Hey There Little Red Riding Hood


Halloween is Fangtasia’s busiest night of the year. Humans from all over the country, perhaps all over the world, fly to Shreveport to attend the week-long festivities. The vampires of Area Five are all required to work during the event. The week leading up to Halloween, the vampires are required to dress as famous vampires throughout history: Dracula, Lestat, and Louis were among the more popular choices, though the Sheriff and his second had banned anyone from dressing up as one of those sparkly fucks that they tried to pass off as a vampire. But Halloween night was the true spectacle. The vampires shed the traditional leather and latex they wore throughout the year and instead wore costumes from their history. Though the vampires didn’t consider them costumes; they were real articles of clothing they had worn during their existence. And the humans in attendance ate it up. Halloween was the fangbangers’ version of Black Friday; they camped out days in advance to get their spot in line so they were guaranteed admittance to the club.

For the vampires, it was the one night a year they enjoyed working. For once, they got to be something closer to themselves than the stereotype expected of them. And it didn’t hurt that the quality of fresh blood available that evening tended to be better than other nights. Yes, the pathetic fangbangers and curious tourists sought admittance to the club, but it had become the social event of the year for many celebrities. The popularity of the event has grown so much that the owners of Fangtasia have turned the physical bar into an invitation-only event; the parking lot of the bar is transformed into a block party. It is a highly lucrative event, one that the owners try to top year after year.

For this year’s Halloween festivities, the owners of Fangtasia, Eric Northman and Pamela Swynford de Beaufort, have decided to take things back to the beginning. For Pam, she has decided to dress as the madam she once was. As for the Sheriff of Area Five, he has decided to fulfill the fantasy of every pathetic human in attendance; he is dressed as a Viking sans the silly horned helmet. His people never wore something so ridiculous.

Halloween night arrives and the humans in the parking lot of Fangtasia are buzzing about, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the vampires. The outdoor party area opened at sunset; it is decorated like a cemetery complete with headstones and coffins, and accompanied by a hearse. Alcohol has flowed freely for hours and the humans are losing more and more of their inhibitions. There is a sense of anticipation in the air that is mounting as the time passes. The crowd becomes more and more frenzied. If the vampires do not arrive soon, a riot may erupt.

As if waiting for the precise moment when the mob teeters on the edge of excited and enraged, a thick, swirling fog creeps in among the revelers and the lights fade to near darkness. A few screams pierce the night as a sense of unease begins to overtake the partygoers. Before hysteria overtakes everyone, the dimmed lights suddenly brighten to show Pam standing on the stage. She is wearing a Merlot-colored corset dress with a bustle. The square neckline plunges deeply to show her creamy white breasts that have been pushed up and together by her stays. The corset cinched the dress in tightly at her waist before flowing over her hips and petticoats. The dress is edged with black lace and a jeweled pendant dangles between the expanse of her bosom. Her hair is half up and half down, showing off the earrings that match her necklace. When Eric had seen the costume, he commented that it looked exactly like the dress Pam wore the night that changed their existences forever. The crowd of humans scream in delight as they get their first glimpse of a vampire.

Pam merely stands on the stage, letting the humans bask in her presence. She wouldn’t admit it to anyone else, but deep down she gets off on the adoration from the humans. It’s merely another way for her to assert her superiority over the vermin. They treat her like a goddess and it feeds her ego and sense of narcissism. She smirks as the crowd begins to grow restless, chanting for the star attraction, Eric Northman.

As if he had only been waiting for their chants, Eric hurtles through the sky to land beside Pam. He is resting on bended knee with his face hidden by a curtain formed by his hair. The crowd’s chanting of his name grows in intensity and he slowly rises to his feet, revealing every inch of his magnificent frame to the humans. The Viking has arrived. Eric wears brown leather pants tucked in his fur-lined boots. A cream-colored tunic covers the expanse of his chest and a cloak made from animal pelts hangs regally on his shoulders. The sword that has been with him for centuries rests in its scabbard at his side. The crowd screams in pleasure at the sight of him, some even faint. Everyone in the crowd wants to offer themselves to him; they want to feel his fangs and cock claim their bodies.

At Eric’s silent command, the music resumes and the other vampires appear suddenly. It’s as if the humans have been released from their hypnosis; all activity resumes with wild abandon. Knowing the human authorities would be a problem this evening, Eric glamoured the entire Shreveport police department to ignore any calls that came in about Fangtasia for the evening. He didn’t need the human authorities fucking up his most profitable night of the year.

Eric stays on the stage with Pam, watching without expression as the humans offer themselves to the vampires of his area as if they are virgins to be sacrificed to the gods. The scent of sex and blood permeates the open area; the outdoor area is going to descend into an orgy quickly.

“Is everyone here that is expected?” Eric asks the question of his progeny in Old Norse even though no one would have known what they said over the volume of the music and rapturous sounds coming from the humans.

“Our friends from Bon Temps have not made an appearance,” Pam replies in the same language.

Eric says nothing though the muscle in his jaw tightens. Eric had expressly ordered Bill to attend this evening’s festivities with Sookie. He had planned to get the young telepath alone on the pretense that Bill would need to fulfill his monthly hours at the bar, something the Civil War veteran has failed to do since his arrival in Area Five. Eric knew tonight’s activities would have been especially taxing for Bill with all the freely offered blood and sex from the humans. Bill is still young enough he would have found it difficult to ignore his baser instincts.

Something shiny catches Eric’s eye and he turns his head slightly to see a cloaked figure standing in the crowd. The cloak is crimson in color and completely hides the identity of the person underneath. All Eric can see of the person’s head is the point of their chin and lips the same color of the cloak. Eric is intrigued and wants to know who is hiding behind the shroud. He jumps down from the stage and the crowd parts like the Red Sea allowing Eric to easily make his way towards the cloaked figure. The cloaked figure spins around slowly, with the cloak billowing slightly in the breeze to show a pair of shapely legs covered in black fish net stockings that sit in a pair of black stiletto heels. The woman moves gracefully through the crowd, disappearing inside his bar. The figure in the cloak must have a VIP invitation; only a select few have permission to enter the bar.

Eric vamps inside his bar, looking for the cloaked woman but sees no one wearing such an item. For the evening, Pam has converted the interior of Fangtasia into a bordello. The more loyal of his area’s vampires are inside enjoying themselves. Eric looks over to find Thalia with her head lowered to the femoral artery of a well-known Hollywood actress. A presidential candidate known for his conservative views and strict religious beliefs sits watching Thalia feed from the girl, his hand stroking up and down his less than impressive erection. Rasul, Sophie-Anne’s representative for the evening, is enjoying the attentions of a famous sitcom actress and multi-platinum recording artist; he feeds from the neck of the actress as she rides the face of the singer. When Rasul pulls away from the actresses’ neck, he resumes fucking the singer at vamp speed. Eric sees other vampires feeding and fucking from the rich and famous but does not see the woman he is searching for.

“Are you looking for someone?”

Eric whirls around with his fangs extended to see the cloaked woman standing behind him. The hood of her cloak still hides her face, but the garment no longer hides the outfit beneath. Eric’s fangs and cock throb with lust as he takes in the black and red striped costume that looks like something from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Satin and lace are molded over a perfect pair of creamy breasts that look to be the perfect size for Eric’s hands. The red and black garment flares out over a round set of hips and the black and red striped boy shorts edged with black lace encase a luscious derrière that begs for Eric to sink his fangs in.

“Hey there Little Red Riding Hood,” Eric says wickedly while his eyes roam hungrily over the woman.

Red Riding Hood’s lips curve in humor. Her voice is seductively soft when she resumes speaking. “You look like a strong warrior. Would you be able to protect me from the Big Bad Wolf?”

Eric moves closer to the woman. “What does this Big Bad Wolf look like?” Eric can think of a few that he wouldn’t mind ending, one in particular that is pissing him off.

“Well,” she says in a breathless whisper, “he has really big eyes.”

“The better to see you with my dear,” Eric says as he brushes his lips against the base of her neck, causing her to shiver.

“And he has really big hands,” she gulps out as Eric begins to circle her body.

“The better to grab you with my dear.” He emphasizes his point by grabbing her full breasts and using them to pull her soft, pliant body against his hard one. Eric massages her breasts as she writhes against him. “What else?”

“He has really big teeth,” Red Riding Hood gasps out as Eric begins tugging the laces of her corset open.

“The better to bite you with my dear,” Eric growls out as his fangs scrap against her shoulder, allowing tiny beads of blood to pool on the surface of her skin. He eagerly laps up her sweetened blood and thrusts his hips firmly against her ass, letting his true Viking broadsword find its mark. “Anything else?”

Her tiny hand slides between their bodies, cupping said broadsword and rubbing through the soft leather material. “And rumor has it that he has a large penis,” she moans.

“The better to fuck you with my dear,” Eric states savagely before turning Little Red Riding Hood around so his lips can crash down on hers. His impatience has him ripping the corset and matching bottom off his temptress’ body. She gasps in surprise at his savageness but revels in it as well. She came here tonight because she wanted to be possessed by the Viking; she wanted him to claim her as his own.

The desire this woman inspires in him shocks Eric. It has been a very long time since sex was something other than simply a way to pass the time and to satisfy an itch. Tonight though, it is about passion and possession. Part of him wants to claim her in front of everyone else, to have them know she is his and no one else’s. There is another part of him though that wants to take her someplace where it will be just the two of them.

But it is Red Riding Hood that makes the decision for him. “Here,” she gasps out as her hands fight with the ties on his pants. “I want everyone to see that I am yours and no one else’s!” With a cry of victory, she finally pulls the ties open on his leather pants and dips her hands inside to wrap around her prize. Eric hisses at the feel of her soft hands around his  engorged shaft. She moves tentatively at first, trying to find out what he likes but then her grip becomes firmer and she begins twisting her wrist as her thumb brushes the head of his weeping member.

Eric’s eyes blaze with fire as he hurriedly rips every article of clothing from his body. He wants to devour and savor her but the need inside him is too great. He picks her up and vamps to his throne. Her cloak is still tied at her neck but that and her stockings are all she wears. Eric sits her on the throne, with her cloak draped around her body. Little Red Riding Hood smiles wickedly as she hooks a leg over each arm of the throne, baring her lower half completely to him. Eric growls with hunger as he watches her dainty hand move over her mound, spreading her lips open so her fingers can toy with the tightened flesh of her clit. Her lips part as breathless moans fall from her lips and her eyes are closed as a look of pure pleasure spreads over her face. Her eyes snap open hearing Eric’s growl again. “See something you like Viking?”

Eric vamps to his knees and buries his face in her pussy. Ruthlessly, he uses his tongue and fingers to drive her quickly to her first orgasm. She made the mistake of challenging him; now she must pay the price. But it is a price she will willingly pay again and again. Her hands settle in Eric’s hair, fisting his silky locks in her fingers as her hips move against his face, seeking more contact with his tongue and fingers. Never before has she experienced pleasure like this, and she wants to experience it again and again. With a victorious shout, she comes apart for a second time, her honeyed sweetness flowing freely out of her body for Eric to drink up.

While her orgasm still rocks her body, Eric uses his speed to change their positions, settling himself on the throne while impaling her on his cock. Her body bows back at the fullness inside her, another sensation she is not used to feeling, but it is one she is quickly becoming addicted to. Eric has positioned her legs over the arms of the throne, so she is totally at his mercy. He controls the pace of their coupling, the angle of penetration; it frustrates her because she wants to feel his release fill her but he is intent on dragging this out. Just when she adjusts to the rhythm he sets, he changes it up, keeping her body right on the edge of cumming for a third time tonight. It is heaven and hell; pleasure and pain; ecstasy and torture all rolled in one.

“Eric please,” she begs when her body can no longer fight off its third release of the night. “Bite me,” she cries desperately.

“Where?” This is what Eric has been waiting for; it is the last sign that she truly belongs to him.

“Here,” she taps the area over her heart. “It belongs to you,” she says for his ears only.

With a savage cry of victory, Eric sinks his fangs in the skin over the area of his lover’s heart. He can feel it beat rapidly as he gently draws on the wounds. Wrapping his arms tightly around her, Eric can feel the tremors shaking her body violently as her last release claims her. The feeling of her spasming around him as well as the divine taste of her blood destroys the last shred of his control and he releases inside her. Her strangled cry of pleasure is barely above a whisper as she collapses in his arms. Eric licks the wounds closed as his hips continue to spasm forward, his own orgasm ridding him of control over his body.

Eric feels an overwhelming tenderness inside him for the woman in his arms. He draws her cloak around them so they have some semblance of privacy on his stage. In truth, he had forgotten about the others watching them; they had only been focused only on each other. Eric brushes the hair back from her face as he rubs circles on her back to calm her down. Even now, he can feel the aftershocks of her orgasm still rippling through her body. His own erection is still firmly seated between her legs; he may never move from there again.

“Lover, are you alright?” He asks the question while nuzzling the hair by her ear.

“Uh huh,” is her only reply and Eric chuckles.

“I must admit I am surprised to see you tonight,” he says as she lifts her head to look at his face.


“I did not think Bill would let you come without him,” he answers truthfully. And if Bill had known what would happen between them, he wouldn’t have.

She shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly. “Bill doesn’t own me; I’m my own woman. I can do what I want, when I want, with whom I want and there isn’t a damn thing he can do to stop me!”

Eric is happy to hear her refute Bill’s claim over her, but growls in displeasure hearing here final statement. Before he can respond, she leans forward to press a sweet kiss against his lips. “I’m yours Eric; tonight, tomorrow, forever.  I let you claim me for all to see so there will be no doubt who I belong to.”

“Don’t tease me Lover,” Eric warns. “I will happily spend eternity with you by my side Sookie Stackhouse.”

“I’m not teasing you,” she says softly, placing another kiss on his lips. She pulls back happily. “But I do have a question?”

“Yes my lover?”

“How do you know the story of Little Red Riding Hood? I didn’t think children’s fairy tales were something in your realm of knowledge.”

“I read many of the Brothers Grimm tales when they were first published. They were far darker than what has been passed on today. But where did you find such a costume?” Eric is sorry he destroyed the garment in his impatience to have her, but he will be certain to buy many more items such as these for their future.

“I borrowed it from Jessica. She was going to wear it here tonight, but she was ordered not to attend. I told her I was gonna wear it to the party at Merlotte’s,” Sookie says with a devious smile.

“I like your version of Red Riding Hood better,” Eric says before placing another kiss on Sookie’s lips that leads to many more enjoyable things for the rest of the evening.

~ The End


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  2. suzyq591suzy says:

    Love it — I kept hearing the song “Little Red Riding Hood” the entire time I was reading this. 🙂

  3. murgatroid98 says:

    I love this one all over again.

  4. valady1 says:

    Role playing has many rewards…this has to be one of the best ever..

  5. eaaustin85 says:

    Absolutely loved it!!!

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  7. gwynwyvar says:

    And a great big public F Off to Bill!

    Love it 🙂

  8. kleannhouse says:

    this was an awesome one-shot and i loved how she said screw you Bill… the Viking rules. KY

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