Cat and Mouse


Once settled in the waiting limousine, Sookie turns to Eric with a cagey smile on her face. “Alright Dr. Northman, I’m at your mercy today. Whatever will you do with me,” she says with a playful smirk as she crosses her legs provocatively à la Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.

Eric groans. How is it possible that a single woman can have him in a perpetual state of arousal? Every woman he has met before has never challenged him both intellectually and physically? He has been extremely attracted to women before but never to the point where he has lost control. With Dr. Stackhouse, his stranglehold on his control is slipping. Eric noticed the difference upstairs. While speaking with and watching Jessica, Eric had reacted to her as he did with all attractive women; there was an attraction but his mind remained aloof, he could act on autopilot because every encounter with women went the same way. With Sookie, he couldn’t rely on his usual charm and seductions because she sees right through them. He needed to be at the top of his game or he would risk losing her. Something told him she wouldn’t settle for the tried and true maneuvers he has used in the past. He knows he will need to be inventive and fully engaged in order to claim his prize.

Eric licks his lips as he stares at her hungrily though he does not move from the seat opposite her. “I thought we might go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art; I’ve arranged a private tour of my favorite galleries. Afterwards, we’ll have a late lunch at Eleven Madison Park; a friend of mine is the head chef there and has arranged a private room for us. We have tickets this evening to see Smoke in one of its final performances. Afterwards, I thought we would dine privately at Momofuku Ko. Perhaps we could end the evening with a nightcap . . . Or breakfast in bed,” Eric offers suggestively as he lifts Sookie’s hand to kiss and nibble on her knuckles. His tongue swirls wickedly around her knuckle, giving her a glimpse of how talented that particular muscle is and all the different places he would like to use it. Eric smiles victoriously as he watches her legs shift restlessly looking to relieve the tension between them. A glimpse towards her breasts shows her nipples pushing prominently against the thin material of her sweater. How he longs to slide to his knees on the floor of the limousine and suck on those beckoning buds as his fingers tease along her denim-covered pussy. Eric moans low and deep against her hand as he sucks erotically on her fingertips.

Sookie’s eyes roll in the back of her head and she shifts restlessly on the seat looking for some relief for the liquid fire that is shooting straight from her fingertips to her core. She knows that eventually she is going to give in to the notorious Dr. Northman, and why shouldn’t she? She likes sex; he likes sex, and if his reputation is to be believed, he is a master of it. But she isn’t going to be like the other women he’s been with. These are women that have thrown themselves at his feet, willing to do anything and everything to gain his attention. But she doubts that any of them hold his respect and that is what she wants more than anything. It is what she has always wanted in her chosen profession. Most of her colleagues underestimate her because she looks like the quintessential cheerleader, and they think her Southern accent means she has no brain in her head. She had enjoyed putting more than one arrogant bastard in his place for underestimating her and she is especially vicious with the women in her field. Women are catty bitches no matter what their IQ may be, and the majority of the women in her field hate her even more because she is attractive. Sookie knows there are rumors swirling around about her that the only reason she had risen so quickly through the ranks at Edgington-Crowe is because she has slept her way to the top. That’s kind of fucking hard to do since Russell and Bartlett are both homosexuals.

With her resolve once more strengthened, Sookie tugs her hand free from Eric’s grasp. He grumbles at the loss of her smooth skin against his and her taste in his mouth. He is ravenous to know if she tastes as good all over. Sookie smiles at him sweetly as he makes an obvious show of adjusting himself on the seat.

“Not to sound rude, but is that the best you’ve got?” At Eric’s narrowed gaze, Sookie rushes on to explain. “You are supposed to be pulling out all the stops trying to entice me away from my current company, where, may I remind you, I am completely and perfectly content. Those plans, while lovely, are nothing that wows me. Show me something exciting; show me something I’ve never seen before,” she finishes with a sparkle in her eye.

Eric stares for a moment without blinking and Sookie wonders if she has upset him. There is nothing wrong with the Met, but she’s been before. The restaurants sound delicious, but fancy cuisine isn’t always what she wants. Sometimes a girl just wants a hot dog from a street vendor!

Eric stares shrewdly at Sookie. Those plans had been Pam’s idea for wining and dining Sookie. She said dinner at the trendiest restaurants and tickets to one of the hottest shows on Broadway were sure to impress any woman. The idea for the Met had come from Lorena; she said women always appreciated looking at the finer things in life. Pam had said if he really wanted to impress Sookie then he should take her shopping with an unlimited credit card. Eric hadn’t cared one way or the other about what they did. All he wanted at the end of the day was Dr. Sookie Stackhouse working for him.

The tension between them rises to an uncomfortable level for Sookie and she is about to apologize for speaking out of turn, but Eric’s hands moving to the button of his pants makes the words die on her lips. He pops the button easily and then moves the zipper down one tooth at a time.

“What are you doing?!?!?!”

Eric shrugs as he continues his teasing movement of his zipper. His eyes sparkle with mischief and his lips are curved in a smile full of wicked delight. “You said you wanted excitement and to see something you’ve never seen before. I would think my cock fulfills both of those requirements,” he says sinfully. His zipper is completely undone though the material of his pants are not parted to show what lies beneath.

Sookie stares owlishly at Eric before giggling uncontrollably. “I said something I’ve never seen before; I’ve already seen what’s in your pants.”

“Oh really? I’m sure I would remember if you had the opportunity to be up close and personal with my most favorite appendage,” Eric says giving said appendage a loving caress and squeeze.

“Remember those pictures of you that were sold to TMZ?” Sookie’s eyes shine with amusement as she rushes on without waiting for confirmation. “Russell had one of them as the background on his iPad for weeks before Bart threw a fit and made him change it. You were featured prominently in the picture, though I don’t think you could see much of your face,” Sookie says cheekily.

Eric strokes his chin thoughtfully as he stares at Sookie. He knows exactly what pictures she is speaking of. One of his former flings, a wannabe supermodel named Yvetta, had thought to further her career by being seen with him. The few times they had gone out, she always made sure the paparazzi were there to see them. And after he had ended things with her, she had sold tapes of them fucking to the highest bidder. Eric hadn’t known she was filming their sexual encounters, not that he would have minded; he is not ashamed of his body or his sexual appetites. What he did mind was her selling them for profit and the ensuing damage those tapes had done to his company’s profit margin. His company’s stock had fallen as those tapes were displayed across major news agency in the United States as well as Europe. It was shortly after he had taken over control of the company; investors had already been wary of his leadership ability and Yvetta’s betrayal had only confirmed their worst suspicions. His lawyers had sued her for every penny she made off those tapes, but the damage had been done. He spent a year repairing the damage those tapes had done to his corporate reputation, and he will forever be known as Dr. Love, but it taught him a valuable lesson: discretion. His sexual encounters from then on have been on his terms and in locations that he controls. More than one female has called him a bastard and tried to slap him for his callous behavior, but he’s never pretended to be willing to give them more than a few hours of pleasure. It’s not his fault if women think he is going to change his ways. Why should he?

“I’m sure that picture didn’t do it justice. Are you sure you don’t want a private showing?” Eric’s hands grip the fabric of his fly, ready to move the material so Sookie can see the monster between his legs. He’s only semi-erect, but he’s sure that will change rapidly once he gets his hands and lips on the blonde across from him. “I can promise you that I will do anything and everything in my power to make it an exciting experience for you. I will have no problems rising to the occasion,” he smirks.

Sookie wets her suddenly dry lips before swallowing hard. Oh she has no doubt he can rise to the occasion; she’d seen proof of that thanks to Russell’s obsession with Eric’s sex tape. And she may have watched the tape a time or too before it had been removed from the internet; it was certainly a nice visual stimulant when she needed to get herself off. The image on Russell’s iPad had been a still shot of Eric with his hand wrapped around his more than impressive display of masculinity. Knowing the size of his hands, Sookie is even more impressed by how well-endowed Eric is. She’s no size queen, but she’s never been with someone as large as Eric and she’s wet just thinking about the feel of him in her mouth, the taste of him on her tongue. Her eyes flutter close as she has a mini orgasm thinking about how full she will feel with him buried inside her.

Her eyes fly open to find Eric staring at her with an intensity that scorches. He has not moved an inch, though as she watches him she can see his erection pulse in his pants. Suddenly not caring that she might get burned by the fire she is playing with, Sookie pushes off from her seat and lands on the leather cushion beside Eric. She caresses his stubble-covered chin, loving the contrasting textures she feels against her fingers. Seeing him like this, with his full red lips parted so his breath fans her fingers and his eyes darkened with hunger for her, makes Sookie want to close the distance between them so she can feel his body against hers and lose herself in the endless pleasure that will flow between them.

But not yet.

There is something she wants more than what lies throbbing hotly between them.

“You wanna impress me?” Her words are whispered near his ear as her hot breath dances along the skin of his neck, making his hands tighten reflexively.

“You know I do,” he says in a deeper voice that makes her core clench hard with need. If F. Scott Fitzgerald had heard Eric’s voice, he would have said it is sex; pure, pulsing, pounding pleasure that will spin you up to the highest of heights only to push you over the edge, sending you free-falling until you shatter on impact.

“I really,” she breaths against his ear, “really,” she says against his neck as her breasts press against his side, “want to see your laboratory.” She giggles impishly as she slides back to sit beside Eric, her hands folded demurely in her lap and her legs crossed at the ankles like a proper lady. Eric watches her with narrowed eyes. She intentionally spun him up only to douse him in a pool of icy water. Two can play that game, and he knows exactly where he is going to press his advantage when at his company.

Oh sweetheart, you have no idea what you are in for. He smirks at her while making a show of closing the front of his pants. “As you wish Dr. Stackhouse. I’ll show you mine; maybe later you can show me yours.”

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10 Responses to Cat and Mouse

  1. Lynn says:

    She bangs! 2015 start has officially been rocked! You go girl!

  2. suzyq591suzy says:

    Very Sexy these two are going to redefine foreplay 😉

  3. ashmo2000 says:

    Looks like point for Sookie, but Eric’s going home the winner 😉 It’s not gonna be a ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’ with these two.

  4. lostinspace33 says:

    ROTFL! Oh Eric…two can play a this game! 😉

  5. mom2goalies says:

    Love these two! The world is gonna stop spinning when they finally get together lol

  6. kleannhouse says:

    these two are a formidable pair… love them KY

  7. redjane12 says:

    Clearly Eric is not used to having to impress smart women… His initial offering was a rich boy snoozefest and then to offer the ‘main course’ there and then… Not very suave this Dr. Love… Good of Sookie to ask for the lab… perhaps there will be surprises there? I bet Sookie would be more impressed by Eric’s actual scientific prowess…

  8. Charmed4ever says:

    Oh yeah 😀 I like Sookie like that. She’s smart, sassy and knows what she wants. Awesome job 🙂 Can’t wait more of that cat mouse game 😉

  9. Oof that line at the end of how Fitzgerald woyld describe his voice? Yup. Spot on. Just started reading your stories. Found the link from AmericanAndroid’s site. Can’t wait to read more!

  10. ljhjelm says:

    Oh my I love this game they play.

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