Make Me Whole

“God I hate traveling,” Sookie moans as she flops back against the bed in our suite at Le Pavillon. We had left mid-morning to make the nearly six-hour drive to New Orleans from her parents’ home. Sookie told me she had debated between flying, driving, or taking the train. In the end, the decision had been to drive because of the number of people coming with us, four including Adele, who Mormor insisted tag along, and because of the amount of stuff we were bringing with us. We actually brought two cars; the hen house as Sookie referred to my mother and our grandmothers were in one car while Allie had ridden with us until we stopped for a late lunch. After lunch, she had wanted to ride with the rest of our entourage. It’s a pity that the roads were so heavily congested. I have been revved up since the moment Sookie told me we were going on this trip. I wouldn’t have minded a little road head on the way down to New Orleans or I could have driven while Sookie road my hand in the passenger’s seat.

See? Revved up. All I have thought about is finally getting to be alone with my fiancé. Hell, I almost suggested a quickie in the car or in the bathroom while everyone was eating dessert after lunch. I don’t think I’ve ever been like this; not even when I was a horny teenager excited because my first girlfriend Aude let me fuck her as often as I wanted when I wanted. Of course, Aude was like the village bicycle and gave everyone a turn when they wanted it; that’s why we didn’t last longer than a month. But that month doesn’t compare to the anticipation or how hard I am thinking about being with Sookie tonight. Now I know what it is to truly love someone; I know the ultimate ecstasy in giving and receiving pleasure from the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

It’s more powerful than politics, religion, money, or fame. If I had to give up my career and fortune so that I could be with Sookie, I would not have to think twice about that decision. Sookie is my life; I’m not losing her ever again.

“Try flying from Los Angeles to Stockholm,” I say as I climb on top of the bed, pinning her body underneath mine. Sookie’s lips curve into a grin as I settle on my forearms and knees above her, my lips leaving soft kisses along her face as I make my way towards her neck and ears. Her soft giggles fill my ears as I kiss and suck on the spot that I know is guaranteed to rev her up in return.

Why should I be the only one that’s ready to go? If I’m ready to gun my engine, then we need to make sure her chassis is well lubricated.

“You keep doing that and we aren’t going to make it to dinner,” Sookie whispers breathlessly as she arches her back, pressing her chest more firmly against mine. I can feel how hard her nipples are and there’s a part of my anatomy that decides to do some poking of its own.

“I ate a big lunch,” I whisper as I thrust against her moist heat. Sookie moans as she tries to shift her legs to trap me between them but I keep her caged under me. She whimpers with frustration as I grasp her hands with one of mine as I slither down her body so that my head is hovering over her breasts. “But I’m definitely in the mood for dessert.” My voice is full of sinful promise which I fully intend to make good on . . . just as soon as I get her out of these clothes. But like my daughter, I too enjoy playing with my food, so that’s why I’m tormenting Sookie by kissing and sucking on her breasts through the thin cotton of her t-shirt. Even with the barrier between us, I can still taste her honeyed essence; it makes my mouth water. I bite lightly on her pebbled peak which makes her curse at me.

“Dessert is after dinner,” Sookie says through gritted teeth as I continue to torment her with my lips and teeth. She’s bucking against my hold and it’s all I can do not to claim her like a stallion claims a mare. Letting go of her hands and breast, I rest my head on her breasts, panting heavily as I fight for control. Sookie’s hands move to my hair and shoulders, making circles to help calm me down.

“I never knew I could want someone this much; too much. I don’t know if I can be gentle,” I pant hard as her scent envelopes me. It doesn’t make calm me, it makes me crazier. I want to consume her, swallow her whole until there is nothing separating us and we are one. My hands are roaming hungrily over her body, as if I can somehow imprint the curves of her body on my hands.

“You won’t hurt me,” Sookie reassures me. I lift my head and raise my eyebrow questioningly.

“Well you might hurt me,” she admits with a saucy grin. “In the best possible ways, but you won’t damage me. And something tells me that when we actually get to it, it won’t be as frenzied as you think. I love you Eric,” Sookie finishes softly as she lifts her head to give me a soft kiss.

Gone is the frenzied urgency of a moment ago and in its place is a sense of serenity. I feel drugged; my mind is hazy and my movements are sluggish as Sookie weaves her magic around me. I am about to roll us over when the doorbell of the suite rings followed by loud, incessant knocking.

“Goddamn it! Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?!” We come to New Orleans to get some alone time and I’m still getting cock blocked! I swear Corbett and God have a sick fucking sense of humor.

“That’s my fault,” Sookie offers apologetically as she pushes me off her so she can hop up from the bed. She glances at the clock on the bedside table before leaning down to brush her lips over mine. We have to get ready now anyways. We have plans for tonight. I promise you’ll like them. And there’s one more surprise on the other side of the door.”

Reluctantly, I roll out of bed to go see what this final surprise is for me. The knocking had stopped as has the ringing of the doorbell because Sookie called out that she was coming. She opens the door with a happy smile.

“Bitch livings wit the two of ya was more than I ever needed to know about anyone’s sex life. I don’t needs for ya ta tell me when your cumming!” Lafayette strolls through the door looking a combination of debonair and flamboyant only like he can. He embraces Sookie tightly after she smacks him to stop talking nasty. What the hell is he doing here?

I’m so distracted by the sight of the man who acts as Sookie’s guard dog that I fail to notice Jesus is also with him. Jesus is dressed far more conservatively in a black suit, dark purple shirt, and coordinating tie. “Hello Eric. It’s good to see you again,” Jesus says as he extends a hand to me in greeting. I never had any problems with Jesus; he was always an even keel kind of guy that seemed to balance Lafayette out. I have no problems shaking his hand and telling him that it’s good to see him too. After all, he is the reason Allie approached me in that restaurant.

When Jesus releases my hand and steps to the side, Lafayette is standing there staring at me. Lafayette’s treatment towards me hurt; he had been my friend too and turned his back on me when I needed a friend the most. I know everyone thought I messed up, and in a way I did because I put myself in a situation where I could be taken advantage of. But Lafayette was supposed to be both of our friends and he abandoned me, but what’s worse is that he kept me away from Sookie. Maybe, just maybe, if we had gotten the chance to talk back then, nothing would have turned out the way it did.

Lafayette and I engage in a silent staring competition for several minutes. He keeps shifting his weight from one foot to the other as the silence stretches. His hands are shoved in his pockets as he rocks back and forth on his heels. “Suppose I owes you an apology,” he begins in his slow drawl.

“Just one?” I’m not going to make this easy on him. Not only am I remembering the way he blocked me from seeing Sookie that day all those years ago, but his comments the night of Sookie’s last performance on Broadway rise up to reopen old wounds.

“Naw, but it’s a start,” he says drawing in a huge breath. “I’ll even let ya hit me if it’ll make ya feel better. Just don’t damage the face; I worked hard to look dis good,” Lafayette smirks.

For a brief second, I consider it. There is a part of me that wants to put all of my rage into a single punch and let it fly. The problem is that Lafayette isn’t who I want to hurt; damaging him isn’t going to solve anything other than upset Sookie and possibly break my hand since he looks to be even more fit now than he was when all of us lived together. Besides, how can I punish him for protecting Sookie when I would have done the same thing?

“Well I wouldn’t want to smudge your eyeliner,” I tell him as I extend my hand in peace. With a visible sigh, Lafayette takes my hand but instead of shaking he pulls me close for a hug. Lafayette wraps his strong arms around me, pulling me close as he whispers a torrent of apologies for everything he’d done. I rub his back as Lafayette unleashes his confession, letting him purge himself of his burden. When Lafayette pulls back, there are tear tracks down his cheeks. My shirt is soaked from his tears and there are two purple stains on my shirt from his eyeshadow.

“Come on Lala,” Sookie says with tears in her eyes. “You can help me get ready for tonight while Eric and Jesus catch up.” Sookie tugs on Lafayette’s hand and pulls him towards the bedroom so they can begin going through her luggage.

“What are the plans tonight?” It seems I’m always the last to know.

“We flew down here to spend the New Year with you guys. Once Sookie told us everything that really happened between the two of you, we wanted the chance to make things right. I’m sorry that we sided with her without hearing your version of events first,” Jesus admits with guilt.

I shrug. “I would have done the same thing given the evidence all of you were confronted with. Look, I have no reason to be mad at the two of you; I understand why you both did what you did. All we can do is move forward.” I lug my suitcase towards the other bedroom in the suite. I really only need about twenty minutes to get ready, but who knows how long Sookie and Lala will take.

“At least tell me you have a plan to get back at that bitch that’s behind all this,” Jesus demands in a voice filled with anger.

“Absolutely.” My smile can only be classified as sinister as I think of the plan we’ve hatched to get back at Pam. “We’ll fill you in while we’re having dinner. In fact, I need to see someone about part one of our plan while we are here in New Orleans.”


Our evening out was a lovely trip down memory lane. The four of us talked, laughed, ate, and drank like there hadn’t been any bad blood between us. The seven years faded away to nothing as we all caught up with each other. I was surprised to learn that Lafayette and Jesus had married as soon as legislation had passed in New York allowing same sex marriage. I’m sorry I missed it because Lafayette said it would have made those bitches from Sex and the City envious. Sookie had laughingly told him that it was Lafayette’s turn to pony up thousands of dollars now on a bridesmaid’s dress since she had done the same for him for his wedding. Leave it to Lafayette to already start looking at samples on his phone telling Sookie what colors and styles worked for him.

Leave it to Lafayette to make everything about him.

Dinner and drinks had given way to music at a local club. The club had been intimate and private; we didn’t see a single member of the paparazzi for which I am grateful. I don’t need them making waves for me now when we haven’t taken care of everything with Pam. Lafayette and Jesus had been on board with what I planned to do to Pam. She took away the thing I loved the most seven years ago; it’s only fitting that I return the favor. But I won’t be taking a person away from Pam; I’ll be taking her fame and fortune. When we are through with her, no one reputable in the entertainment industry will have anything to do with her.

All I have to do is talk with Freyda to see if she will be reasonable. Quietly I have looked into new management and legal counsel. Everyone that I work with is because of Pam; I’m not sure if their loyalty is to her or to me.

“What has you thinking so hard over there?” Sookie’s voice pulls me from my dark thoughts. She and I are in the private car driven once again by Bubba. It’s nearly ten, still early when it comes to the night life in New Orleans, but Sookie and I didn’t want to be in public anymore. Throughout dinner and again at the Jazz club, Sookie and I had traded loving caresses, smoldering looks, and whispered words that were making the need to be with her a bittersweet ache. I loved every minute of it but by the end of the first set at the club, I was ready to be alone with my woman. Lafayette, rolling his eyes, had teased us that the UST (unresolved sexual tension) between Sookie and me was like a perfume rolling off us and it was even making him horny. He’d laughing told us he’d see us in two days, and told Sookie not to break me.

With a sigh, I bring our clasped hands to my lips, kissing her soft skin in apology for letting our problems intrude on our time together. “I was thinking about this mess I’m in,” I admit apologetically. “I need to get everything resolved so we can really begin our life together.”

We need to resolve this problem. Remember we are in this together; you, me, and Allie are a family. I’ll always stand by your side,” she scolds me gently. Sookie shifts on the seat, moving closer to place her free hand on my cheek to turn my face to hers. She leans up to kiss me, starting out as a soft brush of her lips against mine but morphing into a kiss full of need when I swipe my tongue along the seam of her lips. With a sigh, she opens her mouth for my attentions, and I waste no time claiming my prize. Sookie whimpers as I plunder her mouth with my tongue. My tongue sweeps inside the moist recesses of her mouth, doing its own version of the tango as her tongue becomes an active participant in the kiss. Sookie sinks back against the leather seat and I shift so that I am hovering over her, completely obliterating her from any prying eyes, though the privacy screen is up between us and the driver. My hands cup the soft skin of her jaw as I angle her head the way I want. Pulling back slightly so we can both breathe, I suck on her lower lip, letting my teeth scrape lightly against it as I draw it further in my mouth. Sookie moans again as her legs rub against each other, trying to create some relief. There is a fire burning between us; right now it is smoldering but it won’t take much for the flames to roar to life.

“I love you so much,” I whisper when I pull back to stare at her beauty. Aphrodite herself could not have been more beautiful than the woman in my arms. Sookie’s skin is flushed and her lips are swollen from our kisses. Strands of hair have fallen out of the clips holding it back from her face thanks to my wondering hands. Her eyes are hooded with passion and I can see both the need and love for me inside them.

“I need you,” she whispers as the car stops in front of the hotel and a porter opens the door for us. I climb none too gracefully out of the backseat, trying to adjust my erection so it isn’t too difficult to walk through the lobby. There’s no hiding it, but at least I am wearing all black so it isn’t too noticeable. As for Sookie, she extends a nylon covered leg out of the car, letting me catch a glimpse of her garter belt. I growl appreciatively seeing the thin black strap holding the lacy top of her stocking. I will enjoy using my tongue and lips against her sensitive skin as I undress her. My hand grasps hers tightly as she pushes free of the vehicle, letting her body brush against my aching cock. I hiss in pain and pleasure. We need to get to our room; now.

Without saying a word, I pull Sookie along beside me. She has to jog in her heels to keep up with my fast pace but I cannot slow down. I am focused on getting us to the elevator and to our room without any interruptions. Someone must be looking out for us because the elevator doors open just as we cross the lobby floor, letting out one of the hotel employees. She smiles at us and wishes us a good evening.

Oh she has no idea how good it will be.

Slipping our room key into the reader, I push the button for the ninth floor and hold the button so that the doors will close. With the closure of the doors, Sookie pushes me against the wall of the elevator car and proceeds to kiss me as if her very life depends on it. Her lips move against mine as her hands begin undoing the buttons of my jacket and shirt. Not to be outdone, my hands grasp her behind her thighs and lift her up so she has to wrap her legs around me, forcing her dress to ride up her thighs. Sookie moans with approval as she grinds her pussy against me. She’s so hot and wet; I want to bury my face between her legs and lap up all her juices.

Through the sexual haze my mind is in, I hear the elevator ding and the doors open to our floor. I stumble out of the doors with Sookie clinging to me. Her moans grow in volume as I walk down the hallway, rubbing my hardness against her with every step.

“Sookie, you need to get the room key out of my pocket,” I order as I lean her body against the door of our suite. Her eager hands stroke down my body, her touch both arousing and torturous. Instead of reaching in my pocket for the key, she uses the opportunity to stroke me with her hand. She’s going to have me creaming my pants before we even get in the suite if she doesn’t stop. But instead of stopping her, I press her body more firmly against the door and get the key myself. With a feeling of triumph, I shove the key forcefully inside the slot and wait for the red light to turn green. It’s like that indicator light is the ignition for my night with Sookie; as long as it stays red, we cannot be together, but as soon as that fucker turns green, it’s game on!

“What’s the matter Eric? Can’t you figure out how to get it in the hole?” Sookie’s whispered words are breathed into my ear just before she attacks my earlobe, sucking on the fleshy lobe before flicking her tongue against the ear canal. She knows this is my easy button; I can go from zero to hard in three seconds flat when she teases my ears. I don’t know why this is such a big turn on to me, but it damn near has my knees buckling coupled with the gyration of Sookie’s hips against my pelvis.

With a savage cry of triumph, the light changes to green and I push the door open so we stagger inside. Once the door shuts behind us, I have Sookie pinned against the door. My lips attack her neck as I lower her legs to the ground. Once she is supporting her own weight, I begin my attack, moving my head down her body, kissing and nipping her through her clothes. I drop to my knees in front of her, putting my mouth level with her center. She tries to thrust her hips forward so she can press herself against me, but I pin her hips to the door with my hands. It’s my turn to smirk and her to growl in frustration.

“All in good time Lover,” I murmur while my hands caress her leg over the smooth material of her stockings. Grasping her left ankle, I lift her foot and unclasp the buckle of the strap across the top of her foot. Setting the shoe to the side, I massage her toes and the ball of her foot. She moans as I continue my administrations up her leg, kneading the firm muscles in her calf. You can tell Sookie has spent years as a dancer; she has strong muscular legs. I love how they feel wrapped around me, and I can’t wait to feel them wrapped around me again, but not yet. My hands glide up her thigh, underneath her dress to where her garter is clipped to her stocking. Sookie always said that a man who didn’t know how to get a woman out of lingerie wasn’t worth her time. Bra and underwear were never a problem, but I admit I had to spend some time learning how to properly remove a garter from a woman without breaking it. I didn’t want to be like Tim Robbins in Bull Durham; after all, Kevin Costner is the one that ended up with Susan Sarandon and he knew how to handle a garter one-handed.

With a wink and a smirk, I undid the garter on Sookie’s left leg and rolled the stocking down her supple leg. I made sure to give the right leg the same treatment, but instead of placing her right foot back down on the ground, I slid it over my shoulder as I pushed the bottom of her dress up to her waist. Leaning in close to the juncture of her thighs, I inhale deeply enjoying the scent of her arousal. Before Sookie, I’d never much cared for performing oral sex on a woman. Don’t get me wrong, I loved receiving oral sex, but I rarely performed oral sex on a woman. But with Sookie, I want to do it; I crave it. I need to feel her vibrating against my tongue as her arousal flows down my chin. If I could live my life buried between her thighs, I would.

She’s wearing red for me; she knows how much I love her in this color, but seeing it on her tonight is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. It makes me charge forward and rip the scrap of fabric off her. Without warning or preparation, I spread her lower lips with my thumbs and I flick her clit with my tongue. Sookie cries out, digging the heel of her right foot into my back as her hands grip my hair. She writhes against my face as I get to work lapping at her clit while working my fingers inside her. I’m hungry and she is the only thing that will satiate my appetite.

“Eric don’t stop!” I have no intentions of stopping. I want her to be a mindless lump of pleasure by the time I’m finished. She was right earlier; now that we are actually here in the moment, I’m far more in control than I thought I would be. Tonight I want to please Sookie; I want to worship her, show her how much she means to me. She is the woman I love, my soul mate; the woman I want to spend eternity with. She means everything to me and I want there to be no doubt of that.

I look up from my kneeling position and find a beautiful vision. Sookie’s eyes are closed and she’s biting her lower lip. Her hands have shifted positions; one is still holding the back of my head, keeping me pressed tightly against her sweetness. The other hand is at her left breast, rolling the nipple between her thumb and pointer finger. It’s hypnotic to watch her breasts rise and fall rapidly as she pants for breath. My fingers continue to stretch her tight sheath, preparing her for my cock. I feel so fucking hard; I don’t think it’s ever been like this. An attentive lover, one concerned with pleasing his partner, always prepares his partner to receive his body.

Only assholes with no sense of how to please a woman plunge into her without preparing her. And it’s only a fucking idiot that jackhammers into her. I swear there should be an intelligence test for sex. If you can’t fuck properly and make sure your partner is satisfied, then you should be prevented from ever having intercourse with a partner.

If you can’t fuck well, then you can’t fuck at all.

That should be my slogan if I ever run for president.

Sookie’s walls are gripping my fingers impossibly tight, a sign she is close to cumming. To push her over the edge, I curl my fingers until I’m rubbing her g-spot and wrap my lips around her clit, sucking the swollen flesh before biting gently on it.

“Holy fuck! Eric!” Sookie screams loudly and bucks uncontrollably against me right before her body goes rigid with her release. Her juices run down my fingers with her orgasm. I can’t wait to taste her, to lick my hand clean but once she starts orgasming, it is very easy to pull another one from her. My fingers continue to rub Sookie’s easy button and my tongue is moving back and forth across her clit, flicking it quickly. Sookie’s body begins trembling and I see her stomach muscles clenching as I push her from one orgasm to the next. I fucking love how responsive her body is and I can’t wait to finally feel her surrounding my dick.

Sookie’s knees buckle as she slumps against the door. “Fuck, you’re good at that,” she mumbles breathlessly with her eyes closed. Chuckling, I slid out from under her leg and rise to my feet, licking my cum-covered hand as I do. Sookie’s eyes slip open, mere slits on her beautiful face. She watches with fascination as my tongue traces the lines of my hand, getting every drop of her nectar I can find. She pushes away from the door, swaying slightly as she stands under the power of her own legs. Sookie wraps her hand around my wrist, tugging slightly to get my attention.

“May I?” She’s licking her lips and staring hungrily at the hand at my mouth. I nod my head and she smiles in thanks while guiding my hand to her mouth. She places a loving kiss in the center of my palm before trailing her lips up to the fingers I’d had in her body. Her tongue licks up the length of my index finger before her mouth closes over the tips of all three. Her beautiful red swollen lips glide up and down my fingers, sucking softly and seductively. I feel the sensation all the way down in my balls and it’s only intensified by her the look in her eyes. They are dark and passionate, gazing at me hungrily as her mouth moves off my digits.

“I love the way we taste together,” she admits as if it is a deep dark secret.

Fuck me! I yank Sookie against my body for a hard kiss. The time for slow and sweet is over. I need her like I need oxygen. If I’m not inside her within the next five minutes, I feel as if I will die.

Somehow we make our way to the bedroom, a trail of clothes marking our progression through the suite. My hands go straight to her breasts while hers stroke my cock. I have always loved her breasts, but they are different now. Those luscious globes that have always fascinated me are fuller now than they were then. These are the breasts that have nourished our daughter, that act as a soft pillow when Allie is in need of comfort. These are the breasts I hope to see grow to support our future children. My hands caress them reverently as we make our way to the bedroom.

“Get on the bed Lover.”

She smiles at me saucily as she puts her knee on the bed. Slowly she crawls on her hands and knees towards the center of the bed, swinging her backside in my face which makes me growl.

“Do you like playing with fire Lover?” My hand wraps around her ankle, halting her progression. I climb up after her, pinning her body on all fours as I mount her.

“Do you know what happens when sassy girls play with fire?” Before she can respond, I’m sliding my tip through her folds and into her opening. She gasps at the suddenness of my action before moaning loudly when I fill her completely.

“They get burned,” I growl out through clenched teeth as I fight for control.

Seven years . . . seven fucking years of anger, loneliness, and heartache fade away as I finally come home. I know its cliché, but Sookie is home. Even with all of our emotional reconnecting, the weeks of talking about every aspect of our lives, and the stolen moments of physical gratification, something was missing. Now that I am once again inside her, the missing piece has fallen into place. Sex with Sookie is a religious experience; it was always a big part of our relationship and now that we have finally reconnected on every level I feel fulfilled.

I feel whole.

Pressing my hand between Sookie’s shoulders, I push her gently until she lowers her breasts down to the bed. She turns her head to look at me, a smirk on her lips. “Is that the best you got Northman? All this talk of getting burned and I’m barely feeling any heat. Have you lost your touch in your old age?”

Cursing in Swedish, I shift my hands to grab her hips as I slide back out until only my tip rests inside her. Grasping tightly, I slide back in deep and hard, causing her to fist the covers in her hands and gasp. “With age comes experience,” I smirk just before I start fucking her hard and fast.

Flesh slapping against flesh, animalistic sounds, and labored breathing are the only sounds as I claim my mate. Make no mistake that is what this is. My fingers are marking Sookie’s hips with my firm touch just as the stinging slaps on her ass, leave my handprint on her. I am no different from a stallion mounted on top of a mare, bucking wildly into her and using my teeth to nip at any piece of skin they can reach when I pull her body up to rest flush against mine. The angle I’m hitting inside Sookie changes and her walls flutter. With her in this position, my hands slide around to the front of her body; one going down to her clit and the other pressing against the column of her throat. Instead of hard and fast, my thrusts become slow and deep with an extra swivel of my hips once I get as far in as I can go. Sookie’s clenching tighter and tighter around my cock, and her clit is a hard nub that I rub fasts circles on.

“Cum,” I command before sucking hard on that patch of skin below her ear that drives her wild. I’m sure in the morning it will be another mark I’ve left on her body, but neither of us are thinking of that now. With a strangled cry, Sookie shudders in my arms and clamps down on my cock, nearly to the point of pain. She continues to gasp and whimper as her body quakes with the force of her pleasure. I’m whispering soothing words of love to her as she falls to pieces in my arms. When her orgasm ends, she slumps in my arms with her head falling back against my shoulder. Seeing her respond to me like that nearly pulled my orgasm from me, but I fought it off.

Slipping out of Sookie causes her to whimper. With a kiss to her shoulder, I ask her to lie down on her back. She spins and flops back against the pillows, leaving her legs spread wide for me. I lower my body to hers, covering her as I slide back in.

“I love you Sookie,” I pronounce reverently before making love to my future wife.

I needed to see her eyes; I needed to see as well as feel the love she has for me. As I thrust inside her, Sookie keeps whispering ‘love you’ to me. Her final orgasm of the night hits her with a quiet sigh just before I finally release inside her. Magic; that’s the only word to describe what the feeling is between us. My orgasm is long and drawn out as my hips continue flexing involuntarily even after I’ve collapsed on top of Sookie. She grunts slightly at the added weight, but wraps her arms and legs around me to hold me closer.

When I can finally move, I lean up, giving her a lopsided boyish grin. We both whimper in displeasure when I finally fall out of her. It’s my turn to flop down on the bed. I lie next to Sookie on my back and she rolls over so that she’s half lying on me. Our skin is sweaty and we stick together, but I don’t care. My hand plays with the damp strands of her hair while her breath fans across my chest causing goosebumps.

I have never been happier than I am in this moment.

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  2. lostinspace33 says:

    Whoa, that was just…ungh!!! **Heads for the freezer for a bucket of ice**

  3. mom2goalies says:

    Damn, that last scene made me forget all other comments on this chapter! They were all good tho!

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    Very sexy! Good to see Lala is here and ready to help with pam’s annihilation…

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    WOW, they finally did it (again) looking forward to the take down of Pam. KY

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    So glad Eric and Sookie could finally reconnect:) It must have felt great to Eric to finally have his friends back and not hate him. I can’t wait to see what Eric and Sookie have planned for Pam!

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