One Big Happy Family

Eric’s POV

My eyes snap open and I immediately search for the bonds with my loved ones to make sure everything is as it should be. Godric seems peaceful, and given his location, I believe he is in the hospital ward of Isabel’s compound with Pamela. My darling progeny will take months to heal, even with steady infusions of blood from humans and her vampire family. Godric and Willa have provided all the blood they can to Pam these last few days and I am extremely grateful to the both of them for being there for Pam when I could not. My eldest will not fully begin to heal until she has an infusion of my blood, but I have been unable to give that to her since I have been in the ground waiting for my newest child to rise a vampire.

For the last three days, I’ve laid in this grave next to my child going over the events from three nights ago, trying to think if there was some way for me to prevent the events from unfolding as they did. I do not see how I could have done anything differently, though I shall wish for eternity that it had not come to this. Will my child hate me for making them a creature of the night? Most vampires are not given the option to choose immortality, but I have never forced this on one that was not willing, nor has Godric. But I don’t know how Jason Stackhouse will feel knowing that he was not given a choice. I do jot fault him for wanting to save his sister, but he should have trusted the rest of us to keep her safe. She is my bonded; I will never let any harm come to her.

Flashback – Three Nights Ago

I watch with haunted eyes as the woman I love crumples to her feet, overcome with sobs. However, the emotions coming through our bond do not match the performance she is giving. Elation, vengeance, and steely determination are what she is feeling. When she rises to her feet again, she squares her shoulders and raises her chin up so that her head is held high. She continues her walk forward with grace and dignity. When she gets closer to Bill, his expression changes to one of complete rage.

“You bonded with him,” he snarls angrily, gripping her tightly with his hands. His fingers dig into the soft flesh of her arms and I know she will bruise. I growl in response, my body tense and ready to strike. No one shall hurt her ever again!

“That should be the least of your worries Bill,” Sookie says coldly. “If I were you, I’d be worried how you’re gonna get out of here alive. You think you hold the upper hand here, but you don’t. I do.”

Bill smiles at Sookie indulgently, as if he is humoring her. “And what makes you say that darling?”

Before she can respond, Amber Newlin screams in agony as the flesh covering her heart is pierced by a high-caliber, silver bullet with a wooden core from one of our snipers. Her body explodes, spraying the earth and her sister with the blackened blood of those infected with the deadly disease. When I look to the ground to check that none of that disease-ridden bile landed on Pam, I gasp in shock to find her gone. How could she disappear like that? In that same instant, Godric and Isabel appear at my sides with their fangs down, ready to attack.

“She is safe,” Godric says in Old Norse. “Niall teleported her out of the way.”

Sarah Newlin, like the coward she is, turns and flees. Godric and Isabel give chase, leaving me to deal with Bill Compton. With a roar, I vamp forward, intending to rip Compton’s arms off for having dared touch my mate.

“Stay back Eric!” Sookie’s shouted words give me pause and I stop instantly. There is a bright, hot white light coming from Sookie’s hands. Whatever she is doing is causing pain to both of them. Compton’s screams are music to my ears, but the agony I feel coming from her terrifies me. The ball of light grows in size and intensity, forcing Compton to stagger back and release his hold on my bonded. She advances, her voice strong despite her pain.

“You will never hurt me or those I love again Bill Compton!” With the end of her words, Sookie pitches her ball of light forward, completely engulfing Compton in its flames. His shrill screams fill the air as the light consumes his body, burning it until nothing is left save for a pile of ash. When the light disappears, Sookie sways unsteadily on her feet before collapsing in a heap. I am by her side instantly, cradling her body against my chest. Her vital signs are strong, though her heartbeat thumps rapidly in her chest. Her breathing is steady. I wish she would open her eyes for me. I need to look in their velvety depths to know that everything truly is alright.

“Open your eyes Lover,” I command softly as I brush the hair back from her face. A twig snapping nearby has me baring my fangs aggressively, ready to do anything necessary to protect my mate.

“Whoa Bubba,” Jason says holding his hands up as if I were going to shoot him. Beside him stands the Fae prince who stands at the ready for an attack. Jason looks no worse for wear. Other than his torn and soiled clothing, he looks fine.

“Is Sook alright?” Jason cautiously moves closer, worry for his sister clear on his face.

“I don’t know; she isn’t waking up,” I say forlornly. I shift so that I can lift her in my arms. Even the bond is still; no emotion comes from her and I’m incredibly worried. Even when she sleeps, I can feel emotion from her.

“May I?” Niall steps forward gingerly with his hands raised. Even though I know he means no harm, I snarl at him and tighten my grip on Sookie. He chuckles as his hands begin to glow with a soft yellow light. Niall places his hands over Sookie’s prone body and begins moving them slowly over her unconscious body.

He chuckles as he continues running his hands over Sookie, his light absorbing into her body. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have a vampire for an in-law. But you’re good for her and she is good for you. The two of you are a formidable pair. And it is quite obvious how much you love each other.” His hands stop glowing as he puts a hand on both mine and Sookie’s shoulders. “Welcome to the Brigant clan, Northman. May you and Sookie have a long, healthy, and prosperous life together.” His hands glow again and I feel as if every trouble I have has gone away. Only a feeling of peace is left in its place.

“Thank you,” I say humbly. I look down at Sookie again as I feel a faint fluttering of emotion coming from her through our bond. “Can you tell me what’s wrong with her?”

“Our light is the greatest weapon we possess,” Niall begins as he forms a small ball of light in his hand. “We can use it as an offensive or defensive weapon.” The size of the ball grows in size and takes on a red haze, burning so hot that I feel as if the flames are licking at my skin. “This kind of light is a supernova; it takes all of our energy and channels it into one concentrated ball of light. It is meant to be a kill shot. To conjure such a power is exhausting for a full-blooded Fae.” The ball shrinks in size until he is able to close his hand around it, absorbing the light back into his being. “For a hybrid like Sookie, I do not know what the effects will be. I’ve never seen a hybrid have the spark as intensely as she does, so I do not know how it will affect her. I know it did not do any lasting damage to her body. For now, she needs rest.”

“Will my blood help her?”

“Perhaps. I’ve never seen a Fae and vampire bond, so we are in uncharted territory here. Dr. Ludwig is at the sheriff’s compound with your progeny. Have her look at Sookie to be safe.”

The wind blows strongly and I growl as Sarah Newlin’s diseased scent offends my nostrils. How has she managed to elude Godric and Isabel? Niall draws his swords, looking for the last remaining threat. Jason looks around in confusion, not understanding what’s going on, but he readies the weapon that one of Quinn’s men must have given him.

Jason stands with his back to Niall, trying to look through the darkness for our enemy. “Where is she?”

“I don’t know,” I grit out between clenched teeth. I am at a disadvantage because I have Sookie in my arms. If I put her down, it frees me up to fight, but will leave her vulnerable. If I keep her in my arms, we are both vulnerable.

“Niall, take Sookie and Jason back to Isabel’s compound. She is too vulnerable out here. I will join the others hunting Sarah Newlin.” Niall quickly sheathes his swords then holds his arms out for Sookie. With a firm kiss to her forehead, I transfer her to the arms of her Fae kin and send all the love I have for her through our bond. She stirs in her grandfather’s arms, a slight smile on her face. Niall teleports away, leaving Jason and I standing uneasily in the darkness, waiting for Niall’s return.

“How is she evading Godric? I thought he was ancient and real powerful,” Jason says as he shifts his weight nervously from one side to the other.

“He is,” I admit as my eyes focus on the woods as the breeze changes again. “Even as a human, Sarah Newlin showed an aptitude for survival. It could be her vampire gift.” There is no rhyme or reason to what gifts a vampire will have. The vampires of Godric’s bloodline have all had the ability to fly, though it took longer to manifest in Pam. I do not know if Willa will have the ability. But then there are the individual gifts a vampire has. Pam has an eidetic memory; Godric a higher tolerance to silver than most vampires, not quite immunity, but it does not burn him easily. As for myself, I have unparalleled senses of sight and smell. Of course, certain abilities become stronger as one grows older. Lorena and Compton never showed any special abilities beyond those all vampires have. So I legitimately have no clue what extra abilities Sarah Newlin possesses.

“I shoulda killed that bitch when I had the chance,” Jason grumbles. I second that. The breeze blows again and I can smell her stronger than before though I cannot see her. Where the fuck is she?

Another shot rings out through the night air, and before I know what’s happening, Jason Stackhouse goes down with a wound to his stomach. A shrill scream splits the night sky as Sarah Newlin comes vamping towards me from the woods to my left. However, she does not get far as Godric lands on top of her body, pinning her to the ground before ripping her head from her body. The blood splatter coats my maker’s face and arms as her disintegrating body covers his legs and torso. When he rises with his fangs extended and hair mused, he reminds me of the vampire I met the night he turned me: Death.

A popping sound has me turning around to find Niall crouched beside Jason. The wound hit him in the liver, rupturing the organ. He will not survive even with the aid of vampire blood or Fae magic. Jason’s eyes close as he gurgles up blood.

“Do it,” Niall says as he rises to his feet. When I look at him bewildered, he roars in anger. “Turn him!”

“Niall, I’ve never known Jason to want to be a vampire,” I begin quietly as I listen to Jason’s heart slowing.

“If he doesn’t want it, then he can choose to meet the sun when he rises. But it should be his choice,” Niall says wearily. “Besides, the siblings should be allowed to say goodbye to each other. Think how heartbroken Sookie will be if she didn’t get to see or talk to him one last time.”

Fuck! If I let him die, Sookie will be consumed with guilt. If I turn him, one if not both siblings will hate me. But he’s right; Sookie needs to have the chance to say goodbye to her brother.

“I will do it my child,” Godric says from my side as he puts a hand on my shoulder comfortingly.

“No, it should be me. Will you watch over Pam and Sookie?” Godric nods his head, and I drop to my knees with my fangs extended. With practiced ease, I sink my fangs in his jugular, only drawing two mouthfuls before tearing my wrist to feed him my blood. I reopen my wrist five times to make certain enough of my blood enters his body. On the third round of my blood, his wound begins to heal. The fourth round is where I feel our connection forming, and it is the fifth round where Jason Stackhouse draws his last breath. I release a shaky breath when I still feel our connection even after his heart stops. In three nights, my only male progeny will rise.

End flashback


Sookie’s POV

“Godric are you sure it worked?” I resume the pacing that I’ve done for two days. I think I’ve walked five hundred miles in the last two days because I won’t stop pacing with worry. As it is, I feel the need to replace the floor in my room of Isabel’s compound. There is a definite path on the floor from my repetitious steps.

I don’t remember anything after using my light to end Bill. I woke up sometime during the afternoon of the next day in a full-blown panic because I didn’t know where I was. Seeing Niall by my side did little to comfort me; I wanted Eric. I was too distraught to find him in our bond. Dr. Ludwig came in to sedate me because I wouldn’t calm down. When I rose sometime later that night, I was more restrained because I could feel Eric awake in our bond. He sent me calm and love through our bond, but I could also sense an undercurrent of sorrow. When I woke the second time, Godric was by my side. What happened to my Eric? Why wasn’t he here? In his unflappable manner, Godric explained to me what happened with Sarah Newlin. Apparently her vampire gift was telekinesis. She was able to call objects to her as well as move objects, including herself. It wasn’t teleportation in the sense of what the Fae ability is, but something similar which enabled her to evade detection and capture from Godric and Isabel. During her evasion, she killed three of Quinn’s men, stealing one of their weapons.

The weapon that she ultimately used to kill my brother.

I’m still not sure how to feel that Niall asked Eric to turn Jason. My brother has had such a complicated relationship with vampires. For the longest time, he was prejudiced against vampires. Even after the events in Dallas, Jason hadn’t really been pro-vampire. It wasn’t until his relationship with Jessica that he truly became accepting of vampires. But that all changed when he learned vampires killed our parents. Yet he entered Burrell’s vamp camp to save Jessica. I don’t know how Jason is gonna react to this. And will I really be able to say goodbye to my brother if he chooses to meet his True Death? Will he even be like himself when he rises or will he be somethin’ different? See why I’ve been on edge for two days?

“Little One, I can feel the new bond between your brother and my child. In a few hours, your brother will rise a vampire. Remember, you cannot see him right away. He will be incredibly hungry and may have difficulty dealing with his heightened senses. You must wait until it is safe to approach your brother,” Godric cautions me. His lips move in a small smile. We’ve had this same conversation at least twenty times since he told me Jason is now a vampire.

My bond with Eric pulses. It’s like he is bouncing a ball off the bond to get my attention. Seriously? If we were kids on a playground, he’d be pulling my pigtails to get my attention and then running away. I know he wants me to reassure him that everything is fine, but I can’t do it now.

Godric’s smile disappears and is replaced with a small frown. “I can tell Eric is already awake. Can you not feel his anxiousness in the bond? He is worried you will blame him for your brother’s death and subsequent turning.”

With a sigh, I stop my pacing and focus my attention on Godric. “I don’t blame Eric. How could I? But I can’t reassure him that everything is alright until I see my brother. What if it isn’t fine? What if I still end up losing my brother?” Tears splash down as I crumple to the floor under the weight of my biggest fear. The bond stops bouncing when my tears begin in earnest. It stays silent for a moment before it feels like a warm blanket is being wrapped around me as Eric sends me his love again. I appreciate it and send him my gratitude, but it’s not enough to ease the worry in my heart.


“Sookie,” Godric says to gain my attention. I’ve been nervously chewing my nails as we wait for Eric and Jason to arrive. It’s after midnight. According to Godric, Jason rose an hour after sunset. When I asked if it was normal for a vampire to rise so far after sunset he reassured me that an injured vampire would sleep past sunset to heal. Godric had smiled when he felt Jason finally rise, and I felt a small weight lifted from my shoulders. But I wouldn’t truly be at ease until I could see my brother with my own eyes. Niall chose to meet Jason out in the open. Even with his scent concealed, he worried that Jason wouldn’t be able to control himself around him. I have no idea how that meeting went, but I assume it went OK. Not like Godric would tell me if it went bad; that vampire gives new meaning to the expression “Cool as ice”. The most nerve-wracking part of all of this was that I could glean nothing from my bond with Eric; he was being extremely even keel, and it was driving me fuckin’ nuts! Godric had told me that Eric was focusing all of his attention on Jason and must stay calm to help keep Jason under control. I understand that I do, but throw me a frickin’ bone!


“It’s time,” Godric says gently. He and Willa rise from their seats on the couch, putting themselves in front of me. It saddens me to know that they feel the need to protect me from my brother, but I understand that my sweet, loveable Jason is no longer the same. First and foremost he is a killing machine; he will have to monitor every action to make certain that he does not accidentally harm someone with his newly acquired strength. It will have to be a conscious decision on his part to do things at “normal” speed and not vamp speed. And instead of  being able to fix my brother his favorite meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and collard greens, I’ll now have to worry if he is going to drain me dry.

With a loud exhale, I wait for my brother to walk through the door.


Eric’s POV

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” I look at my youngest progeny with concern. Never before have I had such an easy time with a newly risen vampire. Granted, I didn’t stick around long enough to see how Willa managed, but Pam certainly was never this easy to deal with. Hell, Pam still isn’t this easy to deal with!

“Yeah man, I’m good,” Jason says confidently. “You’ve already commanded me to make sure I don’t hurt Sook, so we should be fine.”

“Are you sure you don’t need any more to drink?”

“Nah man, if I drink any more I’m gonna explode like a tick on a hound dog. I wanna see my sister. Is she alright with me, ya know, bein’ like this?” Jason shuffles nervously and I can feel his worry in our maker/child bond.

“Jason your sister will love you no matter what,” I reassure him. I do wonder how long it will take to teach him some sort of refinement. Maybe Pam can see to that as she convalesces. It will be something to take her mind off the pain. And I find that I am most interested to see how my prissy child is going to get along with the redneck. It will definitely make things interesting for the next fifty years or so.

“Well let’s get on with it then. Time’s a’wastin’!” Jason vamps to the front door of Isabel’s compound, and then stops on the front stoop. “Uh, do I need an invitation in?”

I roll my eyes towards the heavens, praying to Odin to give me strength. “No Jason; that only works on homes owned by a human.”

“Oh. Well that’s weird,” he says with a shrug. “Come on; let’s go see Sook!” He vamps inside the home and heads in the wrong direction.

“Jason,” I call out authoritatively and he reappears at my side. “She’s that way,” I say pointing in the opposite direction.

“Oh. I knew that,” he says with a sheepish smile. When he would vamp off again, I grab him by the shoulder so that he is forced to walk in with me at his side. I know he has been commanded to not harm his sister, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Together, we walk into the large seating area where Sookie, Godric, and Willa are waiting. Using my senses, I can tell that Isabel and Quinn are in the next room, ready if we need help with Jason. His nostrils flare when he breathes in, a habit that is left over from being a human, but he does not move.

Jason raises his hand and waves at his sister shyly. “Hey Sook.”

Sookie raises her hand and waves back. “Hey Jase,” she says with a smile. “You doin’ alright?”

“I’m good. I mean it was weird as fuck wakin’ up in the dirt, but it coulda been worse. Hey, you didn’t spoon me didya?” Jason turns a horrified expression to me and I bark out a laugh. Leave it to Jason Stackhouse to have his biggest worry rising as a vampire that I “spooned” him!

“No Jason, we did not spoon,” I reassure him.

Sookie moves around Godric, but does not approach us. “Are you really OK with this Jason? Bein’ a vampire I mean.”

“Well it’s better ‘n bein’ dead!”

“Honey, technically you are dead,” Sookie says gently.

“Oh, guess I am,” he says as if the thought just occurred to him. “Well, at least I can still have sex. So I’m all good,” he says confidently. “Can someone point me towards a shower? I got dirt in my crack and I wanna get it out.”

Willa laughs and offers to show him to her room so he can shower. All I can do is roll my eyes and pray, though I am left smiling when I see how happy Sookie is.

“He seems exactly the same,” Sookie says in awe once her brother is out of the room.

“It will certainly make things interesting in the future,” I agree with a rueful shake of my head. My maker merely laughs.

Sookie rushes towards me, throwing her arms around me. “Thank you,” she whispers against my chest.

“I will do anything to make you happy,” I vow as I kiss the top of her head. “Godric, can you keep an eye on Jason?”

“Of course, my child,” my maker offers easily.

I scoop Sookie up in my arms and give my maker a nod of gratitude before striding out of the room. “Come Lover, I too am in need of a shower. Will you wash all of my hard to reach places?” I send a burst of lust through our bond so she can tell exactly how I’m feeling.

Sookie’s eyes darken and she bites her lip. I stop our progression down the hallway to kiss her lips, pouring all of my love and happiness in our kiss and she does the same. Our bond pulses red and hot with lust as we get lost in our kiss.

“Dude that’s my sister!” Jason’s shouted words from a room down the hall has us pulling apart. Sookie and I both start laughing as I vamp us the rest of the way to our room.

Yes, the future looks very interesting indeed.

~ The End

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29 Responses to One Big Happy Family

  1. Kittyinaz says:

    Love it!!!! I hope with Jason being a vamp now that Sookie will consider it. And I love how Eric is Jason’s maker. It makes it where they are still brother and sister and…and…. Hell this has me grinning!!

  2. suzyq591suzy says:

    I hope you feel better soon:-) I think that this was a great ending. If some time in the future your muse directs you to write an outtake on Pam trying to teach Jason to be more redefined I would read this.

  3. mom2goalies says:

    Can’t wait to see Pam’s reaction to her new brother! Lol
    Maybe this will mean Sookie might consider it herself??
    Great update and as always looking forward to more of your updates b

  4. I really liked the way you ended it. Jason being exactly the same, even as a vampire is going to make for some extremely humorous times. And I agree w/Kittyinaz, this may be what Sookie needed to finally make the decision to become a vampire. Pam will definitely have a time trying to teach Jason refinement. And wouldn’t it be great if she ends up turning Lafayette! They would have sooo much fun shopping together!

  5. gabbieannie says:

    Loved it! Great story! Jason will eventually have to get over the fact Sookie is basicly married to his maker.

  6. ericluver says:

    I’d love to see Pam trying to teach Jason some etiquette. That would be hilarious! I thought it was good for Sookie to see that Jason was still the same after turning. Maybe she’ll consider it herself now. I laughed out loud at Jason’s reason for needing a shower “dirt in my crack” and at the “spooning” comment *snicker* Hehe! 😄😄

  7. duckbutt60 says:

    Great ending! Jason as a vamp will make that little family hop. It’ll take him centuries because he can become the least bit of a “stoic vamp”….heh….

  8. lostinspace33 says:

    Wow, Jason a vampire…I love it! Another fantastic story! Thank you for once again sharing your enormous talent with us. 🙂

  9. askarsgirl says:

    Omg Jason as a vampire was too hilarious. If you do a sequel you could call it, Eric and Jason’s Excellent Adventure. 😃
    Sad that this is over. What a way better ending to TB than the one we were given. Thank you!

  10. raineygirl says:

    Just love Jason as a vamp!! What a way to end the story. Thank you 😀

  11. foxgoddess07 says:

    that was great. I hope that there will be squeal (sp?) story.

  12. Jackie69 says:

    I really enjoyed this story and what a great ending!
    i agree with Eric having Jason as a progeny his life will be very interesting for the next 50 years…
    Maybe now Sookie will consider being a vampire herself..

  13. murgatroid98 says:

    Jason will be a fun vampire at least. Can’t blame him for wanting to get the dirt out of his crack. Thanks for a wonderful story.

  14. Mindy781 says:

    I totally didn’t see that coming, Jason being a vamp. I enjoyed the story.

  15. vampsexual says:

    I pray there’s a sequel!!!

  16. valady1 says:

    You ended this on such a high note..Niall welcomes Eric into the Brigant family, Sookie takes Bill out, and Jason proves that nothing can change his goofy personality, even being turned. I would love to see Pam’s reaction when she finds out Jason is her brother now.. Her horror would be epic. And there is one less reason for Sookie to not consider becoming a vampire at some time in the future (although I’m betting on her fae heritage to keep her young for a very long time).

  17. redjane12 says:

    Well done on finishing this great story! Much better than TB of course!!! Nice ending too with Sookie annihilating Bill (word of the week!!) and with vamp Jason being still SO VERY Jason… Thank you for writing!

  18. suzymeinen says:

    Excellent as always Jessica!
    All kinds on comedy one shots are running through my head with Jason as a vamp and eric as his maker. Just love this concept. I would hope this would make sookie except being turned.
    Again, loved it!

  19. You totally left it open for a sequel… Maybe!?!? ;-D

  20. ashmo2000 says:

    Things will definitely be interesting, good interesting though 😉

  21. lzdiva4 says:

    Great ending!! Jason will definitely liven up that family.

  22. gwynwyvar says:

    Poor Pam. Refining Jason is going to be a task! Lol.
    Jason as a vamp. Love it.

    Wonderful HEA. Bill was deluded to the end. Idiot. Thankfully no surprise baddies.


  23. eaaustin85 says:

    Awesome ending to an awesome story. Pam is gonna have a time refining Jason. I would love to be a fly on the wall for that.

  24. aprl73 says:

    Great ending 🙂 I love this story!

  25. georgiasuzy says:

    MistressJessica, you are truly the MASTER LOL. I love this story, especially Godric’s return and Jason’s new status. Forget the food, imagine Jason without a beer! Maybe that’ll be his Vampire gift? Lovely HEA. Thank you ❤️

  26. sbinez says:

    LOVE it!! This story was fantastic, that ending was perfect!! I definitely think that a story based on a vampire Jason would be so funny!

  27. kleannhouse says:

    a great sequel of follow up is the training of Jason…. how Andy and Adilyn and Lala react to Jason and how Pam takes over his training on etiquette and Godric helping along the way. His bond growing with his new sisters and how he reacts to his real sister married to his Maker. i can see everyone rolling in their shorts about his antics. KY

  28. Thanks for letting me know there was another chapter! love how it ended Sook blasting Bill’s ass away and Eric becoming Jason’s maker! love it1

  29. Nancy says:

    Great story! I thought for sure when Eric had a new child that it was going to be Sookie. I was happily surprised to find out it was Jason! And lol at Jason’s worries!

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