Like a Moth to a Flame

Chasity EPOV_edited-3

Wednesday’s have become my favorite day of the week. Not because of those stupid insurance commercials with the camel screaming “Hump Day” (in my line of work, every day is hump day), but because those are the nights when she comes to the club. I don’t know her name; Godric and I have taken to calling her Chastity because she looks so pure, so innocent. You’d never believe she is a regular at the sex club Godric, Pam, and I own.

I remember the first time I saw Chastity like it was yesterday.


I am in my office watching the security cameras when she walks in. She arrives at the club with some elitist, pretentious dick; her boyfriend perhaps? Gods I hope not. He is short, but then almost everyone is to me, slightly pudgy around the waist, brown hair, and matching sideburns shaped to a point. Clearly someone has delusions of grandeur if they think they can pull off Wolverine’s sideburns. He wears black silk pajama pants and a red velour smoking jacket. Who the fuck does he think he is? Hugh Hefner? I am about to bounce him from the club on principle, the principle being that I don’t allow douchecanoes admittance to my club, when my eyes move to his companion. It’s not often that I’m affected by the sight of a beautiful woman, but this girl takes my breath away. At the club, beautiful women are a dime a dozen; they all start to look the same. But this girl is different.


She shyly removes her pink silk robe to show a body that could have only come from the gods. A white satin negligée covers her beautiful tan skin and hugs her luscious curves. She has a body meant to be worshipped; and the way my cock reacts I am more than willing to be her devout follower. So many women today starve themselves to be thin, thinking it is such a turn on. If I want to fuck a pointy stick, I will just bore a whole in the tree in my backyard and fuck it. But this girl has an ass meant to be spanked, hips meant to be held while thrusting in her from behind, and tits that I want to bury my face in looking for lost treasure. Somehow I manage to tear my eyes away from her body to look at her face. At this point, I am willing to fuck her even if her face looks like Janet Reno’s….I will just have to put a bag or a mask on her head. But the gods were once again generous by gifting her with luxurious, long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and pouty pink lips that I want wrapped around my cock. Wherever she is going, I am following. I don’t often come down to play on the club’s floor, but for her, I will. In fact, the bulge in my pants demands it.

Her fucktard of a boyfriend doesn’t even pay attention to her; he bolts for The Den, a room filled with soft couches, pillows, and other comfortable surfaces for the multiple partners in the room to seek their carnal pleasure; it’s basically the orgy room. The room usually has at least ten different partners in there at a given time. Chastity walks to The Den, but quickly backs away, clearly not interested in whatever is happening in there. She walks slowly through the club, looking in the different rooms to see what will strike her fancy. She pauses at some rooms longer than others, her lips forming a perfect “O” and a blush spreading across her skin when she sees something that shocks her; she moistens her lips or nibbles on her bottom lip when she finds something that arouses her. I feel like I am going to explode just by watching the sway of her hips as she makes her way through the club. Several patrons try to entice her to join them, but she always shakes her head negatively and smiles shyly before walking away.

I am about to go downstairs, ready to offer my services to make certain she has an enjoyable evening at the club. What kind of business man would I be if I didn’t satisfy a customer? But I stop when I see her speaking to Godric. I am not a jealous person, you have to care about something to be jealous, but all I can think of as I watch her with Godric is MINE. What the fuck is wrong with me? I don’t know this woman; I have no claim on her, but seeing her with my business partner sets the beast inside me rattling against his cage. Before I do something foolish, Chastity smiles at Godric and continues walking down the hall until she disappears in one of the voyeur rooms.

I hurry out of my office, making my way unseen to the back of the club. I meet Godric before he enters one of the private viewing booths.

I try to play it cool, so he can’t see how agitated I am. He’ll never let me live it down if he knows how quickly this girl has gotten under my skin. “Everything alright?”

Godric chuckles. “I take it you saw her too if you actually decided to come down on the floor.”

So much for being nonchalant. I demand, “What is she doing in there?”

Godric shrugs. “She asked me if there was a room where she could be alone; she didn’t want to join the others. I told her these rooms were private, but people could watch what happened inside them. She said she didn’t mind if people watched, that it would make it more exciting.” I raise an eyebrow at his statement, surprised the demure looking angel likes an audience; that is something we have in common. “Now, if you’ll excuse me,” Godric says with a wicked grin, “I don’t want to miss any of the show.”

He hurries in one of the viewing rooms, locking the door behind him. I move down a few doors so that I too am able to watch whatever it is the woman has planned. I flip the lock before crossing to sit in the overstuffed plush chair.

Alex sitting

When we constructed the voyeur rooms, the room being watched has two traditional walls and two walls with glass cutouts that allow the person in the room to see the people watching them.  At the same time the people behind the glass cutouts can see the person in the voyeur room, but the people in each room watching cannot see each other. Some of the watching booths are able to accommodate several people at one time, but booths like the one I am in are for a single person.

Sitting in the chair, I watch my temptress with hooded eyes as she moves around the room. The room she chose is fairly large with a four-poster wrought iron bed. She stands in front of the built-in shelves; the shelves hold massage oils, lubes, and other items to enhance one’s pleasure. Each room also has a mini sound system that also pipes music in the watching booths; I’m a firm believer that music is instrumental in setting the mood. She presses a few buttons on the sound system and then turns around. I hear the music begin to play and it is a song I instantly recognize, En Vogue’s Giving Him Something He Can Feel. She sways sensuously to the music, her hips dipping and rolling as she moves with the beat. Her hands slide along the silky fabric of her negligée, caressing her body as a lover would. Her hardened nipples poke through the material of her skimpy gown, making me lick my lips in hunger. I want to lean forward, I want to press myself against the glass so I clearly see everything she is doing, but the massive erection in my pants is holding me hostage in my chair. Trying to find some relief, I release my cock from its prison. My hand wraps around my length, moving in sync with the beat of the music, my eyes never leaving the vision before me.

Chastity moves with more skill and sexuality than most strippers I’ve seen. Most strippers hurry to remove their clothes, thinking it’s their naked bodies that will earn them the most money. What they fail to realize is that seduction is the true money earner. Erotic dancing is about heightening anticipation, building a frenzy of passion; Chastity is a master at both. I know she is enjoying the attention she is getting because she keeps biting her lower lip. What I wouldn’t give to be able to bite her lip and then soothe it with my tongue. As the song ends, she turns her back to me. I am on the edge of my seat as she slides the negligée up her body, revealing more of that glorious tan skin of hers. Her arms lift above her head as she tosses the garment to the side. She wears only a white g-string that makes me want to follow the path of the string with my tongue. She lowers her arms to gather all her hair on the top of her head, before turning to look over her shoulder. Our eyes make contact and she winks at me as she licks her lips. She allows her hair to fall down as she slides her hands down the skin of her face. When she turns around, her arms are crossed over her chest, hiding her beautiful breasts from my sight. She nibbles on her lower lip again as her hands move seductively along the skin of her arms until her hands are cupping her breasts, as if she is offering them for me to suck on. She stands in the center of the room, her head thrown back, her breath coming in gasps as she alternates between pinching her nipples and rolling them between her fingers.

My hand moves more quickly up and down my erection, my hand moving more smoothly thanks to the drops of pre-cum that have beaded up on the tip. Chastity moves to the bench at the end of the four-poster bed. She hooks her legs around the legs of the bench, leaving her spread open for my viewing pleasure as she sits down. Her right hand moves beneath the fabric of her underwear; with the way the fabric moves, she is rubbing fast circles on her clit. I wish she had removed her underwear; I want to see what her pussy looks like. I wonder if she is completely bare or shaved closely; I want to see if she is drenched with arousal. But mostly, I wish that I my tongue is where her hand is so that I can taste her, that I can feel her walls pulse against my tongue as I thrust in her.  I want to lick her clean; I want to savor the taste of her on my tongue.

I’m so lost in the fantasies my mind is spinning that I surprise myself with my orgasm. I roar with my release as I continue to pump my cock lazily as I shoot stream after stream of cum all over my hand, the excess dripping on my jeans. My eyes lock again with Chastity’s as she moans loudly, her body twitching involuntarily as she finds her own release. Jesus Christ, she’s beautiful when she comes; flushed skin, plump pink lips, and heavy-lidded eyes.

Candice Swanepoel 2

She slumps against one of the bedposts for a few minutes while calming down. When she is finally somewhat back to normal, she walks over to her discarded gown and picks it up.  Too soon her body is covered and I make a noise of protest though she cannot hear.  My angelic temptress walks towards the door indicating that her time in the room is over. Her hand is on the door knob when she stops. She spins around and walks towards the glass windows that divide her from the voyeurs. She pauses at one pane of glass, pressing her lips against the glass in an exaggerated kiss. She steps back with a giggle and continues walking along the glass. My eyes flare as she stops in front of me. Chastity places both hands on the glass before pressing her lips to the barrier between us. She steps back but keeps her eyes locked on mine. I feel my cock stirring again as I stare at her hungrily and she returns my stare with equal fervor. I curl my finger in a come hither motion, which seems to break the spell between us. She hurries to the exit. Once at the door, she turns one last time to blow a kiss to those of us left in the booths before walking out of the room.

I hurry to clean myself up, hoping I can catch her in the hallway; but I never find her that night. It’s as if she disappeared into thin air. However, some of the club regulars notice my arrival, and they try to entice me to join them. But I’m not in the mood to play with them; there’s only one girl who will satisfy the hunger inside me, and I don’t know if I will even see her again.

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    You never disappoint. You promised it would be hot. Yes!!! Off I go to reread & get all excited one more time.

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    No matter the genre Sookie has the power to consume Eric;) My goodness, helluva basket of lemons!

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    Hot! So very very hot! Can’t wait to read the next chapter. I love that you put Godric in this. I don’t often read a human Godric.

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    God!! Loved it soo much!! Now off to find the next one..cause there is a next one right??

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