Chapter 6

It has been two months since Sookie moved in with Godric. It was not a smooth transition by any means, but everyone was adjusting well. Sookie was initially withdrawn and quiet, but she had come out of her shell the last few weeks. Sookie seems care-free and happy. She is a bright, inquisitive child that captivates everyone within moments of meeting her.

During the day, Sookie is in the care of Mrs. Ruiz and Minerva, Sookie’s governess. Minerva had come highly recommended from Godric’s lawyer. She has extensive experience with Supe families, and knows how to be discreet. Minerva is part Dae, so she can also act as Sookie’s protector during the day. A classroom was set up next to Sookie’s bedroom. Minerva reports to Godric weekly about Sookie’s progress. Sookie can read and write far above children her own age, so Minerva is teaching things far above Sookie’s age level. Godric believes a side effect of Sookie’s telepathy is an eidetic memory.

After sunset, Sookie spends time with Godric and Isabel. Isabel adored Sookie from the night they met. Isabel had lost her own children when she was made a vampire. Sookie gives Isabel the chance to be a mother again…playing with her hair…telling her stories…singing lullabies, playing games…holding her when she cries…showering her with toys and clothes. Isabel is making plans to move in with them for Sookie’s benefit, but Godric knows it is for Isabel’s own enjoyment as well. All in all, everything is perfect.

And that is what worries Godric the most.

Godric never answered Sookie when she asked why she couldn’t hear him. He is hoping to prevent her from learning that he is a vampire. He does not want her to fear him; he does not want her to turn in revulsion from him. Also, the fact she cannot be glamoured weighs heavily on him. He will not be able to remove things from her mind that she is not meant to see or hear. As a precaution, Godric moved all vampire related business to an office complex he owns in an industrial park. He has forbidden all vampires, with the exception of Isabel, from coming to any of his homes. He is trying to shelter Sookie from everything Supernatural until he feels she is old enough to handle it. Godric also wants Sookie to be in full control of her telepathy so that it will not get her in trouble in the Supernatural community.

In the evenings, Godric helps Sookie with her telepathy. Sookie explained that when she wanted to keep the voices out, she imagined a brick wall that protected her. Godric took Sookie to public places to practice building her walls. When she is tired or emotional, she cannot keep the walls up. However, they found that when Sookie touched Godric she would calm, refocus, and her walls will be stronger. Isabel had come out with them one evening, and they discovered Isabel provided the same benefit to Sookie. Godric considers it a great blessing that Sookie cannot hear vampire minds. She has not mentioned any differences about Mrs. Ruiz or Minerva, but the few times Godric and Sookie had met weres or shifters in public, Sookie noted that their brains were a red haze, but still managed to get the overall gist of their thoughts. Touching increases the ease with which she could hear someone.

It is a Wednesday evening and Godric has taken Sookie to the movie theater. It is the perfect place for Sookie to practice her walls; while the movie is playing, the humans are silent. Sookie can easily distinguish between the internal and external voices. They are about halfway through the movie when Sookie whispers she needs to use the bathroom. They get up from their seats and leave the theater. Sookie is holding Godric’s hand, swinging their arms back and forth. Godric smiles at her as she skips into the bathroom. Godric is leaning against the wall, waiting for Sookie when he hears her scream. He vamps in the bathroom, fangs down, and rips the door off the stall where he smells Sookie. He finds a female vampire with her fangs in Sookie.

Godric commands, “Release her now!”

The vampire obeys instantly. Sookie falls to the ground sobbing. Godric scoops her up in his arms. He pricks his finger and rubs his blood over Sookie’s wounds.

With his fangs still down, he addresses the vampire. “The child is MINE! You will come to my office tomorrow for your punishment. If you disobey me, you will be hunted, tortured, and you will beg for the True Death.”

The vampire nods and blurs away. Godric is thankful no humans are in the bathroom. With Sookie crying, he vamps out of the theater and shoots up in the sky flying towards their home. His instinct to protect and care for Sookie is overpowering. Godric lands quickly in the driveway and speeds in the house calling for Isabel. He heads to the living room to place Sookie down on the couch. Her eyes are not open. Isabel shoots in the room moving to Sookie’s side. She sees the blood on Sookie’s clothes and demands to know what happened. Godric summarizes quickly as Isabel checks Sookie over. Godric is pacing the living room in panic. He is a second away from giving Sookie his blood to heal her when her eyes shoot open.

Isabel smiles as she brushes her hand through Sookie’s hair. “Hello, mi sol. How are you feeling?”

Sookie sits up on the couch, her knees pulled up to her chest, and her arms wrap around her legs tightly. Sookie stays silent for a long time. Godric ponders if Sookie is in shock; her heartbeat is steady, her breathing is normal, and he cannot smell any blood. He is contemplating if she hit her head when she fell when she starts speaking.

“I couldn’t hear her,” Sookie says flatly. “I had just opened the door when she grabbed me. She said I smelled good and she bit me.” Sookie looks at Godric and Isabel, both of whom are immobile. “What was she?”

This is the moment Godric had been fearing…this is the moment when they will lose Sookie. His shoulders slump, and his head lowers. “She is like me and Isabel, Little One.”

“I know that,” Sookie snaps. “What are you?”

“Vampire.” For the first time in over two thousand years, Godric hates what he is. He did not mourn for his human life nor did he mourn the loss of the sun, but he will mourn the loss of Sookie. He feels a red tear falling down his face.

“Why did she hurt me?”

Isabel answers, “Because, mi sol, as a vampire, we cannot eat food like you do. We need something else to survive.”

“Blood,” Sookie says. Silence fills the room. The two vampires do not know what to say to the little child that has come to mean so much to each of them. Sookie takes her time gathering her thoughts. She cocks her head at both of the vampires in the room. “What’s the matter?”

Isabel and Godric look at each other incredulously. Isabel asks cautiously, “Are you upset?”

“Well, I’m upset that woman hurt me. But it was excitin’ when Godric and I flew home from the movies. Can we do that again soon?  I really liked it.” Sookie seems eager and bounces on the couch with excitement.

Godric moves closer to Sookie. “Sookie, are you scared of us?”

The little child smiles angelically at the two vampires. “Godric, I have nothing to be scared of. You and Isabel have been nicer to me than my momma. You and Isabel make me happy. You and Isabel are my family,” Sookie says simply.

Godric moves to Sookie, picking her up in his arms and hugging her fiercely. His worst fears have been laid to rest. Isabel is so happy that red tears are falling from her eyes. Godric closes his eyes in relief and whispers in Sookie’s hair, “My daughter.”


One of the biggest issues Godric had to overcome with Sookie in the beginning was her feeling of abandonment by her family. To this end, Godric was adamant that Sookie stay in contact with her family in Louisiana. She spoke to her family often. Letters were constantly going back and forth through the mail between the two households. Godric even had Adele and Jason come visit them at holidays and summer vacations, so that Sookie would still feel part of the family.

Seven years have passed since Sookie learned about the existence of vampires. From that night, Isabel and Godric worked to make sure Sookie understood everything about the Supernatural world. Godric realized that by keeping Sookie isolated, he was putting her in greater danger. She needed to be aware of the Supernatural world and how to navigate it. Mrs. Ruiz and Minerva were instrumental in aiding Sookie in her understanding of Were and Dae customs. It was ironic that the one supernatural race Sookie was unfamiliar with was her own.

The events that occurred the night Godric took Sookie from Louisiana forced Niall, the Prince of the Sky Fae, to declare war on Breandan and his followers. The fighting was fierce between the warring factions, and many died on both sides. Breandan’s followers continued to eradicate Fae-hybrids; Fintan’s daughter Linda was among the casualties, and Linda’s daughter Hadley was also being raised by Adele and Fintan. Ultimately, Breandan was captured and executed, resulting in Niall being the undisputed ruler of the entire Fae realm. Peace was restored to the Fae realm, and the Fae were once again traveling freely between the realms.

One summer evening, Godric sits in his office overseeing his quarterly business reports. Sookie is out for the evening with some of her friends in the local Were pack, with Minerva acting as their chaperone. Of course, Godric knows some of the local area vampires will also be keeping an eye on Sookie. After Sookie’s attack seven years ago, Godric ensured all the vampires in his area knew who Sookie was and that she was to be protected. Any that harmed her would instantly meet the True Death. Many were resistant at first to protecting what they considered to be a human child, but with time, Sookie won them over. She was like the sun in an endless sea of night.

A sudden popping noise alerts Godric to the presence of the Fae in his home. Godric does not move from his desk, but he reaches in the desk drawer where he keeps the same iron dagger he used those many nights ago on Lochlan. Godric waits to see who will walk in his office.

“You are either brave or foolish,” Godric says to Fintan when he walks to the door of his office.

Fintan chuckles. “Maybe it’s both.” He moves to a seat in front of the desk.

Godric regards Fintan warily as he steeples his fingers in front of his face. “In the seven years I have had Sookie, you have never come here. Why are you here now?”

“You know Breandan has been defeated.” Godric nods his head and Fintan continues. “With peace restored to the Fae race, I believe it will be safe for Sookie to come back home.”

Godric’s face betrays none of his turmoil at Fintan’s statement. In seven years, Godric has come to love Sookie in every way a parent loves a child. He has flourished with her in her achievements, and suffered with her in her failures. He enjoys spending time with her, telling her stories of his adventures, telling her about his children, and teaching her all that he knows. He loves to hear her laugh and smile. He is amazed by how she treats everyone with respect, and discriminates against none. He has watched her grow from an adorable child to a beautiful girl. He does not want to lose her now; she is the light that guides him on his path.

Godric hears the front door open and close; Sookie is home. He hears her steps on the stairs and calls out to her.  When she walks in the room, her face breaks into a smile and she launches herself at Fintan.

“Oh, Grandpa, I’m so happy to see you! What are you doing here?”

Fintan grips his granddaughter in a giant hug as he replies, “I’ve come to take you home Sookie.”

Sookie’s smile fades and she pulls out of his embrace. “But I am home.” She glances at Godric confused. Godric’s face is expressionless; he does not want to influence Sookie and make this situation any harder than it has to be.

Fintan smiles at her, “Sweetheart, this isn’t your home. Godric was only keeping you safe from Breandan and his followers. Your home is in Bon Temps with your Gran, Jason, Hadley, and me. You’re meant to be with your family.”

Sookie’s face takes on a mulish expression. “I am with my family; Godric and Isabel are my family! I don’t want to move back to Bon Temps. I’m happy here, Grandpa, please don’t make me leave!”

Fintan argues with Sookie. “This is not up for debate, young lady. You will be returning to Bon Temps, and that’s final!”

Sookie rushes to Godric, and he opens his arms to her. She sobs against his chest. “Please don’t make me leave, Papa.”

If Godric’s heart still beat, it would have shattered hearing those words uttered from Sookie. He knows Sookie loves him, but she has never referred to him as her father. To hear her do so now is the cruelest torture of all. Red tears are falling from his eyes as he holds her.

Fintan watches the emotional scene in front of him with interest. Fintan had expected Sookie to form some attachment to Godric; he was the only parental figure she really had in her life. What Fintan had not expected was for Godric to become so attached to Sookie. But Fintan is adamant that the best place for Sookie is to return to her family in Bon Temps.

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  1. kleannhouse says:

    oh damn, what a dilemma , i wonder how this will work out… KY

  2. theladykt says:

    Wow Fintan is a real piece of work. Just come to grab her up after 7 years? He’s never visited and from the gist Gran and Jason haven’t either?

  3. gyllene says:

    Poor Godric and Sookie. I’m not liking Fintan right now.

  4. morggys says:

    just found this! what a lovely premise!lovin it! thank you for writing!

  5. georgiasuzy says:

    Fintan, you douchebag! Leave Sookie with Godric and Isabel! Oh no, this won’t be good. Godric can’t keep Sookie if Fintan won’t allow it without a Fae war being declared on him. Wah.

  6. vamplover669 says:

    What a way to find out about vampires! I think they underestimated Sookie kids are very resilient. It’s great to hear she grew comfortable in her new life and has made many friends. Sookie has lived with Godric longer than anyone so I can understand her not wanting to leave Dallas. I think the letters, calls & visitations can still continue. It’s not safe with Brendan’s followers still seeking revenge. I still don’t know if uncle Bartlett has been dealt with even Fintan didn’t know? That man needs to explain her own heritage to her so she can protect herself even more.

  7. msbuffy says:

    OMG! I am crying like a baby. This is terrible. How could Fintan be so cruel after all these years she’s spent with Godric? Surely he would understand that he’s become her father. I’ve got to get the next chapter but it’s time to start dinner. Damn! OK, one more chapter..

  8. itskiniki says:

    What a tough position Fintan is putting them in! I hope Godric kicks that vampires ass for feeding in public on a child no less!

  9. fffbone says:

    I had a fleeing this was going to happen. Custody battle, get a lawyer. Hope Sookie doesn’t have to go back. How old is she now?

  10. fffbone says:

    *feeling , was what I meant.

  11. tj6james6 says:

    Hi Mistress Jess. I’m reading this story again :). Unfortunately the link to chapter 7 is not to ADL but to Chapter 7 of I Remember Nothing. 😦
    I hope you’re on soon to fix it so I can continue reading.

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