Love of My Life

Chastity’s POV

There was a time in my life when I would have done anything to fit in, to be accepted by my peers. But that’s not who I am anymore, and I’ll never be that girl again. It sure as hell won’t make me happy nor will it keep me warm at night. My eyes were opened because of my experiences at Forbidden and I wasn’t going back to the small town girl I’d been before; not my coworkers, not my friends, hell not even my brother could convince me to change. I’m living my life for me and no one else.

From a young age, we are taught that the goal in life is to find the perfect job, that special someone you love with all your heart, then settle down and raise a family. So based on what I knew, I got a job that I liked, found someone who I thought would make a good husband, and started to make plans for the future.

And I had been fucking miserable and hated my life.

Society’s expectations are wrong. They don’t want you to find the perfect job, because if it’s perfect than it wouldn’t be called a job. Society wants you to find a place in the world that will pay your bills and keep you out of prison. As for finding that special someone you want to settle down with, society once again tries to dictate who that special someone can be. For far too long, a “healthy” relationship was defined as a man and a woman of the same ethnicity. However, the world isn’t that black and white. That special someone can be of the same gender, transgender, or a different ethnicity. Slowly society has begun to accept these variations among couples and thus creating a modern family unit. But there is one thing that has remained the same in society’s expectation for the family unit: it is only supposed to be two people as the parents.

That doesn’t really work for me.

I am in love with two men at the same time, and by some miracle they are in love with me. It hasn’t been an easy road to navigate; in fact, parts of it were downright hellish. My meeting with Godric in Pandora’s Box and later at my home was the impetus behind the change in our relationship. That night between Godric and I had been filled with passion and laughter. In between rounds of sex, Godric and I spent time talking, really getting to know one another for the first time. Exhaustion had finally claimed our bodies after we’d rung every ounce of pleasure from each other that could be achieved. And when I’d woke the next morning, it was to find Godric lying beside me, his head propped in his hand. He brushed the hair back from my face as I blinked my eyes to rid them of sleep. His whispered “I love you” had been the sweetest and most heartbreaking sound of my life. I burst in tears with his whispered confession and curled in a ball. Godric looked heartbroken by my reaction and eased out of my bed so he could get dressed. I’d wrapped the sheet around me and scurried out of my bed when I saw him getting ready to leave and begged for him to stay. Godric had his jeans on and looked so despondent, but he’d sat on the edge of my bed to listen to me. I sat on my knees in front of Godric and explained that yes, I had feelings for him, but I also had feelings for Eric. I wasn’t sure if those feelings were love or something else; I was confused and I asked for time to sort my feelings out. Godric said he understood and wasn’t surprised by my admission. He leaned forward, planted a kiss on my forehead and told me to take all the time I needed, that he would be waiting for my decision. He’d finished dressing and left my home, leaving me to wallow in my misery.

I’d spent the day thinking about the situation I’d found myself in. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought I would have feelings for two handsome, charismatic, intelligent men at the same time. What was I supposed to do? Could I really choose one of them? What would that mean for their friendship? For their business? I knew how Godric felt; I needed to know Eric’s feelings.

That night I went to Forbidden. I wasn’t there to play; I was there to have a serious conversation with Eric. I’d found him in his office. He didn’t seem surprised to see me; in fact he’d been expecting it. Apparently Godric had told him everything that afternoon. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was angry with Godric. If he talked to Eric, then I should have been there to be part of the conversation. It was only fair; this was a situation that involved all three of us. I hadn’t come here to have a conversation with Eric about Godric’s feelings for me; I’d come here to talk about what Eric’s feelings were for me. I wanted to have an open conversation with the guy that made me laugh during sex, the man who I’d trusted to help chart my sexual awakening.

He wasn’t the man I found in the office.

For the first time in all my experiences, I dealt with The Viking; he was callous and pragmatic. He made me feel like I had been nothing but a willing whore he’d passed the time with. I couldn’t believe what I heard. I’d wanted to scream at him, tell him he was lying, but I was too heartbroken by his words. The last thing he told me was that my membership at Forbidden was revoked and I would not be welcome anymore. I’d run from his office, blinded by tears, and ran out the door. Godric had been waiting for me by my car. He held me as I cried and tried to soothe my battered heart. Godric had been the one to drive me home that night. He took care of me, putting me to bed and holding me as I cried through the night.

It’s a hell of way to realize you love someone. Unfortunately, I realized the person I loved wasn’t the one that comforted me that night. I’d fallen in love with Eric, and he broke my heart that night. Part of me thought it was Karma’s way of getting back at me for having been a greedy bitch the last few months.

Godric was a far better friend to me in the days and weeks that followed my “break-up” with Eric. He never pressured me to advance our relationship, he never made a pass at me; he merely was there to help me put myself back together. It made me realize that Godric had been taking care of me for months, only I hadn’t known it. There weren’t any thunderbolts, signs, or epiphanies when I realized I loved Godric. It was much like the man himself; quiet, unassuming, and steadfast. The problem was that my heart still ached for Eric. And I think Godric knew that. We never spoke about Eric; hell, I didn’t even know what was going on with the club. At one point I had asked if everything was ok between him and Eric. Godric had looked thoughtful for a moment before shrugging his shoulders; I don’t think even he knew if his friendship with Eric was OK. I’d learned from Pam that Eric had gone to Dallas for business, but that was it. She seemed irritated with Eric and didn’t want to talk about him, so I dropped it.

It was the weekend before Christmas and I had a million things to take care of. I always swore I was going to finish my Christmas shopping early and I never did. There was always one person that I was scrambling to buy a present for at the last minute. On top of the shopping, I had a ton of baking I needed to finish. Rather than buy my coworkers useless trinkets that they would have no need or appreciation of, I always made gift baskets of baked goods. It had started as just a couple dozen chocolate chip cookies and a couple of loaves of bread. Somehow that had changed to become seven different types of cookies, five different types of bread, homemade candy, and chocolate covered pretzels. After the mall, I’d stopped at the grocery store to pick up some last minute supplies. Godric was bringing dinner later and offered to serve as my quality control taste tester. Our relationship has moved along slowly; despite our unconventional beginning, we were taking our time to bring sex in our relationship. Well, at least we had been, I planned on shaking things up when I gave Godric his Christmas gifts. I think me dressed in a slutty elf costume would say that I was ready to take things to the next level.

When I’d pulled up to my house, there was an unfamiliar red Corvette parked in front of it, but I didn’t see anyone. I lived in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors; it’s not like whoever it was ended up at the wrong house. So I parked my vehicle and popped the trunk so I could get my bags from the back. I was in the holiday spirit and found myself humming Christmas tunes as I gathered up my bags. Slamming the trunk closed, the tune I was humming died on my lips and I thought my heart stopped; Eric was standing at the hood of my car. The ache in my chest that had been slowly fading throbbed sharply in my chest and I felt my eyes filling with tears. Why was he there? Eric for his part did not move, I think he was afraid of scaring me off. He looked the worst I’d ever seen him. His eyes were sunken in his face, his clothes hung off his body, and his hair and beard were unkempt. We stood staring at each other for what felt like hours until he finally moved to my side and offered to carry my bags in the house. Without a sound, I relinquished my bags to him so I could get my keys out to open the house. He followed me back to the kitchen and set my bags on the table. Eric seemed nervous, something I’d never seen before. The silence stretched between us until I finally had to ask Eric why he was there. It was as if the floodgates had opened. In a rush of words, Eric apologized for everything he’d said to me in his office. He missed me, needed me, and most importantly, he loved me. He’d said what he had because he thought Godric was the better choice for me, that he could give me the life he thought I would want, the life I deserved.

I hate when people think they know what is best for me!

I was so pissed at Eric! How dare he hurt me like that?  His words had destroyed me; they broke something inside me.  I wanted to tell him to get the fuck out of my house; that I never wanted to see him again. But that would have been a lie. My heart was bursting with joy to know that he missed me just as much as I missed him. And he loved me, it was a dream come true!

But I was miserable.  How was I supposed to choose between Eric and Godric? I couldn’t, not after how wonderful Godric had been to me the last few weeks. I started to cry and Eric panicked, not knowing what to do. He wrapped his arms around me and tried to tell me that everything was going to be alright, that he wouldn’t hurt me again. He tilted my head so he could plant a soft kiss on my lips; no passion, only love.

Of course that was the moment Godric chose to walk in my house.

I jumped away from Eric like he’d electrocuted me.  I didn’t know what to say, didn’t know what to do. But Godric had merely smiled and said he was happy to see the two of us together again. Eric and Godric were both smiling at me as if everything was right with the world.  I didn’t know what drugs they were on, but I wanted to know where I could get my hands on some! It seemed though that my two men had already spoken to each other about me and the feelings they each had for me. Neither of them wanted to be without me, and they didn’t want to put me in the position where I would have to pick one of them. If I was willing, they wanted to engage in a polyandrous relationship with me.

I was overwhelmed, I was confused; I needed time to think.

Both of them seemed hurt by my declaration that I needed time, but they both left without a fuss. Of course, they’d each left me something to think about with their good-bye kisses. Each kiss reminded me of how much they loved me, how desired I was, and how special I was to them. Godric and Eric both told me they loved me and left my house. I know it wasn’t a permanent good-bye but watching them walk out of my house felt like my heart was breaking again. Why was I going through this pain if they were both willing to love me together?

I’m sure I looked like a lunatic when I ran out of my house screaming for them to wait. But I didn’t care; I simply knew that I couldn’t watch them walk out of my life ever again.

Surprisingly, it was relatively simple for the three of us to blend our lives together.  Eric and Godric worked very hard to make sure I always knew how much I meant to them, that I was always loved. When it was just the three of us, life was absolutely perfect.  It’s when outsiders got involved that problems always arose.  Somehow my coworkers learned that I was involved with two men at the same time. Gossip was rampant around the office and I was quickly ostracized. The men tried to proposition me and the women thought me a whore.  I tried to tough it out, but eventually I quit because I couldn’t handle all the negativity in my life. But the gossip didn’t stop at the office; it quickly spread to the small town where I lived.  People I’d known my whole life were calling me a whore, saying my Gran would be ashamed of me if they could see me now.  How fucking dare these people think they could judge me?!?!?!  And how dare they try to use my Gran’s memory against me?  They may have known Adele Stackhouse, but they didn’t know who she was behind closed doors.  I needed to get away from the small town life I’d been living. I was tired of being judged for how I lived my life. They expected me to fit in their mold of how I should act, think, and feel. The people of Bon Temps expected me to be the perfect Southern Belle.

So I said fuck ‘em and got the hell up outta Dodge!

I’d given up my home, my job, and many people who I thought were my friends.  Eric and Godric were supportive of my decision and helped me in any way I needed.  It was ultimately Pam who approached me about working for Forbidden.  The club in Dallas was set to open, and they had added an adult themed toy store.  What Pam wanted to do was advertise.  They didn’t know the first thing about advertising; Forbidden’s membership was all word of mouth, they had never needed to advertise for the club.  Dallas was going to be a whole different venture for them. Pam had looked into advertising firms, but it was going to cost a small fortune. Some companies refused to work with her because of the product she was trying to sell.  That’s something I can’t understand; the first thing they teach you in marketing is that sex sells.  I would think it would be extremely easy to market a sex club and toy store.  The only thing that worried me was working so closely with Eric and Godric.  Why I worried I don’t know.  The two of them have supported me in everything since we became partners.  I am truly blessed to have them in my life.

That was almost two years ago.  The three of us moved to Dallas shortly before Forbidden opened.  Pam, with Tara’s help, is running Forbidden in Shreveport and the New Orleans club is flourishing under Rasul’s watchful eye.  They definitely do things bigger in Texas; the Dallas club is in a building that is nearly six stories tall, with the first floor of the building being the store, which we have named The Forbidden Chest.  The club is absolutely breathtaking in shades of blues and greys, something completely different from what I saw in Shreveport.  Eric and Godric pointed out that each club should reflect the character of the city and people where it is located.  What better way to show the character of the Dallas then to use the colors of the Dallas Cowboys?  The club itself also looks vastly different in that it is more of an elaborate boudoir than the overt sexuality I saw in Shreveport and New Orleans.  But business is booming for us; we are actually looking at plans to open clubs in Houston and Austin before the year is out.  We’ve also expanded The Forbidden Chest to include a store in New Orleans and we now have an online business.  Like I said, business is booming.


It’s been a rough day at the office today. All I want to do is get home and soak in the tub until all the tension leaves my body.  Today was the last day of the photo shoot for the new lingerie line we will be debuting online; it is a line designed by Pam that will be exclusive to Forbidden.  The models and camera crew were all professionals, and it was a great pleasure working with them, but three, twelve-hour days in a row have been exhausting. It’s been a long week, but having seen some of the rough images, I know it will be completely worth it.  I know my guys have certainly appreciated the samples of Pam’s lingerie that she has sent me.

Dallas home

Pulling up to our home outside Dallas, I see that Eric’s Corvette and Godric’s Mercedes are both in the garage.  I pull in the open space available for me with a smile on my face.  I didn’t know that they would be home tonight; I thought they were going to the club to meet with prospective new members.  The thing about Dallas is that there are many affluent people who seek membership to the club; people who would rather not have it known that they are going to a sex club.  It is for that reason that Eric and Godric created the VIP level of the club.  The top level of the club is reserved for those members willing to pay for privacy.  It still amazes me who and what I’ve seen take place on that level of the club.  Who knew that a well-respected televangelist liked to be spanked while wearing women’s lingerie?  I can’t tell you who, but I’ll never be able to look at his Sunday morning worship show on TV the same way ever again.  It’s kind of hard to accept the word of God from someone who likes to scream ‘thank you mommy’ when getting spanked by his dominant, a woman who is definitely not his wife.

I open the door that leads from the garage to the main part of the house and my mouth opens in surprise.  The house is dark save for the candles inside lanterns lit up to show me the path of rose petals.  Leaving my items by the door, I walk slowly down the hallway and then up the stairs.  The path of rose petals leads me to the bedroom I share with Eric and Godric.  When I push open the door, my breath catches at the sight before me.  Thousands of rose petals are strewn on the floor, filling the room with their heady fragrance.  Lit candles are on every available surface, illuminating two of the most handsome men on the planet, dressed in their very best, with the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen on their faces.


“What’s all this?”  I look around the room to also see there is a table with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

“Lover you’ve been working so hard lately, we wanted to do something special for you.  Tonight is a special night after all,” Eric says as he steps forward to give me a toe-curling kiss hello.

When Eric releases my lips, I ask in a breathless voice, “Why’s tonight special?”  Godric is smiling behind me when I turn in Eric’s arms to kiss hello the other man who has my heart.  Godric’s kiss is just as ardent as Eric’s; it’s a wonder I can breathe at all when he releases my lips.  Eric’s hands work the aching muscles in my shoulders while I am in Godric’s embrace.  I moan softly because it feels so good.

“My love,” Godric’s voice is tender and loving as he brushes the hair back from my face, “tonight is the anniversary of the night you walked in our lives.  Tonight marks the anniversary of the best four years in our lives.”

My eyes water as I think of how much I love these two men; they are everything to me.  Godric smiles indulgently as he brushes his thumbs along my cheeks.  He knows that I cry easily, especially when they do something absolutely sweet for me.  Eric takes my hand to lead me to the couch we have in our bedroom.  He has me sit on the middle cushion and then he proceeds to remove my heels, massaging my feet and calves.  I moan again as I flop against the back cushions, loving the way his fingers are easing every ache and cramp I have.  Godric chuckles from beside me and my eyes flicker to him.  He has a glass of champagne in his hand and a small plate of the decadent dessert.  As he sits beside me, he offers me the glass of champagne, which I take.  After a small sip, I close my eyes in delight as the bubbly beverage tickles its way along my tongue and down my throat to my stomach.  I sigh with pleasure as I enjoy the loving attentions from my men.

I feel a strawberry at the seam of my lips and I open my lips wide to take the succulent berry.  A small bead of strawberry juice slips out from my lips to dribble down my chin and neck as I chew the tasty treat.  My eyes are still closed when I feel the velvety smooth tongue of Eric on my neck licking up the fruity nectar.  Godric plucks the glass of champagne from my hand as Eric continues to suck and lick his way up my neck and chin before his lips close over mine once more.  We both moan as our tongues caress each other, though Eric pulls back when I try to deepen the kiss.  My eyes flutter open and my lips move in a pout though I do not have long to wait until Godric’s lips settle on mine.  This kiss is heated and passionate as Godric commands all of my attention.  However, he too leaves me wanting more.  I growl in frustration; I hate when they tease me.

Eric chuckles as he shifts to sit beside me on the couch.  “Close your eyes Lover,” Eric commands in that deep sexy voice that makes my ovaries tingle.  My eyes swing to him and his lips are twisted in that smirk I love so much.  With an exaggerated eye roll, I do as he asks.  I feel a box placed in my lap and Godric commands me to open my eyes.  My mouth drops open in astonishment as I take in the Tiffany and Co. signature blue box with the white ribbon in my lap.

“What have you two done?”  My voice is full of love and exasperation; they know I hate when they buy me presents.  I don’t need expensive gifts; all I want is their love.  They have done so much for me in the years we have been together.  I often feel that I have done nothing to deserve their love and sometimes I worry that one day they are both going to realize I’m not worth all the hassle.

“Open it and see,” Godric says as he toys with the ends of my hair.  There is a nervous energy coming from both that has me suspicious.  Pulling the end of the ribbon slowly, I watch as the white ribbon unravels to expose the logo of the company.  I pull the top of the lid open and gasp in shock.  Nestled in the soft cotton inside the box are two diamond wedding bands with a large solitaire diamond resting on top of a diamond band.  My eyes fill with tears as I realize what these rings mean.

Chastity engagement ring Chastity wedding bandsGodric is the first to slide off the couch and rest on bended knee before me.  “Our relationship has been unconventional from the start, why should now be any different?”  He takes one of the diamond bands from the box as he picks up my left hand.  “I, Godric Nervii, love you Sookie Stackhouse.  I promise to care for you and love you all the days of my life.  You are the wife of my heart; the only one I shall want for the rest of my days.  Will you accept this ring and wear it as a symbol of my love for you?”  I nod my head emphatically as tears streak down my face.  Godric’s smile is blindingly beautiful as he slides the diamond band on my ring finger.  He leans forward to kiss my lips, telling me with that simple action how loved I am and how much he cherishes me.  When our kiss ends, he thumbs the tears off my cheeks as he kisses my forehead before returning to the seat next to me.

Eric now slides off the couch before me.  “Each band represents the pledge you will make to each of us.  The engagement ring is so that everyone will know that you are ours,” Eric says in a low voice as he slides the sparkling diamond on my finger.  He next pulls the remaining diamond band from its cotton home and holds it in his fingers, poised to slide it on my ring finger.  “I, Eric Northman, love you my bewitching Chastity.  I promise to walk this world by your side all the days of my life and love you with every breath I take.  You are the wife of my heart; the only one I shall love for the rest of my days.  Will you accept this ring and wear it as a symbol of my love for you?”  Our blue eyes lock together and I see the storm swirling in Eric’s eyes.  Of the two men I love, Eric is the one that has always needed the most reassurance that I love him.  The rocky patch in our relationship haunts him to this day, and he has always felt a need to make it up to me.  As I explained to him before on many occasions, I hated that time apart but it was necessary for us to realize how much we love each other and how we are willing to do anything to be with each other.

“Yes,” I say softly as my right hand moves to caress Eric’s beautiful face.  Eric breathes a sigh of relief as he slides the ring on my finger so that it is nestled against the engagement ring.  The three rings together are absolutely stunning.  I do not think I have ever seen anything sparkle and shine as much as these rings.  I may need to wear sunglasses all the time now.

Eric’s lips find mine in tender kiss.  However as is usually the case with us, the kiss becomes heated and demanding.  His mouth dominates mine as my head falls back to let him take what he wants from me.  As Eric’s lips move against mine, spinning me up to dizzying heights, Godric’s hands are at the back of my neck, untying the knot that holds my halter top together and then sliding the zipper of my dress down.  Eric releases my lips and my head instantly turns to seek out Godric’s mouth.  As Godric and I kiss, Eric pushes the top of my dress down so the material pools at my waist.  Eric wastes no time moving his lips against the swell of my breasts as he pinches my nipples through the material of my bra.  My mouth rips away from Godric’s to cry out with pleasure from the sensations as I feel the desire building deep inside me and my arousal dampens the thin material of my bikini underwear.  Godric uses his right hand to angle my head to the side so he can leave open-mouthed kisses along my neck, moving to that spot just under my ear that makes me wild and impossibly wet.  The fingers of his left hand slide along the material of my underwear, stimulating my clit and lower lips.  Eric’s hands have moved around to my back to undo the clasps of my strapless bra, throwing the offensive garment to the side so his mouth can suckle easily on my breasts.  It is amazing how quickly these two can have me on the brink of ecstasy.

The telltale sign of fabric ripping breaks through my erotic haze and I see that Eric and Godric have worked together to rip the sides of my bottoms so that the fabric falls away from my bare pussy.  Godric’s fingers unerringly find my clit as Eric’s long, thick fingers slide inside me, easily finding that sensitive spot that has me seeing stars.  I’m a gasping, quivering mess as my first orgasm of the night has me bucking my hips against their hands seeking to prolong the sublime feeling.  My lips curl in a slow, satisfied grin as I slump back against the back of the couch.  However, my sweet languor is short-lived because both of my men rub their cum-covered fingers over my nipples.  With my shocked cry, Eric’s mouth closes over first one then the other nipple, sucking hard to make sure he misses none of my sweetness.  He smacks his lips together when he finished, as if he has just had his absolute favorite thing to eat.

“Delicious as always Lover,” Eric says with a wink and I can’t help blushing as usual.  Here I am completely naked save for my newly acquired jewelry and the two of them are completely clothed in their suits.  As if he can read my mind, Godric loosens the knot of his tie and pulls it free from its place around his neck.  He toes off his shoes then rises from his place on the couch.  Eric mimics Godric’s actions, and my two men are standing in front of me in their finery.  My eyes watch hungrily as they strip in slow, sensual movements that makes me hungry to see their rugged, perfect bodies.  Their jackets fall to the floor and then their fingers work on the buttons of their shirts, revealing inch by glorious inch their muscular physiques.  I lick my lips and slide forward on the couch as they pull their shirts from the waists of their pants and send the cumbersome article of clothing to rest on top of their jackets.  Godric and Eric have the same expressions on their faces, that sexy smirk that says they know I am putty in their hands and they can’t wait to have me in their hands.  Their hands make quick work of their belts and the closures of their pants.  With bated breath, I watch as they drop their pants to the ground and step out of them.  Both Godric and Eric step towards me with their hands outstretched.  I place my hands in theirs; wherever they lead, I will follow.

I love them both with all my heart.

~ The End

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12 Responses to Love of My Life

  1. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Ok, so I started here. 🙂 Love this story! I love where you took it. It could have easily been just sex but it’s so much more. (Not that there is anything wrong with just sex!) I could just picture those two gorgeous men standing side by side, removing their clothes in sync. MMM. Talk about a beautiful sight!

  2. suzyq591suzy says:

    I love happy endings and if this works for them more power to them — Thank you for a wonderful story.

  3. Kittyinaz says:

    Love it!!! So perfect for them, and how Eric would have reacted!!

  4. lostinspace33 says:

    A perfect ending to a fantastic story!

  5. Tlynnson says:

    My Eric/Sookie/Godric fix is purring with happiness. Thank you!

  6. procompsognatus says:

    THANK YOU! I love this story!

  7. murgatroid98 says:

    That’s a beautiful love story. Thank you.

  8. ashmo2000 says:

    Sookie, Eric and Godric all belong together: ) I assume it took so long to make it official was because of work, but it was better late than never:)

  9. eaaustin85 says:

    Absolutely loved it, as always! Beautiful story.

  10. gwynwyvar says:

    Oh. Wow. Yay!
    Eric was a complete dick, but he finally made up for it lol.

    Awesome story! Love love love!

    Thankyou for a wonderful ending!

  11. kleannhouse says:

    awesome way to end it.

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