Closing the Deal


“Well Dr. Stackhouse, you’ve seen everything I have to offer,” Eric says with a smirk as he hands her a glass of wine.

“Not everything,” Sookie responds with a wicked grin. She leers at Eric over the top of her wine glass as she takes a sip. “Hmmm, very nice. I’m not usually a fan of red, but this is very good. It’s smooth going down.”

“That’s not the only thing that is smooth when going down,” Eric growls seductively as he stares at Sookie’s moistened lips.

It’s been a frustrating two days for Eric. After the tour of his company, which he knows impressed her, Eric had thrown a curveball at Sookie. Instead of taking her to a hit Broadway show followed by dinner at a trendy restaurant, Eric had taken her to Luna Park in Coney Island. They had ridden the rides and dined on hot dogs and funnel cake. Eric had even gone through the trouble of winning Sookie a stuffed unicorn at one of the carnival games. It cost him a small fortune, but the look of enchantment on her face was worth it. Sookie had carried the plush toy proudly through the park, keeping it close to her even in the limousine ride back to the city. When they had pulled up in front of The Waldorf-Astoria, Eric had climbed out of the limousine first and offered his hand to help Sookie out of the car. He’d rolled his eyes when she handed him the hideous purple unicorn with hot pink hair, but he’d shifted it to his other arm so he could help her out. Sookie popped out of the limousine, grabbed her prize, and hurried inside the hotel. She thanked him for a lovely day and said she would see him the following day. Eric stood befuddled as he watched her disappear through the doors leading to the lobby. What the hell was that about? Sookie ran hot and cold towards him, leaving him in a state of frustration and a severe case of blue balls. He’d been in no mood for company that night, electing to relieve his sexual frustration with his hand and not with one of the dozens of women he knew would be at his beck and call. Eric didn’t want any of those women; he wanted the woman who seemed to be a carbon copy of him. It struck him during brunch the following morning that Sookie Stackhouse was the female version of him. It unsettled him a bit. Here he was involved in a chess match with a worthy adversary, and for once, Eric wasn’t sure he was going to come out the victor.

Of course his dick was worried he wasn’t going to cum at all. Throughout the day Sunday, Sookie seemed remarkably cooler towards him. She still flirted – it is an ingrained part of her personality – but she was not as hands on as the day before. Eric would catch glimpses of the innuendo-laden woman from the day before, but Sookie always reined herself back in before things got out of hand.

What changed in less than twelve hours? Was it the female doctor? Eric didn’t think their relationship was monogamous or serious. Was there someone else?

“What more would you like to see? I am completely at your disposal,” Eric growls, hoping this will be the culmination of two extremely frustrating yet enjoyable days. While he may be sexually frustrated, Eric has enjoyed his time with Sookie. Beyond the beautiful exterior is a sharp mind that he has not found lacking when it comes to conversation. They have talked about everything from the pharmaceutical industry to his beloved love of Hammarby Fotboll. He couldn’t fault her for being a fan of Manchester United since she had spent time in England, but that doesn’t mean he had to like it. She also has a delightfully wicked sense of humor that caught him off guard; he hadn’t expected to laugh while spending time with her. In fact, everything about her has taken him by surprise. It is disconcerting for someone who is always in control, and plans his moves twenty steps in advance, to know that all of his planning involving Sookie Stackhouse has been blown out of the water and he is left scrambling.

Sookie drains the rest of her wine before setting the goblet down with a sigh. “There is plenty more I would like to see, about six and half feet of prime real estate, which I think would be magnificent if I were given the opportunity to explore to my heart’s content. But it’s not going to happen,” she says firmly, dashing all of Eric’s plans for the evening.

“Why?” The one word question is bitten out through teeth clenched so tightly together it’s amazing he didn’t break a tooth. His body reacted instantly to Sookie’s declaration that she wanted to explore his body. His cock had risen to attention and Eric knew his fluids were seeping out of the opening. Now his body is weeping for a different reason.

Sookie looks away from Eric, rising to move to one of the windows overlooking the city. Only when there is distance between them does she begin speaking. “In all the time you have pursued me, I never took your offer seriously. Even when I accepted the opportunity to come here, I wasn’t thinking about taking the job offer.” She turns to face Eric, giving him a wry smile. “I figured we’d fuck each other’s brains out for a weekend, but then I’d go back to work at Edgington/Crowe and you’d go back to fucking anything with a great pair of tits.”

Eric raises an eyebrow at her words, irritated that Sookie had not taken his job offer seriously. It also rankled him that she only thought of him in terms of a manwhore. Why that bothered him, he doesn’t know.

Sookie walks back to the sofa where she had sat, her hands gripping the back of the furniture so tight that her knuckles are white. “But then you showed me your company. I met your employees; saw how loyal they are to you. Viking Pharmaceuticals is an amazing company, thanks in a large part to your efforts. I’d be a fool not to take the opportunity you are giving me.”

“I’m not following your train of thought,” Eric admits when Sookie stays silent.

“Either I fuck you for the rest of the night and go back to the safety of my job at Edgington/Crowe, or I accept the job offer from you . . . and nothing else,” Sookie explains. Eric’s eyes widen at her words, but he chooses to stay silent and Sookie continues her explanation.

“I’m not going to be added to the list of employees you’ve fucked. I won’t have my authority undermined by those that say I only got the job by spreading my legs for you. I won’t have everyone speculating that every time you and I are alone behind a closed door it’s because you have me bent over a desk or that I’m on my knees beneath yours. “I’ve worked too hard for too damn long not to be treated with the respect I’ve earned.” Sookie’s words are stated with utter conviction in a tone of voice that leaves no room for argument.

“So you’re giving me an ultimatum; I can have one or the other, but I can’t have both,” Eric replies darkly. He doesn’t deal well with ultimatums; he wants his cake and to eat it too! As much as Eric despises Sookie’s words, he has a grudging amount of respect for them. He hates to admit it, but she’s right. Even if nothing happens, people will still gossip because it is what people do. However, the gossip would be far more vicious if there was tangible proof to back thinks up. Corporate America is still a boys’ club; other than Pam, none of Eric’s executives are women. If Sookie sleeps with him, she’ll never be respected by her peers. That will trickle down the ladder, affecting her relationship with those under her chain of command.

Sookie doesn’t rise to the bait; she knows Eric’s words are spoken in frustration. She merely waits for him to reach his decision. Eric looks sardonically at Sookie. For once in his life, he wants to put the desires of his body before the well-being of his company. Despite what the public perception is of Dr. Love, Eric has always made every decision with his company at the forefront of his mind. However this situation with Sookie Stackhouse has him torn. Looking in her eyes, he knows she is adamant; he will not be able to sway her. The best he can hope for is to wear her down once they are working together.

Something tells him that a bird will have an easier time teaching a fish how to fly than he will at breaking Sookie’s resolve, but he loves a challenge.

But Eric does love a challenge.

He rises from his seat, his eyes locked on Sookie who stares at him warily. He tosses back the contents of his drink before setting the glass aside. Striding around the sofa, he moves to stand directly in front of Sookie who has turned to face him. She stares at him with a raised eyebrow, silently questioning his decision.

With a heavy sigh, Eric extends his hand to Sookie. When she puts her hand in his, Eric ignores the sensation that rushes through his body when their hands touch. His fingers wrap around hers in a firm handshake. “Welcome to Viking Pharmaceuticals.”


It took Sookie a month after signing the contract with Viking Pharmaceuticals to actually start working for the company. She insisted on giving plenty of notice to Edgington/Crowe because of everything they had done for her. A part of her had worried that Russell and Bartlett would be upset with her, but they were genuinely happy for her. Together they wished her the best, and told her that if things didn’t work out she always had a place with them. Their approval had meant the world to Sookie; it made the transition a lot smoother for her.

However her employment with Viking Pharmaceuticals almost ended before it began thanks to what Sookie viewed as Eric’s high-handedness. Sookie had to sell her home, which went fairly quickly, but the issue was finding a home in the city. Eric informed her that she need not worry about housing in the city; an apartment with a six-month lease had already been arranged for Sookie. He looked so smug about it when he informed Sookie of this that it took everything in her not to smack the smile off his face. However Pam intervened before things could spiral out of control. She explained this was part of the relocation package Viking had included in her contract. Sookie was free to leave the apartment when she wanted or she could continue to live there when the lease expired, but she would be responsible for the rent and utilities. Sookie had backed down at that point, but she had still given Eric the stink eye. He’d merely smiled angelically, planning how he would use Sookie’s proximity to his advantage.

Eric had not given up on his desire to have Sookie, but he pushed it to the side so that she could prove herself as a force to be reckoned with. The meeting where Eric introduced Sookie to the management team quickly established that she wasn’t going to put up with any bullshit. One of the directors in manufacturing was making loud comments about Sookie’s skills and qualifications, listing items that had absolutely nothing to do with her education or previous employment. Sookie had been in the middle of thanking everyone for the warm reception and outlining her expectations moving forward. Eric had been on the verge of intervening because if the comments had reached his ears, then he damn well knew Sookie heard them too. It wouldn’t be the first time that Alcide Herveaux had been in trouble for harassing a female coworker, but Eric was damn well going to make certain it was the last.

Every person at Viking Pharmaceuticals knew Alcide Herveaux was a pig; he ogled women and it was widely known that he was cheating on his wife with Debbie Pelt, his administrative assistant. The difference between Eric and Alcide was that Eric knew how to be discreet and he kept his business private. While Eric may have agreed with Alcide’s assessment of Sookie’s attributes and wanted first-hand knowledge of her sexual prowess, he never would have made those comments at a company meeting for others to overhear. Eric’s seductions were conducted in private. Most times at least.

While in the middle of speaking, Sookie had walked around the room. She never missed a beat as she made her way to stand in front of Herveaux. The sight and sound of Sookie eviscerating Alcide in front of the entire management team at Viking Pharmaceuticals had been a thing of beauty. Not only had she asserted herself, showing no fear in confronting her male counterparts, but she had seamlessly dispelled all rumors about her being involved with Eric. Watching Sookie in all her frigid fury had left Eric hard and wanting. It became one of his favorite memories in his spank bank. Actually, all the memories stored in his spank bank had been replaced by images of Sookie.

The eight months that Sookie worked for Eric have been his greatest torture. Not only does he respect her on a professional level, but he adores her on a personal level. He thought this time would be used to soften her towards him so that they would eventually fall into bed together. Instead, Sookie has worn him down, making him care for the tiny blonde bombshell in a way he never imagined. He wasn’t willing to call it love, but whatever it is has taken hold of him so completely that he hasn’t been with another woman in four months, and even then it was nothing more than a blow job. The woman’s body had been wrong, her scent smelled foul, and her hair hadn’t been the right shade of blonde.

Eric thought having Sookie in the same building as him would have given him an easier time to lay siege to her defenses and ultimately lay claim to his prize. What he never anticipated was befriending Sookie and her bohemian group of friends. In fact, it was through Sookie that he found his new executive assistant Calvin. After Sookie started, Willa’s jealousy towards the woman had skyrocketed. She tried spreading rumors about the new vice president, even going so far as to insinuate that the only way Sookie had risen through the ranks so quickly at Edgington/Crowe was because she was fucking both of the owners. Eric had been furious and was going to deal with the problem himself, but Pam had taken care of it for him. Pam had never liked Willa, and the feeling was mutual. However, Pam had always been professional until the day she overheard Willa spreading the rumors. Pam terminated the brunette immediately for creating a hostile work environment and sexually harassing another employee. Willa had tried to make trouble for Eric and the company, but his legal team made the problem disappear.

Being friends with Sookie is the first time that Eric can ever remember being friends with a woman without sex being the common ground between them. Even Pam’s friendship began as a fuck buddy situation. It’s new territory for Eric; at first he was uncomfortable because he was outside his comfort zone, but he’s grown to value his friendship with Sookie. She’s smart, they share a sense of humor, and she understands his drive to succeed like no one else can.

He cherishes his friendship with Sookie Stackhouse, but he wants more.

Eric wants to have it all.

These thoughts have become more and more prevalent in his mind as time passes. He knows through their circle of friends that Sookie is not seeing anyone, but he hasn’t been able to confirm if she’s remained celibate. If he’s been faithful, he wants her to be as well, though Jessica and Claude have both been trying to tempt him to give up his existence as a monk. Even before Eric stopped sleeping around, he wouldn’t get involved with Jessica. He didn’t want anything to ruin his chances with Sookie. Now if Sookie wants to add Jessica to the mix when it comes to their sexual activities, he won’t stop her.

It’s Friday evening and Eric is restlessly pacing his apartment. Today had been the conclusion of a two-week inspection from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Their visit served two purposes: the annual site inspection and the approval process for their new drug application to aid in the treatment of certain types of cancers. The wrap up meeting had gone remarkably well, and Viking Pharmaceuticals had been given the go ahead to move forward with their revolutionary drug. Eric had wanted to celebrate the end of the visit, but none of his coworkers were available, and his former life of clubbing and bar hopping did not appeal to him. Eric has a lot of pent up energy, and there is only one thing he can do.

He’s going to the gym.

Changing into a pair of basketball shorts, singlet, and sleeveless hoodie, Eric vacates his penthouse apartment for the executive level gym. The gym is only open to the residents among the top fifteen levels of the skyscraper. Eric preferred to do his exercise outdoors, but he often didn’t have that luxury. So tonight, he pushes his body to its limits, hoping the physical exertion will clear his mind and tire him out. So far, the free weights and rowing machine haven’t done it. In a last ditch effort, Eric jumps on the treadmill, though that’s an insult to the machine since it is one of those fancy machines that projects an image of landscape as you run. It’s supposed to make the user feel they are running through nature and not on a conveyor belt.

The gym door opens but Eric doesn’t bother to look. He’s on his fourth mile and he’s feeling the burn in his lungs and legs, but he still pushes himself on. Sweat rolls down his skin, causing his shirt to cling to his chest and abs. All Eric focuses on is the pounding of his feet against the moving belt as he pants for breath.

“Friday night in the city that never sleeps and Dr. Love is pounding away at a treadmill instead of a nameless beautiful woman. Stop the presses! Is the zombie apocalypse happening and no one told me?”

Eric’s head snaps around to find the woman belonging to the snarky comments. The object of his desire leans against the back wall with a towel hanging around her neck. Her hair is pulled back in a tight ponytail and her face is sans makeup, making her seem younger than what she is. Eric’s body reacts to the sight of her sauntering towards him slowly. Her lower body is encased in tight, cropped black yoga pants with a fuchsia stripe down the legs. The smooth, tan flesh of her stomach is showed off thanks to the fuchsia sports bra hiding her bountiful breasts from his view. Rather than fall off the treadmill, Eric jumps so that his feet are on the immoveable sides while he brings the instrument to a halt.

Sookie stops in front of the treadmill, licking her lips hungrily as she silently offers the towel to Eric. He takes it from her and wipes his face and neck while staring at her. He has to bite the inside of his cheek when he notices her nipples clearly defined through the spandex material of the sports bra and quickly lowers the towel so it hangs in front of his aroused state.

“If this was the zombie apocalypse, I’d be paired with Michonne because she’s a bad ass bitch, and you’d end up looking at the flowers while Carol shoots you in the head,” Eric jokes. They had discovered a shared love of The Walking Dead, but they often argued over who will survive. Sookie says she’ll pair with Carol, because no matter what is thrown at that woman, she survives. Eric teases that Carol survives because everyone she associates with ends up dead; Darryl better watch out.

“As for me being here…” Eric shrugs in answer. “I didn’t feel like going out.”

“You wanted to celebrate earlier.”

Eric nods. “Sure, but with the people who understand all the hard work that went into making today a success. Celebrating alone or in a room full of strangers is an empty victory.”

Sookie tilts her head while gazing at Eric. She stares at him like she is trying to see into his soul. When she finally speaks, her voice is soft. “You really have changed. When I agreed to work at Viking, I didn’t really like you. I admired your business skills and I was attracted to you, but I didn’t care for the rest of you. I thought you would renege on our deal the first chance you got, but you haven’t even though I know you were trying to,” she admits with a chuckle and sparkle in her eyes.

“What do you think of me now?” Eric comes around the piece of gym equipment, towering above Sookie as he gazes down at her carefully. He needs to know if he has a shot or if he’ll continue to torture himself by having her close yet so far out of his reach.

“I still admire you. The company you run is wonderful and the way your mind works is a thing of beauty. Grudgingly I’ve come to respect you as a person. Who you are now is vastly different from the man I first met. I like you,” she offers shyly while gazing up at him nervously.

“I like you too,” Eric replies with a boyish grin. “So we’re in like with each other. What does that mean?”

“What do you want it to mean?”

“I’d really like it if I could peel these clothes off you and show you how much I like your body,” he finishes with a smirk.

“Pervert!” Sookie slaps her hand against Eric’s chest in admonishment, but her lips twitch with amusement and her eyes flare with lust.

He shrugs, not denying her accusation. “Can’t have you thinking I’ve completely changed,” he retorts while hanging the towel around his neck.

“I don’t want it getting around the office that we’re liking each other.” Sookie’s fingers toy with the edges of the towel hanging down Eric’s chest. Her voice is solemn and her face is subdued as she speaks.

“No one has to know. We’re the only ones that live in this building. It will be our secret if that’s what you want,” Eric vows. His body is alive with anticipation but strangely he cannot make it move. He is under the spell that Sookie is weaving.

“And the other women? I don’t like to share.” Sookie raises an eyebrow and looks at him challengingly.

“What other women? There’s no one else,” he admits honestly. Sookie’s eyes widen in surprise before her lips curve in a smile.

“Good,” she says resolutely before tugging on the ends of the towel to bring Eric’s face closer to her. The first meeting of their lips is neither gently nor sweet. It’s is a kiss of raw passion. Neither of them knows how to dampen the intensity of emotions passing through them. The needs and desires from both sides have been left unfulfilled for too long, and they are both starving for the relief that the other can offer.

Sookie wraps her arms and legs around Eric during their kiss, causing him to stagger back from the added weight. His muscles are still on fire from his earlier ministrations in the gym. Eric drops to one knee under the extra weight, but it doesn’t stop him from continuing his assault on Sookie’s lips. His bent knee rests between Sookie’s thighs and she rubs back and forth trying to get some relief. The heat from her pussy warms his skin and he thinks about throwing her down on the floor to bury his face between her thighs. He wants to taste every inch of her sweet body.

With the last shred of coherent thought, Eric releases his hold on Sookie. She looks dazed for a moment as she regains her senses. Nodding in understanding, she rises from her perch on his knee, holding her hands out to help him up. They walk quickly out of the gym to the elevator, standing close to each other but not touching. The moment their bodies reconnect, Eric is not letting go.

“I hope you don’t have plans for the rest of the weekend.” Eric presses the call button for the elevator and turns to give Sookie a wicked smirk.

“I do actually,” she replies as the elevator door opens. She walks inside and presses herself against the side wall by the floor numbers. Eric swipes his card, granting them access to the penthouse. He crowds Sookie, caging her body between his arms. He leans down to stare in her eyes.

“What are they?” Eric doesn’t like the idea that his time with Sookie is going to be cut short.

Sookie grins wickedly as her hands slip inside his basketball shorts. Eric hisses, in pain or pleasure is anyone’s guess, as Sookie’s hands wrap around his shaft. His head drops to her shoulder when she begins moving her hands in tandem up and down his length. Her thumb brushes across his tip and his hips thrust forward.

“I plan to have this inside me as much as possible. In fact, I want to get started now.” Sookie drops to her knees as her hands pull his erection free of his shorts. Her mouth descends down his penis, and Eric’s hands slap against the elevator wall as he curses.

“Fuck! You need to warn a man before you do that!” Eric glares down at Sookie who merely winks in reply since her lips are busy gliding back and forth down the soft skin covering his aching cock. Eric is mesmerized watching her mouth stretch wider to accommodate him. It feels so good, and his eyes roll back in his head when she sucks hard on the top while rubbing her tongue against the underside of his cock.

By some miracle, no one else gets on the elevator and it arrives at the top floor of the skyscraper. Eric steps back from Sookie, not bothering to tuck himself back in his shorts. His gaze turns predatory. “I’m glad our plans are in sync. We have a lot of ground to cover, starting with my foyer.” He leads her out of the elevator and into the foyer of his home since his is the only apartment on the top floor. Sookie tries to look around, but all she can see is the grainy pattern of the wooden table as Eric bends her over it. He roughly tugs down her athletic pants, growling appreciatively that she is sans underwear. His fingers tease along her glistening lower lips, causing her to buck against his touch.

“Don’t tease me; just fuck me!” Sookie’s demand is tossed over her shoulder with a glare in his direction.

Eric smirks as he lets his shorts drop to the floor. “Yes ma’am. Always eager to be of service,” he retorts as he slides slowly inside her wetness. They groan in unison as Eric comes to a rest fully in her. He grits his teeth to fight off his orgasm. Sookie is tighter than any woman he can remember and she’s squeezing her walls around him in the most delicious kind of way.

“You keep that up and I won’t last long. It’s been a long time for me,” Eric grits out as he eases back out to leave only his tip resting inside her.

“Me too. Not since . . . Jessica,” Sookie gasps out when Eric pushes back in harder than before. Eric growls thinking about Sookie and the redhead together as he begins thrusting in a fast, hard pace that makes them both cry out. That’s a fantasy that’s played in his mind for months. He’s always wanted to watch as the sultry doctor eat Sookie’s pussy or have the two of them eat each other out. Then there is the fantasy of one of them riding his dick while the other rides his tongue.

“Oh fuck!” The images in his brain coupled with the incredible heat surrounding him causes Eric to lose his fragile hold on his control. While he pumps Sookie full of his cum, his fingers move around to her clit, working the taut nub expertly so that she finds her own orgasm while he’s still inside her. She cries out in triumph as her back arches in pleasure. The walls of her pussy pulse furiously around his shaft as her juices coat his cock and drip down to his balls. When they are both spent, Sookie collapses against the table, lying down on it while she pants heavily. Eric’s legs feel like Jello and he slides to the floor. His eyes close briefly as he fights to catch his breath. When his eyes open, the sight before him makes him lick his lips in approval. Sookie’s spread legs are right in front of him and he can see the evidence of their pleasure leaking out of her. Without thinking, Eric plunges two fingers inside her, rubbing his fingers against her still quivering walls as he searches for the spot inside every woman which drives them wild.

“Oh sweet baby Jesus! You are trying to kill me,” Sookie cries as her knees buckle and she grips the table’s edge.

“Not at all. I’m merely fulfilling my plans for this weekend by making sure that some part of my body is inside you at all times.” Eric smirks as he continues to finger Sookie, bringing her to orgasm with his hands and eventually his mouth.

Both Sookie and Eric saw their plans to fruition that weekend. In fact, their plans were executed so perfectly, that they needed to use a sick day on Monday to recover. When Sookie returned to work Tuesday, the only gossip going around the office was due to the noticeably large diamond ring sitting on the ring finger of her left hand. She refused to say who it was from but her lips would curl in a secretive smile every time she glanced at it. The gossip of Sookie’s engagement was soon eclipsed by the sight of a wedding band on that same finger not two weeks later. The only thing more amazing to everyone was the fact the platinum band was a perfect match to the ring on Eric’s hand. As the paparazzi lamented in on headline, Dr. Love was no longer seeking new patients. He’d found his wonder drug after all.

~The End

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    great ending to a wonderful story KY

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