Blood is Thicker Than Water

Eric’s POV

Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?!?! She teleports?!?!?!?!?! Sick, hungry vampires running around capturing humans and Sookie decides to play games. If I wasn’t so happy to see her, I would kill her for being so careless. Part of me still wants to kill the dog for putting his hands on her; however Bill definitely deserves to meet his True Death just for looking her way. I had been ready to intervene when he grabbed Sookie if she needed me, but my fiery fairy held her own. I have missed her fire. In truth, I have missed everything about her.

Pam and I had arrived earlier this evening. We had flown into Shreveport from New York. Clearing customs in New York had been a bitch; we were detained for 72 hours to make certain we were not infected with Hepatitis V, even though we had needed to be medically cleared before boarding the Anubis Airlines flight in Paris. Not knowing what to expect when we arrived, our first stop had been Fangtasia. Even though I had told Pam we were abandoning it when Burrell had declared war on vampires, we still had a secret stash of supplies even though Nora and I had cleared out all the money before returning to The Authority. However, we never entered Fangtasia; the stench of Hep V infected vampires saturated the air; Pam was enraged that Fangtasia had been overrun by the decaying, putrid rabble. For as much as Pam hated the costumes and the stupidity of the fangbangers, Pam truly loved Fangtasia. It was the first time in her existence she didn’t have to hide who she was and what she loved. She revealed in the freedom the Great Revelation had brought us. While I enjoyed certain aspects of life post the Great Revelation, I did not enjoy placating the humans nor did I enjoy the attempts by humans to control or kill my kind. Their government tried to force ridiculous rules on vampires, trying to regulate every aspect of our existence; other than my beloved maker, no one could tell me who I could feed from! Truly the only good thing to come from the Great Revelation was meeting Sookie.

I sigh, which causes Pam to arch an eyebrow at me. “Are we going to stand here all night or are you going to vamp up and claim your fairy?”

“Pam,” I warn her but she rolls her eyes at me.

“Eric, what the fuck are you waiting for? In case you haven’t noticed, it’s the fucking zombie apocalypse!” Pam vamps off in the direction of Sookie’s home. With another sigh, I shoot up into the air, flying rapidly towards the house on Hummingbird Lane. I easily pass Pam, who gives me the finger, as I fly into the yard of Sookie’s home. I’m instantly in attack mode as I sense an unknown vampire’s scent around Sookie’s home. How I wish I still had the bond with Sookie; I cannot tell if she is in danger or not. Pam stops beside me, her fangs on display as she too smells the unknown vampire. With a nod of my head, Pam circles around the back to search the perimeter. With my sword at the ready, I move up the stairs of Sookie’s porch, knocking quickly. Sookie runs to the door, flinging it open and rushing outside.

“Oh thank God you’re here!” Sookie paces agitatedly on the porch. “You are NEVER gonna believe who is inside!” Based on Sookie’s response, I know there is no immediate danger, so I relax my stance. Smirking to myself, I enjoy the sight of my former, and hopefully future, lover flouncing around on her porch. Her hips sway as she moves back and forth, the bottom of her skirt swishing seductively around her legs, sometimes rising to give me a glimpse of her smooth, strong thigh. Sookie’s ample, spectacular breasts heave with the exertion of her breathing. Seeing her like this, I am assaulted with the memories of our time together: the woods, the foyer and living room, the cubby . . . our shower. Growling in annoyance as my body responds to my memories, I grab Sookie to stop her pacing, keeping her a safe distance from my straining erection. Gods, what this woman does to me! However, the smell of wet dog offends my senses; it is a slap in the face, a reminder she belongs to another that she did not choose me.

When I speak, my voice is cold and callous. “What has you so agitated? Have you perhaps met a new suitor in your travels from there to here? It would seem it is time for you to discard your current flavor of the month. Men do seem to have an expiration date when it comes to you,” I say venomously. My bitterness is a living, breathing thing; I want to hurt her for never truly giving me a chance. Why does she deny me but allow everyone else a turn?

Rather than the angry spark I expected to see, her eyes shimmer with tears. Her lower lip trembles as she wrenches herself from my grasp. Fuck!!!! I never could stand to see her cry; it rips me apart to see her hurting. I feel even worse knowing I am the one to make her cry.

Sookie has moved inside her home and I am frustrated I cannot get to her. “Sookie, I . . .”

“No, I deserved that.” Her back is to me, but I know she is crying because her shoulders are shaking. She turns slightly to look at me, her beautiful face streaked with tears. Fuck, I am an asshole!

Before I can apologize, she squares her shoulders, straightening her spine, and lifts her chin. There is the fire I missed; there is the woman who slapped me in my office. “I know I hurt you, and I’m sorry, sorrier than you can ever know. But that’s it; you got your one shot. I’m not going to be your punching bag, especially since I know you were fucking Nora the night after you said you loved me.” My mouth opens in utter astonishment. How does she . . . Compton! That bastard will meet the True Death before this is all over; I guarantee it.

“Now,” she says all business-like, “Mr. Northman, won’t you please come in?” Sookie also whispers an invitation for my child to enter the house before turning into the living room.

Walking slowly inside, I shut the door behind me. I hesitate to follow her; the smell of Herveaux is everywhere, but there is another scent more recent; a vampire. But the scent confuses me because it is a one that is entirely too familiar to me and it causes the ache inside me to throb painfully. The smell of sandalwood will forever remind me of Godric. With a heavy heart, I walk into the living room, unsure of whom the visitor is.

Sookie stands anxiously to the side, wringing her hands. My attention is focused on the vampire before me. Never in my wildest imaginings would I have expected to see my maker standing in front of the mantle where I had once spent hours exploring Sookie’s body as thoroughly as she explored my own. But there he stands . . . Godric, his beautiful face smiling softly as he stares at me with love in his eyes. My mind is completely incapable of forming any thoughts. Pam strolls into the house having concluded her investigation of the perimeter outside.

“Whatever vampire was outside has also been in here.” Pam strolls to my side, concern on her face as she looks at my shocked expression. “Eric, what is the matter?” She turns her head, “Fuck a zombie!” Pam has been fascinated with zombies ever since she started reading and watching The Walking Dead. She was oddly fascinated by the character Darryl, so much so that I bought her a t-shirt that said “If Darryl dies, we revolt” as a joke. “Sookie what the fuck have you done?”

“I didn’t do anything! I teleported home after leaving the two of you at Bellefleur’s, and I was waiting for the two of you to catch up. I opened up the door because I felt the void outside and it was Godric.”

“Is it really you?” My voice is a broken whisper as I stand rooted to the spot. Bloody tears fill my eyes as I stare at my maker . . . Fader. Broder. Son.

Godric’s smile widens before he answers me in the gentle, soothing tones I’ve longed to hear. “Yes, my child. I am here in the flesh.”

Without further ado, I vamp in front of my maker, dropping to my knees as I bury my sobbing face in his torso. My arms wrap tightly around him, holding him to me so that I will never lose him again. I don’t care that others are in the room witnessing my emotional outburst. Godric is in my arms once again, and for the first time in years, I feel . . . whole. Godric’s hand rests on my head, his fingers brushing through my hair in a soothing way.

“Eric,” he whispers. I pull back to stare at him. He wipes the bloody tears from my face, bringing the blood to his lips. The second Godric swallows my blood, I can feel my maker. It is not like the maker/child bond we shared before. It is closer to the tie I had with Sookie when she took my blood in Dallas.

I have so many questions to ask, things I do not understand. Godric must see the confusion on my face. He smiles again before touching his lips to my forehead. “Rise my child. There is much we need to discuss this night.” I rise slowly to my feet, my eyes flicking around the room as I suddenly feel embarrassed that others have witnessed my emotional outburst. However, I relax slightly when I see that Sookie and Pam are not in the living room. Sookie has seen me cry before, but Pam would never let me live it down. I’m sure I will be hearing about it for centuries to come. Walking into the kitchen, I find Sookie at the sink, wringing out a wet towel. She turns around and shrieks seeing me behind her.

“Cheese and rice, you scared me half to death!”

Her words remind me of a dream I had long ago. Shaking my head slightly to bring myself back to the moment I ask her where my wayward progeny is.

Sookie clears her throat uncomfortably. “She ah . . . she’s using the restroom. Said she needed a minute to clean up all the filth from the fight. And I thought you and Godric could use a moment alone.”

“Thank you,” I say humbly.

She smiles at me in understanding before passing me the wet cloth in her hands. “Here, why don’t you clean yourself up? Then we’ll talk in the living room. I’m sorry I don’t have anything to offer y’all to drink.” Despite everything, Sookie is still the proper Southern lady she was raised to be. Her generosity and kindness to everyone, no matter what they are, is truly amazing.

However, I cannot resist the opportunity to tease her. “Are you sure you have nothing to offer? I seem to remember a particularly sweet vintage between . . .” I leer at her as I drop the cloth on the table I had used to wipe my face.

“ERIC!!!!” Sookie turns a delicious shade of red as she interrupts me. I cannot help but laugh as she looks at me through narrowed eyes. She stalks towards the table and grabs the cloth I had dropped. Returning to the sink, she rinses the towel out before turning around again. She moves in front of me with the cloth still in her hand. “You missed a spot,” she tells me as she raises the cloth. I lean down so she can easily reach my face. She gently brushes the cloth against my skin, removing the remnants of my emotional outburst from my face. My gaze is locked on her beautiful face, and her eyes keep flicking up to meet mine. Her thumb accidentally brushes across my lips and I hear here suck in a quick breath. I grab her hand to hold it against my face, my lips parting so my tongue can come out to lick the skin of her thumb. The air between us is electric. Sookie’s heart beats rapidly and her chest rises and falls quickly as she pants for breath. I want to shout in victory when I smell her arousal, but instead I lower my head to her’s.

“Sook, where you at hookah?” Lafayette’s voice shatters the moment between us. She stumbles away from me, turning back to the sink so she can wash the towel one last time. Lafayette walks into the kitchen and flinches when he sees me. I truly bear him no ill will, but in this instant, I could easily kill him for interrupting my moment with Sookie.

“Hello sweetheart,” I purr just to fuck with him.

“Uh huh,” he says cautiously. His eyes move back and forth between Sookie and I, concern for his friend on his face. “Sook, you ok?”

Sookie turns around, giving him her “crazy Sookie” smile; I hate that smile. It’s the smile she uses when she is uncomfortable with something. “Oh you know, vampire attack, people dead and missing, just a normal night in Bon Temps.” Walking over to the refrigerator, she pulls out a beer. She quickly twists off the top before taking a long swallow.

Lafayette nods his head tiredly, “I hear you bitch; Imma head up to my room where I plans to alter my state of reality to the point I can sleep. Which room you want me to take?”

“Take my old room. Alcide’s stuff is in Jason’s old room.” Why aren’t the dog’s chew toys in her room?

“Aight. Willa back yet? I don’t trust my crazy ass aunt. She’s a drug addict and a trifflin’ bitch through and through,” Lafayette declares angrily.

“No honey, she’s not back yet. I’m sure she’s ok. You sure you doin’ ok?” Sookie moves to Lafayette, pulling him inside her embrace.

“Honestly Sook, I’m relieved.” Lafayette pulls back from Sookie’s embrace to wipe the tears from his eyes. “I grieved for Tara the first time she died when that Were bitch kilt her. The second time she died and I don’t feel nuthin’. How fucked up is that?” Sookie has no words of comfort to offer Lafayette. He moves up the stairs after wishing us all a good night.

Sookie rubs the palms of her hands against her eyes tiredly, her entire body sagging as if the weight of the world rests on her shoulders. I drift silently to her side, pulling one of her hands away from her face. Her other hand drops limply to her side. I squeeze her hand gently with my own. “I am sorry about Tara.” She smiles slightly at me and squeezes my hand in return. We stand in silence for several moments, our hands still clasped; enjoying the comfort we offer one another.

“We should get back to the others,” I say as I regretfully release Sookie’s hand. We return to the living room to find Godric still standing by the fireplace. Pam has returned and sits in the wingback chair; I smirk because I have very fond memories of that chair. However, the only place left to sit is on the couch with Sookie. Fortunately, she sits on the end furthest from Godric, leaving me to sit near my maker.

“Before we begin, there is one other that needs to be present for our story,” Godric begins once we are settled. “Miss Stackhouse, I will need your help for this. I have left a message with his answering service, but Niall has not returned my call.”

“Niall?” Sookie’s brow furrows as she frowns. “What does Niall have to do with this?”

A popping noise sounds in the kitchen heralding the arrival of the Prince of the Fae himself, Niall Brigant. In the thousand plus years I have walked this Earth, I have only seen Prince Brigant twice; once was on a battlefield centuries ago when Godric had saved the Prince’s son and the second time was at a summit shortly after the Great Revelation. What does the Prince have to do with my maker’s return?

Sookie rises to her feet as Prince Brigant walks into the room. His eyes shrewdly assess the room before landing on Sookie. His entire expression softens as he walks forward with his arms open embracing my Southern belle. “Hello child.”

“Grandfather what are you doing here?”

Grandfather?!?!?!?!?!?! That would make Sookie a member of the royal family. How is this possible? I had researched Sookie’s entire family tree shortly after we met; there was no known connection to the Fae. There had been no interference from the Fae until Sookie’s tasty fairy godmother had showed up once Sookie met her first vampire.

Niall Brigant gestures for Sookie to sit and stands on the opposite side of the mantle from Godric. “I am sorry I am late, but I was in a meeting. What have I missed?”

“I have waited to begin the tale Your Highness,” Godric inclines his head regally. “Really the beginning is not mine to tell. That is for you and Miss Stackhouse to share.”

“Me?” Sookie looks bewildered by Godric’s words. “I have no idea how you are here Godric! How could I possibly explain anything?”

Niall smiles indulgently at Sookie. “You may not understand your role in all of this my dearest Sookie, but you are the key to Godric’s return. Let me ask you this, when you witnessed Godric meeting the sun, what did you see?”

Sookie looks carefully at me before speaking. She and I have never spoken of that morning in Dallas. I often wanted to ask her how my maker met his end, but I did not have the courage. I feared the information would only further torture me. I nod at her encouragingly. Seeing my maker here despite meeting his True Death will prevent me from feeling any pain.

“Well,” Sookie begins slowly, “as the sky began to lighten, Godric’s skin began to smolder. Once the sun was above the horizon, his body burst into flames; the flames were unlike those of any other vampire I’ve seen burn. Godric,” she says turning to look directly at my maker, “you went up in blue and white flames. At most it took ten, fifteen seconds.” Sookie turns to me, unconsciously touching my hand that rests on the cushion between us. “When you walked into the sun to save us from Russell, you smoldered before burning. Once you and Russell started to burn, you both looked charred, like charcoal in a grill.”

“When I was in Sweden, I burned in the sun; instead of smoldering or charring, I instantly went up in red flames,” I say absentmindedly as I rub my thumb across the back of Sookie’s hand. Seeing the interaction between the two of us, Pam gives me a knowing look but says nothing. I ignore her reaction, deep in thought by the information Sookie has provided. I’ve never heard of a vampire going up in a blue and white flame. What does it mean?

“WHAT?!?!?!?!?!” Sookie pulls her hand back, staring at me in shock. “What do you mean you went up in flames in Sweden? What the hell were you doing?”

The look of absolute horror on her face makes me feel uncomfortable. Now that I am fully healed, Pam has been relentless in teasing me about my sunbathing debacle. If I see one more bottle of sunblock, SPF VAMP, I will personally destroy her vintage Dior collection. However, knowing my maker is in the room, I feel especially ridiculous recounting my tale of foolishness. Clearing my throat, I look at Sookie sheepishly. “After the destruction of the Vamp Camp, I needed to get away. I was in Sweden, and decided to take advantage of Warlow’s blood by sunbathing on a mountaintop. But something went wrong because I started to smolder and then burst into flame. There was nothing else around; the only reason I didn’t meet the True Death is because I fell into a hidden crevice in the snow.”

Godric shows no reaction to my story, but Sookie sits in stunned silence. I look to the Fae prince for some help, but he stands with an indifferent look on his face. “It’s my fault,” Sookie finally whispers. She looks at me, shame radiating from her lovely eyes. “If I hadn’t sealed the stake in Warlow’s chest with my light, you wouldn’t have burned. Eric, I am so sorry; I had no idea you would be hurt. It’s my fault,” she whispers again as tears begin to slide down her beautiful face. She drops her face into her hands, sobbing.

I cannot stand to see Sookie so desolate, so I pick her up, settling her across my lap. My lips are pressed against her temple as my arms move loosely around her. I rock her gently as I look to Godric and Niall for an explanation. “What is she talking about?”

Niall Brigant, Prince of the Fae, offers an explanation. “Warlow,” he growls out, “intended to make Sookie his fairy vampire bride. He had nearly drained her in the other realm because she refused. Jason and some others managed to bring Sookie back here, but she was badly injured. Warlow had her cornered in the bathroom. There used to be a portal in Sookie’s bathroom; I broke through the portal, trying to pull him through with me. As we struggled, Jason staked Warlow, but nothing happened. At my suggestion, Sookie bound the stake to Warlow’s chest using her light resulting in his True Death. Instead of exploding into a pile of goo, he turned into red fairy dust. The others that had Warlow’s blood all said they experienced some sensation when he passed, as if his magic faded from their body.”

Doing the math rapidly, with the time change, I realize that my stunning pyrotechnic display coincides with the time that Warlow met the True Death. I cannot find it in myself to be upset; if meeting my True Death would have saved Sookie, then so be it. Brushing my lips against Sookie’s head, I pull her closer to me, trying to comfort her as much as possible. “What else happened after Warlow met his True Death?”

Sookie stiffens in my arms, but does not speak. Looking to Niall, he continues the story. “Shortly after, Sookie screamed in pain and fainted. We could not get her to wake up, so I summoned Dr. Ludwig. According to the good doctor, my great-granddaughter was in a coma. Ludwig did not know what caused the coma, nor does she know what caused Sookie to awaken two weeks later. When Sookie woke up, she was perfectly fine; it was as if she had just been taking a nap.”

Pam looks at me with widened eyes, but I shake my head negatively at her. There are so many things that Sookie and I need to discuss, but now is not the time. I need to get the angel in my arms to calm down. “Sookie,” I murmur with my lips in her hair, “you have nothing to apologize for.” She rears back to look at me in surprise. I hold her face between my hands so she is forced to look at me, to know the truth of my words. “You had no idea I would be injured. I am a vampire Sookie,” I say with a mocking smirk. “Why the fuck did I think I could sunbathe in the nude?”

Sookie’s mouth moves into a perfect O as she stares at me. A blush spreads across her cheeks and she shifts slightly on my lap. I cannot lie; having her close to me has affected me. She shifts again on my lap and it takes every ounce of strength I have not to moan. Her voice is an octave or two higher as she squeaks out, “Nude?”

I give her my sexiest smirk, “I didn’t want tan lines.” Sookie’s eyes lose their focus as she whispers “oh”. As much as I would like to exploit Sookie’s reaction, we have gotten off track. “Sookie, I swear to you, that I do not blame you for anything. I have healed, you are free from Warlow; everything has worked out,” I press a kiss to her forehead before setting her beside me. I keep her hand tucked between mine. “We do not have much time before the sun rises, and I for one, am most curious to hear how my maker is standing before us.”

Godric smiles happily seeing Sookie and me sitting next to each other, but he makes no comment and Niall continues with his tale. “As Sookie said, Godric went up in blue and white flames. Godric did not meet the True Death like he envisioned; he ended up in a Fae realm instead. The blue and white flames you saw my dear,” Niall says with a glance to Sookie, “were actually a portal to the Summerlands.”

Godric picks up the tale from here. “I did not know this, but my birth mother had been part-Fae. I remember her being beautiful, kind, and she was a gifted healer among my people. I never saw my mother again after I was taken by the Roman soldiers. As a slave, I worked the fields during the day, but at night I was at the mercy of the vampire that would eventually become my maker.” Godric’s voice is devoid of all emotion, but there is a slight tightening of his facial muscles and his body is rigid. I have never heard Godric speak of his maker; all I know is that Godric spent many years in hiding because he delivered the True Death to his maker. “My maker turned me so he could have an unlimited supply of Fae blood. For several centuries, I was little more than a blood slave. It was by sheer luck that I met Niall; he recognized the Faeness about me despite my vampire nature. It is with his help that I was able to send my maker to his True Death.” Godric bows regally to Niall who inclines his head in return.

Godric sighs; the simple action releasing all the tension in his body. “When I chose to meet my True Death, I had no idea what would be waiting for me; I had hoped to find myself in Heaven, but I was prepared for Hell. To find myself in the Summerlands was a complete surprise. It is,” his expression turns into one of pure joy, “majestic . . . beautiful . . . paradise. I was reunited with my human mother,” he says in a whisper. “And she welcomed me with open arms. She did not judge me for anything I had done in my time on this Earth. Her acceptance and compassion were the greatest gifts I could ever hope to receive.”

A bloody tear moves slowly down Godric’s face. “As wonderful as the Summerlands were, I was not at peace. In the Summerlands, we are able to watch over those we have left. And I watched over you my child,” Godric says as he directs the intensity of his gaze on me. His eyes are full of love and pain. It is enough to make my eyes fill with tears. “My heart ached for you my child; I suffered as you suffered. I apologize for leaving you when you needed me most. I have failed you,” Godric says as he hangs his head in shame.

Sookie squeezes my hand reassuringly. When I turn to look at her, she gestures with her head for me to go to Godric. I hesitate; even though we are openly expressing our emotions this evening, I do not know if my maker will welcome me going to his side. She squeezes my hand once more and mouths ‘go’. Doing as she suggests, I rise from the couch moving to my maker. I wipe the tear from his face before wrapping my arms around him. To my astonishment, he wraps his arms around me. We stay that way for several minutes; no one in the room says a word. My eyes drift to Sookie who is staring at Godric and me with tears rolling down her face, but a beautiful smile curves her lush lips. When I look at Pam, I see she too is smiling at my maker and me.

Godric shifts out of my arms. “It is late; dawn will be here in a few hours, and there is still much to discuss.” Instead of resuming his stance beside the fireplace, Godric sits beside Sookie. Taking her hand between the two of his, Godric continues his tale. “My dear, I have you to thank for my return to his realm.”

Upon seeing Sookie’s questioning look, Niall explains this part of the tale. “There is a way for us to bring someone back from the Summerlands if they are willing. It is very old magic, not to mention very dangerous. It requires the blood of someone from the individual’s family line.”

“My blood,” Sookie states in wonder as she looks between Niall and Godric. I am confused as is Pam. Sookie hurries on with her explanation, “A few weeks ago when you had Dr. Ludwig take my blood, you said you needed it for something secret, something that would help us, but you wouldn’t tell me what because you didn’t want to get my hopes up. THIS is what you needed my blood for?” At Niall’s nod, Sookie continues. “But I don’t understand. How did my blood bring Godric back?”

Godric smiles gently at Sookie, squeezing her hand reassuringly. “You, my dear, have the blood of my child in you. I know it is very faint, but the connection is still there even if you cannot feel each other. Eric’s blood is the blood of my line. But you also have the added advantage of being of my Fae line. We are very distantly related; Niall is our common ancestor.” Godric again smiles gently at Sookie, trying to soften the blow for her. I don’t know about Sookie, but I am reeling from all this information; I’m on emotional overload.

Leave it to my child to break the intensity of the situation. “So once again, Sookie and her fairy snatch save the day. Tell me, are you hiding the cure for Hep V between your legs too?”

Before I can reprimand Pam for her crass words, Sookie breaks out in a fit of laughter. “What’s the matter Pam, are you jealous because you haven’t had a taste? Or did someone accidentally shove a stake up your ass during the fight tonight?” Sookie smiles sweetly at Pam who just stares at Sookie with a slight twisting of her lips. My body once again reacts to the saucy fairy on the couch. It really is ridiculous how easily she can get a rise out of me . . . in more ways than one.

Before the conversation can continue, the screen door in the kitchen squeaks open and then bangs shut. Willa and Alcide both stand at the entry to the living room. Just seeing Herveaux raises my hackles, and I want to growl at him. I cannot believe I am jealous of a Were, but I am. He has the current claim to Sookie and I hate it. I never should have left her; I never should have let her push me away. If we survive this latest threat, I vow that she will not run from me again; we will be discussing our future together because I want it all.

“I didn’t realize you had company Sook.” The Were inclines his head toward Niall. “Your Highness.”

Willa looks utterly confused and I am once again reminded of how I have failed her as a maker. There is much I must make amends for. “Willa, I would like you to meet His Highness, Prince Brigant of the Sky Fae. Also, I want to introduce you to my maker Godric.” She nods deferentially to each of them, making me proud of her.

“It is a pleasure to see you again Prince Brigant,” she says surprising me. “But I thought your maker . . . err . . .” Willa looks uncomfortable as she struggles to finish her sentence.

Sookie comes to her rescue. “It’s a long story; we’ll fill you in later. Did Reverend and Mrs. Daniels get home OK?”

Willa nods. “They did, but Mrs. Daniels was going on about how Tara was speaking to her, how she needed help. She finally calmed down and fell asleep. I left once she was settled.”

Sookie’s lips curl in disgust. “I don’t know if Lettie Mae is back to her addict ways or if she’s a medium like Lafayette and his mother. Either that or she’s just trying to get attention.” Sookie’s expression shifts to one of concern. “Willa, honey, did you feed tonight? You’re looking a little pale.” At Willa’s negative shake of her head, Sookie’s frown deepens. “You need to feed sweetie.”

“I’ll do it,” Alcide volunteers. He gives Willa a small smile. “I know vamps usually don’t like the taste of Weres but beggars can’t be choosers. Is that alright with you?”

Willa chews her lower lip nervously. What’s this? Willa fancies the Were? How is that possible? Does Sookie have any idea? As much as I want Sookie for myself, I do not want to see her hurt. I am torn, a feeling I am not altogether comfortable with. Sookie is right; Willa needs to feed, but I do not think the Were is the best option. However, it is the beautiful fairy that I covet that makes the decision for everyone.

“Willa, why don’t you take Alcide to your room so you can feed in private? Do you need someone to come with you to help you stop?”

If Willa could blush, I’m sure she would be. “No, I’m not that hungry,” she says shyly. However, the look on her face says she wants to devour the Were whole.

“Give me a few minutes to grab something to eat, then shower and change. I’ll meet you in your room.” Alcide says with a wolfish grin and wink before stomping into the kitchen. In less than a minute, he’s bounding up the steps with what looks to be a sandwich in his hands. Once he is out of sight, Willa bids those of us remaining a good night before vamping out the door.

Pam asks, “Where is she going?”

“Alcide built light-tight resting places on my property,” Sookie says in an off-hand way. “After y’all left and news of the Hepatitis V infection spread, I wanted to make sure Willa and Tara had someplace safe to stay. I didn’t want them sharing the cubby; I didn’t think it was enough space for the two of them. And obviously, Bill’s house wasn’t an option,” Sookie says in disgust.

Sookie rises from the couch, stretching her small body as a large yawn escapes her. “I’m sorry y’all; it’s been a long day and I’m exhausted. Unless y’all have someplace else to stay, you’re more than welcome to stay here. Alcide can show you where to go.” She walks to Niall, embracing him tightly. “It’s good to see you again Grandfather.” Niall returns her embrace, saying he will see her soon before teleporting out of the house.

Godric rises from the couch as Sookie turns to face him. I can tell Sookie wishes to touch him, but she refrains knowing that vampires do not like to be touched without invitation. Godric must also sense Sookie’s hesitation because he opens his arms to her. Sookie walks into his embrace, her head resting on his shoulder. “I’m so happy you’re here Godric. Eric isn’t the only one that has missed you,” she whispers into his ear. Godric smiles happily at her words as he releases her.

Pam stands awkwardly from her seat, and she and Sookie engage in a stare off. Sookie is the one to break the staring contest. “I know we haven’t always gotten along, and I know you don’t really like me. But I want to thank you.” Sookie draws in a shuddering breath before continuing. “Thank you for giving me extra time with Tara. I would have lost her months ago.” Tears fill her beautiful eyes and her voice breaks as she continues. “So thank you for that.”

My darling child hates showing emotion in front of others, but I can tell Sookie’s words have affected her. Pam’s jaw has locked and her eyes are focused upwards, two indications that she is trying not to cry. “Yeah well, you still owe me for that fucking yellow Walmart sweat suit.”

Sookie smiles through her tears. “I think there’s a pink one in a closet upstairs if you want it.”

Pam rolls her eyes, but she and Godric head outside to wait for the Were, leaving me alone in the living room with the object of my desires. “Are you sure it’s a good idea for Willa to feed on Alcide?”

Sookie shrugs before replying nonchalantly. “What about him? He’s a big boy; I’m sure he can take care of himself. He wouldn’t have volunteered if he didn’t want to do it; he worries about Willa just as much as the rest of us. Are you worried about Willa? It’s not like Alcide can give her rabies. And I made sure he had a flea bath after the last full moon,” she says with a laugh.

I look at her incredulously. Has she forgotten what happens when a vampire feeds? “What if he fucks her?” I have to be blunt, I need her to understand.

Sookie shrugs and yawns again. “Like I said, he’s a big boy; he can take care of himself. It’s not like he’s going to have a litter of puppies with Willa.” She yawns again and her eyes droop. “Eric, I really am tired. You’re welcome to stay in the cubby if you want. I swear to you that no one will bother you.”

She turns to walk towards the stairs but stops. Before I can react, she is wrapping her arms around me, pressing her face against my chest. “I’m glad you’re back,” she whispers into my chest. Before I can react, she has released me and is running up the stairs to her room.

My eyes are still trained on the stairs when the Were comes downstairs. He’s wearing a pair of track pants and nothing else. Herveaux and I stare at each other silently, assessing each other. “If you hurt her, I will kill you,” he tells me in a voice that rumbles with a growl.

I nod my head in acknowledgement of his threat. I don’t fear the Were; he is no match for me if we were to fight. My voice is malevolent as I respond, “The same goes for you. And believe me; no one will be able to find you when I do kill you.”

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