Hallow’s POV


I look at my brother Mark with a feeling of anticipation. If everything goes to plan tonight, the Viking will be eliminated.

Our associate is at Fangtasia to see if the vampire will accept our terms. Not that I think he will. Vampires and Weres have enough trouble getting along with each other to begin with. You add in the fact that I’m a witch as well as a Were, and I knew the Northman would have no interest in associating with me. It is of no consequence. I did not want the vampire to accept my offer. I wouldn’t have minded fucking him because he is the most attractive being I’ve ever seen, even if he is dead, but I have more pressing matters to deal with.

Mark and I came to Shreveport with a purpose. We’ve run scams in other areas, stripping other Supes of their money and power. Everything was going great until Mom and Dad got caught, and then everything went to shit. Mom and Dad were sentenced to prison for running confidence schemes. Mark and I tried to appeal to other Supes to help them out, but Mom and Dad had fucked over a lot of people, and no one was willing. While incarcerated, Mom antagonized a Voodoo priestess. The priestess tortured Mom and ultimately killed her. I suppose Dad was luckier, he was shanked while in the prison yard and died instantly.

When Mark and I learned of our parents’ fate, we wanted revenge, and there was one individual willing to help us. As always, nothing is free, and this individual’s help comes with a steep price. So we came to Louisiana to scout the area. All our information pointed to Area 5 as being the most prosperous. My employer told me to do whatever was necessary to destabilize Area 5. To do that, Mark and I agreed we first needed to take out the Sheriff. He inspired loyalty among those that followed him. He worked well with the other Supes in the area; not necessarily respecting them, but he tolerated them, knowing that everyone had their uses. Once the Sheriff was out-of-the-way, the other vamps would be out of control. As for the other Supes in the area, they are no match for the magic Mark and I can wield. As a precaution, Mark and I have increased the size of our coven…whether they were willing or not.

A sudden surge of power goes through me. It seems that the Viking has refused our offer. Good. That will make things easier for DeCastro when he moves on Louisiana. And I will already be in place as one of his loyal subjects.

Eric’s POV

Claudine’s POV

Bill’s POV

Jason’s POV

Sookie’s POV

2 Responses to Hallow’s POV

  1. kleannhouse says:

    oh I like your twist with Hallow and Felipe… KY

  2. theladykt says:

    Hallow the whore and Creepy Felipe. Figures they are in bed with each other.

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