One and Only


It’s been over six months since Sookie and Eric had what was supposed to be a one-time thing, and it’s been over five months since they realized once is not enough. Since that night, Sookie has fought putting a label on their relationship. In her mind, attaching a label to them will cause problems. Things are going so well between them, why rock the boat? Eric has been frustrated by her denial. He knows what they are. More importantly, he knows where he wants this to go.

For Eric, Sookie is the one. He doesn’t understand why Sookie continues to fight it. There is no one else for him, and he knows she hasn’t been with anyone else. That was one of the rules they came up with as soon as they had come up for air after Sookie had shown up at his apartment wearing nothing more than a trench coat and lingerie. Eric doesn’t know when it happened, but somewhere along the way he realized that he was in love with his best friend. Being with Sookie, feeling her in his arms is like heaven.

Her denial to see what’s in front of her is Eric’s hell.

All of their friends know their relationship has shifted to include having sex; Lafayette couldn’t keep his mouth shut about it. However, Sookie hasn’t admitted anything to anyone, not even her best friend Tara. Sookie claims that Eric is only her best friend, that she loves him as her friend.

It hurts Eric to hear Sookie deny her feelings for him. Eric knows Sookie loves him every bit as much as he loves her. He can feel it in every touch, every kiss they share. There is a difference between meaningless sex and making love. Even that first night with Sookie hadn’t felt like a random hook up. There had been intimacy between them, something that can only be obtained between two people who care for each other.

Eric more than cares for Sookie; he loves her.

“Are you sure this plan of yours is going to work? You know Sookie hates being manipulated. If she finds out that we set all this up, she’ll have our balls crushed under the heel of her boots and them she’ll sweep up the dust with that Dyson vacuum she’s so fond of,” Eric says with worry as he nurses the beer in front of him. It’s late Saturday afternoon and he’s met up with the guys to watch a baseball game: Boston Red Sox versus the New York Yankees. Jason and Hoyt are rooting for the Sox, while Lafayette wears a blinged out Yankees cap. The game got out of hand early with the Yanks taking a seven to one lead by the fifth inning. The overly perky waitress had just delivered their food. She managed to caress both Jason and Eric while setting the plates down. Eric had shied away from her touch, but Jason had winked at her and told her he was sure he could think of something he’d need from her later. The waitress had blushed and told him she’d be back to check on him later. Once she left the table, Jason dove in as if it were his last meal before going to the gallows. Hoyt and Lafayette also dug into their food, but Eric didn’t. He was too busy worrying about the plan Lafayette had put forth. Lafayette shook his head at Eric peeling the label off his beer, something he only did when nervous.

“Dude, I know ma’ sister!” Jason speaks around a mouthful of chicken, spittle flying as he chomps noisily. “If ya want her to admit she loves ya, then ya gotta do sumthin’ to shake things up. I love Sook, I do, but she’s a stubborn bitch and she’s dug her heels in when it comes to ya. She’s afraid to lose ya, so she won’t admit she’s in love with ya. Hell a blind man can see how much ya love each other!”

It’s hard to take a man seriously when he has wing sauce smeared all over his face and he’s shaking a chicken bone in your face to prove his point. However, he’s not wrong in his assessment. Lafayette rolls his eyes at Jason, but nods his head in agreement. “He be right sweet cheeks. Sookie is more tenacious than a bull tryin’ to go after the matador. If yous’ want her to realize she’s in love witcha, and not just loves you, then yous needs to make her think she lost ya. If she fights for ya, then you know she’s in love witcha. If not . . . “ Lafayette shrugs. “Well then at least you’d know the truth and can move on.”

Eric nods his head before chugging the rest of his beer. He signals the waitress to come over. She bounces over quickly, and he orders another beer and a shot of whiskey. Food doesn’t interest him now but getting drunk does. Jason and Lafayette are right; he needs to push Sookie so they can know once and for all where their relationship is going. They can’t keep doing what they’ve been doing.

Eric wants more.

No, he deserves more.

He wants the fairytale as corny as that sounds. Marriage, kids, the house with the white picket fence . . . and he wants those things with Sookie.

It’s too damn confusing to think about so he does the only thing a man can do in his position.

He gets drunk.


It’s not even eight o’clock when Eric stumbles out of the cab that had driven him home. While his friends ate and watched the rest of the game, he drowned his sorrows in whiskey and beer. Not exactly the wisest thing he could have done, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. All of the drinking had served a purpose though; he finally agreed to Lafayette’s plan. If he was ever going to get Sookie to admit her true feelings, then it was time to show her some tough love. Eric knew it was going to hurt like hell, but he really hoped it was worth it all in the end.

It had to be, because the alternative was unacceptable.

Eric stumbles up the steps, tripping over his feet and nearly landing face first on the concrete step.

“Well that woulda sucked!” Eric hiccups as he rights his body, gripping the railing carefully as he finishes his trek up the staircase with exaggerated movements. Once he reaches the door to his apartment, he fumbles in his pocket for his keys. With a cry of triumph, he pulls the key ring out only for it to fall to the ground because of his forceful tugging.

“Goddamn it,” Eric mumbles as he leans down to pick up his tiny nemesis. When he rights himself, Eric finds the door open.

“Huh.” Eric hiccups, not thinking it odd his door opened without him having to unlock it or turn the knob. He strolls inside, accidentally slamming the door shut behind him. As he staggers through the apartment, he’s stripping off his clothes. It’s hot and he needs to piss!

Eric flips the bathroom light on, the harsh brightness making him squint his eyes. He sways over to the toilet, pulling his cock out and finally releasing his hold on his bladder. One hand braces against the wall to support him as the other aims his penis while he continues to let his bladder flow. Eric chuckles with his eyes closed thinking of that scene in A League of Their Own when Madonna’s character times how long Tom Hanks’ character urinates after a night of drinking.

“Bet I’d beat it,” Eric continues chuckling while he waits for all the waste to leave his system. With a sigh of relief, Eric flushes the toilet then washes his hands. Turning off the light, he walks the few steps down the hallway to his bedroom. He doesn’t remember closing the door earlier nor did he leave the light on.

What the hell is going on?

Pushing the door open, Eric’s breath catches when he sees Sookie sitting propped up in his bed wearing nothing more than a man’s white button down shirt.

“Took you long enough to get in here. I thought I was going to have to come find you.” Sookie smirks up at him.

“What are you doing here?” At least that’s what Eric meant to say but in his drunken state it comes out slurred and jumbled. He sways slightly on his feet though he isn’t sure if it is due to the alcohol in his system or the sight of the sexy woman in front of him.

“I let myself in,” she shrugs which causes the starchy fabric of his shirt to move against her body. Eric licks his lips unconsciously when he realizes that she’s left it unbuttoned all the way down to her navel. He moves forward without thinking, coming to stand at the foot of the bed. His erection juts out from his body, pointing at Sookie, knowing that’s the place he wants to be.

Sookie crawls down the bed slowly, like a panther stalking its prey. Eric gulps loudly because he can see all the way down the shirt and knows she has nothing on beneath. His hands clench and unclench repeatedly as he fights the urge to grab Sookie’s body and fuck her senseless.

Stay strong. Stay strong. Remember the plan. Stay strong.

“I was getting a mani/pedi with Tara while you were watching the game with the guys. She told me about her new boyfriend JB. They had sex together for the first time last night, so she was gushing. That got me thinking about you and all the fantastic sex we have.” In between the low purr of her words, Sookie has left kisses along his chest and neck. These kisses are the drugging king, ones meant to seduce, arouse, and drive a man insane.

Stay strong. Plan. No sex.

“Yes, we have had a lot of amazing sex,” he rasps out. There is no saliva to wet his parched mouth and throat. All fluids have withdrawn to a point lower in his body, ready to erupt at a moment’s notice.

Sookie hums in response, her lips pressed against his Adam’s apple. “So there I am in the chair, thinking of you and the things you do to my body. It made me so wet and horny,” she breathes out with a slight gasp. Her glistening finger appears before Eric’s face and his pupil’s dilate. “See? It’s got me the same way now.”

Fuck the plan!

Eric growls before sucking Sookie’s finger in his mouth. There had been a time when she was too embarrassed to touch her body under his gaze. She’d grown bolder as she’d seen how much pleasure Eric took in watching her please herself. It made him wilder and it left Sookie feeling powerful and sexy.

Sookie bites her bottom lip as Eric sucks her finger clean, her eyes hooded as they stare at each other. With a pop, Eric releases Sookie’s finger and she shudders with pleasure.

“I was so close to cumming, thanks to the vibration from the massage chair and thinking the hands massaging my legs were yours, but it wasn’t enough. I need you. Only you,” Sookie whispers before guiding her lips to Eric’s.

The moment her lips touch Eric’s, all thoughts of tough love go out the window. He grips the material of his dress shirt, pulling it apart in a violent motion that sends the few buttons that had held it together flying. He shoves the material of the shirt down her arms, flinging it somewhere to the side in his haste to get his hands on her flesh. Sookie is as ravenous for his body, shoving her hands inside his boxers and wrapping her hands around his cock. Eric hisses at the feel of her soft hands on his hardened flesh and she grins wickedly. Not one to be outdone, he moves one hand to her breast while the other seeks out her slit. His deft fingers part her easily and gliding along the slickened skin. It’s Sookie’s turn to hiss with pleasure as her hips buck forward seeking more. She throws her head back in pleasure when Eric’s fingers slide inside her and his palm rubs against her clit. Her cries of pleasure fill the room as she convulses around his fingers, quickly finding her release.

“Lie down across the bed, on your stomach,” Eric commands when Sookie’s body sags and her head slumps against his shoulder. She nods her head limply, but doesn’t comply immediately. Instead she strokes his cock with renewed urgency, wanting to bring him to his knees.

“Sookie,” Eric growls warningly. He’s not in the mood for her games tonight; he’s in charge. For one night, he’s going to show her what it could be like to be his. Tomorrow will begin Operation Tough Love, but tonight will be about showing her body all the ways he can bring her pleasure; all the ways he loves her.

With a final smirk, Sookie runs her fingernail along the vein that runs on the underside of his erection. The sensation makes him curl his toes in the carpet as he fights to gain control. That feeling makes his balls tingle and he almost cums all over her stomach and breasts. When Sookie reaches the swollen head, she rubs her finger around his slit, gathering all the fluids that have leaked out. His penis throbs painfully with need as he watches her bring her finger to her lips.

“Hmmmm, look at that; a snack,” she rumbles wickedly before popping her finger in her mouth to suck clean. Once her finger is clean, she moves slowly into the position Eric demanded, rubbing her body against the soft fabric of his comforter like a cat in heat.

With a speed that belies his inebriated state, Eric moves to the side of the bed and grabs her ankles to pull her knees to the edge of the bed. Using her hips, Eric guides Sookie’s body back to his cock, filling her in one fluid motion.

“Oh fuck!” Sookie shouts into the comforter as she adjusts to the sudden feeling of Eric inside her. No matter how many times they have sex, the first time he slides into her completely is always a shock to her. Never before has someone filled her the way he does. It’s like he touches every part of her inside that’s guaranteed to bring her maximum pleasure. This angle can feel the ridge of his tip rubbing against her G-spot. Her walls clench around his cock as she bends her legs so that she’s up on her knees just a bit. The action pushes her ass up in the air and Eric cannot resist smacking it.

Sookie jumps and her walls clench around him. “AGAIN!”

Eric does as requested before pulling out and then driving back in forcefully. Sookie grips the comforter in her hands as she lets Eric control her body. His pace is fast and furious; he’s angry with her and himself. Angry at himself because he can’t deny Sookie anything; angry at her because he feels like he is being used.

He knows her body well, knows the signs that tell him she is on the verge of cumming for a second time. Eric pulls out of her body, leaving her quivering in his hands. “Tell me what you want Sookie.”

“Eric please!”

“Tell me!”

“I want you. I need you inside me. Please baby,” Sookie whines as she tries to look at him over her shoulder.

Instead of driving in hard like he knows she wants, he fills her slowly, letting himself glide inside her until he is buried as far as he can go. His hips move in a circular motion which causes his dick to rub against her walls. Sookie moans, dropping her head back down to the bed and clenching the comforter between her hands tightly. Eric continues this slow pace, infuriating Sookie because it isn’t giving her the release she needs; it’s keep her right on the edge.

“Eric!’ Sookie wails into the comforter in frustration.

“I’m inside you Lover. Was there something more you wanted?” Eric punctuates his words by stilling inside her so she can feel all of him.

She turns her head and gives him a savage look. “I need you to fuck me. Make my pussy cum like only you can.”

Eric growls deeply at Sookie’s words and proceeds to give her exactly what she demanded. He pulls out halfway only to slide back in roughly. His hips piston like a well-oiled machine as he moves hard and fast inside Sookie. She cries out as she feels herself getting closer and closer to the edge. Her right hand moves underneath her body to rub her clit as Eric continues to drive into her.

Eric slaps Sookie’s ass hard when he sees her hand underneath her body. She groans loudly and her walls spasm so he brings his hand down again. He’s panting heavily as he tries to hold off his orgasm for a few seconds longer. Eric wants to feel her go over the edge one more time before he lets go.

“ERIC!” Sookie shouts as her body trembles with the first signs of her orgasm. The tremors are violent as she pants heavily through her release, unintelligible sounds escaping her lips as she loses herself in the wave of bliss.

“MINE!” Eric snarls as he surges inside Sookie one last time, letting his moment of ecstasy wash over him. He stills deep inside her as he covers her insides with his cum. Pain and pleasure wash over his face as his orgasm continues. When he is finally spent, he slips out of Sookie causing her to mewl in protest. With a grunt, he falls beside her on the bed, closing his eyes as he gasps for breath.

“The room is spinning,” he groans with his face in the bed.

Sookie laughs breathlessly. “I think it’s the alcohol talking.”

Eric turns his head and looks at her. Sookie is smiling at him softly, her skin flushed and covered in a sheen of sweat. Her hair is a wild mess that sticks to her skin. She’s never looked more beautiful to him. “I think it’s you,” he says softly.

Sookie’s eyes widen as she stares at Eric. Her mouth hangs open as she struggles to think of something. Eric sees the light in her eyes and for a moment, he thinks she is finally realizing what this really is between them. But he’s left disappointed again when she shakes her head and bounces up off the bed.

“Come on you. We need a shower and then I’ll fix you something to eat to help keep you from getting a hangover.”

Eric watches Sookie walk out of the bedroom to his tiny bathroom. He rises slowly, sitting on the edge of the bed, holding his head in his hands.

Tomorrow, Operation Tough Love is a go!


“Do you know what’s up with Eric?” Sookie is sitting in the passenger seat of Tara’s car while Tara drives them to the club where they are meeting Lafayette. The morning after she’d let herself in Eric’s apartment, he had been predictably grumpy thanks to his hangover. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but he has always been a bear when he lacks sleep and has a headache. Sookie had offered to make him breakfast, but he’d shooed her out of the apartment, saying he just wanted to sleep it off. That had been almost two weeks ago. She hasn’t seen him since. He’s said he’s been busy with work, but he’s always made time to see her before. And when the weekend had rolled around, he said he was going out of town to see his Mom. Sookie offered to go with him since she loved Mrs. Northman like she was her own mother, but Eric had said he wanted to go alone. He’s been distance and aloof, things he’s never been with her before. It hurts a lot, and Sookie has spent more than one night teary-eyed with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s as her companion.

“How should I know what’s up with Eric? He’s your best friend and fuck toy. Shouldn’t you know what’s up with him?” Tara sasses Sookie and it makes the blonde woman angry. She’s tired of all her friends making snide comments about her relationship with Eric. They are two consenting adults. What the hell does it matter if they chose to have sex with each other? It’s no one else’s goddamn business.

“That’s not funny Tara!”

“What isn’t funny is watching you pretend you don’t love him and treating him like shit. You’re too goddamn scared to admit you’re in love with him. Eric adores you Sookie; worships the ground you walk on. He would marry you in an instant if you said the word. Instead, you treat him like he’s your dirty little secret that you’re ashamed of. That man deserves better. Someday he’s gonna get tired of your shit and realize that!” During Tara’s tirade, she had stopped in front of the valet stand for the club they are going to. She got out of the car angrily, slamming the door behind her. Sookie was left in the car; slack-jawed at the audacity of her friend.

How dare she?!?!? I don’t treat Eric that way. I . . . Sookie’s internal rant ends when she realizes that she does treat Eric that way. Everyone in their group has known for months that they are sleeping together. Sookie’s own brother had admitted it was about time since they had dated each other for years. She’d scoffed at Jason’s words, but when she really thinks about it, he was right. She and Eric have been closer than any relationship she’s ever had with someone of the opposite sex. He’s the one she turns to for everything. Even when she’d been in relationships, Eric was always the first one she would call if she needed to celebrate, vent, or cry. And he’d always been there for her. When they added sex to their relationship, it had seemed like it was the missing piece of the puzzle. It scared her how easily everything slipped into place. She’d known Eric’s feelings for her had changed to something more; she wasn’t a total blonde. But it was that more she wasn’t sure how to deal with. Sookie had always longed to fall in love with Mr. Right and settle down. Could her Mr. Right really be Eric?

“Miss?” One of the valets clears his throat getting Sookie’s attention. He’s had her door open for who knows how long, waiting for her to exit. Sookie flushes in embarrassment before fumbling with the seat belt so she can vacate the car. She hurries after Tara who’s now standing in the queue waiting to enter the club.

“You’re right,” Sookie admits quietly beside her friend.

Tara whirls around to look at Sookie. “Of course I’m right. The question is what are you gonna do about it?”

Sookie opens her mouth to speak, but nothing comes out. “I don’t know,” she finally mumbles.

Tara rolls her eyes as she grabs her friend by the shoulders. “Do you love him?”

“Of course I love him,” Sookie hastily admits.

Tara rolls her eyes again. “Let me rephrase that; are you in love with him?”

“I don’t know,” Sookie admits weakly.

“You a damn fool Sookie Stackhouse!” Tara huffs at her friend and turns around, striding forward as the line moves. Sookie stands dejectedly beside her friend, no longer in the mood to go out drinking and dancing. She wants to go home and think. No, she wants to go over to Eric’s, have him put his arms around her and tell her everything is going to be alright.

Tara grabs Sookie’s hand since she is lost in thought and doesn’t realize that it’s time for them to enter the club. The music is loud, with the bass feeling like it’s beating inside your chest. The lights are dark, but it’s still easy enough to see. Tara easily spots Lafayette waiting at a table for them and guides Sookie there. He hugs both of them before handing out the tequila shots he’s had waiting.

“Here’s to a night we’ll never forget bitches!” All three of them pound their drinks back like champions. This isn’t their first experience with the burning sensation of good old Jose Cuervo. As Sookie lowers her shot glass, she freezes with a deer in headlights look as her heart seizes painfully in her chest.

A parting of the dancers on the dance floor gives Sookie a clear view of the tables on the opposite side of the room. Sitting at a table is a statuesque brunette dressed to impress with Eric. They are talking and laughing, leaning in close to each other. The brunette’s hand caresses Eric’s forearm and he smiles at her with that smile Sookie has come to think of as his sex smile.

“Hookah what’s wrong? You look like you seen a ghost?” Lafayette looks at Sookie with concern, grabbing her arm and shaking her a little.

“It’s Eric. It looks like he’s here on a date,” she whispers brokenly. Sookie can’t take her eyes off the attractive couple across the room. It’s like watching a horror movie in slow motion. You know what’s coming, but you can’t look away. The brunette leans closer to Eric, her lips skimming his cheek as she whispers in his ear. Tears pop up in Sookie’s eyes as she watches Eric skim his hand along the unknown woman’s back. Karma is a cruel bitch. Sookie finally knows she’s in love with Eric because she feels her heart shatter as he flirts with the beautiful woman. Sookie thought she meant more to him than that; she thought he’d at least have the decency to tell her that he’s moved on and wants to go back to being friends only.

“I gotta go,” Sookie shouts and jumps up from her seat, toppling the chair in her haste. Tara and Lafayette try to stop her, but she evades them. When Tara and Lafayette make their way outside, they can’t find Sookie anywhere.

“Shit! Did you think she’d react like that?”

Lafayette looks at his cousin as if she were crazy. “Hell no bitch! I thought she’d storm across the dance floor, knock Freyda on her ass, and then claim Eric in front of everyone. I didn’t think she’d act like her heart was broken and run outta here cryin’!”

“We gotta tell Eric. He needs to find her, and fast,” Tara says in full-blown panic mode. She runs back inside, pushing past people in her haste to get to Eric. However, Eric must have known that something is wrong because he’s one of the people who Tara tries to push past.

“Tara, what happened? Where’s Sookie?” Eric’s fingers dig into Tara’s arms as he worries about the woman he loves. Freyda, Lafayette’s coworker, had been more than willing to help with the charade. In addition to being a make-up artist at the salon Lafayette owns, she’s an aspiring actress. She’d looked at tonight as a part in a play. When Eric had first met Freyda, he wasn’t so sure it was a good idea. She’s a beautiful woman, and he can admit that he finds her attractive, even though he has no intentions of ever doing anything with her. What if she got the wrong idea about their performance? Freyda and Lafayette had assured him she wouldn’t get the wrong idea. It was only when Eric met Freyda’s partner Pamela that he had calmed down and agreed to go through with this. Eric had actually been sitting at the table with Lafayette, waiting for the signal from Tara that she and Sookie were outside. When Lafayette had given him the sign, Eric had made his way over to the table where Freyda and Pam sat. Pam went off to dance while Eric and Freyda pretended to flirt. Eric had been so sure Sookie would come over with both guns blazing. The fact he can’t find her scares him more than he can say.

“She’s gone Eric. Sook saw the two of ya and started cryin’. I’m sorry Eric; I didn’t think she’d react like this,” Tara says near tears herself.

Eric says nothing, letting her go as he runs for the exit. When he’s outside, Lafayette stops him to say one of the bouncers saw Sookie get in a cab. Eric takes off running for his car, praying that this stupid idea hasn’t cost him his one chance at happiness.


When Eric slips into Sookie’s apartment using the spare key she’d given him years ago. He’s only ever used it when she’d been sick and unable to answer the door. Desperate times though call for desperate measures. Eric had raced to the apartment as fast as he could. He would have been there twenty minutes sooner if he hadn’t been waylaid by the police officer that pulled him over for going fifty-five in a thirty mile per hour zone. The fine on the ticket wouldn’t have been nearly as steep if Eric hadn’t insulted the intelligence of the officer and possibly that of his children. It doesn’t matter to Eric how costly the ticket or that they may take his license away. The only thing he cares about is the woman whose sobs he can hear coming down the hallway.

Eric hurries toward Sookie, wanting to take away her pain. He never should have agreed to this plan of Lafayette’s; he knew it was going to backfire some way. But he thought he would be the one to suffer, not Sookie. He hates the sound of her tears, always has. Without thinking twice, Eric climbs on the bed, curling his body around Sookie’s so that she is cocooned in his embrace.

Sookie jerks away from his arms. “Eric? What are you doing here?” She looks embarrassed and panicked that he is here. She thought she’d have time to deal with her feelings; cry her eyes out in the private. Then she’d work to put the pieces of her broken heart back together with duct tape and crazy glue, hoping that it wouldn’t hurt too much when Eric said he wanted to go back to being “just friends”.

“Where else would I be?” Eric wipes the tears off her cheeks, looking at her with concern and love.

Sookie brushes his hands away angrily. “I’m sure you have better things to do than deal with my hot mess,” she utters scathingly. “Just go! I want to be alone. I’ll be fine.” Sookie tries to roll away from Eric, but he tightens his grip on her so she can’t escape.

“Why are you crying?” Eric ignores her squirming to get free as well as her words. Sookie is a serial crier; cellular phone commercials have been known to make her cry. She can no longer listen to Sarah McLachlan’s Angel because it makes her think of those ASPCA commercials. However, that is a different type of crying. What she’s doing now is the sound of someone’s heart breaking.

“There was one of those surprise army reunions on TV. Couple that with PMS and cue the waterworks,” Sookie responds sarcastically. Nothing makes a man run in fear faster than mentioning anything to do with a woman’s menstrual cycle. Even Eric hides in fear when it’s Sookie’s time of the month. She’s scarier than Alien, Michael Myers, The Terminator, and Darth Vader combined.

“I know you’re full of shit because Mother Nature isn’t due until next week,” Eric says calling her on her bullshit. If she isn’t going to admit it, he’s going to have to force the issue. “Why did you leave the club?”

“The music was giving me a headache,” she defends stubbornly. “And you antagonizing me isn’t helping! I’m tired Eric; I wanna go to sleep.”

Eric shakes her slightly, irritated by her denial and deflection. “Why are you so goddamn stubborn?!?! Why can’t you admit that it hurt you to see me with Freyda?”

Fucking perfect . . . An exotic name to match her exotic looks. She’s probably a goddamn swimsuit model. Sookie rolls her eyes to go with her internal rant. “Were you at the club too? I hadn’t noticed,” Sookie lies.

Eric snarls in anger as he pushes Sookie flat on her back so that he can loom over her. His eyes and face convey how angry he is. If it were possible, smoke would be escaping from his ears. “God help me for loving a woman as fucking stubborn as you! Why can’t you admit it hurt you to see me with another woman? That the thought of me with anyone else makes you physically ill? It is such a terrible thing to be in love with me? I’ve never done a damn thing to make you think I wouldn’t be faithful to you. Even tonight, all I wanted was for you to be jealous; to claim me as yours for the world to hear. I fucking love you, but I can’t keep pretending things haven’t changed between us because they have. You are still my best friend, but I want more than that. I want you to be the woman I love for the rest of my life; I want you to be my wife. And if you can’t handle that, then it’s time for me to cut my losses and move on. I’m not going to wait around forever for you to get your head out of your ass. I deserve better than that.” Eric finishes his tirade quietly as if he’s lost every bit of energy he possesses.

Sookie’s eyes widened during Eric’s speech and she’s left feeling breathless. Eric loves her? He was trying to make her jealous! Wife? “So you weren’t trying to pick up that brunette in the bar? You looked awfully cozy,” she comments softly.

Eric lifts his eyebrow. “Out of everything I had to say, that’s all you want to talk about?”

Sookie grins impishly. “We’ll get to the other stuff, but let’s start there.”

Eric rolls his eyes, but a grin stretches his face. A feeling of relief settles over him. Sookie wouldn’t be making light of the situation if she was truly upset.

“Freyda works with Lafayette. He thought it’d be a good idea to shake things up by making you jealous.” At seeing Sookie’s eyes narrow and her lips thin in a tight line, he hurries on. “I didn’t want to do it, but I was desperate. You kept acting like I was nothing more than a booty call!”

Sookie’s eyes soften and a gasp of outrage passes her lips. She lifts her hands to cup Eric’s cheek. “You’ve never been a booty call to me Eric. You are the man who has been my best friend for years. I can’t begin to tell you all the ways you are special to me, but I’d like to spend the rest of my life trying,” she finishes shyly.

“It’s about fucking time!” Eric growls with relief as he swoops down to claim Sookie’s lips. He is overjoyed to finally hear she is of the same mind-set as him. Their kiss is one full of happiness and they are smiling as their lips pull apart.

“No more running; no more hiding. I’m going to shout it from the rooftops that you are mine. Any problems with that?” Eric cocks his eyebrow at Sookie, daring her to argue with his proclamation.

Sookie matches Eric’s look with one of her own. “I’m going to have ‘Property of Sookie’ tattooed on your forehead and this,” she says while grabbing his ass, “so that all those skanky bitches know you are mine! I’m not letting you go Eric. I love you,” she ends softly though there is strength behind her words. Eric’s smile becomes blinding hearing her say the three words he’s waited a long time for.

“I love you,” she repeats loudly with conviction. “I’ve loved you for years but wouldn’t admit it. No one has ever come close to being as important to me as you are. I’ve known that things shifted between us but I was too scared to admit it.”

“Why would you be scared?” Eric looks perplexed. What possible reason could Sookie have to be afraid of him?

Sookie lowers her eyes, ashamed to admit her insecurities. “What if I wasn’t enough for you?”

“Silly woman,” Eric replies with a smile. “You’re it for me; my one and only love. It’s only ever been you.”

 ~ The End

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13 Responses to One and Only

  1. I think Eric’s very lucky that didn’t backfire worse than it did. Playing games like that are never a good thing in a relationship. I’m glad everything worked out for them though.

  2. lostinspace33 says:

    Yayyy! She finally got her head out of her ass! I love this story! 🙂

  3. Kittyinaz says:

    Finally!! Silly people, playing games with the heart is never good. He is lucky….

  4. ashmo2000 says:

    Finally! Sookie finally admitted to loving Eric😄About damn time!

  5. suzyq591suzy says:

    Very very nice–I was starting to tear up when they were at the bar 🙂 however Sookie used her brain and smarted up and now they are together :- ) Turned that frown upside down ( I know corny but it is true)

  6. bearygirl says:

    Really enjoyed this story, thanks for sharing. Glad Sookie woke up and realized what she could of lost.

  7. shoegirl01 says:

    He got the girl! She got the boy! 🙂

  8. redjane12 says:

    Loved the happy ending! I completely got Eric’s frustration and I think his giving wide berth to Sookie for a while was a little passive-aggressive but understandable considering Sookie’s refusal to see what was in front of her which was hurting Eric so badly… So yeah, if she wasn’t listening to Eric trying to reason with her, I get that he’d want to try and see how she’d feel if he was less available to her… Playing the jealousy card was risky and beyond immature… Especially as Eric and Sookie were friends for years before lovers… I think Eric’s friends’ advice was well intentioned but unfortunate as that could have backfired easily and was, all in all, not very nice…
    Anyway, I am glad they got together and hopefully they will work through whatever issues Sookie clearly had that prevented her from committing… Those issues won’t have disappeared just out of the Freyda-ruse….

  9. mindy781 says:

    Perfect, just perfect. I was worried it would backfire . This was a great ending.

  10. kleannhouse says:

    that could have gone either way, glad it worked out for the better. loved it. KY

  11. mom2goalies says:

    Thank God Eric was finally able to get her to admit her feelings! Was afraid the plan was going to backfire on them worse then it kinda did. So happy for them!

  12. msbuffy says:

    Terrific ending! Games people play! So not a wise thing! I liked that you wrote her friends confronting her with the hard truth. I think Sookie deserved that in this story, but I’m glad it had a happy ending!
    How are things in Baltimore? Settling down any?

  13. kleannhouse says:

    this one of my favorite lines you have written “You’re it for me; my one and only love. It’s only ever been you.” thought about stealing it a time or two. KY

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