Excuse Me Miss


Godric’s POV

You’d think I’d be perfectly content with my life. I own a lucrative business with my two business associates, and we were making money hand over fist. Business is doing so well that we are considering expanding our business outside of Louisiana. We already have clubs in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport; we were turning our collective eye towards Texas. The state is home to some of the most ultra conservative people in the country, but Eric and I know that beneath that conservative veneer many of the people are sexual deviants that will jump at the chance to explore their sexuality in Forbidden. Eric and I are eyeing Dallas as the next potential site for Forbidden. The only problem is that neither one of us want to go there to spend the time required to oversee construction of the facility nor get the club off the ground.

Chastity is the reason we are both reluctant to leave Shreveport and we both know it. Something shifted in Eric’s relationship with Chastity after his birthday. He denies it, but I can see the attachment he is forming to her. It’s not just fucking anymore, although the two of them still do plenty of that too. There is an affection and connection that wasn’t there before, or at least not one that Eric openly showed with others present. We’ve always been possessive of Chastity; no other men at the club have touched her, and the number of women invited to join us have been few. Aside from Pam and Tara, only Thalia and Felicia have been invited to play with Chastity.  The only reason other women have been invited to join in our play time is because Chastity wanted them to. I have to be honest, Chastity is the only woman I’ve wanted for months, and that need has not diminished in the slightest. If anything it has only grown. She’s beautiful, smart, funny, caring, and incredibly sexy; she’s the perfect woman in my eyes.

I’m in love with her.

How do I tell her that I want something more than sex? But more importantly, how do I tell Eric? When we made this arrangement, we all agreed it was just sex. I never dreamed it would become more than that; I had  expected to have some sort of affection develop for Chastity along the way but never all-consuming love. I’m not a monster after all; I knew none of us would remain completely detached. But it was supposed to be about having fun and satisfying our mutual attraction for one another. I also knew that trust would have to develop because we were pushing Chastity beyond her boundaries. How the hell was I to know I would fall in love with her?

You’d think with my feelings for Chastity that I would hate seeing her with Eric, that I would feel jealous or possessive. Strangely, I don’t; it turns me on to watch him spin her up to dizzying heights and then watch her shatter with her release. However the thought of any other  man touching her has my inner caveman threatening to club someone over the head or rip them limb from limb. On more than one occasion, I’ve nearly come to blows with some asshole at the club that thinks Chastity is fair game. Usually Eric is the more aggressive when it comes to the two of us, but when it comes to the blonde that holds my heart, I will do whatever is necessary to protect her and keep her.

That’s why I haven’t said anything about how I feel. I’m afraid that for Chastity it’s just about the sex, more importantly sex with both Eric and me. What if she says she’s not interested in anything more? These thoughts have plagued me for weeks and they are starting to drive me mad.

Allan Hyde 62

It’s a lovely fall Saturday afternoon. I’ve had errands around town all day. I’m at my favorite café to grab a latte and a bite to eat. I enjoy Starbucks as much as the next person, but there is something to be said for homemade baked goods. I’m sitting at one of the small tables outside, savoring my latte, when I hear a familiar voice. Looking around I see Chastity . . . well no. Chastity is the divine temptation that comes to Forbidden; Sookie is the bubbly blonde walking down the street talking quietly on her cell phone. She is wearing black stretchy pants, a gray sweater, and gray high heels. Her hair hangs loosely around her lovely face and neck. My breath catches as I watch the seductive sway of her hips as she walks down the sidewalk. This girl is the total package!

Candice Swanepoel poses for a Victoria's Secret catalogue photoshoot in Central Park

Sookie is completely oblivious to my presence since she is engrossed in her conversation. I gather my few items and follow her down the path, curious to see where she is going. I’m nervous to approach her on the street. What if she doesn’t want to see me outside of the club? Am I making a huge mistake by giving in to my curiosity?

Sookie ends her conversation and continues to walk down the street, stopping at several window displays, admiring the items she sees before continuing on. I am about to give up following her when she finally enters a nondescript building without a window display. The only reason I know it is a business is because of the proprietor’s sign affixed to the brick. The store is called Pandora’s Box, which gives nothing away about what type of business this is. My curiosity gets the better of me, so I walk quickly inside to look for Sookie.  My confusion increases when the only thing I see is a woman who looks like a suburban housewife sitting at a desk focused on the tablet in front of her.

“Can I help you?” The woman greets me with a courteous tone and a polite smile on her face.

“I was looking for my friend. I thought she came in here but I must be mistaken,” I say as I move back towards the entrance.

“What does your friend look like?”

“Adorable blonde wearing a gray sweater. Like I said, she probably didn’t come in here.”

“Do you mean Miss Stackhouse?” At my nod, the woman smiles again. “May I see your ID please?”

With a furrowed brow, I pull my wallet out of my pocket and show her my license. She studies it for several minutes, her eyes flicking back and forth from my picture to my face. “You definitely do not look your age,” she says as she hands my driver’s license back to me. I shrug my shoulders in response; I get that a lot. I’m in my thirties and most people think I’m still a teenager.

The receptionist gestures towards a door behind her, “Please feel free to go inside now. May you find what you’re looking for inside Pandora’s Box.”

Intrigued, I walk quickly to the door. Once I am in front of it, I hear the click of a lock, which lets me know the receptionist has opened the door for me. Not knowing what to expect, I walk hesitantly through the thick mahogany door and down a short hallway. I am overcome with the urge to laugh when I realize where I am.

Sookie has led me to a sex toy shop! From the looks of the place, it is not your typical, seedy establishment that makes you feel the need to wear a full body condom. It reminds me of Forbidden in that it is very elegantly decorated, softly lit, and discreet. How is it that I did not know about this establishment? Of course, it has been some time since I have needed to buy any sex toys; Pam handles purchasing those items for the club. And we buy everything online. I wonder if Pam knows about this establishment. Looking around, I am overcome with an idea for our new location in Dallas. We could combine the club with a shop; have the shop set up as an elaborate boudoir with the items for sale housed inside antique chests and cabinets. Lingerie could be kept inside the women’s dressing room which would also be tastefully decorated and arranged. I’m sure Pam would appreciate my idea for decorating. Eric is all about the bottom line; if it makes money, he will like it.

Looking around, I find Sookie browsing over by the lingerie. I don’t want to scare her by sneaking up on her, but I want to surprise her too. She has several items set aside that she is interested in. My body starts to respond as I picture her wearing these items at Forbidden. It makes me want to ravage her delectable body; I want to claim her and mark her as my own.

“Excuse me Miss; do you need any help this afternoon?”  Sookie whirls around, hiding the items behind her back as a blush spreads quickly across her lovely face.  Her mouth forms a perfect O as she takes in my appearance, and I can’t help smirking in response.  We stare at each other silently.  Sookie’s blush does not fade; if anything, it increases in intensity.  What is my angel thinking about?

“Why yes sir, I could use some help today,” she says in a breathless tone.  “You see, I was hoping to surprise my man with some new lingerie.  He’s seen everything I already own.  I don’t want him to become bored with me.”  The little minx is roleplaying with me.  This isn’t something we’ve done before, but I’m willing to see how far she is willing to go with this.

“I highly doubt that any man could become bored with you,” I growl out.  “If you were mine, I’d make sure you knew how much I appreciated you.”

Sookie steps closer to me, biting her lip which she knows I find sexy.  She rests her hand against my chest, her fingers lightly caressing me through my shirt.  “Would you mind doing me a huge favor?  I’m going to try these items on,” she says shaking the hand holding the scraps of fabric.  “Would you be willing to tell me what you think looks good?  I think a guy’s opinion will help me make the right decisions.”

“I would be happy to help you.  Customer satisfaction is my top priority,” I say smoothly. I grab a few items from the lingerie displays; things that I know will look amazing on her beautiful body. I hand them to her before I guide her gently towards the fitting rooms. “I think these items will be something your partner will be satisfied with. I’ll give you a moment to get in the fitting room before I check on you.” Sookie looks confused for a minute but does as I ask. I don’t want it to be obvious that we are going in the same fitting room. I’m going to take something back there to try on so as not to arouse suspicions.

Moving towards the men’s attire, I’m limited in my clothing choices, but that’s to be expected. Sookie/Chastity doesn’t strike me as the type that would find most of this appealing. However, they do have a nice selection of leather pants. I grab a few items before making my way towards the fitting rooms. All the doors are closed, and you cannot tell if anyone is in the rooms. The rooms are designed to give privacy to the client. I don’t want to knock on the doors and seem like a creeper, but I have no idea where to find Sookie. Just as I’m about to knock on the first fitting room door, the farthest door opens and there stands Sookie. Correction, the sex goddess before me is Chastity in all her glory. She has her arms braced against the doorway, letting me see every delectable curve of her body. Her hair hangs around her face like a golden curtain. She’s biting her lower lip teasingly as I stare at her with lust-filled eyes.

“I thought I would try this one first,” Chastity tells me shyly. It’s one of the ones I had picked out for her. My steps are slow and measured as I move towards the open door. Chastity backs up as I move forward until she is pressed against the wall. I close the door behind me before I move in front of her. Her eyes darken and her breath catches as I continue to look over her body. My hands move up to her shoulders, skimming along the fabric of the straps of her bra, not quite touching her body, until my fingers dip inside the cups holding her luscious breasts. Chastity’s eyes close and she moans in delight.


“You have to be quiet my gorgeous girl,” I command softly. “We don’t want others to know what we are doing back here. Can you do that for me sweetheart?”

“I’ll try,” she says with a whimper as my hands slide down her stomach to play with the material covering her perfect pussy.

I growl in warning. “If you want me to fuck you in this room then you will be.” Her eyes snap open showing me the fire blazing inside them. I know she’s turned on, and if my fingers were to slide beneath the material they now rest on I’d find her wet and waiting. But she started this roleplaying scenario and I intend to fulfill it.

Stepping back from her, I move to the bench that sits in the corner of the room. Chastity looks disappointed as I move away from her but I smile encouragingly. “I think that one looks great on you, but I’d like to see some of the others. We don’t want to be too hasty with our decision. Remember, my job is to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase,” I say in a low voice.

Chastity moves away from the wall and spins slowly so I can also see the rear view of the outfit. I growl approvingly and her eyes meet mine in the mirror. With our eyes locked, she slides her hands in the waist of the underwear. She shimmies as she pushes the material off her hips and lets gravity do the rest for her. She bends over to pick them up and I growl again as visions of bending her over this bench and pounding in her from behind fill my head and my cock swells uncomfortably in my pants. Chastity stands upright and slips her hands behind her to undo the clasp of her bra. She pulls the straps down her arms and drops the garment on top of the discarded underwear. With her finger against her lips, she turns to me with a look of adorable confusion. I would laugh at her pitiful expression if I wasn’t distracted by her nude body on display for my viewing pleasure. Chastity’s body has undergone subtle changes since she started coming to the club. She’s always been a gorgeous girl with an amazing figure, but her body is more toned now than soft like when she first joined the club, but she still has those curves that give her the hourglass figure. She’s more confident in showing off her body; you can tell because her clothing choices when she comes to the club are more revealing than when she first joined. I remember the baby doll satin gowns she first wore with fondness, but I prefer the sexy lingerie she is trying on for me now.

“What should I try on next?” Her lips have moved in a sexy pout. Part of me thinks she is trying to provoke me to act, but I want to draw this out. Being in a public place where we can get caught as well as being outside the controlled environment of the club is extremely arousing to me. Forgive the pun, but it feels forbidden.


“That one,” I offer as I gesture towards a pinkish-purple and black one piece ensemble.  I lick my lips hungrily.  This outfit reminds me of a housewife wearing an apron in a kitchen, cooking dinner for her husband.  Except this outfit is what a naughty housewife would wear when she’s offering herself up as dinner for her husband.  I can vividly picture Chastity lying on my dining room table, letting me satisfy my hunger as I feast between her thighs.

Chastity steps in the thong and slides the garment up her legs until it sits in place on her hips.  She pulls the straps over her shoulders, and then hooks the closures in the back to put the bra in place.  However she turns to me with mock frustration on her face.

“I need help getting everything into place on this one,” she says in a kittenish voice.  When she pulled the garment in place, she failed to place her breasts in the bra cups.  Well, it’s my job as a good sales associate to help the customer when they have issues with the merchandise.

Rising from my bench, I stalk towards Chastity and gesture for her to turn around and face the mirror.  I want her to watch me as I touch her body, because I know she likes to watch and be watched.  My first job is to fix the closure in the back; she had missed one of the hooks in her haste to close the garment.  Once that is corrected and lying smoothly in place, I slide my fingers along the bottom of the bra until I reach the front.  Chastity’s lips are parted and she’s watching me with heavy-lidded eyes.  Her tongue darts out to wet her lips as my hands slide slowly up the front of her breasts, caressing her erect nipples as her breath catches.  Her body is vibrating with need as I slide my fingers against her skin inside the bra, tweaking her nipples as I move her breasts in place inside the bra.  I continue to play with her nipples and she rests her head against my shoulder, shuddering breaths and tiny moans leaving her mouth as I roll her nipples between my fingers.  Her body jerks with my movements and her moans increase in volume.  Nipple play is one of the quickest ways to ignite Chastity’s passions.

Her body is telling me she is getting excited very quickly, so I reluctantly pull my hands away from her breasts.  She mewls in protest and I press a quick kiss to her shoulder.  Chastity has other ideas about letting me get away because she turns abruptly and pulls my mouth to hers in a wet, open-mouthed kiss filled with need. I growl hungrily as my hands grip her hips to pull her flush against me. I honestly cannot remember when someone has tested my control like Chastity. Every time I am with her I feel the overwhelming need to consume her, to devour her until she is completely spent; even then I still want more. When she pulls away from me her lips are swollen and wet with a wild look in her eyes.

“Please,” she whimpers as my hands continue to hold her still. She’s trying to move her hips so she can rub herself against my cock. I know I won’t last much longer, but there is one more thing I want to do before I give us both what we desperately crave.

“Try one more on for me,” I say hoarsely as I step back from her body. Searching through the remaining piles of lingerie, I find the two pieces I’m looking for and hand them to her. This isn’t something I want her to wear at the club; it’s something that’s meant to be enjoyed only in private.

Chastity’s thighs rub together and she is shifting from one foot to the other trying to find some relief for her sexual frustration. I plan to satisfy her fully when she puts this last outfit on but she doesn’t know that. She fumbles with removing the apron-like lingerie and then looks dubiously at the garments I’ve chosen. I raise an eyebrow at her to let her know I’m waiting for her to move. As an added incentive, I slip my shirt over my head and drop it to the floor. I may not be as tall as other guys, but I’m definitely more in shape than most and Chastity certainly has no complaints with my body. She watches with fascination as I unbuckle my belt and then undo the restraints of my jeans. Thank God I haven’t bothered with underwear today; one less barrier to keep me from sliding in Chastity’s wet folds. I toe off my shoes and let my jeans fall to the floor.

“Put the garment on Chastity,” I demand, breaking her from her trance. With frenzied movements, she slips the bra over her breasts and then steps in the matching bottoms. Except it’s not underwear; it’s more like a lace cover for that delectable pussy with garters attached. Chastity stares at me eagerly, waiting for some reward for following my orders. Oh, she will be rewarded all right…


“Turn around; face the mirror. Spread your legs for me.” Chastity quickly complies with my staccato demands, her eyes never leaving mine as she stares at me in the mirror. I place my hands on her skin and she shivers with anticipation  as her eyes flutter closed. That won’t do at all.

“Eyes open. I want you to watch yourself as I pleasure you,” I growl in her ear. “I want you to see how fucking sexy you are as I make you cum. And then I want you watching us in the mirror as my cock pounds your pussy. I want you to see how well we fit together, how you suck me in completely. It’s heaven and hell being inside you,” I say with intensity as I drop to the floor behind her. Chastity gasps and moans with my words, and I can see how my words affect her as more of her sweet nectar glistens along her folds. I cannot resist the temptation any longer; I have to taste her. I need to feel her body writhing for mine.

Flicking my tongue out, I lick the juices from her outer lips, humming appreciatively at her unique taste. My action earns me a strangled moan and a muttered “fuck”.

“Keep quiet. We don’t want to get caught.”

She nods quickly at my words, and bites down on her lip. Placing my hands on her inner thighs, I resume eating her pussy, licking my way up to her clit then sucking hard on her tightened nub. Chastity moans again before shoving a fist against her mouth and biting down on her finger. Her body begins shaking with the telltale signs of her orgasm as I plunge two fingers inside her. Her strangled cry is music to my ears as her walls contract rapidly around my fingers. I prolong her orgasm by rubbing my fingers against her G-spot, making her body spasm and shudder with aftershocks. I can feel her beginning to sag against my face and hands, so I pull her down on top of me as I thrust up in her. Her body bows back in pleasure as I set a brutal pace. I’m pretty sure the two of us are going to have rug burn, but ask me if I care. The only thing I care about in this moment is watching the beautiful creature on top of me staring hypnotically at the mirror as she watches me make my words from earlier a reality.

Her pants and cries are getting louder, so I muffle her mouth with my hand. She actually bites down on my fingers when she cums a second time. The dual sensations of pleasure and pain are enough to finish me off, and I release deep inside her. My hips continue to thrust until the last of my orgasm. Chastity and I rest limply against each other, holding each other up so we don’t fall to the ground. Holy fuck was that intense!

After my breathing has returned to normal, and I feel like my heart isn’t going to explode in my chest, I place tender kisses along Chastity’s shoulder. She pulls back to look at me with a goofy grin on her face.

“So which one do you think I should buy?”

“All of them,” I say without hesitation.

She looks appalled. “Godric this is nearly $900 worth of lingerie! I can’t afford that!”

I smirk as I wiggle beneath her. “My treat. Besides, you still need to model the rest of the collection for me. I think we will end up arrested if we stay in here any longer.” In truth, I have no idea how long we have been in the fitting room, but I don’t give a rat’s ass.

She looks undecided for a moment. I’m afraid I’ve overstepped the boundaries by offering to buy the items for her. Opening my mouth to take back the offer, she surprises me with her words. “Do you want to come back to my place to continue the fashion show?”

My smile is absolutely blinding as I nod my head. Hell yes I want to go with her!

Chasity Home_edited-1


Chasity Back_edited-1


Chasity Next_edited-1

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  1. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Oh, mama! And seriously, awww, that he loves her. I wonder if Eric does too and if they will eventually have a polyamorous relationship because, um, girl you cannot get any better than that!!

  2. jules3677 says:

    Great scene in the dressing room. Glad that they are going to take their relationship to the next level. Looking forward to reading how that goes with Eric in the mix.

  3. gabbieannie says:

    Holy pickle! Lucky bitch! I want them both too!

  4. gwynwyvar says:

    Oi. Geepers. Umm I think I need an icy cold shower!
    Wonderful chapter.
    Look forward to how you resolve this threesome. Obviously both boys are in deep. And Thankfully aren’t jealous of each other.

  5. 4xamom says:

    Oh hooking up outside the club isn’t that a big no no. Can’t wait to see how Eric reacts when he finds out.

  6. lostinspace33 says:

    Holy wow!!!!!!!

  7. Jackie69 says:

    Well that was great Godric and Eric are both in love with Sookie! I wonder what happens now to this threesome…waiting for more Take care

  8. Kittyinaz says:

    Oh thank GOD Marty is back in the states!

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