The Calendar Man

“Oh . . .”

“My . . .”


Three voices speak in hushed whispers as they stare in awe at the object of their obsession here and in the flesh. As a gag gift, Sookie Stackhouse was given a calendar of Fangtasia’s Sexiest Vampires. Her roommates, Nora and Willa, thought it hysterical to give that to her because of what she is: a virgin. Sookie blushed bright red seeing the calendar, and her blush only deepened when the first month showed Mr. January kneeling naked on a bed, beckoning to the camera for you to join him. Somehow, the calendar never made it past the month of January and the girls never had the opportunity to see him in person.

Until this night that is.

It is Sookie’s 21st birthday. She is the last of the roommates to turn 21, and the three of them made a pact to wait to go to Fangtasia until they could all go together. The club had a strict no one under 21 policy, so Nora and Willa waited impatiently for months as they counted down the days until July 1 when the baby of the group would join their ranks as a legal adult. For the three coeds, Mr. January figured prominently in all their sexual fantasies. More than one vibrator ran out of batteries as the girls pleasured themselves as they imagined Mr. January would. For Nora and Willa, every guy they fucked would always end up being compared to the wintry vampire. Too short …Too small … Three-pump chump … It didn’t matter if their human sexual partners were any good at sex, they always fell short of the benchmark set by Mr. January. You see, one night the ladies stumbled across a blog written about Mr. January, or Eric Northman as he was known. It was a fan site devoted to worshiping the Viking Sex God and many of the commenters on the site bragged about the vampire’s sexual prowess. Nora and Willa practically came in their pajama bottoms as they read some of the activities a few of the bloggers recounted with pride for the others to read. But Sookie was a little put off by the voraciousness of his sexual appetite. To her, his image on that bed, beckoning for his lover to join him was an artful seduction. The heat in his eyes combined with the look of lust on his face was what she envisioned the man she loved would be like when they made love. Her fantasies about Eric Northman weren’t about wild orgies with him fucking her in as many holes as possible in as many positions as he wanted until her body was nothing more than a mess of sweat and cum. For her, she thought of the Viking with more intimacy and tenderness. He was her ideal of the perfect guy; plus, it didn’t hurt that vampire minds are silent to her.

With her 21st birthday rolling around, Sookie knew Nora and Willa were going to want to go to Fangtasia. Once upon a time, she too was excited at the prospect of going to northern Louisiana’s premiere vampire attraction. But as she got ready earlier in the evening, she worried it was a bad idea. While Nora and Willa were about doing anything and everything to gain Mr. January’s attention, Sookie wasn’t so sure she wanted to catch his eye. What if the real vampire fell far short of the fantasy she had built up in her mind? Did she want to risk being disappointed? And did she really want to be another name on his rather daunting list? Sometimes fantasies are better left as a dream than trying to turn them into reality. However, there was no talking Nora and Willa out of going to Fangtasia.

Nora and Willa read online all about what vampires preferred from their human partners, and they spent a fortune at Hot Topic and Spencer’s to make certain they looked the part. Both were decked out in leather and latex, studded jewelry, and dark lipstick. Sookie also went shopping with the girls, but she couldn’t bring herself to wear something so ridiculous, especially since she would never wear it again. Her only concession to the dress code her roommates insisted on were the colors: black, red, and even some white. However, all the items she purchased were definitely things she would wear again, and she wouldn’t feel self-conscious in them. She bought a pair of white crop pants with a black pinstripe. The pants clung to her hips and buttocks, tapering down her legs to end above her ankles. Her feet were encased in a pair of shiny black leather peep toe high heels. Completing the outfit was a red strapless top. The top was fitted at her bosom, making her natural bounty seem even more plentiful, but then the fabric flowed like a baby doll top to end above her naval, leaving a nicely tanned piece of flesh exposed. Rather than wear the studded jewelry like her friends, Sookie chose to wrap a simple black velvet ribbon around her neck with the cameo given to her by her Gran when she graduated high school. At her wrists were a trio of plastic bangles in red, white, and black. She chose to wear no earrings since she’d left her hair down in natural waves, though she did put in a black headband. And rather than wear the dark, Gothic lipstick like her friends, Sookie chose to go the Taylor Swift route: natural make up with fire engine red lipstick. Her roommates gave her a hard time about her outfit, but Sookie was adamant that she wasn’t changing. It was her birthday dammit, and she would dress the way she wanted!

Arriving at the club, the girls were forced to stand in the back of the line. They’d gotten there right when the club opened, and unfortunately the line already wrapped around the building. Nora was angry to be standing at the back of the line, especially since it seemed the line didn’t move at all once we got there; it only grew longer. Sookie was regretting wearing the five-inch-high heels as their time in line neared the hour mark and they had only moved ten feet forward, and the smell coming from the nearby dumpster mixed with the body odor of the other patrons in line in the muggy Louisiana night was enough to knock out a horse.

“C’mon guys, let’s go,” Sookie says as it gets closer to two hours waiting in line. “We’re never gonna get in there. Let’s just go,” she pleads.

And that is the moment when Mr. January himself makes his appearance. Eric Northman arrives at Fangtasia, dropping out of the night sky like a falling star. He lands on his two feet, his knees bending slightly due to the impact with the ground. He stands for a moment with his head bowed as his hair forms a golden curtain around his head, though a smirk appears on his face as he hears the screams of the crowd. His body is covered in all black clothing, making his already imposing body feel menacing. When he finally lifts his head, there is no expression on his face, and his Arctic blue eyes do not seem to register the screaming hoard in front of him. He looks through the crowd, as if they are beneath him and do not warrant his notice. The only movement he makes is the flaring of his nostrils and the slight turning of his head as if he is seeking something out.

Of course, the haughty attitude only makes the crowd scream for him more. All except Sookie that is. She stands with her lips slightly parted from the gasp she let out at his sudden appearance and she has yet to catch her breath. She slumps against the brick wall of the building to hold herself up. His picture did not do him justice; he is simply magnificent. Nora and Willa have been screaming with the crowd, oblivious to their friend’s reaction. He strides forward, moving towards the employees’ entrance which suddenly swings open for him, hitting a few of those waiting in line, but they quickly scurry out of the way. When he is at the entrance, he pauses again with his nostrils once more flaring and his eyes zeroing in on Sookie. The breath she had just managed to suck in lodges somewhere in her chest as her cornflower blue eyes met his icy blue ones. She stares agog while he smirks once again. His lips move though she cannot make out his words over the screaming horde around her. The charged moment between them passes as Eric Northman pulls the door shut behind him, but not before winking at Sookie.

“Did you see that? He was totally checking us out,” Nora gushes as she messes with her hair. She next pulls a compact out of her purse and retouches her make-up.

“He looks so much better in person,” Willa swoons as she tugs at the material of her latex dress, hoping to get some relief from the chaffing and stickiness.

Sookie says nothing, still in somewhat of a daze after her brief encounter with the vampire. She feels like a schoolgirl, all tongue-tied and flush. If he tries to talk to her, she fears what sort of gibberish will come out of her mouth. It’s not like her to get flustered by someone, but he certainly flustered her. Maybe it’s because she can’t hear his thoughts, though she heard the acrid thoughts of those around them when the handsome vampire focused his attention on her and her roommates. The thoughts were downright revolting, picturing the three of them in various sexual acts with the vampire or just hating on them for having gotten the “Master’s” attention.

Master? Seriously? WTF?!?!?

The line begins moving, albeit slowly. Sookie can tell from the thoughts around her that some of the people in line are gaining admittance to the club while others are not. Apparently, your position in line does not dictate when you get to enter the building. A blonde female vampire appears suddenly in front of the three girls and they shriek in surprise. The vampire rolls her eyes in annoyance while folding her arms across her chest.

“Blondie,” she says while gesturing at Sookie. “You can go in.”

“What about my friends?”

“Just you,” she says in a bored voice while inspecting the nail polish on her right hand.

“That’s OK. I’ll wait until my friends can go in too,” Sookie says politely with a smile. Nora and Willa are pushing her, telling her to get her ass inside the club right now, but Sookie remains firm. She is not going inside alone.

The blonde vampire in front of her flicks her eyes up in interest for the first time. While Sookie’s words were polite, they were completely unexpected. No one refuses to enter Fangtasia when the invitation is extended. Most people conveniently forget about their friends when it comes to getting permission to enter the club.

“Fine. The three of you can go in the club, but I need to see your IDs first.” She holds her hand out in a bored manner and waits for the three girls to give her the required documentation. She barely glances at the licenses of the two brunettes, but her eyes linger on Sookie’s license. “Twenty-one today. Well happy birthday to you,” she smirks as she hands the licenses back to the girls. The blonde vampire then begins walking away on her ridiculously high heels and the girls scramble after her. Again, Sookie can hear the disparaging thoughts of the others in line, but she chooses to ignore it. She and her friends are holding each other’s hands, clutching each other tightly as they make their way towards the entrance. When they get to the open door, the blonde vampire is standing there with her fangs out.

“Have fun inside. I’m sure someone is dying to sink their fangs into one of you,” she says with a smirk. Once the three girls are inside, the vampire closes the door, plunging them into almost complete darkness. The girls shriek again as they stumble down a short, dark hallway which opens to the main bar.

“Oh my god!”

“There he is!”


The three girls are struck dumb as they stare at Eric Northman sitting on his throne for all to see. He is not acknowledging anyone in the club; his head rests on his closed fist and he stares unseeing at the masses. Of course, that means that the masses are trying harder and harder to gain his attention. One man climbs on the stage, crawling on his hands and knees to the vampire. Starting with the vampire’s booted foot, the man kisses and licks his way up the still vampire’s leg to his knee. It seems almost reflex when the vampire kicks the man away from him, showing a hint of annoyance around the tightening of his lips. The man goes crashing into a high top table near the stage. He is sobbing and crying pitifully for the blond vampire onstage as he is escorted out of the club by security.

“Oh shit! Did you see that?” Nora’s eyes are wide with excitement and she licks her lips hungrily as she stares at the intimidating Viking.

“That was hot!” Willa too stares with lust-filled eyes at the reason they came here.

“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea,” Sookie says in a small voice. Not even five minutes inside the club and she is already regretting coming tonight. That moment outside when their eyes had met seemed so profound for her, but now that she is seeing him in his natural environment, she is unsure of herself. She didn’t come here to fuck a vampire; she came here for a stupid fantasy she realizes, one that she now knows doesn’t exist.

“Oh, come on, Sook,” Nora says in exasperation. “We just got in here. Let’s have a drink, dance; you never know how the night might turn out.”


Eric sits on the throne, bored as usual. The vermin disgust him, always the same pathetic creatures that he wishes he can eviscerate. But tonight, seemed different. The blonde he saw outside seemed a far cry from the usual people that walked through the door of Fangtasia. She wasn’t dressed to put every bit of herself on display, but the clothing she wears definitely enhances her natural attributes. And Eric can tell she is all woman; not a bit of plastic anywhere in her body. That coupled with her divine scent had made Eric hard and aching from the moment he’d crossed through the employees’ entrance. It’s the first time he’s ever sent his progeny out to the waiting vermin to escort one of them in. Pam teased him for it, but she stopped when he gave her a glare. Eric sits on his throne waiting for the blonde girl to make a move towards him, but she hasn’t. If anything, she seems very uncomfortable being in Fangtasia. She drinks sparingly and dances with her friends when they drag her on the floor. Eric wishes she would dance all night; the way her body moves makes him want to plaster his body against hers, so he can feel her hot flesh warming him. He hungers to have her on top of him to see if she moves with the same sensual grace. Too often the people here think they are enticing when they dance, but it’s laughable. But this girl . . . She seems unaware of her own sexuality. He growled in warning at several vampires that approached her, letting everyone in the room now that he staked his claim on her.

“It’s not like you to be possessive of a human,” Pamela, his progeny, says in Old Norse as she leans against the back of his throne. Before he can say anything in response, she continues. “Of course, she smells absolutely divine. Are you willing to share her?”

Mine,” Eric snarls as he stares at the blonde swirling her straw in her drink.

Pam rolls her eyes. “Fine. Are you claiming her friends too or can I have some fun with them?”

Eric smirks hearing his child’s petulant tone. “You can take the friends. Something tells me I’ll be more than satisfied with the blonde.”

“Her name’s Sookie Stackhouse. It’s her twenty-first birthday today,” Pam offers.

Eric growls appreciatively. “I have a present she can unwrap.” He makes eyes contact with Sookie and pushes his glamour at her, trying to make her come to him.

But it doesn’t work.

Never in his thousand years has glamour failed to work for him. He pushes his influence harder, but all she does is rub her hand across her forehead as if she is in pain.

“Pam, something’s wrong. She isn’t responding to glamour,” Eric says in a low tone.

“That’s impossible,” Pam scoffs incredulously. “Every human is susceptible to our influence. Even Weres fall victim to our influence, but it’s not that hard to get an animal to do what you want with the right incentive,” she says drolly.

“Perhaps she is not entirely human then,” Eric says intrigued further by the shy blonde that blushes every time she catches him gazing at her. He muses silently about how even the way she blushes is attractive. Most humans turn blotchy when they blush, and they also begin sweating, intensifying the stench of whatever chemicals they have on and in their bodies. But even from this distance he can smell her sweetness intensifying rather than diminishing. It is her scent that worries him the most because the younger vampires in his area are becoming restless, drifting closer and closer to her table. If he doesn’t get her out of here soon, there will be bloodshed.

However, Eric Northman does not go to a woman; women come to him.

“Bring her here,” Eric demands of his progeny.  “Just the blonde,” he clarifies before Pam walks off the stage, moving through the dance floor with ease.  She wraps herself around the blonde that Eric is fascinated with, earning a growl from him at his child’s impertinence.  Pam merely smirks at him before lowering her lips to alongside the ear of Sookie.  The blonde pulls away from Pam, turning slightly to look her in the face.  Pam nods her head once and gestures for the human to walk in front of her.  Sookie gestures to her friends that she will be back and walks uneasily towards the stage.  Pam leads her to the stairs, gesturing with a thumb that Sookie is to go on stage to meet with Eric.

Eric watches with interest as the delicious smelling human slowly climbs the few steps that lead from the dance floor to the stage.  Eric admires the curves of her body as she ascends to the stage.  She halts a few steps away from him, her eyes downcast, and her hands nervously fidget in front of her body.  Eric uses her demure pose to assess her entire body.  His eyes start with the flaxen colored hair that reminds him of the wheat fields he ran through as a boy.  The golden hue of her skin is a stark contrast to the pallor that most of the fangbangers present.  While she may not be today’s definition of thin, her luscious body is curvy in all the right places, giving her an hourglass figure.  Eric’s eyes complete their journey to the blonde’s feet and then begin the trek northward again, re-assessing in case he missed some minute detail.  He smirks when his eyes meet the raised eyebrow of the girl in front of him.  Never has a human had the impertinence to question him!  Eric doesn’t know whether to be amused, smitten, or outraged.

Perhaps he is all three.

“You, uh, wanted to see me?”  Sookie fidgets under the intense scrutiny of the beautiful vampire before her.  She couldn’t believe when Pam had sidled up to her indicating that Eric Northman wanted to see her.  HER, Sookie Stackhouse!!!!!!  Things like this never happened to her.  Her friends were envious that Sookie was singled out by their fantasy man, but they both gestured for her to hurry to the stage.  You did not keep Eric Northman waiting.  Sookie had climbed the stairs to the stage with some trepidation, praying that she didn’t fall flat on her face because of the uncomfortably high shoes she was not accustomed to wearing.  When she had reached the top of the stage, she’d stood there nervous, unsure of what to do with her hands, what to say, or how to act.  She’d hoped that he would make the first move, to give her some idea of what was going to happen, but he remained silent.  It was after a good minute (she knew since she’d been counting the seconds in her head to keep from hyperventilating) that she found the courage to raise her eyes.  How dare he ogle her like she is a piece of meat?  Never mind the fact that she and her friends have been ogling his picture for months.  Sookie would never stare at him like that in person where he could catch her.  It’s rude, and Gran didn’t raise her to be rude.

“Please,” Eric gestures to a chair that suddenly appears at his side.  Sookie jumps at the unexpected movement that brought the chair to the stage.  She couldn’t follow the movement with her eyes, but she felt the breeze brush past her.  With a slight hesitation, she lowers herself in the chair.  The thoughts of the fangbangers press against her mind, and she slams her eyes shut, hoping that her shields will hold under the onslaught.

“Are you unwell?” Eric leans over to grip Sookie’s hand.  The coolness of his skin does not bother Sookie; it is a welcome relief given that she is hot from dancing.  What is remarkable about his touch is that Sookie cannot hear a single thought from any of the humans in the room.  The oppressive pounding against her shields is gone.  There is still a humming there, but it is as if she is inside a protective bubble that cannot be penetrated.  It is a glorious feeling.

“I’m fine,” Sookie admits with a beatific smile spreading across her face.  Her head turns to face Eric fully as her fingers entwine with his.  Eric is captivated by her smile.  No one has ever smiled with that level of happiness at him, not even Pam surrounded by her nirvana of fashion has achieved this level of beauty.  Sookie’s smile truly lights up the room, turning a beautiful woman into an extraordinary goddess.

Eric normally despises the unwanted touch of the humans in the club, but he finds her touch comforting and arousing simultaneously.  His fingers tighten holding hers, not wanting to lose the contact with the golden goddess beside him.  “What brings you to Fangtasia this balmy summer evening?”

“Um, my friends and I came here,” Sookie states while gesturing towards the dance floor where Nora and Tara are dancing.  Sookie’s eyes widen when she finds her friends writhing against the blonde vampiress that had brought her to the stage.  She never knew that either of her friends were into women; she’d thought they were solely interested in guys.  Never had she heard any thoughts from them indicating that they fantasized about a woman or found a woman attractive.  It makes Sookie slightly uncomfortable to see her friends so wanton, so uncaring of what others think of them as the blonde female vampire caresses their skin and tongues their necks with open-mouthed kisses.

Eric draws Sookie’s attention back to him.  He doesn’t want her distracted from him.  Whether she knows it or not, she will be leaving the club with him this evening.  Eric has plans for the woman beside him, plans that involve the two of them learning each other’s bodies intimately.

“This is your first time at Fangtasia.  I would have remembered someone as…delectable as you,” Eric intones wickedly as his tongue sneaks out to wet his bottom lip.

Sookie blushes at his version of flirting. “It’s my 21st birthday,” she offers him shyly.

Eric knew this already thanks to his progeny, but he offers Sookie a smile in acknowledgement.  “Well Happy Birthday, Miss Stackhouse.  I hope it will be a pleasurable one for you.” For us both, he adds feverishly in his head as he fights to keep his fangs in his gums.  Her scent this close is hard to resist.  He is fighting every urge to scoop her up in his arms, and rush her to his office where he can spend the rest of the night sinking his fangs and cock inside this temptress. But he knows that anything worth having is worth savoring.  If he wants to have her more than tonight, then he needs to move at a human’s pace so as not to frighten her off.  It would be easier if she could be glamoured, but Eric finds a perverse pleasure in knowing that he cannot influence her to do his bidding.  It means it will be all the sweeter when he claims his prize.

Sookie’s blush deepens hearing Eric’s emphasis on the word pleasurable.  Jesus Christ, Shepherd of Judah this man is gorgeous! She is having a hard time focusing on their conversation.  All she wants to do is climb on his lap, fuse her lips to his while her fingers comb through his hair.  Thankfully his continued touch blocks the unwanted thoughts of everyone else in the room.  Sookie can focus solely on the man…vampire sitting next to her.  Never has she been able to enjoy a flirtatious interaction with a member of the opposite sex.  Oh, Sookie isn’t stupid, she can read all the signs that Eric desires her physically, but it’s nice not to hear all the depraved thoughts in his head.  She doesn’t have to block out if he is wondering if she is a natural blonde all over, or if her breasts are real or fake.  She can’t tell from his thoughts if he is comparing her to any of the other women he’s had in his life.  The way he stares at her makes her feel as if she is the only woman in the room, no on the planet!

The conversation continues between Eric and Sookie.  Eric is pleased to learn that despite her initial shyness, Sookie has a quick wit and finds humor in the same things he does.  He has the waitresses continue to refresh Sookie’s drink while they talk, knowing that alcohol will loosen her inhibitions.  During their conversation, Sookie sways in the chair to the beat of the music.  Eric is hypnotized watching her movements and can no longer deny the hunger inside him for her.  Rising from his throne, he tugs on her hand getting her to rise with him.  He leads her down the stairs of the stage, down the hallway, and enters the door leading to his office.  Once the door is shut, he releases Sookie’s hand.  He strides to his desk, picking up a remote and pointing it to the sound system mounted on the wall behind his desk.  The music playing in the club comes through the speakers though the volume is not as deafening.

Sookie stands shyly in the open space in front of his desk.  She bites her lip nervously while staring at Eric with wide eyes.  She fidgets under his hungry gaze.  “What are we doin’ in here?”

Eric stalks towards his prey slowly, his eyes hooded as he moves before her. His large hands skim along the tanned flesh of her sides to slip behind her back.  Sookie shivers at his touch, whether from the coolness of his hands or in desire, he doesn’t know.  Eric molds her body to his as his lips descend to her ear. “Dancing, Lover.  I wanted you all to myself,” he whispers as he begins swaying to the music, guiding her body to match the movement of his.

The music is different from earlier. Instead of the violent rock music that assaulted the ears, this music throbs through the speakers.  She can’t tell if it’s the music pulsing through her or if it’s her own heartbeat, but she feels herself throbbing.  Eric’s fingers are teasing the sensitive skin along her back as they dance together.  Her fingers itched to touch him as he was touching her, so she takes a deep breath, gathering her courage before moving her hands to where she wants them.  Her left hand moves to grip his bicep while her right hand moves up his shoulder, grazing along the skin of his neck to play with his hair.  Eric lowers his head to graze the skin of his check along Sookie’s face.  Her breath shudders as her eyes remain closed.  Her fingers tighten in Eric’s hair as she feels the hot flames of desire shoot through every vein of her body.  She is burning alive in his arms.

Eric is not immune to the innocently erotic dance they share.  Desire is not something he’s experienced in years.  Yes, he has sex nearly every night, but one can have sex without desiring one’s partner.  Eric turns his head into the curve of Sookie’s neck and kisses along the skin of her neck.  A breathy moan escapes her lips as he works his way down the graceful column of her neck.  His fangs rush down as he sucks on the succulent skin at the curve of her neck and shoulder.  Sookie’s head falls back limply to give Eric all the access he wants.  If he weren’t gripping her so tightly, she knows she would be a puddle on the floor.  Her chest heaves as she gasps for breath.  Nothing in her life has prepared her for the battering ram of lust that floods her body.  She wants Eric desperately, but doesn’t know how to communicate that to him.

Eric grins as he kisses lower down Sookie’s skin, his lips pressing over the skin where her heart thuds rapidly in her chest.  Sookie may not understand the urges of her body, but he does.  The fingers of her hand tug at his hair as he tastes her flesh while the other hand digs into his bicep, her nails leaving half-moons in his skin.  He’s shifted so that Sookie is straddling one of his thighs, moving his leg so that it rubs sensuously against her moist heat. The smell of her arousal invades his senses, making his mouth water.  Her skin tastes of honey and sunlight as he tongues the flesh of her breasts heaving above the top of her red shirt.  Eric wants nothing more than to rip the fabric of her shirt held in his hands, like a bull that charges the red flag of the matador.  Instead, he kisses his way back up her chest and neck.  His face hovers over hers, letting her breath wash over him.

“Look at me, Sookie,” Eric commands.  Sookie’s eyes open slowly to find Eric’s face looming over hers.  She can see nothing but him.  His eyes are dark, wild, and fathomless.  His skin glows from the harsh fluorescent lights.  His lush, pink lips are parted to reveal his beautiful, but deadly white, glistening fangs.

Sookie wets her lips in anticipation before leaning up to brush her lips against the stubble peppering Eric’s jaw.  A growl rumbles in his chest as her lips move up his chin to press innocently against his lips. It does not take long before Eric becomes the aggressor in their kiss. He sucks on Sookie’s lower lip, scrapping his fangs gently across it.  She inhales sharply and as her lips part, Eric uses the opportunity to slip his tongue inside her mouth.  He can tell she has no experience when it comes to kissing a man, and that pleases him greatly.  He will be her teacher in everything related to the erotic arts.  His tongue moves with certainty against hers, massaging the muscle and letting her mimic the movements.  When the kiss breaks because Sookie needs to breathe, Eric cups her cheeks in his hands, forcing her to meet his eyes.

“This is the beginning, Lover.  You are mine, Sookie Stackhouse!”


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