Jason’s POV

JasonBein’ me is awesome!

I’m out at my favorite bar with a hot girl, and I know I’m gonna get lucky tonight. Hell, I get lucky almost every night. But there is something different about this girl. She seems to be a little wilder than the other girls I been with. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not into that fucked up shit that’ll get ya’ hurt or sumthin’. But I enjoy a little variety in my bed….and I don’t mean just by having a different woman all the time.

Like I said bein’ me is awesome!

I signal the waitress, Arlene, so she knows me and my date need another round of drinks. Arlene nods her head and makes her way to the bar. As Arlene is waitin’ for the drinks, my sister Sookie stands next to her waitin’ for her own order.

Sookie…she’s my sister and I love her. But I don’t understand her. She’s always been different; hell everyone calls her “Crazy Sookie”. She’s not crazy, she’s just got sumthin’ extra up in her head. I always tried to protect her since Momma and Daddy died. As a kid, I’d beat up those little shits that would pick on her too bad. When we growed up, I would still beat up those assholes that would try to take advantage of her. She’s my sister, and I’m not letting any asshole run roughshod over her. But then she got mixed up with them vampers. I don’t know how to protect her from that. Since she met Vampire Bill, she’s been hurt and in the hospital more than ever before in her life. Those vamps ain’t good for her. You think she would have learnt that after Gran died. I know Gran dyin’ wasn’t Sook’s fault, but part of me still blames her for it. If she hadn’t been with Vampire Bill, Rene wouldn’ta came after Sook.

Arlene drops off our drinks as I keep watchin’ Sook. I’ve been starin’ at Sookie so long, that my date is gettin’ jealous. “If you’d rather be with that bitch, what’dya bring me here for,” she says to me with a frown on her face.

I blink at her twice, not understandin’ what she just said. I look back at Sookie who is makin’ her way through her tables. I gesture with my head, “That’s my sister, Sookie. I was just checkin’ to make sure she’s a’right. I don’t want any of these drunk fucks to mess with her.”

My date settles back in her chair with a smile. She takes a long swallow of her beer. As she sets the bottle back down, she starts running her fingers up and down my arm teasingly. Girls always like it when they know you protect your family, so I know I just got me some brownie points. She leans into my ear and purrs, “I’m sorry baby. I thought you wanted her over me. And I had such plans for us tonight,” she says as she flicks her tongue against my ear. As she pulls back, I see her hand start slowly moving down her neck to the tops of her tits, tracin’ along the line of her shirt. My eyes bulge a little as I gulp down my beer. My eyes aren’t the only thing bulgin’ at the moment.

I hurriedly throw some money down on the table, grab my date’s hand, “C’mon, let’s go.” As we walk out of Merlotte’s, I wave bye to my friends. Of course, they start hootin’ and catcallin’ cause they know what we’re up to.

Like I said, bein’ me is awesome!

I push her out of Merlotte’s. Once we get to my truck, I push her against the door and crash my lips down on hers. Her hands go to my belt, quickly undoing the buckle, popping the button on my jeans, and pushing my zipper down. Next she pushes her hands inside my boxers, and I hiss when she wraps her hands around my dick. She starts pumping me with both her hands, and my hips start thrusting, pushing my dick further into her hands. My hands go to her boobs, pushing them together and kneading them. My actions cause her nipples to pop out of her top; I love when women don’t wear a bra. My head lowers to lick along her boobs, reaching her nipple and sucking it into my mouth. She moans and rubs against me like a cat in heat. Before I can move my mouth to her other nipple, she slides down my body to her knees. She looks up at me with a smirk on her face and licks her lips. She leans forward and licks the tip of my cock, my eyes roll back into my head. She quickly grabs my hips and takes my cock into her mouth, swallowing so that I go down her throat. I can’t help the moan that leaves my mouth and my arms move to brace me against my truck. I am quickly losing control. I’m not a one-pump chump, but I don’t think any guy would be able to last when they have someone deep-throating their cock. And this girl is a MASTER at it! Before I can warn her, I’m shooting my cum into her mouth. She doesn’t seem to mind; she keeps sucking me until I start to go soft. She tucks me back into my shorts, fixes my pants, stands back up. I’m still braced against the truck, I’ve lost all function in my legs. She wipes the corners of her mouth with her finger and sucks her finger into her mouth. My eyes widen and I can’t believe it, but I’m getting’ turned on again.

I release a breath shakily, “Damn girl, you’re a real wildcat!”

She laughs and boosts herself up into my truck. Before she shuts the door I hear her say, “You have no idea.”

Once I feel like I can move, I get into my truck. “Where to, darlin’?” as I start the engine.

“Let’s go back to your place. And remember, my names Crystal. You’ll be screaming it later tonight.”

I don’t live too far from Merlotte’s. It’s the house that my parents owned. I pull into the drive, and we both get out. I unlock the door, and Crystal walks in. I close the door behind her, and set my keys down on the table. Sometimes bein’ in this house makes me sad. I know I seem like a horn dog, but I really want to settle down and have a family like my Momma and Daddy did. I miss bein’ a family. Maybe I’ve finally found the girl I can have that with.

I look up and see Crystal in my bedroom door. She’s untied her shirt and it falls to her waist. She runs her hands up her stomach and clutches her tits. Her left hand rubs her nipple, and her right hand crooks a finger at me to move towards her. As I walk to her, I pull my shirt over my head and throw it on the couch. Goddamn, I can’t believe my luck! This year is gonna be awesome! I think I finally found a girl who can keep up with me. I can’t wait to see where the new year takes us. That’s the last thought I have for the rest of the night.

Eric’s POV

Claudine’s POV

Bill’s POV

Hallow’s POV

Sookie’s POV

2 Responses to Jason’s POV

  1. kleannhouse says:

    poor simple minded Jason, so dim witted,,, KY

  2. theladykt says:

    ugh He is such a goober. Of course being raped by her psycho panther “family” isn’t cool though.

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