It’s in the Blood

After reviewing all the information Bruce, Fangtasia’s accountant, sent over, someone has stolen $60,487.52. I do not know what bit of absurdity strikes me more; that someone is foolish enough to steal money from a vampire or the randomness of the amount stolen. It has not all disappeared at once, small amounts that would not be noticeable by itself, but when trended over time, are quite substantial. By all accounts, the theft began almost three months ago, right after Bruce had finished the quarterly audit. It is during this quarter’s audit that he found the discrepancy. The sheer amount of fear in his email and voice mail message assures me that the accountant did not do it, but I will leave no stone unturned. My instincts tell him that it is either Long Shadow or one of the waitresses. Long Shadow would make the most sense; he does have the most access to the register other than Pam. My progeny would not have reason to steal the money; she is much more fond of stealing my credit cards. The waitresses could have taken the money, but it seems highly unlikely… unless they had Long Shadow’s help. Maybe another vampire has glamoured the staff to steal from him; again, highly doubtful but not improbable.

During the day while I was dead, I received notification from Cataliades that the contracts for the Stackhouse family are complete. He said he will be happy to meet me at the Stackhouse home to finalize the documents this evening.  The Queen is unhappy that it has taken this long according to Cataliades’ message. If the Queen is truly unhappy, she will send André to do her dirty work. The last thing I want is André sniffing around my area. André is still unhappy that he doesn’t have a part- fairy play thing of his own. By failing to complete my mission to the Queen’s satisfaction, not only endangering my well-being, but Sookie’s as well.


I release a deep sigh of frustration as I think about the young blonde bombshell. If only I could think of her as another business arrangement, but I can’t. I am drawn to her, there is no questioning that. Her scent is mouth-watering and I’m sure her blood would be the finest vintage I have ever tasted. I want to possess her in every way possible; my Queen and her family have all but given me their permission to do it. But there is one problem.


I don’t want to “own” Sookie Stackhouse. To treat her as a traditional pet would destroy her spirit and I have no desire to do that. I see so much of myself in the miniature-sized woman; we share a similar sense of adventure, passion, and humor. If I didn’t admire her so much, I would have no issues with fishing off the company pier so to speak. If our run in at Fangtasia is any indication, Sookie will not be satisfied being a feed and fuck, nor would she be willing to turn a blind eye if my fangs and dick decide to plow another field.  To be honest, I wouldn’t expect her to; she deserves someone who is 100% dedicated to her. Sookie Stackhouse deserves the best of everything.

Unfortunately in this instance, that is not me.

The best I can hope for when it comes to Sookie is friendship.  I’ll watch as she finds a man to love her and that she loves in return. I will protect her children as they grow. And at some point, I will shed a tear when she draws her last breath on this realm, one of the few breathers that I will truly grieve when they pass.

I release a shuddering breath as the thought of Sookie dying freezes my already cold heart. If I thought she was willing, I would offer her immortality in a heartbeat, consequences of her heritage be damned. But I know she won’t accept it. She is a creature of the sun and the sun loves her in return. How could I ever ask her to become a creature of the night?

I’ve dawdled long enough. I hurry through my nightly routine and vamp to my Corvette. It’s time to face the music. The Stackhouse family and I need to sign the contracts. I have no idea how Sookie is going to react tonight, but I don’t think she will welcome me with open arms. Knowing her, she might greet me at the door with a shotgun. I only hope there are no wooden objects nearby.

Nearly an hour later, I am arriving at the Stackhouse home and the scene is eerily similar to that of a few days ago when I first drove up to the house; three cars parked in front of the house with the lower level aglow from the lights within. I would have been here sooner but I was stopped by not one, but two Louisiana State Police officers. The first officer was easily handled with a little glamour, but the second proved to be difficult. It was actually a vampire that worked with the state police. Apparently my glamouring of the first officer was caught on tape because of the camera on the trooper’s dashboard. The vampire, a cocky Italian-American named Vito, stopped me to let me know he had taken care of the issue, but he wanted to warn me so I was prepared for the future. It was all I could do to keep from staking Vito as he cockily informed me that he was there to arrest me for my transgression. He had been turned in the 1930s, right at the height of the rise of the American gangster. Vito isn’t his real name, but it’s the name he had given himself after seeing The Godfather. The vampire in question had copied everything about De Niro’s portrayal of a younger Vito Corleone. I thought about making him an offer he couldn’t refuse, but something told me he was too dense to pick up what I was putting down.

Parking behind Jason Stackhouse’s truck, I killed the engine on the Vette and reluctantly climbed out of my car. I half-heartedly hoped Sookie would be waiting for me outside the house again, but there is no sign of her; there isn’t even a trace of her scent in the air. She must not have sun bathed today. Pity; I do love the smell of the sun lingering on her skin.

With great reluctance, I move up the few steps leading to the porch and raise my hand to knock on the front door. Before I can lower my hand to the glass panes, the door is thrown open and I nearly end up knocking on Jason Stackhouse’s face.

“Oh, uh hey there,” he says awkwardly as I lower my hand to my side. “We heard your car pullin’ up.” His eyes glance to my Corvette and I see them fill with lust. “That’s a sweet ride you got there. Do ya think I can take it for a drive some time?”

Two nights ago, he gets upset that his cousin is a fangbanger and storms out of the house. One night ago, he’s scared shitless of me. Now he thinks we’re friends because we bonded over me telling him how not to fuck up his life?!?!?! Before I can respond to his question, a hand darts around the door to smack the back of his head.

“Mind your manners Jason Stackhouse!” Adele gives her grandson what can only be classified as the stink eye and he sulks away from the door mumbling “yes, Gran”. She turns to smile brightly at me. “Mr. Northman, it’s a pleasure to see you again. Won’t you come in?” Adele moves out of the open door so that I may enter her home. When I walk inside, I notice there isn’t a single thing out of place and it smells like the home has been freshly cleaned again. I can tell Adele doesn’t waste her money on the harsh chemical products you would find lining the shelves of the stores; there is a more natural smell to the cleaners she uses; hints of vinegar and citrus combined with good old-fashioned manual labor are more effective than most of the crap they peddle on TV.

“Won’t you have a seat?” Adele gestures to the sofa in the living room. “Would you like a True Blood? I bought all the different flavors because I wasn’t sure what you liked best,” she says with a smile.

I am touched by her thoughtfulness even if I think rat piss tastes better than the fake metallic shit sold in a bottle. But to show my appreciation, I will stomach at least two of the vile concoctions. Before I can respond, Sookie responds for me. “I told you not to waste your money on buyin’ that Gran. Mr. Northman prefers to drink fresh from the tap,” she says coldly. She finishes coming down the stairs and stands at the bottom with her arms crossed over her chest; her lips curled in disapproval. But it’s her eyes that make me swallow the biting remark I was about to make; they shine brightly as if she is fighting not to cry and there is so much hurt floating around in there that I find myself cursing again over my stupidity from the previous evening.

“I’ll have a True Blood please Adele; O positive if you have it. Thank you very much,” I say to her with a small smile though my eyes never leave Sookie.  I’ve been in the South long enough to know that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Adele nods and walks from the foyer to the dining room. When she crosses in front of Sookie, she warns her granddaughter quietly. “Watch your manners young lady. I’ll smack you across the back of your head like I did your brother.” Sookie opens her mouth to protest, but Adele gives her a knowing look that has her snapping her mouth shut faster than a bear trap. Adele’s departure from the room leaves Sookie and me in a staring contest, neither of us wanting to break the silence first.

“Why are you here?”

“Cataliades said he has finished the revisions to the contracts and will be in the area tonight to notarize them. I was hoping that he would be here. Have you seen him this evening?” I fall back on being polite. Truthfully, I have done nothing wrong and I have no reason to apologize. Sookie and I have no claims on each other: we are free to be with whoever we want and as often as we want. However, I think tonight we need to come to some sort of understanding about what our relationship will be. She cannot act like a willful, defiant child towards me in front of others. It could end up getting both of us killed.

“No,” she says shortly. Fuck being civil; she needs to stop acting like a spoiled brat and act like an adult. My child doesn’t get away with this type of behavior and I will be damned if I allow my “pet” to do so.

“Miss Stackhouse,” I say through clenched teeth as I grab hold of her arm above her elbow, “I believe you and I need to have a little chat alone.” Adele returns from the kitchen with a bottle of True Blood in her hand. She offers the bottle to me graciously and I smile politely when I take it from her. “Adele, would you excuse us please? Sookie and I need to have a private discussion.”

Adele nods her head. “Of course.” She shoots a warning look to Sookie. I grin in victory because I know Sookie wants to refuse and can’t because of her grandmother. I can imagine her stomping her foot as a sign of her agitation, at the very least I know she wants to sass me for my high-handed attitude. We walk back out the front door and I pull her down the steps so that we are in the yard. When we are near the parked vehicles Sookie starts struggling to free her arm from my grasp.

“Let go of me!” Now that we are away from her grandmother, Sookie has no reservations about fighting with me. I release my hold on her, but only because I do not want her to hurt herself.

She glares at me once she has put some distance between us. “Well? You dragged me out here sayin’ we needed to talk, so talk! I’ve got better things to do than stand out here and get eaten alive by bugs!”

I bite back the retort that springs forward about wishing I was the one to eat her. Fuck! Flirting with her is a natural reaction and it is one I need to work hard at to suppress. Sookie and I can never be more than friends, and that is my biggest regret.

“I am sorry,” comes tumbling out of my mouth before I think about what I am saying. My unexpected apology prompts her to raise an eyebrow at me mockingly. Rather than rise to the bait, I push through with this conversation. “How much do you know about vampires? I’m not talking about the bullshit superstitions, but real cold, hard facts. You know our strengths, but do you know our weaknesses? Do you know that a maker is the single most important being to any vampire, whether the progeny has any positive feelings or not? Are you aware of how much the act of feeding on the blood of another being can be one of the most arousing acts for a vampire?”

Sookie’s head jerks to the side as if I struck her. I know this is painful for her to hear, but I need to make her understand that I think no more of the woman I fed on last night than she thought of the farm animal that provided the main course for her evening meal. I take a step closer to her, wanting her to see the sincerity of my expression, the truth in my eyes. “Sex and blood are two of the driving forces behind a vampire. From the moment our senses come alive, we thirst for blood; we crave it. It is a hunger that I will never be able to fully explain to you. It is so far beyond a human’s need for food or drink. Our need for blood may not be as,” I pause as I try to think of the right word. The words I can think of seem to pale in comparison to what the real feeling is. “Insatiable or all-consuming as time passes, but it is always lingering in the background.”

I can see Sookie processing my words and while she struggles to reconcile her emotions, I can tell her logical side is accepting of my words. The next words out of my mouth are ones I wish I didn’t have to say, but they need to be said. “Our fangs are perhaps the most sensitive part of our body. They are an indicator of our mood, they are necessary for us to feed. The feeling of my fangs scrapping along skin and then sinking in a woman’s supple flesh as her life’s essence fills my mouth and flows down my throat can be a highly erotic action when done right,” I say shuddering with remembered enjoyment as my eyes drift closed.

Sookie’s noise of protest forces my eyes open and her scowl makes me chuckle. “Little One, I am a vampire. Feeding and fucking are second nature to me; but that does not mean I have attachment to my meals. They are the equivalent of your McDonald’s extra value meal; I feed, I fuck, and I forget. At least my meals will not clog my arteries and eventually kill me with a heart attack,” I say with great humor.

A small smile spreads over Sookie’s lips and she chuckles too. “I don’t eat that shit,” she says with a small amount of humor. Her smile fades as she looks at me and I see misery on her beautiful face. “Is that what would have happened the other night? I would have been a feed and fuck?”

“Yes and no,” I say honestly and I vamp to her side because I know she will run having heard my answer. My hands hold her by the shoulders and I feel her struggling to get away from me.

“Let me go!”

I continue my explanation as if she had not interrupted me. “Yes, by the literal definition you would have been a feed and fuck because there is no way I would have been able to refrain from biting you during sex. From those small drops of blood the other night, I know your blood is the most divine I have ever tasted. I want to gorge myself on your sweet blood and your body,” I admit with complete sincerity.

“No, you would have not been a feed and fuck because I would not have been able to walk away from you easily,” I say in a lower, husky voice.

“It’s because of the damn contract and the Queen,” she says in an anguished voice and I once again smell the salt of her tears in the air.

I lower my head and use my hand to lift her chin so that she can look at my face and see the absolute truth of my words. “It is because of the woman you are, Sookie Stackhouse. I am drawn to you. You challenge me with your fire and intellect, surprise me with the generosity of your heart and spirit, and utterly captivate me with your smile. I may not have wanted this situation forced on me any more than you and your family did, but I am grateful to your cousin for bringing you into my existence. I do not have many that I care about, but I am quickly coming to care for you.”

Her tears fall in earnest and I wipe the offensive drops away. “It is because I care for you that I will never engage in a sexual relationship with you. For me, sex is a casual act; for you, sex is an intimate act reserved only for the one you love. Our fundamental beliefs about this are too different for us to ever give that type of relationship a go. I have never, not even as a human, practiced monogamy and that is something you would demand from your partner,” I tell her with a voice full of sorrow. It pains me to know I have already hurt her, even unintentionally, and it further pains me to know I am denying myself the greatest temptation I have ever known. But I see no other way if we are to move forward and coexist.

“You mean you’ve never loved someone in all your life?”

I pause to think about her question, analyzing the most important relationships of my existence. “Familial love, yes; romantic love, no.”

“That’s so sad,” Sookie tells me in a voice that sounds suspiciously full of pity.

“Romantic love is a foolish emotion. It’s a pretty way of packaging lust,” I say with a shrug. I release Sookie from my grip and move back to give her some space. I stare at her as she wipes furiously at her face to remove the tears from it. As the silence continues, a vehicle comes down the driveway and parks behind my car. Desmond Cataliades and his two nieces, Diantha and Gladiola, exit the vehicle. They all nod respectfully towards me before making their way to the house.

Sookie sighs heavily. “We should get back inside.”

I nod in agreement. “I am sorry for hurting you. And I am sorry for not being able to be what you need.”

“Me too,” she says mournfully. “So where does that leave us?”

“Friends?” The word leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, worse than that fucking True Blood I still need to choke down because of Adele’s generosity.  Looking around I see the bottle I had carried out here dropped on the ground. Unfortunately for me, the cap is still on it so I still need to drink the vile thing. I pick it up and hurriedly chug the bile inside. Ugh!

Sookie laughs quietly, no doubt seeing the disgusted expression on my face. She then sticks her hand out to shake mine, and my large hand engulfs hers. “Friends,” she says with a shaky breath. She pulls her hand back quickly and turns to walk in the house. I follow after her, knowing that neither of us are happy with this arrangement. The best thing would be to avoid her completely and I cannot do that; I would feel her loss too keenly if I did not have some type of contact with her.

“Can you give me a minute?” Sookie and I have reached the porch and she turns to me before we enter the house. “I’m gonna run upstairs and splash some water on my face. I’ll join y’all shortly.” I nod again as I open the porch door and gesture for her to enter the house first. Sookie rushes upstairs as I move to the living room where everyone is gathered.

Adele rises from the couch with concern. “Is everythin’ alright? Where’s Sookie?”

I plaster a smile on my face to appease Adele, but I don’t feel happy. “Everything is fine, Adele. Sookie ran upstairs to use the restroom. She’ll be back in a moment. Should we move to the dining room? It might be more comfortable so we can all look at the contracts together.” I bend my elbow so that I can escort Adele the few feet to the room in question. She smiles in appreciation of my offer and we lead the way to the dining room. I pull her chair out for her and wait until she is settled before moving to a seat at the opposite end of the table. Desmond and his nieces sit on one side of the table while Jason ambles in and sits on the other. Desmond begins passing out the contracts to all of us so that we may go over them together. Sookie’s footsteps can be heard on the stairs. She joins all of us, murmuring greetings to the newest guests in her home as she sits in the chair beside me.

“Well now, let’s get down to business shall we?” Desmond begins explaining the terms of the contract. I do not pay much attention since I already know the items defined in the document. Sookie sits quietly in the chair beside me, her eyes focused on the document in front of her. Jason flips back and forth through the pages of his copy, looking for what I am uncertain, but his eyes are glazed over and he swallows nervously. I wonder if this is how he looked when he was given an exam in school. Adele is the only one who asks questions of Desmond when she wants something more clearly defined.  We go over the definition of our relationships, what expected behavior is required of a “pet”, and the security details. Everything is moving smoothly until we get to the section that pertains to “gifts”.

“I’m sorry, but it’s too much,” Adele says with a shake of her head as she lowers her glasses to the table. “I understand the need for bodyguards and a security system, and I will agree to those, but this here is talkin’ about completely renovatin’ our home. I appreciate it, Mr. Northman, and I know my grandchildren do as well, but we cannot accept,” she says firmly.

Before I or Desmond can respond, Sookie is actually the one to intervene. “Gran, we talked about this before. Eric is a very important vampire in the state. It will look bad for him if he doesn’t make sure we are taken care of. It’s all about appearances in his world, and we don’t want him gettin’ in any trouble,” Sookie says gently to her grandmother. “I know you think it is charity, but look at it this way. Hadley has sent us a guardian angel to look over us. Are you really gonna refuse a gift from your granddaughter?” Sookie looks at the matriarch with wide, innocent eyes.

She’s good; I can’t help but think with a burst of pride. Sookie has spun this situation in such a way that Adele cannot refuse. Odin save me if she ever decides to spin her logic on me. And I definitely need to keep Sookie and Pam apart. Sookie might teach my child her spin talents and knowing Pam, it will involve me spending ridiculous amounts of money.

“I know what you are doing, Sookie Stackhouse,” Adele says sharply. “You are tryin’ to guilt me to accept these items.” Adele’s stern expression falls and is replaced by a wry smile and chuckle. “Lucky for you, it worked. All I ask is that you don’t change things too much. This house has been in our family over two hundred years; I don’t want to see all that history destroyed,” Adele says with worry.

“Other than the security system and necessary things to fix any structural damage to the house, everything will be decided upon by you, Adele,” I reassure her. “This is your home; I want it to stay that way.”

“What about what everyone in town’s gonna say?” Jason still looks confused and scratches his head in a way similar to a dog scratching behind their ear. “They’re gonna think we’re fangbangers.”

I shrug indifferently. “I do not care what you tell them. Why not say you came across an inheritance from a distant relative? Or perhaps you won the lottery? Both are plausible explanations for why your homes are being upgraded and new vehicles purchased.”

“But I love my truck,” Jason whines.

“The vehicles are for Adele and Sookie since their cars are so unreliable,” I say and Jason calms down. Adele bristles but says nothing. Everyone signs all the necessary documents. Once finished the documents are returned to Desmond. He signs them before giving them to his nieces who read through everything to verify that everything has been signed in all the correct spots. It comes as no surprise that Jason has missed signing on a few of the necessary pages.

“There are two other matters and then we are finished,” Desmond says as he pulls two new documents from his briefcase. He slides one to Sookie and me. “This is a contract of employment for one year’s time in which Mr. Northman hires Miss Stackhouse as a consultant for the use of her telepathy. All contracted rates are included in the document as well as all stipulations that must be guaranteed to give Miss Stackhouse a safe working environment. I believe the price of her services is more than fair,” Desmond says with an amused smirk.

I glance through the document and can see why he is amused. Sookie is going to balk when she reads that she will be paid a thousand dollars per hour for her telepathy. There are also bonuses if travel is required or if emergency situations arise. Desmond has also included reimbursements for wardrobe, mileage, vehicle maintenance, and other incidental costs she may incur. And the security measures he included are excellent. I have already signed my name to the contract by the time Sookie got to her consultation fee. She turns to gape at me, ready to argue, but I give her the same look she had given to Adele. Scowling, Sookie grabs the pen and signs her name across her copy of the contract.

“Sook, you ain’t even gonna finish readin’ it?” Jason looks aghast as Sookie and I trade copies of the contract to sign again.

“No,” she says as she pushes her copy to Desmond. “I trust both of them completely; neither will do anything to endanger me, even if I think it’s too much.”

“It’s not nearly enough,” I reassure her. “You have no idea how invaluable your ability will be,” I confirm as I hand the contract to Desmond who also signs as notary.  I am relieved that she has signed this contract.  One of the topics I have been reluctant to broach with her is giving up working in the Shifter’s bar.  It is too difficult to guarantee her safety around a group of unruly rednecks. Furthermore, I think the Shifter will become more of a problem as my association with the Stackhouse family grows. His interest in Sookie clouds his judgment; he will end up provoking me until I have no choice but to end his life. I have no wish to hurt Sookie by killing someone she considers a friend.  I refuse to acknowledge the voice inside me that says I will also be happy that he will no longer be sniffing at her ankles once she has my blood.

“There now,” Desmond says after all documents are signed and returned to the safety of his briefcase. “All that is left to do is for the three members of the Stackhouse family to imbibe a few drops of Mr. Northman’s blood.”

“I gotta do what?!?!?!” Jason scoots back in his chair and stands quickly, his eyes bugging out of his head.

“It is necessary so that all Supernaturals will recognize the three of you as Mr. Northman’s pets,” Desmond says calmly as he too rises from his chair. “Mr. Stackhouse,” he begins patiently, “you have to understand that scent plays a very large role in the Supe world. It lets us know where you’ve been, who you’ve been with, your affiliations, and even your sexual partners. By ingesting Mr. Northman’s blood, it lets the Supe community know that you are under the protection of the Viking. You need to do this,” he finishes in a tone that leaves no room for argument.

“What will it do to us? I don’t wish to be an addict,” Adele says fearfully.

“That will not happen,” I say as I stand to remove my leather jacket. I explain as I resume my seat at the table. “Humans cannot become addicted to vampire blood when it is taken directly from the source. It will heighten your senses, fix any nagging injuries and aches you may have, it will increase your libido, and most importantly, it will allow me to find you if you are ever in need of me. I will be able to sense your emotions and know your location. Think of it as a tracking system,” I offer.

Jason still shakes his head in refusal. Sookie has remained quiet all this time and that worries me. I am about to ask her if everything is alright when Adele volunteers to go first. Rather than make her move from her seat, I go to her. When I am by her side, I warn her. “You must drink quickly; the wound will begin to heal immediately.” She nods in understanding and I bring my wrist to my distended fangs, piercing the skin then putting my bloody arm to Adele’s lips. Without hesitation, she drinks from my wrist until the wound is closed. Jason stares at his grandmother in shock. She sits back in her chair, a serene smile on her face.

“Oh my stars,” she says in wonder. “I feel better than I have in years! All those little aches and pains that come with being old are gone.” Her eyes open and she smiles happily up at me. “Thank you, Mr. Northman.”

“I think it’s time for you to call me Eric,” I say with a smile. She rises from her chair with more vigor than I’ve ever seen from her and she gives me a hug. I stand awkwardly there, not sure what I should do.  Adele must sense my unease and pulls away quickly.

“I’m sorry, but I’m so happy I just had to hug you.”

“You cannot do that in front of others,” I warn her.

“Oh I know. Now, if y’all will excuse me, I think I’m gonna head over to see Maxine. Maybe she’ll wanna go over to Minden and play Bingo. I’ve got a lot of energy to burn.” She smiles at all of us before glaring reproachfully at her grandson. “Jason quit whinin’ and do what needs to be done. I promise you it won’t hurt you.”

Jason blanches as I move to his side. When I put my bleeding wrist to his lips, he makes a gagging sound but drinks enough of my blood that I feel the tie with him form. When I pull my wrist away, he has a dopey expression on his face, even for him.

“Ewww, Jason, gross! I didn’t need to hear that,” Sookie says with a shudder and a disgusted expression on her face.

“Sorry, Sook,” he says sheepishly. “I uh … I think I’m gonna go find Dawn.” He nods at all of us and runs out of the house whistling a jaunty tune. The engine of the truck roars to life and the sound of tires crunching on gravel can be heard again. Adele bids us goodnight as she too leaves the room.

“My turn,” Sookie says softly.

“I need a minute,” I say raggedly. I move to the kitchen and pull two bottles of True Blood from the refrigerator. While the first bottle spins in the microwave, I try to get my body under control. The act of giving blood is a very intense experience. I had no reaction to giving Adele or Jason my blood; it was clinical in fact. But the idea of Sookie putting her lips to my wrist, sucking my blood down her throat has my cock hardening. My blood is going to move through her body, claiming it as my own, and my cock wants to claim her pussy as its home. She is the one woman I am desperate to have, and the one I have sworn to resist. When the microwave dings, I greedily guzzle the synthetic blood as the second bottle warms up. When that bottle is heated, it meets the same fate as the first. Of course the synthetic shit does nothing to quench the bloodlust I feel rising up.

When I return to the dining room, Sookie looks at me with concern. Ignoring her for the moment, I focus on the three demons still in the room. “Do not let me hurt her in any way.” They nod in understanding and I see the twins pull silver chains from their bags.

“Why would you hurt me?” Sookie eyes me warily as I sit in the chair beside her.

“I do not want to hurt you,” I begin as I cover her hand with mine. “But the act of giving blood is an incredible turn on for a vampire. I will more than likely become aroused during the exchange.” No need to point out that I am already wanting, waiting, and primed to strike. “I want them to make sure I do not attack you in the throes of bloodlust. I will be seeking to slack both my lust and my need to replenish the loss of blood from feeding you.” Nor do I tell her that my blood in her body is going to call to me, sing a siren’s song telling me to claim the one that I have shared my essence with. Given the attraction that is already between us, I fear how strongly my blood will call to me.

“You were fine with Jason and Gran,” she states.

“But I have no desire to fuck them,” I say bluntly. Though I will enjoy fucking with Jason. After all the grief he has caused, I’ll be sure to send him some interesting dreams.

“Oh.” All I can see are those perfect lips in a pout, which only inflames me more.

“Are you ready?” My voice is hoarse and the muscles in my body are tense. Sookie nods once and my bleeding wrist is in her face the next instant. Her eyes lock with mine as she wraps her lips around the wounds.

Dante’s Inferno and the seven layers of hell are what come to mind.

The feel of her soft lips on my skin are the first level of my personal trip to hell. Watching as those eyes of hers fill with lust just as the honey of her arousal causes my nostrils to flare like a bull are the second and third levels of hell. I am aware of my hips pumping in time to the rhythm of her sucking motion. I cry out in agony as her soft hands wrap around my arm and I feel that skilled muscle in her mouth tonguing the blood off my skin as the wounds begin to close. The fire of her skin against the iciness of mine is a sweet torment that makes up the fifth layer of hell.  Her moans of pleasure are enough to finish me off and I cum in my jeans as I pant to fight for control. But that relief does nothing to satiate my need. If anything, it makes it sharper, more jagged as the bloodlust threatens to consume me. The sixth layer of my inferno is worse than I could have imagined. My blood in her body does not call to me, it begs me to claim Sookie, to fuck her body in every position possible for the rest of my nights. My blood inside her whispers that she is mine, that she desires me as strongly as I desire her. My blood is begging me to claim the precious gift in front of me. It is telling me that my fears of destroying her are unfounded; instead it whispers of how we will free each other.

I ignore my blood; I cannot give in. I weep internally as I realize the wounds are almost fully closed. I’ve done it; I’ve survived. But my relief is short-lived. The seventh layer of hell is the most dangerous of them all. With the wounds nearly closed, Sookie bites down on my wrist, trying to get more of my blood. I roar as I cum again and use my vamp speed and strength to pin Sookie to the wall. She is panting with need as she stares at me wide-eyed with a thin trickle of my blood at the corner of her mouth. My lips crash down on hers, our kiss a battle of tongues, teeth, and lips. But I need more; I need her blood. I pull away from her lips and lower my head to her neck, licking the skin in anticipation as the demands of our combined blood screams in agony for me to drink, to take what is mine.

Before I can strike, a silver chain wraps around my neck, pulling me to my knees. I howl in agony from the burn as well as being denied what is mine. I have let go of Sookie as I prepare to defend us from those that would keep us apart.

“Sookie, rescind his invitation! Do it now!” Desmond screams as the three demons use all their strength to keep me from the one I want.

As if slowly waking from a dream, Sookie blinks her eyes rapidly, confused by what is happening around her. In a rush, everything comes back to her and she shouts out, “Eric Northman, I rescind your invitation!”

No! I feel the invisible magical bonds snapping around my body, pulling me from the house as a vacuum sucks up everything in its path. I try to grab anything that will keep me inside the home, but it is a useless attempt. I am thrown from the house by the magic that protects mortals; it is the opposite of the magic that animates me. It is the yin to my yang; the peanut butter to my jelly; the Starsky to my Hutch.

I land in a crumpled heap by my Corvette. I rise to my feet with my fangs still down and my hands clenched so tightly that I am cutting through my skin. I seethe like a caged lion as I watch the four beings inside the house stand by the door and windows, keeping an eye on me. Our silent staring contest lasts for who knows how long.

Slowly I regain my composure, and with it comes shame. I let the beast within me win. I nearly went back on my promise from a few short hours ago and forced myself on Sookie. It doesn’t matter if she wants me; there is no possible way she would have consented to the depraved things I would have done to her. Never have I felt such a reaction, not even as a newborn when I was virtually uncontrollable.

There are no words that can explain what almost happened. There are no actions that can show how remorseful I feel. I walk closer to the house, hoping to apologize to Sookie, but I get a whiff of her new scent and it is the most enticing thing ever. She smells like a pure-blooded fairy covered in me. I feel the beast hurtling forward and in my last moments of sanity, I do the only thing I can.

I fly off in the night sky, trying to get as far away as possible from my new “pet”.

As I fly away from the Stackhouse home, my sanity returns as I put more and more distance between Sookie and me.  I no longer feel the need to devour her; however, all the strong reactions from the evening have me on edge.  The True Bloods I drank have done nothing to satiate the animal inside me.  I need blood; fresh blood.  And lots of it.  There is only one place I am going to find these items.

The garish red neon sign of Fangtasia is like my homing beacon; it is my lighthouse and I am the ship at sea.  To the delight of the fangbangers waiting in line, I land in the parking lot and peruse the choice available.  They are all pathetic in their vinyl clothing, studded jewelry, and Goth make-up.  Compared to the smell I just left, they all smell like rotting corpses left to bake in the sun for days, infested with maggots and destroyed by the elements and wildlife.  However, I do not have the time nor the patience to be picky tonight.  Maxwell Lee is working the door tonight.  I let him know which ones I want to enter the club; they are to be escorted to the basement immediately.

Once inside, I quickly scan the vermin inside.  The offerings inside are as meager as those outside, but I do not care at this point.  I need to feed and I need to fuck ASAP.  Pam vamps to my side, concern for me in her eyes and in our bond.

She speaks in Swedish.  “Eric, are you …”

“Not now, Pam,” I reply in the same language.  “The women that Maxwell is letting in are to be taken to the basement.  I am not to be disturbed.”  Leaving her side, I quickly select an additional five women.  All I have to do is tell them to come with me, and they are eager to follow.  There is jealousy among the others in the club; those I did not pick want to know what makes these five women so special.  If I were inclined to stop, I would tell them nothing.  Nothing makes them special.  They are convenient.

By the time the women make their way down the basement stairs, I am already naked and waiting.  The women look around the room fearful; it is stark with little lighting.  There is a bed and couches scattered around the room.  They cluster by the stairs, unsure of what to do.

“You know what I want; you’ve intentionally put yourself on display hoping a vampire will chose you.  If you aren’t willing to let me do anything I want to you, then you need to get the fuck out now,” I command harshly.

Two of the five women come forward.  One is O negative, the other is B positive.  The O negative woman I push down to her knees, and she begins sucking my cock without hesitation.  The B positive woman I grab by her hair, tilting her head to the side.  I begin priming her neck for my bite as I finger fuck her pussy.  By the time I slide my fangs in her neck, she is gushing all over my hand.  When I can take no more blood from her, I release her, having made her cum twice.  She sinks down to her knees as I pull the other girl off my dick.  The two girls switch positions, and the second girl cums as soon as I slide my fingers inside her.  By now, there are nine women watching me with the two women that were brave (or foolish depending on your point of view) to approach me first.  The scent of cum and blood hangs in the air, and I can tell the women that are watching me are all aroused and want the same treatment.

I finish with the two girls I have, and command them to stay down here; I’m not finished with them yet.  My attention turns to those still by the stairs.  “Who’s next?”  All of them come forward, eager for what I can do to them.

Six hours . . . six hours I’ve been in this basement.  I fucked and fed from eleven women, gorging myself on blood and cum.  I had a woman riding my dick as one rode my face, and I finger fucked another two, and yet I am not satisfied.  There is a craving inside me that won’t go away, a gnawing hunger that persists despite the fact I feel uncomfortably full.  When I am finished with all of them, I glamour the night from their memories.  All they will remember is that they gave me their blood and left satisfied.  I leave Pam to deal with getting them out of the club; all I want is a shower to wash their stench from my skin.

Using the shower in my office, I look down in disgust at my cock.  It is still hard and ready.  I have not masturbated in decades.  There’s never been a need since I can always find a willing woman.  But tonight, I have no choice; I need relief.  Leaning against the shower wall, my hand begins stroking my cock, squeezing the base and then rubbing my thumb over my head.  My eyes close and images of Sookie pop in my head.  How pathetic is it that eleven women only managed to make me cum twice in six hours, but fantasies involving Sookie have me cumming all over my hand with a shout in less than five minutes.  For the first time this night, I feel marginally satisfied.  I hurry to wash myself again and I have only one thought as I climb out of the shower and wrap the towel around my waist.

I am so fucked!




20 Responses to It’s in the Blood

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  2. suzyq591suzy says:

    Well Eric is in pickle isn’t he. 🙂 Please just write on the stories you want don’t burn yourself out so much you never write again.

  3. kattybynature says:

    Loved This Chapter Gonna Wait Patiently For More ^_^

  4. lilloucfer says:

    Thank you for the update 🙂 I am happy with whichever stories you give an update! Please don’t burn yourself out! Take care of yourself, you are an awesome writer!

  5. Heehee… yes, Eric m’love, you are!

  6. askarsgirl says:

    Holy fuckfest Batman! I hope Eric comes to his senses soon when it comes to his feelings for Sookie!

  7. vamplover669 says:

    I’m both relived and frustrated about Eric’s talk with Sookie about just being ‘friends’ ugh! The bloodlust was pretty hot Sookie really knows how to push his buttons that bite unleashed the beast. I’m so curious about Sookie’s scent being more fairy and what are her thoughts after everything, did Mr. C explain anything or did she ask if she did something wrong? This is one of my favorite stories and it’s always worth the wait so don’t burn yourself out. ☺

  8. ericluver says:

    I’m glad Eric realises that! 😉 he’s going to have to face up to his feelings sooner or later. It’s actually comical how hard he’s trying to be a good “friend” to Sookie. He’s screwed! 😄

  9. valady1 says:

    Poor Eric, he is so screwed…

  10. murgatroid98 says:

    Poor Eric. I don’t think they will remain “friends” for long. I suspect Sookie is bad off, too. Those women had a great time even if they can’t remember it. It’s a good thing Desmond had the silver ready and Sookie regained her wits enough to rescind Eric’s invitation. It’s probably a good thing Gran and Jason had left. Their reactions to the blood were cute. Jason’s dreams should be interesting. Excellent chapter.

  11. shoegirl01 says:

    Yup poor Eric… he’s screwed hihihi.
    Please take all the time you need to write these amazing stories. I’d rather get one Here and there than none at all.

  12. baronessjai says:

    I’m speechless. …. damn sookie got to feel some kind of way. … letting all that vampire get away like dat dere. …. that’s just fuckedupness. …. omg i can’t wait for more 😉

  13. baronessjai says:

    And please take your time cause you does this. … no need to rush cause your stories are pure unadulterated greatness 😉

  14. lostinspace33 says:

    Oh, you don’t know the half of it, dear Viking! (Mwahahahahaha!)

  15. Loftin says:

    Poor Eric, you’re already a goner. Lol
    I love it!

  16. ashmo2000 says:

    Oh,poor Eric. A woman he can’t have… What a conundrum. Well, he could be with Sookie and all has is keep it in his pants and his fangs in his face. He has to try before he knows he can’t be faithful.

  17. Kittyinaz says:

    Hmm he’s worked himself into a quandary hasn’t he??? How long will he wait I wonder?

  18. Eric is trying to take the high road. Be the bigger man. What he is really doing is underestimating himself and his potential as a mate.

  19. gwynwyvar says:

    Yay that Jason got his head out of his ass!
    Lol that it was Sookie arguing to take gifts from Eric. That’s a switch 🙂
    I’m glad that sookie understands the feed/fuck instinct. Hopefully she didn’t follow Eric to Fangtasia.
    Wow. That’s a strong attraction. How is Eric going to resist when sookie wants him too.

  20. suzymeinen says:

    That has got to be the best blood sharing chapter I have ever read! Fantastic! I’m loving your eric in this story and so glad you are writing from his POV.

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