Any Time, Any Place

Sookie’s POV

It has been a tense few months for Eric and me. We survived the bombing in Rhodes. Felipe de Castro led a hostile takeover of the kingdom of Louisiana, and all the sheriffs met the True Death except Eric. I was abducted and tortured by two sadistic fairies. To say that life was difficult would have been the understatement of the century. And despite all that, that wasn’t the hardest thing that we had to deal with.

The most difficult thing we had to deal with was the blood bond.

Before the blood bond, our relationship was complicated at best. Initially, we had a working relationship. It grew into flirtation; well, he wanted to have sex with me. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t fantasized about it, he is a Viking Vampire Sex God after all. I thought I had a handle on my relationship with Eric until Jackson. The way he treated me there started a shift in my feelings. He had cared for me, at great detriment to his own self several times. And of course, we almost had mind-blowing sex. I still didn’t know whether to thank or curse Bubba for arriving. And then when I thought I was done with all vampires, Eric needed me because he lost his memories. Amnesia Eric was different…gentle…sweet…I loved him. But I knew it couldn’t last, and I mourned the loss of amnesia Eric. After that, our relationship was strained. I refused to talk about what happened when Eric lost his memories, and I threw Quinn in Eric’s face to hurt him as I was hurting. So when André forced us to bond, I feared Eric would try to control me through the bond. I accused him of manipulating my feelings.

But I was lying to him and myself.

I loved Eric with my whole heart. I was fascinated with Eric from the moment I met him and I fought my attraction to Eric the entire time I was with Bill. Eric had taken care of me in Dallas and Jackson…he gave me things I needed…he protected me. I told Eric I fell in love with him when he stayed with me, but that wasn’t true. I couldn’t pinpoint the moment I had fallen in love with Eric, but I know it was amnesia Eric that enabled me to admit I loved all of Eric… his gentleness…his strength…his viciousness…his love.

And so, it is with all of this in mind that I am at Fangtasia on a rainy Saturday night. I am wearing the white dress with the red flowers that I wore the first night I came to Fangtasia. I waited until the club is at its busiest, and then I arrived. Pam is working the door and gives me a fangy grin. I called Pam earlier in the week to help me complete all the details for tonight. She gestured with her chin towards Eric. I smile and walk in the bar. Eric is sitting on his throne. He is wearing boots, jeans, and a vest. Period. Pam had done well; she made sure Eric was wearing an outfit similar to the one he wore the first night we met.

I make my way to the bar and order a gin and tonic. I turn around and my eyes go unerringly to Eric. His fangs are down and his eyes are an electric blue. Pam told me that Eric fantasized about me in this dress. As I take a sip of my drink, I eye-fuck Eric over the rim of my glass. I set the glass on the bar, and turn back to Eric. I give him a wicked grin and beckon him with my finger.

In a second, Eric is standing in front of me, his hands on my hips and the lower half of his body pressing against mine. Having Eric in front of me is messing with my concentration. I have a plan I want to stick to but his body is distracting me. I want to place my hands on his hips to steady myself as I follow the contours of his chest with my tongue. I want to grab his award-winning butt as I take his gracious plenty in my mouth. I shake my head slightly to clear the lust and refocus on my plan.

“Hey Cowboy,” I whisper seductively.

Eric’s pupils dilate, and the gracious plenty is pressing against my stomach. He leans down and rubs his nose along the column of my neck. I wore his favorite perfume, Obsession.

“Will you dance with me, Viking?” I whisper against his ear, nipping at the lobe. A shudder runs through Eric’s body. I grab his hand and lead him to the dance floor. I nod at the Dj, and he fades the current song out. The song I had picked just for this moment starts playing through the speakers of the club, and I begin swaying to the music.

In the thundering rain, you stare into my eyes
I can feel your hand movin’ up my thighs
Skirt around my waist, wall against my face
I can feel your lips

My back is to Eric. As I’m swaying to the music, my hips move in slow, sensuous circles and my backside rubs against his gracious plenty. His hands rest on my hips then slide up my sides, his fingers skimming along the sides of my breasts. My head is thrown back against his shoulder and his lips are skimming along my neck. I hear Eric purring in contentment as the smell of my arousal reaches his nose.

I don’t wanna stop just because
People walkin’ by are watchin’ us
I don’t give a damn what they think
I want you now

The eyes of all the patrons and vampires are on us, but I don’t notice. I only have eyes for Eric. I want everyone to know that I am his, and I will do anything for him. I roll my body so that I am now facing Eric. My hands move up his abs to his chest and slip inside the vest to his pebbled nipples. I pinch them, and a low growl escapes him. His lips crash down on mine. My tongue flicks against the seam of his lips, seeking entrance to his mouth. I trace the length of his left fang with my tongue and then do the same to the right, scraping my tongue against the tip so that drops of my blood fall in Eric’s mouth. Without breaking the kiss, Eric picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. When I break the kiss, gasping for breath, I see that we are in his office, and I’m pinned against the door. His hands have lowered the zipper of my dress, causing the top of my dress to fall forward. The skirt of my dress bunches up at my waist, allowing his bulging cock to press against my pussy. My arousal soaks my panties.

I don’t wanna stop just because
You feel so good inside, oh my love
I’m not gonna stop, no, no, no
I want you, all I wanna say is

Eric moves his lips down my neck, kissing and sucking lightly. He kisses his way along my collarbone. His hands push the cups of my bra down, which pushes my breasts up. He palms my breasts, rubbing his thumbs back and forth across my nipples. My hands push his vest off, and then quickly unbuckle his belt.  With a frenzied motion, I pop the button and push the zipper down on his jeans. I fucking love that he goes commando. My fingers lightly dance down the length of his cock, and I cup his balls. Eric growls again, thrusting into my hands. I use one hand to massage his balls, and the other slowly strokes the length of his cock, my thumb rubbing across his tip. Eric’s eyes roll in the back of his head. Once his eyes open, I bring the thumb with a bead of his pre-cum on it to my mouth and lick it off. Eric growls; his fingers push my panties to the side and he plunges his cock in me. A guttural groan escapes me as I move myself up and down Eric’s cock. I can feel every inch of him inside me, pulsing, throbbing. I smile wickedly as I swivel my hips against him on the down stroke.

At any time, and any place
I don’t care who’s around
Any time, and any place
I don’t care who’s around
No, no, no, no, no

Tonight is different from any other time Eric and I have been together. When I was with amnesia Eric, he acted as if I was something fragile. He made love to me, and it was sweet and gentle. When Eric and I got back together recently, it was sex; sweaty, animalistic, and very satisfying, but there was conflict between us that we didn’t acknowledge. But tonight, I am giving myself completely to Eric. I am his, and he is mine. I know the vampires in the club can hear what we were doing (Lord knows we aren’t being quiet), but I don’t care.

Dancing on the floor, feelin’ the slow groove
My mind is starting to burn with forbidden thoughts
Strangers all around with the lights down low
I was thinking maybe we could, well you know

Eric’s thrusts slow down; long, deep strokes inside me that leave me feeling stretched and deliciously full. His eyes lock on mine, burning in their intensity. A slow, sexy grin spreads across his face. His hands move to my head, threading through my hair to angle my head so that he can kiss me with all of his thousand years of experience. My arms move to encircle his neck, and I scratch my fingernails lightly up his back.

I don’t wanna stop just because
People standin’ ’round are watchin’ us
I don’t give a damn what they think
I want you now

I don’t think I can last much longer. I feel the pressure building inside of me. My walls are fluttering against Eric’s cock. I tilt my head exposing my neck to Eric in invitation. He places a kiss there before sliding his fangs in. I cry out in ecstasy; my body shakes as my orgasm explodes throughout my body. As Eric continues to drink, he thrusts hard and fast in my pussy. He releases my neck and roars as his orgasm overtakes him. His orgasm triggers another release from me; my body throbbing as pleasure flows through me. My head falls back against the office door, and my arms drop limply to my sides.

I don’t wanna stop just because
You feel so good inside of my love
I’m not gonna stop, no, no, no
I want you, all I wanna say is

I feel Eric seal the wounds on my neck with his saliva. A drop of my blood has made its way down my chest to my breast. Eric being the pragmatic vampire he is doesn’t let any of my blood go to waste. He licks and sucks the skin on my chest. He takes my breast in his mouth, sucking my nipple between his fangs. He then blows cold air on it causing me to shiver.

Any time, and any place
I don’t care who’s around, n-no, no, no, no
Yeah, any time, baby, and any place
I don’t care who’s around
Say it again say it again

Eric is nuzzling my hair and neck, rubbing our scents on each others body. His arms hold me tightly. Now that I have feeling in my arms again, I wrap my arms around him and squeeze. He pulls back to look at me and smiles tenderly. I feel tears prick my eyes.

Any time, and any place
I don’t care who’s around
I don’t care who’s around, yeah

“I love you, Eric. I yield to you,” I state solemnly.

Pure joy spreads across his face, and he pulls me forward for a passionate, yet surprisingly gentle kiss. He places soft kisses along my check, and then presses his lips to my forehead. Eric brushes my hair back and places his forehead against mine. The bond is flooded with our love and happiness.

This is best, this is right.

~ The End

AN: The song is Anytime, Anyplace by Janet Jackson.

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  1. morggys says:

    Oh my god that was lovely! Sweet, citrusy little morsel! Thank you for sharing!

  2. theladykt says:

    oooh hawt hawt hawt

  3. sbinez says:

    That was awesome!!

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