I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours

The upperclassmen suites on campus are located at the back of the campus near the creative arts center.  There are six buildings in all, three levels to a building, and four suites per level.  Each suite consists of a living room, bathroom, and two bedrooms, with two students assigned to each bedroom.  Each group of four students that want to live together is put in a lottery drawing every spring to decide which students will live in the suites the upcoming school year.  Alcide Herveaux shares his suite with Rasul Ahmed, Bill Compton, and Eric Northman; they live on the third floor of Leclerq Hall, the last of the upperclassman housing buildings.  It is the most remote, which is good considering the hijinks that he and the other occupants of the floor get in.  Of the sixteen occupants of the third floor of Leclerq Hall, twelve of them are male and they all belong to the same fraternity.  The last suite is the one across the hall from them and is occupied by four girls from one of the university’s sororities.  The four girls are Pamela Ravenscroft, Amelia Broadwater, Tara Thornton, and Sookie Stackhouse.  The guys in the fraternity had known the girls before they all lived on the same floor, but other than Pam and Amelia, they didn’t know them well.  Pam and Amelia had hung out with the fraternity a lot the previous year, drinking and partying nearly every weekend.  The guys figured that if they had to be stuck with outsiders on their floor, at least they got people who knew what to expect with them.  They soon realized that having the girls on their floor was AWESOME!  The first weekend of the fall semester, the fraternity had thrown a welcome back party.  Of course, campus police came to investigate because the fraternity had a well-deserved reputation for partying.  However, Sookie and Tara, thinking fast on their feet, got the few underage party goers to go hide in their suite.  When campus police arrived on the floor, they had gone from room to room looking for underage drinkers, but when they saw Sookie opening the door to their suite, and Tara sitting on the couch watching Gladiator, they had apologized for interrupting their evening. From that night forward, the guys went to the girls for nearly everything: food, advice, sewing needs, etc.  Hell a few of the guys even borrowed from Pam’s porn collection.  The fall semester had been a lot of fun for everyone and everyone had high hopes that the spring semester would bring more of the same.

Unfortunately, things had gotten off to a rocky start in January.  The first weekend in January when the students had returned to campus, a bunch of underage kids were busted for drinking and smoking pot at a campus-sponsored event. Not only were they in trouble for underage drinking and possession of illegal narcotics, but some of them had been kicked off their respective sports teams, which ended up costing them their free ride for school. More than one set of parents had arrived this week to collect their kid. The ones who had suffered the most because of the stupidity of others were the students that were twenty-one and over. All campus dorm rooms had been inspected this week by the resident assistants (RAs) as well as members of the university’s faculty looking for alcohol. The campus allowed those students of age to have beer only in their room if all inhabitants of the room were of age. It had made for a very somber week on campus. That’s why everyone was lying low this weekend, trying to avoid any backlash. Alcide and a few of the other guys on the floor had gone to the city to blow off some steam.

“Check out what I got guys!” Alcide’s booming voice enters the room before the rest of him. He’s pushed open the outer door of the apartment which opens to the living room where two of his roommates and three of the girls from across the hall are watching a movie.  Alcide walks to the center of the living room lifting his sweater and t-shirt over his head. He leaves his clothing dangling from his hand as he turns to show everyone his back.

“Alcide, I’m not interested in the pimple you’ve got growing above your belt. You need to take care of that thing man; it’s the size of a fucking planet! And its angry dude, I’ve never seen anything that red before!” Rasul shudders as he tries to hide his eyes behind his raised hands.

“How the fuck can you even see that through all the damn hair? It looks like a bunch of shag carpeting back there,” Pam says in disgust.

“Fuck the both of you,” Alcide growls. “What the hell do you guys think of my tattoo?”

Everyone in the room stands up to get a closer look at his tattoo. On his right shoulder blade, is a large tattoo of a wolf’s head. The guys are impressed that Alcide went through with it; the tattoo is something he’s talked about for months but had always talked himself out of it for one reason or another. The girls are not that impressed by it and sit down.

“Spit it out. What’s wrong with it?” Alcide is irritated by the reaction of the girls. He hadn’t spent four hours in the tattoo parlor for them to act like his tattoo was no more interesting than watching paint dry. He carefully puts his shirt back on and winces slightly when the fabric makes contact with the inflamed area of his tattoo. He’s not going to lie, his right shoulder feels like it is on fire and that he’s been stung by an entire beehive.

“It looks fine,” Amelia says with forced cheer.

“Bullshit. You are being total bitches about it and I want to know why,” Alcide growls out.

“You’re acting like we should kiss your ass because you got a tattoo. Each of us has had a tattoo for years. Some of us have more than one,” Pam says as explanation as she shrugs her shoulders.

“Fuck you,” Alcide says. “There’s no way all of you have tattoos!”

“Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean we don’t have ’em,” Tara says flippantly.

“Prove it,” Bill says condescendingly. “We wanna see ’em.”

“Right, because y’all wanna see my tattoo I’m gonna take all my clothes off. Do I suddenly have stupid tattooed on my forehead?” She turns to her group of friends, running her pointer finger along the flat plane of her head. The other girls laugh and shake their heads no.

“A trade then,” Bill says in his best negotiating voice. “We’ll show you our tattoos; you show us yours.”

“No offense, but what if we don’t wanna see what you’re offering? I mean, Team Jacob over there,” Amelia says pointing at Alcide who gives her the finger in return, “has already showed his tattoo. And something tells me that some of our tattoos are in a far more intimate location than the shit you guys have. So how is this fair for us?”

“Strip poker,” Rasul blurts out and everyone looks at him as if he’s suddenly sprouted horns, fangs, and a tail. “You girls want to make it fair, so play strip poker with us. It’s all about the luck of the cards this way.”

“Who would be playing?”  Amelia is the spokesperson, but Pam and Tara all look intrigued by the idea.

“Me and Bill,” Rasul says while looking at his roommate who nods his head emphatically.

“I’ll play,” Alcide says as the door to the apartment opens again.

“You’ll play what? Please tell me you fuckers aren’t trying to talk these ladies into playing Dungeons and Dragons. How many times must I tell you that shit doesn’t impress women?” Standing in the doorway is the fourth roommate for the suite, Eric Northman. He’s wearing his black pea coat over a pair of snug jeans. His face is twisted in a cocky grin as he holds the door open for his companion to walk through.  Walking behind him is his new girlfriend and the roommate of the three girls in the room, Sookie Stackhouse.  She is wearing a white puffy coat with a bright pink scarf and black skinny jeans that mold perfectly to her curves.  Once she’s inside the room, Eric closes the door behind her.

Things have been interesting between Eric and Sookie. They flirted with each other for most of the fall semester, but neither one of them had made a move until finals week.  They had been in the same British Literature class. Eric would constantly ask Sookie for help with the stories that were required for reading or he would ask her for help with his essays. Little did she know that it was all a ploy; Eric knew the material inside out but he wanted to spend more time with the bubbly petite co-ed. He’d seen her around campus for two years, but never really interacted with her. She was very focused on her studies and often went home on the weekends to be with her family. Eric had thought it was because she was dating a boy from her hometown, but he learned it was because she was helping take care of her sick grandmother, who had unfortunately passed away the summer before the fall semester. Eric had grown more and more infatuated with Sookie as the semester progressed, but it was his own fraternity brothers that kept interfering with him asking her out. The guys told him not to screw up a good thing. What if they went out and it was disastrous? What if they ended up hating each other? Eric had listened to the advice of his friends and brothers, but it ended up backfiring on him when Sookie started dating John Quinn, a senior on the football team who was also in their British Literature class. Where Eric only pretended to need Sookie’s help so he could spend time with her, Quinn really needed it. The guy must have taken one too many hits to the head because he couldn’t comprehend the most basic of concepts. For fuck’s sake, he didn’t understand the point of Romeo and Juliet! The night Quinn and Sookie had gone out on their first date, all the fraternity brothers had lined up on the apartment floor to give Quinn the third degree. They wanted to know where they were going, when they would be back, what Quinn’s intentions were, all things a father would ask the boyfriend of his baby girl. Sookie had come out of the apartment teasing the guys that all they were missing was the twelve gauge shotgun her daddy had used the first time she’d gone on a date. Sookie had waved good-bye at all the guys while walking down the stairs, her gaze lingering on Eric before she turned her attention back to Quinn. Eric proceeded to get roaring drunk that night; whatever he could get his hands on was what he drank. And of course, drunken people do not make the best decisions; he ended up in bed that night with Ginger, a girl who seemed determined to sleep with as many of the fraternity boys on campus as possible. Ginger wasn’t the only poor decision Eric made while Sookie was dating Quinn, but she was by far the worst.

Thankfully for Eric, Sookie’s relationship with Quinn was short-lived. He didn’t know what happened between them, but he knew that Quinn came to class the Monday after they broke up sporting a black eye and a noticeable limp. Sookie acted as if nothing happened, but had resumed sitting next to Eric in class and not her former boyfriend. Things returned to the way they had been before Sookie and Quinn dating. It was the day of the final exam that their relationship changed. Eric finished the exam first and went outside the lecture hall to wait for Sookie so they could walk back to their respective rooms. He was sitting on the brick wall outside when Sookie had come bursting out of the building. Before he could say a word, she’d rushed over to him, pulling his head towards hers, their lips meeting in a kiss. The kiss was heated and passionate; the only reason they had stopped was because of other students walking by telling them to get a room. Sookie pulled back from his lips, her cheeks stained a bright scarlet color from embarrassment, but her eyes shined with happiness. She’d apologized for doing that but she said she’d felt like celebrating. Eric had quipped that she could celebrate with him anytime she wanted; in fact, he wanted to make it mandatory that they celebrate that way every day. That marked the beginning of their relationship, but this evening had been their first official date. Eric had been the perfect gentleman; he brought her flowers, opened doors for her, and took her to dinner at her favorite restaurant followed by a movie. He’d been planning on spending the rest of the night in one of their rooms, snuggled up in bed watching movies, but seeing the congregation of people in the living room has put a damper on his plans.

“Strip poker asshole,” Rasul says as he gets up from his seat to get another beer from the refrigerator. He pops the tab on his beer and takes a healthy guzzle before letting out a loud belch. The girls roll their eyes in disgust but Rasul continues on oblivious. “We were gonna show our tattoos to the girls and then they’d show us theirs, but they don’t think it’s an even exchange. So to make things fair, we’re gonna play strip poker. You in?”

Eric turns to look at Sookie. “Do you wanna play?” Eric definitely wants to see Sookie naked, but doesn’t want the other guys to see her. With the other girls he’d dated, he wouldn’t have cared, but he’s possessive of Sookie. He wants her all to himself.

“I don’t care,” she shrugs. Her roommates hiss her name and ask to talk to her outside. Sookie rolls her eyes and follows after the girls. They aren’t outside long, but whatever is said irritates Sookie because she comes in rolling her eyes and shrugging out of her coat.

“Apparently I have to play,” she says as she takes her coat off and then her scarf. Eric grabs her free hand, pulling her back to his bedroom so he can talk to her in private.

“We don’t have to play if you don’t want to,” Eric says as he shrugs out of his coat. He takes his coat and hers, throwing them over the end of his bed. “We can go hang out in your room if you want.”

“If I don’t play, then you won’t play. And apparently my roommates all want to see you naked,” she says with a snort and an eye roll. “They sure as shit don’t wanna see Bill naked,” she says with a shudder. “Alcide and Rasul they are OK with, but you were the tipping point for them.”

“So what are we doing?” Eric is confused. He has no problems stripping down to nothing for other people to see; he’s not ashamed of his body in the slightest. However, he doesn’t want the other assholes he lives with seeing any part of Sookie naked. Hell, he doesn’t even like the idea of them seeing her in her bathing suit!

She shrugs. “We’re gonna play strip poker. Lord, I’m gonna need a lot of alcohol for this. And for the love of God, don’t let Bill sit anywhere near me!”

“How about you sit on my lap?” Eric pulls her against his body and angles his head down to kiss her lips. She moans softly and opens her mouth to let his tongue inside her warm, sweet cavern. His hands slide in the pockets on the back of her jeans, gripping the firm flesh of her backside to pull her against his body, letting her feel how much she affects him.

A pounding on the bedroom door forces the two soon to be lovers apart. “Get your asses out here you two! If you aren’t out in two minutes, there will be a penalty of two articles of clothing,” Pam’s snarky voice says through the door.

“Back off bitch! I’ll be out there when I’m damn good and ready,” Sookie hollers back through the door. She winks at Eric before picking up her scarf and slipping it around her neck. “I’m wearing it so it totally counts as an item of clothing.”

“In that case, I should give you everything in my closet,” Eric says as he opens the bedroom door to let her go out first. When Eric and Sookie return to the common room, there is a dark green blanket strewn over the coffee table and Rasul is busy shuffling a deck of cards. He looks up as Eric and Sookie sit down next to each other and gives them a smile. Rasul sits with his back to the wall, Sookie is to his left, Alcide to his right, and everyone else fills in the space between.

Rasul looks at everyone expectantly. “Alright campers, shall we discuss the rules before we get started? The name of the game is Texas Hold’em,” he clarifies as he keeps shuffling. “Each player is dealt two cards that stay face down. Normally, betting takes place after each time cards are dealt, but for the interest of this game, there will be no betting. The dealer will then deal three cards known as ‘the flop’. The fourth card, known as ‘the turn’, will then be placed face up next to the flop, followed by the final card, or ‘the river’. Before the flop, turn, and the river are dealt, everyone will get the opportunity to fold. If you fold, you won’t have to remove an article of clothing.” At seeing the smirk on Amelia’s face, Rasul clarifies. “If you fold three times in a row, you will be given a two garment penalty, so don’t think you can keep folding to remain fully clothed,” he says with a glare at the brunette.

“Shoes and socks count as one item of clothing each,” Alcide adds to the rules. “Jewelry doesn’t count, nor does anything in your hair,” he adds scowling at Pam and Tara. The ladies in return raise their middle fingers at him in answer.

“When you show your tattoo, you have to stand up and show everyone. When you are completely naked, you’re out of the game and can’t hang around like a creeper,” Eric says with a pointed glance at Bill, which causes all the girls to laugh.

“Any questions?” Rasul looks around at everyone expectantly. When no one says anything, he nods his head and begins dealing the cards. Rasul is quick and efficient, dealing two cards to every player. When he deals the flop, Amelia, Tara, and Bill all fold. Eric looks around at the other players, trying to see what tells everyone has. With Amelia, everything she is feeling is displayed on her face, so she will be an easy one to defeat. Pam is cagier with her facial expression, reminding Eric of a cat as it watches the world surreptitiously before pouncing on its prey. Alcide’s brow is furrowed in concentration, but then again, he looks that way while reading Calvin and Hobbes. Rasul is grinning like the Cheshire cat, which could be a sign that he has something good. Looking at the flop, there is an ace, six, and ten, none of which are in the same suit. Eric’s own cards are a seven and eight; the odds of pulling an inside straight are low, but it is possible. On the turn, Rasul flips the two of hearts, the same suit as the ten. Rasul still looks the same, though his grin does widen a fraction. Sookie has been biting her lower lip the entire time, but remains in the game unlike Alcide and Pam. On the river, Rasul flips over a nine of spades, giving Eric an inside straight. Sookie ends up with two pair, aces and sixes.

“You lucky son of a bitch,” Rasul grumbles as he takes off his shoes. Sookie just smiles as she removes the scarf from around her neck, letting it float down to the floor. Rasul begins shuffling the cards again, readying the cards for the next round.


Five rounds later, Eric, Pam, and Sookie are only missing their shoes and socks. Tara and Amelia had to take a two-garment penalty for folding three times in a row. Amelia is sitting around in a hot pink lacy bra and a pair of black yoga pants, while Tara is wearing a lime green satin bra and her jeans. Alcide is left in his jeans and whatever is underneath. Rasul and Bill are wearing undershirts and their pants.

There are only four tattoos visible so far: Alcide’s wolf tattoo, a tattoo on Tara’s side that says ‘until the end’, Rasul’s sleeve on his left arm, and Pam’s large orchid tattoo that begins on her right shoulder and continues down the top of her right arm.

“Now we’re getting to the good stuff,” Bill says gleefully as he rubs his hands together. The rest of the players look at him with disdain, especially Tara and Amelia. Bill has stared at their boobs ever since their shirts came off.

Rasul hurriedly deals the next round, his eyes flicking to each player as he deals. Amelia, Pam, and Tara immediately fold. Bill smirks, a clear sign that he thinks he has a hand worth playing. Alcide shifts in his seat, a sign that he is unsure if the cards he has are any good. Sookie sits completely still, displaying no hints whatsoever. When she feels Eric’s eyes on her, she turns to smile sweetly at him, which makes him narrow his eyes. He thinks his sweet Southern belle is up to no good. The flop reveals a king, a queen, and a five; the king and five are diamonds while the queen is a spade. No one folds after the flop so Rasul flips over the turn; it is the nine of diamonds. Eric shifts in his seat uncomfortably, worrying that someone is going to have a flush. Judging by the smug look on Bill’s face, he does. Eric folds, knowing there is no way he can beat whatever Bill has, and Bill’s poker face isn’t good enough for him to bluff. Alcide also folds but Sookie keeps playing. Eric wants to warn her about what Bill has but he can’t. Rasul reveals the river card and it is nothing of importance: a two of clubs. Bill hurries to show his cards which are the four and queen of diamonds.

“I think you owe me your shirt Sookie,” Bill says with a wide grin, looking as if he’s won the lottery because it means the well-endowed blonde is going to have to remove her shirt. Eric wants to punch the grin right off Compton’s face. He knows all the guys want to see Sookie’s boobs, they are spectacular after all, but none of the others are being such dicks about it.

Sookie smiles sweetly at Bill and her tone is just as sugary. “Oh Bill, your hand is good.” She flips her first card over nonchalantly: the eight of diamonds. “But mine is better,” she says triumphantly as she flips over the ace of diamonds. All the girls start cheering Sookie for having won that round. Compton’s face falls when he sees her flush is higher than his. He roughly pulls his undershirt over his head, leaving him bare-chested. It’s not a good look for him since he has the beginnings of a beer belly and his skin is garish white with wiry hair and moles. He stands up and turns around, showing the inhabitants of the room his tattoo. Everyone stares at his tattoo for a moment, knowing that there is something not right about it. Tara actually stands up to look at his tattoo and starts laughing.

“You cracker! You know you’re damn tattoo is misspelled,” she cackles hysterically.

“No it isn’t,” Bill says whirling around to face Tara angrily.

Alcide stands up to look at Bill’s tattoo and begins laughing. “She’s right dude; strength isn’t spelled ‘strenth’. How the fuck did you not notice this when you were getting it done?”

“You’re joking,” Bill says suddenly looking green and running to the bathroom. He twists and turns in the mirror so he can see the tattoo he had gotten on his back. No matter which way he turns he cannot see the bottom of his tattoo which is where the word strength is. He screams in frustration when he comes back in the common room to find everyone laughing at him.

“To hell with all of you! I’m done with this stupid game!” He grabs his discarded clothing and storms out of the room, slamming his bedroom door behind him.

“Good riddance,” Pam sneers as everyone else continues to laugh. Rasul actually has to wipe the tears from his eyes before he can shuffle the cards. Amelia high-fives Sookie for having gotten ‘The Creep’ as the girls call Compton to leave the game. Sookie settles back in her seat and Eric looks at her with a deep sense of satisfaction.

“Well played Stackhouse,” he says with a smirk. She winks at him in return as Rasul deals the next round of cards.


Six rounds have passed, and the game has lost its second player. Amelia had already been topless, revealing the tattoos of the sun, moon, and stars scattered across her breasts and the valley in between.

Eric can’t help but think that as she gets older those tattoos are going to look like two Rorschach tests or two ink blobs because they will sag and stretch. She stands up and pushes her black yoga pants down her legs; she is sans underwear. She turns around quickly to show that like most college-age girls, she has a tramp stamp on her back. It’s a chain of multicolored daisies that stretches along the line of her lower back and wraps around to her pubic bone. Alcide and Rasul applaud slowly as they admire her naked form. Amelia blushes and hurries to throw her pants and shirt back on. She scoops the other items of clothing up in her arms and bids everyone good-night before walking out the door.

“Shall we change the rules to hurry this along then? I’ve got a flower garden I’d like to hoe,” Pam says with a smirk.

Sookie rolls her eyes knowing that Pam and Amelia are the quintessential definition of friends with benefits. “What do you suggest Pam?

“No more folding; you play every hand you’re dealt.”

Everyone agrees and Rasul begins dealing the next round of cards, knowing now is the time when everyone will start getting naked. Alcide and Rasul are in their boxers, Pam is topless, and Tara is in her bra and underwear. Eric is still in his jeans while Sookie is sitting beside him in jeans and her bra. Pam and Rasul are covered in tattoos, and Tara has her fair share as well. However, Sookie has yet to show a tattoo. Does she even have one? Or is it in such a private place that all of her clothes need to come off before you see it? The idea both excites and dismays Eric. He still doesn’t like the idea of Alcide and Rasul seeing his girl in the buff, though he is surprised by how well she is playing this game. If he didn’t know better, Eric would swear she is a ringer.

Eric wins the next hand, which means Pam, Alcide, and Rasul are out of clothing. Alcide and Rasul look at each other and stand up at the same time.

Alcide asks, “Count of three?”

Rasul counts off. “One . . . two . . . three!” Both men lower their boxers at the same time. Tara and Pam catcall and whistle loudly as two impressive specimens of the male form are put on display for them.

Eric cover’s Sookie’s eyes so she can’t see either of his roommates. Sookie laughs as she tries to pry Eric’s hands off her face, but she can’t.

“Dammit Eric! They’ve been staring at my boobs for the last hour. It’s only fair I get to see what they’re packing,” Sookie complains.

“Don’t worry Sook, we’ll send you pictures so you can enjoy at your leisure,” Rasul says in a flirtatious way which earns him a growl from Eric. Tara slaps Rasul on the ass and demands her own set of pictures.

“What do you need pictures for when you can play with the real thing?” Rasul picks her up and swings her over his shoulder as he carries her back to his room. The door to his bedroom closes and you can hear Tara’s throaty laughter coming through the wall.

“Thank God I don’t room with him,” Alcide grumbles as he picks up his clothing and heads back to the bedroom he shares with the grump. Eric’s hold on Sookie has loosened so she’s able to slip out from his hands and catch a glimpse of Alcide’s naked backside walking down the hall.

Eric glowers at her and she smiles sweetly. “I bet I know what will make you smile,” she says softly. Sookie stands up, unbuttons her jeans, and lowers her zipper. She sways her hips from side to side as she pushes her jeans to the ground and steps out of them. Standing in front of Eric, she grabs his hand and brings it to her right hip, where a green hummingbird sipping from a lily sits.

“I grew up in the house on Hummingbird Lane,” Sookie whispers softly as Eric traces the delicate skin. “I wanted something to remind me of where I come from.”

“It’s beautiful,” Eric says as he traces the pattern with his finger. His eyes have darkened to a cobalt blue, and Sookie is hypnotized by the worshipful gaze on his face. She has seen Eric shirtless before, and has appreciated the chiseled features of his body. The finest of artists could not have created a more perfect version of the male body in her opinion. Eric has created a fire in her body that no one else ever has, and her breath quickens as his hands continue to explore her skin. Thank God she had worn one of her best matching undergarment sets. She hadn’t been expecting it to go like this, but she had hopes that it would end in more than a kiss goodnight.

“Should we keep going? We’re the only ones left,” Eric murmurs quietly, afraid of spoiling the bubble that seems to surround them.

“Maybe we can move this to my room,” Sookie says boldly. “Tara’s otherwise occupied so we’d have the room to ourselves,” she says and ends by biting her lower lip.

Eric leans up to capture her lower lip between his, sucking and soothing the area that Sookie had been gnashing at. She moans quietly and her hands land on his six-pack, making him shudder both from the chilliness of her skin and because he craves her. It’s stronger than his need for air, water, or nourishment; he needs her.

“Grab your clothes,” he says roughly against her lips. Sookie hurries to comply as Eric gathers up the cards and shoves them in the pocket of his jeans. Sensing the urgency in his tone, Sookie hurries to comply. She’s just picked up her shoes when Eric sweeps her up in his and strides to the door. He opens the door and walks quickly outside, not caring about the chill in the air or the cold cement under his feet. Sookie shrieks when she feels the cold against her skin but the sensation is over before she can complain. She still shivers in his arms though and her nipples are hard, painful nubs that are begging for the sweet relief his hands and mouth can offer. Eric walks through the common area of her suite and strides down the short hallway to her bedroom. Amelia’s loud moans can be heard, but neither of the two new lovers seem to care. Eric slams the door of the bedroom shut with his foot, though he pauses to lock the door. He tosses Sookie on her bed, causing her to bounce, but his body follows hers quickly. His lips seeking hers hungrily as his body covers hers. He tries to keep his weight off Sookie, but she is having none of that. She wants to feel all of him against her, feel the heaviness of his body as it presses her in the mattresses. She wants to feel both smothered and cherished in his arms.

“You taste so good,” Eric murmurs in between kisses as he moves his lips to where her heartbeat is jackhammering in her neck. He sucks on her skin, making her writhe in his arms. He braces the weight of his upper body on his hands and puts distance between them. “You taste like vanilla and strawberries; my own personal strawberry shortcake. I could just eat you up,” he says heatedly as his rapidly growing erection rubs against the humid tropics of her core. “And I plan on eating you, many, many times,” he says wickedly which makes Sookie moan in a tortured manner.

“I thought we were playing poker,” she gasps out as his lips once again leave moist trails along her body.

“We are. This is halftime,” he says chuckling against the valley of her breasts.

“Uh huh. Is that a deck of cards in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” She sasses as he pins her arms to the bed with one hand as he props himself up on the other.

Eric smirks before snapping his hips back and forth against her slit. “Both,” he states before sitting on Sookie’s legs. Once he is steady he climbs off her and digs the cards out of his pocket, no easy feat given how tight his jeans have suddenly become.   He sits at the foot of the bed, shuffling the cards while Sookie pushes herself up against the headboard. Eric deals quickly, having flipped over the flop and the turn before Sookie even looks at her cards. Even with the river, Sookie has nothing while Eric has a pair of jacks.

“Can I pick what you take off next?” Eric’s eyes seem to be glowing with blue flames as he licks his lips hungrily in anticipation of Sookie’s nearly nude state.

“Top or bottom?”

“Definitely top,” Eric growls. Sookie smiles slowly as her hands move behind her back. With one deft movement, the fabric of her bra loosens and the straps slide down her arms. Taking her right hand, Sookie frees her left arm from the strap; the movement crosses her arm over her chest. Her left hand next pushes the strap off her right arm. Sitting up straight, she flings the bra away from the bed, sending it through the air to land drunkenly on her dresser. Sookie’s full heavy breasts stare at Eric. He swears he can hear them begging for his hands and mouth to touch them. His hands actually lift and he leans forward but Sookie’s head slowly shakes from side to side.

“Halftime is over. The game is tied and it looks like there is only time for one more play,” she says with a grin. Her finger slides down between the valley of her breasts making Eric whimper in need.

Eric growls. “Let’s call it a tie. We both only have one piece of clothing left. Let’s do it together. I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours,” Eric says giving the common childhood quotation a decidedly dirty meaning.

“You first,” Sookie purrs.

Eric rises to stand next to the bed and quickly sheds his jeans to stand before Sookie naked. He had gone commando this evening. Sookie gasps as she sees the enormity of his erection. Dear God is that thing supposed to fit inside her?!?!?! She is staring in awe which makes Eric chuckle.

“Your fascinated by my tattoo aren’t you?” Sookie’s eyes snap up to his face in confusion? What tattoo? Is he trying to say that his cock is a tattoo? Eric chuckles again and lifts his leg so she can see the tiny green bird tattoo on his leg. It looks very rudimentary, like a drawing done by cavemen.

“My brother drew that for me shortly before I left for college. I thought it would be cool to have it tattooed on me. I was so excited to show him the first time I went home, but he didn’t care,” Eric says with a chuckle. “He brushed it off and asked if I wanted pancakes.”

Sookie giggles and the vibration makes her breasts sway slightly which refocuses Eric. “Your turn,” he says hoarsely. When Sookie moves to stand up, Eric stops her and says to lie down.

“Allow me,” he growls out as his hands move to the waist of her boy shorts. She lifts her hips, helping him as he slides the material down her legs inch by torturous inch. When the garment is free of her legs, Eric drops it on top of his jeans. He stares hungrily at her nude form, though his eyes narrow in on the area of her pubic bone and mound. Above her soft curls is a green shamrock.

“My father’s family is from Ireland,” she says softly.

Eric smirks as he lowers his body to the floor. He pulls Sookie’s legs towards him and she props her top half up with her hands braced on the bed behind her. “Well I’m certainly feeling lucky,” he says as he lowers his mouth to her thighs.

Given the moans, shouts, and other sounds that came from the room all night, it was a very lucky night for both of them.

~ The End


4 Responses to I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours

  1. kleannhouse says:

    i loved this every time I’ve read it KY

  2. suzyq591suzy says:

    Loved the way the game ended 😉 Laughed at Bills messed up tattoo and the description of his chest.

  3. redjane12 says:

    a great game of texas hold’em and… they both won!!!

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