Once Is Not Enough


Do you know what the problem with really good sex is? Once you have it, you crave it like oxygen or food. Amazing sex releases all kinds of endorphins in your body; it’s a natural high that the body will seek to recreate over and over again. So do you know what the problem with Sookie having the best sex of her life is?

That it happened with her best friend and it was a one-time only offer.

It’s been three weeks since that night of sexual gratification between Eric and Sookie, and she hasn’t been able to put it out of her mind. When she had risen the next day, she’d been alone in her apartment. Sookie’s body had been thoroughly sore, but deliciously so, reminding her that she had been well satisfied the night before. Various parts of her body were covered in bruises created from both Eric’s mouth and fingers; they had hurt then but when he created them, she’d only been begging for more. Sookie had spent the weekend steadfastly trying to ignore the momentous occasion that had occurred Friday night, but failing miserably. Since then, flashes from that night will sneak through her mind, thoroughly distracting her from whatever it is she was supposed to be doing. Every morning when she’s trying to fix her coffee, her mind will slip back to that night when Eric had her spread open on the counter, his head buried firmly between her thighs as he brought her to her first orgasm with only his tongue and fingers. When she grabs her keys off the table behind her couch, she thinks of how Eric had her palms resting on that table to support her while he held her hips as he took her from behind with slow, deep strokes that made her knees buckle. And the shower . . . she hasn’t been able to step foot in that shower without remembering every dirty thing Eric did to her before thoroughly cleansing her body.

She needs to move and buy all new furniture.

For one night, Eric and Sookie gave in to their desires and used each other to fulfill their sexual needs. It hadn’t taken Eric long to convince Sookie that they should overlook their friendship for one night and become lovers. Part of her wondered at the time if maybe this was a sign that she and Eric were meant to be more than friends. They had many shared interests, he made her laugh and got her sense of humor while a lot of others didn’t, and dear God his body was a work of art. But she didn’t feel that spark; he didn’t make her heart go zing when she looked at him. She loved him but she wasn’t in love with him.

And that’s the reason why they are meant to stay friends.

But friends aren’t supposed to fantasize about each other. For three weeks, she’s avoided seeing Eric. They’ve still talked to each other, but Sookie’s managed to come up with excuses not to see him. She’s afraid that if they see each other, she’ll ruin everything and throw herself at him. If she thought she was horny before, she’s worse than a cat in heat now. She’s ready to rub up against anything to get a little release. The batteries in her vibrator have died twice in the last three weeks, her wrists and fingers are strained from the number of times she’s stimulated her clit trying to get off, and she’s gone through more lube than the San Francisco Gay Pride parade. No matter how many times she’s brought herself to orgasm, it’s not enough. She needs more; she needs the feel of a man on top of her, filling her, stretching her.

She needs Eric.


“So let me get this straight,” Lafayette says as he sits down in the wooden chair at a table in Starbucks after claiming his drink from the barista. “You and Sook? Finally,” he shouts in relief like he is in Baptist church saying amen at the conclusion of the preacher’s service, drawing the attention of others in the coffee shop. He gives them a look that says ‘mind your own business’ before returning his attention to Eric. “So thats’ mean the two of you a couple now? You two will make Auntie Lala such pretty babies,” he says with a dramatic sigh.

Eric takes a sip of his coffee, letting the hot liquid burn his throat. The pain is a welcome relief from the pain he’s been feeling in his stomach and heart lately. “She doesn’t want me like that,” he says quietly as he stares a bit glumly down at the cup resting between his hands.

It’s Friday evening after work. Normally he would be heading over to Sookie’s apartment for the evening, but he hasn’t seen her since he left her apartment Saturday afternoon. They’d spent the night together, fucking each other’s brains out in every room of her apartment. His stamina has never been anything to sneeze at, but that night was something remarkable even for him. He’d lost track of how many orgasms Sookie had experienced, but never in all of his sexual experience had he cum seven times in less than twenty-four hours. By the time he had fallen asleep due to sheer exhaustion, it had been after sunrise. He’d fallen to the side of Sookie’s slumbering body, his arm flung possessively around her waist as his leg settled in between hers. Eric had only slept four hours before he’d risen. Somehow in their sleep, they had managed to switch positions so that Sookie was on her side and Eric was nestled behind her. It seemed impossible that his cock could still work after the night before, but there it was, nestled against the curves of her ass, fully erect and rubbing against her skin like it was trying to slide into the promise lands. As much as he wanted to lift her leg so he could bring them both to completion again, he hadn’t. Eric slipped out of the bed, moving slowly so as not to disturb Sookie’s sleep. He had quietly dressed and left; Eric was afraid of how awkward the situation would be if stayed and waited for Sookie to rise. Before he left, he’d committed the image of Sookie sleeping in bed naked to his brain. Her blonde hair had been mused and matted, splaying wildly across her pillow. Her skin had the beginnings of a tan, a faint golden glow against the navy sheets. The sheet covered her delectable curves from his view, but he knew they were there, covered with bruises from his lips and fingers, his saliva, and his cum. Eric wanted nothing more than to slide the sheet down her body and wake her with his mouth sucking on her clit and his fingers inside her. And that is why he’d left.

When he’d gotten back to his apartment, he’d hurried into the shower, determined to wash away the memories from the previous evening. But it wasn’t that simple. As his hands lathered the soap on his body, he couldn’t help but remember the wicked gleam in Sookie’s eyes as she’d washed him the night before. Her hands had stroked and caressed the muscles of his chest, teasing his nipples with her nails. She’d pushed him against the shower wall so that his back had been pressed to the cold tile as she’d dropped to her knees before him. Sookie had made good on her promise from earlier in the evening to nibble and lick his Adonis belt as it’s called. Eric had never been more thankful in his life that he spent four days a week in the gym staying in shape. Sookie had shown her appreciation for his time in the gym by worshipping that particular muscle for what seemed like hours. Her attentions had inflamed him to that point that his hips had thrust forward, his cock rubbing against her breasts. When he thought he couldn’t take it anymore, her lips had wrapped around his cock, sucking just the head while her tongue pressed against his weeping slit. Before he knew what was happening, Eric’s hand was wrapped around his cock, stroking himself to completion as he remembered the way Sookie had sucked him off, giving him the best blow job of his life.

“Eric? Hookah, where’d you go?” Lafayette’s voice brings Eric out of his memories, and makes him shift uncomfortably on the hard wooden chair. This isn’t the first time his body has responded to the memories of his night with Sookie, and he doubts it will be the last. However, Eric wishes the night had never happened. He’s in a constant state of arousal; he wakes up fully aroused, often his shorts sticky with cum. Eric hasn’t had wet dreams since he was a fucking teenager! Even now in a crowded coffee shop, his cock is hard as a rock, straining against the zipper of his jeans. It’s a wonder he doesn’t have a permanent mark on his dick looking like a zipper.

“Sorry,” Eric admits sheepishly. “And no, we aren’t a couple.”

Lafayette blinks hard before giving him a “what the fuck” look. “Bitch, whats’ you mean you ain’t no couple? That’s the dumbest fuckin’ thing I ever heard. Yous two are perfect for each other! Ain’t nobody understand why you two been fighting it for so long. Was the sex so bad she ain’t ever want you to put your dick in her again?”

There are several angry patrons that murmur disapprovingly at Lafayette’s uttered words. He waves his hands at all of them. “Yous bitches need to mind yo’ own damn business. This conversation is private!” Two ladies get up from a table, stomping angrily towards the door. “Go on, git! Maybe if yous gots a good dickin’ yous wouldn’t be so uptight!”

Eric chuckles at his friend’s antics. He learned long ago not to be bothered by anything Lafayette said or did. Hell they had met years ago at a gay club because Sookie had dragged him along with her so she could have a designated driver while she danced. Lafayette had tried his damnedest that night to convince Eric he was playing for the wrong time. If Eric hadn’t been offended by Lafayette grabbing his dick in public, he didn’t think there was anything out of his mouth that would bother him.

“Now, where was we? Oh yes, you means to tells me that you gots that huge dick and don’t know what to do wit it? That’s a fuckin’ shame,” Lafayette says mournfully before taking a drink of his latte.

“She was more than satisfied,” Eric admits with a cocky grin. The grin fades away as he thinks of the current situation with his best friend. “She doesn’t want to be anything more than friends. Hell, she hasn’t even seen me in three weeks. Sookie’s been avoiding me; three Fridays in a row she’s told me she’s gotta work late so we can’t have our standard movie night,” Eric says glumly.

“You mean you ain’t talked to Sook in three weeks?” Lafayette looks shocked. Since they became friends, it’s been rare for Sookie and Eric to go even a single day without talking. Even if they didn’t talk on the phone, they were always texting or emailing.   The idea of the two BFFs not speaking hints to a bigger problem.

“Text and email. I’ve called, but it goes to voice mail.”

“She avoidin’ you.”

“No shit Sherlock. What am I supposed to do about it?”

“Yous march that sexy ass on over to her apartment and talk to her,” Lafayette says as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “Unless yous don’t care about your friendship. But if you still want to be friends wit her, you need to do something.”

“That’s easier said than done. You know how Sookie gets when she feels cornered.”

“So? Wear a cup to protect your dick. You be aight. And if that don’t work, tie her down and fuck her til she stupid. That’d work on me,” Lafayette says with a wink.


Later that evening, Sookie is sitting on her couch with a glass of a wine, flipping through the channels. You’d think with thousands of channels she would be able to find something to watch, but she can’t. There are three episodes of Doctor Who on her DVR waiting to be watched, but she can’t bring herself to watch them without Eric. She’d texted him earlier in the day to say she wouldn’t be able to get together tonight, citing work as her excuse . . . again. It hadn’t entirely been a lie; she did work late tonight, just like she’d worked late nearly every night the past three weeks. They were under a tight deadline for this new project that had shown up, so everyone in her department has worked late to make this deadline. If they met it, it meant they could reach a huge billing milestone. However, she hadn’t worked so late that she needed to cancel movie night with Eric. In fact, she had been home and in her favorite pair of lounge pants by seven; Eric usually didn’t come over until eight. So here it is a little after nine and she’s home alone, drinking wine, and feeling sorry for herself.

I miss him so much! A lonely tear falls down Sookie’s cheek as she closes her eyes in pain. Knocking at her door startles her out of her silent contemplation. Sookie feels like an animal trapped in a cage. She can’t ignore the door because she knows that the TV can be heard thorough the door. Please don’t let it be Eric. I’m not ready to deal with him yet. She rises reluctantly from the couch, setting her wine glass down on the table by the door. With a huge sigh, Sookie unlocks the door, steeling herself for the inevitable awkward conversation with Eric.


“Bitch what the fuck you doin’ to my boy Eric?” Lafayette pushes his way in Sookie’s apartment, standing inside her living room with his hands on his hips. “It’s Friday night, yous supposed to be spendin’ time with him. Instead yous sittin’ in your livin’ room, lookin’ ragged and drinkin’ wine. Only those bitches on Cougar Town and Real Housewives do that shit. And Hookah, you ain’t got the money to be on either of dem.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Sookie says defensively as she crosses her arms over her chest.

“Uh huh,” he says with attitude. “You mean you ain’t been avoidin’ him since he fucked you six ways from Sunday. Baby Girl I don’t know ‘bout you, but if I had that man rockin’ my world, I’d be beggin’ his dick to never leave!”

“I can’t believe he told you about that! That was private!” Sookie clenches her fists in anger, ready to beat the crap out of Eric for blabbing the details of their night together. She didn’t want any of their friends knowing what happened. Everyone that knows the two of them has pushed them together for years, even Hadley. No one understands that they are friends, best friends. Her friendship with Eric is the most important relationship in her life. Yes she has her parents and brother, but no one understands her the way Eric does. He’s been her rock, her anchor. For every momentous occasion in her life, she’s turned to Eric before anyone else. New loves, broken hearts, promotions, not to mention all the family drama; Eric had been there for all of it. She doesn’t want to lose him, and moving things to a romantic relationship, in her opinion, would destroy what they have together.

“Sook that boy be lost witout you,” Lafayette admits gently. “He misses you.”

All the fight leaves Sookie hearing that. She begins crying again. “I miss him, but we’ve ruined everything. We can’t go back to what we were.”

Lafayette steps forward to embrace her in his arms. “There’s nuttin’ sayin’ you have to go back; you can go forward. And sex didn’t have to ruin anythin’ unless you let it. Would a romantic relationship between yous two be the worst thing possible?”

“It wouldn’t work,” she says with a sniffle as she burrows in Lafayette’s arms.

“You don’t know that unless you try,” he chides her. Lafayette steps back from Sookie and takes her face in his hands. “You can’t go back sweets. Yous had sex, really incredible, earth-shattering sex if what I heard is correct.” Sookie giggles when she looks at Lafayette’s waggling eyebrows. “Even if yous don’t want that type of relationship with Eric youd need to fix what’s broken between yous. Both of yous hurtin’; both of yous miss each other. Talk to him. Either you fix it and move on, or you let him go.”


Eric sighs as he turns off the television in his living room. He’s just finished watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, which Sookie loved watching on Friday nights to see if he would do the “thank you” segment where he would write thank you cards to the most random people or objects. If it had been a typical Friday night, they would have been sprawled out on her couch watching the show. Sometimes he fell asleep over there; she would either cover him up with a blanket on the couch or she would drag his tired ass back to her bedroom so he wouldn’t wake up in the morning with a stiff neck. His conversation with Lafayette earlier made him realize that he might have to kiss his friendship with Sookie goodbye.

With a sigh, he grabs his half full beer bottle and heads down the hallway to his bedroom, pausing to toss the bottle in the recycling bin after he chugs the rest of it. A knock on his door makes him pause. Who the hell is knocking on his door so late?

Looking through the peephole, Eric is stunned to find Sookie on the other side shivering slightly in her trench coat. He hurries to slide the chain out of his holder, and twist the locks to open the door. He stares at her in awe, not quite believing she’s really in front of him.

“Are you really going to leave me standing out in the cold?” Sookie smiles at him softly while toying with the belt on her coat.

“It’s the middle of summer, so I doubt you’ll freeze out there,” he says in confusion.

Her expression falters slightly and she shoves her hands in the pockets of her coat. “Can I come inside? I thought we needed to talk.”

“Yeah,” he says as he moves back to allow her admittance. She steps inside, looking around curiously. Eric flushes slightly when he realizes that his living room looks like a bomb exploded in it. There are take-out boxes and used paper plates littering the coffee table. Random articles of clothing are scattered over the furniture and the floor. “I . . . uh . . . I’ve been busy. Sorry it’s such a mess,” he says as he starts grabbing at the trash to clean things up. Usually he’s so meticulous about keeping his place neat. Eric has always gotten on Sookie about leaving random stuff lying around. To see him doing it is disconcerting.

“Have a seat,” he says as he grabs a pile of clothes to take back to the hamper in his bedroom. He hasn’t done laundry in almost two weeks, so the basket is spilling out on the floor. Eric carelessly adds the pile of clothes in his hands to those on the floor and hurries back to the living room. When he comes back down the hallway, he finds Sookie in the kitchen dumping a bunch of bottles, cans, and magazines in his recycling bin. She washes her hands in the sink, dries them off using paper towels, and then rejoins him in the living room.

They sit in awkward silence for a few minutes, not looking at each other as they both try to figure out what to say. Sookie sighs deeply and shifts her body so that she is looking at Eric. “I’m sorry I’ve been avoiding you. It’s just that this is now awkward between us and I never wanted it to be that way.”

“It doesn’t have to be awkward Sookie; you’re still my best friend. So we had sex. It doesn’t mean that things have to change,” he says earnestly as he grabs his best friend’s hand to reassure her.

“They have changed Eric,” she says softly with a touch of regret in her voice. She lowers her head, whispering her next words as if making a confession. “I can’t stop thinking about that night.”

Eric aches to hear how quiet her voice is, how much emotion is in her voice. His biggest fear is confirmed; he’s going to lose his best friend because they gave into their baser desires. He squeezes her hand, trying to offer her some sort of comfort in her moment of pain. “Do you regret it?”

Sookie lifts her head, her expression shocked. “Do you?”

“I regret it if I lose my best friend over it, but that’s the only reason I would ever regret it,” Eric admits honestly.

“You don’t regret the sex?”

“It’s hard to regret the best sex I’ve ever had,” Eric says with a dark chuckle. “I keep seeing images from that night in my mind. I’ve dreamed about it,” he admits honestly.

Sookie stares at him in open-mouth shock. She knows Eric’s been with a lot of women; he’s never lacked for female companionship. During their time together, there had been moments where she felt like she didn’t know what she was doing, that she was somehow not making it as good for him as she could. Including Eric, she can count on one hand the number of guys she’s been with. So to hear that she is the best he’s ever been with . . . she feels confident and sexy at the same time.

Sookie catches her lower lip between her teeth, staring at him with a shy smile on her face. “What do you dream about?”

Eric groans and drops his head against the back of the couch. “Sookie you can’t ask me that question. If I start talking about it, I’m going to get myself all worked up and then have to take care of it with my hand in the shower,” he tells her bluntly. His eyes close as he tries to will his body not to react to the images that are already swirling around in his mind. Having her here in his apartment is harder than he thought it would be. Her skin feels soft, her cheeks are flushed, and why the hell is she wearing a trench coat with high heels?

Eric feels her shifting on the couch. His eyes snap open when he feels her shifting over his lap, a knee resting next to each hip. She undoes the knot in her belt before pushing the buttons through their holes. Sookie shrugs out of her coat to reveal a very skimpy red lace bra and matching thong. Eric stares in shock as she lets the jacket fall to the floor. Sookie settles carefully on his thighs, brushing against his rock hard erection in the process, which makes him groan.

“You’re not the only one that’s fantasized about that night. Thinking about the things you did to my body makes me so wet and horny,” she says breathlessly as she dips a finger inside her thong to rub along her lower lips. “I keep thinking about this,” she says stroking his erection through his lounge pants. “I’ve wanted to feel you inside me so badly it hurts,” she confesses.

“But . . . oooohhhh,” Eric moans as he thrusts against her hand. Watching her play with herself, hearing her seductive confession, and the feel of her soft hand on his cock have him on the verge of release. “I thought it was a one-time thing,” he grits out as his hands settle on her hips.

She pulls her finger out of her thong, and paints his lower lip with her wetness. He growls hungrily as he sucks her finger in his mouth. Sookie eyes darken and she slides up his thighs to be closer to his erection. She leans forward, pressing her breasts against his bare chest. Her lips brush against his ear as she whispers, “Do you want it to be?”

The words are barely out of Sookie’s mouth before she finds herself lying down on the couch with Eric nestled firmly between her parted legs. He thrusts his throbbing cock against the warm, moist heat radiating from behind her thong, causing both of them to groan.

“What do you think?” Eric’s question is muttered seconds before his lips crash down on Sookie’s, robbing her of the ability to speak and breathe. She feels like she is drowning under his passionate assault, but all she can do is ride the wave of pleasure. Eric frees her lips, dropping kisses along her neck to her breasts, where he nuzzles his face against the soft skin and purrs happily. Sookie smiles happily as Eric worships her breasts with his mouth, knowing that once is definitely not enough for them.

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  1. suzyq591suzy says:

    So Sexy, Sweet and Steamy

  2. lostinspace33 says:

    Now that’s more like it! 😉

  3. kleannhouse says:

    this is right, this is good , and this/they are never going to be a one time thing. KY

  4. mindy781 says:

    One more time. You can make this a 3 or 4 or 20 time thing!!!!! Shit they are so sexy !!!!

  5. saldred75 says:

    thank you for expanding this story!!! very good!!!

  6. Kittyinaz says:

    So much love for this story!!! Nope, now they need to admit they are more than BF’s!

  7. mom2goalies says:

    Thank you so much! It could never be just a one time thing with them! Thank God Lafayette intervened.

  8. ashmo2000 says:

    Guess no matter what they told themselves. There would always be a way that a repeat performance was going to happen😘

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