Dim All the Lights

Dim all the light sweet honey
Cause tonight it’s you and me
No need to worry darlin’
Cause it’s for eternity

Love don’t come easy
This you know I understand
I want to be your woman
If you’ll be my man
Let yourself go freely and I’ll
Show you things that you’ve dreamed of
Don’t think that your dreaming
We’ve found the perfect love
And I’m like a cup come fill me up

~ Dim All the Lights by Donna Summer

Eric’s POV

The car ride has been quiet for the most part. Sookie had told me before she has a tendency to fall asleep in the car when she was a passenger. Once we reached the highway it didn’t take long for Sookie to fall asleep. I didn’t mind her sleeping; I definitely planned to keep her awake late tonight. I listened to the radio while she slept. With 30 minutes left in our drive, I decide to wake her up, but have no luck. I know from the one time we napped together on a Saturday that she sleeps like the dead. Since we are alone in the car, and almost no one is on the highway, I decide it’s time to pay her back for teasing me earlier.

I inch the hem of her dress up her thighs. Dear God in Heaven; her boots go almost all the way up her legs. There is the briefest amount of lace sticking out over the boots and then I’m at the juncture of her legs. Having long arms, I am able to push her thighs apart so my fingers can rub against her underwear. I can’t see what they look like, but I know they feel like lace. I push the lace against her folds, using the fabric to create added friction. Sookie shifts in her seat, but her eyes are still closed. I then push my fingers underneath the fabric so my fingers can rub directly against her skin. She is wet for me. I slide my fingers through her folds until I reach her clit. I then rub it in hard fast circles, causing her bundle of nerves to swell and harden. Her hips begin to move against my hand, but her eyes still remain closed. Drastic times call for drastic measures. I pinch her clit hard; her eyes fling open and a low moan escapes her lips. It’s my turn to smirk at her.

I ask innocently with my eyes on the road. “Have a nice nap?” While my fingers are still rubbing circles against her clit.

Sookie pushes herself harder against my fingers. She moans as my fingers slide through her folds to tease her opening. My fingers circle her opening before slipping inside. I can’t go as far inside her as I usually can due to the restraints of the seatbelts and the distance between us. To compensate, I scissor my fingers while inside her, stretching her. Christ, she is so tight! I harden as I think of finally sliding inside her, going slowly so she stretches around me. I moan as I think of how much I’m looking forward to feeling her squeeze my cock the way she is squeezing my fingers.

“Errrrricccc!” Sookie wails as her orgasm overtakes her. Her arousal covers my fingers as she clenches around my fingers, her back is arched against the seat, and her eyes are screwed tightly shut; glancing at her I think she is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m a fucking lucky man that she chose me. Sookie slumps against the seat as the last of the aftershocks move through her body. I remove my hand from between her legs and bring it to my mouth. I enjoy licking and sucking her juices from my hand; her flavor has quickly become one of my favorites. Sookie pushes her dress down as I lick the last of her juices from my hand.

I glance at Sookie through the corner of my eye. She is staring at me intently. I turn to look at her with an innocent grin on my face. “What?”

Sookie narrows her eyes to look at me, but a smile curves her lips. “You couldn’t wait until we got to the house? What if someone saw what you were doing?”

“Honey, I haven’t passed another car for the last thirty minutes. Where we’re going isn’t exactly overly populated now. I flick on the turn signal and moved into the turn lane. I turn down the lane, finally pulling the car to a stop in front of the house.

Myrtle Beach House

Beach house

Sookie and I exit the car. She is looking at the house, curiosity all over her face. “What is this place?”

I shut the trunk of the SUV after pulling our luggage out. Sookie reaches to carry the basket as I carry our suitcases. I pull the key out of my pocket to unlock the front door. I turn to look at her before opening the door. “This house belonged to my parents. When they died, it became mine and Pam’s. She doesn’t ever come here, but I use the house sometimes. I thought you would like it.”

I push open the door and set our luggage inside. I take the basket from Sookie, setting it next to our luggage. Before she can move, I lift her into my arms, causing her to cry out in surprise. I carry her over the threshold, pushing the door closed with my foot. I carry her into the living room where a fire is blazing, candles flicker in their holders, and soft music drifts through the speakers. I set Sookie down on the couch and she looks around in wonder.

“How did you arrange to have all this done?” I sit on the couch next to Sookie, pulling her into my arms. She snuggles into my chest, her arms moving around my waist.

“I called the housekeeper to arrange everything earlier this week. I texted her before I woke you to say we were a half hour away. The housekeeper works for the rental agent I use to book all the summer tourists. If you want us to bring Hunter out here during the summer, let me know so the agent holds that week open for us.” I drop soft kisses into her hair before I pull her back with me so we are lying down on the couch. Sookie leans up to kiss my lips and I happily comply.

Sookie rubs her body against mine as we lie kissing on the couch. The contact is almost painful since I’ve been aroused from the moment we got into Sookie’s car after dinner. The idea of having her alone for two whole days is incredibly intoxicating. My mind has been like a porn movie this week, thinking of all the different positions and different places Sookie and I can have sex. I don’t think I was this bad even as a horny teenager!

My hands are gripping her delectable ass, pushing her into my erection as I thrust up. Her breathy moans are music to my ears. I’m inching her dress up, when suddenly she pulls away from me. She moves off my body carefully and stands beside the couch. She smiles down at me and I see the blush spreading over her cheeks.

“I want to go upstairs,” she says shyly.

Who am I to argue? I get to my feet slowly. I grab her hand, placing a kiss on it before leading her up the stairs. Of course, our trip upstairs takes longer than it should since Sookie and I cannot keep our hands or mouths off each other. I let her walk in front of me so I can stare at the sway of her hips; it’s hypnotic. I grip her hips with my hands to hold her still so I can lean forward to nip at the firm, lush curves of her backside. Sookie turns to look over her shoulder in surprise. I smirk as I move my hand to give her a stinging smack across the ass. Sookie gasps. Before I can say anything, she has turned and pulled me against her body, forcing her body against the wall. Her lips are devouring my neck, and she has lifted one leg to wrap around me, pulling me further into her body. My hands move to support her backside so I can lift her up. Knowing what I want, she wraps her other leg around me too. I stumble up the remaining steps with her lips chewing up my neck to my ear. Her hands are frantically working to unbutton my shirt. Somehow I manage to get us to the bedroom without us both falling.

Once inside the room, I set her on the edge of the bed. I drop down to help her remove her boots, but she stops me. She asks me to sit on the bed instead. Once I do as she asks, she stands in front of me.

Sookie asks me shyly, “Do you think you could turn on a light?”

I move across the bed to turn on the lamp. The light is soft, not harsh, but it’s enough that I can see Sookie. I see her exhale before she lifts the dress over her head and drops it on the floor beside her.

FUCK ME! I am a very, very lucky man.


Sookie’s POV

I can tell by Eric’s open mouth stare that he likes what he sees. Jesus had watched Hunter for me one night while I went lingerie shopping. I thought it was only fair I do something extra nice for him since he went through all this trouble for us to be alone together. And what guy doesn’t like lingerie?

Of course, Lala was a nosy bitch and looked through the bags to see what I had bought. He approved all of my selections, but told me to wear this one our first night together. Lala said for me to pair it with my black boots. He winked as he said it would give Eric a taste of the two sides of Sookie: the angel and the devil.

Sookie's lingerie

Sookie’s lingerie

I move closer to Eric, straddling his legs as I put my hands on his shoulders. I had managed to unbutton his entire shirt, so I push the garment down his arms. It was an accident that I put my cleavage in Eric’s face as I leaned down to remove the shirt. I heard him growl against my skin and his breathing quickened.

“Sookie,” he whispers hoarsely. “Are you trying to drive me mad?”

I bite my lip and look at him coquettishly. “Don’t you like it?” I pout a little as I cross my arms under my breasts, pushing them together and up for his viewing pleasure.

“Like it?” His hands trace along the edges of my bra, blazing a trail down my ribs and stomach before resting on top of my hips. “Lover, I don’t have words to express how much I’m enjoying the sight of you in this. Turn around,” Eric commands. “I want to see all of it.” His voice is deeper, sexier than I have ever heard it before. A fresh wave of wetness moves down my thighs.

I step back from him and turn around giving him the rear view. When I look over my shoulder, his hands are grasping the bedding tightly, his eyes nearly black with his desire. “Come here,” he demands.

I walk slowly towards Eric, my body trembling with need. Once I’m in front of Eric, he stands. His lips brush across mine gently. It is a kiss meant to soothe, a kiss meant to calm. He steps to the side, telling me to sit down.

Once I sit on the bed, he drops down in front of me. Eric pushes my legs apart, resting on his knees in between my legs once I’m spread wide. His hands move smoothly along the leather of my boots. His hands come to rest at the top of my boots, his fingers tracing the pattern of lace at the top of my thigh-highs.

“You’re a naughty girl,” Eric tells me as his hands unzip my left boot. “While I appreciate you dressing like this for me, you are testing my control. I told you before, I will not rush this.” Eric slides the boot off my leg. His hands begin massaging my foot and I close my eyes with a groan. His fingers feel heavenly massaging my skin. His hands move along the length of my leg, kneading the muscles gently until he is at the top of my stocking. He pushes the nylon and lace down my leg slowly, his hands gliding along my skin in a loving caress. His touch inflames me; I am so on fire for him so much so that I’m afraid I might burn the bed. Once my stocking is off, Eric brings my foot to his lips. He places open-mouthed kisses along my skin, his tongue and lips brushing erotically against my skin. It’s torture to feel his mouth on my body, but I will gladly be his prisoner any day if he can make me feel like this every time. Eric lavishes the same care on my right leg, and I’m left a squirming mass of need on the bed. My skin is feverish, my breath is coming in gasps; I need him. God help me, I’ve never needed someone the way I need Eric. I feel as if I’ll die if I don’t get him inside me soon.

Eric leans up to kiss me. He trails kisses along my cheek to my ear. “Lie down,” he whispers against my ear making me shiver. I move back so that I’m lying in the center of the bed. Eric crawls up on the bed, with a predatory look, as if he is the hunter and I am his prey. I remember his words in my shower, and I can only shiver as I think of him devouring me.

Eric crawls up my body, his hands and knees caging me underneath him. He leans down to kiss me, his tongue and lips working in tandem to inflame my already overloaded senses. His lips move away from mine, leaving me wanting more. His lips move down my neck, sucking lightly at the skin where my neck and shoulders meet. His hands are caressing my breasts, moving along the edge of the fabric. His touch feels reverent, worshipful, and I’m overwhelmed by the care he is showing my body. Tears creep out from the corners of my eyes, sliding down my skin into my hair.

Eric’s hands have slid behind my body to undo the clasp of my bra. He pulls the garment away from my body, flinging it across the room. He looks down at my body with dark hooded eyes. “So beautiful,” he murmurs. He places feather-light kisses along the swell of my breasts before his lips kiss my nipple, sucking it into his mouth. I arch my back, pushing myself further into his mouth. My hands move into his baby soft hair. I love the feel of his hair, but I also love that it has a bit of length to it so I can grasp it. Eric’s teeth graze along my skin as he slides back, his teeth nipping at my nipple, causing it to tighten to an almost painful peak. Not wanting to play favorites, he devotes the same attention to my other breast. While Eric is paying homage to my breasts, his hand has moved down to my underwear. His fingers slip inside, and he moans against my breast. My arousal has drenched my underwear, and now coats the top of my thighs; the juices easily cover his fingers as he moves them among my lower lips. Eric moves away from my breasts, trailing kisses down my abdomen to the top of my underwear.

“I have to taste you Sookie,” Eric says to me as he pulls my last article of clothing down my legs as he gets off the bed. He pushes my legs wide open so that I am on display for his viewing pleasure. My eyes meet his to see the mesmerized look on his face. He is staring at my body hypnotically. I’m all for him appreciating my body, but I’d rather he’d be touching me than looking at me.

My hand moves down my body to rub against my clit, moans falling from my lips as my hips lift to meet the pressure from my hand. His eyes widen before narrowing into slits. He crawls back on the bed, his fingers wrapping around my wrist to bring my hand to his face. He sucks my finger into his mouth and moans in pleasure.

“Did I tell you that you could touch yourself?” Eric’s voice and face are both stern, but his eyes are gentle. I shake my head no. He drops a soft kiss against my lips. “Be patient, Lover. Remember what I said; I want to savor you.”

“I’d rather you get to the devouring part,” I grumble as I reach down to stroke him through his jeans.

Eric growls, and his look turns feral. “Be careful what you wish for Lover.”

Before I can respond, his head and hands are between my thighs. His hands have me spread as wide as I can go; his tongue licks from my entrance to my clit. His tongue swirls around my clit as he slides two of his fingers inside me. It’s too much; I’ve been on the edge of an orgasm too long. I fall over the edge as my walls clench tightly around Eric’s long fingers. Eric moves his mouth to lap up as much of my arousal as he can. His talented fingers are massaging the walls of my vagina, causing aftershocks to ripple throughout my body. He adds a third finger, stretching me. I feel so full as Eric moves his fingers in and out, his fingers stroking that spot inside me that causes me to see stars. He knows he has found that spot because my hands fist tightly in his hair and my hips begin pumping up and down like a piston. His mouth latches onto my clit, sucking the hardened nub into his mouth. As my second orgasm rolls through my body, I scream loud in ecstasy. Eric continues to lap at my entrance as I come down from my second orgasm.

“Too much,” I whimper as I push his head away from my body. All of my limbs feel so heavy; I feel as if I am in water, trying to push my way through. My eyes close as my head drops against the bed. I feel the bed shift as Eric climbs up my body once again. I feel him resting heavily against my entrance. I didn’t feel him get off the bed to remove the rest of his clothes. I notice he also put the condom on before climbing back on the bed.

My arms wrap around Eric, pulling his head down to kiss his lips. “Now, Eric,” I whisper once are lips are apart.

He nods solemnly, his eyes are locked on mine as he begins to push inside. I’m still wet from my earlier releases, so he is able to glide easily inside my opening. We moan in unison once he is fully inside me. I’d worried that I wouldn’t be able to take all of him, but he fits inside of me perfectly. He stills, allowing my body to adjust to him, but I’m more than ready. I wrap my legs around him, a silent invitation for him to begin moving. Eric needs no further encouragement as he moves in and out of my body. His thrusts are slow and deep, once again showing me how much he wants to savor our first time together. I move my body fluidly against his, complimenting the rhythm he has established. His stamina is impressive to say the least; I’m on the verge of my third orgasm, and he hasn’t had his first. But I can tell he is on the edge; his hips pump faster into me as sweat beads on his forehead. His eyes have been locked on mine the entire time he’s been inside me; it’s an intense experience I’ve never had before. His eyes are full of so many emotions, but the one that holds me is love. It is in this moment I realize Eric loves me. How I haven’t seen it before is a mystery, but knowing he is making love to me with both his body and heart sends me soaring. I cry out his name as I reach my third orgasm. I’m shaking in Eric’s arms as my body erupts into the most intense orgasm of my life. I hear Eric hoarsely call out my name as he thrusts into me one last time. He grunts as his hips continue to thrust as he releases his seed in the condom.

Eric pulls out of me, resting his head in between my breasts as he braces his weight over me. I cling to him for dear life as we calm down; my hands moving soothingly along his sweat-slickened back. He looks up at me with a lopsided grin before stumbling out of the bed to dispose of the condom. He slides back into bed, pulling me into his arms. My head rests over his pounding heart as his hands caress my skin. I feel safe in Eric’s arms; I feel cherished; I feel loved.

“I love you Eric,” I whisper softly into his chest. I know he heard me because his hands still on my body. He says nothing. I panic as the silence spreads between us. Was I wrong? Did I misread everything?

I’m about to move away from him when his hands shift my body so that I am lying completely on top of him. His hand moves to my chin, forcing me to look at him. I stubbornly keep my eyes closed. Eric chuckles softly.

“How can I tell you I love you too if you won’t open your eyes my beautiful Sookie?” My eyes spring open, showing both shock and happiness. Eric frames my face with his hands, his fingers moving into my hair. “I love you Sookie,” he tells me before his lips close over mine.

We spend the rest of the evening demonstrating our love for one another. I fall asleep in Eric’s arms, with a happy smile on my lips.

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    • Well I’m glad you finally found the time to read this. 🙂

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