The Balance Series

This is my attempt to “fix” Season 7 of True Blood, which I think will be an epic failure.  What can I say?  I’m a pessimist at heart when it comes to True Blood . . . they’ve given Charlaine Harris a cameo in the last episode . . . the newest promo pic has Sookie crying a blood tear . . . nothing good can come from this.

The beginning of this series is Never Be, which is Sookie’s POV explaining the six month gap between Warlow’s death and the last scene of Season 6.

The second part of the series is Longing, which is Eric’s POV explaining the same six month time period.

The last part of the series is Hanging in the Balance, which will be my take on Season 7.

Never BeLonging Story Banner 6

hanging in the balance2


Thanks to the wonderfully talented and creative Sephrenia and Gyllene for the banners!

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