Claudine’s POV


I can’t help but laugh at the show my brother Claude is putting on. At Hooligans, they are having a New Year’s Eve bash for the single women. It’s an idea Claude gave to Rita Child, the owner of Hooligans. Claude said what better way for lonely, single women to spend New Year’s Eve than spending their money on him. I had to roll my eyes when I heard it. Of course, Claude would only see the benefit for himself. As long as he is getting attention, he doesn’t care about anything else. But at least he is giving the women in attendance all of their money’s worth. Claude is on stage as the Pirate. He walked on stage wearing soft black leather pants, knee-high black boots, a white lace up shirt that was loosely tied, and a rapier…I mean a sword. I’ve lived so long that I sometimes forget what age I am in.

As I walk around the back of Hooligans, I keep my eyes on Claude. He slowly unlaced the closure of his white shirt, as the women in the audience screamed in encouragement. Once his shirt was off, he placed his sword flat against his body and started to slowly thrust against it. His dance movements were driving the women to a frenzy, the noise level in the club increasing as the women scream, clap, whistle, whatever they can do to make noise showing their appreciation for my brother. I shake my head, laughing again. Being Faery, our appeal to everyone is universal because we tend to be more attractive than the average human. Claude stops his thrusting when a very exuberant group of women near the stage begin waving handfuls of cash at him. Seeing this, Claude saunters over to the group of women and stabs his swords into the table they sit around. He climbs on the table and starts to gyrate on the sword, shaking his bottom in the face of the women. The women adore him; they are throwing money at him, their hands are pushing dollar bills into his boots, into the waste of his pants. As the music reaches a crescendo, he stands up straight and rips his pants off. The women in the club scream like teenagers when they realize Claude is wearing nothing more than a G-string. You can tell from Claude’s body that he has enjoyed the adulation of the women, since the G-string barely covers his penis. The women scream and clap louder than before. I pass my sister Claudette as I make my way out of the club and we grin at each other. I wonder how much these women would still scream for Claude if they knew he was more interested in the previous dancer, Jeff, then any of them.

As much as I would have enjoyed staying at Hooligans with my siblings tonight, I have somewhere else I need to be. I start my car and head towards Bon Temps. I can’t help but think about my plans for the upcoming year. I have recently agreed to be the Fairy Godmother to Sookie Stackhouse. It is one of the steps needed for me to ascend to being an angel. Something tells me that I may have my work cut out for me on this one. From the information I have been able to gather from Sookie’s friend Tara, Sookie has become something of a trouble magnet. Well, what do you expect when you hang out with vampires?

I have been tasked with ensuring that Sookie stays safe. I’m not exactly sure why the Prince of the Fae is so interested in Sookie. I understand that she is the granddaughter of his deceased son Fintan, and that she has the essential spark. But what I don’t understand is his fascination with her. It cannot be that she is his great-granddaughter. He has other family members still living that are much more Fae than Sookie and have the essential spark. I am the granddaughter of the Prince. I wonder if he wants her for her telepathy. However, that doesn’t seem likely. Telepathy would be of no benefit to him since the Fae cannot lie to each other, although that doesn’t mean we are exactly honest with each other either. Sookie must have something that the Prince wants, but I don’t know what that is. I have no wish for the Prince to be another being in Sookie’s life that uses or abuses her. She seems like a sweet girl who hasn’t been given a single break in her life. I mentally flip through everything that I know about her life. The death of her parents at a young age…the sexual and mental abuse by her uncle (at least the vampire did something right while with Sookie)…the telepathy that caused her to be ostracized and ridiculed by everyone in Bon Temps…the murder of her beloved grandmother… it’s a wonder Sookie hasn’t spiraled out of control with everything that has gone wrong in her life.

I pull into Merlotte’s parking lot and get out of my car. I look around quickly to make sure no one is around. Seeing that I am alone, I snap my fingers and the air around me shimmers briefly. I am now dressed in a skin-tight long-sleeved orange dress and my dark hair is hanging down my back in soft waves. I make my way into Merlotte’s and see my god-daughter. Sookie is hustling from the bar to one of her tables, carrying a tray full of drinks and food. As I start-up a conversation with a bunch of men standing around the pool table, I can’t help but notice that although she is surrounded by people, she seems alone. I laugh at the group of men around the pool table, and make my way towards the bar as one of the men tries to convince me to celebrate the New Year with a bang… in the back of his truck. As much as I enjoy being around humans, I have no wish to take a human lover. Eventually I wish to have a child, but I wish for the child to be a Fae. Sookie is all the proof I need to show me that a half Fae – half human child is not an option. I move to stand next to Sookie at the bar. She briefly glances at me and gives me what I know she refers to as her “Crazy Sookie” smile. I can tell she recognizes that I am not human, but she doesn’t know what I am.

Oh my dear child, I think to myself as she walks away with another table’s order, I only wish to keep you safe and happy. Perhaps by doing this, I can get my wish as well. Only time will tell.

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2 Responses to Claudine’s POV

  1. kleannhouse says:

    hmm i like the thoughts of Claudine… KY

  2. theladykt says:

    I was sad when she died.

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