He Said, She Said

Eric’s POV

Sookie fucking Stackhouse.

“Can you please try not to be an asshole to her?” Hadley looks at me, exasperation clear on her sweet face. It’s an expression that doesn’t sit well on her face. Hadley’s one of those people who are always meant to be smiling or laughing, so to see her trying to be firm and aggravated with me is funny.

“I’m not an asshole,” which we both know is a lie. I am an asshole, but with Sookie, I take it to a whole other level.

“Bullshit,” Hadley says calling me out on the lie. “You’ve been an asshole to that girl ever since you publicly broke up with her by making out with Yvetta at that frat party. If you wanted to break up with Sookie, you could have told her. You didn’t have to humiliate her like that. I’m warning you buddy,” Hadley says poking me in the chest with her sharp fingernail, “if you cause problems for her or make her life more of a living hell than it already is dealing with Claudine, then I’m gonna give you the ass kicking you’ve been deserving for years!” Hadley steps around me and moves through the crowd to Sookie and Dawson. I swallow my drink before slamming the glass down on the bar. Where does she get off warning me? And what the hell does she mean I humiliated Sookie and broke up with her? Sookie was the one to make it clear that things were over between us when she lied to me and fucked another guy. With my jaw locked tight, I stomp off in the direction of the others, intent on setting things straight once and for all.

The two women and Dawson are laughing at something when I slide up to the group. I take a perverse pleasure in watching the laughter fade from Sookie’s face when she sees me joining their group. I know it may seem childish, but dammit, I’m entitled to feel this way. I’ve never been the type of guy to do the relationship thing; even in high school I only casually dated girls. And really that was only because it was expected to get a girl to put out. But Sookie was different. She was the first girl I wasn’t wasting time with just to get her in bed. I genuinely liked her. I fell hard and fast for the blonde bombshell only to have her rip my heart out with her betrayal. So forgive me if I am more than a little bitter about being forced to spend time with her now.

“Hello Eric,” she says politely before nervously sipping on her drink.

“Sookie,” I say simply before turning to the bar to gesture for another drink. I’m going to need it. She was a beautiful girl when we were in college, but the woman before me is simply stunning. That pink dress would look ridiculous on anyone else, but on her it looks sinful. She’s lost some weight since the last time I saw her but it only enhances her lush curves. But it’s her eyes that have always gotten me. I used to love how they would light up like the sun when she would see me for the first time or how they would sparkle with mischief when she was telling me a dirty joke. And when I had her wrapped up in my arms, they would burn with passion that I thought was only for me. It’s disconcerting to see her eyes showing no emotion whatsoever; they are cold and vacant.

“You look well,” she tells me politely when I turn back to the group with the drink in my hand.

“Thanks.” I know the polite thing to do would be to complete her too, but I won’t do it. I’m sure she’ll have enough men fawning over her this evening. It looks like Dawson’s already under her spell.

“Oh look,” Hadley says to break the silence. “Claudine and Alcide are here. And not a moment too soon,” she mutters under her breath. The four of us watch in silence as Claudine and Alcide work their way through all the people waiting for their arrival. Claudine is kissing checks while Alcide shakes hands as they plow through the crown of people to make their way to the bar. It reminds me of a politician on the campaign trail, shaking hands and kissing babies.

“Is this an engagement party or a campaign event?” I’m not surprised that Sookie has a similar impression as me; we both have dry, sarcastic senses of humor that would make a lesser person cry. It was one of the things I had been draw to.

“Knowin’ the two of them maybe both,” Dawson says taking a sip of his beer. Claudine and Alcide finally make their way over to us. I’d taken the liberty of ordering a beer for Alcide and a cosmopolitan for Claudine. Alcide gratefully takes the beer from my hand as Claudine screams shrilly at seeing the two blonde women with me.

“Girls I’m so happy you’re here!” She hugs Hadley tightly as if she hasn’t seen her for years though I know it has only been a few weeks. Claudine gives the same type of greeting to Sookie though I notice Sookie is less than enthusiastic in returning the greeting. If I had to hazard a guess, I think that the bridezilla gene had taken over Claudine. To be fair, the woman has always been a bit of a handful. She’s not vindictive or vicious, but she’s always been a bit headstrong and selfish. Part of me sympathizes with the horrors that Sookie and the other girls have to face.

“I’m sorry we’re late but our meeting with the facility ran longer than we expected,” Claudine says with a huff as she grabs her drink. She takes a sip of the frothy drink and continues with her story. “I honestly don’t know why we’re going with them. They have been uncooperative with almost everything. First they didn’t have the day we wanted. Then they said they couldn’t accommodate our guest list. And when I told them what I wanted the menu to be they said that wasn’t an option from the menus I could choose from. I mean, it’s my wedding day; I should be allowed to have whatever I want!”

I try my damnedest to control my reaction but are you fucking kidding me?!?!?! I know Claudine’s parents have spoiled her and her siblings but I’ve never seen her this bad. Normally her sense of entitlement only extended to having domestic staff so she wouldn’t have to do any chores with her own two hands. And I knew she had specific tastes about her clothing, purses, and jewelry, but I never expected her to be like this.

I turn my eyes to Alcide to see how he’s reacting to her outburst but he only drains his beer and signals the bartender for another one. So that’s how it’s going to be; Alcide is going to turn a blind eye and remain silent while she acts like a bitch. If he doesn’t man up and take a stand now, she’s going to run roughshod over him throughout their entire marriage.

While Claudine is taking another sip of her drink, she sees someone in the crowd that she waves excitedly at. She finishes the drink and sets her glass down. “There’s my sister and brother. I’ll be right back.” Claudine rushes off leaving before any of us say anything.

Sookie is the first to recover from what we just witnessed. She steps up to the bar and the bartender is immediately in front of her, not even being subtle about the fact he’s staring at her breasts. Part of me wants to go all Neanderthal and punch his lights out. But I don’t have the right and Sookie doesn’t seem to mind the attention.

“What can I get you sugar?” He actually has the nerve to lick his lips while staring at her! That takes balls.

She gives him a smile that I know is fake. “My friends and I could use another round and we need shots. Tequila,” she says to clarify. The bartender hustles to fill her order, something we are all appreciative of even though I notice I’m not the only guy in the group that isn’t happy with the way the bartender’s staring at her. Dawson actually turns so his chest is against Sookie’s back and wraps his arms around her waist. He stares down the bartender while he places our shots on the bar, daring him to look at Sookie again. The bartender hurries to get away from Dawson’s glare.

Sookie elbows Dawson in the stomach and he grunts in pain. “Dammit Dawson, you know I was letting him look so we’d get our drinks faster. You know there’s no way in hell he ever had a shot.”

“Doesn’t matter. I didn’t like him looking at you,” he growls. He passes the shot glasses around to the rest of us. Raising his glass in the air he salutes the rest of us, “Here’s to surviving the next few months.” We clink glasses and slam the drinks back. The tequila burns on the way down and Hadley starts coughing after her shot.

“Haven’t done that in a while,” she says hoarsely and continues to cough. “Excuse me y’all, I need the ladies room.”

“Want me to come with you?” Hadley shakes her head no at Sookie’s offer, which leaves Sookie alone with the three of us.

Once Hadley is clearly out of sight, Sookie punches Dawson in the arm. “Whatdya do that for?” Dawson demands as he rubs the spot she punched.

“Why the hell are you gettin’ all possessive of me in front of Hadley? It should be her your all possessive of,” she says with her hands on her hips.

“What are you talking about?”

“Tray Anthony Dawson don’t you dare pretend to be stupid with me. You’ve been in love with Hadley since the day you met her! It’s time you put up or shut up! Because of this wedding, all of us are gonna be seeing each other a lot. It’s time you made your move,” she says giving him a knowing look.

“Sook that ship had sailed,” Dawson says in defeat as he picks up his beer.

“Oh yeah? Then why did she look so jealous when you had your arms around Sook?” Alcide grins when Dawson whips his head around to look at him. “Every time you’ve come to Sook’s defense over the years, Hadley gets this jealous look in her eye. Even when she was with that cock twater Savoy,” he says triumphantly.

“Bullshit,” he says in disbelief and I have to agree with him. I’ve never seen Hadley ever show any jealousy towards Sookie, not that I’ve been around them all that much lately.

“It’s true,” Sookie says and Dawson swings his head to look at her. “She’s never said how she feels about you, but a girl knows when another girl likes a guy. Hadley thinks she’s damaged goods because of what that asshat did to her. She thinks the only reason you’ve been helpin’ her is because you feel sorry for her and Jack,” she says softly.

“That’s the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard of,” I say in disbelief.

Sookie swings eyes filled with hatred towards me. “Is it? Well I’m sorry you’ve never known what it’s like to be publicly humiliated by the person you love! I’m sorry you’ve never had to pick up the pieces and put your life back together when the future you thought you had is suddenly gone.” Something in her eyes shifts and her anger is suddenly gone to be replaced by a crippling sadness. Sookie walks away, heading in the direction that Hadley took.

“Nice going jackass,” Alcide says when I turn back to my two friends.

“What did I say?”

“Jesus Northman! I knew you were a dick, but that’s a new low even for you.” Dawson shakes his head in disgust. “I’ve never interfered between you and Sookie, but I’ll lay your ass out if you make her cry again. I don’t know what went wrong between the two of you, why you ended it the way you did, but it ends now,” Dawson says firmly.

“Why don’t you ask her what went wrong?”

“Oh believe me, I have. We all have. And she doesn’t know.” Alcide places his hand on my shoulder and squeezes lightly. “My wedding is already a circus freak show Eric. I don’t want to have to worry about you and Sookie fighting up there in front of the preacher. Whatever happened is in the past. Make peace with the girl and move on.”

Before I can respond, the one voice I’d hoped to never hear again rings in my ears. I cringe as I turn around to find Bill Compton standing there looking smugly at the three of us.

“Hello gentlemen. It’s been a long time,” he says with that fake Southern accent he’s always had. I’ve known people who have lived here their whole lives and they don’t sound as exaggerated as he does. And that hair? He looks like he’s on his way to a Civil War Reenactment with those sideburns. Even the way he dresses looks antiquated.

I hate this fucking asshole with an intensity that burns hotter than sun. Hatred for him is a poison that has spread through my body, tarnishing every crevice, leaving nothing untouched. Once upon a time, I had a chance of being a decent human being. I had found my salvation and was beginning to walk in the sun when Bill Compton stole my light, condemning me to darkness. He is the reason I am the way I am with women.

He’s the one that took Sookie away from me.


It’s the weekend, normally my favorite time of the week. No classes, sleeping in, parties, and spending time with my girl are my favorite activities. But this weekend Sookie’s gone home because it’s her Gran’s birthday. Sookie had asked me to go with her but I wasn’t quite ready to meet her parents or family yet. I wasn’t ready for her brother’s attempts to intimidate me. I could have used some good home cooking though.

It’s only Saturday morning and I feel like a rudder without a ship. Without Sookie here, I don’t know what to do. It’s only been three weeks but she has completely turned my world upside down. Saturday mornings used to be me either fighting off a hangover or still drunk from the night before. Usually I was kicking some chick whose name I couldn’t remember out from my bed. I’d get something to eat, go to the gym for a few hours, come home, shower, and getting ready for that night’s party which would be a repeat of the night before. But Saturdays with Sookie have been spent cuddling in bed, watching movies, and spending time alone getting to know one another. How can one girl make such a big difference in my life?

From the moment Sookie and I first touched, I felt a deeper connection. Yes, she is a gorgeous girl and I want to fuck her, but there is more to it than that. There is something about Sookie that makes me spill all my secrets, tell her my dreams. With her, I feel like I can be me, not what other people expect me to be. Everyone expects something from me. My parents expect me to pick a major that is sensible, something that will not waste their money and will lead to me having a stable future. The guys in the fraternity expect me to be the guy that can fuck any girl he wants. They think I’m some big party animal. And the girls, well we know what they want from me. But not Sookie. Well she does, but that isn’t the only thing she wants from me. The first thing she told me when we were on our first date was that she wasn’t there to get to know the facade; she wanted to know what was underneath. I’d tried to joke that what you see is what you get, but she wasn’t buying it. She said she would go back to her room if that was the case because she didn’t like what she saw. When I asked her what she saw, her response floored me. She said she saw someone that looked like they were drowning and needed someone to throw them a lifeline. She’d then touched my cheek, her eyes shining with concern, asking what troubled me so. I found myself telling her things that I had kept bottled up for a long time. It feels cathartic to know that someone out there really cares for me.

I saw her a little over twenty-four hours ago, but it feels so much longer. There is this nagging ache in my chest where my heart is. I keep rubbing my hand over it like that will make it better.

“Dude, you’ve got it bad,” Stan says with a role of his eyes. “Why haven’t you fucked her and moved on to the next one?”

For some reason, I thought hanging out in the living room watching the game with my fraternity brothers would take my mind off Sookie, but it hasn’t. To be honest, I didn’t want to join the fraternity, but it was expected of me. My old man had been a brother during his time here at LSU. He’d strongly advised me to join the frat, saying it would be the best experience of my life. I like some of the brothers, but there are others I could do without. Like Stan for example; I can only handle him in small doses.

“Fuck you Stan,” is the only reply I can come up with. The guys give me a hard enough time about having a girlfriend. Can you imagine what they’d say if they knew the truth?

Part of me wishes I’d gone home with Sookie this weekend. At least we’d be together even if her family was around. She’d jokingly told me it was a good thing I wasn’t going with her, because then her daddy couldn’t give me the third degree. I’d panicked hearing that. Not because I couldn’t handle the pressure of him asking me what my intentions were with his baby girl, but because of what my answer would be.

I never want to let her go.

Talk about a reality check . . .

“What’s the matter Stan? Tired of having to pay for your female companionship since you aren’t getting Eric’s cast offs anymore?” Tray grabs a few beers out of the mini fridge, passing them out to the guys that need one. He hands me one before sitting down in the chair next to mine. “By the way Stan, the doctor called and said that the results of your blood tests are in. He said to stop putting your dick in hookers or else it’s gonna rot off.”

“Fuck you Dawson. I don’t pay for sex,” Stan grumbles.

“Anymore,” I add and Stan flips off both of us. He stomps out of the room and goes up the stairs. The door to his bedroom slams shut behind him. Tray and I clink bottles for a job well done pissing off Stan.

Guys come in and out of the room to watch the game, and the pledges are cleaning up from last night’s party. I remember those days, and I don’t envy them having to do it. There is no telling what you’ll find on the floor. And the bathrooms…you need a gas mask to enter them. Alcide, Tray, and I share the master bedroom and it has an en-suite bathroom. Our rooms are definitely cleaner than the rest of the house, but three guys sharing a bathroom can get pretty toxic. We go through a lot of matches, candles, and Lysol. The three of us managed to snag the master suite because we’re three of the officers for the fraternity and we’re also older than most of the other members. We’re in our fourth year and I know Alcide and Tray are probably going to have to go another year. I hope to do my internship this summer and finish up a few remaining classes in the fall. A double major is really difficult to complete in four years, and I didn’t want to overburden myself every semester with art projects or papers. I was a little less than honest with my parents when it came to my education. They knew I was doing a double major, but they thought it was in graphic design and marketing. In actuality, my two majors are advertising and photography. If my parents knew I was doing anything with photography, they would flip their shit. They think photography is a hobby, not something I can make into an actual career. When I tried to show them how good I am, my dad didn’t want to hear it. His idea of being creative is having breakfast for dinner. My father is very utilitarian. He wears a black suit, white shirt, and black tie to work every day. His relaxed clothing consists of jeans and an LSU shirt. My mother on the other hand is a total free spirit. She’s always following the latest fads, the newest trends, and she’s always a kaleidoscope of colors. As a child, I never noticed the differences between my parents; most kids don’t unless it’s really bad. But as I got older, I began to notice that my parents never really talked to each other, at least about nothing significant in front of me. Unless it involved me, my parents treated each other like casual acquaintances. It was because of them I never wanted to get married, never wanted to fall in love. If their relationship is what love looked like, I didn’t want it. I’d been doing a pretty good job of avoiding it too.

Until Sookie Stackhouse.

I could never see a relationship with her being boring. She found the same things funny that I did. Her sense of adventure sometimes put her in questionable situations, but she always comes out of it with a smile and a funny story. Sookie is sunshine personified. She makes me feel warm and happy, but she isn’t afraid to call me out when I’m being a jackass. And she’s definitely no pushover. This amazing girl is wrapped up in an attractive package that has me panting after her like a dog. The only reason we haven’t had sex is because of lack of opportunity. Someone is always around. I refuse to have our first time together be in a car or in my room with the frat brothers standing outside listening. I know they’d do it, because we’ve done it to Alcide and Claudine on more than one occasion not to mention when I’d have random girls over. The guys all said it was like having free porn in the house. The idea of any of those assholes jerking off to me and Sookie together makes me physically sick. It’s bad enough I’ve already almost come to blows with one of the alumni because he made inappropriate comments about Sookie.

Fucking Bill Compton!

The first time Sookie came over to the frat house to hang out with me, Compton had been here. He’s a master’s student that lives off campus, but he likes to hang out at the frat house. When I was pledging, Compton liked to make my life a living hell. He always singled me out for extra hazing. I could never figure out what the fuck his problem was with me. Even after my initiation, he’s been an ass to me. Thankfully, my big brother in the fraternity, Godric, kept Bill from being too hard on me. Unfortunately, Godric graduated last year and Bill’s still here.

It had been a Thursday night and some of the guys were hanging out in the living room watching the Saints play the Falcons. I’d picked Sookie up after her night class because I didn’t like the idea of my girl walking across campus at night alone. I’d brought her back here because Alcide was over with Claudine. Sookie shared a bedroom with Claudine, and unfortunately had walked in on her share of seeing Alcide’s hairy ass up in the air while he was on top of Claudine. I promised I’d take her back to her room in the morning so she could shower and change before her classes.

Sookie and I were walking past the living room up to the stairs when Compton’s irritating voice had stopped us. He had greeted Sookie like she was an old friend, and Sookie was polite but seemed uncomfortable. Bill had asked what she was doing in the house. I didn’t like his overly friendly attention towards my girl, so I said my girlfriend was spending the night and even made a point of putting my arm around her shoulders. Compton had looked at Sookie like she was a piece of meat in the butcher’s window. Bill had scoffed at the notion, saying I never kept them around long. He’d had the nerve to ask if I would mind if he had a turn with her when I was finished. I saw red and punched that mother fucker in the nose. It was extremely satisfying to hear the crunch as his nose broke and all the blood came spurting out. Bill, like the little bitch he is, crumpled to the ground, wailing. Tray and a few of the other guys had to hold me back from going after Compton further. I wanted to tear him apart for even breathing the same air as my beautiful angel. Someone had helped him up and he swore I’d be sorry for hitting him. The only reason I had been sorry was because he was still conscious. Bill had left and I haven’t seen him since.

“You going to the party tonight?” Tray’s voice brings me back to the present. I’d been lost in daydreams of Sookie.

“I don’t think so man.”

“So you’re gonna stay home and mope because your girl isn’t here?” Dawson gives me a small smile when I raise my middle finger at him. “Look man, I’m happy for you and Sook. I think you two are great together.”

“But?” I know there’s a but coming.

“You don’t hang out with the brothers anymore unless it’s a mandatory event. Come out with us tonight. No one says you have to hook up with a chick, and if it makes you feel better you can be the designated driver so you don’t do something stupid while drunk. Just come hangout.”

“Where’s the party tonight?” Dawson has a point. I’ve been spending every possible minute with Sookie. I didn’t think I’d been neglecting my friends, but Dawson’s right. Last night and today have been the first time I’ve hung out with the guys without having Sookie around. Maybe it’s because we are still in that early stage of our relationship or maybe we’re THAT couple.

“It’s over at The Quad,” Dawson says waiting for my reaction.

That’s just fucking perfect! The Quad is where that asshole Compton lives.

“You dick,” I tell Tray. “You didn’t tell me it was at The Quad first because you knew I’d refuse.”

Tray grins. “But since I’ve guilted you into it, now you can’t back out.” He pats me on the knee as he gets up to get himself another beer.


The party is in full swing at The Quad when we arrive. Music is blaring from several different apartments and many of the doors are open for people to go in and out of the apartments. The Quad is home to many of the upper classmen that don’t want to have to deal with the rules of living on campus. Compton shares an apartment with Chow, another fraternity brother. They are both pursuing their master’s degree and had opted to live in a more private setting because they are working full-time jobs in addition to pursuing the higher degree. I actually like Chow; he’s helped me out a few times with graphic design projects I’ve had to do. Chow is a whiz at everything when it comes to design work. He’s actually put me in touch with people at his job and that’s how I got my internship for the summer. Thankfully Compton doesn’t work with Chow or else I’d have to find a new internship.

The cool thing about the party at The Quad is that you don’t have to deal with the underclassmen element here. Underage drinking is always a big concern when we host parties at the house. Of course we know that underclassmen are going to drink; most of us drank before we were twenty-one. However, if the police bust up a party at the house, all of us that live there run the risk of being arrested for providing alcohol to underage individuals. That’s why we usually try to keep things contained and we make sure we are cool with all our neighbors so none of them will rat us out. I’m actually having a good time even though I’m not drinking. Dawson and I are hanging out with Chow and a few guys from a different fraternity. We’re playing poker in Chow’s living room. Fortunately for me, Compton hasn’t made an appearance tonight. When I’d asked Chow about him, his roommate had shrugged. Chow wasn’t really a fan of Bill’s but he’d needed a roommate and Bill had been willing. Chow said Compton had gone home for the weekend, but had come back earlier this evening with a blonde girl. He hadn’t seen Bill since.

A cold feeling of dread settles over me. I knew from casual conversation with Sookie that Compton was from the same small town as her. In fact, their family homes were only separated by an old cemetery. Sookie said she knew of Bill while at home but didn’t know him until coming to LSU. He is older than her, closer in age to her brother, and their families didn’t exactly run in the same circles in Bon Temps. She said the first time she met him was last year when he’d been a teacher’s assistant for one of her classes. Sookie didn’t have much of an opinion about him other than he gave her the creeps. There’s no way she would have ridden back to school with him and not told me she was back.

Would she?

“Deal me out this hand,” I say pushing back from the table. “I need to take a piss. Chow where’s your bathroom?”

“Down the hall on the left,” Chow says not paying me any attention. He’s picking up his cards and studying them like they are holding the secrets to the mystery of life. Chow’s actually a great card player; his face gives nothing away. Not like Dawson who twitches every time he’s got something good. The other guys are decent players, but the alcohol is affecting their abilities. I’m up a good bit, so I don’t mind sitting this one out. Plus, my concentration’s been shot since Chow mentioned Compton coming back with a girl. There’s no way he came back with Sookie. She would have called me as soon as she was back. We’d been texting each other almost nonstop until she said her parents were taking her phone away from her because she was supposed to be spending time with family, not talking to her boyfriend.

Was that just a convenient excuse?

I don’t know why I’m so paranoid. Sookie hasn’t given me a reason to not trust her. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had a real relationship. Despite all the time Sookie and I have spent together, we’ve never really had the talk about what we are. I guess we’ve both just assumed that we’re exclusive.

You know what they say when you assume . . .

I definitely feel like an ass when I’m standing outside Compton’s partially open bedroom door. The sound of music isn’t as loud back here so it’s easy to tell that Compton is having sex with someone in his room. There’s very little light in the bedroom but I can see Compton mounted on top of a woman who’s on all fours. Her face is turned away from the door, but it gives me a good view of her blonde hair. I try to reassure myself that means nothing; lots of women in the world have blonde hair. And her moans are muffled by a pillow or the bed, so that doesn’t help me any. I’m about to slip away and go to the bathroom like I said when my world stops.

“SOOKIE!!!!!” Bill shouts the name of the woman I love as he jerks thorough his release against the woman’s ass. He collapses on top of the woman, pushing her flat against the bed. They are panting like two horses that have been ridden hard for miles.

Part of me wants to storm in there and beat the shit out of Bill. Part of me wants to go in there and yell at Sookie for being a two-timing bitch. But I walk numbly to the bathroom and lock myself in. My hands grip the sink as I stare at myself in the harsh light. I look like death; my eyes are huge and they are the only bit of color in my face. Even my lips have gone white. I feel the need to vomit. The acidic burn tickles my throat and I hurriedly drop to my knees in front of the porcelain bowl. I wait for the sickness to come; I welcome it because maybe it will make me feel better. But nothing comes and I’m left with tears burning my eyes. How could she do this to me? Did I mean nothing to her? What the hell had changed from yesterday to make her run to Compton’s arms? Has she been fucking him all along and just playing with me? I have thousands of questions, but no answers.

I do know one thing. I’m not going to give either of them the satisfaction of knowing they hurt me. Clearly I meant nothing to her; that bitch means nothing to me. I flush the toilet so the others think I’ve done my business in here and splash some water on my face, staring hard at the reflection in the mirror.

The man I was becoming with Sookie by my side is gone, swirling down the drain with the water I’d splashed on my face. In his place is the man everyone expects me to be. My fraternity brothers gave me the nickname The Viking because I’ve always been cold, emotionless, vicious, and ruthless when it comes to women.

Sookie Stackhouse is going to find out firsthand how bad I can be.

End Flashback

“Compton,” Alcide says in a clipped voice. “What are you doing here?”

“It’s a public establishment,” he says gesturing to the bar like we don’t know where the fuck we are. “I’m allowed to be here.”

“Well this is a private party,” Dawson says standing up to his full height and crossing his arms over his chest in a protective pose. “You aren’t invited.”

The smile fades from Compton’s face to be replaced by an ugly snarl. Before he can say anything, a tiny voice behind him says, “Oh fuck.”

Bill whirls around. I don’t know how he looks but I know Sookie and Hadley are both white as a ghost. What the fuck did Bill do to them to make them react this way?

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    Ohhh, I hoped I’d read this story Beehl free ;( Well, we needed a Creepy McCreeperson. Now we got Eric’s side and obviously he’s the only cheater in this scenario, so he better get on his knees and beg forgiveness.

  6. ericplenty says:

    Followed you from FF love the story hate that Bill! Poor Eric men and communication.

  7. Mindy781 says:

    I really want the truth to come out. This is really good. Damn Bill. Can’t wait to read more.

  8. mom2goalies says:

    Hopefully the truth will come out now that both Hadley and Sookie are seeing Bill together. And it seems that it might be the first time they’ve seen him since the night in the flashback. I betting Bill was with Hadley and pissed her off by yelling out Sookie’s name but Eric didn’t see that part. I truly hope that it wasn’t some really sick role play on the girl’s part, be it Hadley or someone else. Bill is such a slimeball I wouldn’t put anything past him. Eric and Sookie need some alone time to talk….

  9. lostinspace33 says:

    Talk about crossed wires! I can’t wait to see how they untangle this mess.

  10. redjane12 says:

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    Really liked Tray in this story… and I do hope he and Hadley just get on with things… Oh and yeah, Eric has to confront his clearly unfounded suspicions ASAP….

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  12. Claire says:

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    Eft us on another cliff hanger Argghhhh lol hope u update again soon and thank u again for sharing x I love it

  13. marilyn59 says:

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  14. foxgoddess07 says:

    ok I have to say this. eric was/still is a dumbass. I get why he was paranoid but to have confronted sookie about it? knowing how bill was around her and how sookie was vice versa he never thought to question her about it? again dumbass. update soon.

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