Chapter 3

“How did this happen?” Sookie asks the question once it is just her and I in the living room.  She throws another log on the fire and sits on the rug in front of it.  I can feel that she is conflicted about having me here.  Part of her is exasperated that this decision was made for her; another part of her is worried.  I sink down on the rug next to her; I want to comfort her.

“I think this happened because you have a greedy brother, and because you are the kind of woman who would stop for me even though she is afraid,” I say.  She looks at me with a “tell me something I don’t know” expression, and I cannot help but chuckle.

“How are you feeling about all this?” she asks me with concern.  Amazing, despite her own concerns, her first concern is how I will react to all this.  She truly is a noble woman.

I give her a satisfied smile, “I am glad they are afraid enough of me to take good care of me.”  She cocks her head at me in confusion, and I continue.  “I must be a frightening person when I am myself.  Or do I inspire so much loyalty through my good works and kind ways?”

Sookie sniggers in amusement.  I feel my spirits sink; her response must mean that I am a monster.  It is no wonder that this wonderful woman is not mine.  “I thought not,” I respond quietly.

She quickly pats my shoulder, “It’s not that.  You’re alright.  You’ve helped me plenty of times when I needed it.”  At least I have some redeeming qualities…

“Are you cold?” I shake my head no, but she still pulls a blanket off the back of the couch and throws it over my legs.  It is the same blanket that I wrapped myself in last night.  It is a myriad of contrasting colors.

“This blanket is truly hideous,” I say with a frown.

Sookie smiles softly as she settles herself back down on the rug next to me.  “That’s what Bill said.”

I frown.  “Where is this Bill?”  Is he going to have a problem with me staying here?  I do not wish to fight with someone who Sookie has feelings for, but I will not give her up.

“He’s in Peru,” she states matter-of-factly.

“Am I to assume your relationship with him has waned?” Please say yes, please say yes…

She nods her head sadly.  I move closer to her and lie down on my stomach next to her, propping myself up on my elbows so I can look at her.  The way I am laying mirrors her position.  I throw the blanket over both of our legs.  “Tell me about him.”  If I find out what drew her to him, maybe I can use it to my advantage to secure her as mine.  I try to inhale quietly; her scent is a little spicier this evening.  I scoot closer to her so I can feel her warmth and I can taste her scent on my tongue.  It is intoxicating.

Sookie gazes at the fire and tells me about Bill.  She describes him as cool, calm, overly protective, and stubborn.  As she speaks about him, I can feel her agitation.  I am confused.  I would have expected her to feel love and perhaps grief when she speaks of Bill.  I ask her if he had loved her and her eyes water.  I begin to panic; I do not know how to handle a crying female.  It makes me feel uncomfortable and inadequate.  But Sookie manages to pull herself together, and explains that she thought Bill had loved her but that he had cheated on her with a “vampire ho”.  This vampire had been Bill’s maker.  She had called him back to her, and they resumed their sexual relationship.  As Sookie is speaking of Bill’s maker, fleeting images of a male vampire pass through my mind.  He is shorter than I and has dark hair.  From the glimpses I have, I can tell that he is especially cruel.  The flashes are of this vampire torturing others for sport; snapping the necks of children, draining wives in front of their husbands, and then sexually assaulting the men before draining and killing them.  I shrink back in horror from these images.

I refocus on Sookie as she tells me of how Lorena tortured Bill, and I shake my head in disbelief.  Why would you torture someone you supposedly love?  Again, an image of the sadistic vampire appears in my head and I can hear his voice taunting me as the sound of a whip crackles through the air.  Who is this vampire to me?  I wonder if Sookie knows.  But I do not want to speak to her of something so horrific.  I hear her end her tale of what happened in Jackson by saying she was hurt badly and I had given her blood to help save her.

“What happened?”

“I got staked believe it or not.”

I am impressed.  “Is there a scar?”

She flips on her back and lifts her shirt to expose the scar on her side.  I move to my side so that I can have a better look.  Her beautiful tan flesh is marred by a shiny, jagged scar the size of a wooden stake.  I lightly trace my finger over her scar and close my eyes in ecstasy.  Her skin is so warm and it feels so good against my own.  I want to slide my hand across her bare stomach, spreading my fingers out to hold her down while I use my other hand to pleasure her.  I open my eyes and lock my gaze with hers.  A blush is spreading across her cheeks and my fangs ache with the need to come down and taste her flesh and blood.  She pushes my finger out-of-the-way as she pulls her shirt back down.  She sits up and puts some distance between us.  I can hear her heart pounding, and feel desire building in her body.

“What happened to the vampire ho?” I ask trying to pull myself together.

She looks at me suspiciously.  What did I do?  She answers with some hesitation, “Well….um, I…she attacked me while I was saving Bill…and I uh, staked her.”

I am even more impressed with her.  It is not easy for a human to kill a vampire.  “Have you killed anyone else?”

Sookie looks at me in horror.  “No!  I mean, I hurt a guy that was trying to kill me, but he didn’t die.  I’m human; we don’t kill people because we can.”

“Humans kill each other all the time,” I say matter-of-fact.  “They don’t even need to eat them or drink their blood.”

“Not all humans,” she argues.

“True,” I say.  “We vampires are murderers.”  I, too, am I murderer.  I may not remember it, but I’m sure that I have killed more than my share.

“But in a way you’re like lions,” Sookie says out of the blue.

“Lions?”  I look at her in astonishment.  We are both apex predators, but I fail to see any other similarity.

“Sure; lions kill their food so that they can eat.  Vampires do the same thing.”

I laugh at her softly.  “My dearest Sookie that is a lovely theory, but the problem with that theory is that we look almost exactly like you.  We used to be one of you.  We can love you and feed from you without killing you.  I find it hard to believe that the lion wanted to caress the antelope.”  My eyes linger on her face.  Something in the air shifts between us.  I can hear her breath catch in her throat, and her heart begins to pound again.  I feel my cock begin to harden with desire.  I want this tiny human woman.  I want her with a desperation that I cannot begin to understand.  I want to pounce on her like a lion and I want to consume her.

“Eric,” Sookie says slowly.  Her eyes have darkened and she licks her lips unconsciously.  “You know you are my guest here.  If I tell you to leave, which I will if I feel like you are going to be a danger to me, you’ll be standing out in the middle of the country wearing a bathrobe that is too short for you.”

“I’m sorry.  Did I do something wrong?”  I look at her with confusion.  I do not understand why she is fighting her attraction to me so much.  She wants me; I want her.  What is stopping her?  She told me that Bill is no longer in the picture.  Is there someone else?

I move to the bags that her brother brought in to inspect his purchases.  He has purchased several pairs of jeans, t-shirts, boxers, and flannel shirts.  I grab a pair of jeans, a pair of boxers, and a t-shirt.  I move to the bathroom and take a shower.  I can hear Sookie moving around the house, probably putting away the rest of the purchases her brother made.

I quickly wash my hair and body using her shampoo and body wash.  As I wash a certain part of my anatomy, I cannot help but give it a squeeze.  A small groan escapes my lips.  I have been in a near constant state of arousal since I first met Sookie.  Being in this shower, with her scent all around me, I cannot help but stroke my cock as I think about how much I want to be inside her.  My hand moves slowly but firmly up and down my swollen shaft.  I lean against the wall as I think about her pink lips kissing my skin, her hands moving across the muscles of my chest to finally circle around my biceps as she holds herself close to me.  My lips part and I begin to pant in desire.  I can see my hand slipping inside the waist of a pair of beige panties, my fingers moving to slide along her lower lips.  I can see myself slipping a finger inside of her, feeling how tight and wet she is for me.  The hand stroking my cock moves in the same rhythm as what I am fantasizing about doing to Sookie.  In my mind, I can see myself adding a second finger inside her and she cries out in ecstasy.  My hands speed up on my cock and I cum all over myself.  My fangs are down and I look around the shower wildly.  Why do I get the feeling that really happened?  I hurriedly rinse off and dress before Sookie comes to check on me.

I find Sookie sitting in the living room watching TV.  She has a bowl of food in her lap that she is quietly snacking on.  It smells salty.  On the table, I see a True Blood that she has heated up for me.  I sink down to the couch next to her and she smiles at me as she moves over to make room for me.  Once I’m settled she leans against my arm and rests her head on my shoulder.  She explains to me that we are watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I find the show hilarious.  The way they inaccurately depict vampires is comical.  I also enjoy the character of Buffy; she reminds me of my Sookie.  They are both warriors, feisty, beautiful, but there is an underlying sadness to them.  I can feel that Sookie is happy and a warm feeling spreads through me.  I want her to feel like this always.

Sookie goes to bed around midnight, and I continue to watch the show for a while.  I catch myself looking down the hallway to her room several times.  Eventually I give up, and turn off the TV.  I move to Sookie’s bedroom and slide under the covers beside her.  She is lying on her back and I move as close to her as possible.  She asks me softly if I am cold, and I give a noncommittal answer.  I slide my arm across her waist and relax completely.  Just being next to her soothes me.  I watch her until I know she is in a deep sleep.  Taking my arm from her waist, I let my fingers trail softly along the contours of her face.  Her skin is as soft as a rose petal, her breath fans across my fingers as I lightly trace her lips.  I want to run my hands down her body, but I refrain.  Sookie would not be happy with me exploring her body while she is asleep; she would see it as taking advantage of her.

I ease myself out of the bed, so I am not tempted to wake her from her slumber.  I have this uncontrollable urge to wake her by kissing every inch of her delectable body.  Thinking about Sookie’s body reminds me of my shower earlier.  Did that really happen or was it the byproduct of a very active imagination?  I look towards her dresser and decide to investigate.  I silently open the top drawer to find her lingerie.  Part of me feels guilty to be going through Sookie’s lingerie.  But my cock is very excited by the items I find.  It seems Sookie has a fondness for silk and lace.  The serviceable white cotton bras and panties I find I assume she wears when she has to work.  My hands stop as I find a tiny pair of beige underwear that matches the pair I saw in my fantasy.  A quick search through the drawer finds the matching bra that I also remember from my fantasy.  I hurriedly put the drawer back to rights; I do not need Sookie to know what I was doing.  I glide over to the bed and press my lips against hers gently.  I pull away and gaze down on her beauty.

“Soon, Lover.”

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7 Responses to Chapter 3

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  2. lostinspace33 says:

    LOL! It seems Eric’s stalker tendencies are innate. 😉

  3. kleannhouse says:

    i liked it, even though he was a bit stalkery at the end but he is becoming obsessed and when he has his flashes he is trying to understand them,so i get why he is snooping….but my question of the horrific vampire in his flashes is that Appius? until the next post Kristie

  4. murgatroid98 says:

    Poor Eric, to have Appius as a maker. CH didn’t present him as truly abusive, but there was an underlying suggestion that he was. His flashbacks are interesting. He doesn’t realize they are memories. Great chapter, I love Eric’s POV.

  5. theladykt says:

    would be nice if scumbill stayed in peru!!! aww for snuggling eric

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