Bill’s POV

I am so fucked!

Jackson has derailed all of my plans about Sookie. I am to procure Sookie for Queen Sophie-Anne long before this. André, the Queen’s second in command, has been calling incessantly asking when I would be bringing the “telepath” to New Orleans.

To avoid the calls, I told the Queen I needed more information for the vampire database. I told Sophie-Anne there was a vampire in Lima that was willing to give me information about the vampires in South America. Vampires in South America tend to be more secretive than usual, because they have not been accepted by the humans. Many vampires met their True Death after the Great Revelation. Those that still live in South America are underground for the most part. Thinking this information would increase the value of the database, Sophie-Anne quickly agreed for me to go. She is blinded by her own greed. Before I left Louisiana, she did tell me that she expected Sookie in New Orleans shortly after I return from my trip. I told her that Sookie needed time to recover from the wounds she received in Jackson from Steve Newlin and the Weres, and we would both be in New Orleans soon.

What I didn’t tell Sophie-Anne was that Sookie rescinded my invitation. I panicked when she rescinded my invitation. Not only would I no longer have access to her, but my computer and the vampire database were in her “hidey-hole”. Eventually Sookie returned the computer and database to me, but that isn’t what I was most concerned with.

I need access to Sookie’s house. I need to have access to Sookie.

I’m not entirely sure what she remembers about the events in Jackson, or what she has put together. For someone who should know the worst about humanity, she is incredibly naïve when it comes to my behavior.

But then again, that’s because of the blood.

Ever since the night I had the Rattray’s beat Sookie, she has had my blood inside her. That night, I began forming a blood bond with her. As she took my blood, I licked the blood from the wound on her head. She has had my blood several times that she knows about since then (and some that she doesn’t), and you can be sure that I have had plenty of her blood. But she has resisted my attempts to control her. It could be because of her telepathy and shields, but I don’t think it is. I think there is another reason she is resisting my control.


I knew taking Sookie to Fangtasia was a mistake. I knew once Eric saw Sookie, he would want her. Eric has gotten his blood into Sookie every chance he gets. I cannot prove it, but I’m sure he gave her some of his blood after the Maenad attack. He manipulated the situation in Dallas to get Sookie to voluntarily take his blood. And Sookie smelled so much like Eric in Jackson, that I almost drained her and raped her in that trunk to prove to her she is MINE!

Even though I have to take Sookie to New Orleans, Sophie-Anne promised me that Sookie would stay my pet as part of my procurement fee. Of course, I will happily share Sookie with my Queen and her children as often as she wishes. Perhaps, Sophie-Anne will allow me to join as she fucks and feeds from Sookie.

As images of me with Sophie-Anne and Sookie flood through my head and harden my cock, there is a knock at the door of my hotel room.

“Room service,” a voice says on the other side of the door.

When I open the door, I see the meal I ordered; an A- woman with blond hair and brown eyes, and an O+ woman with black hair and brown eyes. Both women are voluptuous; their bodies encased in black dresses plunging to the naval, backless, and stopping mid-thigh. As they walk into the room, I notice they are wearing high heels. My fangs snap down as I realize that I will get to enact some of the fantasies that have gone through my mind of myself with Sookie and Sophie-Anne.

The two women stop just inside my hotel room. The A- turns to me, “Where would you like us to set up your meal?”

I blur to both, and rip their dresses off. I push the O+ to her knees, and I grab the A- by her throat. I smell the fear and arousal coming off both women and it causes me to smile. Fear and sex force adrenaline through the body, which makes the blood taste better, and causes it to flow out of the body more quickly.

“We have all night ladies. Why don’t we start with the first course of our meal right here?” As I say this, the O+ undoes the tie on my robe and starts to suck my cock. While she is doing that, I sink my fangs into the throat of the A-. She moans loudly as I start to suck hard, and my fingers move to her clit. I begin rubbing my fingers at vamp speed over her clit, feeling her wetness coat my fingers. I pull my fangs out of her neck as she screams and cums over my hand from her climax. As the A- sinks to the floor when I let her go, I stop the O+ from sucking on my cock further. I have her get on her hands and knees. I tell the A- to lie down in front of the O+, so that the O+ has her face buried in the other woman’s pussy. I tell the women not to move. I move behind the O+ and roughly enter her from behind. I’m using long, slow thrusts into her, so that as I push into her, her face is moving around the other woman’s pussy, eating her just the way I want her to. It reminds me of the fantasy I have involving Sookie and Sophie-Anne, where I will be taking Sookie from behind as she is eating Sophie-Ann’s pussy. Sophie-Ann would be playing with her nipples as Sookie sucks and nibbles on her clit. I would be pounding into Sookie’s cunt, and I would sink my fangs into her shoulder as I cum inside her. As I move faster, the two whores in front of me moan and whimper bringing me back to the present. Just as I begin to feel my release, I sink my fangs into the shoulder of the O+. As they both shout as they climax, I have a single thought as I continue to drink and shoot my seed into my dinner’s pussy.

Once I return to Bon Temps, I will do whatever it takes to make sure Sookie Stackhouse will be mine to do with as I please.

Eric’s POV

Claudine’s POV

Hallow’s POV

Jason’s POV

Sookie’s POV

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  1. Congrats on getting your new site up and running.

  2. kleannhouse says:

    dang he is a dick…. KY

  3. theladykt says:

    Gawd I want Scumbill and Skanky Anne dead sooooooo badly.

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