Sookie’s POV

I don’t know what came over me at Fangtasia; one minute I’m overcome with grief for the loss of Sam, the next minute I want to climb Eric like a tree.  I’ve often heard that people who go through traumatic experiences seek ways to reaffirm they are still alive.  Hell, I’d had sex with Bill three times after traumatic experiences.  But it’s never felt like this; it’s more than just proving we survived, it’s proving that we love each other and are finally going to be together as we should have been all along.  I’ve always trusted Eric when it comes to my safety, but I’ve never trusted him when it comes to my heart. Maybe if I had trusted him when he told me that nothing’s changed, we wouldn’t be in this fucked up mess we find ourselves in.

I knew he could fly but I never expected him to take me up in the sky with him.  Heights don’t bother me, but the fear of falling does.  It would be just my fucking luck to survive everything I’ve been through to end up dyin’ because I slipped outta Eric’s arms!  But Eric promised to never let me fall, and I believe him.  When I looked at his face while we were among the stars, he looked exactly as he did when he was without his memories: boyish, carefree, and full of love just for me.  I thought I’d never get to see that again.

Eric once said there were two Sookie Stackhouses; clearly he never looked in the mirror because I think there are two Eric Northmans.  There is the badass Viking vampire that kicks ass and takes names later;the vampire that has fed and fucked his way around the world for a thousand years.  But then there is my Eric; the one that looks at me as if I am the most precious thing in the world, the one who loves me exactly as I am and wants nothing but to be loved in return.For the first time since we have known each other, we are both being our true selves.  There is no more fairy-Sookie and human-Sookie; there’s just Sookie, the girl who loves Eric.  And I don’t have to worry that I’m not enough for him; I know I’m all he wants.

All that’s left is to claim my Viking.

So why is it when we landed on my porch I’d suddenly became shy? All my bravado flew right out the window. When I invited Eric into my home using the words I had spoken to him what felt like eons ago, a blush is spreading like wildfire across my skin. I don’t understand it; he had seen and touched my naked body just a few hours ago and I had no reservations. So why am I suddenly shy? I feel like a virgin on her wedding night: nervous, excited, scared, and on edge.

Opening the door to my home, I walk in with Eric following close behind. I close the door with a resounding click, leaning back against the solid wood resting my head against the cool glass.

“Lover, what’s the matter? Are you having second thoughts?” Eric looks at me with concern as he caresses my face softly, the coolness of his skin soothing my heated flesh, and I press my cheek firmly into his palm.

“I’m nervous,” I say quietly, my eyes lowering bashfully to my feet.

He seems startled by my answer. “What do you have to be nervous about?”

I shrug my shoulders, not sure if I can really explain it. “It’s just . . . This is the first time when you are you and I am me. I don’t want to disappoint you,” I mumble.

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Eric chuckles quietly while pulling me into his arms. He places a kiss against my head before resting his cheek on the crown of my head. “Lover you have absolutely nothing to be nervous about. What you and I had together before was beautiful, innocent, and magical. But this,” he pulls back so I can see his beautiful crystal blue eyes. “What we have between us now is so much more than that. I wouldn’t trade what we have now for anything in the world. I want you Sookie Stackhouse just as you are; you could never disappoint me.”

“I love you Eric,” I whisper before pulling his head down so his lips can find mine.

All of our earlier hunger is forgotten as we use our lips alone to reaffirm our love for one another. Eric’s soft lips move tenderly against mine as he places kisses along the different parts of my mouth. He places delicate kisses against each corner, which makes me smile sweetly. Next he places gentle pecks against my lower lip, drawing my lip out further until he is able to suck it into his mouth, drawing a soft moan from me as he sucks my sensitive lip before grazing it with his blunt teeth. Eric pulls back slightly to look at me; my eyelids rise slowly revealing that my eyes are clouded with passion. My lips are parted slightly, wet from his kisses, and swollen from his tender affection.

“You really are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” he tells me reverently. His eyes move over every inch of my body hungrily but his touch when he reaches for me again is tender and gentle. He lifts me bridal style in his arms and walks us quickly to my – our – bedroom; the room we had shared when his memories were gone. We’d had sex in the bedroom I’d inhabited since childhood, but the bed was too small for his large frame. We’d moved to the bedroom that had previously belonged to my Gran. Not only did the bed fit his larger frame better, but we’d enjoyed making love in front of the fireplace…against the bedposts…in the shower. It is easy to get lost in memories as Eric lowers my legs to the ground so I am with my back to the bed.

As if he can read my mind, he leans in to place another kiss on my lips before saying with a small growl, “I promise it will be better than you remember.”  My eyes watch his magnificent body sink down to the floor so he can begin undressing me.

Starting with my left foot, Eric pulls my sneaker and sock off, tossing them towards my closet so they are out of the way.  He scraps the nail of his pointer finger along the sole of my foot causing me to jerk and giggle from the tickling sensation. I grab his shoulders to steady myself as he sets my foot down to give the right foot the same treatment.  Eric’s grin is boyish as he leisurely rises from his squatting position, taking the hem of my shirt in his hands.  He lifts the cotton fabric gradually up my torso, his hands brushing my nipples as he sweeps past them.  My skin tingles from his teasing touch and my nipples harden in response.  I raise my arms to help him remove my shirt, but he pauses with the shirt still on my arms, the material completely covering my face except my lips.  Eric fists the ends of the fabric in one hand, and pushes me gently backwards so my knees hit the side of the bed.  I make a slight sound of protest, but Eric soothes me as he guides me to sit on the bed.  He brushes his lips against mine asking me to trust him once more.  How can I refuse?

Those talented lips move along the edge of my bra, causing me to shiver and burn alive simultaneously.  Thank God I’d had the presence of mind earlier to put on one of my prettier bras instead of one of the boring white ones I wore for work.  Eric must have appreciated it too from the humming noises he was making as he dipped his tongue inside the cup of my bra to sample my skin.  Ragged breathes are leaving my lips as he worships first one than the other breast, moving back and forth between the two so that neither feels neglected.  Not being able to see what he is doing is incredibly erotic; it enhances all the sensations I’m feeling from his mouth, hand, and breathe.

“Errriiicccc,” I moan wantonly as I struggle to free both my arms and face from its cotton prison.  Damn sexy Viking chuckles against my stomach, and it makes my lower body clench with desire.

“Patience is a virtue Lover.  I was not able to devote as much time and attention as I wanted to you earlier.  Indulge me as I make up for it,” he says in that sexy rumble that I feel all the way down to my toes.  I’d forgotten how slow Eric could move when he wanted to take his time.  I felt like I was going up in flames and he done nothing more than kiss me and touch my still-clothed breasts.

Eric does take pity on me because he pulls the t-shirt free from my body, his hands massaging the muscles of my shoulders as his lips place wet, open-mouthed kisses along my clavicle.  My hands bury themselves in his hair, feeling the silkiness against my fingers as I gently guide his head to my neck.  He purrs contentedly against my neck as he licks, sucks, and kisses along the skin above my jugular.  Those talented hands of his have not remained idle along my back; they have worked inwards to the clasp of my bra, deftly releasing the hooks in a single movement. The lacy straps fall limply down my arms, catching at my bent elbows, allowing the material to pull away from my breasts.  Eric sits back on his heels, staring at me hungrily as I lower my arms, moving my upper body in a little shimmy to let the binding garment fall to the floor at our feet.  His pupils dilate as my breasts sway to and fro and his fangs pop out.  Feeling sexy and empowered from his reaction, I cup my breasts in my hands, offering them to him.  Eric wastes no time in latching on to my left breast, sucking the pebbled flesh of my nipple hard.  Every hard suckle was making me wetter and my hips are thrusting forward, seeking some type of relief.  The ache between my legs is intense, throbbing in time with the suckling of Eric’s mouth.  My fingers are tugging roughly at his hair.  I need more . . . now!

“So greedy,” he whispers as my nipple pops out of his mouth and tightens painfully as the chilliness of his breath washes over it.  My mewls and pleas for more do not go unanswered.  Eric must realize how close I am because he begins whispering soothing words to me as he adjusts our position so he can ease my jeans and underwear down my legs.  Vamp speed has him undressed in an instant and his cool flesh feels heavenly against my flushed skin as he sets me on the edge of the bed.  My legs spread open to allow him access to all of me.  But instead of sliding his Viking broadsword inside my sheath, he touches my clit with a single finger.  That’s all it takes for my body to bow tautly before the convulsions of my orgasm begin.  The only sound I make is a choked gasp as I feel the most delicious pleasure spread through my body.  His single finger rubs circles around my nub as I cum hard for him; my body falls limply back against the bed and I’m panting for breath with my eyes closed.  My lips move into a grin like the Cheshire cat as I float back to Earth.

Eric’s POV

Sookie’s body is utterly relaxed on the bed as she recovers from her orgasm.  I meant what I said earlier that I wanted to devote all of my time and attention to pleasuring her, but she makes it so fucking hard…pun intended.  I’m fighting every instinct to not plunge inside her with my cock and ride her hard and fast.  She looks so blissful laying on the bed with her hair spread out, her arms raised above her head with her hands near her face, and her breasts . . . I could spend eternity with my head between those perfect globes.  Her arousal continues to pour out of her body, covering my hand, the tops of her thighs and soaking the bed beneath her.  Well, I can’t let that go to waste . . .

OHMYGOD!!!!” Sookie shouts when she feels my tongue licking her folds clean.  Sweet Freyja, her nectar is truly divine!  I lap it up like a hungry kitten with a saucer of milk, using long swipes of my tongue from her opening to her clit.  Sookie’s thighs are over my shoulders while my hands have wrapped around her thighs to hold her open for me.  Her upper body is twisting on the bed as she writhes and moans with pleasure.  Soon, fresh waves of her sweetness are flowing out of her body. Wanting to experience more, I flatten my tongue and push it inside her opening, curling the tip once it is inside her so I can massage her walls.  She screams again and bucks against my hold.  Tightening my hold on her thighs, I retract my tongue from her opening and suck her clit into my mouth.  Her nerve center is swollen and very sensitive, so much; my mouth is very gentle as I suck her and my tongue moves in languid circles.  Trailing my tongue down to her entrance, I once more enter her.  Instead of massaging her walls or moving my tongue in and out, I  move my tongue as far into her body as it will go before using vampire speed to act as a vibrator.  My efforts are rewarded with her shouted curse words, fingers tugging painfully at my hair, and her orgasm gushing over my tongue and down my chin.

Before her orgasm is finished, I stand up and push my aching cock inside her.  I still once I’m fully sheathed so I feel every contraction, every pulse, every fucking glorious inch of being inside the woman I love.  Sookie’s legs lock beside my hips and she plants her hands flat on the bed.  Watching her stomach muscles tighten, she pulls herself up so that she is braced on her hands, changing my angle of penetration which causes us both to groan. I pull slightly out of her, which causes her to whimper.  I smirk as I grab her hips to pull her towards me as I push roughly back inside her.  Her eyes roll back in her head when my pubic bone grinds against her clit.  My movements in Sookie are deliberate; I’m only sliding halfway out of her before pulling her back on my cock.  The friction is driving us both mad; it’s enough to keep us aroused, but it is not enough to push us over the edge.  We both need more.

I pull completely out of Sookie which earns me a glare from my lover.  Chuckling, I command her to lie on her back in the center of the bed.  She flips over to crawl on her hands and knees to the center of the bed, earning a growl from me as I see her ready to be mounted.  Sookie turns to look at me over her shoulder, sending me a roguish wink as she wiggles her ass.  If she’s not careful I’m going to spank that ass before sinking my fangs into it; then I’ll fuck her until she’s blind and hoarse from her passion.

“Are you sure you won’t like this position better?”  She wiggles her ass again and I react without thinking.

The beast inside me wins as I mount her from behind.  My hips pumping at nearly vampire speed inside her pussy.  Sookie drops down so her head is against the bed, moaning into the covers as she holds on for dear life as I claim her the way an animal claims its mate.  Her walls are squeezing me tightly and I know she’s ready to cum for . . . fuck I’ve lost track of how many times she’s come tonight!  I’ve lost control and I know I won’t be able to fight off my orgasm any longer.  But I want us to exchange blood as we reach our bliss.  Without slowing down, I pull Sookie’s body so her back rests against my chest and she sits on my thighs.  I bite my wrist and offer her the bleeding wounds, which she attacks hungrily.  My thrusts become erratic as Sookie sucks my blood inside her and I can fight the siren’s call of her blood no longer.  I sink my fangs into her neck, triggering both our orgasms.  That’s the last thing I remember before everything goes dark.

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