Chapter 8

Sookie moves out of the bathroom that adjoins her bedroom, toweling her hair dry as she walks. It has been a long evening, but it has been satisfying to see her friends and brother again. Of course, it hadn’t been without its adventures. Smiling to herself, Sookie picks up her cell phone and dials.

“You’ve had an exciting evening Little One,” Godric says chuckling as he answers the phone.

Sookie rolls her eyes as she sits on her bed. “Just once, you could let me tell you how I’m feeling instead of reading the blood tie,” she admonishes him.

Godric chuckles again. “I didn’t read the blood tie.  In fact, I can barely feel you anymore.  But I know what happens when you get together with your friends. What happened tonight Little One? Did you have a happy homecoming?”

Sookie quickly summarizes the events of the evening involving the drunken redneck and the antics of her friends. Godric, having met all of Sookie’s friends before, laughs as Sookie finishes telling him about Jason asking for brain bleach when Sookie regaled the crowd with some of her most recent exploits.

Silence stretches down the line once Godric finishes laughing. Sookie hesitates for a moment not sure how to bring up the next topic. “I met the Viking tonight,” she blurts out.

“It was bound to happen eventually,” Godric states evenly.

Sookie falls back against her pillows. “Why didn’t you let me meet him? I met all the vampires in your area; I’ve met vampire monarchs. Why did I never meet your child? Were you ashamed of our relationship?” Sookie’s voice is quiet, her voice aching with pain.  She has heard many stories about Eric Northman from Godric; he has spoken with great affection for his beloved son.  But he has never allowed the two to meet, even though Sookie has asked on more than one occasion.

“Sookie,” Godric admonishes quietly, “you know I am not ashamed of you. You are my daughter, and I love you deeply. Eric is my child, and I released him long ago. I had not seen him for many years prior to you arriving in my life, so your presence did not prevent me from interacting with him. Truthfully, I was not hiding you…I just wanted to keep you to myself for as long as possible,” Godric says desperately.

Sookie pulls the phone away from her ear, not quite sure she heard the man she considered to be her father correctly. She quickly places the phone back at her ear when she hears Godric speaking again. “Little One, you are a beautiful, vibrant, intelligent woman who embraces life. You are the light to which we are all drawn to. I knew one day I would have to share you with the world. Forgive me my selfishness in wanting to keep you all to myself for just a little while.”

Sookie sniffles in the phone. To fight off the tears that are threatening to fall, she replies, “You know you’re lucky I’m not wearing mascara right now.” They both laugh. “I love you, Papa,” she whispers.

“I love you too Little One. Now tell me, how did my child react to you tonight?”

Sookie snorts. “I think saying he is interested would be an understatement. He invited me to his bar.”

“Fangtasia,” Godric says in disgust. “A thousand years and his sense of humor is still atrocious.” Sookie giggles and the two continue speaking until the sun appears along the horizon.


Sookie sleeps well into the early afternoon the next day. She opens her eyes and sleepily looks around her childhood room. She had decorated this room the first summer she stayed with Fintan and Adele. Fintan and Godric had ultimately agreed that Sookie would stay with Godric during the school year, but would spend summers with Adele and Fintan; holidays were split between the two households. Sookie still didn’t know how Fintan and Godric had come up with that arrangement, but she had a feeling that The Ancient Pythoness had a hand in it. When it came to Sookie’s life, the two sides of her family wanted what was best for her, but they usually had vastly different ideas of what that was.

With that thought in mind, Sookie hops up out of bed. She has a date with a Viking tonight. She had spoken with Godric extensively about Eric last night. She was concerned that Godric would have reservations about Eric’s intentions towards her. Godric assured her he would only interfere if Eric did something to cause Sookie harm. In fact, he seemed to encourage a relationship between Eric and Sookie. Being a vampire, Godric certainly had a different opinion of sex than humans. Sookie snorts as she remembers that Godric had not always been so open-minded when it came to sex and Sookie.

Flashback to when Sookie is 16 years old.

A pick-up truck is parked along a dirt road; the lights are off and the windows are steamed up. Soft moans can be heard from inside the truck. In the cab, Sookie is making out with her boyfriend John. They have dated for two months. They had met at one of the pack functions Mrs. Ruiz had taken Sookie to. Sookie told Godric she was going out with friends, not that she will be out with her boyfriend. Sookie has not told Godric about John; she is afraid Godric won’t allow her to date a Were.

Sookie and John are kissing, and John’s hand is kneading her breast through her shirt. Sookie is nervous; she’s never been sexually intimate with anyone before. She’s heard from some of the girls in the pack that John has dated a lot, so she is afraid of disappointing him. John’s hands unbutton her shirt, and then he roughly grabs her breasts. Sookie cries out in protest. John is kissing his way down her neck, leaving a trail of wetness on her skin. Sookie is pushing at John’s shoulders; she isn’t comfortable with how things are progressing.

John, we need to stop,” Sookie says pushing against his body.

He growls in his throat and moves away from Sookie. “What’s the matter babe? I thought you liked me.”

Of course I like you. I just don’t think I’m ready to do this,” Sookie says as she buttons her shirt.

But babe, you know how I feel about you. If you really cared for me the way you say you do, you’d do this for me,” he says just before smashing his lips against hers. He grabs Sookie’s hand and places it on his groin.

Sookie struggles against John in earnest, fear rising in her. In the next instant, the truck’s door is thrown open and John is hauled off of her. Godric has the Were by the throat with his feet dangling in the air. Godric’s fangs are down and fury is evident on his face.

Sookie, get out of the truck,” Godric commands.

Sookie slides across the seat of the truck and drops down to the ground. She finds Isabel and the Packmaster standing off to the side. Sookie drops her head in embarrassment, a blush spreading like wildfire across her skin.

Move over to Isabel, Sookie. Your friend and I have something to discuss.” Sookie shuffles towards Isabel, who places her arm around Sookie’s shoulders and squeezes, offering her silent comfort with the gesture.

Godric slams John against the side of the truck, leaving an indentation. Sookie makes a sound of protest, but Isabel quickly silences her. “Mi sol, I’m going to take you home. I believe Godric wants this discussion to be private.” Isabel guides Sookie over to her car, and they head for home.

Godric turns his attention back to John once he knows Sookie can no longer see what is going on. “You will stay away from Sookie. You will not come near her again.”

John’s eyes take on a yellow glow and he snarls at Godric. “You can’t stop me from seeing her fanger! She wants me; she can’t keep her hands off me!” John’s voice is cut off as Godric squeezes the hand that is around his throat.

The Packmaster walks over to Godric and John carefully, not wanting to have Godric inadvertently attack him. Over the years, the Were and the vampire have worked well together, and Sookie had been made a Friend of the Pack because of the help she has provided them on several occasions. But in this situation, he is unsure how to handle the vampire. Godric is nearly out of control; not because he is a vampire in the throes of bloodlust, but because he is a father that wants to protect his daughter. “Godric, I swear to you that John will not come near Sookie again. He will not harm her in any way. If he disobeys me, he will be abjured from the pack. You have my word as Packmaster.”

Godric drops the unconscious boy at his feet and turns to the Packmaster. He nods his head in acknowledgement. “Thank you for your assistance this evening.” Godric takes off in flight to head to his home.

When Godric walks in his house a few moments later, he finds Isabel sitting on the couch thumbing through a magazine. He can tell Sookie is in her bedroom. He starts heading for the stairs, but Isabel’s voice stops him.

You might want to calm down before you talk to her,” she says, her attention still on her magazine.

Do not tell me to calm down. Sookie was foolish tonight and could very well have been hurt. She’s too young to understand what could have happened to her,” Godric says as he comes back in the room to argue with Isabel.

Isabel snaps the magazine shut and stands to face Godric. “Sookie is not a child anymore Godric. She is a beautiful young woman with needs just like the rest of us. She is fully aware of the implications of her actions this evening,” Isabel retorts. She moves to stand in front of Godric, and takes his hand in her own to comfort him. “Our little girl is now a woman. We have to accept that.”

Godric sighs and drops his head. He squeezes Isabel’s hand before letting go. He makes his way up the stairs to Sookie’s room and knocks on the closed door. He waits to enter until he hears her call out for him to enter. Godric opens the door to see Sookie sitting cross-legged on her bed. Godric can see that she has changed into pajama bottoms and a tank top. He tries to look at her objectively; she is still beautiful, but instead of the small bubbly child he remembers, a curvaceous woman is sitting in her place. He can see that the characteristics that made her adorable as a child, the full red lips, sparkling blue eyes, porcelain skin, and wavy blonde hair, have turned into something sensual. It jolts Godric to realize that if he had met Sookie in public without knowing who she was, he would be attracted to her.

Feeling uncomfortable with his realization, Godric places his hands in his pockets and rocks back and forth on his feet in the doorway. “Are you alright?” Sookie nods her head silently.

Why did you not tell me you were dating someone?”

Because I was afraid you would have told me no because he is a Were,” she mumbles while plucking at something in her lap. Godric can see that she is holding the yellow Care Bear from all those years ago. Even now, it still brings Sookie comfort.

Godric sighs, “I would not have told you no because he is a Were. I would have told you no because he seems like an ass.” Sookie giggles quietly. Godric had picked up a lot of slang since Sookie had been living him.

Godric crosses the room and sits down on the bed. He looks around the room uncomfortably before he begins speaking. “Sookie, when two people are attracted to each other, they will feel the need to express that desire through physical activities, which while pleasurable, can come with severe consequences.”

Sookie looks at Godric hurriedly and a deep blush spreads over her body once again. She gulps and asks, “Godric, are you trying to give me the sex talk?”

Godric continues on equally as uncomfortable. “Sookie, you need to be protected should you chose to engage in sexual activity. As I am a vampire, I am definitely unfamiliar with all the ins and outs that are involved with living creatures having intercourse. Perhaps we can talk to one of the more trusted donors in Stan’s retinue, or Dr. Ludwig even. Perhaps we can talk to Adele about this tomorrow evening…” Godric is cut off from speaking further by Sookie placing her hand over his mouth.

Sookie’s face is as red as a cherry tomato. “We will NOT be discussing me having sex with my Gran! Do you want to give her a heart attack?! Gods, this is so embarrassing!” Sookie scrambles off the bed to begin pacing the floor. She pivots to face Godric again. “You do realize that I’m a telepath, and I’ve known about sex since I was a young child?”

Godric looks thoughtful. “I don’t understand what being a telepath has to do with sex.”

Sookie climbs back on the bed to face Godric, and takes his hand squeezing gently. “Godric, the majority of people think about sex. They are thinking about how they wish they were having sex; they are thinking about whom they want to have sex with; they are thinking of all the different positions they want to have sex in. It’s an ongoing cycle. Thank the Gods my shields are so strong or else I would have been driven insane!”

Godric looks taken aback. He cups Sookie’s face gently in his hand. “I sometimes forgot just how extraordinary you really are.” She smiles slightly at him. “Are you sure you are ready for sex?”

I don’t know. I know I didn’t want to have sex with John tonight. And I definitely won’t be seeing him again. But it’s going to happen eventually, and I will be careful. But if I have any questions, I will be sure to come to you.”

Godric grimaces. “Maybe you should ask Isabel.”

End flashback

Sookie chuckles softly remembering “the sex talk” with Godric as she finishes curling her hair. It is still many hours before she will be going to Fangtasia, but she wants to get that out of the way. She pulls on a pair of shorts and a camisole before making her way downstairs to find her Gran reading in the living room.


Lois Smith as Adele Stackhouse

Adele Stackhouse is the epitome of a true Southern lady. She is soft-spoken, gracious, witty, and as tenacious as a bull-dog when it comes to her family. She weathered the loss of her two children, raised two of her grandchildren full-time (and the third part-time), and is someone in the community that everyone feels comfortable coming to with their problems. She had taken in both Tara and Lafayette when they were younger because their own parents couldn’t be bothered to take care of them. Sookie adores her Gran for everything she is and everything she has done for her.

“Hi Gran,” Sookie says as she skips over to the couch to hug the older woman. She sits down on the couch next to her.

“My gracious, Sookie, you slept an awfully long time. Are you feeling alright?” Gran moves her hand to Sookie’s forehead to see if she is feeling warm, concerned her youngest grandchild may be ill.

Sookie laughs and hurries to appease her. “I’m fine, Gran. I went to bed late because I was talking to Godric after we got home last night. Are the others up?” Sookie grins wickedly as she thinks of the others she had come home with.  She recalls the inebriated state of the ones that had crashed at the Stackhouse homestead rather than go to their own homes.

Gran chuckles. “Jason is still sleeping in his old room. Tara and Lafayette both came down this morning wearin’ sunglasses and beggin’ for aspirin. I offered to make them breakfast, but they both bolted out of the room.” The two women share a hearty laugh. Once calm, Gran questions Sookie. “Now what were you and Godric talkin’ about that you were up so late?”

“I met Eric last night,” Sookie says quietly.

Adele gives Sookie a knowing look. Although Godric never introduced Sookie to Eric, Sookie knows everything about Godric’s eldest living child. When she was a child, Godric would tell Sookie stories about the Viking and his many adventures. Sookie was fascinated by the stories, and developed a crush on the vampire. Sookie never told Godric about her crush, but she had confessed everything to her Gran.

“What did you do, my Sookie? Did you tell him who you were?”

Sookie shakes her head no. “Godric said I shouldn’t reveal who I am to Eric. He said that it could jeopardize my purpose for being here if I did. But Godric did say if I was in trouble, that I was to go to Eric.”

Adele smiles softly at her youngest grandchild and pats her hand in a comforting gesture. “What do you think about Eric?”

“He’s handsome. I captured his interest last night. He wants me to come see him at his bar in Shreveport.” Sookie looks helplessly at her Gran. “What if….”

“Hush, child. You can’t worry about what will or won’t happen. Come on; let’s get you something to eat. We can talk about what you’re going to wear tonight.” Gran pulls Sookie from the couch and the two women spend the rest of the afternoon eating and talking in the kitchen.

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  1. kleannhouse says:

    hmm what is Sook really doing in Bon Temps and she knows of the Viking but not vise versa… HMMMM… KY

  2. theladykt says:

    Ah that explains the Godric situation. Glad she got school in Texas as LA is lousy. ROFL for Godric and sex talk. Too Funny. Wonder what Eric will say when he finds out about Godric and Sookie already know each other.

  3. georgiasuzy says:

    Oh, Sookie knows about Eric but he doesn’t know about HER. I bet she doesn’t know about Eric’s Romeo reputation, but she’ll sure find out if she reads a fangbanger!

  4. vamplover669 says:

    Sookie has the advantage this time knowing lots about Eric! Do all were call women babe John reminded me of Quinn *gag* I enjoyed Godric handling him. The sex talk was so funny along the realization that Godric would be attracted to Sookie! lol Does Sookie still have a bond with Godric if so wouldn’t have Eric recognized his makers blood??

  5. itskiniki says:

    The sex talk and with Godric. After 2000 years HE would absolutely be the vampire I would want to have “The Talk” with! He was around when sex was invented! bahahahaha

  6. leti0709 says:

    im nervous about bill :(((

  7. fffbone says:

    Godric is so funny around Sookie. He’s Such a father.

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