Is This Love

I find I spend my time
Waiting on your call,
How can I tell you, baby
My back’s against the wall
I need you by my side
To tell me it’s alright,
‘Cos I don’t think I can take anymore

Is this love that I’m feeling,
Is this the love, that I’ve been searching for
Is this love or am I dreaming,
This must be love,
‘Cos it’s really got a hold on me,
A hold on me…

~ Is This Love by Whitesnake

Sookie’s POV

It’s been five weeks since Christmas; five of the most amazing weeks of my life. Eric Northman is unlike any man I have ever known. Since the night he came to tell me about his promotion, we have only grown closer to each other. During the week, Eric will stop by a few times to have dinner with Hunter and me. While I cook dinner, Eric usually works with Hunter on his t-ball skills. It is the most adorable thing in the world to watch Eric teach Hunter how to hold the bat correctly and how to throw the ball. The first time I saw it, I felt my heart clench and tears filled my eyes. As much as I care about Eric, it hurt knowing that Hunter will never get to have moments like that with Sam. When Eric came back inside, I was busy cutting up vegetables for a salad. Even though my tears had stopped, my face was red, and my eyes were glassy. Without saying a word, he wrapped me up in a big hug, rubbing his hand up and down my back soothingly. I took comfort in his embrace; somehow he knew what I was feeling without me having to say a word. It’s weird how in tune with one another we are.

On the nights Eric has dinner with us, Hunter would monopolize Eric’s time until it’s time for him to sleep. Hunter idolizes Eric. When they aren’t together, all Hunter can do is talk about him. He often asks if we can call Eric “just to check on him”. When they are together, it’s like I cease to exist. I’m so happy that Hunter is accepting of Eric. It had been Hunter and I alone for so long that I worried Hunter would resent Eric’s presence. Of course, now I get Hunter telling me that it’s “guy time” and girls aren’t allowed. But Eric is wonderful with Hunter; I really lucked out finding a guy that enjoys spending time with my son. When the two of them are together, they are thick as thieves. They play games, Eric listens when Hunter tells him all the silly stories from preschool, they tell jokes (apparently jokes about bodily functions are funny for guys no matter what age); Eric even helps Hunter with its homework. It all seems so normal, like we’ve been doing this together as a family for years instead of just a few weeks.

Museum plaque

Courtesy of Kittyinaz

Of course once Hunter goes to bed, its adult playtime. Lord have mercy, that man’s mouth and fingers should be bronzed and put on display in a museum. The plaque would say “master orgasm manipulator”. Don’t get me wrong, sex with Sam was wonderful and I was never left unsatisfied. But Eric . . . I swear he is the walking/talking version of the Kama Sūtra. I mean, the man made me orgasm just from stimulating my nipples! And the funny thing is we haven’t had sex yet.

The morning after Eric and I had oral sex for the first time, I called the gynecologist. I hadn’t thought about birth control in years, but it was now my number one priority. I made an appointment, but she wasn’t able to see me for three weeks. Talk about a cock block; Eric and I both agreed we weren’t going to have sex until I was on birth control. Even with me being on birth control, we were still going to use condoms. As much as I care for Eric, I am not ready to have a child with him; and he felt the same about it as I did. Once I finally saw the gynecologist, I opted for the pill over the shot or an IUD. I didn’t like the idea of something being inserted into my body, and I had horrible side effects from the shot. Of course, we had to wait seven days for the pill to take effect. Did I mention how the universe was conspiring against me? Who did I piss off that they were throwing every obstacle in my path so I couldn’t have sex?

Pogo stick

Pogo stick

On the eighth day, I was like a pogo stick, bouncing up and down in excitement. I know I definitely wanted to take a ride on Eric’s pogo stick, riding it up and down all night long. That morning, I got up extra early so I could make sure all the unwanted hair was removed from my body. used moisturizer on my skin, painted my nails, and gave myself a facial. I was like a soldier preparing for bunk inspection, only the bunk was my body, and I was making sure it was so clean you could eat off it. I certainly hoped Eric was hungry.

I was so antsy throughout the day at work; I kept checking my watch to see if it was time to go home. The patients at the rehabilitation center were teasing me about having a hot date; they had NO idea. The patients knew I was seeing someone. I hadn’t talked about it, but Eric had sent flowers to me at work twice. The way I smiled and blushed was all the evidence they needed; they had teased me ever since.

Once work was over, I rushed to pick up Hunter so we could get home; I had more preparations to make. I threw the lasagna in the oven once it was preheated and hurriedly took a shower while Hunter watched a movie in my room. I knew Eric had a meeting late in the afternoon, so he wouldn’t be at my house until 7 at the earliest. He did promise Hunter he would be there in time to read him his bedtime story, he even pinky swore on it. After my shower, I hurried to curl my hair, put on make-up, and got dressed. Hunter was watching me like I was crazy; I guess I was. But I didn’t think it was a good idea to explain to my soon-to-be five-year old son about the birds and the bees. Call me old-fashioned, but I was really hoping I would NEVER have that discussion with my son. He was going to stay my sweet, adorable little boy forever . . .

After I finished getting ready, Hunter and I ate dinner. Once dinner was over, I cleaned up while Hunter did his homework. By 7:00 pm, I sent Hunter upstairs to get his bath; we agreed that he was a big boy, so he could wash himself. However, I sat in the bathroom the entire time to make sure he really did clean his body and didn’t just play with his tub toys. By 7:30 pm, Hunter was in his pajamas, and I was a nervous wreck. Just when it looked like I would have to put Hunter to bed without Eric, we heard the roar of the Corvette in the neighborhood. Looking out the window, Hunter and I saw Eric slam the car door shut and run to my front door. He rushed into the house, and climbed the steps quickly so he could stand in the door of Hunter’s bedroom.

“I told you I’d be here for story time,” he says panting from his frenzied dash. Hunter’s eyes light up when he sees Eric and he screams in delight.

“Eric!!!!” Hunter sits up in bed, his arms reaching for Eric. Eric moves in the room to wrap his arms around my son. When Eric pulls back to sit on the edge of the bed, Hunter lies back down. “I didn’t think you’d make it.” Hunter’s lower lip quivers as he looks at Eric.

“Hey, none of that now,” Eric flicks Hunter’s lower lip with his finger, causing my son to giggle. “I made you a promise, Hunter. I don’t break my promises. A man always keeps his promises. Do you understand?” Hunter nods his head happily. “Good. Now, what story are we reading tonight?”

Curious GeorgeHunter settles on a Curious George story, and Eric begins reading. Eric makes the stories come alive for Hunter by using different voices. I can’t read any stories to Hunter that Eric has read; Hunter says I don’t do it right. By the fifth page, Hunter’s eyes are drooping; Hunter is snoring softly by the time Eric finishes the story. Eric puts the book back where it belongs on Hunter’s shelf, tucks the covers around Hunter and kisses him goodnight. I lean down to kiss my son good-night. When I am upright, Eric takes my hand pulling me out of the room. I turn off Hunter’s light, which activates the night-light, and close his door.

In the hallway, Eric wraps his arms around me and I do the same. I press my face into his chest, inhaling his unique scent. All day I had rushed towards being alone with Eric; now that we are finally alone, I feel as if I have all the time in the world. I lift my head to rest my chin on his chest. “Are you hungry? There is lasagna in the fridge.”

Eric shakes his head tiredly, “I’m not that hungry; maybe later. I really want to take a shower. Will you join me?” The heat in his eyes causes me to shiver in anticipation. Showering with Eric has become one of my all-time favorite activities. He tends to make sure I’m thoroughly dirty before washing my body clean. Eric pulls me into the master bathroom, locking the door behind us. He starts to undo the buttons on his jacket, but I push his hands to the side. I love seeing him in uniform, but I love taking it off him even more. Once his jacket and t-shirt are off, he leans down to take off his boots. While he does that, I hurriedly pull my shirt off. My hands are behind my back, reaching for the clasp on my bra, when his hands stop me.

“What’s the rush Lover?” Eric’s forehead creases in confusion. His hands glide along my skin, causing another shiver from me.

“Don’t you know what today is?” Eric shakes his head no. “It’s day eight, Eric,” I say as a smile spreads across my face. After my appointment with the doctor, I had told Eric which method of birth control I was using and when it would be effective. His only concern was making sure I remembered to take the pill every day. To appease him, I set an alarm on my phone to remind me every day to take the pill. The first few days were the hardest for me since it had been years since I had to take a daily pill. But now that I’m back in a routine, I think I’m good to go.

A smile spreads across his face. “Ah….how could I forget?” His hands move around my rib cage to cup my breasts, his thumbs rubbing lightly against my nipples. “Someone seems a little eager.”

My hands go to his waist, popping the button on his trousers. I slowly slide the zipper down, my fingers brushing against his erection causing him to twitch. I push my hand into the opening, grasping him through his boxers. “And you’re not?” Two can play that game buddy; if you want to tease me, I can tease you right back.

Eric growls, “Oh I am most eager, my lover, to claim your body with mine. I want to hear your screams as I drive you from one peak to the next. I want to feel your arousal covering my cock as I move deeper and deeper in your body. I want to feel your arms and legs wrapped around my body as I thrust into your body reaching my orgasm. And then I want to feel your body lying next to mine as we both gasp for breath, our bodies experiencing aftershocks of pleasure, until I’m ready to make love to you again.”

OH MY GOD!!!! I think I just came from his words alone. I reach up to crush my lips against his. For all the eagerness of his words though, the kiss is surprisingly languid. It is a sensual movement of lips and tongues, an erotic dance meant to inflame the senses. I swear you could roast marshmallows on my skin with as hot and bothered as I am. Eric pulls away from the kiss to turn on the water, adjusting it to the temperature we like best. He kisses me gently on the lips as we wait for the water to heat up.

Eric grins ruefully when he pulls back from our kiss. “As eager as I am, though, we aren’t having sex tonight.” My face is frozen in an expression of pure shock. No sex, but . . . it’s day eight . . . I was good today. . . I shaved EVERYWHERE . . . I have no words to convey how utterly disappointed I am.

Eric sees my look of shock and he laughs gently. “Lover, I want to have sex with you; I want to make love to you. But I’m not rushing through our first time together. I want to savor you; I want to devour you. Trust me; you aren’t going to be able to keep quiet. With everything I want to do to you, I didn’t think you would be comfortable having Hunter just down the hallway.”

How can I argue with any of that?

I groan in frustration. “I hope you turned the water on to cold; frigid would be better, I am going to need it” I say as I push my pants and boy shorts down my legs. I deftly unhook my bra and put everything in the hamper. All thoughts of being sexy have fled from my mind and body. I open the shower door and move under the spray.

A minute later Eric joins me in the shower. He pins me against the wall, his lips capturing mine in a sweet kiss. “I said there would be no sex tonight, I never said I wouldn’t make you cum,” he says with a wicked grin on his face.

And he did. . . twice.


Eric’s POV

Denying Sookie what she and I both wanted was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. However, I do not want our first time together to be a rushed experience that we try to fit in with our schedules. She is worth the wait.

I admit that I, Eric Godric Northman, have fallen in love for the first time in my life. And I haven’t fallen in love with one person, but with two. Sookie and Hunter have ensnared my heart. I enjoy every minute of time that we spend together; I despise the time that we spend apart. I would move in tomorrow if I didn’t think Sookie would have a problem with it.

I know our relationship has moved quickly, and I know she still has some reservations about being in a relationship with someone so soon after her husband’s death. I know a part of her will always love Sam, part of her will always miss him; I don’t begrudge her that. But I don’t want her to penalize me because of some standard society has set about how long before she can be in a relationship again. I’m not even sure if Sookie has told her family that she is seeing someone. I’ve told the people closest to me about Sookie and Hunter; granted that was only Alcide and Pam. Alcide was happy for me; Maria was ecstatic. Pam was…Pam. She and I had avoided relationships; it was something we’d both done since we saw how heartbroken our mother was after our father died. Our mom never recovered from his death; Mom was gone within two years of Pop.

Pam was shocked that I was having a serious relationship with a girl. Yes, I’ve been in relationships before, but being monogamous didn’t mean that I was serious about a girl. As much as it makes me sound like a dick, sometimes I just dated the same girl so I’d have someone to fuck without having to go out and find a one night stand. I know, I was a dick; but that’s all behind me now.

Pam asked me what made Sookie so special, and I couldn’t answer her. It wasn’t one specific thing that drew me to Sookie; it was everything about her. When I tried to explain it to my sister, she looked at me with a smirk and said I sounded like a lovesick schoolgirl. She asked if I was going to go home and write in my diary about it; draw our names together in hearts all over my binder. My sister is a snarky bitch, but I love her.   I know she is just scared for me; we both swore to never get attached to someone and go through what our mother did. It broke something in both of us that our mother didn’t love us enough to survive for us.

So, the day after “the eighth day”, I arranged for two baskets to be sent to Sookie at work. The larger basket contained an assortment of items that I had planned for our weekend getaway. There were bottles of wine, candles, a blanket for the beach, a brochure for the spa near where we were going, and a picture of where we will be staying. The smaller basket contained movie theater boxes of candy, bags of popcorn, and all the Marvel action movies. I had a courier service deliver the baskets for me along with a letter.


I meant what I said last evening; you are worth the wait. For the first time in my life, I’ve found someone I want to share my life with. I thought I was content to go through life alone, but I was wrong. You and Hunter are the pieces of the puzzle I didn’t realize I was missing. I can only hope that the two of you feel the same.

As I said last night, I want to spend some time alone with you. It is with that in mind. I’ve arranged a weekend getaway for us. Before you can protest, I’ve already asked Jesus and Lafayette if they would be willing to watch Hunter for the weekend. Well, I won’t repeat Lafayette’s colorful reply, but suffice it to say they are more than happy to have Hunter spend the weekend with them. The smaller basket is for him to enjoy with Lafayette and Jesus.

Please don’t be mad that I’ve arranged everything for us my lover, but I wanted to do something special for you.

~ Eric


After what feels like an eternity, Friday finally arrives. Sookie and I will be leaving after we have dinner with Lafayette, Jesus, and Hunter. Hunter loved his basket and couldn’t wait for Friday. Sookie, while excited for our trip, was reluctant to leave Hunter for the weekend. She had never gone out-of-town without him. It isn’t that she didn’t trust Jesus or Lafayette, but Hunter is her only child; she will worry no matter whom he is with.

I leave work a little early Friday afternoon; I have a few last-minute preparations to take care of. After running my errands and making a phone call to make sure everything is prepared, I return home to shower, change, and pick up my suitcase.

I drive over to Sookie’s so I can help her get everything together for our weekend. Once I pull up to her house, I’m struck by the thought of how much this feels more like home than my house. I walk in the house knowing Sookie will have the door unlocked for me. I see a small mountain of luggage next to the door. What the hell is she bringing? It’s two nights; there is enough luggage for an extended stay abroad.

I call out as I close the door, “Sookie? What is all this stuff?”

Red sweater dress

Sookie’s sweater dress

Louboutin Black Thigh-High Boots

Louboutin Black Thigh-High Boots

She appears at the top of the stairs wearing an outfit I’ve never seen before. She had on a maroon sweater dress that fit her like a glove and black leather boots that disappeared under the hem of her dress. My sweet Sookie is wearing fuck me boots. Hunter standing behind her is the only reason I didn’t throw her down on the stairs and fulfill the demand of her shoes.

She looks down at me with an amused expression, as if she knows the direction my thoughts have taken. “Only one suitcase and the basket are mine. Hunter decided he wants to practice his t-ball with Jesus. One bag is all his t-ball equipment, one bag is just clothes since I don’t think any of the clothes at their house will fit him since he has had growth spurt, and one bag is his new toys he wants to play with while visiting.”

The Sandlot

The Sandlot

Hunter comes down the steps towards me and jumps into my arms when he is three steps from the bottom. I tickle his stomach lightly, “You’re an awful lot of trouble, Smalls.” When Hunter started practicing t-ball, one of the first movies we watched together was The Sandlot. He liked it so much we watched it twice in a row; I’ve called him Smalls ever since.

He giggles and squirms in my arms. I set him down as Sookie walks down the steps. She stops in front of me, making herself eye level. She smirks, “Should I jump in your arms too?” I immediately envision her wrapping her boot-clad legs around my waist as I thrust into her. I barely suppress the groan as I swallow audibly. Her smirk gets even bigger as if she knows what I’m thinking about. She walks down the last few steps, brushing her body against mine. I cannot keep the groan in this time; she purposely rubbed her body against my groin. She is playing with fire.

She moves to the pile of bags by the door, “Shall we start loading up my car?”

“I thought we’d take mine,” I tell her as I pick up three of the bags.

“Baby, you don’t have room for Hunter’s booster seat. We have to take my car over to Lala and Jesus’ house. We can leave it there for the weekend if you want to drive us where we’re going.”

Fuck!!!! I never thought of that! When we get back, I might start looking at a new car. I love the ‘vette, but it’s not practical for a family.

“I can leave my car here and we can take your SUV for the weekend. Would that be alright? No sense in taking two cars.”

“Sure; I filled up the tank before coming home. I thought we would take my car anyways.”

Once Sookie’s car is packed with all of our belongings, I drive us to Lala and Jesus’. They already have dinner ready when we arrive. Lala has made chili and cornbread. We eat quickly; we have at least a two-hour drive to our destination. We say goodbye to everyone; Hunter is already embroiled in playing with Jesus so he barely notices our departure. I’m not sure what Lala said to Sookie, but her face turns as red as her dress.

Once we climb into the car, I turn to look at her with a wicked grin on my face. “Alone at last.”

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