Eric’s POV

Eric in Fangtasia

To a vampire, tonight has no more significance than any other night in an eternity of night. But to humans, tonight is New Year’s Eve; a night to celebrate the end of the old, and the beginning of the new. Tonight is the night to make resolutions to make themselves into a better human being. As I sit on my throne in Fangtasia enthralling the vermin, all I can think is…


Resolutions are lies people tell themselves. Most will be broken within a month. Lose weight, spend more time with family, and give more to charity…Lies. Humans will never improve themselves, as a whole, because they are too lazy to accept change.

Overlooking the sea of vermin in the club, I am disgusted. These pitiful creatures come looking for a thrill, a taste of danger, thinking that they are enticing to us in cheap latex, drugs and alcohol coursing through their blood, and stinking of desperation. What they fail to realize is they mean nothing to us. They are just a feed and fuck. None of them are worth of my time and attention. No human is…

Except Sookie.

She is the first human in centuries to gain my attention. Even Pamela did not capture my attention the way Sookie has. From the minute she first walked into Fangtasia, she has preyed on my thoughts. Compton was a fucking idiot to bring her into my bar and think I would not notice her. He should have told her how to dress if he wanted to remain inconspicuous. But instead, she walked into my bar wearing a white dress with red on it, and smelling like wheat, honey, and sunlight…..she is lucky I did not fuck her and drain her that night. Believe me, I wanted to. It was my intention to glamour her away from Compton that night, but she resisted my glamour. Even when she sat next to me, I attempted to glamour her, and again it did not work. My instinct then was to kill what I could not control. As I was making plans how to dispose of her, she warned me of the raid and told me of her telepathy. I would have ended her instantly if she could read vampire minds. She assures me she cannot, but I do not think that is the complete truth.

I have been so deep in thought that I failed to notice one of the vermin making their way towards me. She is wearing black latex (how original) that hangs on her body like a burlap sack. She reeks of narcotics and alcohol. She has visible bite marks on her arms and neck, leading me to believe she is like a bicycle and will let everyone climb on board for a ride. My palette has become more discerning since meeting a certain blonde telepath…

I snarl at the woman before she can drop to her knees and speak. I use my vampire speed to vacate my throne and enter my office. I slam the door behind me in frustration.

Why do I keep thinking about her? She is not mine, and has no wish to be mine. She made that very clear when she rescinded my invitation after Jackson.


My mind tries not to think about Jackson, but my cock instantly hardens remembering what transpired in that bed. Had Bubba not interrupted when he did, I would have pleasured Sookie for hours and ensured she was mine before the sun rose. My mind replays the images from that night, and I snarl in frustration.

I throw myself into my office chair and release myself from my pants. I begin stroking my cock as I remember the feel of Sookie’s body, her taste. My hand moves faster as I remember the night of that ridiculous orgy Sookie had me escort her too. My hand moves even faster as I remember Dallas; our kiss, the taste of her blood as I cleaned her arm, and her mouth sucking the bullet out of my body. Remembering her taking my blood sends me over the edge, and I cum all over my hand and desk.

I snarl in frustration again as I clean up, throwing my shirt into the corner because there is cum on it. I am Eric Northman; I am a vampire; I fuck and feed on anyone I want. I have no need to jerk off to memories of some girl who does not want me. Any of the vermin in my bar would beg for the chance to suck my cock. What is it about Sookie Stackhouse that enthralls me so?

As I finish cleaning up, I settle back into my chair. Not for the first time, I think I should end her. If I end her, I will no longer think about her.

I feel Sookie’s sadness through the blood tie. It instantly stops my thoughts, and I analyze what she is feeling. She feels exhausted, hopeless, alone… and unloved. As I feel these emotions from her, I realize I do not wish to end Sookie Stackhouse.

I want her to be mine.

Not my pet.

My mate.

I smirk to myself as I hear the countdown begin in the bar. I, Eric Northman, 1000 year old Viking Vampire, have a New Year’s Resolution.

I will do whatever it takes to make Sookie Stackhouse mine.

Just as the vermin reach zero and begin saying Happy New Year, I sense Pam at my office door.

“Enter.” I call out to my child.

Pamela and Chow enter with someone following behind them. Pam says, “Master, the witches are here to see you.”

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Bill’s POV

Hallow’s POV

Jason’s POV

Sookie’s POV

3 Responses to Eric’s POV

  1. morggys says:

    run Eric! run!
    thank you this was sweet too!

  2. kleannhouse says:

    that was good, yes he needs to run and run he will… KY

  3. theladykt says:

    He’s right about resolutions.

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