Home Is Where the Heart Is

Eric’s POV

I know Sookie deserves a response to her declaration; she needs to know I love her every bit as much as she loves me, if not more.  And I swear I will tell her; she’ll probably get sick of hearing me tell her I love you.  But now, I cannot speak; she has rendered me speechless with her confession.  So I do the only thing I can think of; I yank her on my lap, her knees sliding on either side of my hips.  Her core presses against my instant erection and I fist my hands in her hair as I angle her head to receive my kiss.  I kiss her like a man dying of starvation;   in a way I am since I am starving for her.  It has been too fucking long since I have held Sookie Stackhouse in my arms like this; it feels like an eternity.  Sookie was surprised by my sudden movements but she quickly gets on board with my plan.  Her soft lips move against mine hungrily, as if she too has missed the taste of me.  She rubs her center against my erection, causing both of us to groan in frustration.  My hands move from her hair, down her shoulders, skimming along the sides of her breasts, which pulls another moan from deep inside her.  My hands ultimately land on her hips, pulling her tighter into my body so I can grind my pulsing cock into her warming snatch.  Sookie breaks our kiss gasping for breath, curling her fingers into my shoulders as she hangs on for dear life.  Her beautiful head is thrown back, exposing the slender column of her throat.  I dip my head so I can kiss her golden skin, chewing and sucking on the skin over her jugular.  Gods, this woman has me behaving like a horny teenager ready to cum in his pants the first time he touched a girls boobs, but I don’t fucking care.

“Eric,” Sookie gasps out and there is no sweeter sound in the world to me than my name on her lips.  “Bite me,” she begs with her next breath.

Sookie begging me to bite her is the sexiest fucking sound in the world.  Knowing my woman gets as much pleasure from my bite as I do have my fangs elongating and throbbing painfully in my mouth.  I want to bite her, but I want her to bite me in return.  I want to feel that connection to her again; I crave it more than blood or even sex.

A throat clearing in the doorway has me snarling in frustration.  Sookie shrieks and tumbles off my lap to fall beside me on the bed, hiding her blushing face in the quilt.  My maker stands in the doorway with an amused expression on his face.  Why was I happy to have him back?

“I hope I am not interrupting anything,” he says with a shit-eating grin on his face.  I glower at him as his grin widens.  “I have everyone assembled downstairs to discuss our plan for this evening.  Mr. Herveaux has recovered nicely from his injuries, thanks to Willa’s blood.  He has called several others he thinks will be able to help us tonight also.  We shall be waiting for you downstairs.”  Godric leaves the doorway to walk back downstairs, whistling a cheerful tune as he goes.  I curse in Swedish which causes his laughter to echo up the stairs.  Turning to Sookie, I find her with her head still buried in the quilt.  Unable to resist the temptation before me, I smack her ass, causing her to yelp and jump up from her prone position.  She scowls at me while I grin unrepentantly.

“Watch it Buster,” she tells me with mock seriousness though her lips curve into a playful smile.

I leer at Sookie while purring my response to her.  “Oh I will watch it, and often,” which causes her to giggle.  Seeing Sookie so carefree and happy makes me smile, but my smile fades as I hear the voices downstairs.  “We should join the others,” I say reluctantly.

Sookie nods her head.  I sigh as I rise from the bed and hold my hand out to help Sookie stand.  We walk hand in hand towards the door, but I stop us before we leave our little sanctuary.  Turning towards her, I cup her cheeks in my large hands and lean down to place a tender kiss on her lips.  When I lean back, Sookie’s eyes flutter open and she smiles with all the love she feels for me.  I want to see that smile every night for the rest of my existence.

Pressing my forehead to hers, I am finally able to say the words Sookie needs to hear.  “I love you Sookie Stackhouse, in this life and the next.  I shall love you for the rest of my existence.  I am yours.”

photo 1

I press a kiss to her forehead before turning us to walk downstairs while keeping her hand in mine the entire time.  Once we are downstairs, everyone turns to stare at us.  Sookie tries to hide shyly behind me.  I raise an eyebrow while staring at everyone in return, daring any of them to say a fucking word.

“Well it’s about fucking time you two got on the same page!”  Pam stands with her hands on her hips staring at us.  She wants to smile but that would be too much of an emotion for her to show, and she does have a reputation for being cold and heartless to uphold.   I know she is not a fan of Sookie’s but my happiness means everything to her.  She will support my relationship with Sookie as long as I continue to be happy.  Of course, Pam will be the first to drain Sookie and hide her body if she hurts me again.  My progeny is nothing if not loyal to me.

“Hal-lay-fucking-lou-ya!!!!” Lafayette shouts as he sashays into the living room looking as ghetto fabulous as ever.  He slaps a dish towel over his shoulder before leaning against the wall and stares at me shrewdly.  “Now looks, I knows you can killz me in a sec, but if you hurts her, me and my bad juju self wills bees coming after ya!”

“Lafayette!”  Sookie steps out from behind me to glare at her friend.  It strikes me that besides her idiotic brother, Lafayette and Alcide are the only breathers that Sookie can depend on.  The obvious closeness between them rivals that of Pam and me.  I may not like those my lover calls friends, but I will not alienate her from them.

“Hookah, yous man knows I’m just protectin’ yo ass.  Vampire Barbie over there,” he says gesturing towards Pam, “will tells you the same thing in relation to Big Bad Blond over here.  We alls just want whats best fo ya.”  He looks Sookie up and down critically.  “Speakin’ of best fo ya, when’s the last time you done eat a real meal?”

Sookie bites her lip nervously, which means she hasn’t eaten anything substantial, if at all.  I glower at her and she glares back at me in return; she’s not going to win a fight with me when it comes to her well-being.

“Sookie,” Godric’s voice drags Sookie’s attention away from me.  “Why don’t you go eat with Mr. Reynolds?  Actually, all of you should eat before we leave; we will need all of our strength tonight.”

The door bangs open and Jason walks in with two humans I recognize: one is a female survivor from the Witch War and the other is the human sheriff.  “Did someone say eat?  I could use a good meal,” Jason says as he rubs his stomach.  I roll my eyes in disgust; and he said that I’m the leech . . .

“Wait!”  Sookie stops everyone with her words.  “Don’t y’all need to eat too?  When’s the last time any of you fed?  If we need all our strength than so do you.”  Sookie has that look on her face that tells me her mind is made up and she won’t be swayed.

“It would be beneficial if we were to feed before the battle, but we do not expect any of you to feel obligated to feed us.”

“Well, I do feel obligated,” the witch, Holly I believe is her name, speaks up.  Her companion tries to stop her from speaking, but she brushes him aside.  “You stop it right now Andy Bellefleur!  These vampires are willing to help us get our friends and neighbors back at detriment to their own existence.  You’re damn right I’m willing to feed one of ‘em as a thank you.”  She moves away from the blustering human sheriff to step in closer to the assembled vampires.  “So who’s it gonna be?”  She looks quickly between Pam, Willa, and Godric to see who will step forward.  She knows I already have other dinner plans.

“Me,” Pam steps forward with a smirk on her lips.  She’s always appreciated a feisty female.

“And I’s willin’ to feed you,” Lafayette says to Godric.  It hasn’t escaped my notice that Lafayette has eyed up Godric while we have all been in the room together.  What does surprise me is that Godric has also glanced Lafayette’s way a time or two.  Like all vampires, Godric has had sexual partners from both genders throughout the ages.  But he has never gravitated towards someone as flamboyant as Lafayette.  While I find Lafayette humorous, I’m not sure how I feel about this development; it is nearly as disturbing to me as the idea of my progeny with the Were.

Speaking of the Were . . .

“Alcide, may I speak with you outside?” I know all the supernatural will hear this conversation no matter whether we are inside or out, but I do not need an audience for my apology.  Willa clutches Alcide’s arm, fearful to leave him alone with me.  “I promise you my child; I will not harm your new pet.”  Herveaux growls at me and I cannot help but smirk in amusement.  The shoe fits after all in more ways than one; he is her pet as per vampire protocol and can turn into a furry dog.

Sookie’s lips and hands on my body distract me from humoring myself any further at the wolf’s expense.  She beckons me to lower my head.  When I comply, I feel her lips against my ear.  “Play nice or you won’t get dessert later,” she whispers before nipping my ear.  My arm snakes around her body to pull her against me, letting her know how quickly my body responds both to her words and her actions.

“Go eat your dinner so that I can have mine,” I growl against her neck, letting my tongue and blunt teeth trail along her beautiful skin.  She shivers in response before leaving my arms.  Her eyes are filled with lust as are mine.  I turn to watch her walk away from me, my eyes locked on her beautiful ass.  Sookie stops to look at me over her shoulder with her bottom lip caught between her teeth.  The growl from me causes her to laugh giddily before going to dig into the food Lafayette has set out for everyone.

Alcide clearing his throat brings my attention back to him.  Gesturing for him to lead the way we move outside on Sookie’s porch.  After pulling the door closed, we stand in a charged silence.  “I owe you an apology,” I begin grudgingly.  “I reacted without knowing the entire story.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he interrupts me.  “Sookie and I worked hard to make everyone think we are a couple; I’m not surprised you thought the same thing.  I’m just surprised she didn’t tell you the truth last night.  It sure woulda helped me out a lot,” he says stretching his now healed body.

“How long have you been involved with Willa?”  If the Were was willing to so easily forgive me who am I not to look a gift horse in the mouth?  Well in this case, I suppose it would be gift wolf.

“Last night was the first time anything ever happened, though Sookie has been subtly pushing us together for a while.  Willa’s a good girl; we’ve all looked out for her since you left.  She’s had it rough the last few months.”

I feel guilty because I know I am to blame for a large part, if not all, of my youngest progeny’s troubles.  Before I can say anything, the Were continues.  “Neither Willa nor Sookie begrudged you leaving; they knew you needed time for yourself.  But they suffered while you were gone; they both thought you were finally dead.  They bonded over sharing memories of you.  I think Sookie looks at Willa like she’s her kid sister.”

Part of me had worried Sookie wouldn’t understand the circumstances that led me to turning Willa.  I can admit it was a rash decision, but I do not regret turning her.  Willa, in the short amount of time I spent with her, has proven to be a remarkable vampire.  With additional guidance, she could become extraordinary.  “I’m not leaving again; not unless they come with me,” I vow.

I look at the Were assessingly.  Truthfully, I have nothing against him; he has proven himself loyal, courageous, and a warrior.  I only resent him because I viewed him as competition for Sookie’s affections.  “I am happy to know Willa has found someone worthy of her.”  That’s as close to a complement as I am willing give him.

Opening the door to head back inside, I am stopped by Alcide’s voice.  “You still haven’t apologized,” he taunts me.  Glancing back, I see he has folded his arms over his chest and is reclining against the porch railing, a gleeful expression on his face.  Just when I thought I could like him, he turns into a bad puppy.

“Don’t push your luck Herveaux; I can still have you neutered.”


Sookie’s POV

Despite all the shit that’s about to go down, I am unbelievably happy.  Eric loves me just as much as I love him; it’s perfect.  I wish I was a poet so I could weave words together to articulate how I am feeling; or maybe I should be a painter so I could use colors and images to show the depth of my love and happiness.  All I know is that the ache that’s been inside me for so long is finally gone.  In its place is this warm, fuzzy feeling.  It’s like taking a blanket out of the dryer while it’s still warm and wrapping it around yourself: you feel safe, secure, warm, and loved.

I was both embarrassed and frustrated with Godric for interrupting us.  It’s been nearly a year since I’ve been in Eric’s arms . . . I’m a normal, healthy woman and I have needs!  I wanted to weep at being so close but no cigar.  I get lost in my head as I eat the food that Lafayette has set out for us.  I didn’t realize I was so famished!  For once, I actually ate more than Jason.  My eyes take notice of Eric stepping back inside followed by Alcide.  Eric’s eyes immediately seek me out, and his smile melts my heart which sets my ovaries to tingling at the same time.  Lord help me, I love the things that man can do to me!

“We need to be going my child; the others will be here momentarily,” Godric cautions Eric as the time gets closer for us to be leaving for Shreveport.  Godric, Pam, and Willa have already fed for the evening, but Eric has not feed from me yet.  I have to admit that I am nervous to feed him again; not because I think it will hurt, but because he and I tend to get swept away in the moment.  My face flushes as I recall our snow globe sex escapades.  Eric gives me a knowing smirk as if he is suddenly the telepath with insight to what I am thinking.

Eric says something to Godric in a language I do not recognize.  Pam must understand them though because she starts laughing quietly.  I get the feeling that whatever Eric had to say was related to me because Godric starts ushering everyone outside to the waiting vehicles.  Lafayette is going to stay with Sam’s girlfriend Nicole since she is in her third trimester; we will drop him off and pick up Sam who is coming with us.  Eric moves in front of me, caressing my cheek before tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.  I lean in to his touch, rubbing my cheek into the palm of his hand; I’ve missed the feeling of his hands on me.

“I didn’t think you would want an audience when I bite you,” he tells me quietly.  His voice has deepened and sounds incredibly sexy; it causes me to shiver and my lower body to clench with desire.  I know he can tell how aroused I am, and I know he feels the same way.

“I wish we had more time,” I say wistfully.  I hate that the first time I will feed him is before a fight; I would rather it have been because of more pleasurable circumstances.

Eric gives me a gentle smile, one that shows just how much I mean to him.  “We will have all the time in the world later to make up for it.  I may not be able to devote as much time and attention to your body as I would like, but I promise you will not be disappointed.”

Oh Jesus!  His words cause a fresh wave of arousal to flood my lower lips; I think my underwear is permanently destroyed from how wet I’ve been the last few hours.

Without saying a word, Eric scoops me up in his arms and vamps us down to his cubby.  He settles us on the bed, with my back molded to his chest, his legs spread wide so that I am spread open.  Eric is nothing if not efficient; he has my shirt and bra off in an instant so he has easy access to my upper body.  His talented fingers are playing with my nipples, quickly working them into stiff peaks.  His lips move up and down the column of my neck, licking and sucking the skin as he makes his way up to my ear.  And that gracious plenty, oh how I have missed it so, is pressed against the seam of my ass, grinding against me creating the most delicious friction that has me moaning in ecstasy.  Eric was right; we may not have a lot of time, but he is going to make sure I enjoy this as much as him.

“Are you ready to cum for me min Sookie?” Eric’s whispered words in my ear are just another stimulant designed to get me off and I nod my head frantically.  Even though he had been so sweet without his memories, Eric had liked to tell me in explicit detail what he wanted to do to my body and what he wanted me to do to his body in return.  It seems that Eric with his memories is no different, and I could not be more thankful for that.

Eric works the fingers of his right hand inside my pants and underwear, moving through my slickened folds with ease to my clit.  “Lover, you’re fucking drenched!”  He growls with satisfaction in my ear as his fingers move in quick circles against my nub before sliding down to move inside me. “How I wish we had time for me to sit between your thighs, lapping up your sweetness as my fingers push in and out of you, rubbing against your G-spot until you cum screaming my name.  And when the first tremor of your orgasm starts, I’d replace my fingers with my tongue, lapping up every delicious fucking drop until you had nothing left to give.”

Eric’s words are all I need to fall off the cliff into a pool of bliss.  “Errrrriiiiccccc!!” I scream his name as my orgasm detonates inside my body, the walls of my pussy clenching tightly around his fingers as wave after wave of my cum flows out of me, covering his hand.  When I had screamed, Eric had slid his fangs into my neck, pulling my blood into his mouth as he continued to pull the cum from my body.  The hand that had played with my nipples moves to grasp me lightly by the throat, holding me in place so I will not hurt myself as he drinks from me.  My hands move behind me to link behind Eric’s neck, holding him to me as he finds both nourishment and pleasure from my body.  He purrs happily as he drinks from me, continuing to thrust against me with each pull he takes.  With a last pull on my wound, Eric shudders against my back, groaning out my name as he experiences his own happy moment.  His fingers have continued to move in my pussy through my aftershocks, prolonging them so that I experience another orgasm as he seals the wounds on my neck.

With the wounds sealed, Eric places a tender kiss on his mark.  “Mine,” he snarls possessively.  I smile dreamily; there was a time I would have hated such sentiment, I would have argued with him about being a possession.  But I know better now; I am his and always will be.

Eric extracts his hand from my pants; his hand glistens with the remnants of my arousal.  He brings his hand to his lips, tasting my fluids on his skin.  I turn in time to see his eyes roll into the back of his head and his lips move into a dopey grin. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he was stoned.  I giggle seeing his expression, which causes his eyes to pop open.

“Lover you taste better than I remembered.”  His smile is positively sinful, and he gets a wicked look in his eye.  Before I can ask what he’s up to, he has painted both of my nipples with my fluids.  I gasp in shock as he moves me quickly so he can suck first one than the other into his mouth.

He releases my nipple with a pop, a pleased expression on his face.  “You taste even better that way.  I cannot wait until I can taste you fresh from the source.”

“Eric!” I try to scold him, but there is no heat behind my words.  He knows this too because he grins impishly at me.  He leans in to brush a kiss across my lips before setting me on the bed.  He retrieves my bra and shirt, redressing me with the utmost care.  When I am completely dressed, he pulls me to my feet and wraps his arms around me.  I snuggle into his chest and he drops his head to rest on top of mine.  I feel so cherished and safe inside his arms.

A banging against the cubby doors makes me jump.  The cabinet doors cautiously swing open and Willa’s head peeks in.  Her eyes are closed and she refuses to look down the ladder.  “Ummm, I was told to tell you two that time’s up.”  Her head turns as if someone else is speaking to her.  “I am not telling them that Pam!  If you want to say that, you can tell them yourself!”

I look at Eric questioningly, but he shakes his head at me.  He does not answer Willa but he does say something in Swedish which I guess is meant for Pam’s ears.  Pam must not like what she hears because she says loud enough for me to hear, “You suck all the fun out of everything!  I would have thought you’d be much more relaxed after . . .”

“PAM!!!!  If you finish that sentence I will destroy every pair of shoes you have in all of your safe houses as well as those stored in Eric’s homes!”  I’ve learned that the only way to get Pam to take you seriously is to attack her maker, attack her appearance, or attack her clothes.  The ways I envision attacking Eric will definitely not arouse Pam’s ire; attacking her appearance is something only witches with a death wish do; all I’m left to attack are her clothes.

I do not hear her respond, but the unmistakable sounds of stomping against the floor above and then the slam of the front door come drifting down through the open cubby doors.  Eric merely laughs as he gestures for me to go ahead of him up the ladder.  When I get to the top of the ladder, I look down to find Eric standing at the bottom, his eyes glued to my ass.  Shaking my head and laughing, I cross into the living room to stand with Willa.  He levitates up the ladder until he is standing next to me.  He grins happily as he wraps an arm around the shoulders of me and Willa.

“Ah, it is good to be home.”

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  1. Amanda says:

    Awesome chapter and happy that eric and sookie are on same page right now.. Great job again here..

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  3. valady1 says:

    :Pam can always be counted on to bring humor to any situation.

  4. Kittyinaz says:

    Yeah!! I fully support this chapter and all it contains!! Thanks. Since I know tonight will be a fuck up. Last week was a mistake….a happy mistake for us, but a mistake….

  5. Mindy781 says:

    So good. I’m glad they were able to reconnect even if their time was brief. I’m glad Eric could tell her he loves her. Great chapter!!!!!!

  6. gyllene says:

    This was very nice to read after going over the spoiler chat and what happened on tonight’s episode.

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  8. Jackie69 says:

    Yes Yes Yes !!! Finally Eric and Sookie are on the same page….Loving this story.. Take care

  9. ericluver says:

    Awesome chapter 🙂

  10. askarsgirl says:

    I wish they had more time too!

  11. ashmo2000 says:

    Nothing like actually liking the people you’re going on a mission with to soothe the worry.

  12. Good that you didn’t make Pam bitchy. And great that Willa doesn’t want to leave her maker. Now I just wish Eric wasn’t infected on the show and him and Sookie would just get together already…. All the bill pills being shoved down are throats are making me woozy… Thank god for stories like yours 🙂 …

    • Pam is at her best when she is a snarky wise-ass. Her as a selfish brat is just appealing at all. As for Willa, I have been on the fence about her character; I can see reasons to end her, I can see reasons to keep her. I could understand if she chose to hate Eric, but I think it made more sense for her to want her maker’s approval and attention.

      As for the show, I don’t know what to think anymore. From the posted summaries of the upcoming episodes, we know that Bill and Eric survive to episode 9 of the season. Watching the show last night, part of me thinks Sookie will use her light to save the sick vampires, which will force her to become a normal human. Seeing Nicole (Sam’s girlfriend) react the way she did makes me think Sam will soon be single; and Hoyt is coming back to town. I can see the show going like this:

      1. Violet will try to kill Adilyn and blame it on Jessica so that Jessica meets the True Death. That’s Violet’s revenge for Jessica fucking Jason. Jason will continue to be her slave until she turns him.

      2. I can see Sookie ending up with either Sam or Hoyt. What other purpose do they have to bring back Hoyt in the upcoming episodes? It’s not like he is going to end up with Jessica.

      3. Bill is going to meet the True Death; that’s why he is having all the flashbacks to his human family.

      4. Eric will somehow survive and go to lead his life in true fabulous Viking vampire fashion.

      5. Lettie Mae will meet her death, because she deserves it.

      Did I miss anything?

  13. murgatroid98 says:

    Very, very, very nice. I just love having Godric back.

  14. lostinspace33 says:

    That Pam…lol!!!

  15. georgiasuzy says:

    Hell yeah it’s good to be home! Thanks for the smoking hot chapter. Hmmmm, Godric and LaLa? Maybe so! It sounds like Eric sealed his fang marks but didn’t heal them, so they’ll be visible to Bill. I’m so glad you’ve got Eric and Sookie back together!

  16. eaaustin85 says:

    Absolutely loved it!!! Godric/LaLa? I like it…..So glad Pam is not an uber bitch….So glad e/s r on the same page finally….So can’t wait for more

  17. kleannhouse says:

    love it and the new pairings, LOL on Pam at the end. KY

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