House Call


Sookie rises from the steaming water of her bath letting the water run down her body in rivulets.  She reaches for the towel hanging beside the large soaking tub.  After her meeting with Dr. Northman, Sookie had returned to her hotel.  He really was intent on wooing her away from Edgington/Crowe; no expense had been spared thus far.  A private jet had brought her to New York City; a suite at the Waldorf-Astoria was reserved for her use for a week (though she only planned to stay through the weekend).  Inside her suite was a gift basket including all her favorite soaps, lotions, and perfumes from Paris; how he had known that is beyond her, but Sookie isn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth.  Included in the basket was a note from Dr. Northman himself letting her know that the hotel’s full complement of spa services were available to her, there was a line of credit for her at all the boutiques inside the hotel, and a limousine was available to take her anywhere she wanted.  Sookie had to smile to herself; Eric Northman was nothing if not persistent.

She knew he was an attractive man; he practically oozed sex appeal.  Sookie was woman enough to admit she was attracted to him, but that didn’t mean she was going to fall at his feet like every other woman he’d been with.  If Eric Northman wanted her, he was going to need to work for it.  She didn’t mind being another notch on his belt; Sookie knew men like Eric Northman were not the settling kind.  But goddamnit, he would respect her and treat her as his equal!

The meeting earlier had gone exactly as she expected save for the ending where he had changed their plans for tonight.  Sookie could admit to herself only, she was disappointed; she had looked forward to more sexual banter over dinner with dessert taking place in the back of the limousine.  So Sookie had felt a little needy after the meeting.  While relaxing in the tub, she’d tried to relieve her sexual frustration by getting herself off.  Sookie had imagined it was Eric’s talented hands moving over her body, working her nipples into hardened peaks with his mouth and hand while the other hand worked her clit.  She had cried out Eric’s name when her orgasm ripped through her body.  However, it wasn’t enough; Sookie was hungry for more.

Frustrated, Sookie wipes the steam off the mirror so she can see herself.  Her hair is on top of her head with a few damp strands clinging to her neck.  The skin of her body is flushed both from the heat of the water and from her physical exertions.  Sookie drops the towel at her feet, exposing her body to her critical eye.  Her body is not stick thin as most women strive for in this day and age; she has a curvy figure with extra padding in all the right places.  Sookie knew Eric’s assistant had behaved the way she did because she was fucking her boss.  Sookie wondered how much longer the woman would last in her position if she continued to show her jealous streak.  Not long was Sookie’s opinion.

Sookie reaches for the lotion and applies a liberal amount to her hands.  Watching herself in the mirror, she slowly begins applying the lotion to her skin.  She rubs the lotion up and down her arms, imagining it’s his large, capable hands massaging her body.  She adds more lotion to her hands before moving them to her stomach.  Her hands move in slow, sweeping circles, drifting closer and closer to her breasts.  Biting her lower lip in anticipation, Sookie finally lets her hands graze the undersides of her breasts.  Something tells her that if Eric were here with her, he’d be whispering all sorts of dirty things in her ear while avoiding touching the areas she wants his hands on the most.  Sookie moans softly as her hands finally cup her breasts and her thumbs rub back and forth across her nipples.

A loud knock at the door of her suite breaks Sookie out of her sensual daydream.  She scrambles to pull her robe on as she walks quickly to the door.  Knotting the belt, she glances through the peephole to see who her visitor is.  With a curve to her lips, Sookie pulls open to greet her guest.

Sookie asks politely, “Can I help you?”

“Did someone call for a doctor?”

“Why yes, I did,” Sookie says as she grants entrance to her guest.

“What seems to be the problem?”  The doctor walks to the living room and sets a black bag on the table in front of the leather sofa and gestures for Sookie to have a seat on the couch.  Sinking gracefully down on the cushion, Sookie begins listing her complaints for the physician.

“Well, I feel feverish and I have this burning ache inside,” Sookie says weakly.

“I see,” the doctor says while examining Sookie’s eyes with a pen light.  “When did the symptoms begin?”

“This afternoon,” Sookie answers honestly.

“I see.”  The doctor places the light back in the black bag and pulls out a stethoscope.  “I’d like to listen to your heartbeat, make sure it isn’t elevated.”

Sookie nods and loosens the belt of her robe.  The doctor parts the robe, exposing Sookie’s naked breast.  The doctor is not bothered by Sookie’s nakedness; they are professionals after all.  Placing the stethoscope over Sookie’s heart, the doctor listens for a few seconds.

“Your heartbeat is a little fast,” the doctor says after putting the stethoscope in the bag.  “And your body is flushed all over.”

Sookie looks at the doctor worriedly, “What do you think is wrong?”

“You need a good hard fuck,” the doctor says before crashing their lips against Sookie’s.  As the doctor’s hands close over her breasts, massaging the round firm globes, Sookie moans in ecstasy.  The doctor forces their tongue inside Sookie’s mouth while plucking at her nipples.  Sookie slides the silk robe off her shoulders as the doctor’s hands move to Sookie’s hips, pulling her to the edge of the couch.  The doctor slides down to the floor while kissing down Sookie’s body, spreading her thighs wide open to have access to Sookie’s bare lower lips.

The doctor kisses along the smooth skin of the inner thigh before sliding their tongue out to lick along Sookie’s slit.  With a look of pure bliss, the doctor licks their lips in appreciation.  “I’ve forgotten how good you taste,” she moans before spreading Sookie’s lips open for her tongue to explore.

“Fuck Jessica, don’t tease me,” Sookie hisses as she bucks up against her college roommate’s talented mouth.

“Of course not,” she says while pulling back.  She reaches in her bag of tricks to pull out a dildo with a head on either end.  A bottle of lube also comes out of the bag.  “I am a doctor after all.  It’s my job to ease my patient’s suffering.”  Jessica slides one head of the dildo inside Sookie’s wet opening as she leans back in to flick her tongue back and forth over her clit.  The dildo has bumps and ridges on it to stimulate Sookie’s walls as Jessica slides it in and out of her vagina.  Sookie plays with her nipples while Jessica continues her dual attack on Sookie’s clit and pussy.  The pressure of her orgasm is building inside her, but Sookie needs more.

“Jessica,” Sookie moans out as she writhes on the couch.  Knowing exactly what her friend needs, Jessica lubes up the other head of the dildo and pushes the second head in Sookie’s rear hole.  Jessica sets an alternating rhythm with the dildo, keeping one end inside of Sookie at all times.  Sookie’s hand moves down to her clit just as Jessica pushes both ends of the dildo all the way inside Sookie.

“Fuck yes!”  Sookie shouts in relief as her orgasm erupts inside her.  Jessica pulls the dildo quickly out so she can lap up Sookie’s juices.  Sookie bucks against Jessica’s mouth as her former roommate prolongs her orgasms with powerful aftershocks caused by her tongue plunging in and out of her.  When Sookie can take no more, she grabs the beautiful redhead by her hair and drags her up for a kiss.

“It’s good to see you, Jess,” Sookie says with a sparkle in her eye and a lazy, satisfied smile on her face.  She pulls her robe loosely around her before slumping back against the cushions of the couch, making sure her sweat-slickened body does not stick to the leather.

“It’s good to see you too,” Jessica purrs as she settles beside her friend.  The two women had been roommates since the first day of their freshman year at Cornell University.  They had many of the same classes, so they understood the academic demands they each faced.  Both women were dedicated to their studies, but that did not mean it was all work and no play for the coeds.  The two were a striking duo, and they never lacked for male companionship.  On more than one occasion, they had shared the same playmate.

“I called Claude to see if he wanted to play with us this weekend, but he said he’s too busy with his newest fling,” Jessica says fondly of their former playmate.  “He did say he’s sorry he couldn’t make it and hopes to ‘cum’ the next time you’re in town,” Jessica says with a smirk.

Sookie snorts knowing Claude said exactly that.  He does like to be vulgar.  “If Eric Northman gets his way, I’ll be moving to town.”

“Dr. Love?”  Jessica’s eyes widen as she looks in astonishment at Sookie.  “You’ve been holding out on me Sookie Stackhouse!  What does Dr. Love have to do with you moving to the Big Apple?”

“He wants me to take over as Vice President of Research and Development,” Sookie admits softly.

“Is that all he wants?”  Jessica nudges her friend’s arm playful and wiggles her eyebrows suggestively.

“No,” Sookie says with a laugh.  “I fully expect that I will sleep with him before it’s all said and done.  That doesn’t bother me; you know I’ve always fucked who I wanted, when I wanted, and where I wanted.”

“So what’s the problem?  If I were given the chance to take him for a ride, I would do it in a New York minute!  Mmmmm, the things I bet he can do with his mouth . . . his hands . . . ahhhh,” Jessica says with a shudder.  “And you know he’s probably proportional all over.  Just think of how it would feel to have that big, thick dick filling you,” Jessica moans.

Sookie pushes Jessica back against the cushions of the couch so she can straddle her lap.  Sookie leans down to scrape her teeth over the sensitive skin of Jessica’s neck before whispering in her ear.  “Maybe I should let you fuck him this weekend then.  Do you want to join us if we decide to play?”  Jessica nods frantically as Sookie hurries to open up the white trench coat Jessica has been wearing.  Underneath the trench coat, Jessica is as bare as the day she was born.  Sookie chuckles darkly.  “Did you ride a cab through New York City wearing nothing but a trench coat and heels?”  She tweaks Jessica’s nipples roughly eliciting a ragged moan from one of the top cardiologists in the state.

“No,” Jessica breathes out as Sookie continues using her mouth and teeth on the alabaster skin she has exposed.  “I took my underwear off in the elevator ride up here.  I wanted to be ready for whatever you had planned for the evening.”  Sookie rewards Jessica’s statement by flicking her tongue over Jessica’s right nipple as she slides a finger through Jessica’s neatly trimmed curls to rub along her wet folds.

“Good answer,” Sookie purrs wickedly.  Jessica’s hips lift trying to find more friction to ease the ache between her legs.  Knowing her friend wants more, Sookie pulls back, leaving her needy and wanting.  Standing quickly, Sookie pulls Jessica to her feet.  Using the lapels of the trench coat, Sookie pulls Jessica’s head down so she can give her a bruising kiss.

“Get in the bedroom,” Sookie commands when their kiss ends.  “If you want to play with Eric Northman this weekend, you’re going to have to earn it first.”

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8 Responses to House Call

  1. suzyq591suzy says:

    I was hoping that Sookie would get her some and boy did she whew 🙂

  2. VictoryInTrouble says:

    I love that Sookie likes casual sex. It’s nice to play sometimes. This was hot, though I pictured the double dildo as a straight one that could get them both off and then had to curve it in my mind to get it to do what it did. LOL.

  3. This gets hotter and hotter. I love this Sookie. She reminds me of my Masks Sookie. I mean that in a good way. Can’t wait to see what’s up next. I know you told me, but I forgot. 😳

  4. lostinspace33 says:

    Damn, that was unexpected…and hot!

  5. You certainly deserve your “mistress” title with the way you put these chapters in their place!

  6. ashmo2000 says:

    My goodness! What a combination these two along with Eric will make! After the weekend I bet Willa most likely be dropped and fired or relocated to another department or office.

  7. Loftin says:

    Hot hot hawt!!

  8. gwynwyvar says:

    Hmm. Nice. Just what the doctor ordered. Poor Claude misses out. Next time 😉

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