Sexual Healing

Alcide left us around 5:00 pm. We still have not heard anything from the studio, producers, or director. To be honest, it pisses me off. I’m the fucking star of their so-called blockbuster production and they can’t be bothered to find out how I’m doing. Fuck you very much!

Sookie has cleaned up the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher with all the dirty dishes. She’s moving around the suite, absent-mindedly straightening everything up. I know what she’s doing; when she is anxious about something she goes on cleaning sprees or she bakes. When she used to have midterm or final exams, the kitchen in our shared brownstone looked like a bakery had exploded.

“You know housekeeping will come in and clean up,” I remind her gently as she throws a load of laundry in the washing machine in a closet off the kitchen.

“They come in once or twice a week to do the big stuff. I don’t like having people come in every day. I want my privacy and the ability to relax in my room.” Sookie tries to walk past me, probably to clean the bedroom. I grab her by her wrist to stop her, tugging her so she stands between my spread legs.

“You need to relax,” I tell her as I nuzzle her neck. Inhaling deeply, I let her unique scent wash over me, relaxing me better than any narcotic ever could. “You didn’t get a lot of sleep last night either. I don’t want you running yourself ragged because of me.”

“I’m not,” she protests. “But I was thinking we could head up to my parents’ place tomorrow or the day after to see our daughter. Plus, I think it will be easier for you to recuperate in a house and not a hotel room. Unless you don’t wanna go that far; it’s a five or six-hour drive on a good day. Maybe we should fly. It might be…” I cut her off by kissing her soundly. My lips move slowly over hers, igniting the inferno that seems to exist between us. My hands skim along her jaw line, sliding into her hair, moving her head to change the angle of our kiss. I deepen the kiss by flicking my tongue against the seam of her lips. Sookie moans softly as she opens her mouth, her tongue sneaking out to touch mine. I moan in appreciation because she tastes so goddamn good. Her hands rest on top of my thighs, rubbing circles against the cotton fabric, moving closer and closer to the tented area of my pants that sprung up the moment my lips touched hers.

Sookie and I were always compatible during sex, but I realize now while I have her in my arms again, I never truly savored her body and the pleasure she gives me. We were always in such a hurry to spin each other up and then push each other over the edge. As much as my body is screaming for release, I resist the urge to take this any further. Sookie deserves to feel cherished; she needs to know how much I truly love her.

I pull back from her delectable lips and Sookie whimpers in protest. Smiling with a little smug satisfaction, I pick up her hands, turning them over so I can kiss each palm. “You are adorable. I like the idea of going to your parents’ house so we can be with our daughter. But how’s your family going to react to me?” I know Sookie is very close with her family; it will make things extremely awkward if they hate me.

“They know you weren’t aware of Allie.  Momma and Daddy both wanted to come up to New York and kick Pam’s ass.  I think Daddy is actually the one that was holding Momma back.  They don’t hate you if that’s what you’re worrying about.”  My relief is short-lived when she revises her answer.  “Well, they do,” she admits sheepishly, “because they think you broke my heart.  We’re gonna have a lot to talk about,” she admits with a rueful grin.  “Even after we clear everything up, Daddy’s probably still gonna threaten you with his shot gun.  But don’t worry, it’s never loaded,” she says with a wink.

“Oh that’s comforting,” I snap.

Sookie laughs heartily at my nervousness.  It’s not fucking funny; I’m injured, we have to figure out a way to tell Allie that I’m her father, and her family may hate me.  I’m glad she’s fucking amused.

“Don’t be grumpy,” she chides.  “It’s all going to work out, I know it.  They will end up loving you like I do.  Of course, Jason may try to get you to be his wing man so he can get laid.  Not that he needs help in that department,” Sookie says with a roll of her eyes.  Her blithe dismissal that this situation will be easily resolved does not bolster my confidence.  I’m going to be walking into the lion’s den so to speak.  I will be the enemy in hostile territory and somehow I don’t think waving a white flag in surrender is going to do me any favors.

Sookie leans towards me and sniffs delicately before scrunching up her nose. “Come on; it’s time you took a shower. You’ll feel better when you’re all clean and then you can lie down again. While you’re sleeping, I will see what I can find in terms of flights to get us to Shreveport. If nothing looks good, then I will rent a bigger car to get us home.”

With Sookie’s help, I rise up from my chair and shuffle my way to the bedroom and in-suite bathroom. Sookie marches her way to the bathroom, turning the water on so that steam fills the room. She stands in the doorway, watching me like earlier.

“Do you want me to help you undress?” Her voice is full of concern, but her eyes practically shimmer with lust.

I gulp loudly before answering. “Maybe, just my shirt. I can manage everything else on my own.”

Sookie glides forward gracefully, slipping between my outstretched arms so she can grab my shirt by the hem. She instructs me to walk backwards so she can slide the shirt over my head and arms without me having to bend. She chews on her lower lip as she pushes the waistband of my sweats and boxers out of the way so she can begin unwinding the bandage wrapped around my rib cage. Every touch of her soft hands on my skin sends an electric current through my body, straight to my dick. I ache for her; it is the worst possible torture to have her here and willing but I am physically unable to do anything about it.

“Why don’t you go get in the shower? I’m sure the water will be hot by now,” Sookie says softly as she looks at all the bruising on my body. My torso is a myriad of blacks, blues, and purples. It is definitely a mood killer and my own takes a nosedive as I catch a glimpse of my mottled skin. It looks like a really shitty Jackson Pollack painting. As much as my aching body will let me, I stomp to the bathroom, angrier now than I have been at any point during this ordeal. Is it wrong to hope that while in jail the bitch that did this to me gets a taste of her own medicine? I wonder if they have a Crazy Eyes or some other psychotic inmate like they do on Orange is the New Black.

Inside the steamy walls of the bathroom, I drop my pants and boxers in one move, leaving them on the bathroom floor because I know Sookie will get them for me later. I hate to have her pick up after me, but it is painful trying to bend over. Opening the glass door of the shower, I move underneath the hot, massaging water and groan in relief as the heat and pulsing water work to ease some of my body’s achiness. I should have done this sooner since the stiffness in my shoulders and back ease up more than with me taking the ibuprofen. Maybe I will take the pain pill later when I’m ready for bed.

The glass door of the shower opens and Sookie steps in the shower with me. Her hair is piled on top of her head, and she is wearing a bikini. As ridiculous a notion it is since she saw all of me earlier, I try to cover up so I don’t feel completely exposed here. It’s not that I mind her seeing me naked, but those flimsy scraps of fabric covering her body do nothing to stifle the hunger I feel for her. If anything, the pieces of her bikini make her body more enticing because they emphasize the curves of her body. The strings of the bottom rest high on her hips before tapering back to tease at the curve of her ample backside. The triangles of her bikini top do not hide the fact that her nipples are hard; all they do is draw my gaze to the way the water glides down her cleavage, making me want to suckle from her to satisfy my thirst.

“This is a bad idea,” I say hoarsely as I try to back away from the temptation in front of me but there is only so much room in a shower stall. What I thought of as huge when I first stepped inside now feels the size of a postage stamp.  My back collides against the cold tile wall and I wince slightly. Sookie steps forward with concern and I throw my hands out to keep her back.

“Eric let me help you,” Sookie says impatiently.  “You’ll only end up hurting yourself.”

“Sookie there is no way I can stand here and let you put your hands on my body without seeking some kind of sexual relief!  I want you more than anything, but this is not the fucking way I want us to reunite.  I know you mean well, but please leave me alone!” My tone is angry and pleading at the same time.  She can’t possibly understand how this feels.  I want to, believe me do I want to, but not like this.

“Eric,” she says with a softened tone and a loving smile on her face.  “I know you’re aroused; I feel the same way.  It’s a burning ache that sits low in my belly and spreads out to every inch of my body.  It makes me needy and feverish, and I feel like the littlest stimulation is going to send me over the edge.  No one has ever made me cum the way you did; wringing every last drop of pleasure from my body until I was too weak to move.  I want to feel that again; I need to feel it again,” she ends with a whimper.

My harsh pants fill the shower stall as my chest rises and falls rapidly with her words.  “So. Not. Helping,” I bite out.

She moves forward as one would when approaching a cornered animal; slowly and with exaggerated movements so I know everything she is going to do.  Sookie grabs the body wash from its nook and pours a generous amount in her hands.

Placing her sudsy hands on my shoulders, she begins moving her hands in slow circles as she washes my body. Her voice is hypnotic as she speaks to me in a low voice. “Let me help you; let me care for you. I love you,” she finishes and I close my eyes in defeat. I have no defense against her words and my body sags as the tension of holding myself back fades away, swirling down the drain along with the soap and water. A new kind of tension surges forward: sexual tension. It has always been present in the background but now there is nothing to keep the animal at bay. And it is an animal; a giant, hulking brute of a beast that snarls to be free inside me. The beast wants to claim the woman in front of me; to cover her body with my own and fill her with my flesh as we join as one. Sookie’s delicate touch only inflames the savage in me. My body shudders and jerks with every touch of her hands, and I am confident that the snake between my legs is coiled and ready to strike with his personal brand of venom.

“You are so beautiful,” she says reverently as her hands move across my hips and down my thighs. She drops to her knees before me and I have to close my eyes before I end up pushing her mouth down the length of my weeping, pulsing shaft. My fingers futilely try to dig into the tile wall at my back. Sookie moves her hands quickly up and down my legs, her nimble fingers massaging my muscles as she rubs the soap against my skin. She commands me to turn around and I comply quickly, placing my hands against the wall and standing with my legs shoulder width apart.

Sookie gives a throaty chuckle as I hear her squirting more shower gel in her hands. I know I have something I’d like to be squirting in her hands, on her breasts, or better yet on her tongue. She stands close to me as her hands once again begin washing my shoulders. My teeth snap together as I feel her breasts resting against my back and her hot breath blowing across my ear as she speaks. “Seeing you like this makes me think of cops and robbers. I’d be the cop, frisking the perp as I look for deadly weapons.”

“And would you find one?” My head drops back and my teeth bite my lower lip as her hands squeeze my ass before slipping down to wash my inner thighs. Her fingers graze my testicles and I hiss because of a different kind of pain.

Sookie slips her hands around my body so that her hands begin washing my cock. “I already have,” she smirks as she squeezes my throbbing flesh between her hands. It’s the most delicious kind of pain because there is so much pleasure behind her touch. Her hands work slowly, but purposefully up and down my shaft and my hips thrust erratically seeking more. Her lips ghost along the flesh of my back as her hands push me to the brink of ecstasy. It is heaven and hell all rolled into one as my knees buckle when her thumb slides across my tip. A strangled groan slides from my lips as I feel my balls tighten with my impending release.

“Easy there Cowboy,” Sookie murmurs as my knees buckle again. Her warm hands slide off my cock and she steps away from my body. What the fuck is she doing? She can’t work me up like this and then leave me hanging.

“I don’t want you to hurt yourself, and I’m afraid you’re gonna fall,” she says at seeing my outraged expression. “Go have a seat,” she says directing me to the in-shower tiled bench. I stagger the few steps like a drunk that’s been on a three-day bender before plopping my ass down on the warmed seat.

Instead of joining me on the bench, Sookie removes the clip from her hair then moves underneath the shower head. She tilts her head back so the cascading water soaks her hair; the way she is standing with her arms up pushes her breasts out and her ass back. It reminds me of a sunscreen commercial I once saw of a girl underneath a waterfall. Sookie opens her eyes slightly to find me watching her. With a wicked grin, the hands that have moved through her hair slowly pull the knot around her neck free. The two triangles of fabric slide down her breasts freeing them for my viewing pleasure. She dispenses with the second knot behind her back and throws the wet fabric towards the empty bench beside me. My eyes stare at the wet fabric as if hypnotized so I am startled when her bikini bottoms land on top of the other piece. My head swivels forward to find Sookie’s hands gliding over her smooth skin. Her delicate hands sliding under the swells of her breasts, lifting them as her thumbs graze across her nipples. She shivers as her fingers pluck and roll her nipples, making my mouth water with the need to taste them.

“Sookie,” I pant as she pinches her nipples hard, causing her lips to part on a jagged moan. “Come here so I can touch you.”

“Nope,” she says popping the p as her lips smack together. “You can watch me,” she says once our eyes meet. “Tell me what you want me to do. You want to wait until everything is perfect, so this is the only relief I can have. Watch me as I cum thinking about your hands and mouth on my body. Listen to my cries of pleasure as you tell me all the dirty things you are going to do to my body.” Her voice promises pure sin and my eyes roll back with the images she has painted in my mind. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more erotic in my life than watching Sookie with water sliding down her body as she gets herself off. Watching the woman I love touch herself because of her desire for me makes me want to return the favor. My hands grip my cock as I watch her slide a hand down to work her clit.

“Oh God baby, you have no idea how hot you look sitting there,” Sookie moans as she licks her lips as my hand pumps my cock in time with the motion of her fingers circling her clit.

“Tell me how wet you are,” I rasp out as my hand glides up to squeeze my tip. Jesus, I’m not going to last long with as worked up as I am.

Sookie’s hand moves lower and I watch in fascination as her hand glides smoothly through the folds of her shaven sex. “I’m so wet for you Eric. I bet you could easily fit three fingers inside me,” she says as she slides a finger inside her quivering opening. She gasps before moaning like the sex kitten I remember. The pitch of her voice gets higher and higher the closer she gets to her orgasm.

“Tighten your muscles around your finger,” I command. “I want you to be as tight as possible as you wiggle your finger inside yourself.” Sookie staggers to lean against the wall so she can use both hands on her pussy, one works her clit as the other continues to pump in and out of her opening. Her eyes are scrunched closed as the passion moves through her body as she does what I’ve asked. We can’t have that; I need to see those beautiful eyes of hers when she falls over the edge.

“Open your eyes Lover.  Watch the effect you have on me,” I say in a husky tone as my hand speeds up on my shaft.  Her eyes slowly open and her head turns to stare at me.  She bites her lower lip as we stare at each other as our hands work to get us off.

“I want to taste you right now,” I say darkly and her breath catches again.  Her eyes darken with my words and I know she needs a little push to put her over the edge.  “I’d pull your fingers out of that sweet snatch and suck all of your juices off them.  I’ve never tasted anything as good as the honey between your thighs.  But the little taste on your hand wouldn’t be enough to satisfy me.  I’d need to taste you directly from the source.  You don’t know how badly I want to be on my knees in front of you.  I want to feel your hands tugging my hair as I bury my face between your thighs.  My tongue would lick along your folds then flick your clit while I’d push three of my fingers inside you.  I’d make sure to rub my fingers along that special spot inside you that always makes your eyes cross and makes you clamp down on me like a vise.”  Sookie gasps as she grinds against her hand and her pupils dilate.

I smirk as I watch her reaction.  “You found your spot didn’t you?”  She nods her head as her hips begin rolling faster and faster.  “Stroke it baby.  Rub your fingers against your spot.  I want to hear you screaming when you cum for me.  Can you do that for me?”

“So . . . good . . . so close . . .” Sookie whimpers as she watches me stroke my cock, my wrist twisting when I get up to the head and squeezing when I’m at the base.  She’s fucking beautiful as she pleasures herself.  Her hair clings to her body while rivers of water run down her golden skin.  Those perfect, plump, pink lips of hers are parted as she freezes for an instant, her body rigid and taut, but then she screams my name as her body shakes with the eruption of her orgasm.  Her fingers slip out of her wet opening, moving to rub slow circles against her clit as she comes down from the pinnacle of ecstasy.  Her eyes have drifted closed because of the intensity of her pleasure and there is a sated smile on her lips.

“Absolutely fucking beautiful,” I say reverently.  Sookie’s eyes snap open with my words and she smiles goofily at me.  “Come here Lover; let me have a taste.”  Sookie stumbles her way to my side, standing beside me.  I lift the hand that had been inside her, bringing it to my mouth.  I suck on her fingers as I stroke myself to completion, my cum shooting all over my bruised ribs and dribbling down my hand.  This is by far the most intense orgasm I can ever remember having; I can feel it in every inch of my body.  It makes me feel like I’m floating in the clouds, buoyant and carefree.  And I know I have Sookie to thank for that.

When I can suck no more of her honey from her fingers, I kiss her knuckles and look at her with adoration.  Sookie smiles at me as she brushes the hair back from my face.  “I love you,” I say happily as I hold her hand against my cheek.

“I love you too Eric,” she says sweetly.  “Come on; let’s get cleaned up.  The water’s turning cold.”

Sookie and I hurriedly wash our bodies and rinse off under the lukewarm spray.  Once we are out of the shower, she wraps her hair and body in two of the towels folded on the shelf.  She grabs another towel so she can dry me off.  I’m swaying slightly as she rubs the soft fluffy material against my skin.  I feel so tired suddenly.  She helps me slip on a fresh pair of boxers and then she leads me over to our bed.  Once I’m settled as comfortably as I can get, Sookie brushes her lips against my forehead.  Within seconds of my head hitting the pillow, I am fast asleep.

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11 Responses to Sexual Healing

  1. That was one healing shower. Lucky buggers. 😊

  2. suzyq591suzy says:

    Yes I agree that was perfect — they did not jump in and try to go all the way even though they both wanted to. That was very sexyfull 😉

  3. kleannhouse says:

    nice shower, loved every minute of it with them KY

  4. mom2goalies says:

    I need a shower like that! That was amazing and I also can’t wait for the family reunion.

  5. murgatroid98 says:

    Well, I think that was good for both of them.

  6. ashmo2000 says:

    When Sookie and Eric get to her parents house, I hope she would have told them some of the story before Eric gets there, so they won’t kick his ass. Allison is going to be super excited that her dad’s Eric Northman the actor. Allison is old enough to know at least some of the truth as to why Eric hasn’t been around. Can’t Eric sue Pam? If not Eric should be able to do something like make what she did pubic. Pam will lose clients left and right.

  7. ncmiss12 says:

    Another Awesome chapter! You know the couple who showers together stays together! LOL! I wonder what their plan is for Pam. I can’t wait to find out. I hope that Jason, her mom and Dad do not give Eric to hard of a time. Maybe his injuries will make them take pity on him!

  8. Has Eric and Sookie decide what to do to Pam? Allie will be happy to see Eric.

  9. anem72 says:

    Now that’s what I call a ‘hot’ shower! I love this story!

  10. kleannhouse says:

    damn woman the next button isn’t working KY

  11. EricFan71 says:

    Wow! As if that shower isn’t the one every woman imagine/fantasizes about with Eric Northman!

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