Moving Forward

“Go fish!”

“I think you’re cheating,” I say with a mock glare and Allie giggles uncontrollably. It is lunch time and Allie is taking a break from her school work. It amazes me the schedule my daughter is on. I thought homeschooling would be on the same time table as public schooling, but it’s not. Michelle, who used to be an elementary school teacher, works with Allie a few hours in the morning, breaks for lunch and play time, and then works with her a few hours before dinner too. Sookie also takes time during the day to help our daughter with her school work, and there are even activities at night that Allie does. However it doesn’t seem like school to me; a lot of it seems like games and watching videos, but what do I know? Sookie assures me that our daughter is actually learning above her grade level, which I can believe because she is reading books that I would think are far more advanced than her age. She’s even reading the Harry Potter novels, with Sookie’s help of course. Hell, I haven’t even read them!

The night Sookie and I arrived, Allie rushed to her mother and Sookie had bent to pick her up in her arms, swinging her around happily as Sookie peppered our daughter’s face with kisses. I felt my heart stop for that instant before it started galloping like a herd of horses. My eyes filled with tears as I watched my two reasons for breathing wrapped up in each other’s arms. Sookie’s eyes met mine over Allie’s shoulder and she smiles sweetly. Sookie whispered something in Allie’s ear that made her giggle. Sookie set Allie down and Allie skipped over to me happily before wrapping her arms around my legs in a hug. She said she was sorry I was hurting, but she was going to help her momma take good care of me. I wasn’t sure what Allie was told to explain my presence at her grandparents’ home, and in that moment I didn’t care. All I knew was that my daughter was hugging me tightly and I didn’t want to let her go. My hands were wrapped around her tiny back. Allie looked so tiny, so fragile. My hands, with my fingers spread, spanned the entire length of her back. I longed to pick her up, hold her against my heart, letting her feel how much I loved her. But I couldn’t and it killed me. Another injustice I blame on Freyda and Pam. Too soon, Allie pulled out of my arms, though she didn’t go far. She grabbed my hand and led me in the house, saying we needed to wash up before dinner.

That was almost a week ago. Every day Allie and I have spent a lot of time together. She’s showed me her room and all her prized possessions, and she acts as my personal tour guide everywhere we go. Allie is far more self-possessed than any other child her age. Granted, I may be slightly biased since I think she is the most amazing child on the planet. Allie is intelligent, funny, adorable, and when I think I can’t love her anymore than I already do, my heart expands like that of The Grinch and I fall more under her spell. Every day I want to tell her the truth about who I am, and every day I stop myself because I am afraid. What if she hates me when she learns who I am? I know Sookie told her that I never knew about her, but can a child really understand what that means?

“I’m not cheatin’. You’re just really bad at this,” Allie says with a giggle. I draw a card and of course it is nothing that I need. Allie is sitting across from me at the kitchen table with a plate of carrot sticks, cheese cubes, and grapes next to her. Sookie is watching us from the kitchen island, smiling as she fixes us lunch. Afterwards, Sookie is taking me to the doctor for a follow-up visit. Dr. Ludwig called earlier this week with the results of my blood work and said everything was fine, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still need to worry about the future though she said the odds of that happening are extremely unlikely because Freyda also had a clean bill of health despite her addiction. The shadow that had been cast over Sookie and me is gone, leaving behind a bright, happy future. Overall, I feel better and I am hopeful that the doctor will tell me I can resume more strenuous activity. Namely that I’m clear to have sex. Sookie and I have shared a room since we got to her parents’ house, though nothing has happened between us. There simply hasn’t been any privacy, and I’m still a little afraid her father will barge into the room with his shotgun if we were to try something. Sookie had explained to Allie that we were sharing a room because it was easier for me to have someone close by if I needed them during the night. Allie, bless her little heart, had volunteered to be the one to share a room with me, but Sookie had pointed out that Allie couldn’t help me if I needed to get up. Despite how disappointed she was, Allie didn’t let that stop her from being the best nurse she could be. Whenever I need something, she runs to get it and she’s always trying to bring me food. However the one that got me all choked up was when she tried to kiss all my boo-boos better. When she asked if it had worked, I told her I had never felt better in my life.

“I think you’re cheating. Are you able to see my cards?” Allie starts giggling and glances towards Sookie whose lips twitch, a sure sign that she is guilty of something. My eyes narrow as I look back and forth between my two blonde devils. What are they up to?

Turning back to Allie, I wait for her to take her turn. She stares hard at her cards. “Do you have . . .” And then glances up at Sookie. I whip my head around to find Sookie holding up three fingers, which she tries to hide behind her back. Busted!

“I knew you two were cheating!” I get up from my seat and grab Allie, tickling her all over her body as punishment for her dishonesty. She shrieks and laughs as my fingers fly over all her ticklish zones, which is pretty much her entire body, a trait she definitely got from her mother.

“Stop! Stop! I can’t breathe,” Allie begs which stills my hands for the moment. One hand rests against her stomach, but the other hovers in the air, curled like a claw, poised to strike again. Allie is gasping for breath, but keeps a wary eye on my other hand, knowing that she isn’t in the clear yet.

“Lunch is ready you two,” Sookie says with a happy lilt to her voice. Allie looks expectantly at me, waiting for me to lower my hand, and I do.

“Sneak attack!” My hands begin tickling her again and her shrieks reach a level that I think only dogs can fully appreciate. Allie manages to slide out of her chair and runs over to Sookie.

“Momma save me! The tickle monster is gonna get me,” Allie says trying to put Sookie between us so I can’t get to her.

“You’re on your own Allie Cat,” Sookie says. My eyes narrow slightly and I start to smile as I think about unleashing my tickling capabilities on Sookie.

“Don’t even think about it Buster,” Sookie says shortly. “You’ll find yourself walking to Doc Spencer’s if you do.”

“You’re a hard-hearted woman Sookie Stackhouse,” I tell her with mock seriousness. Allie smiles smugly from behind her mother, thinking she’s no longer in danger. Oh she should have learned her lesson by now; there is nothing that her mother and I enjoy more than tickling her. It’s the best way to torture our kid, well at least until we start grossing her out by kissing in front of her. Sookie and I haven’t done anything more intimate than hold hands or hug in front of Allie. I’m worried that Allie will get the wrong impression if I do which will further complicate the discussion we need to have about me being her father. Sookie has understood when it comes to my fears about telling Allie I’m her father, but I think she is starting to get impatient with me for dawdling as she puts it. Christmas is only a few weeks away, and I think she wants us to celebrate it as a real family. I still haven’t told my family yet that I’m definitely a father. I know I told Mormor my suspicions, but she will wait until she receives confirmation from me. But the moment I do, I know Mor and Mormor are going to be on a plane over here. My mother wants nothing more than to be a grandmother. I know there is such a thing as a biological clock ticking for a woman wanting to have kids, but do they also have one for wanting to be grandparents? If so, my mother’s is a ticking time bomb waiting to detonate. Mormor isn’t as desperate for me to have kids, but I know she wants me to be happy.

Happy doesn’t even begin to cover what I feel as I stand in this kitchen with my daughter and my beautiful lover. Sookie hands Allie her plate and she walks carefully to the table. She then returns to get my plate and carry it to the table for me. Sookie is trying to walk around me to get to the refrigerator so she can pour us drinks, but my arm snakes out to stop her, pulling her close to me in a hug and my lips find her temple.

“Thank you,” I whisper against her ear. “Thank you for everything,” I say as my voice begins to choke up. This could have turned out so differently. There will never be enough words to express how grateful I am to have Sookie in my life again and to know that I have a daughter.

Sookie rubs my back reassuringly. “You don’t have to keep thanking me Eric. I’m happy too,” she murmurs.

I let her go and she smiles up at me, leaning up on her toes to brush a kiss across my lips. It is a brief kiss, but it is enough to make our daughter scream out, “Eeeeewwwwwwwwwww!”

And thus it begins!


“You’re being awfully quiet over there,” Sookie says to me as we’re driving to the doctor’s office in Monroe. Allie, in one of the few acts of defiance I have seen, threw a temper tantrum because she was not allowed to come with us. Her eyes overflowed with tears as she stomped her foot and screamed in frustration because we wouldn’t let her go. I would have happily acquiesced to her demands, but Sookie stood firm and refused to let her go. In fact, Sookie picked Allie up, oblivious to our daughter’s struggles to get down, and carried her up to her bedroom. I couldn’t hear what was said between the two of them, but I did hear the door close and then Sookie’s boots clicking against the hardwood floors as she made her way back to me. We had left shortly after, leaving our daughter in the hands of Michelle who was doing laundry on the porch while the entire scene unfolded.

“Does Allie act like that often?” I’m worried about our daughter. I’ve seen other children have a meltdown like that, but I didn’t think Allie was capable of it. She’s been stubborn a handful of times, and she’s sassed her mother, but never anything like this.

Sookie sighs. “When she’s tired or getting sick she’ll act like this. She’s a kid Eric; there are just some behaviors that are inherent in children, whether they are around other kids or not.”

“So she wasn’t acting out because of me?”

“Well . . . it might have been ratcheted up a few levels because you were present, but that’s not the worst I’ve seen,” Sookie admits.

“What if she acts like that when we tell her?”

Sookie rolls her eyes as she flips on the turn signal. “She’s gonna be fine Eric. Allie likes you; I dare say she even loves you. The only hurdles in this situation are the ones you’re throwing up in your mind. If you are really that concerned about it and if she seems to be having problems adjusting, we can find a child therapist for her to talk to. But I honestly think at this point you are making a mountain out of a mole hill,” she says in exasperation.


“Yes, really,” she says with another roll of her eyes as she turns the vehicle so we can get on the highway. “I know it isn’t going to be smooth sailing, and there are still issues we have to work out, but do you honestly think I would suggest doing something that I think would hurt Allie? That little girl’s been my entire world since the moment I found out I was pregnant. You can be damn sure I’m gonna protect my baby with all the ferocity of a lioness,” she says glancing towards me as we gain speed down the road.

“Well how do you think we should tell her?” There is a rock sitting in my stomach and it’s making me feel uneasy.

“Obviously we should do it together. I want to do it somewhere she’ll feel safe. Maybe we can do it tonight after dinner. I think Momma and Daddy should be around just in case.”

“Wonderful, so if I make my daughter cry it’s something else your dad can hold against me,” I mutter sullenly as I stare out the window.

Sookie laughs shortly. “I got news for you buddy; you’re gonna make your daughter cry often. It tears you up every time it happens, making your heart feel like it’s going through a deli slicer. However, you can’t avoid it. There will be times when I’m sure she’s going to hate us, and I’m sure there will be times that we end up hating her. Especially if she turns out to be anything like Jason when he was a teenager,” Sookie says with a full body shudder. “And one day, she’ll break our hearts when she leaves the nest for good. But that’s what parenting is,” she says with a sad little smile.

“I just got her; don’t you dare talk about her leaving already!” My daughter is never leaving our home! And she better never think about looking at boys!

Sookie chuckles again. “What are you going to do the first time she brings a boy home?”

I stare at her darkly. “I’m having your father teach me how to shoot a gun.” She laughs again as we speed down the road. It feels like the speed of the car matches the speed at which she said our life is going to pass us by. If I blink, I’m afraid I’ll miss something and I’ve already missed far too much.


“You’re still being awfully quiet,” Sookie says to me when we get back in the car. “I thought you’d want to be celebrating since the doctor said you’re healing ahead of schedule and today is the day we’re gonna tell Allie you’re her father. What’s botherin’ you?”

I sigh as I click my seatbelt. “I’m happy to hear that my body is getting back on track. And I’m ecstatic about telling Allie, but I’m nervous too. What if it doesn’t go well?”

Sookie sighs as she starts the car. “You need to relax Eric. You’re overthinkin’ this. Just like you overthought everything with Daddy. And see? The two of you were bonding on Sunday,” she says with a smile as she taps my knee. I don’t know if I would call it bonding; it was me watching football with Sookie’s father and brother. I don’t know if I’d call it bonding as much as three men drinking beer and watching football, but if it makes her feel better to call that bonding, who am I to argue?

Sookie drives us back towards her parents’ home. We don’t talk much, and somehow I end up drifting off. I’m woken up when my head drops forward and I snap my head up to look around. Sookie’s driven us down a dirt lane that’s heavily wooded with a pond not too far away from where we’re parked.

“Where are we?” I rub the sleep from my eyes and look around curiously.

Sookie turns to me and smiles. “This was Lovers’ Lane when I was in high school. Every couple came down here to make out; it was a rite of passage.”

I raise an eyebrow at her as I brush the hair back from her face to tuck it behind her ear. “Oh really? And how many boys did you come down here with?”

Her grin widens and she bites her lower lip nervously. “None. You’ve met my brother; he threatened to kick the shit out of every guy I ever dated if they even thought of bringing me down here.”

“So what are we doing here?”

“Well, you seem wound pretty tight. I thought you might need to relax and loosen up before tonight,” she says while slowly unbuttoning the buttons of her blue plaid shirt. I lick my lips when I see the navy lace of her bra peeking through the parted material.

“What did you have in mind?” My voice has deepened as I watch her continue to unbutton her shirt and another part of me is swelling in anticipation. We haven’t had any kind of sexual contact since New Orleans, not that I expect it every day but it definitely has me a little more on edge than usual.

“I think you know exactly what I have in mind,” she says seductively as she leans forward to capture my lips in a teasing kiss meant to inflame one’s passion. She’s feathering her lips over fine, licking and nibbling on my lips so that I’ll open up for her. When I do, her tongue sweeps inside my mouth, teasing me, making me ache for more. As she retreats from my mouth is when I go on the offensive, grasping her hair to keep her in place as my mouth begins its campaign to drive her crazy. Deep, probing kisses designed to set fire to her body, broken up by sweet feather-light kisses against the corners of her mouth that make her hungry for more. Sookie pulls back from our embrace gasping for air through her swollen lips, making her chest heave. My tongue sneaks out to touch my top lip as I watch her flesh rise and fall. I am hypnotized by the motion.

Her car door opening breaks the spell I’m under and my eyes look up to see her sliding out of the front seat. She closes the door while opening the door to the backseat of the SUV and hops in. “It’s awfully lonely back here,” she pouts playfully. “I guess I’ll just have to find some way to keep myself occupied.” Her shirt goes flying through the air to land in the front seat. Her dainty hands undo the button of her jeans and push the zipper down. Rather than lift her hips to rid herself of her pants, she shoves her hand inside the denim barrier. Her legs spread wide open as she leans back against the leather seat and I stare while she fingers herself. Her hips thrust as she continues to rub herself in slow motion. The lashes of her eyelids rest against the upper curve of her cheeks as she bites her lower lip. Her whimpers and moans are the sexiest sounds ever.

“Eric,” she says in a breathless plea and that’s my cue to turn her one woman show into a couple’s event.

Opening my door, I step out in the warm afternoon air. Even though December is right around the corner, it doesn’t feel like it here. It’s been unseasonably warm the last few days, which is perfect for what I have in mind. I open the door to the backseat, and find Sookie watching me with hooded eyes. Her hand is moving faster inside her pants, so I know she is about to cum. We can’t have that yet; she’s been a naughty girl after all.

“Give me both your legs,” I demand. She shifts on the seat so she is stretched out with her legs pointing to me. She reluctantly pulls her hand out of her pants and shimmies the jeans down her hips so I can pull the denim material off her legs. When I drop the material on the floor, I stare hungrily down at her lingerie-clad body. She smiles wickedly and her hand moves to slide back under her boy shorts to play with her clit. My growl makes her stop and stare at me expectantly.

“Mine,” I say roughly as I hook my hands behind her knees and pull her closer to me. Thank God there is a runner board on the outside of the SUV to help people climb up otherwise I wouldn’t be able to drop to my knees before her spread legs. Rather than take my time kissing my way down her thighs, I immediately lower my head to her mound and lick along the soaked fabric of her underwear. Her hips buck up, hoping I’ll remove the last fabric barrier from her body. But I’m not quite ready to give her what she wants. Instead, I push the fabric to the side with my fingers and slide my tongue along her flesh.

“Oh Jesus Christ!” Sookie’s shouted words are accompanied by her bucking wildly against my face. I chuckle as I spread her lower lips with my fingers and blow cool air against her swollen clit.

“Eric! Don’t tease me,” she pleads as I continue to lightly touch her with my fingers and tongue but never give her the full force of my attentions. Her lower lips are clenching tightly, trying to find something to hold on to. It forces more of her sweet nectar out, making her skin slick.

“Isn’t that what you were doing to me?” My question sounds innocent but paired with my tongue flicking back and forth across her hardened nub makes her keen, a low cry of pleasure that calls to something primal in me. My lips close around her clit, sucking hard on the engorged skin as my finger skims along the rim of her vaginal opening.

“I wasn’t . . . ughh . . . teasing . . . I was . . . Oh shit!” My finger slips inside to rub along the walls just inside her opening, and her walls bear down on my digit, trying to hold me inside her. I chuckle as I see the look of absolute bliss and frustration on her face because I’m not giving her what she wants.

“You were teasing,” I say as I pull my finger out and pop it in my mouth to suck off her honey. I let the fabric of her boy shorts slide back in place and I chuckle again at the look of anger on her face.

“And you’re not teasing me?”

I shake my head no. Sookie looks ready to argue with me but my hands grab the fabric of her boy shorts, easily ripping the lace open so I can have complete access to her honeyed cavern. Her eyes darken and she lets out a gasp of surprise which turns to a moan as my fingers, tongue and lips work to bring her to the first peak. It doesn’t take long before Sookie is writhing and screaming as I send her hurtling off the cliff of Mt. Orgasm to the Lake of Ecstasy. Handfuls of my hair are clenched painfully in her fists as I continue to lap at her juices flowing down my fingers to my palm and wrist. I know it’s easy to make her cum many times after she has that first orgasm, so instead of backing off, I dedicate myself to seeing how many orgasms I can give her before she tells me she’s had enough.

I consider it a small victory when she starts quaking under my hands less than two minutes later.

And mentally I’m doing a victory lap at Daytona when her third orgasm runs down my chin.

But it’s the fourth orgasm that makes me feel like I’ve won a gold medal in the Erotica Olympics for cunnilingus.

“Eric no more,” Sookie gasps and tugs on my hair to pull me away from my Valhalla. She is a panting, quivering mess and I am more than proud of myself for my handiwork. Of course, I’m harder than a fucking slab of marble and my knees are screaming in agony from being on them so long, but seeing the woman I love completely sated is well worth it.

“Give me a minute. I can’t feel my legs otherwise I’d move so you can get in here with me,” she says breathlessly and I chuckle. When she does sit up, I climb in the back of the SUV and close the door behind me. Sookie immediately kisses me, a hard kiss before she pulls back to whisper a breathy, “Thank you.”

“It was my pleasure,” I say as I lick my lips.

She chuckles as her hands go to the waist of my track pants. “Not yet, but it will be soon,” she says with a wink as I lift my hips for her to lower my pants and boxers to the floor. Saucy minx!


Later when Sookie and I are both sated, she’s tucked against my side as we both try to get our breathing under control. My head is resting against the back of the seat with my eyes closed. I can use a nap.

I feel her face move as her lips stretch in a wide grin. “I’m definitely glad I didn’t come to Lovers’ Lane when I was in high school. There’s no way in hell my boyfriend at the time could have done that!”

Her words make me smile and I lift my head to look at her. “Are you trying to say I’m the best lover you’ve ever had?” I smirk at her in a cocky way; I know I’m the best she’s ever had.

“No, I’m saying he couldn’t figure out how to give me an orgasm even if he had a roadmap to g-spot and a flashlight vibrator to help him find it,” she deadpans with a twinkle in her eye.

I smack her as hard on the ass as I can and she yelps in my ear. “Wench,” I growl out. “Do I have to keep you here all night, proving over and over that I’m the best?” I’ll do it too; it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

“If only we could,” she says wistfully. She leans forward to give me a soft kiss. “I love you,” she says softly. “I’ve never loved someone like I love you.”

“I feel the same way,” I say as quietly. She smiles and I press another kiss to her lips. When I pull back, I sigh. “We need to get back. I’m sure they’re wondering where we are.”

“I texted Momma and said we’d be late. I told her you were wound tighter than a pocket watch and that you needed to relax before we came back because we are gonna tell Allie tonight,” she says as she picks her jeans up off the floor and shimmies them up her legs.

“What did she say to that?”

“She’s the one that suggested Lovers’ Lane,” Sookie says with a wink.

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12 Responses to Moving Forward

  1. suzyq591suzy says:

    Michelle is a good momma 🙂 Sookie too

  2. kleannhouse says:

    i love momma, he is so nervous. KY

  3. mindy781 says:

    I like how attached Allie and Eric are becoming. I can’t wait to find out how she takes the news.

  4. mom2goalies says:

    Looking forward to their talk with Allie. And go momma, lol, although I’m pretty sure Eric’s gonna be embarrassed when he sees Sookie’s parents later!

  5. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Aww, so sweet how nervous he is and how cute his relationship is with Allie. LOL that Michelle suggested lover’s lane!

  6. lostinspace33 says:

    I like Mama Stackhouse and her great ideas! 🙂

  7. lostinspace33 says:

    I love Mama Stackhouse and her great ideas! 🙂

  8. ashmo2000 says:

    Aww, these two 😍 Even though Pam and Freyda screwed things up for them, their love has never changed 😍 Telling Allie has got to be the most liberating, happy and scary thing at same time. I wonder if Allie will be upset with Sookie because she could have found another way to tell him especially once she got her own fame. We’ll see what happens next chapter 😉

  9. redjane12 says:

    So adorable how Eric can’t have enough of his daughter! Great that both seem to be ready to put the past behind (minus the due revenge on Pam & Freyda) since the time the lost can’t be recovered by now… I hope Allie reacts all right to the news…

  10. anem72 says:

    LOL @ Michelle! I’m guessing Allie is going to be a happy girl but very possessive of Eric.

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