Hey Cowboy


Eric’s POV

I’ve never been one to make a big deal about my birthday; it’s just another day on the calendar as far as I’m concerned.  Since starting Forbidden with Godric and Pam, I’ve usually celebrated my birthday in the club.  I used my birthdays as an opportunity to try something I’d never done before; I don’t think there is anything left for me to try when it comes to sex.  BDSM, multiple partners, voyeurism, fetishes . . . hell, I’ve even had sex with other men.  I really have no reservations when it comes to sex as long as it is between consenting adults.  But this year my birthday plans will have to change, because Chastity has asked to be in charge of planning my birthday.

Yes, Godric and I still call Sookie ‘Chastity’.  The name just fits her perfectly; she’s the perfect blend of innocence and sin, an angel and a devil all rolled in one.  If you can believe it, I’m in a somewhat monogamous relationship for the first time in my life.  What I mean to say is that Chastity and Godric are the only two people I am consistently having sex with.  Occasionally we have invited other people to join us, but Chastity is always the one to decide who gets to play with us.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed educating her in the finer pleasures of sex, and she has been a most attentive student.  Chastity is creative, adventurous, funny, and unbelievably sexy.  If this were any other woman, I would have become bored a long time ago, but Chastity has managed to keep my attention for nearly six months and I don’t see my interest waning any time soon.

Since the first night Chastity was with Godric and me, she has come to the club more often.  Sometimes we play on the club floor for others to enjoy, sometimes we keep it a private show.  There are times when she is with both Godric and me; there are times when she is with only one of us.  On a few occasions, Chastity has engaged in some girl-on-girl action without one of us in the room with her.  You won’t hear this guy complaining; I thoroughly enjoyed the show and hope to enjoy it again in the future.  The only thing I worry about is Chastity herself.  At some point, I know sex isn’t going to be enough for her.  She’s going to want to settle down, get married, have 2.5 kids, and a house with a white picket fence.  Something I can’t give her . . . but I think Godric can.

I’ve watched Godric interact with Chastity and he treats her differently than any other woman.  Godric has always treated women with respect while I tend to be a dick.  I am who I am and I am not changing for anybody.  There are plenty of women at this club that can tell you how much of an asshole I am.  But not a single one will have a bad thing to say about Godric.  He is charming, gracious, and well-liked.  His partners are never left wanting.  But with Chastity it’s different . . . there is an emotional connection there as well as a physical one.  I’ve asked Godric why he hasn’t pursued her outside of the club and he shrugs me off.

I shake my head to clear my thoughts; tonight is not the night to be thinking of heavy bullshit. Tonight we are celebrating my birthday. I don’t know how Chastity found out about my birthday, but she asked me last week after our time in The Dungeon if she could plan something for the two of us. My mind had still been hazy from the intense orgasm I’d had thanks to taking Chastity from behind as she pleasured Pam with her mouth. I agreed to let Chastity plan something for my birthday but the only stipulation I had was that it be just us; I didn’t want to share her on my birthday.

So it’s the night of my birthday and I’m waiting in my office impatiently. Chastity said she would be here at 8:00 pm so we will have plenty of time to celebrate. There are thirty minutes until Chastity arrives and I’m impatient; I want her here now!  But someone must be smiling down on me tonight, because my office door opens slowly to show Chastity. She is wearing a black dress that accentuates her hips and ass. The dress has no covering over her chest so I am able to see her black lace bra. I can see the rosy color of her nipples against the lace and it makes my mouth water because I want a taste. Her hair hangs in loose waves down her back just as I like, but a black cowboy hat sits on her head. Her make-up is heavier than normal, making her eyes appear darker than they are and her lips are painted a bright candy apple red. My cock hardens at the sight of her lips; I want those red lips wrapped around my cock as I thrust in her mouth.


Chastity leans against the frame staring at me hungrily. She instructed me to wear a pair of blue jeans and nothing else. Not knowing what she had planned, I wore a pair of my favorite jeans. They are worn at the knees and hem from having been washed a lot, but they are completely comfortable. The jeans sit low on my hips so the “v-muscle” that all women salivate over is visible to her.  These jeans also make my ass look good, which I know is one of Chastity’s favorite features on me.  She likes to grab it and dig her fingers in while I’m thrusting on top of her.

She finally breaks the charged silence between us when she purrs, “Hey Cowboy.”  Her eyes smolder as she finishes looking me over and she wets her lips in anticipation.

I smirk at her from my perch against the desk. I wonder if she’d be willing to let me bend her over my desk and fuck her in the ass. It is my birthday after all; I should get what I want.  In a teasing tone I ask her, “See something you like?”

She looks around my office with interest before her eyes settle on my desk. My desk is actually a marble dining table that I re-purposed because I didn’t want to sit at a conventional desk; they are always too short for my height and leave my legs cramped. Her lips curve in a playful pout. “Of course I do. I’m just thinking I might have to alter my plans a bit.  Why haven’t we fucked in here before? Because I’m really thinking I want you to bend me over that desk,” she says gesturing towards the piece of furniture in question.

“What a coincidence? I was thinking the same thing.” My lips curve in a wicked smile as I push away from my desk to stalk forward. Chastity licks her lips again and takes a small step backwards.

“Oh you can run little girl, but you can’t hide,” I say with a growl as I move closer to her. The idea of having to chase after Chastity excites me. I am the hunter and she is my prey; she will be my prize when I catch her.

“Now why would I want to hide?” She moves in the room, making me pause in my pursuit of her. She closes the door behind her, and the click of the lock is as loud as a cannon firing in the utter stillness of the room. “All the fun will be when you catch me,” she says as she presses her body against the door.

Taking the last few steps that bring me to my personal temptress, I waste no time lifting her up so her legs wrap around my waist. Chastity’s lips attack mine as I press her against the door, rubbing my erection roughly against the soft material of her underwear. I love how she is always ready for me; even now I can feel the heat and dampness from her pussy through my jeans. “You’re already ready for me Lover. I love it,” I say in between kisses along her cheek and neck to that spot below her ear that makes her moan. I smile against her skin before sucking it in my mouth, sucking with enough force to get the desired effect but not hard enough to leave a mark. That’s a rule the three of us agreed to when we began this sexual odyssey; we cannot mark each other in areas that are normally visible to others. However, my little hellcat has always found ways to mark us in areas that are covered by clothing. More than once when getting a shower I’ve felt the sting on my back and shoulders from her fingernails. To be fair, I tend to leave marks on her breasts, hips, and thighs. When it’s Chastity and I alone, we tend to be rougher with each other. It’s not that we are trying to hurt each other, but there are times that we like it hard, rough, and fast.

“I’ve been thinking about this all day,” she moans as I continue to taste her skin. I boost her up a bit so I can lower my head to her breasts. I trace the lacy material of her bra with my tongue, immensely satisfied when her nipples pucker from my attentions. Chastity’s legs tighten around me and her hands grip my hair tightly when I open my mouth wide enough to suck her nipple. At first, I suckle her breast gently, thoroughly wetting the material of her bra with my mouth. Lifting my eyes so I can see her face, I find her eyes closed, her lips parted, and her head thrown back as far as she can against the door. Well that won’t do; she knows I want her watching me when I play with her body. My mouth latches on the nipple only, sucking hard before biting with my teeth.

Her eyes fly open in shock and she makes a strangled noise that is a cross between a gasp and a shout. “You know the rules Lover; always keep your eyes on me,” I remind her softly before bathing the offended nipple with my tongue, soothing it with gentle licks and soft kisses.

Chastity is undulating very quickly against my body, a sure sign that she is getting ready to orgasm. She tugs at my hair so I will lift my head. Giving in to her wishes, I lift my head so that we are eye level. She slides down my body so she can press her pussy against my cock again. Using her leg muscles, she rubs herself against my confined dick, making him painfully uncomfortable. “I didn’t mean to break the rules. Maybe you should spank me for being naughty,” she whispers against my lips before kissing me voraciously. Damn the minx! She’s testing my control tonight; but she won’t break me.

Lifting Chastity away from the door, I carry her in my arms to the desk with our lips still locked together. I set her down on the edge of the desk; she yelps from the coolness of the marble and her legs fall from my waist. Sweet Jesus! How the fuck did I miss that she is wearing black cowboy boots?!?!  I don’t know what I want more; Chastity with her hands on the desk, ass sticking out, begging for me to spank her and then fuck her; or Chastity on her knees in front of me, those ruby-red lips wrapped around my cock, sucking me down her throat as far as she can go. I hate fucking dilemmas!

Chastity must see the indecision on my face, because she takes my face in her hands so I’m forced to look at her.  “It’s your birthday Eric; we have all night to celebrate any way you wish.”  She leans up to press a kiss against my lips.  “Now tell me what you want,” she whispers against my lips.

This girl is fucking amazing!  “On your knees,” I command.  Chastity’s lips curl in a lazy smile as she gets to her feet.  She walks around me, trailing her hand along the muscles of my abs and around to my back where she squeezes my ass.  I turn my head to look at her over my shoulder, a smirk firmly in place.  I knew she’d be grabbing my ass at some point tonight.

She places her lips against my ear and says quietly, “Maybe you should have a seat on your desk again.  Wouldn’t want you to lose your balance because you’re weak in the knees,” she says with a smirk and a nip at my ear.

I turn my body and allow Chastity to push me gently down on the desk.  My hands are holding the edge. Despite the teasing tone of her words, I heard the challenge behind them as well. She wants to make me lose control; she wants to have me at her mercy. In all our time together, I’ve never let Chastity have the upper hand; I’m always the one in control. It’s not that I don’t trust her, but I like to be in charge. Even when there are more than one of us in the room, I’m in control of the situation. It’s true I have dominant tendencies, but I have no wish to have someone be my submissive. Sex is supposed to be fun and pleasurable; all that BDSM shit is just too much work.

After I have settled comfortably on my desk with my legs stretched out, I decide to issue a challenge of my own. “Very well Miss Stackhouse, do your worst.”

Chastity smiles at me as she moves to straddle my legs. “I intend to,” she breathes across my lips before gripping my hair and angling my head for a kiss. Her lips move over mine with brutal demand. My hands grasp her hips to pull her closer to me, but she smacks them away.

“Hands on the desk Mr. Northman,” she tells me when she breaks our kiss abruptly. I raise my eyebrows in challenge, but her gaze remains firm. Very well, if that’s how she wants to play this game, so be it.

Once my hands return to the edge of the desk, Chastity’s lips make a path down the side of my neck to my collarbone, where her tongue follows the dips and hollows as if she’s trying to learn every secret of my body. Her hands begin opening the buttons on my fly. I prefer button fly jeans as opposed to a zipper; less chances of a painful accident when going commando, which I do often. The saucy wench doesn’t open my fly completely though, just enough to allow the head of my dick to peek out and to relieve the uncomfortable pressure I’d been feeling. Moving further down, Chastity’s lips and tongue are fascinated with my pectoral muscles. She nibbles along my right pec and then the left before her tongue repeats the same path. Her stormy blue eyes peek up to make sure I’m watching as her tongue sneaks out to flick my right nipple. Her tongue moves rapidly against the tiny bud, working it in a hardened peak before sucking it in her mouth to scrap her teeth along the pebbled flesh.

“Ahhhh,” I groan out and my hand moves off the edge of the desk, wanting to fist in her golden locks. She sees my error and pulls her mouth off me, clicking her tongue in disapproval. Damn her! This is how she plans to break me; driving me to the edge only to pull back sharply when I break her rules. She thinks to beat me at my game; it’ll be a cold day in hell before that happens.

“My apologies Lover,” I say with a sensual smile. My smile must throw her off her game because she narrows her eyes at me. I make a big production of putting my hand back on the desk so she’ll continue her exploration of my body. “It won’t happen again,” I assure her.

“Don’t make promises you cannot keep Lover,” she says with a smirk. Before I can say another word, she dips down to suck my left nipple in her mouth. The pointer finger of her right hand settles on my right nipple, moving in a slow circular pattern. Her mouth suckles gently on my left nipple, alternating between sucking and licking it with her tongue. The dual sensations are different from her earlier hunger; this is more about seduction and arousal. It draws me in like a moth to a flame, and I feel a slow-burning liquid heat moving through my body. Of course, the saucy wench must know what I’m feeling because she simultaneously pinches my right nipple while biting the left.

“Oh fuck!” My shout echoes in the silent room as I’m overcome by the dual sensations of pain and pleasure. My cock throbs painfully against the remaining two buttons of my fly, and a bead of fluid seeps from the tip. My hands grip the edge of the desk painfully and my hips thrust up, seeking some sort of relief. I feel Chastity’s smile as she soothes first the left than the right nipple with her tongue. Her hands move teasingly down my abs to the straining material of my jeans, working the remaining two buttons open so my cock springs free. She pushes my jeans down, but they don’t go far because of my sitting position.

Chastity moves from her perch over my legs so that she is standing beside me. Her thumb brushes across the head of my cock, collecting the fluid and making my cock bounce slightly. She brings her thumb to her lips and sucks it in her mouth slowly. Those bright red lips move inch by tantalizing inch down her thumb to where it joins the palm of her hand before scraping her teeth along the skin on the way back up. Watching her simulate fellatio on her thumb makes me growl in warning. Those lips belong around my cock!

Her husky voice drifts between us. “Stand up Cowboy.” I am quick to comply which causes her to chuckle. She pushes my jeans down with her hands, letting gravity work its magic so they pool at my feet. Her hands nudge me so I sit back on the desk. Chastity drops to her knees and pulls my feet free of the denim material. Her fingernails skim along my lower legs until they reach my knees and then she pushes my knees apart so my legs are open for her. My cock juts forward from my body, fully erect, precum leaking from the tip. Chastity’s hands glide up my thighs, pushing my inner thighs further apart so I am completely spread open for her. The look on her face is damn near animalistic as she stares hungrily at my cock. The anticipation of waiting for her to touch me where I want – no – need it most is excruciating. I’m fighting to maintain control; this innocent temptress tests me like no other. I want to grab her head and force her lips around my cock; I want to fuck her mouth until I’m cumming. I want to watch cum ooze out of her mouth and drip on her breasts. I want to push her down on her hands and knees, pounding in her until we’re both spent. Jesus Christ, I just fucking want her!

Chastity’s lips begin placing gentle kisses on the skin of my inner thigh, moving slowly from my knee to my dick. I draw in a breath when her mouth hovers in front of my penis, her warm breath fanning over the sensitive skin making me twitch. She rises up on her knees and I’m about to groan in relief thinking she’s finally going to suck me. But I feel her lips moving down the skin of my other leg, the gentle kisses almost ticklish on my soft skin. The groan quickly turns to a snarl as she intentionally avoids the area that needs her kisses and touch.

“Patience Lover,” she cautions me in a voice rough with passion. “Some things are meant to be savored. Not everything needs to be hurried. This,” she says while curling a finger around the base of my shaft, “is an impressive example of the male anatomy. It deserves to be worshipped for the gift it is.”  Her single finger has slid up and down my length as she speaks and the combination of her touch and words is intoxicating. I feel drunk on Chastity and the pleasure I am beginning to realize only she can give me.

“Chastity,” I groan as I feel her breath moving hotly over my rigid shaft.

Her smile is wicked even though she has the face of an angel. “Slide forward.” I move so that I’m leaning on the edge of the desk and not sitting.  “Now watch me Lover,” she commands before placing a chaste kiss against my tip.  Her lips glisten with the evidence of my arousal when she pulls back from me.  The tip of her tongue sneaks out of her mouth to taste my fluids on her lips.  Our eyes are locked as she finally – thank fucking Christ – lowers her mouth down the length of my neglected cock.  She moves slowly up and down my shaft, coating every inch of my skin with her saliva as she takes more and more of my length in her mouth.  I release a shaky breath as her lips get closer and closer to the base of my shaft.  The sight of Chastity on her knees with my cock in her mouth is so fucking sexy; I wonder if she would let me take a picture of this to keep with me.

I’m about to ask my question but her lips finally make contact with the base of my cock, which means she is swallowing me down her throat.  All thoughts flee my head as I fight to keep from thrusting my hips up which would hurt her.  Moans and pants fall from my parted lips as she sucks hard to swallow me down her throat.  She pulls back so only about half of me rests inside her mouth, but then scrapes her teeth against my sensitive flesh until she reaches the tip.  She treats the head of my dick as her personal Tootsie Roll Pop as she sucks me hard, her tongue sliding along my slit looking for more of my arousal.  Her left hand slides up and down the part of my cock not in her mouth; the right caresses my balls.  My breath is coming in gasps as I focus on the pleasure.  Christ, the pleasure is a sweet torment; it’s almost too much stimulation as I feel my orgasm building inside me.  She rolls my balls in her hand before squeezing them at the same moment she plunges down the length of my shaft to swallow me whole, moaning around my entire length.

“FUCK!  FUCK! FUCK!” I roar loudly with my head thrown back as my body spasms with my orgasm.  My hips are involuntarily thrusting forward and I think I broke the fucking desk gripping it so hard as one of the most intense orgasms I’ve experienced in a long time lays siege to my body.  I don’t even have the energy to open my eyes to watch Chastity swallowing my release, which is something I always find incredibly sexy.  I sag against the desk when my body is spent.  Somewhere in the recesses of my brain I acknowledge that Chastity is still licking and sucking my cock, trying to clean up my release.  She finally releases me from her mouth and rises from her knees.

“Did I break you Cowboy?”  Her teasing tone forces me to open one eye.  I find her standing in front of me biting her lower lip with an impish look on her face.  I grunt in response and close my eyes as I strive to bring my body under some semblance of control.  Holy fuck; I think she did break me!

Her quiet chuckles force my body to action.  Quicker than she can follow, I move off the desk to stand behind her.  Grasping her hips, I pull her flush against my body, grinding my still semi-erect cock against her ass.  My lips are at her ear as I hiss out, “Still being a naughty girl Lover.  One would think you want to be punished.”

Chastity’s lips part and I can hear the quick intake of breath.  Taking her hands in each of my own, I place them flat on the top of my desk.  This position arches her back and pushes her ass out towards me.  “Spread your legs,” I command and she quickly complies.  Dropping down to a knee, I slide my hands hurriedly up her legs, the material of her dress bunching over the backs of my hands.  I push the dress up so that her ass is on display for me.

“You are a wicked, wicked woman,” I tell her appreciatively.  The firm globes of her ass are tan from her time in the tanning bed, but what lies between is what captures my attention.  The tiny piece of black lace from her thong is calling to me, begging me to rip the scrap of fabric from her body.

Chastity’s head is turned so she can look at me over her shoulder.  “See something you like Cowboy?”

My hand comes down in a stinging slap against her right cheek.  Her body jumps in surprise but she groans with pleasure.  I plunge two fingers in the front of her thong and find her completely drenched; it’s like the Niagara fucking Falls!

My fingers slip up to her clit and start rubbing fast circles against her nub.  I feel her body clench as she moans loudly again.  “Are you prepared to cum already Lover?  You’ve been a naughty girl; I’m not sure if you deserve it.”

“Please,” she whispers brokenly.  “Please,” she begs again when her eyes make contact with mine.  “Ride me Cowboy.”

Seeing her so aroused and hearing her words has me hardening fully.  My rebound time has always been short but I think this is a personal record.  I deliver another stinging slap to her left cheek before ripping through the material of her thong.  I position myself behind her so that my cock is rubbing along her slit, covering myself in her juices.  Once I’m lined up with her opening, I grip her hips and slam her back against me.  Chastity’s walls begin fluttering around my cock and her body shakes as she cums for the first time tonight.  Her cries of pleasure only grow louder as I set a fast, hard pace.  The sounds of flesh slapping against flesh, Chastity’s cries for more, and the snarls from my lips are the only noise in the room as I relentlessly drive her from her first orgasm to the second.  Her walls clench tightly around me and I’m forced to still inside her as she falls apart in my arms.  My left hand moves from its death grip on her hip to her clit, tapping it lightly to increase her stimulation.  Curses words and pleas for more are shouted from her lips as I resume my movement inside her body.  My thrusts aren’t as fast as before, but they are deeper.  I’m working her up to a third orgasm; I know I won’t last past this one, so I want her to cum with me.

I pull almost all the way out of Chastity’s body and hold still.  She turns her head to stare at me with wild eyes.  “Fuck me Cowboy,” she begs.  “Fuck me like the naughty girl I am!”

I deliver a last slap to her ass before plunging my cock back inside her.  I can’t help thinking as I drive both of us towards our final release that the woman in my arms was made for me.

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  2. Wow, I need a cigarette after that and I don’t even smoke!!

  3. Kittyinaz says:

    Holy shit!!! Hmmm can’t wake hubby, maybe a second reading for when he gets home…..

  4. VictoryInTrouble says:

    I echo Kitty with the Holy Shit!!! You have a way with those sexy words, woman!

  5. jules3677 says:

    Wow, hot, hot, hot. Just need to get my heartbeat down so I can reread this gorgeous little piece. 🙂

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    Going to leave this up on my laptop so Big Daddy can see it 😄

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    My goodness, that was a helluva birthday present! As much as Eric says he’s not like Godric when it comes to ‘Chastity’ ,he is, just different.

  9. eaaustin85 says:

    Can’t wake hubs. Can’t wake hubs. Can’t wake hubs….breathe in, breathe out….ok I’m calm now….wow…yeah Eric is in total denial on his feelings for “Chastity”….Awesome update

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  11. Loftin says:

    I just can’t get enough. ..more please Mistress.

  12. kleannhouse says:

    i think he has met his match and the one who will tame him, even if he doesn’t realize it yet but maybe Godric already does. KY

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