Supernatural Stories

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Works In Progress:

A Viking’s Choice


Waking Up Dead

The Wizard of Bon Temps


A Different Life

A Queen’s Command

The Balance Universe: Never Be (Sookie’s Prequel)

The Balance Universe: Longing (Eric’s Prequel)

The Balance Universe: Hanging in the Balance

I Remember Nothing

The Monster You Created



Tis the Season

One Shots

A Birthday Wish

Any Time, Any Place

Be Careful What you Wish ForYou Just Might Get It

Endings and Beginnings

Fangtasia’s Writers’ Appreciation Night: 2014

Fangtasia’s Writers’ Appreciation Night: 2015

Hey There Little Red Riding Hood

In Another Life


Making It Right: An Alternative Ending to True Blood Finale

Reflections: An All I Want Prequel

Safe and Sound

The Calendar Man

The Final Strand

With Age Comes Wisdom

4 Responses to Supernatural Stories

  1. lovingeric says:

    Hello, did you post the choices we make? I don’t see it please help. Thank you for your time.

    • I have removed that story because I will not be completing it. I have lost the muse for it. Perhaps one day I shall get back to it, but for now, it is not in the rotation of stories I am working on.

      • lovingeric says:

        Thank you for replying, sorry to hear you lose your muse on this story. I really likes your Eric and Sookie.
        And thanks for sharing your talent with us. CH killed it for me.

  2. loretta412 says:

    im so disappointed you wont be finishing this story what ch did to them was tragic i was hoping through the writers would give them their hea and that goes for true blood the best thing they did was create godric

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