It’s the end of a very long week.  Between work and  writing for A Different Life and In His Honor, MistressJessica1028 is exhausted.  She just needs a night out; a night where she can cut loose and have some fun.  With a weary sigh, she pulls in the driveway of her home and  she shuts off the car.  As she climbs out, her cell phone rings.  With  a groan, she answers the phone.

“This can’t be good.”

“Hey Button,” her husband says through the phone.  “My flight is delayed because of a storm.  I don’t think I’m going to get home tonight.  I’m so sorry honey,” her husband says contritely.

“Babe I know it’s not your fault.  You can’t control the weather.  I miss you,” Jess whispers into the phone.  “I love you.”

“I love you too.  I have to go.  I have to find a hotel room and  something to eat.  I’ll call you later.  Bye Button.”  She tells her husband good-bye and hangs up the phone.   She walks to her front door.  Peering through the glass, she can see her baby boys, her two Labrador Retrievers, Chase and Indiana.  No matter how bad the day, the sight of her two dogs waiting happily for her to come home makes Jess smile.  She unlocks the door and happily greets the dogs.

“Hello babies.  Looks like it will be just us again tonight.  Daddy won’t be home until tomorrow.”  She walks to the back door letting the dogs outside.  While they are outside, Jess gets their evening meal ready and freshens up their water bowls.  When the dogs come back inside, they dive eagerly into their food as she sits on the middle cushion of the couch.  Once the boys finish eating, they move to the couch, curling up on either side of their mommy.  As she pets the boys, her cell phone rings again.

“Hey Mags, what’s happening?”

“I’ve had the worst week ever!  Policy changes at work, the end of selling Girl Scout cookies, beta work for ADL (A Different Life), writing for MAW (Make a Wish)…I need a night of fun!”

“Ugh, me too!  I thought about writing tonight, but I had another negative guest review on fanfiction.net.  It’s totally put me off writing tonight,” Jess sighs into the phone.

“I know the feeling.  Call the girls; we’re going out.”  Before Jess can open her mouth to respond, Mags shuts her up.  “No excuses!  It’s Friday night, we’re going out.  There’s a private event tonight that we’ve been invited to.  I didn’t say anything before, because I didn’t think you would go.  Now, go get ready!  I’ll be at your house around 9:00 pm.”  The call ends and Jess is left staring at her phone.

“Well, boys, it looks like I have plans tonight,” she states as she rises from the couch to run upstairs to take a shower.


Later that night, MistressJessica1028 is pacing the living room waiting for her friend to arrive.  After her shower, she took the time to straighten her hair and put on make-up.  She even had time to give herself a manicure and pedicure.  Not knowing what plans Magsmacdonald had for her, she opted to wear her favorite purple dress with black wedge sandals. The dress is sleeveless with a deep v-neckline exposing a hint of cleavage; the dress has a black belt to cinch it in at the waist, and then flares over the hips to end just above the knee.

Hearing a car pull up outside her home, Jess grabs her purse and jacket to rush outside.  She pulls the door shut and stops on her porch stunned by what she sees.  A black stretch limousine sits on the streets and Mags is standing by the rear door of the car grinning.

“What the hell Mags?”

“Don’t you like it?  It’s part of the invitation to the private party tonight,” she says as she gestures towards the car.  “Come on, kid!  Time’s wasting!”  Jess walks down her driveway and climbs in the car.  Once she is settled, she notices that her friend wears her finest club apparel, high heels included.  “Ok Mags, you don’t like dressing up.  Where are we going?”

“Here,” Mags says while passing her an invitation.  While Mistressjessica1028 is reading, Mags mixes them both drinks from the bar.

In appreciation for all your hard work,

the owners of Fangtasia wish to extend their deepest thanks.

Please join us in honor of our favorite fanfiction writers,

Friday, March 21, 2014,

An hour before the stroke of midnight.

This is a private event; invitation is required.

MistressJessica1028 stares in shock at the invitation.  Her eyes slowly drift up to meet those of her Beta.  Magsmacdonald stares at her fellow fanfiction writer with a giant smile on her face as she passes her a drink.  “Drink up, kid; it’s going to be an amazing night!”


A little over an hour later, the limousine pulls into a darkened parking lot a few miles away from Fangtasia.  The two women look at each other in concern.  Jess turns to her friend angrily. “I swear to God, if I end up dead because of this Mags, I’m going to kick your ass for eternity!”

The privacy screen slides down, and the chauffeur is chuckling slightly as he turns to speak with them.  “Ladies, I have to ask that you wait in the vehicle until security arrives.”

“What’s going on?” Magsmacdonald stares out the privacy tinted window worriedly.  Nothing seems amiss in the immediate area.

The chauffeur has a look of anger on his face as he explains, “Even though tonight’s event is by invitation only from Mr. Northman, word has apparently leaked.  Several protestors have gathered outside of Fangtasia.  Mr. Northman and Ms. Ravenscroft only wish to make certain that their esteemed guests arrive without incident.”

Mistressjessica1028 asks the chauffeur, “Do we know who the protestors are?  Fellowship of the Sun?”  It wouldn’t be the first time the Fellowship showed up someplace they weren’t wanted.

The chauffeur looks uncomfortable as he answers.  “No, ma’am; it’s…umm…well, you see… its Guest Reviewers.”

The two fanfiction authors look at each other incredulously.  Magsmacdonald demands of the driver, “Excuse me, did you say Guest Reviewers?”

The chauffeur swallows audibly before answering.  “Yes ma’am.  The Guest or Anonymous Reviewers have found out about the party this evening.  They are protesting outside of Fangtasia.”

Before the two women can respond, the back door of the limousine opens, and both women gasp in surprise.  The two women shout in unison, “Bubba!”

“Evenin’ Miss Mags, Mistress Jessica,” the King of Rock-n-Roll says with a grin as he slides in the back of the limousine.  He wears his finest clothes this evening; black pants and shirt, gold jacket, and black and white wingtip shoes.  Someone has styled his hair for him this evening and he is wearing sunglasses.  “Now don’t you worry your purdy little heads.  Mr. Eric and Miss Pam wanted to make sure you get there safe.  I won’t let anythin’ happen to you.”  With a nod of his head to the driver, the limousine pulls out of the parking lot to continue the drive to Fangtasia.

As the limousine pulls up to Fangtasia, the shouts and chanting of the angry protestors can be heard by the passengers.  Looking through the privacy tinted glass, the two women see a large crowd of people gathered against a police barricade.  They cannot see the faces of the protestors; they are all dressed in black robes with hoods covering their heads or masks covering their faces.  The protestors are from the Fan Fiction Fraternity, or FFF for short, an organization of anonymous reviewers that police fanfiction for content they believe to be offensive.  Basically, these protestors harass those writers that write anything too sexual or too violent.

“I’ve had a bad enough week, I don’t need to deal with this!” Jess moans as she looks at the angry masses.  The protestors are holding signs voicing their displeasure with the fanfiction writers.

signs in snagit4Magsmacdonald snorts as she reads the signs.  “They criticize our writing, but they really need to worry about their own.”  She gestures out the window for Jess to look.  The two women start giggling when they read the signs.

Misspelled signWith a chuckle, Mags says, “I guess they don’t make spell check for picket signs.”

Jess replies with mirth in her voice, “I guess they don’t use Betas either.  Look, they can’t even agree on what they are unhappy about!”  She points at another set of signs, and the two women continue to laugh.

Too stupid Too smart“Ladies, if you’re ready we can go inside,” Bubba says with his hand on the door handle.  Both ladies nod their heads and collect their purses and jackets.  Bubba opens the door and stands so he is facing the protestors.  His eyes scan the crowd, daring them to do anything to hurt the two women in his care.  Being the consummate Southern gentleman, he holds his hand out to help each woman exit their vehicle.  Once the two women are standing, Bubba guides them down the red carpet to the entrance of Fangtasia.  The protestors, recognizing the two fanfiction authors, begin to scream  negative comments about their stories.   Pam appears suddenly at the entrance, her fangs down, hands on her hips, and she hisses at the angry mob.

“Shut the fuck up!  Or I will personally eat, fuck, and kill every one of you!”  The crowd seems to quiet down after her threat.  Pam gestures for Magsmacdonald and MistressJessica1028 to hurry up.  The two women move quickly to the entrance, but Pam blocks their way.

Pam demands, “Who the fuck are you two?”

Clearing her throat, Jess answers the assertive vampire.  “I’m MistressJessica1028 and this is Magsmacdonald.”  She hands Pam the invitation she had read in the car.

Pam gives the two women an assessing look.  “I know who you both are.  You,” she says pointing towards Jess, “I want a more active role in ADL.  I hate being regulated to a second tier character!  And you,” she says turning her gaze to Mags, “I don’t know how I feel about you.  I like how I’m portrayed in some of your stories, and I hate how I’m portrayed in others.  I will say this though; at least you get my love of fashion right.”

“Um, thanks?” Magsmacdonald looks at Pam in confusion.  Pam steps to the side allowing the two women access to the club.  The hurriedly move inside before she can change her mind.

Bubba looks at Pam reproachfully.  “What? I’m offering constructive criticism!  At least I can tell the difference between sexual assault and sexual experimentation unlike those idiots over there!”  She gestures towards the horde of protestors.  Without a fanfiction author in sight, the assembled protestors don’t know what to do with themselves.  Pam shakes her head in disgust before returning her attention to Bubba.  “Stay out here to make sure the other authors arrive safely.  Your dinner will be in the alley once everyone has arrived.”

Bubba smiles, looking for one moment like his self at the height of his fame in the 1950s.  “Thank you, thank you very much!”


“Well hey ladies!” Ginger greets Magsmacdonald and MistressJessica1028 as they walk to the hostess podium in Fangtasia. The women do a double-take; Ginger looks classy this evening. She is wearing a black one-shoulder sleeveless dress; her hair is in a low chignon with a magnolia flower over her right ear. Her make-up is flawless. The two fanfiction writers are absolutely speechless.

“What? Oh you believed the stereotype didn’t you?” Ginger looks as if she is ready to cry. “Either I get killed for no reason or people make me out to be completely stupid. I’m not as bad as everyone thinks I am!”

“We’re sorry Ginger.” The two women look at each other trying to figure out what to do to make the misaligned waitress feel better.

Before either author could say anything else, Ginger bursts into a fit of laughter. “Oh, relax girls. I’m just fuckin’ witcha! Come right this way; you’re table’s ready!”  Jess and Mags look at each other in confusion but follow Ginger.

Ginger leads them to a table right near the stage with a reserved sign on it. “Y’all enjoy your evening!” Ginger walks back to the hostess stand waiting for the next round of authors to arrive.

Magsmacdonald and MistressJessica1028 look around the club; like Ginger, it too does not look like what they expected. The signs and artwork that normally adorn the black walls have been covered by plush black velvet curtains. The concrete floor has been covered with tiles that look like marble in different shades of black, grey, and white. The bars have been meticulously cleaned; the cherry wood now shines. The generic bar stools replaced by swiveling wrought iron chairs with white cushions. The black wooden tables have been wrapped in red silk tablecloths with a sheer black velvet overlay. On top of each table, sits a wide clear glass bowl. The bowl is filled with water, red glass beads rest at the bottom and white candles float in the water. Instead of bar stools, plush chairs in red, black, or white are positioned at each table. A catwalk extension has been added to the stage, dividing the dance floor in two. Plush red velvet curtains are pulled across the length of the main stage.

“I like what they’ve done with the place,” Mags says while looking around.

“It reminds me of a wedding reception,” Jess snorts.

“You’re just jaded from having been a wedding Dj,” Mags teases.

Jess shrugs, “True.  But if they play the chicken dance or the electric slide, I’m outta here!”

Mags laughs and continues looking around Fangtasia. She nods her head towards the contemporaries she recognizes. “It seems like all the fan favorite authors have been invited tonight.”

“Well, that’s cause Eric only wants the best,” a bright voice says stepping up to their table. The two friends turn their heads to see none other than Sookie Stackhouse standing at their table. She is wearing the infamous red and white sundress, red heels, minimal make-up, and her hair is in loose waves around her head. “Evenin’ ladies, what can I get ya?”

Jess looks at the buxom blonde in confusion. “Since when do you work here? And which Sookie are you? Are you the one that hates Eric or loves Eric?”

Sookie rolls her eyes and sighs. “Y’all mind if I sit down? It’s a long story, and I’d rather not tell it while standin’ in these heels.” The two women indicate for her to take the vacant chair and Sookie sits. “See, tonight is all about appreciatin’ our favorite fanfiction authors. And most of you have it right that I’m with Eric. I love him, wouldn’t ever want to be with anyone else.” Seeing the confusion on the faces of the two women, Sookie continues her explanation. “I know people pair me up with Bill, Alcide, or Sam,” Sookie rolls her eyes while saying the names, “but that just isn’t true. Eric and I are bonded; nothin’s gonna change that. And don’t get me started on she-who-must-not-be-named!” Anger flashes through Sookie’s eyes and her hands clench in fists. A white light forms around Sookie’s hands, and Mags and Jess look at each other anxiously. Before anything happens, Sookie’s eyes close and a serene smile spreads across her lips. Her eyes open and she says softly, “That was Eric. He worries when I get upset, so he was helpin’ me calm me down.”

“Anyway,” Sookie says hopping to her feet, “what will you ladies have to drink? It’s on the house tonight, part of our way of sayin’ thank you.”

“I’ll have a dirty martini. What about you Jess?”

“Cranberry and vodka please.”

Sookie nods her head and walks briskly to the bar collecting the drinks that Chow has waiting. For this evening, Chow and Clancy are both working the bar. Both vampires are outfitted in black suits and shirts with red ties. In her head, MistressJessica1028 thinks this really is like a wedding reception; everything is coordinated to match. Sookie grins broadly as she hears the errant thought, setting the drinks down in front of the women.

“It might look like a weddin’ reception, but somethin’ tells me tonight will be more like a bachelorette party,” Sookie says with whisper and a wink to the women.




Sookie laughs out loud at Mags and Jess. Both women are slack-jawed as they picture the same thing. Mags is the first to recover, clearing her throat several times so she can ask hoarsely, “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

Sookie nods her head grinning. “Make sure you stay for the grand finale.”

MistressJessica1028 snorts again as Sookie walks over to the next table of fanfiction authors. “Somehow I think grand doesn’t begin to cover it. Gracious plenty sounds about right!”


The natives are getting restless as the saying goes. All of the invited fanfiction authors have arrived and are mingling with each other. There are writers present that MistressJessica1028 was sure had disappeared from the world of fanfiction, but they were just hiding. Chased away by the faceless FFF; having their stories pulled in an example of cyber bullying. Many fanfic authors have created their own sites to post their creative endeavors. It is difficult to find an author when they have moved to their own site. Fortunately, Pam seems to be spearheading the movement to create a fanfiction author directory.

“Ladies, if I could have your attention please,” Pam calls from her place on the stage. She has changed her outfit from earlier. She is now dressed in a shimmering silver mini dress and matching heels. “Before we get to tonight’s entertainment,” the crowd erupts in catcalls, whistles, and screams. Pam smirks at the crowd, “Calm down, ladies, we have some business to take care of. Since Bill,” many hisses and boos sound through the crowd causing Pam to smirk, “is proficient with computers, Eric and I have tasked him with creating the fanfiction authors directory. It will list the author, all of their stories, and what sites they post on. Bill?” Pam steps to the side, and Bill Compton moves forward.

Bill gives the audience his most engaging smile, trying to be a true Southern gentleman. The crowd stares at him stonily; he doesn’t have a fan in the entire room. For most writers, he is a means to an end. For some, he is an afterthought; for others, he’s not even worth mentioning. Bill’s smile quickly turns into a feral snarl.

“I will not tolerate this insolence! I have done nothing wrong! I was being a good soldier, following the orders of my queen. Yes, I was sent to procure Sook-eh, but I came to love her. Sook-eh is mine, and will always be mine! That is why I started FFF; they understand that Sook-eh and I are supposed to be together. My followers target those stories pairing her with Eric. That’s why we have them pulled down; it’s unnatural! Sook-eh and I are soul mates, we are meant to be together. No one else is supposed to have Sook-eh! Oomph!” Thalia tackles Bill off the stage and drags Bill out of the bar kicking and screaming.

“My apologies ladies,” Pam says as she hurriedly steps up to the microphone.  “You can rest assured; Bill will get what’s coming to him.” Pam gives the audience a fangy smile and many in the audience applaud. “But we need to be serious for a few moments.”

The crowd falls silent, unsure of what will happen next.

Pam begins speaking in a somber voice, “Within the last few months, one of the most brilliant and talented TB/SVM fanfiction writers passed away. EricIzMine touched many people’s lives with her Multiverse. Her stories were heartfelt and humorous often at the same time. A large void will forever be in our world. I know that we have lost a colleague and a friend, but her family has lost so much more than that. As you know, tonight is a free event. So I would ask that the money you intended to spend tonight be donated to the Angela Vaughan Memorial Fund. Thank you.” Pam steps off the stage, discreetly wiping the tears from her face.


After the Compton debacle, Bubba takes the stage to sing. The women in the audience are in awe; none of them had ever seen the King of Rock-n-Roll sing while he was human. The performance is the greatest show they will ever see. He performs all of his hits; Jailhouse Rock, Hound Dog, Love Me Tender, and Can’t Help Falling in Love just to name a few. MistressJessica1028 is particularly excited when he performs One Night as part of his encore.

After performing for almost ninety minutes, it is nearly 1:00 am and Eric Northman still has not been seen. Many of the fanfiction writers are grumbling in their seats; a few even leave. Each time the door opens to the outside, the shouts of the protestors can be heard. Apparently the FFF never sleeps…

Jess shakes her head as she watches another group of writers get up to leave. “I don’t understand it. They are getting an all-expense paid evening of entertainment and they leave before the show is over. That’s like being next in line for Santa Claus and then deciding to leave because you got tired of waiting.”

Magsmacdonald laughs before taking a sip of her drink. “Maybe it’s past their bedtime.”

“Look at it this way, ladies,” Pam says as she stands next to their table, “it is fewer women that Eric needs to entertain.” Pam leers at the two women to convey her meaning. “Excuse me; I need to make sure the Dj has the music we need.”

The extra chair at the table scraps against the floor, and the two women find Sookie sitting down at their table again. “Do y’all mind if I sit and watch the show with you?”

“Not at all,” Mags says. Her grin reminds MistressJessica1028 of the Cheshire Cat. What on Earth is her friend up to?

Sookie laughs, “You’re absolutely right, Mags.” She turns to whisper in Jess’ ear, “She’s thinking that if I sit with the two of ya, then Eric will pay more attention to this table.” Sookie leans back in her seat with a grin.

“I think I’m gonna need another drink.” Clancy having heard brings MistressJessica1028 another cranberry and vodka. “Thank you,” she says inclining her head in a nod.

The lights flicker a few times, indicating that everyone should take a seat. Once everyone is seated, the lights go out. Murmurs can be heard through the crowd. A swirling fog creeps across the stage. Then the music starts; it’s Tainted Love by Marilyn Manson. As the intro of the song continues, the curtain rises, and a white spotlight hits the stage.

And there is Eric Northman…

Wearing black leather…

Chained to a wall…

Oh my god!

The crowd erupts into deafening screams. Eric grins wickedly at the crowd. His body moves to the beat of the song…gyrating…thrusting…writhing against the wall he is chained to. His body moves sinfully against the wall, causing the women to scream even louder. As the lyrics of the song begin, he frees one wrist from its restraint. His free hand pushes the hair back from his face. His hand then moves down the center of his body, until he reaches his groin. He thrusts into his hand as his head moves back and forth in pleasure. As the song reaches the first chorus, he snaps free of the second restraint and moves forward on the stage. He dances erotically to the heavy beat of the song. The women in the crowd are screaming ferociously, their arms up and their hands reaching for the stage. Eric continues to dance on the stage, whipping the crowd into a frenzy.

Mags and Jess look at each other in amazement. This is better than they could have ever imagined. Eric moves sensuously to the music, moving closer to the tables by the stage. The women at the other tables jump up to reach him but he moves away from them with a naughty grin on his face. As the song reaches its climax, Eric moves back towards the center of the stage. As the song finishes, Eric mouths the last two words of the song. The spotlight goes out.

The women are clapping, whistling, and cheering thunderously. Over the noise of the crowd, Sookie shouts to the two women. “He’s not done yet. Remember, he didn’t remove any clothing during that song.”

Holy mother of God!

The intro for the next song begins…Pony by Ginuwine. It’s a bit cliché for stripper music, but no one in the crowd minds. The spotlight is once again on Eric, and he is unbuttoning his vest. Once the article of clothing is off, he throws it in the crowd. Several women fight over his vest. Eric, while dancing, starts moving along the stage closer to the audience. He moves towards the left side of the stage, unbuttoning the buttons of his black shirt as he dances. He pulls the shirt from his pants, letting it hang loose. As he dances, his hands move along the muscles of his chest and torso. The women scream in delight; grinning wickedly he pinches his nipples. One woman faints. Pam has two security guards remove her from the dance floor.

Eric spins, thrusts, and gyrates his way to the right side of the stage, lavishing his attention on his screaming fans. He tosses his shirt in the crowd. This time an actual fight breaks out over the article of clothing. Security closes in quickly to remove the disturbance.

“He’s gonna start a riot if he keeps this up,” Mags hollers over the music. Jess just nods her head in agreement. Her eyes are transfixed on the Viking Vampire God in front of her. None of the descriptions by any of the fanfiction authors does his body justice. It is a true work of art. As the song moves to the instrumental break, Eric moves back towards the center of the stage. He struts down the catwalk, pausing to roll his hips and thrust in time with the music. He drops down to the stage floor, gyrating against the floor, moving as if his lover were beneath him.

The song ends abruptly with Eric lying on the floor. The spotlight remains on his prone form. Women rush towards the catwalk, trying to touch his body but they cannot. He wags his finger back and forth with a fangy grin, indicating that the women are being naughty.

“Thank God for Amelia,” Sookie says to no one in particular. Mags and Jess look at her for an explanation. “Amelia warded the stage so that no one can get up there unless invited. Otherwise, everyone would have rushed Eric.”

The last song begins; Nine Inch Nails’ Closer. As if the women in the audience weren’t already in a feverish state, Eric Northman picked the one song that encourages people to fuck like animals. With the intro playing, Eric rises to his hands and knees, crawling to the end of the catwalk, directly in front of Mags, Jess, and Sookie. He rises to his full height before the three women. All three of their heads rise to look up his body. In time to the music, he undoes the laces on his pants. The pants slither to the floor revealing his bright red bikini briefs that leave nothing to the imagination. Stepping out of his pants, he turns his back on the crowd.

“I don’t know which side I like better,” Mags says with her eyes wide.

The song continues to play, and Eric thoroughly entertains the crowd. As he moves back to the main part of the stage, he stands in the center with his hands on his hips. He turns around, giving the crowd a fangy smile and lowers the underwear. However, the spotlight goes out so you can’t see anything and the music ends.

When the lights come back on, Eric is no longer on the stage. Pam’s voice comes over the sound system thanking everyone for coming tonight. The audience shows their appreciation for the evening by cheering and clapping enthusiastically. Sookie asks Mags and Jess to stay back while the crowd exits the bar.

“Y’all need to wait for your security escort,” Sookie explains. Both women nod in agreement. When the last stragglers have exited the building, Sookie rises from the table. “Ladies, I’d like to introduce to you to your escort for the ride home. Eric Northman, this is MistressJessica1028 and Magsmacdonald.”

Both women look awestruck as Eric stands before them dressed in his gray suit with a black button down shirt. “Good evening ladies.” Both women swallow audibly and he gives them a knowing grin.

“Mr. Northman, thank you for a wonderful evening,” Jess manages to finally blurt out. Mags nods her head vigorously in agreement.

“It was my pleasure. I enjoy making sure my favorite women are taken care of.” His voice drips with sensuality. His raw sexuality has reduced the two writers to idiots; they cannot think, they cannot speak, all they can do is stare agog.

Sookie laughs and slaps Eric on the chest. “You’re bad; stop that! Are you trying to force their ovaries to explode?”

“I think they already did,” Jess mumbles under her breath. Everyone laughs.

“I am sorry ladies. I will try to behave,” Eric winks. He turns to Sookie. “Pam will see you home.”

Sookie nods, “Don’t take too long. They weren’t the only ones that enjoyed your performance. I’d like to show my gratitude as well,” she says coyly. Eric’s fangs drop as she sashays towards Pam, who is standing by the back door.

“Shall we?” Eric extends an arm to each writer. They eagerly clasp his arm and walk out of Fangtasia. No surprise, but the FFF protestors are still there, but the angry mob seems larger than before. Eric confidently escorts the authors into the waiting limousine. Their chanting is louder than before, and new signs have sprung up.

Protest signssign dawnsign pull from sightsign updatesign soulmatessign sookeh mine

“I will be right back.” He closes the limousine door. Mags and Jess look at each other with concern; they cannot see where he is. A loud thud comes from the roof of the vehicle. Eric is standing on top of the car, staring at the protestors. The crowd quiets down seeing him. Once all eyes are on him, he unleashes the force of his glamour.

“You will forget the reason for your protest. You will no longer harass fanfiction authors with anonymous reviews. If you harass fanfiction authors with anonymous reviews that are derogatory, you will run screaming into public locations saying you are being attacked by flying monkeys. When people try to help you, you will say you are looking for the wizard, and the good witch sent you to find the yellow brick road. You are looking for a brain, a heart, and courage; you will sing The Lollipop Guild. Do you understand?” All the protestors nod in unison. “Good. Return to your homes.” Eric releases his glamour.

The protestors look around in confusion, not sure how they ended up here. They drop their signs to the ground and leave the premises. Once all the protestors are gone, Eric drops to the ground.  Once he is settled inside the limousine, the driver pulls away from Fangtasia heading for MistressJessica1028’s home.

The ride is silent; the two authors are intimidated by the awesomeness of the vampire before them. They have written about him extensively. They are curious to know how he feels about their writing, but they fear asking him. What if he doesn’t like it?

“You have no reason to fear me,” he says breaking the silence. “I appreciate all the writers; some do a better job portraying me than others,” he says with a shrug of his shoulder. “None of you know the real Eric Northman, nor do I plan on sharing him with you. But I like what you two have written, just as I like what the other women in attendance tonight have written. They are your stories to tell; write them the way you want.”

For the rest of the drive, the three passengers in the limousine discuss their favorite fanfiction stories. Eric inquires about the upcoming plot lines in both Make a Wish and A Different Life, and the two authors fill him in.   Before they know it, they are pulling up to Jess’ home. Eric opens the door and steps out of the limousine. He holds his hand out to help the two women from the vehicle.

“I am sorry to say that I will not be able to escort you home Mags. However, I have a gift for the two of you.” The chauffeur is standing behind Eric with two red gift bags. Eric takes the bags and hands one to each woman. “Thank you again for writing your stories.” He gives each author a kiss on the cheek and then shoots up in the night sky to fly home to his beloved Sookie.

After the two women hug and bid each other good-night, Mags climbs back in the limousine to be driven home. Jess hurries in her house to avoid the chilly night air. After taking care of the dogs and turning on the lights, she eagerly searches the gift bag from Eric. Inside the bag is a gift certificate to the best spa in the area, a new Kindle Fire, and assorted memorabilia for Fangtasia. She also pulls out of the bag a t-shirt, shot glass, fake fangs, underwear, and a wall calendar. However, it’s not the Fangtasia’s Vampire Hunks Calendar. The outside of the calendar is completely black, no clues at all to the contents within. She opens the first page of the calendar to see a handwritten note.


Thank you again for portraying me the way you do. Here is a token of my appreciation. Hopefully the imagery will help inspire you.

~ Eric Northman

She flips to the next page of the calendar. Inspiration indeed!

Sixteen months of various pictures of Eric Northman…clothing optional of course.

“This will definitely give me something to look forward to until next year’s event.”

~ The End

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  2. padore says:

    Are you seriously telling me that people call you out on a spelling error? I could understand if you misspelled at least 25% of the story – but I read both of you guys and don’t see this as a problem and …..I teach for a living. I read FF for fun, relaxation, and escapism. I so appreciate the time and dedication that my favorite authors put forth for my FREE enjoyment. Now, have I read some poorly written stories…yes, and then I chose to stop…without shoving my opinion down the poor author’s throat. Why? It is simple, I appreciate the guts and courage it must take to put the story out there knowing comments will be made. So, again, thanks for all you do – keep up the hard work!

    • LOL….the spelling error isn’t a complaint that I have encountered. Mags came up with that idea, so it might have happened to her.

      People fail to realize that some of the authors are posting in a language that they aren’t used to speaking, much less writing in. It took me almost two years of reading fanfiction before I felt comfortable enough to try my hand at it. As I said, I don’t mind people not liking the story. I mind the personal attacks though.

      Thanks for commenting!

    • It’s a sign in general about how poorly written the comments/reviews sometimes are. Honestly – I wouldn’t care if you misspelled in a comment (I do that in replies all the time) – but if you’re picking on my writing? It just gets my fur up more.

    Love it – have that cheek hurtin’ smile going on !


  4. askarsgirl says:

    Lol this was great! Can’t wait till you ladies get to meet Eric and I wonder what he’ll have to say.

  5. naimademars says:

    Priceless !!! and hilarious! Thank you Jess for taking the time to defend ourselves, I say “we” because these are the stories we read and may disappear if we allow such people dictate what we think. There are countless stories that have disappeared because of it. I am proud when I see writers like you, mags, mysecretO, and many others to fight for their ideas, and thanks to writers like you that svm fanfiction will survive


    • Aww, thanks Naima! 🙂

      I hope you will like the upcoming installment of the story. Not to give anything away, but I plan to introduce other fanfiction writers as characters.

      I think Mags is also working on some more signs for the story. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with! Her creativity fuels my own!

  6. Pam says:

    Love it and I am sorry for the neg reviews you all get from people that just hate for hates sake. I love reading your stories and with the week I had ( a deer attacking my jeep, a crazy person attacking me in a parking lot and the call for more snow) I look at your stories , mag, and others for relaxation and to put a smile on my face. Just remember the haters are the way they are because you are Fab and they are not !

  7. murgatroid98 says:

    Oh this is too cute! I’ve been a guest reviewer a few times because I didn’t realize FF had logged me off, but I don’t think I ever said anything nasty. Yeah, the modern internet age as made it possible for nasty people to spew venom anonymously. I love your dogs. Labs are wonderful.

  8. kleannhouse says:

    loved it all over again, it is so true what you have said in the story, there are a lot of writer’s out there that have given up, not only because of content or miss-use of an unknown language but also because they are belittled about their sotry and the direction they are taking it in… I do appreciate this story and stand behind you on it, 100%.. KY

  9. lostinspace33 says:

    ROTFLMAO!!! This is awesome! 🙂

  10. gwynwyvar says:

    Woohoo! You made it to the club 🙂
    Gah to Guest Reviewers! This sounds like a fun story. Feels like it could be quite cathartic too! Hope you have a blast writing it!

  11. msbuffy says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! I’m still laughing so forgive any typos. So. Effing. Funny. OMG! I love the signs…”no spell check for picket signs” hahahaha! You two did have a rough week & I can only imagine the fun you had creating this. Fan Fiction Fraternity…can’t stop laughing… I haven’t laughed so much in a long time, so thank you! Any time I read a negative review in the future, or think of writing one, this will be the very first thing that comes to mind!
    Your labs are beautiful, and I love their unique names!

    • Yes, by the time Friday night came, Mags and I were both down for the count. This bit of silliness helped make it better. I think I have enough for another chapter or too. But who knows? Maybe I’ll make this an annual thing. 🙂

      Thank you for your compliment about my babies! Hubby actually picked their names…the full names are Chase Utley Dog (named after the Philadelphia Phillies second baseman) and Dr. Indiana Jones Dog. His previous black lab was Darth Vader Dog. I swore to my husband that if we ever had kids, he did not get to pick the names!

      • msbuffy says:

        Silliness & laughter are best for making you feel better! My grandkids do it all day long & I join ’em. Beats alcohol & there’s no hangover. I can’t wait to read more!

        Love the dog names! Think you’re right though; you get to choose the baby names. He gets the dog ones! We lost our Jewels this past Dec. after 13 wonderful years. We miss her but know she had a great life. She was a Diva! It’s just too much now starting over with a puppy. We’re too old! LOL!

  12. theladykt says:

    Muhahaha. Love it!!!!

  13. georgiasuzy says:

    Hahahaha that was hilarious! I’m glad I’m never a guest reviewer or anonymous. Sometimes my comments might not be helpful or address writing issues, because I mainly review as Thanks for all the hard work y’all put into entertaining us. If I don’t like something I just quit reading it. Hope y’all had a great time at Fangtasia!

  14. Perfecta999 says:

    I really love this story. It made me giggle so much and I could actually see it happening lol. Great writing!

  15. Nia says:

    Awesome!! Love it 🙂

  16. J.H. says:

    LOL. I was smiling the whole time. This is the funniest thing I have read yet. Great job Ladies! 🙂

  17. jules3677 says:

    Excellent. You even had Bubba dressed appropriately. I had a LOL moment when Pam hissed at the anon twits. Delightful.

  18. Loftin says:

    Hilarious! I love this. All I have to say is you ladies are much APPRECIATED. I love your writing, it brings me laughter and stress relief after a tough day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  19. kleannhouse says:

    loved this all over again KY

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