It’s in the Blood

Eric’s POV

Despite what many believe, it is possible for a vampire to pass out.  Usually it is the result of blunt force trauma to the head.  In my case, it seems to happen when I’m fangs and dick deep in my fairy as Pam likes to say.  The instant Sookie and I were mutually exchanging blood, everything went black.  I knew sunrise was approaching, but it wasn’t upon us yet, so this isn’t me succumbing to my daytime death.  Perhaps I should have taken Sookie down to ‘our’ cubby; as it is, it looks like I’m going to end up being a crispy mother fucker again.  At least this time it will be worth it; my only concern is that Sookie will worry.

A tickling sensation finally forces me out of my unconscious state.  The sensation is like that of a feather moving up and down the muscles of my torso.  The feeling spreads to my left leg and my knee jerks in response to the soft object touching the sensitive flesh in the fold behind my knee.  With a snap, my eyes open to see Sookie lying on her side beside me.  It is a small, fragile, yellow flower in her hand that is her instrument of torture, not a feather.  Her luscious body is as naked as mine and her face is lit up with the most beautiful smile.

“Welcome back sleepyhead.”  She leans down to place a sweet, tender kiss against my lips.  It leaves me hungry for more and I pull her mouth back down to mine.  My need for her is unending; I want to devour her while at the same time making slow, passionate love to her in the warmth of the sun.

The sun?

Pulling back fearfully, I finally analyze our surroundings.  We are lying in a grassy clearing within the woods.  Wildflowers like the one crushed in my lover’s hand surround us.  The sun shines brightly above us; I feel its warmth all around us but there is no pain.  The sensation is unsettling given my last experience in the sun.

“Lover what is this place?”

Sookie lies down with her hands folded on top of each other on my chest; they act as a pillow for her chin as she stares admiringly at me.  “If I had to guess, I’d say we’re on another bonding trip.  The last one was definitely one you picked with the snow and the fur bed; I’m guessing I chose this one.  Don’t you know where we are my Viking?”  Her look is expectant; this place must have meaning to us.  If I answer this incorrectly, I feel I will be in the dog house so to speak.

After looking again, my face moves into a blissful smile as I play with Sookie’s hair.  The sunlight bouncing off the golden strands creates a halo around her head.  She has always been lit from within when I look at her, but the effect here makes her radiant!  It is easy to see why humans believe in angels and gods if they have ever been blessed to see something as beautiful as this.

“Is this our clearing Lover?”  My hand moves up and down her body, stroking her smooth skin.  Her skin is so much warmer in the sunlight, and it feels amazing to me; I’ve never been able to feel this type of warmth on her skin before.  “Is this the spot where I laid claim to the nirvana that is your body?  The place where I showed you what it means to be loved by a vampire?  I seem to recall your insatiable need for me that evening.  You were so lost in your passion you failed to notice our unexpected visitors.”  I smirk arrogantly as I think back to how uninhibited and wanton my beloved fairy had been that evening.  My hand has become more arousing in its touches, and Sookie’s body responds like a finely tuned instrument.

“Oh I noticed,” she says with a smirk of her own.  Grabbing the hand that had teased her body, she brings it to her lips.  Her eyes are mischievious as she licks and nibbles my fingers.  The passion that is always simmering between us becomes an inferno.  It is ridiculous really how much I want this tiny mortal girl beside me.  Never have I desired someone so fervently, not even my maker.  My free hand slips down to check her readiness for me, because I need to be inside her.  I don’t know if it’s because of the blood bond or if it’s just us, but every mutual exchange is a sexual frenzy.  No matter how many times we pleasure each other, no matter how many times we find our release, it’s not enough.  We want more; we need more.

Finding Sookie wet and ready for me gives me a deep sense of satisfaction.  Gently, I lift her body over mine so she is able to slide down my very eager cock.  We groan in unison as I slide in to the hilt.  I grab her hands with mine and squeeze to let her know how much I enjoy our connection.  Sookie’s head is thrown back with her lips parted slightly as she adjusts to the feeling of me inside her once more.  I love that her hair is long enough to rest against my thighs.  Seeing her on top of me reminds me of the story of Lady Godiva riding a horse naked through the town of Coventry.  However, my Sookie is far more beautiful than the woman of legend, and I am a far better mount for her to ride.

“I don’t care that people were watching us,” Sookie moans as she rocks back and forth on me.  She switches to rolling her hips in a slow circle and my hands fall to her hips to help guide her movements.  “When you’re inside me, it’s like nothing else matters.  All I can think about is how good you feel stretching me; how deep inside me you are.”  Hearing dirty talk from her is a huge turn on for me.  Never before did she engage in this type of activity, though I know she enjoyed it when I would whisper exactly what I would do to her.  My personal siren grins wickedly as she clenches the walls of her pussy around my cock.  I hiss in frustration because it is both pleasurable and painful.  When she does it again, I sit up so we are nose to nose.

“Fuck me Lover,” I demand harshly.  “I want to see you ride me in the sunlight.  I want to feel the heat on my skin as I feel the heat of this pussy claiming my cock.  And when you come, I want you to scream so loud that there’s no question who you belong to.  Then I’m going to lick every last drop of the sweetness between your thighs.”  My words are said angrily; as if I hate the power she has over me.  In a way I do; I am no longer in control of myself.  I am putty in Sookie’s hands.  But I think she feels the same.  Her eyes had fluttered closed during my speech, but had wrenched open when my thumb grazed her clit.  The look in her eyes matches my own; wild, savage, but full of love.

Sookie moves as quickly as she can up and down my shaft; my hands help her move faster and faster until I’m moving her nearly at vampire speed.  Sookie’s voice gains in volume the closer she gets to an orgasm.  Just as I feel her walls quiver around my cock, she screams my name.  Taking care not to hurt her, I quickly reverse our positions so she is lying on the soft grass.  Her thighs are spread wide open with my face buried between them.  My tongue is eagerly searching for every delicious drop of her nectar.  She reminds me of the honey I used to eat as a human; sweet, thick, and it always left me wanting more.  Sookie eventually begins pushing gently at my head, and I growl in return.  I’m not done enjoying my dessert.

“Eric, it’s too much,” she whispers with a touch of pain in her voice.  I’m instantly contrite; I got so lost in the moment I forget about her frailty.  Piercing my tongue on my fang, I soothe her clit and vagina with my blood, curing her of any aches and pains I may have caused with my thoughtlessness.

Sookie chuckles ruefully as I prop my head in my hand as I lie beside her, a reversal of our positions when I first woke.  “I think we made good on your words from earlier,” Sookie says as lazily opens one eye.  I smirk in smug satisfaction but say nothing.  Part of me is angry with myself for hurting her.  She deserves to be treated like a queen, not a damn fangbanger.

“Knock it off!”  Sookie’s voice startles me out of my musings.  She’s turned her head to look at me with narrowed eyes.  “I feel you thinkin’ over there, and whatever it is isn’t good.  Unless your thoughts are about carryin’ me to that pond so we can clean up and finally act like AEgir and Ran, then you need to quit it!”  She touches my face gently and I brush my lips against her fingertips.  “You didn’t hurt me Eric; it just got to be a little too much stimulation.  I promise.”  I can feel the truth to her words and I relax instantly.

She’s right, this is our special time to be one and it should not be wasted thinking.  I lift her gently in my arms and float us to the pond.  Sookie tenses in my arms, preparing herself for the water to be cold, but it’s the perfect temperature.  Once we are in the water, she pushes out of my arms to swim on her own.  She swims a bit then begins treading water as she leans her head back completely wetting her hair.  She rises from the water and I suck in a breath as I am overwhelmed by her beauty.  The water glistens on her bronze skin, shining like diamonds when catching the light’s reflection.  Her eyes shine with love for me.  She truly is my siren; instead of calling to me with her song, it is her body that calls to mine with its seductive song.

Swimming to her side, I reverently bring her lips to mine.  “My sea goddess,” I whisper hoarsely.

Sookie smiles angelically in return.  “My sea god,” she whispers lovingly against my lips.  Taking her in my arms, our lips meet again with lazy passion.  We spend the rest of our time making love in the warm water underneath the heat of the blazing sun.


Sookie’s POV

Thank God I was smart enough to have Alcide make my bedroom light-tight when he was building the light-tight spaces for Tara and Willa.  Actually, the entire upstairs is light-tight.  It was a foolish hope when I had it done, but it is coming in handy now.  Giggling and smiling, I turn to look at the vampire beside me.  That was one hell of a bonding trip!  It felt so damn real.  Part of me is sad that is the only way Eric and I can be together in the sun.  However, unless there’s another fae-vampire hybrid walking around here, I think it’s a small price to pay to have Eric back with me.  When I was with Bill, I mourned the fact I would never be able to have a relationship with him in the sunlight.  With Eric, it would be a bonus to be with him during the day, but I’m not lamenting it.  We make the most of the time we are given; that’s all any couple can do.

Eric went to his daytime rest with a smile on his face, a serious case of sex hair, and a very erect penis.  Sweet Jesus, the man really is a walking hard-on!  But what does it say about me that my mouth is salivating at the thought of tasting him and my thighs are rubbing together seeking some sort of friction for the ache between them?

“You’re turning me into a shameless hussy Mr. Northman” I say as primly as possible even though I’m naked as the day I was born.  I press my lips to his cheek before hopping out of bed.  I have no idea what time it is, but I need a shower and food.  I’m so hungry I might finally be able to out eat Alcide and my brother.

Thirty minutes later, I’m walking in my kitchen.  Looking at the clock on the microwave, I see it’s a little before 3:00 pm.  Whoops; I guess Eric and I got carried away!  While the Keurig brews my extra-large cup of coffee, I pull the ingredients out of the refrigerator to make a turkey, bacon, and tomato sandwich.  I hurriedly slap together the sandwich and then fix my coffee; these will take the edge off my hunger and I can make a real dinner for everyone.  I’m sure Jason, Alcide, and Lafayette will be here tonight to find out what we’re gonna do about Bill.  I’m craving country fried steak, mashed potatoes, collard greens, and cornbread.  Maybe I’ll even make a pecan pie for dessert.

While I’m devouring my sandwich, I check the message on my phone.  The first message is from Lafayette telling me Nicole’s mother is coming today to be with her daughter.  He said Nicole is holding it together pretty well.  Sam had no family left, just his friends in Bon Temps.  Lala said Nicole is opting to have his body cremated and there will be no service.  Once everything is settled, she’s returning to Chicago with her mother.  It saddens me to hear all this, but I understand it.  Nicole needs to do what is best for her and the baby.  Firing off a quick message to Lafayette, I tell him to let Nicole know I’m here if she needs anything.  She and her mother are more than welcome to stay here if she wants.  After a few minutes, Lala replies that they’ve been packing all day and Nicole’s mom is on her way to the trailer where Sam and Nicole lived.  Good, she’ll be in Bon Temps before sunset.

The next message is from Alcide.  His message starts off all business as he states that demolition of Fangtasia is complete.  His tone then turns teasing as he questions if I’m still alive.  He’d heard all the noise last night, so he opted to stay with Willa in her room so he could get some sleep.  With my face flaming, I hurriedly delete the message so I don’t have to listen to anymore of Alcide’s teasing remarks.  I’m never gonna live this down!

The last message is from Godric surprisingly.  In his quiet voice, he lets me know that his search of Bill’s home last night revealed some clues about Bill’s betrayal.  He will speak with us at sunset unless I would like to visit him in his room now to find out what he knows.

What?!?!?  I look at the time stamp from the message; it was left about an hour ago.  Pressing the call back feature on my phone, I wait for Godric to pick up.  I do not have to wait long; he picks up before the first ring is complete.  “Good afternoon Miss Stackhouse.  I trust you slept well.”

There is no inflection in Godric’s voice, no teasing, and no judgment; however, I still blush like a schoolgirl.  “Um, hi Godric.  Ya know, I really think you can call me Sookie given everything that’s gone on.”  It feels weird to have him refer to me as ‘Miss Stackhouse’ when I’m bonding with his progeny.  Well, that’s not really how I finished the sentence in my head, but it’s the way I should have finished it.

Godric chuckles happily.  “Yes, I suppose that is true.  Very well then; how are you Sookie?”

“I’m ok,” I say blushing again.  For all intents and purposes, this man is Eric’s father.  I can’t really tell him that I spent all night and maybe part of the day fucking his child until we passed out.  I’m sure Eric would have no problems admitting that to him, but that’s not how I was raised.  “Um, how are you doing?”

Godric chuckles again.  “I am well.  I am very pleased to know that my son is satisfied with you.”

I gulp loudly and whisper in horror, “You felt that?”  Oh my God, I’m dying of mortification.

Godric’s guffaws fill the air and I need to hold the phone away from my ear.  I can never face this man/vampire again!  It’s one thing for Alcide to tease me about having sex, but it’s another thing entirely to know that someone else was possibly feeling everything Eric felt while we were having our intimate moments.

“Oh my dear child, you are an absolute treasure!  I can see why you have captivated my son so.  And to ease your fears, no, I did not feel what Eric was feeling.  I was merely referring to how happy he is to finally be with you.”  Godric is still chuckling at my expense and I’m still blushing furiously.  I really put my foot in it with that one.

It’s time to change the subject.  “Did you want to talk to me now or did you want to wait for Eric to be up?”

All humor has left Godric’s voice as he speaks again.  “It is up to you.  Though I will warn you, the things I found in the mansion are things you are not going to enjoy.”

I sigh loudly.  “I can’t say I’m surprised.  If you don’t mind, I think I’ll wait for Eric to rise so that you only have to tell us once.  There’s something I also need to tell Pam.”  I was so caught up in everything else I forgot to tell her about Lettie Mae.

“Very well then; at first dark I will gather the two ladies and join you and my progeny in the house.  Enjoy the rest of your afternoon Sookie.”  The line goes silent before I can say good-bye.  At least Godric is somewhat better with phone etiquette than the other vampires in my life.

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  2. Kittyinaz says:

    I sooo love this storing. And I’m going off to sleep

  3. I simply cannot decide which one of your stories I like the best. They are all different and unique, and you are tremendously talented. Should you ever decide to try and publish yourself, I would certainly buy it to help support you. I also hope that you and all the other talented writers that us readers have on wordpress, fanfiction, etc. keep going with their stories, even though the “travesties” we call SVM and TB do not exist anymore.

    • Why thank you dear! I do try to make all of my stories something you haven’t seen before. It’s hard to do in a fandom where the writers and readers are so passionate about the material. As much as I hate how the books and show ended, I am greatly to CH and AB for giving us some truly amazing characters to work with. A lot of my stories start out with me asking “What if?” That’s how I came up with ADL and A Queen’s Command. I Remember Nothing came about because I really thought that orgasm jar was meant to have a lot more meaning. The Choices We Make, while a continuation of ADL, really is about trying to make something palatable out of some weird story lines from both the show and the books. I’m not sure if I ever want to actually publish a story for profit; this is a hobby for me. I enjoy it immensely; I’m afraid if it becomes work I’ll lose some of my passion for it.

      Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

  4. suzyq591suzy says:

    Thank you for another great chapter — I can imagine what Godric found will upset and hurt Sookie. I will wait to read if what I imagine and you have written are similar 🙂

  5. ericluver says:

    Great chapter. I hope whatever Godric has found doesn’t hurt Sookie too much, although I know her Viking will be there to comfort her.

  6. lostinspace33 says:

    Uh-oh! I’m as nervous as Sookie about what Godric found!

  7. murgatroid98 says:

    Yikes. Sounds like Bill was up to something. I think having Eric along is a good idea.

  8. askarsgirl says:

    That was awesome! Loved their little trip together! I can’t blame Sookie for sexin up her Viking all night long and part of the day too!

  9. Jackie69 says:

    It looks like Bill was up to something..I wonder what Godric found in his house ! Loved their trip in the sun..can’t wait for more..

  10. missrissa81 says:

    As usual I loved every bit of it and can’t wait for more!!! Wonder what Godric found at Bill’s and just how pissed off Eric will be when he finds out!!! Oh and Pam’s response when she hears about how evil Lettie Mae is, and how she killed Tara in order to “save her” from the vamps!!!! Love it so much, more please!!!!!

  11. ashmo2000 says:

    I wonder if their boding trip will eventually lengthen or maybe they can travel to different places while they’re tripping. Like can they think about beaches and go there?

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  13. kleannhouse says:

    loved their bonding trip. Godric and Alcide are a hoot. KY

  14. eaaustin85 says:

    Absolutely loved it!!! Grt update!!! So can’t wait for more

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