Behind Closed Doors

Chasity Part II Sookie POV_edited-2

I push the door open, my heart hammering in my chest. My breath catches as I look around the room; hundreds of candles are lit which makes everything seem romantic, something I never expected to see inside Forbidden. Red satin sheets have replaced the black bedding that usually covers the bed. A single rose rests on the bed pillows. I must say, I am completely surprised and awestruck by the effort the guys have put forth.

However, my joy quickly falters when I only see one of my two guys in the room. Godric leans against the wall near the book shelves, a black silk robe the only piece of clothing he wears. The robe is loosely tied around his waist, allowing the material to form a deep v over his chiseled chest. He moves towards me, his feet bare, his eyes appraising me. The naked hunger on his face excites me, and I rub my thighs together in anticipation.

“Did you wear this for me?” Godric licks his lips as his eyes move slowly up and down my body. I’m wearing a black half corset that pushes my breasts up, a little bow resting in between them. The bottom of the corset has a garter, to which I’ve attached black sheer stockings. I’ve completed my outfit with a black lacy thong and black high-heeled slippers. I’m sans make-up this evening since my tan is a nice golden-brown. My hair hangs down my back in natural waves. I had carefully chosen my outfit tonight with both men in mind; Eric appreciated high heels and stockings while Godric appreciated corsets that pushed my breasts up. But I guess it didn’t matter since Eric wasn’t here with us.

Before I can speak, Godric crushes his lips to mine. His lips are soft yet firm as they move at a surprisingly unhurried pace. Godric’s tongue licks along my bottom lip and I open my mouth for him, soft moans and whimpers sounding in my throat as his tongue moves expertly in my mouth. He steps closer, pressing his body against mine, and I fist my hands in his soft, wavy hair. The silky material of his robe seems cool against my skin and my nipples tighten in anticipation. Godric ends our kiss. His eyes are dark with passion as he brushes his thumb against my swollen lower lip. He grabs my arms so that my hands are no longer in his hair. He steps away from me and I whimper in frustration. Why did he pull away from me?

I jump when I feel another pair of hands on my hips gently turning me around. My eyes are level with a chest framed by a red and black satin robe. They drift upwards to find Eric staring down at me, his mouth twisted in a sexy smirk and his blue eyes blazing. “You didn’t think I would miss this did you?” His voice is rich and smooth, and it does amazing things to my libido.

Eric’s head lowers towards mine so that he can capture my lips. His kiss is nothing like Godric’s; he is kissing me as if he is a man dying of starvation and I am the only thing that can satisfy his thirst. I suppose in a way that is true, I have teased the two of them for months now. Eric’s hands pull me flush against his body and I can feel his erection trapped inside his black pants. I gasp in surprise, why I don’t know. It’s not like I haven’t seen his penis before; but feeling it pressed against me and seeing it through a pane of glass are two very different things. As Eric continues to devour my lips, Godric presses against my back, his erection resting against my ass. Godric uses his lips and tongue along my shoulders and back, leaving a trail of moist, open-mouthed kisses following the path of the corset. My body relaxes, sandwiched between the two of them; I trust them completely and know tonight will be one I never forget.

Eric releases my lips, turning me around so that Godric can kiss me again. Godric presses a kiss to my lips before moving to nibble, lick, and suck on the skin of my neck as his thumbs brush against my nipples. Eric drops to his knees behind me. He nips at the backs of my thighs and ass as he undoes first one then the second garter. Eric’s hands splay out against the skin between the tops of my stockings and my thong, his fingers ghosting along the edge of my thong, moving closer and closer to the area I need him most.

I’m panting with need already and the guys have done nothing more than kiss me and touch my skin. I’m on the verge of orgasm, which the guys must sense because they both stop. Eric rises to his feet, keeping his hands on my hips as Godric steps away from my body. Godric takes my hand, leading me towards the bed and gestures for me to sit down. Once I do as he wishes, Godric brings my hand to his lips, licking my knuckles sensuously. He releases my hand, stepping away from my body, and his smile turns absolutely sinful. Godric slowly pulls the tie of his robe undone and shrugs out of the garment, allowing it to pool at his feet. My breath catches as I look at him completely naked for the first time; he is magnificent. Not to be outdone, Eric captures my attention by kneeling at my feet. He has also shed his robe, but he still wears the black pants. His hands grasp my right leg, sliding my slipper off before moving to roll the stocking slowly down my leg. Once he pulls the stocking off, he repeats his actions with my left leg. Eric presses a kiss to each thigh before rising to his impressive height. Making sure that I am watching him, Eric hooks his thumbs in the waistband of his pants, slowly sliding the material down his legs. He steps out of his pants, standing proudly before me. I salivate as I stare at Eric’s impressive erection, licking my lips in hunger. I shift on the bed, about to move forward to worship Eric’s cock the way it deserves to be.

The bed shifting behind me causes me to whip my head around. Godric is kneeling in the center of the bed, a red blindfold dangling from his fingers. “I think you’ve seen enough Lover,” Eric says as Godric places the cover over my eyes. Godric’s lips graze my ear, asking if I trust them. I nod my head rapidly; I want whatever they have planned for me. I am at their mercy for once.

A set of hands move to unsnap the corset closures along my spine while another set of hands moves to the waist of my thong. Eric’s voice commands me to lift my hips; I rest my weight on my arms so I can do as commanded. The thong quickly slides down my legs and then I am commanded to sit back on the bed. The straps of the corset move down my arms, leaving me completely nude.

I feel the bed shift again and it is Godric’s voice that commands me next. “Lie down, arms above your head, legs spread open.” I hurry to do as tasked, my breathing quickening, chest heaving, and a fresh wave of arousal coating my lower lips. I know Eric and Godric are standing on opposite sides of the bed because each of them holds one of my hands. Something silky slides over my hands, resting against my wrists loosely before being pulled taut; they are tying me down. My guys move down the sides of the bed to secure my legs. I cannot see, I cannot touch, and there are no sounds coming from either of my guys. The anticipation is killing me as the ache builds in my lower body.

There is a soft hiss then music starts to fill the room. I don’t recognize the music, but it’s soulful and throbbing. The weight of the bed dips again and I smell the rose from earlier. The silky petals move against the skin of my cheek, gliding across my lips before heading south. The rose sweeps down my neck to my chest, circling my left breast in smaller and smaller circles until the rose is brushing back and forth across my nipple. The rose moves to the valley between my breasts just as a set of lips wraps around my tightened nipple. I arch my back as much as possible, pulling against my restraints, a low moan coming from me. The rose circles my right breast in a similar pattern before someone’s mouth descends on my right nipple. The feeling of their mouths on me is amazing. My guys are so very different in technique and they have me on the verge of cumming. I think Eric is on my right; his mouth sucks powerfully on my nipple before raking his teeth over it and then soothing it with his tongue. Godric’s mouth is gentler but no less arousing; he sucks my nipple to a tight point before flicking his tongue back and forth against it, making my breast bounce against his face. I am on fire; moans and gasps fall from my lips while their mouths work in tandem to pleasure me.

The weight on the bed shifts again as both guys leave the bed and I moan in frustration. However, my moan ends abruptly as a mouth closes over mine. The kiss is a sensual dance of tongues. I’m so engrossed in the kiss that I don’t notice the weight on the bed shifting again. I can’t help but notice when a tongue slides through my lower folds before swirling languorously around my clit. I tear my mouth away so I can let out a low keen, my body thrashing against my restraints. I hear a low chuckle near my ear before I feel a weight settling beside me.

“Turn your head to the right Chastity,” Godric’s soft voice commands. I do as tasked. If Godric is beside me, that means Eric’s tongue is the one that is flicking back and forth against my clit. My hips buck up to move against his face. Eric must not like that because he grabs my hips with his hands, forcing my hips against the bed. I open my mouth to moan in frustration, but I stop when I feel the tip of Godric’s penis moving along my lips. My tongue snakes out to taste his skin, and I hear him hiss in pleasure. His skin is soft, slightly tangy I’m assuming from the precum I felt against my lips. I hum in approval; I want more.

I move so I can suck the head of Godric’s penis in my mouth. I work him like a lollipop, sucking gently while my tongue flicks back and forth along the vein that runs along the underneath. I hum around his head as Eric sucks my clit in his mouth. Godric thrusts his hips in response to my humming, and I gag slightly because I wasn’t expecting it. He quickly withdraws from my mouth, leaving me gasping for air.

“Forgive me, but you caught me by surprise,” he says ruefully.

I want to answer him but I cannot because in that exact moment Eric has slid his fingers inside me, rubbing against my walls. On the first try, Eric found my G-spot, something I was beginning to think never existed. It’s enough to finally push me over the edge. I scream loudly as wave after wave of arousal gushes out of me; my arms and legs tugging at my restraints as my body undulates against the satin sheets. Eric’s fingers move out of me and he releases my clit from his mouth. The bed shifts rapidly and I’m assuming it is Godric’s mouth now lapping up my fluids. Eric’s face has stubble along his chin, while Godric’s is smooth. He probes my entrance with his tongue, seeking every last drop. His fingers move in fast circles against my clit, hurtling me to my second release of the night.

“Too much,” I rasp out when the sensations begin to feel painful. Godric immediately stops. I feel the restraints loosen around my ankles, and then a pair of strong hands begins massaging the muscles in my legs. After having been stretched out for so long, the sensation feels amazing and I moan in delight. A warm chuckle fills the air when my legs jackknife because the hands have found the ticklish spots behind my knees. The massage stops and the weight on the bed shifts again. I’m left wondering what will happen next.

The restraints around my wrists disappear, and I pull my arms down to my sides. “Turn over Lover. We want you on your hands and knees,” Eric’s voice commands me. I raise a hand to take off the blindfold, but a strong hand wraps around my wrist. “Leave it on,” Eric once again commands. I do as ordered and wait for more instructions.

I do not have long to wait before the weight of the bed shifts again; one of them is behind me, the other is in front of me. I can tell it is Godric’s hands that grip my hips, pulling me back against him as his erection slides along my folds. My inner muscles clench as he continues to rock my body back and forth, his cock becoming covered in my fluids. It feels so good to feel him like this but I want more, so much more. I have fantasized for months what it would feel like to have him inside me. All his teasing is doing is driving me mad.

Eric’s hand reaches around to the back of my head to pull my blindfold off. Thank God the room is only illuminated by the candles or else I wouldn’t be able to see. And that would be a damn shame since Eric is sitting in front of me, his legs spread open, and one of his large hands stroking his cock. Even his large hand isn’t enough to work the entire length. I am mesmerized watching him squeeze and stroke himself. I lick my lips hungrily before biting down on my lower lip. Dear God I want to taste him!

Eric chuckles darkly, drawing my attention to his handsome face. His eyes are hooded with passion; his mouth turned up in that sexy smirk that always arouses me. “See something you like Lover?” I nod my head slowly, my eyes returning to stare at his impressive cock. I lick my lips again, panting in desire, both because of Godric’s movements behind me and because of the sexy as hell man in front of me.

“Do you want my cock in your mouth?” Eric squeezes the head of his erection and a drop of precum slips out. I nod my head vigorously, watching as the fluid slides down the length of his shaft. I want to use my tongue to follow the pattern of the fluid.

Eric grabs the base of his erection, holding it steady; the other hand fists in my hair, guiding my head to where I want to be. Godric stills his movements so Eric can put me in place without hurting me. When my lips finally close around his head, I moan in delight, which causes Eric’s hips to flex. Eric’s hands move to hold my hair back so he can watch my mouth on him.

“Look at me Lover.” My eyes meet his while I suck more of him in my mouth. His look is positively feral as he stares at me. “I want to see your eyes as much as possible,” he commands me. I blink so he knows I understand him. Just as I think about moving one of my arms so I can wrap my hand around the base of Eric’s penis, Godric pushes his erection inside me, burying himself as far inside me as he can. I moan in surprise, the vibration making Eric flex his hips again.

I do not have words to describe how aroused and powerful I feel in this moment. I know that both men are aroused because of me; they have intentionally sought me out and they want me so badly that they are willing to share me with each other. I know what we are doing would be frowned upon by many, but I don’t care. This is exactly what I was looking for when I joined the club; a taste of the forbidden.

We quickly establish a rhythm; Godric controls our movements, using my hips to move me on and off his cock. This motion allows my mouth to move back and forth on Eric’s cock freely. The sensation moving throughout my body is overwhelming and I am constantly moaning in pleasure. I know Eric must be close as well because he is spasming in my mouth. I want to push him over the edge; I want to see this beautiful man cum for me. On the next forward motion, I slide my mouth as far down as possible; on the backward motion I scrap my teeth along his skin, not hard, but enough to enhance his pleasure. Eric’s eyes roll back in his head, and he barks out, “Again!” I am only too happy to comply. I repeat the motion, using my teeth as directed before sucking on the tip hard. Eric groans loudly as he releases my hair to grab his penis so he shoots his cum all over my chin and chest. I am disappointed that I don’t get to swallow him, but I understand why he did it; he didn’t want to hurt me.

Godric watches Eric slump against the headboard before changing his pace. He slams in me hard, going deeper than before, his hips slapping against my ass. I cry out in shock, but am soon reaching my orgasm as he continues to thrust in me. My walls are clenching tightly around him, making it damn near impossible for him to move inside me. Godric reaches underneath me to pull my body flush against his; one arm wraps around my shoulders and holds me by the throat, the other moves down to my nub, tapping it with his fingers. The change in position, the added stimulation to my clit, and the feeling of his hand pressing lightly against my throat sends me screaming as another orgasm shatters inside me. With another single thrust, Godric orgasms too; his mouth against my neck as he grunts with his release.

When Godric releases me, I would have fallen to the bed in a boneless heap if it wasn’t for Eric’s strong arms wrapping around me. His lips are gentle against mine, reverent even, as he kisses nearly every inch of skin on my face. Eric places me face down on the bed, brushing my hair over one shoulder. He grabs a bottle of massage oil from the bedside table, squirting a liberal amount in his hands before rubbing them together, the excess drops falling on my back. Eric’s strong hands begin working the muscles of my shoulders, causing a low deep moan to fall from my lips. His hands are magic, moving with just the right amount of pressure along my spine, and my body relaxes completely under his hands. My lips move in a happy smile as I stretch underneath his hands. When I feel his lips moving along my spine, I arch into Eric’s touch even more. Eric’s hands slip underneath me to cup my breasts, his thumbs sliding back and forth over my nipples.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve cum tonight, but I know it’s more than I’ve ever experienced. My body has been used in ways I could only dream of; I am perfectly sated. So how is it I am able to get aroused again? How is it that I’m still craving more? And why do I get the feeling that it will never be enough? I twist my body around so that I can kiss Eric’s lips, my hands moving to trace the contours of his chest. Eric shudders when my fingers brush his nipples, and I smile against his lips.

Eric growls as he moves his lips to my ear. He licks the outer shell before whispering in my ear. “You think this is funny?” He sucks the lobe in his mouth, causing me to shudder against him. Eric’s lips move down my neck, licking and sucking my skin as my hips move against him, brushing against his erection. My hand moves down to caress his shaft as I shift to sit on top of him. I lower myself on him and we both groan in pleasure, my head dropping back in ecstasy. Eric’s hand moves in my hair as his lips kiss their way up my neck, his hand tilting my head forward so he can kiss my lips.

I pull away from his lips with a smile on my face. “There is nothing ‘funny’ about this,” I say teasingly as I squeeze my walls around him. Eric groans as he drops his head on my shoulder, his hands moving to my hips. He starts guiding me up and down, pushing his hips up as I move down, sometimes stilling my movements so he can circle his hips while inside me. People like to tell you that size doesn’t matter, that it’s all in how you use it. Size does matter, because Eric fills me completely, better than any sex toy, and definitely better than any man I’d been with before. Godric wasn’t nearly as long as Eric, though he was just as thick.

Godric . . . I’d been so caught up in Eric’s spell that I had forgotten about Godric. My eyes snap open looking for him. He is sitting up against the headboard, watching us, his hand fisted around his erection. Godric is watching us hungrily, but makes no move to join us. I raise my arm, beckoning him towards us with my finger. Godric crawls towards us, and I stop moving on Eric. I lean over to kiss Godric on the lips, licking his lower lip as I pull away. “Why watch when you can join in?”

Godric smiles wickedly as he moves behind me. As I begin slowly moving up and down Eric’s cock, I feel Godric thrusting his penis along my ass. His hands have moved around to cup my breasts, pinching my nipples which always drive me insane. Eric drops his head to suck one of my nipples in his mouth, causing me to drop my head back against Godric’s shoulder as I arch my back. My muscles clench tightly around Eric and he hisses through his teeth. I can feel another orgasm building; I want to move faster on Eric, but both of my guys stop me.

Eric kisses my lips to reassure me. “We don’t want to hurt you Lover. Let us do everything.” How can I argue with that?

Eric lies down while still inside me; one hand teases my nipples while the other rubs circles on my nub. His hands are distracting me while Godric drizzles lube over my backside. I’m trying not to tighten up, but I’ve never done this before. Godric, sensing my hesitation, slowly slides in my ass. All three of us groan in unison. Having both inside me is extraordinary; I feel so full, stretched tightly around them, but not in any discomfort.

Godric and Eric move slowly but deeply; I’m never left wanting, one of them is always inside me. Their hands work to guide my body to make certain that nothing they do to me results in pain. Our rhythm picks up as all of us try to find our release. Eric buries himself deeply inside me, holding still. He nods his head at Godric, who begins moving more quickly. Godric’s thrusts become more erratic, his hips once again slapping against my ass. His groans and snarls fill my ears as he suddenly pulls out of me to cum all over my back; he places kisses along my neck as his hips continue to thrust against my back while he ejaculates. Godric collapses on the bed, lying on his back gasping for breath. He turns his head so he can watch Eric and me.

Eric sits up, wrapping his arms around me while kissing me passionately. He pulls back from the kiss to stare in my eyes. “Ride me,” he commands.

A smirk spreads across my face before I lean forward to whisper in his ear, “You got it Cowboy.” I move my body up and down his still hard cock, grinding my clit against his pubic bone on the downward movement. Eric’s eyes hold mine as I move. I could drag this out, but looking in his eyes I know we both are in need of a good, hard fuck. As my movements speed up, I tighten my internal muscles adding to Eric’s pleasure. His hips thrust up to meet me. I’m gasping and moaning the closer I get to my orgasm; I’m moving as fast as I can, but it’s not enough, I need something more. Maybe I’ve become desensitized after everything I’ve experienced tonight.

I’m so focused on Eric and my feelings of frustration that I’m shocked when Godric’s hand smacks my ass. Before I can react, he has brought his hand down against my ass once more; the way he has spanked me rocks against Eric in a completely different way, causing me to tighten further around him. I scream as I reach my last release of the evening, my body frozen for a moment as I am lost to the overwhelming sensations running through my body. Eric grabs my hips to thrust up in me twice more before groaning with his own release. He is absolutely beautiful; eyes closed, head thrown back, mouth open, and his body twitches with his release.

I collapse against Eric’s chest, feeling him slide out of me as I fall forward. Eric rolls us to our sides, and I feel Godric mold his body to my back. Both of my guys sling an arm around me; I smile with the realization that they don’t want this to end any more than I do. My eyes are completely closed, a smile of pure bliss on my face. Godric places soft kisses along my neck while Eric gently kisses my lips.

“Thank you,” I whisper to both of them. Those words are inadequate but it is all I can think of. I want to thank them for the care they have shown me tonight, for the indescribable amounts of pleasure, but most importantly, I want to thank them for changing my life.

Godric chuckles in my ear and squeezes my hip affectionately. My eyes pop open to stare in Eric’s baby blues which are filled with humor. His finger rises to smooth the furrow that has settled between my eyebrows. Why are they amused?

“Lover you don’t have to thank us; we enjoyed tonight as much as you.” His smile turns to one of pure sin.

I giggle as I think about all the voyeurs; they either enjoyed tonight tremendously or were disappointed that they weren’t chosen to take part. I’d raise my head to check on them but I can’t move.

Godric whispers in my ear as he is nuzzling against my neck, “What is it?”

“I was going to check on the voyeurs, see if they survived the show.”

Eric chuckles before brushing a kiss against my forehead. “There are no voyeurs Lover; tonight was for us. There will be plenty of chances for the voyeurs to watch in the future. After all, this is only the beginning.”

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  2. Kittyinaz says:

    Love it so much!!! It is awesome and allowed me to escape the shitfest descending upon me. I needed it!! And the banners? Nothing milady!!

  3. msbuffy says:

    Oh my.

      • msbuffy says:

        LOL! I just couldn’t think of anything else to write after all that!

      • Just making sure; can’t have anything happening to you. 🙂

      • msbuffy says:

        LOL! No, no heart attacks today! I was actually expecting something like that in the last chapter. Being the heathen Lutheran, I’m sending you redemption, therefore, no kneeling while doing the Hail Marys & Our Fathers. Just say a few Our Fathers & go in peace, my child! 🙂

      • Well, being that I follow no religion, I have no penance to pay.

        It’s a long story, but just because I don’t follow a religion does not mean I do not believe in God.

      • msbuffy says:

        Whatever blows your hair back! I’m an old hippie, still holding onto many different spiritual beliefs, and we’re all free to practice whatever faith we choose. I just like to tease about the Catholics & Lutherans because we’re so similar but still so different!
        Fantastic piece of erotica you’ve written though! Wow! You should write more. That was well written. Hotter than hell too!

      • I need a break from erotica. It gets hard coming up with different ways of describing sex.

      • msbuffy says:

        It does get repetitive. You did a great job without making it raunchy. There’s a huge difference between the sensuous & pornographic. This story probably has many husbands and/or partners smiling very big smiles this morning!

      • Thanks! I know my husband was happy while I was writing it. 🙂

  4. ericluver says:

    I haven’t read this yet although I’ve skimmed some of a few chapters. Is this AH or vamp? Just wondered before I read it. Looks hot! 😉

  5. tlynnson says:

    I think I need a tall cool drink! That was awesome and lemony goodness!

  6. duckbutt60 says:

    Hokey Smokes, Batman! That was an inferno! Whew!

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    Damn! I think I just had a mini from just reading it….lol just jkg….AWESOME….pls continue it

  8. Wow!! My husband is about to love you…..gonna go find him……

  9. jroxraytech says:

    Holy shit that was hot! Great job with this scene. I love that they didnt want to share it with the others. Love seeing a Sookie who goes for what she wants

  10. kleannhouse says:

    loved it allllll over again…. thanks for the addition at the end… KY

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    Phew. It’s hot. Is it hot? Geez, I must need to turn the heater down… 10c suddenly feels sweltering!
    Brilliant! I was wondering if the boys were going to make it a private session.
    I definitely look forward to your two pronged future chapters 🙂 Hmm, I guess you can read that sentence many ways, feel free to!
    I imagine either branch (or prong) you write will be just as smutastic.
    Now I think I’m going to have a cigarette and dream about Eric and Godric’s prongs 😉

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    That was amazing, loved the three very different PoVs. Can we have more please?

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    My goodness.. I should have read this at night, can’t believe I have to go to work now..Wow…

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    That was hot! Thanks! Hope you decide to write more of this story!

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    All three finally got what they wanted and desired and I bet they look forward to more.

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    Whew! That was hot! I absolutely love Godric and when he’s with Eric and Sookie, mmm, even better! I told myself I wouldn’t read this until I finished what I was writing and it was definitely a wonderful reward! Yum! If they want to play again, I hope you will let them!

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    Just wow….so sensual….so erotic…so good….hope you have more in the future.

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    Hot hot hot…,how did I miss this? I need a cool glass of tea now.

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    Really Enjoyed This! Thank You So Much It Was Really Well Written

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