Chapter 6

The shifter led me to a wooden building with a dirt parking lot and a metal trailer to the side. I am forced to wait outside the tin can while he shifts back to his human form and dresses. I find it humorous that he has a doggie door cut out of the front door. As I wait for the shifter, I hear him speaking on the telephone explaining tonight’s events to whomever is on the other end; it is not a voice I recognize.

The shifter exits his pathetic excuse for a home and walks towards the back door of Merlotte’s. He makes an impatient gesture for me to follow him. I growl menacingly as I walk past him. I do not take orders; just because he is used to being commanded does not mean that I am.

Inside the building, I see it is as charming as its exterior. It is definitely a low-class place. I cannot see my Sookie working here. She seems far too intelligent and refined for this place.

The shifter steps behind the bar. “You wanna blood?” He reaches in a refrigerator behind the bar, pulling out a beer and a True Blood. I nod my head in disgust; I find the synthetic bottled blood disgusting. I could stomach the taste and smell of it when I had no other option, but now that I have had Sookie’s blood I cannot see myself voluntarily drinking that swill. The silence in the bar is only disturbed by the sound of the microwave as the shifter heats up the bottle of blood. Once the microwave dings, he takes the bottle out, setting it on the bar for me. Asshole; he is supposed to put the cap on and shake it to make sure the temperature is uniform throughout.

“So,” the shifter says after he takes a long swallow of his beer. He is leaning against the bar wearing jeans and a plaid button down shirt. Looking at his clothing makes me hate the clothing Jason bought for me even more. “You really don’t remember anything do ya?”

I drink the vile stuff in the bottle before I answer. I grimace as I set the bottle down. “Oh, I wouldn’t say that. I think there are some things that have carried over. For instance, I would say I am not fond of annoying shifters that think they are superior to me.” I end by giving him the most insincere smile I can manage.

He grunts in anger. “Well I see you are still an arrogant asshole. Too bad you can’t remember,” he smirks at me condescendingly.

“Are you picking a fight?” I ask the shifter with a genuine smile on my face. I am excited at the prospect of teaching this dog who the real alpha is here. I feel the bloodlust beginning to rise. “I would like to see you try.”

“You hurt me, Sookie will never forgive you.” He moves to stand in front of me, jutting his chin out so I will hit him. “So go ahead, take your best shot. Maybe it’s what she needs to get you fangers outta her life once and for all!” He bounces in agitation in front of me, waiting for me to throw the first punch. But the fight leaves me. He’s right; Sookie will not forgive me for hurting her friend, no matter how deserving he is.

The outside door opens, and a voice calls out to us. “Master?” We both turn to find Pam, Chow, and a vampire I do not recognize standing just inside the door. Pam crosses the bar to stand by my side. She bows respectfully. “The shifter called us. Is everything alright?”

I take a step back from the shifter, putting distance between us. “I am fine. We merely have a difference of opinion.”

The shifter looks around warily as he realizes there are now four vampires in his establishment. He stomps off towards the back of the building mumbling, “Fuckin’ fangers!”

Chow and the other vampire advance towards the back where the shifter went, but Pam calls them off. She tells Chow to go outside, making sure only those we are expecting arrive. She has the other vampire, Gerald, go stand by the bar.

Pam begins speaking in a foreign language. “Do you understand what I am saying?”

I nod and find myself surprised when I easily answer in the same language. “Yes; what language is this?”

“Old Norse; it was the language you spoke as a human. You made me learn it when you turned me vampire. You said it was the easiest way to communicate without worrying about eavesdroppers. It has proven useful many times over the centuries, even if it did take me nearly a decade to learn,” Pam smirks at the memory. I do not share her amusement; it saddens me that she and I share centuries of history together that I cannot remember.

The door to the bar opens and the smell of wet dog saturates the air. I recognize the older human as the naked Were from the Compton house. The others must be his pack members. The shifter must feel brave now that he has what he considers reinforcements, because he returns to the main floor of the bar. He gazes at me with hatred in his eyes.

“Tell me,” I say in Old Norse to Pam. “Why does the shifter hate me so?”

Pam rolls her eyes, “Besides the obvious that you are a vampire and he is a shifter? One word: Sookie. The shifter blames vampires for everything that has gone wrong in Sookie’s life the last few months. The fucking asshole doesn’t realize you have saved her more than anyone else!” Pam ends with a growl towards the shifter.

“Tell me,” I demand.

Pam then tells me what she knows of Sookie Stackhouse, from the night she first came to Fangtasia to the recent events in Jackson, Mississippi. It is far more information than Sookie gave me the other evening. Pam even goes so far as to give her perspective of what she has felt through the maker/child bond during the events she is describing. Apparently I have felt a lot of lust in the past for Sookie, which is no surprise to me. It does interest me the number of times I have put myself in harm’s way trying to protect Sookie. Perhaps even the me with memories also understands how rare and beautiful a being Sookie truly is.

Sookie finally enters the bar with a woman I have never seen before. Pam and Gerald zero in on the woman with Sookie, but I only have eyes for Sookie. She looks tired, as if she could fall asleep on her feet. I am about to go to her when she is engulfed in the arms of one of the Were’s. A loud growl comes from me. How dare he put his hands on my woman!

I barely focus on the conversation going on around me. Apparently the woman with Sookie is familiar to the leader of the Weres. He asks why she is here, but she seems angry over the fact that Sookie was by herself without any protection. Apparently Sookie almost fell asleep while driving her vehicle. She wants to know why no one was with her.

“I offered to go with her,” I say indignantly. I do not like that this woman is questioning my ability to care for Sookie. “She said it would be too suspicious if she went to the hospital with a vampire.”

“Well, hel-lo, tall, blond, and dead,” the woman says while looking me up and down. The look on her face is clearly one of admiration. “You in the habit of doing what human women ask of you?”

I am about to respond angrily to the woman when the sweetest scent I have ever smelled reaches me. It smells like spun sugar and sunlight. I know it is not from the Weres, nor is it from Sookie. It must be from Sookie’s companion. I lick my lips in hunger as my eyes finally take in the woman’s appearance. Every inch of her luscious body exudes sex and temptation. I want to sink my fangs in her, draining her dry.

The Were that is holding Sookie demands to know who the newcomer to our group is. She said her name is Claudine and that she is a fairy. She lifts her hair to show her pointy ears; the movement releases a fresh wave of her scent and I shudder in my seat. The Weres seem in awe of the woman as she uses some magic to change from her orange dress into a white sparkling evening gown. Colonel Flood, the Packmaster, demands that the meeting get back on track. He asks Sookie how the injured Were is. She replies that the injured girl was transported to another hospital. Sookie also tells them the story she created to explain the woman’s injuries.

Sookie then demands to know why all the Weres were at the Compton house. Colonel Flood explains that they tracked Hallow and her coven to their place in Shreveport. When Hallow and her brother left for the evening, the Shreveport pack decided to follow them. Upon realizing they were heading to Bon Temps, they called to warn the shifter. Sookie looks angrily at the shifter because he failed to warn her. The shifter in turn looks sheepish that he is in the doghouse.

The colonel finishes his speech explaining that Hallow and her coven are also trying to take over his area like they are trying to take over mine. They are responsible for the deaths of members of his pack. His pack wants justice!

Sookie turns her attention to Pam, asking why she is here. Pam and Gerald reluctantly pull their gaze away from Claudine to look at me. I look at them blankly in return. Pam eventually explains that one of their nest mates, Clancy, has been taken by the Weres. The ransom note Pam received states the witches will drain one vampire from my area for every day they have to search for me. As soon as she finishes speaking, Pam refocuses on Claudine.

“But why? I cannot understand what makes me such a prize!” Sookie and one of the female Weres roll their eyes at my statement. I know I am attractive, but there has to be more of a reason why these witches are going through all of this trouble. Even having sex with me for seven days is not enough of a reason to start a war with the vampire and Were communities in Shreveport.

Instead of answering what makes me so desirable, Sookie asks how much blood is inside a vampire. Pam looks startled as she answers the question. Sookie then counters with how much would be in each vial of vampire blood that is sold on the black market. Pam does the math in her head to answer to come up with a little under a hundred units, which would equate to over $40,000 because my blood is so old. Everyone stares at me with renewed interest, but I, like the other vampires in the room, am focused on Claudine. We have stealthily been moving closer to the fairy. They are very hard to catch, but if the three of us work together, we should be able to corner her.

Claudine seems to notice our advance because she orders us to stand back. Pam and Gerald stand down, but I creep closer. Sookie moves in front of me, trying to block my path to the fairy.

“Eric! Snap out of it!”

“Hmm?” I am not focused on Sookie. I am focused on the delicious meal before me.

“She’s off limits,” Sookie says. My eyes flicker down to her face. She looks disappointed, asking me something about horses I think.

“I want her!” The closer I move, the more intoxicating the scent. If it were possible, my mouth would be watering.

Sookie seems hurt by my answer. I want to tell her that my desire for the fairy is nothing sexual, it is merely because of her blood, but I do not. I am moving forward, which forces Sookie to move backwards. Sookie, in desperation, asks the fairy to go outside. Claudine walks outside with the Packmaster to discuss the information she has learned from her trip to Hallow’s coven. The moment Claudine leaves the room I am released from the spell of her blood. Sookie stands in front of me. She asks if vampires really like fairies, and the three of us agree in unison.

While we wait for the Were to return, I stand with my back to the wall pulling Sookie to stand in front of me. My hunger for the fairy’s blood may be gone, but it has left me feeling hungry in other ways. Keeping my hands out of sight from everyone else in the room, I start caressing Sookie’s body. I feel the lust rise in her, and she pushes back against my hands slightly. I allow my hands to wander down to her curvaceous bottom. I knead and fondle the ample curves while I allow a finger to slide along the crease of her pants. Sookie begins to squirm against my finger and pulls away from me to focus on the conversation going on in the room.

Forcing myself to pay attention, I learn that Weres have been in contact with the local Wiccans to see if they will be of any help against Hallow’s coven. Sookie inquires if Claudine saw any prisoners in Hallow’s coven. The Packmaster confirms there was no one meeting Jason’s description at Hallow’s. I know Sookie had hoped Hallow was the one to hold her brother. I can feel her hope waver under the colonel’s words, but then I can feel her resolve. I want to comfort her, but apparently there are more matters to discuss as the colonel explains that the vampires and Weres are declaring war on Hallow. One of the Weres argues that it was the vampires that started the problem, and Sookie jumps in to defend us.

“Vamp humper,” is the Were’s response to Sookie’s defense of vampires. Without waiting to see how Sookie responds, I vamp across the bar to attack the bitch. I sink my fangs in her neck as she struggles underneath me. Pam and Gerald move quickly to lift me off the offending Were. It looks as if a fight is going to erupt in the bar, but the colonel demands silence. He says the Weres are not to retaliate for the blood offense since it was the Were bitch that started it. I do not understand. Why am I not allowed to protect Sookie? She is mine after all.

The situation in the bar quickly deteriorates as another shifter enters the bar. She apparently has a bad history with Sookie, because I feel the anger rolling off my lover. Gerald and Pam push the two of us out of the bar so that we do not cause any further incidents. They tell us they will let us know of any plans that are formulated to deal with the witch problem.

Sookie drives us home. I ask her why vampires and Weres hate each other, but she has no more insight than I. She says that the supernatural community works together against humans, but the different species fight each other.   It reminds me of the clan wars in Scotland, why I do not know. Sookie also tells me that I made the situation escalate in Merlotte’s by attacking the Were. Again, I do not understand why I am not allowed to defend Sookie. Does she not think of me as her mate? Does she not think I am worthy? Does she not know how much I value her?

As we enter her house she tells me she is used to people thinking and talking poorly of her. I shake my head in disgust, both at the coat I remove from my lover’s body and the topic of humans. “That confirms my bad opinion of humans in general.” I move to stand in front of Sookie so she can see how much I mean the words I am about to say. “You are beautiful.”

My words embarrass her because she lowers her head and waves her hand in the air as if trying to dismiss my statement. I continue on relentlessly; she needs to understand how highly I think of her. “You are smart, and you are loyal. You have a sense of fun and adventure.”

“Cut it out,” she tells me weakly.

“Make me,” I challenge her. “You have the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen. You’re brave.” She puts her fingers across my mouth to stop me from speaking. Her eyes shine brightly with unshed tears and those beautiful breasts are heaving. My tongue slips out of my mouth to lick her fingers, which causes her to relax against me as I feel a fresh wave of lust coming from her.

“You’re responsible and hardworking,” I continue. Before I say anything else, her lips are brushing against mine. At first, the kiss is gentle, a way of showing her thanks for all of my words. However, my need for her is far too great. My tongue slides across her lower lip begging for entrance. With a moan, she opens her mouth to me. My tongue eagerly slips inside her mouth, flicking along the roof of her mouth, which causes her to shiver and gasp.

I pull back and find her eyes dark with passion. “There, you’re creative too.” And I plan to show her just how creative I can be. I boost her up on the kitchen table. She bites her lower lip nervously and I smile reassuringly at her before placing quick kisses against her lips. Once she relaxes, I lift the bottom of her shirt so I can pull it off her. The white of her plain bra contrasts against the lingering tan on her skin. She reaches for my shirt; I lift my arms and step backwards so she can easily remove the offensive garment from my body. She tosses the shirt to the side and reaches behind her back to pull her hair from its holder. She shakes her head to spread her hair wildly around her shoulders. Her hands make quick work of unclasping her bra, and my hands eagerly slide the straps down her arms, flinging it across the kitchen. They really are the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. My hands cover them, plumping them up to offer first the left than the right to my mouth.   Sookie leans back on her arms, thrusting her breasts up to my eager lips. How can I refuse such a tempting offer? I suck one nipple in my mouth, alternating between sucking rapidly and hollowing out my cheeks to create more suction.

Sookie’s head drops back, her voice getting louder and louder as I pleasure her body. Our first night together, she was shy and timid about the things we did to each other’s body. But tonight, my lover knows exactly what she wants. She grips my hair hard in her hand and pulls me up for a bruising kiss. She flicks her tongue against the point of my fang so I get a taste of her blood. I growl with need as I suck on her tongue for more of her sweetness. She wraps her legs around my waist, pushing herself against my hardened cock. She grinds against me before pulling back.

She smirks as she looks at my cock. “That looks painful. Why don’t you get more comfortable?” Before she can blink, I have removed both my pants and my shoes. Seeing her dazed look, I use the same speed to remove her shoes, pants, and underwear. She blinks rapidly before laughing. “Thank God for vamp speed!” She beckons me towards her with her finger, a wicked grin on her face.

I move closer to her, capturing her lips with mine, rubbing her heated body against my cool one. I feel Sookie’s hand drifting south towards my cock and I stop her. Pulling back from her lips, I see a pout on her face. “Lie back Lover,” I command.

Sookie holds my hands as she lowers herself against the table. I sit down on one of the chairs in front of my lover. I pull her towards the end of the table, pulling her legs over my shoulders so I can have easier access to the place I want. Spread before me is my personal nirvana. Sookie’s folds are wet with her desire, her nub swollen with need. I lean in so I can inhale, enjoying the sweet and spicy smell of her arousal. Lowering my face, I slide my tongue along her folds, causing Sookie’s hips to jerk up. I place one hand against her pubic bone and lower stomach to hold her in place. I slide two fingers from my other hand inside her moist heat. She is so wet that it isn’t long before I am able to slide a third finger inside her. As my fingers push and pull out of her body, my mouth locks around her clit. I am alternating between sucking and flicking my tongue against her nerve center. I do not think Sookie is aware of the words coming out of her mouth; she is alternating between wordless pleas and demands of me to fuck her. Her hands grip my hair, pushing my face further against her wetness as she undulates against my face. Knowing she is close to her orgasm, I slide my fangs into the skin on either side of her nub, drawing both her blood and cum in my mouth. Sookie screams as her orgasm overtakes her. I eagerly drink the combination of her blood and her cum, prolonging her orgasm for as long as I can. I heal her wounds when she starts trying to push my head away from her.

I sit back in the chair, pulling Sookie’s body down on mine. I easily slide inside her. She looks at me with dazed eyes, flushed cheeks, and a smile of absolute bliss. I smirk, feeling enormously pleased that I am the one to put that look on her face. “Hold on tight and don’t move,” I warn her. Her eyes widen, but she complies quickly wrapping her arms around my neck and hooking her legs around the back of the chair. I start thrusting in her slowly, allowing her body time to recover from her first orgasm. As I feel her squeezing around me each time I enter her, I increase the speed of my thrusts. I am moving so fast that Sookie can only cling to me. Sookie cries out as she is hit with another orgasm. I groan before leaning down to bite her neck, finding my release. I still my movements as I suck the blood from the wound I created. She is truly a gift from the gods because she tastes divine. I reluctantly heal her wounds and slide her body slowly up and down my shaft as we both experience the aftershocks from our respective releases. Sookie’s head rolls forward to rest on my shoulder. She is utterly spent, a boneless pool of contentment.

I stand with her still wrapped around me and walk to her bedroom. A groan escapes Sookie’s lips as I slide out of her body to lay her on the bed. I climb in bed beside her, pulling her in my arms so she rests against my chest.

We lay like that for several minutes, Sookie tracing the lines of my shoulder with her finger as she hums something I am unfamiliar with. “Thank you,” she whispers. This beautiful, sweet, caring woman in my arms is grateful for me when I am the one that is lucky to have found her. I tell her how lucky I am to have her by my side. I tell her that when this is over, I will bring her to my side. Everything that I have will be hers. My blood inside her is telling me that she feels reluctant about something, but she tells me that I make her happy. Sookie falls asleep soon after, leaving me alone with my thoughts. One thought stands out from all the others.

Happy does not even begin to describe what Sookie makes me feel.




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  2. Kittyinaz says:

    Why thank you!!!! You are freaking awesome. I love seeing the world from Eric’s perspective, and I wonder how it will affect them when he is out of the spell. Since he did resolve to get her….

  3. murgatroid98 says:

    Aww, I remember this. I love the tenderness between them when Eric couldn’t remember. I think that was my favorite book in the series. I always hoped they would recapture that closeness, but it was never the same. Thank you for this.

  4. gyllene says:

    I love this from Eric’s perspective. I’m hoping for the happily ever after that CH never gave us. 🙂

  5. lostinspace33 says:

    I love reading this from Eric’s point of view!

  6. askarsgirl says:

    Eric’s pov for me is always best! I hope he’ll remember their time together right away this time or at least I hope they both handle it better than how they did in the book.

  7. kleannhouse says:

    awww, perfect once again.. KY

  8. Rose Meschi says:

    wow !!!!! It was perfect ! loved it thanks 🙂

  9. Loftin says:

    Loving it!

  10. theladykt says:

    Ugh stupid jealous Were’s and Shifter.

  11. georgiasuzy says:

    Thanks for not letting Eric eat Claudine! I liked what he DID have to eat at the kitchen table much better 🙂

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