I’ll Be Watching You

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The night Chastity entered the club established a pattern for Eric and me. She only came to the club on Wednesdays, why I do not know. Those first few weeks, she always arrived at the same time of night with the same idiot that brought her the first time. And like the first night, he would leave her at the entrance while he went to The Den. Chastity would always tour the club before moving to one of the voyeur rooms to dance and masturbate for everyone’s viewing pleasure. As the weeks pass by, she has grown a large following in the club. I knew the other members were taking bets on who would be the person to get Chastity to break her, well . . . chastity.

I think Chastity might have a bit of a dominatrix side to her. Perhaps that is why she preferred to be in the room alone with us watching her. After that first week, she was more creative in the show she put on. She would always start the same way, dancing seductively to her choice of song. My personal favorite was watching her dance to Purple Rain by Prince; the memory of her body undulating against the bed as she finished dancing was extremely arousing. I couldn’t help but think her body would react the same way as someone pleasures her core with their mouth. I know I damn sure wanted to find out from first-hand experience!

After dancing, Chastity would still pleasure herself for our viewing pleasure, but she started bringing toys and other stimulants in the room with her. Given her angelic appearance and the overall sweetness that seemed to surround her, it was incredibly shocking and brutally arousing to watch her use nipple clamps and a riding crop to work her body to a frenzy until she came apart screaming in ecstasy. I don’t think I’d ever cum so hard from masturbation as I did that night.

I know Eric is just as fascinated by the woman as I am. Both of us had become jaded to the sexual appetites of others, but something about Chastity drew us to her, like an oasis in the desert. We did something we had never done before; we reviewed her personal information file. All applicants seeking membership to the club needed to send an application, subject themselves to a thorough background check, and have the recommendations of at least two other members. Our beautiful Chastity is really Sookie Stackhouse of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Apparently, Bon Temps doesn’t offer the good time she is looking for. She was vetted by three club members: Lafayette Reynolds, Tara Thornton, and Jesus Velasquez. All three live in Bon Temps; that must be the connection. I knew Jesus and Lafayette are a couple that like to experiment with other partners. Tara I know from The Dungeon; despite her strong personality, she really enjoyed being dominated by another. She and I spent a few enjoyable months together when she had acted as my submissive. I was the only one she had trusted to dominate her; she knew I wouldn’t do anything to her that she didn’t want. She still comes to me from time to time, but she usually prefers spending her time in The Den; she seems to be going through a females’ only phase.

Chastity never comes to the club when her friends are here, and I notice she started coming to the club alone. I don’t know what happened to the fucking idiot she started coming to the club with, but I couldn’t have been happier to see her alone. It may have had something to do with Eric and me revoking the membership of Bill Compton. What can I say? We didn’t want any complications when it came to Chastity.

Eric and I never approach Chastity in the club, though she knows we watch her week after week. She must know we want her. At the end of every session, she kisses the glass that separates us from her. She also kisses the glass that separate her from a third viewer.  It made me jealous. Who else does she single out for such attention? I know Eric also receives one of those teasing kisses from Chastity.  We have talked about her at great length. We both want her; we are willing to share her with each other but no one else. So the idea of her giving one of her kisses to someone else is infuriating. Not that I have any claim to her, but I feel that Chastity belongs only to Eric and me. Which is ridiculous; I only talked to her the one time and Eric has never talked with her. What actual claim do we have to her? All we have our fantasies. . .

Chastity's outfit

Chastity’s outfit

Speaking of fantasies, Chastity walks in the room and pulls me from my ruminations. My breath catches as I view her outfit this evening. My angel looks like the devil himself in her dark red leather corset with black piping. The corset has impressions of crosses all over the material and does amazing things for Chastity’s body. It emphasizes the natural hourglass shape her body has. Her ample breasts are pushed together and spill over the top of the material. I want to run my tongue along the top of her corset, tasting her flesh before using my teeth to unsnap the enclosures of the corset. Her ensemble also consists of a black mini leather skirt with black leather fuck me pumps. All the while, a riding crop dangles from her hand.

Holy mother of God! My cock, which was already somewhat erect due to my earlier thoughts of Chastity, springs to full attention. I knew she had a dominatrix side! I’ve never been a submissive for anyone. I always want to be in control, but I will gladly give her control of my body if it means I am in that room with her. The riding crop twirls lazily through the air as she walks to the middle of the room, stopping once she feels she has everyone’s attention. I know all the viewing booths are full; Chastity has quickly become one of the most popular members in the club. I can only imagine the debauchery her outfit and performance tonight will inspire.

The music begins drifting through the speakers and I smirk recognizing the song. Beyonce’s Naughty Girl does seem to be an appropriate anthem for the evening. The riding crop is now moving over Chastity’s body, skimming along her skin as her hips sway seductively to the music. There is something different to tonight’s performance, but I cannot put my finger on it . . . until the door of her room opening interrupts her dance.

Pam's dress

Pam’s dress

I stare in open-mouthed fascination as Pamela, the third owner of the club, strides in the room wearing a red leather dress. What the fuck is she doing in there? Pamela has been around for several of the conversations I’ve had with Eric about Chastity. Not once has she commented that she desired the blonde bombshell. In fact, she teased both of us incessantly about our fascination. Her last comment comes rushing back as I watch Pam saunter towards Chastity.

Shit or get off the pot.

Mother fucker!!!! She did this on purpose! I feel rage rising up inside me. Pam is only doing this to spite Eric and me. Pam can tell I am angry because she smirks towards me. Before I can respond though, Chastity brings the riding crop down against Pam’s backside, letting Pam know she is displeased with her behavior. Pam’s face shows her surprise, but I can tell the blow was not harsh enough to hurt her. Chastity’s face is unlike anything I have ever seen before. Usually when she is in the room, her face is playful while dancing, smiling shyly as she makes eye contact. When she removes her clothes, her face flushes, as if she is embarrassed to share the perfection that is her body with us. But it is her face when she pleasures herself that is the most beautiful to me. Her cheeks are flushed, her lips are red and plump from her teeth gnashing at the lower lip, and her eyes are hooded with passion. Her face tonight is one of control; there is no playfulness. Chastity means business.

Chastity says something to Pam, which brings Pam quickly to the center of the room facing those of us in the viewing booths. She raises her arms and Chastity moves forward, securing Pam’s arms in the cuffs that I had failed to notice hanging from the ceiling. Once Pam is secured, Chastity walks slowly around Pam’s body, studying her as if she is a sculpture in a museum. After deciding on her course of action, Chastity steps in front of Pam, slowly popping the buttons on her dress so that the top half of Pam’s body is exposed to us voyeurs. Despite all the years I have known Pam, I have never fucked her. I know she and Eric fucked off and on for a few years, usually inviting more partners to join them. That is actually how we came up with the idea to start the club; it was an easier way for them to find a third (or fourth) in their sexcapades.

Chastity running her hands over Pam’s exposed body brings me back to the here and now. Her delicate hands with bright red nail polish move slowly over Pam’s alabaster skin. Pam pulls against her restraints as she seeks more contact, but Chastity only touches Pam with her hands. I feel every bit of Pam’s frustration because I want to be the one that Chastity caresses; I want to be the one to feel the sweet torment of knowing I will be cuming because of Chastity’s ministrations to my body. Without having to look, I know my cock is weeping. I have never wanted another with the hunger I have for this girl.

Chastity moves away from Pam’s body and walks to the bed. She has an array of toys laid out, but I cannot see everything she has. She comes away from the bed with a blindfold in one hand and a bottle of lotion in the other. She leans in to kiss Pam passionately, dropping the lotion on the ground so she can fist her hand in Pam’s hair. I lower my lounge pants so my erection is free of its constraints. I squeeze my aching cock hard as the two girls continue to kiss. Chastity’s hand angles Pam’s head so she can dominate the kiss, her lips, teeth and tongue working Pam to a frenzy. Pam isn’t the only one that Chastity is driving crazy . . .

The kiss between the two women ends. Pam nods her head and Chastity lowers the blindfold over Pam’s eyes. Chastity steps out of her heels and bends down to pick up the fallen bottle of lotion. The lack of sight will enhance Pam’s experience; it is a tactic I have used often. Add to that the lack of sound, other than the music, and the anticipation for Pam is building to a fever pitch. Chastity pours some lotion in her hands and begins massaging Pam’s shoulders. She moves in slow, methodical circles, working her way all over the top of Pam’s body, but never touching her breasts. Pam’s head is thrown back, pushing her breasts out for Chastity’s attention, but she doesn’t give in to her wishes. She moves away from Pam’s body again, this time moving to the table beside the bed. She lifts from the table a tray that holds a lit candle and a silver ice bucket. She places the tray on the bench at the end of bed, but carries the candle back with her. She tilts the candle over the top of Pam’s breasts, allowing the molten oil to fall on the top of her breasts and down her nipples. Pam jerks against her chains and cries out as Chastity sets the candle back on the tray. She moves in front of Pam, finally placing her hands on Pam’s breasts, massaging the oil into her skin while rubbing Pam’s nipples between her fingers. Chastity tilts her head down to take Pam’s nipple in her mouth, and I moan in frustration. Seeing Chastity’s mouth around Pam’s nipple makes me long for her mouth around my cock. My hand, which has moved slowly up and down my cock the entire time, squeezes the tip as Chastity moves her mouth to Pam’s other breast. As much as my body is screaming for release, I will wait. I don’t know how long this show of Chastity’s will last, but I do know I want to time my release with that of Chastity’s. Achieving my orgasm when Chastity does makes it seem as if we are pleasuring each other.

While Chastity has been lavishing Pam’s breasts with the pleasure of her mouth, tongue, and teeth, her hands have been busy undoing the last buttons of Pam’s dress. The red leather falls to the floor as Chastity lifts her head from Pam’s body. Chastity once again walks away from Pam’s body, leaving her on display for the rest of us to look at. Pam’s shoulders and torso glisten from the massage oil, her breasts are red and wet from Chastity’s mouth, and the only clothing that remains on her body is the black thong covering her sex. Chastity returns to Pam’s body with the silver ice bucket and riding crop in her hands. She sets the ice bucket on the floor before reaching in to pull out an ice cube. With a wicked grin towards her audience, Chastity places the ice cube against Pam’s lips, allowing her to suck the rapidly melting liquid into her mouth. Chastity leans forward to lick a drop of water from the corner of Pam’s lips as she lowers the ice cube to circle one of Pam’s nipples. Pam jerks frantically against her restraints, her mouth moving rapidly in what I can only assume to be curses and pleas for release. Chastity drops to her knees, sucking the iced nipple in her mouth as the ice cube moves to Pam’s other nipple. Pam’s response is to scream in frustration; I feel her pain. Seeing Chastity work Pam over is one of the most erotic things I have had the pleasure/pain of witnessing. I need to cum; I want to cum; my hand moving up and down my shaft should be enough to make me cum. But I can’t; I need the dominatrix in that room. I need to feel her body beneath mine as I fuck her senseless.

Reaching in the ice bucket again, Chastity pulls several ice cubes out. Instead of running them against Pam’s overheated skin, Chastity puts her hand in Pam’s thong. From Pam’s reaction and Chastity’s now empty hand, I can only assume that Chastity has placed the ice cubes between Pam’s lower lips. Moving quickly, Chastity picks up the riding crop and starts flicking it against Pam’s body, starting with her nipples, working her way down Pam’s torso, until finally flicking the riding crop several times against her lace covered sex. My hand moves quickly up and down my cock, seeking the same release that Pam’s buckling knees and sagging body indicate she has found.

Knowing that Pam has reached her limit, Chastity halts all activity. She extinguishes the candle on the tray before lowering the lights in the room. Chastity then pulls the blindfold from Pam’s eyes, placing a soft kiss on her lips before releasing her from the restraints. Pam’s body sags against Chastity’s, and Chastity leads her over to the bed. Chastity massages Pam’s shoulders and back. Pam eventually rises from the bed, slipping on the robe that lies across the bottom of the bed. She leans down to kiss Chastity’s lips sweetly before walking out of the room.

Chastity rises from the bed and begins walking around the room gathering up her toys. She drops everything on the tray that sits on the bench. From the way she is acting, the show is over for the evening. I’m sure that the other voyeurs have left their booths, but for some reason I stay seated watching her move around the room, my hand still wrapped around my aching cock. Chastity lifts the tray from the bench and turns around, her eyes locking on mine. Time seems to stand still as we stare at each other. Chastity breaks our stare by turning to set the tray on the bed. She raises her leather skirt so that it bunches up around her hips before sitting on the edge of the bench. She spreads her legs, wrapping them around the bench legs, exposing her red underwear to me. With her eyes locked on mine, she pops the buttons on the top of her corset, freeing her breasts from their confining prison. Chastity starts playing with her nipples, and I start moving my hand up and down my cock again. Keeping her left hand on her breast, she moves her right hand inside her underwear. With our eyes locked on each other, we pleasure our bodies until we both find release.

Chastity is the first to recover, rising from the bench and lowering her skirt back over her legs. She steps in her heels and walks forward until she is standing directly across from me. For once, I rise from my chair, pulling my lounge pants back up to my waist. I walk forward so that the glass barrier is the only thing that separates us. Chastity presses her lips against the glass in her signature good-bye move, only this time, I press my lips against the glass at the same time. Her eyes widen as she pulls back. I smile at Chastity once I’ve pulled back from the glass before walking out of the room.

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32 Responses to I’ll Be Watching You

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  2. gabbieannie says:

    I wonder what naughtiness Pammy got into to receive the attention she did? Is the windows see through or tinted? But dam that was smexy!

  3. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Oh holy hotness! All I can think of to say is thank you, mistress! I will gladly do my penance.

    • Mags has her version of penance; I have mine.

      Your penance, my child, is to continue writing smutty hotness for Northman’s Nanny! Feel free to use any of the Eric visual aids on my page to help you out. 🙂

      • VictoryInTrouble says:

        Thank you, I definitely enjoy the Eric visual aids! Getting right on that penance…

  4. Is it hot in here? Oh, what was that in the beginning, get on your knees and what? Give penance to the Gracious Plenty? If so….OK!!! PS Godric’s needs a nickname, maybe his Golden Chariot, or Fafnir (dragon from Danish story, Dane’s version of Beowulf), or Stor Slange (Danish for Big Snake).

    • Big Snake….LMAO!!!!!!

      Yes, Godric does need a nickname. I have been thinking on it long and hard. 😉

      You know I have to make it interesting for you. Can’t have it be what we have already read before. While I freely admit the idea of the sex club has been in my mind since reading makesmyheadspin’s The Playground, I knew I needed to have a different twist.

      All hail the Gracious Plenty!!!

  5. Well although I am not a fan of Pam and Sookie that was HOT!!!!!!! Cannot wait for Chastity/Sookie POV

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  7. jroxraytech says:

    Holy hell that was hot. I think i need tl repent for this story. Lol! Can not wait for Sookie’s pov.

  8. ashmo2000 says:

    Oy, that was…my goodness! Who knew Sookie was that much of a sex kitten? Sookie has to have an idea whose behind the glass and I think her shows are for Eric and Godric. I’m sure Eric saw and is melted on the floor ’cause Sookie was hot!! I can’t wait for Sookie’s POV.

  9. Kittyinaz says:

    Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy!! I love this!!! I can’t wait for Sookies side!! And I bet that third window was Pam. Now… Publish soon. It’s only your fault that we are anxious!!? Chasity’s POV?? Awesome!

  10. Perfecta999 says:

    Wow that was hot yummy goodness!I love seeing this dark, primal side of Godric, more please!

  11. luvvamps says:

    Waiting with baited breath for the rest!

  12. Loftin says:

    Sighs..I think I rather like this naughty little sookie. What happens next? *wipes drool with back of hand*

  13. bdemille18 says:

    Loving this story… Can’t wait to see the next chapter

  14. kleannhouse says:

    again the masses love your naughty story…. see you were right in releasing it in POV’s looking forward to Beta’ing SPOV…. loving the story and finding out what is going through her mind and how far you will take this one.

  15. jules3677 says:

    Godric’s POV definitely compliments Eric’s POV. You are building this story up brilliantly to its ultimate climax (pun intended). Introducing Pam into the session heightened the sexual tension Godric was feeling. Godric’s decision not to climax until Sookie did was a masterful strategy as he got Sookie to himself at the end of her session in the room. Loving your story & looking forward to the next POV.

  16. lostinspace33 says:

    Gahhhhh! **off to find my own ice bucket**

  17. gwynwyvar says:

    Naughty Pammy. I guess she didn’t snooze lol.
    Wow. That was brilliant. I’m glad you dint have Pam actively participating. And like others, I guess Pam was receiving the third kiss 🙂
    If i hop on a plane, it might take a few hours, but I’d happily come do housework and cooking for you so that you may concentrate on the next chapter!

  18. msbuffy says:

    OMG! That was so worth the hot flash…

  19. Holy smokes… Sookie’s POV should be good. She has Godric and Eric all in knots!

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