Chapter 5

I breathe deeply as I rise for the night. Even in this dank space I can smell my lover on my skin. I smile with pleasure as I recall the events from last evening. She may not realize it, but Sookie will be mine; that is the only thing I am sure of in this existence. As I wait for the sun to set, I think of the different ways I can please my lover tonight. I know she is at work now, so she will be tired and perhaps hungry when she returns. I cannot help her with her need for food, but I can think of many ways to help her relax. Thankfully, the sun drops below the horizon; the direction of my thoughts had made it quite uncomfortable in that cramped hole.

I shower quickly, unfortunately washing Sookie’s scent off. I use her soap and shampoo. Their smells bring me small comfort as they remind me of her. I dress in the jeans and sweatshirt Sookie’s brother purchased for me. I look in the mirror searching for answers about who I am. Something does not feel right; the clothes fit, but I do not feel comfortable in them. They irritate my skin; they feel rough and hard against my body. Given the two articles of clothing I arrived in, I do not think Jason and I share the same taste in clothing.

I am too restless to stay in the house, so I exit through the kitchen and find myself outside. The sounds of the night slowly fade to nothing. All nature’s creatures can sense an apex predator in their midst. I take off running through the woods, enjoying the feel of the wind in my hair as I run haphazardly through the woods. I feel free.

I stop suddenly when I feel Sookie’s unease and worry. Turning around, I head for her home. When I break through the woods to see her car, I stop and use all my senses.  There is no danger in the area, so I cannot understand what has caused her panic.

Sookie flings open the car door and scrambles out. She rushes towards the house, but I catch her in my arms, wrapping her around my waist in the process.

“Eric, you shouldn’t be out…” Whatever she has to say can wait. I need to kiss her; I need to feel her body against mine. I press her against one of the pillars on the back porch, grinding my hips against her. I don’t care about anything at the moment other than the quickest way to get Sookie out of her clothes. I feel Sookie’s body surrendering to mine and I want to shout in victory. Instead, I move my lips across her face and down her neck, placing lingering kisses along her throbbing pulse.

“Eric,” Sookie gasps as I swirl my tongue along her clavicle.

“Shhh,” I whisper against her skin, causing her body to shudder.

“No, listen to me. We have to hide!”

“From whom?” My words were whispered in her ear before sucking the lobe in my mouth. Gods she tastes divine!

Sookie shivers against me again, but I hear the resolve in her voice. “The witch that’s after you came in Merlotte’s tonight. She and her brother asked about any local vampires; we had to tell them about Bill. They are at his house right now lookin’ for you! What if they come here? I can’t let anything happen to you!” Sookie’s anxiety increased with every word she spoke.

I am overjoyed to hear in an indirect way that Sookie cares for me, that any harm that may befall me will hurt her. But my hubris has taken a blow. She does not think I can protect us? I admit this witch had gotten the best of me once, but I like to think that was through no fault of my own. I am confident I can handle a single witch. I am also curious; perhaps seeing my adversary will cause me to remember something.

“Come on Lover; let’s go look.” I give her one last kiss to her lips before spinning her around so she is clinging to my back. I take off running for the cemetery. I do not run as fast as earlier because I do not wish to harm Sookie, but it is still faster than a normal human. I feel her limbs wrapped tightly around me. I can feel both concern and enjoyment coming from her. She has nothing to fear; I will protect her.

We run through the cemetery and then begin the uphill climb to her neighbor’s home. I do not like knowing that my lover’s ex lives this close to her. I will have to speak to Sookie about my concerns, but now is not the time. The house comes in to view and I head for a large oak tree. I lower Sookie’s legs and then hold her hands so she can slide easily down my back. I pull her around so that she is wedged between me and the tree. She grips my wrists tightly. We both freeze when we hear voices nearby.

“The car is cold, the house is locked; it looks like no one has been here for a while.” I stiffen as I hear the woman’s voice. I cannot place how I know it, but it is familiar to me. Flashes of a woman standing in front of a desk pass through my head. In the vision, she is a masculine looking woman, and her style of clothing accentuated her manly mannerisms and not softening them. She was accompanied by someone who could have only been a family member; they looked exactly alike. I pull myself from my thoughts when I feel Sookie shift beneath me. She is trying to move away from the tree, but I press her more firmly against the tree. The two witches are trying to break in and Sookie thinks she can stop them. I smile into her hair as I hold her close; my little warrior. The scent of Were suddenly wafts through the air; not just one Were but at least a dozen. The two witches must have noticed the intruders, because they shift as well.

“Sorry,” Sookie whispers in my ear. What does she have to apologize for? The sound of a wolf’s howl fills the air followed by snarls and snapping jaws. I wish I could see what was going on. As quickly as the thought enters my head, I find that I have shot up to the roof of the rundown former plantation. I can fly?!?!?!?!?! Why did no one think to mention that to me? I quickly check on Sookie to see that she is hunched down, holding a dog. I snort in disgust. A dog at a wolf fight? I know it is a shifter that my Sookie is clinging to. If he is here to help her in some way, he should have changed into a more formidable foe.

Scanning the other side of the yard, I see a pack of wolves circling the two witches. One of the pack members tries to attack the witches but the wolf is tossed to the side like a human swatting at a bug. Seeing that they are outnumbered, the two witches run for their car. Once in the car, they shift back to humans. They speed down the driveway, running over another Were as they escape. I fly fast trying to track the vehicle, but I lose them once they enter the highway for Shreveport. Feeling disappointed and exhilarated at the same time, I fly back to my Sookie.

I land in the yard to find myself surrounded by the pack of Weres and Sookie sitting on the porch steps. “I followed them to the highway, but then I lost them.” I am still excited to know I can fly. I want to take Sookie up in the air to show her the stars. The dog that had been with Sookie trots toward me growling. “Shoo,” I command and wave my hand. Does this furball think he can intimidate me?

A large black wolf moves toward Sookie and I tense waiting to see what he will do. If he makes a move to harm her, I will end every wolf in this yard without a second thought. As I strategize on how to best defend my lover, I see the wolf lead Sookie over to a naked woman lying on the ground. The woman’s arm and leg are lying at unnatural angles, and I can smell Were blood in the air, not an appetizing aroma.

Sookie tosses her keys to me. “Go get my car.” Hearing the urgency in her voice, I do as she asks. Within seconds, I am landing in the yard of her home. I look at the rusted metal bucket in disgust. With a sigh, I adjust the driver’s seat as far back as I can, which isn’t much. My knees still hit the steering wheel as I turn the key in the ignition and throw the car in reverse. I wonder how long I have known how to drive.

I speed to the ramshackle house. Once I am in the driveway, I slam on the brakes, kicking up loose pieces of gravel. I would enjoy driving a lot more in a better car, definitely something with more speed. I see an elder naked man carrying the injured woman wrapped in blankets. I open the back door so he can place the injured girl in there. I reach through the other side to help him adjust her so she is as comfortable as possible. Sookie gets in the driver’s seat, and I slide in the passenger seat to go with her.

“No way; you aren’t going!”

“Why not?”

She looks exasperated as she explains, “Eric, I’m already going to have difficulty explaining how she got injured. It will be even worse if I have a vampire with me. Besides, they have wanted posters for you everywhere! There isn’t a person in this parish that couldn’t use that money!”

Reluctantly I exit the vehicle, closing the door behind me. Sookie yells through the window as she starts the car, “Turn off the lights and lock the house up!”

The elder naked Were yells back for Sookie to meet us at Merlotte’s. Once the vehicle is out of sight, the naked man turns to me. “You are welcome to join us, Sheriff Northman.” I nod my head at the man, watching as he and his wolves turn back towards the cemetery.

Once they are out of sight, I turn towards the house to do exactly as Sookie asked. The collie is still sitting on the porch steps, looking at me with his head tilted. I walk past him to do the two things Sookie asked of me.

Once I walk down the steps, I turn towards the dog. “Come on, Fido. Show me where this Merlotte’s is.” The collie growls at me, and I raise my eyebrow in return. After a minute of this ridiculous stare down, the dog trots off, leaving me to follow behind.

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8 Responses to Chapter 5

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  2. kleannhouse says:

    lol, loved it… love the Fido bit at the end . KY

  3. askarsgirl says:

    I love reading this from Eric’s pov! Oh and the Fido bit was hilarious!

  4. askarsgirl says:

    I love reading this from Eric’s pov! Oh and the Fido line was too funny!

  5. Loftin says:

    Fido!! Lol I love it.

  6. kinnik says:

    I’m so glad to have an update for this story. Not that I am not keeping up with all your stories, but I love this one from Eric’s POV. Well done! Fido…too funny.

  7. georgiasuzy says:

    Good point, why didn’t she ever think to tell him he could fly? LOL Fido – Sam chooses his dog form at the most inappropriate times! I’m glad you’re still working on this story. I can’t complain about which one you work on cuz I’m addicted to them all so I’m happy with whatever you give me. Kinda like Sam!

  8. theladykt says:

    ROFL Loved the Fido joke. Sam is such a goober

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