Chapter 4

Something is wrong.  That’s the first thought I have when my eyes snap open.  I cannot sense Sookie anywhere near; she seems far away.  She did not tell me about any plans to go out today; in fact, she said she was going to stay close to home to make sure I was safe during the day.  I appreciate her wish to care for me.  I know she is being paid a lot of money to care for me, but the little things she does for me go far beyond a cash payment.

I try probing the tie with her to see if I can figure out her emotions, but she is too far away for me to sense anything.  I snarl in frustration and pound my hand against the dirt of my resting place.  The sun will not set for another 45 minutes, so I am trapped in this space.  I hate feeling helpless.

My mind swirls with all the possible options for what has happened today.  Maybe she went to work.  Or maybe she is with her brother or other friends.  Maybe the witches have found out about my connection to Sookie and they have taken her.  My fangs snap down in anger at that thought.  I will destroy any creature, human or supernatural, that hurts Sookie.  She is not mine yet, but I know she will be, and I will protect her always.

Even though I do not have to, I take deep breaths to calm myself.  Thirty minutes until sundown and then I will be free to search for Sookie.  I do not know how I will search for her; perhaps I will call Pam.  As I am formulating my plan to search for Sookie, I feel her moving closer.  I exhale in relief.  Maybe she just had errands to run.  I hope she will use some of the money to buy herself a new car, or at least a newer car than that rusted metal bucket she is currently driving.  Maybe once this is over I can buy her a car as a gift to show her my appreciation for everything she has done for me.

As Sookie moves closer, I once again search for clues about how she is feeling.  Her emotions are all over the place; exhaustion, worry, disgust, fear, relief, resolve.  What has happened today to make her feel so much?  Fifteen minutes until sundown, then I will have my answers.

I hear Sookie’s car pulling up to the house.  The sun finally sets, so I am able to climb out of the hole in the ground.  Sookie calls out to me, but I do not answer.  I hear her moving around in the kitchen putting items away.  She moves back outside.  Glancing through the curtains, I can see her carrying a shotgun.  Why does she have a shotgun with her?  I realize Jason never brought her the shotgun he promised her last night.  Maybe she met up with him earlier today to get it.  I want to ask her about her day, but I realize I am naked.  Sookie will not appreciate me walking through her house naked, so I reach for a pair of jeans that are on the dresser.  I decide against underwear because they were not exactly comfortable the other night.

As I am stepping in the jeans, I hear the door of the bedroom open.  I know it is Sookie.  I suppose I could use my vampire speed to hurriedly dress so she will not see anything, but I do not.  I want her to see my body.  I smile to myself when I hear her make a noise and quickly draw in a breath.  I feel lust coming from her and I smell her arousal.  Wiping my face of emotion, I turn around to find her standing still in the doorway with her eyes tightly closed and her hands clenched in fists.  I move in front of her and place my hands on her shoulders.

“Sookie, are you alright?”  Her eyes snap open and I see need as well as pain swirling around in her eyes.  I look down at her with concern on my face.  As much as I am enjoying her reaction to me, something has happened today to upset her.

She is staring at my chest while she answers me just as quietly.  “I’m sorry, I should have knocked.  It was rude to walk in on you like that.”

“You have seen all of me before?” I make this sound like a question.  I want her to confirm that what I’ve seen in flashes really happened.

“Yes, but it was still impolite.”  I knew it!  I am smiling internally, but I am still worried about the pain I see in her eyes.

“I do not mind.  You seem upset.”

“I have had a very bad day,” Sookie tells me through clenched teeth.  “My brother is missing.  The witches that cursed you are also Weres and they killed the Vice-President of the Shreveport pack.  I found a hand in a flowerbed.  Belinda’s in the hospital, Ginger is dead,” she says hurriedly.  “I’m going to take a shower!” Sookie storms out of the room before I can say anything.

I hear her go to her own room and start the water in the shower.  I do not know who Belinda and Ginger are, but Sookie is sad about their situation.  I am sure finding a hand in a flowerbed is not an everyday occurrence for her, so I can understand her upset.  The news about the witches is disturbing to say the least, and my mind whirls with the implications of that information.  We must tell Pam; she needs to be warned while she is searching so that harm does not come to her.  I also worry that Sookie will need protection above what I can offer.  I will need to speak with Pam about this as well.  I’m sure we have someone who we can use to give daytime protection for Sookie.  As for her brother being missing, I wonder if this is related to the witches.

I hear Sookie enter the shower.  Her breathing is accelerated, her heart rate is up, and I can feel wave after wave of lust coming from her.  My fangs drop and my cock hardens.  I move towards her bathroom without thinking.  I want her, she wants me.  There is nothing stopping us from being together.

I drop my jeans on her bedroom floor and move to the bathroom.  I can see the outline of her body through the shower curtain, and my cock twitches.  She is standing under the spray of the shower with her eyes closed.  She is running her hands through her wet hair, which pushes her breasts out.  She is more beautiful than I imagined.  She blindly reaches for the soap, and I push the shower curtain aside.

“I’ll do that for you,” I say.  Sookie gasps and her eyes fly open.  She is staring at me in shock, her mouth hanging open slightly.  I take the soap from her hands and lather up my own.  I place the soap in its niche and begin washing her arms.  I raise each arm so that I can clean underneath and her sides.  I long to touch her breasts, but I refrain for now.  As much as I want her, I will wait for her permission before proceeding.  I can feel how much she wants me; I can smell it in the air.  But I need to hear the words from her.

“Have we ever made love?” She shakes her head to show that we have not.  “Then I was a fool,” I say as I rub one hand over her stomach in a circular motion.  “Turn around, Lover,” I command gently.

She turns her back to me in silence, and I begin massaging her shoulders.  She is so very tense.  I massage her shoulders and neck until I feel the tension leave her body.  She sways slightly, and I move closer to her so that I am ready to support her body with my own should she need it.  I reach across her to grab the shampoo so that I can wash her hair, and one particular part of my anatomy throbs against her back.  Sookie trembles.

“Are you frightened of me?”  I slowly massage the shampoo in her hair.  My fingers move along her scalp gently.  She does not answer me, and I begin to worry that I have overstepped my bounds.  I notice that Sookie reaches for the soap and lathers up her hands.  She puts the soap back, turns around, and steps closer to me.  My erection presses against her stomach and she puts her hands on my backside.  I smile in triumph as I realize she wants this as much as I do.  I spread my legs so she can have better access to my body.  Her hands move to wash my thighs and I can’t help but thrust my hips.  Her hands move further up my body to caress my erection as she kisses along my chest.  She swirls her tongue around my nipple and sucks it into her mouth.  My hands move up to cup her head.

“Bite a little,” I ask her.  She complies and I moan in delight.  She alternates between sucking and nibbling on my nipple.  My hands move down her spine and her luscious backside.  My hands settle on her hips as she switches her attention to the other nipple.  Her hands continue to stroke me, and I thrust into her hands.

I pull away and push her against the shower wall.  I drop to my knees so that I am level with her beautiful breasts.  I place kisses all around her natural bounty, sucking on the skin lightly.  My hand is sliding along her lower lips, coating my fingers with her juices.  As I suck on her nipple, I slide a finger inside her.  Sookie fists her hands in my hair and cries out.  She rocks her hips back and forth against my hand, and I use my thumb to stimulate her clit.

The water starts to get cold.  We hurriedly rinse off.  I push open the shower curtain a little harder than necessary, and reach for the towels on the rack.  I use one to begin drying Sookie and she uses the other to dry me.  I’m not sure how dry we each get since we are kissing the entire time.

“The bed,” I whisper raggedly, and she nods in agreement.  I carry her to the bedroom and place her on the bed.  She hops off the bed and climbs under the covers.  I slide in after her and pull her body flush with mine.  We resume our kissing but it is at a more frantic pace.  Sookie is testing my patience; I want her desperately.  Sookie grabs my erection with both hands and squeezes.  I move on top of her and she places me at her entrance, rubbing the head of my cock against her nub in the process.

“My lover,” I whisper hoarsely.  I begin to push forward and she cries out.  I did not mean to hurt her, and I still inside her.  My fangs are fully out and I am fighting every instinct that tells me to claim her as my own.  She is so tight around me; I want to bury myself to the hilt.  I look down at her to reassure her, but her eyes are closed.

“Don’t close your eyes.  Look at me, Lover,” I command.  Her eyes flutter open and she stares at me in wonder.  She leans up to flick her tongue against my fangs, and I shiver in delight.  My fangs are incredibly sensitive, and if she keeps this up I am going to cum.

“Watch me, Lover.”  I pull out of her suddenly and I can see the protest in her eyes.  However, she quickly starts moaning as I place kisses down her body and use my fingers to stretch her.  My lips close around her clit and I slide two of my fingers inside her.  I pump them in and out, rubbing my fingers against her walls.  I flick my tongue against her clit, and her hips rise up to my face.  I use one hand to hold her down as I pleasure her with my fingers and mouth.  I increase my speed and her moans get louder.  As I feel her getting close, I move my mouth to nuzzle her thigh.  I want to taste her.  I look up her body to make sure she is watching me; she is.  I give her a wicked smile before I slip a third finger inside of her.  She begins to shake with her orgasm, and I bite into her femoral artery.

Sookie’s back arches off the bed and she cries out in ecstasy.  I moan with her as the sweet nectar of her blood touches my tongue and slides down my throat.  I do not think it is possible for me to have tasted anything this sweet in all of my existence.  The blood flows freely from my puncture wounds, and I eagerly lap it up.  As I feel the aftershocks of Sookie’s orgasm begin to fade, I close the wounds on her thigh.  I move up her body swiftly to kiss her as my cock replaces my fingers at her entrance.  This time I easily slide fully in.  I don’t even get a chance to move before she is squeezing me tightly as she orgasms again.  I manage to thrust in her twice before I shout with my orgasm.  My head is back and my eyes close as I experience wave after wave of bliss.  I collapse on top of Sookie, my head buried in the crook of her neck as I take deep breaths trying to bring my body back under control.

I pull back to stare at her.  She brushes the hair back from my face, tucking it behind my ear.  She smiles up at me, “I wish I could save orgasms in a jar for when I need them, because I think I had a few extra.”

I cannot help it, I roar with laughter.  I roll us over so that she is straddling my waist.  This beautiful, intelligent, funny girl manages to surprise me at every turn.  I worried that she would somehow say this was a mistake, but instead she makes me laugh.  I do not know what I have done to deserve her, but I’m not letting her go.

“If I had known you would be this gorgeous with your clothes off, I would have tried to do this sooner,” I say with a smile.

“You did try to do this sooner, about twenty times,” she says while smiling down at me.  She shifts slightly on my lap, and I feel myself begin to harden again.

“Then I have good taste,” I say to Sookie with a smile.  My smile fades slightly as I realize I know nothing of our history.  “Tell me about us.  How long have I known you?”

Sookie says she is cold, and shifts to lie beside me.  I pull the covers up over us, and we talk while lying on our sides facing each other.  She tells me that we met at Fangtasia.  She also tells me that Fangtasia was attacked today, but I’m not interested in that.  I want to know about us, and tell her so.  It takes her a while to recount our history, which sounds very complicated and does not paint me in the best light.  To distract her and myself, I begin stroking her body with my hands.  I latch on one of her breasts, sliding my fangs into the soft flesh.  I suck hard, drawing her nipple in my mouth as well as her blood.  Sookie gasps and her body spasms; I feel shock coming from her.  She is not used to feeling pain and pleasure at the same time, but I can tell she is finding it pleasurable because I smell a fresh wave of arousal.

Sliding my body closer to hers, I lift her leg over mine so that I can enter her.  She gasps again and her hands move down to grip my backside tightly.  Sealing the wounds on her breast, I pull back and stare deep in her eyes.  I tell her to watch me as I thrust slowly in and out of her.  I can see the blush spread across Sookie’s cheeks.  She is not used to this level of intimacy which I find surprising.  I know she said Bill was her only lover, but did he not see to her pleasure before his own?  My pace remains steady; not too fast and not too slow.  My thrusts are deep; her clit rubs against my pubic bone on each thrust.  I tell Sookie to play with her nipples as I continue to hold her hips in my hands, guiding her movement.  She seems hesitant at first, so I begin instructing her.  She squeezes her breasts together and rubs her thumbs along the nipples at my command.  As she loses her hesitation, I stop instructing her.  I want this to be about her pleasure.  I watch in fascination as she rolls her nipples between her fingers.  She surprises me by pinching her nipples hard and crying out as she cums around my cock.  I thrust once more and release inside her, capturing her mouth with mine as I hold her tightly to me.

I slip out of Sookie and lie on my back with her pressed against my side.  My arm is around her shoulders, and I have my other hand in her hair as she lies with her head on my shoulder.  I whisper words of praise and admiration to her.  I tell her how beautiful I find her, how happy I am to be with her.

“You are so beautiful,” she murmurs against my neck.  I pull her head away from my shoulder to look at her.  I raise an eyebrow questioningly at her.  “You’ve told me how you thought my body was nice.”  Her body isn’t nice; it’s a temple that I will worship many times a night if she will let me.  “I wanted you to know that I think the same about you.”

I tease her.  “What part do you like best?”

“Oh, your butt,” she says instantly.

“My…bottom?” I am confused.  I would have thought she would have said my cock or my mouth.  What is so fascinating about that part of my anatomy?  She nods her head.

“I would have thought of another part.”

“Well, that’s certainly…adequate,” she says burying her face in my chest.

“Adequate?” I am insulted.  I place her hand on my cock and it stirs immediately.  I move her hand up and down my length, and she circles it with her fingers.  “This is adequate?” I ask as I thrust up into her hand.  I know it is impressive.

Sookie looks up at me and smiles, “Maybe I should have said it’s a gracious plenty?”

Sookie’s hand is moving more quickly along said part.  “A gracious plenty; I like it,” I say with a wicked grin as I keep thrusting.  I want her again, but I don’t want to pressure her because I know she is tired.  Imagine my surprise when my beautiful lover slides down in the bed to satisfy me with her talented mouth.  After my release, I push her on her back so that I can return the favor.  Her body is so sensitive that it doesn’t take me long to bring her to climax once more.  I lap at her juices eagerly, seeking out every drop of her pleasure so that none is wasted.  When there is none left, I slide up her body to kiss her hungrily.

Sookie is asleep quickly.  I move out of the bed to the bathroom.  I wet a cloth and bring it back to the bed.  I wipe down Sookie’s body so she will be comfortable during the night.  I throw the cloth in the laundry hamper before climbing back in bed with my lover.  I snuggle close to her body.  Although she is sleeping, I can feel that she is at peace and content.  Before the sun rises, I caress her face gently and softly kiss her lips.  I slip back down in my light-tight space and die for the day with a smile on my lips.

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  2. lostinspace33 says:

    That was fantastic!

  3. kleannhouse says:

    that was a great chapter, sameness and more, i loved it, thank you for sharing… Kristie

  4. murgatroid98 says:

    Nice. His viewpoint gives this scene new depth.

    • I am glad everyone has enjoyed Eric’s point of view for this story. I also hope that you could see a shift in Eric’s character in this chapter. The first three chapters I felt Eric lacked confidence, his swagger if you will. I tried to write this chapter so you could see a turn in his thought process and his actions; his mojo is returning.

      Thanks again everyone for reading and reviewing!

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