With Age Comes Wisdom

“With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone.” Oscar Wilde

Eric sits on his throne at Fangtasia watching with a predator’s stare as the last of the evening’s patrons stumble to the exit.

All except one.

It is the same woman that had been coming to the bar for the last three weeks.  She sits in the same place each Thursday night.  She knows enough about the schedule to realize that Pam does not work that evening.  It is smart on her part to come these evenings.  His eldest progeny would not have allowed her entrance to the bar.  If Pam had her way, the breather would have been dead before setting one foot in the parking lot.

Of course, Pam knows she will not survive another sunrise if he learns she had anything to do with Sookie’s death.


The first night Eric saw Sookie sitting at the bar in Fangtasia he’d thought he was hallucinating; seeing visions of the fairy the same way he’d seen his beloved maker Godric.  He hadn’t seen her enter, nor did he smell her through the disgusting fumes from the vermin.  She was quietly tucked in the corner of the bar, a tumbler in her hand and the cocktail straw trapped between her luscious pink lips.  She’d nervously chewed on the end of her straw when their eyes had locked.  She eventually released the plastic from her lips and gave him a nervous smile.  Instead of returning her smile, Eric ignored her.  To prove a point, he selected two fangbangers from the crowd to feed from.  He took them to the basement, tying them up and fucking them the same way he’d fucked Yvetta the night Sookie had barged in on him with the Estonian dancer.  Eric half expected Sookie to storm down there again, demanding he speak with her.

Eric was disappointed that Sookie didn’t interrupt his sexual activities just as he was disappointed in his lack of sexual satisfaction.  It angered him to realize that merely the sight of Sookie Stackhouse was not only fucking with his head but fucking with his dick.  He’d vamped up the stairs with his fangs on display, to confront the Fae-hybrid tormentor, but he found her already gone.  The only evidence she’d been there at all was her empty glass, mangled straw, and Fangtasia napkin with three words written on it.

I was wrong.

Eric was haunted by that cryptic message for days.  What did it mean?  Was she wrong for coming to Fangtasia?  Wrong to have shunned him for the last five years?  Wrong to have ever given herself to him?

Fuck her and her mind games!

Sookie’s scent was not detectable in the bar nor in the parking lot, so Eric thought he would have a reprieve from Pam finding out about Sookie’s visit.  Unfortunately for him, Ginger and some of the other waitresses must have discussed Sookie’s visit in Pam’s presence.  Pam’s reaction was. . . predictable.  She flung open his office door, demanding to know what the fuck was going on, spouting off that Sookie was beneath Eric, and that they never should have come back to Shreveport.

For once, Eric did not disagree with her.

Eric knew that Pam’s attack against Sookie was because she worried about him.  Pam was the only one that knew first-hand how deeply Sookie’s year-long absence to the Fae realm had affected Eric.  During Sookie’s time in the Fae realm, Eric tried to block his feelings from the maker/child bond, but he had not been completely successful.  The emptiness…the feelings of despair…the numbness had shaken Pam’s confidence in her maker.  In a hundred years together, it was the first time Pam had felt Eric was near giving up.  They fought bitterly many times during the year Sookie was missing.  Pam was fighting to save her maker from an invisible enemy.  She didn’t understand his devotion and longing for the blonde telepath that had barely been in their undead lives.  Eric, never one to express his feelings openly, was hostile with his child’s constant questions.  Sookie’s absence drove a wedge between Eric and his progeny.

The wedge only grew upon Sookie’s return from the Fae realm.  The hot and cold attitude Sookie displayed towards Pam’s maker made the blonde bloodsucker long to end the breather’s life.  In fact, she’d come close with the rocket launcher outside of the Moon Goddess Emporium.  But Eric had made it very clear that any attempt by Pam to hurt or kill Sookie would result in the end of Pam’s undead life.

It was an extremely bitter pill for Pam to swallow.

After the dust had settled from the necromancer’s spell, the Authority, Billith, Warlow, Vamp Camp, Hep V, and the Yakuza, Pam thought that she and Eric were finally free of Sookie.  They had left Louisiana, starting New Blood which made them billions of dollars.  The company was headquartered in Sweden, but she and Eric spent their time traveling the world because of their product.  Eric and Pam were the saviors of the vampire and human races according to social media outlets for the discovery of New Blood and its healing properties in relation to Hep V.  Pam made sure that the truth was a closely guarded secret, knowing that if anyone found out about Sarah Newlin and the cure to Hep V, both she and Eric would be hunted fugitives with a very short life expectancy.

For the first time since the 1980s, Pam was truly happy.  She and Eric were making more money than she could ever possibly spend.  Their relationship was back to the way she liked it best; the two of them counting on each other with no outside interference.  But it all came crashing down four years after leaving Louisiana.  Eric insisted on returning to Shreveport, wanting to re-open Fangtasia.  Pam knew that Eric cared nothing for the vampire bar, that it was a cover to be closer to Sookie Stackhouse.  A part of Pam wanted to let her maker go.  She didn’t want to watch him pine for the fairy-hybrid again.  Pam didn’t want to watch her maker appear weak over a breather.  But a part of her worried that he would give up without her there to watch over him.  Look how he was when she found him in France at that damn vineyard!  Infected with Hep-V, waiting for it all to end.

Eric was a fighter, a goddamn Viking!  If he was going to meet his True Death, then it was going to be fighting with his sword in his hand and his progeny at his side!

Reluctantly, Pam returned to Shreveport with Eric.  She watched her maker for a year, looking for signs of weakness, but found none.  Eric never made a move to contact the telepath, and the telepath never made a move to contact him.  Pam began to relax, thinking that Eric was finally over his infatuation with the telepath.

Fuck Sookie Stackhouse for coming out of the woodwork!

At the end of Pam’s ranting and raving after Sookie’s first visit, Eric shocked his eldest progeny.  His voice when he spoke was calm, but Pam could sense the underlying weariness.  “I do not know why Sookie was here, Pam.  I did not speak with her, nor did she attempt to speak with me.  I am not going to seek her out.”

Pam regarded her maker with wide eyes.  He sat in his office chair, still as only a vampire can achieve.  No further words were spoken between the two vampires.  Eric was adamant in his conviction that he would not seek out Sookie.  All Pam could do was wait and see if he held true to his words.

Every night for the next week, Pam was on high alert, waiting for Sookie to appear at the club.  Eric was not of the same fear; instinctively he knew Sookie would not arrive while his progeny guarded the door.

So, it was with a sense of anticipation that Eric rose at Fangtasia the following Thursday.  He wouldn’t admit it to anyone else, but he’d stayed at Fangtasia Thursday morning to make certain that he didn’t miss Sookie’s appearance.  The one drawback to staying in Fangtasia’s basement was having to deal with Sarah Newlin’s lunatic ravings.  His eyes snapped open to hear the deranged woman having a conversation with her dead vampire ex-husband.  Eric knew it was past time to dispose of the woman.  While it had been fun, and highly profitable, to terrorize the woman, Eric knew that nothing they did to Sarah Newlin would bring back Nora or any of the other vampires destroyed by Hep-V.

Not wanting to waste a minute of his evening on his prisoner, Eric vamps upstairs to his private bathroom. He rushes through his routine of getting ready, finishing his nightly preparations by draining three bags of donor blood.  Eric was finished with his routine before the first of Fangtasia’s employees arrived for the evening.  The feeling of anticipation coursing through Eric’s body made him feel alive for the first time in years.  It was the first time Eric could remember eagerly sitting on his throne, waiting for the vermin to enter.

The feeling of anticipation morphed into anger as the hours ticked by without Sookie arriving.  The vermin were accustomed to hostility from the Master, but not even the stupidest of the fangbangers were willing to approach him that evening.  It was after midnight when Sookie finally arrived at the bar.  Eric watched her with hooded eyes, his teeth ground as his jaw clenched.  Sookie walked confidently through the bar as she moved to the same bar stool she sat at the previous week.  She ignored the presence of the Viking vampire while she ordered her drink.  Once Sookie had her poison of choice, she turned to face the stage.  She smiled at him before she took the first sip of her drink.  For Eric, it was the final straw. He vamped off the stage and flew out of the back door of the bar.

As Eric flew, his rage overtook him.  How dare she play games with him like this after all this time?  Who the fuck did she think she was? What did she want after all this time?  He wasn’t going to be at her beck and call ever again?  All Sookie was doing with her antics was pissing him off.  Eric refused to participate in whatever game Sookie was playing.  He wasn’t going to go to her, give her the satisfaction of having sought her out on her home turf.  He knew that whatever Sookie intended, she would keep coming to Fangtasia until she had it.  Except Eric wasn’t going to give it to her.  The following week when she came to Fangtasia, it would be the last time.


”The bar is closed,” Eric proclaims after the dj suddenly shut the music off at his direction.

The vermin grumble about not getting their money’s worth, but his fangs and rage are incentive enough for them to rush towards the exit.

All except Sookie.

She knows that he is clearing the room for them to speak privately.  She signals to the bartender that she wants another drink.  On one hand, Eric seethes at Sookie’s insolence at not fearing him; on the other hand, he admires her courage.  After the humans leave the bar, a flick of Eric’s hand has the vampires clearing out, leaving the two of them in the bar. Eric remains on his throne, his gaze inscrutable as he stares at the woman he would have done anything for once upon a time.  Sookie regards him with fascination, still seated on the bar stool, but her foot jiggles nervously as the silence between them continues.

“Why are you here?” No greeting, no acknowledgement of the importance of her showing up in his life again. Four succinct words spoken in a harsh, staccato tone.

No answer is forthcoming from the temptress in front of him. Eric grits his teeth in frustration, fighting the urge to let his fangs slip down in anger. The muscles of his jaw lock tightly as Eric fights to gain control of the storm raging inside him, fighting to be set free. The beast inside howls to be unleashed, wanting the woman before him to experience at least a fraction of the torment that’s haunted him these past three weeks.

No, these past five years.

Rather than look at him, Sookie stares at something over his shoulder. Her eyes lose focus as she grapples with an answer for him. Why had she come? Why now? Why stir up things that laid dormant for five years? Was it fair to either of them to dredge up the pain from their past? What did she hope to achieve by disrupting his existence?

“Do you listen to music?” Sookie’s eyes regain their focus with her unexpected question. The corners of her lips turn up in the beginnings of a smile seeing the easing of the muscles along Eric’s jaw. She knows her question appears to come out of nowhere, but it does have meaning.

At Eric’s continued silence, Sookie rolls her eyes. “I know you hear the music broadcast in the bar, but do you listen to music outside of here? See,” Sookie continues as she shifts slightly in the booth, “Gran taught us that music feeds the soul. It can express everything that’s in your mind, everything that’s in your heart; music can tell the story of our lives. Music can be the start of a revolution, it can be an anthem. I remember Gran playing Sam Cooke’s ‘A Change Gone Come’ telling me that it helped mark the beginning of The Civil Rights Movement. Elvis Presley’s ‘Hound Dog’ helped usher in the modern-day era of rock and roll. John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ protesting the war in Vietnam. Those are examples of the power of music.”

“What does any of this have to do with your presence here?” Eric regards Sookie with impatience. Her rambling is a sign of nervousness. The last thing he needs or wants is a history lesson regarding modern day music.

“Music is why I am here,” Sookie admits softly. “I heard a song on the radio a while ago, and it made me think of you. Something about the lyrics struck me here,” she gestures to her heart. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you after hearing that song.”

Eric arches an eyebrow in silent contemplation, waiting for Sookie to continue. What the hell did this song say to make Sookie seek him out? How was it a simple song, probably not more than five minutes long, able to achieve something that he couldn’t?

Sookie pulls her cell phone from her purse, her fingers moving across the touchscreen to bring up her music app. She startles when she finds him suddenly beside her, his large frame dwarfing the bar stool he sits on.  Sookie sets the phone down after turning the volume up slightly. The opening chords from a piano accompany the soulful voice. Eric listens intently as the songstress weaves her tale of two former lovers, reconnecting after a chance encounter after years of separation. Eric remains stoic as he becomes lost in the haunting melody. His eyes never leave Sookie’s face, absorbing each facial expression as she mouths the lyrics to the song. He observes her intently as a single tear slips from the corner of her eye to slide slowly down the curve of her cheek. An intense longing to kiss the tear from her face grips him. Despite his anger and hurt, Eric longs to comfort Sookie, to wrap her in his arms, soothing the ache that torments both of their souls.

But he does nothing. His discomfort increases as more tears escape the corners of Sookie’s eyes, creating two wet streaks down her face. Once the final notes of the song fade away, Sookie exhales with a shuddering breath. Her eyes search his face, imploring him to speak, but Eric offers no words. Eric spent years chasing Sookie; his words and deeds were never enough for her. He offered everything he had, everything he was, and everything he could be to the petite woman in front of him only to be rebuffed time after time. This time, here and now, Sookie must be the one to bare her soul before the proud Viking.

Sookie offers Eric a small smile before reaching for the glass on top of the bar. The alcohol is long gone, but the melted ice will offer some respite for her parched throat. She exhales again as she sets the glass on top of the black lacquered bar.

“I don’t really know what I expected to happen when I made the decision to see you again. I had no right to hope that you would be happy to see me. Why should you? I hurt you, I used you, and I never gave you anything in return. You said you loved me, but I never could understand why. I never did anything to deserve it,” she ends in a whisper.

Eric opens his mouth to answer her, but Sookie’s raised hand stops him. “Please don’t,” she begs. “Let me get this all out before I lose my nerve.”

The vampire does not acknowledge her words verbally. His only sign of agreement is to cover her hand that rests on the bar with his own. His hand engulfs her’s, squeezing it gently letting Sookie know that he is listening and to proceed.

Sookie’s shoulders sag in relief at Eric’s gesture and she squeezes her eyes shut. More tears escape, but a faint smile graces her face. “Thank you,” she breathes out.

The two remain silent except for the occasional sniffle from Sookie. She uses her free hand to brush the tears from her face. Once she is composed again, she resumes talking.

“I must have heard that song dozens of times before I really paid attention to the lyrics. Something about it took inside my mind. It unleashed all these memories of you that I tried so hard to forget. ”

Sookie has been staring at Eric while talking and stops when she notices the strain around his eyes. Her eyes widen when she realizes how callous her last statement sounded. She rushes to explain her thoughtless words. “Oh my God, I’m sorry! That sounded awful! I meant I was trying hard not to think about you. I mean it hurt to think of you, so I tried not to do it. Jesus, why can’t I get the words right? I should have written down what I want to say,” Sookie mutters in embarrassment as her cheeks flame scarlet.

Eric chuckles slightly at her discomfort. How can he fault her for doing the same thing he has spent years doing? “And were you successful in suppressing your memories?” Eric knew he had failed in his attempts to forget the woman who claimed his heart completely.

Sookie shakes her head. “After you left, and Bill died, I was so…lost. For most of my life I was lonely, but never alone because I had Gran. Then…I was lonely and alone. I had no one. I didn’t cope very well,” she admits sheepishly before going silent.

Eric waits for Sookie to continue. He senses her discomfort and embarrassment. Eric is curious but does not press her. He remembers all too well the night he found an inebriated Sookie pawing at the Were. She sought to ease her self-loathing and hurt by turning to pleasures of the flesh. That night, he and Bill prevented Sookie from making a mistake she would have regretted in the morning, but who was there to save Sookie from herself when both vampires that loved her were gone?

Sex only provides a temporary reprieve; whatever a being is trying to escape comes rushing back with a vengeance. Not even Nora had been able to make Eric forget Sookie. He had spent centuries with his vampire sister, yet the emotions Eric felt for Nora paled in comparison to those he had for Sookie. If anything, Eric felt worse after being with Nora because he felt an incredible sense of guilt though he had nothing to be guilty about.

“You know it’s ironic…I was so sure Jason would end up having a kid out of wedlock because of his love ’em and leave ’em attitude. Instead, he has become the epitome of a family man. He has three beautiful girls with his wife Bridget. I’m the one that had a baby because of a one-night stand,” Sookie admits wryly.

“You have a child?” Eric’s eyes widen in shock. His eyes take inventory of Sookie’s body again. Nothing indicated Sookie had given birth to a child. Her voluptuous figure is a true hourglass shape, perfectly proportioned. Her legs are still toned, indicating Sookie’s occupation keeps her on her feet for hours a day. The golden glow he has always associated with Sookie is prevalent, making her skin shine even in the darkness of the club. The only indication of a change in Sookie’s physique is a softness to her face, a gentleness to her features. The girl he knew before, while naive in many respects, had been jaded by hearing a lifetime of other people’s thoughts. Knowing the secrets of everyone in her town was a burden that weighed her down.

The first genuine smile of the evening spreads across Sookie’s face. The pure joy in her expression transforms her from being beautiful to being radiant. Sookie tugs her hand away from Eric and reaches for her phone again. She presses the touchscreen a few times before turning the phone around to show Eric a picture.

Gazing at Eric is a tiny human with the biggest grin on her face as she hugs a puppy close to her body. The child has blonde ringlets, flawless sun kissed skin, and plump cheeks with a pair of innocent brown eyes sparkling back at him.  The smile is infectious and makes Eric grin in return. Sookie leans over to touch the screen, swiping the picture left to show another picture, this one is of Sookie and her daughter.  Her daughter sits on her lap while Sookie sits on the steps leading to her house.  Eric stares in awe at the picture.  It is the happiest Eric has ever seen Sookie.  She looks vibrant and carefree, something he has never seen in the years he has known her.

“Her name’s Aurora Faith Stackhouse,” Sookie tells him.

“It suits her,” Eric offer as he hands the phone back to Sookie.  “She is beautiful, Sookie,” his voice warm with emotion.

Sookie smiles as their fingers brush against each other.  “Thank you.”  Sookie returns her phone to her purse.  She stands up from the barstool and starts moving around.

“Sorry, I was startin’ to get stiff sitting there,” she explains before continuing her tale.  “When I found out I was pregnant, I was in shock.  I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be someone’s mother.  Hell, I wasn’t very good at taking care of myself.  How could I be expected to take care of a baby?  But everything changed the moment I heard her heartbeat in the doctor’s office.  That’s when it finally hit me that my life wasn’t mine anymore; it belongs to her.  From then on, I did everything I could to get in a better place, not just for me but for her.  I never want my daughter to think she is unloved or unwanted; I never want her to feel like a freak.  Some days are better than others, and Lord knows that little girl can try the patience of a saint, but I think I’m doin’ alright.  She’s happy and healthy, that’s all I can ask for.”

“It was around Aurora’s first birthday that I started really thinking about what I wanted out of life. I’d tried so hard to block everything outta my mind, because I didn’t want to get lost in the memories. I didn’t want to think about Bill because I’d just get angry and depressed. I didn’t want to think about you…well, honestly, it hurt to think about you,” Sookie admits softly. “You’d sneak through every barrier I set up and every time it left another bleeding wound on my heart that never healed.”

“So much happened in my life that I never learned how to deal with. I either pretended to be Scarlett O’Hara saying I’d think about it tomorrow, but tomorrow never came, or I would run away. Neither option was healthy, and I want to teach Aurora to be better than me. I don’t want her to make the same mistakes I did.”

Sookie has paced aimlessly around the bar during her speech, but then stopped to pin Eric with an intense stare. Her eyes shimmer with tears again before she whispers, “I made so many mistakes when it came to you, Eric. I am honestly ashamed of how I acted back then. You didn’t deserve any of it, the way I treated you…. well, you didn’t deserve most of it,” she amends with a slight smile.

“Somethin’ about you always brought out the worst in me,” Sookie confesses. “I knew most of what you said or did was to get a rise outta me, and I rose to the occasion every time. Every time you provoked me, I wanted to push back, fight you at every turn to prove I wasn’t intimidated by you.”

“It wasn’t until Jason was telling me about one of the boys in his daughter’s class that I figured it out. That boy was picking on Jason’s daughter because he liked her, and he didn’t know how to express his interest in the right way. You were no different! A thousand-year-old Viking actin’ like a five-year-old on the playground with his first crush,” Sookie teases with amusement.

Eric growls with warning. “I do not care to be compared to a playground bully,” he says sullenly.

Sookie laughs. “Sorry, but the shoe fit.”

She turns around, staring at the stage. Her arms fold over her chest, the hands gripping her upper arms. “I spent a lot of time hatin’ Bill, blamin’ him for everything that has gone wrong in my life since he first stepped foot in Merlotte’s. I spent a lot of time wishin’ I never met him.”

Sookie spins around and quickly crosses the bar floor. Her heels click loudly against the concrete as she moves in front of Eric. “It took me a while to realize this, but I don’t hate Bill. If he never came into my life, I’d still be ‘Crazy Sookie’ using my telepathy to get better tips at a dead-end waitress job. Maybe Gran would be alive; maybe she wouldn’t. It was highly unlikely that she would have lived forever. You don’t see too many vampires running around that look like they are in their seventies.” They both chuckle at the bit of levity.

“I never would have met you,” Sookie whispers. Her hand rises, tentatively moving to Eric’s face. His eyes track the movement of her hand, but he does nothing to stop her. When her hand rests against his cheek does she continue speaking.

“How can I regret Bill’s presence in my life when he brought you in it as well? Looking back at everything, there was a lot of fucked up shit that I wish never happened, but you have never been part of that wish. I owe you so much. Not just for saving my life or restoring my home. I owe you for being the only one to see all of me and accept all of me without expecting me to be anyone but myself. Thank you for that,” Sookie whispers as tears once again slide down her cheeks.

Eric pulls Sookie’s hand gently away from his face. He curls his fingers around hers, his thumb moving reassuringly back and forth across her knuckles. Her revelations this evening have been more than he ever expected to hear from her. Eric can tell the once infuriating, headstrong, impetuous girl has grown into a mature, thoughtful, and poised woman. The only question is where do they go now.

“What do you want, Sookie? Is tonight about making peace with your past and laying the memories to rest? Do we say nice knowing you and then move on with our separate lives? Or is tonight about forging a future with each other in it? What do you want?”

Sookie exhales loudly. Seconds tick by as she struggles to give voice to her thoughts. Eric does not become frustrated by her silence, he will give her all the time she needs. His thumb continues to rub across her knuckles, offering comfort while she organizes her thoughts.

“What do you want, Eric? I’m not deflecting or avoiding answering…Ok maybe I am,” she chuckles when she sees his eyebrow raise to contradict her words. “I know I want you in my life. I don’t expect us to pick up where we left off. I have to get to know you, something I never took the time to do before. And you need to know the woman I am now, cause she’s not the same girl in the white dress you knew. Plus, I have to think of Aurora. If you can’t handle me having a child, then I’ll grab my purse, wish you well, and walk out that door to never come back. I won’t be one of those parents that ignores their kid because they have a relationship. Then again, maybe we decide that a relationship won’t work between us and we can just be friends. Honestly, I am prepared to walk out that door and never come back. The fact you even listened to my ramblings tonight is more than I ever dreamed possible.”

Eric snarls hearing Sookie talk of walking out the door and never speaking to him again. Despite the animalistic sounds coming from him, Sookie smiles. Her smile grows wider when he uses the hand he’d caressed to pull her into his arms for an embrace. The two former lovers wrap their arms around each other, clinging tightly as their bodies settle against each other in harmony.

“I want what I always have wanted, Sookie Stackhouse,” Eric murmurs against the top of her head. “But if you are not prepared to give me everything, then I will leave Louisiana after this night. I will not stay here and torment myself with something that will never be. I will mourn the loss of you, but I will move on with my existence.”

Sookie pulls back to look Eric in the eyes. “Everything includes Aurora,” Sookie clarifies while searching his eyes.

Eric nods in acceptance. “Everything,” he declares with a note of finality.

Sookie’s lips spread in blissful smile. She snuggles back against Eric’s chest, her head fitting perfectly under his chin as she inhales the crisp, clean scent of him in deep, steadying breaths. His head rests on top of hers, as his hands move soothingly up and down her back. The comforting contact washes away the last feelings of bitterness, hurt, anger, and regret.

It is a new beginning for the vampire and his part-fairy.


Song inspiration for this story: When We Were Young by Adele

Everybody loves the things you do

From the way you talk

To the way you move

Everybody here is watching you

‘Cause you feel like home

You’re a dream come true

But if by chance you’re here alone

Can I have a moment

Before I go?

‘Cause I’ve been by myself all night long

Hoping you’re someone I used to know


You look like a movie

You sound like a song

My God, this reminds me

Of when we were young.


Let me photograph you in this light

In case it is the last time

That we might be exactly like we were

Before we realized

We were sad of getting old

It made us restless

It was just a like a movie

It was just like a song


I was so scared to face my fears

Nobody told me that you’d be here

And I swear you moved overseas

That’s what you said, when you left me


You still look like a movie

You still sound like a song

My God, this reminds me

Of when we were young


Let me photograph you in this light

In case it is the last time

That we might be exactly like we were

Before we realized

We were sad of getting old

It made us restless

It was just like a movie

It was just like a song.


When we were young

When we were young

When we were young


It’s hard to admit that

Everything just takes me back

To when you were there

To when you were there

And a part of me keeps holding on

Just in case it hasn’t gone

I guess I still care

Do you still care?


It was just like a movie

It was just like a song

My God, this reminds me

Of when we were young


When we were young

When we were young

When we were young

When we were young


Let me photograph you in this light

In case it is the last time

That we might be exactly like we were

Before we realized

We were sad of getting old

It made us restless

Oh, I’m so mad I’m getting old

It makes me reckless

It was just like a movie

It was just like a song

When we were young





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