage; her husband didn’t have the guts to leave her even though he knew she cheated on him with Alcide.

As Alcide’s thrusts became harder, Debbie moaned like a bitch in heat, forcing him to put his hand over her mouth.

“Quiet or you’ll get us both fired,” Alcide snarls angrily. Debbie smiles wickedly behind his hand and bites down on his finger hard.

“Fuck!” Alcide slams Debbie against the door in retaliation the next time he enters her body. Pain and pleasure are what Debbie craves when she’s with Alcide, so she doesn’t mind in the slightest when he’s rough with her. She likes being dominated, manhandled, but only for a time. When she’s tired of Alcide’s alpha ways, that’s usually when she breaks things off with him.

“Come on baby, I’m so close. Give it to me only like you can,” Debbie pleads. “Fuck me harder.”

Alcide grasps Debbie under her ass and lifts her away from the door. He stumbles the few steps to his desk, laying her on top of everything there. Alcide spreads her thighs wide, pushing her legs out to the side so he can get deeper inside her. Debbie’s hands grasp the edges of the desk, trying to keep herself in place so that Alcide won’t shove her right off. She’s so close to her orgasm that the spasms are starting in her abdomen.

“And down this hallway are the offices for manufacturing. Let’s see if we can introduce you to some of the guys.”

Alcide stops moving and looks down at Debbie in horror as he hears the voice of the CEO of Viking Pharmaceuticals. “Shit, it’s Northman! Keep quiet!”

Debbie looks at Alcide in frustration. She’s right there; all she needs is a little push and she’ll be cumming like a freight train. However, Alcide has stopped moving inside her. Well that won’t do at all. What Debbie wants, Debbie gets. Her right hand moves down to her clit, using two fingers to rub the hardened nub in fast circles. The left hand goes to her left tit, pinching and pulling her nipple through the material of her shirt.

“Ooohhhhhh,” she says with a breathy moan as her body finds its fulfillment. Alcide slaps his hand over her mouth, glaring at her as he tries to quiet her.

“Did you hear something?” There is a female voice with Northman. Alcide wonders if it’s the new VP. Dear God this isn’t the way he wants to meet his new colleague. His pants are around his ankles and he’s buried balls deep in his mistress.

“I’m sure it was nothing,” Northman says though there is a hint of humor in his voice. “I don’t think anyone is down here. Let’s head towards the laboratory. I’m sure that’s what you’re most interested in seeing. Besides I’m sure my manufacturing supervisor is buried deep in his work, and I’m sure his assistant is bending over backwards to accommodate him any way she can.”

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  1. lostinspace33 says:

    “I’m sure my manufacturing supervisor is buried deep in his work, and I’m sure his assistant is bending over backwards to accommodate him any way she can.” Bwahahahaha!

  2. suzyq591suzy says:

    Sounds like Eric was in the know 🙂

  3. mom2goalies says:

    The Boss knows everything apparently! Lol
    Loved his explanation lmao

  4. kleannhouse says:

    sounds like Eric knows that Alcide is messing around with his assistant just like he is…. if Russell is right, and things flourish between these two in the right way (because he looks at her like i look at you) Willa will be getting kicked to the door during negotiations because she won’t let him have that fun any more…. KY

  5. ashmo2000 says:

    It’s good Russell and Bartlett know Sookie is interested in at least what Eric has to show with his company. They already know that Eric will woo her in other areas too;) Alcide and Debbie… it’s a good thing that obviously Eric already knows what they’re doing.

  6. mindy781 says:

    I like how it said Eric takes care of his employees. I find it funny that he knows about Alicide that had me laughing. It was good to know that Bart and Russell support Sookie. I can’t wait to see how Eric wins her over.

  7. marilyn859 says:

    O wow ! I need a cold shower . Just read through this non stop every chapter so far …. More please

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    Snickers…. I bet they are….

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