Chapter 51

Sookie is lying on top of Eric after their shared release of their final bonding. They are both silent, enjoying the newfound awareness of each other in their bond. For Sookie, she is in awe at the depth of Eric’s feelings for her; it is all-consuming. His love surrounds her as if it is a favorite blanket; soft, providing warmth she wants to burrow herself in and never come out from. As for Eric, he has never felt Sookie this clearly before. He is able to tell every nuance to her emotions; he feels her emotions so clearly it is as if they are his own. He too is astounded by the intensity of Sookie’s feeling for him. Never has he felt so loved or cherished in his thousand years.

“We should have done this much sooner,” Sookie purrs as she contentedly stretches, rubbing her body against Eric’s. The slight friction between their bodies causes a jolt of awareness through the bond, causing each other to moan. Eric puts his hands on Sookie’s hips, moving her so that her lower body rests against his growing erection. They are both still fully dressed with their clothing providing additional stimulation as Sookie moves her hips languidly against him.

“I agree,” Eric growls out as he thrusts up against Sookie. In the blink of an eye though, he reverses their positions so that he leans over Sookie. His hands glide along the fabric of her lingerie. “Although I must admit that I’ve enjoyed the staging of our bonding here than anything we could have had in Louisiana. You honor me, Sookie; you have made our final exchange something memorable instead of a rushed encounter. For that I must thank you.” Eric leans down to kiss his bonded, sending his love and gratitude through the bond.

When their lips separate, Eric leans back on his knees, sitting across Sookie’s legs. A wicked grin spreads across his face. “How long will we have the house to ourselves?”

Sookie returns Eric’s grin with one of her own. “Sunrise. I told everyone we needed privacy tonight. What do you have in mind?”

“We have to make up for lost time Lover. There are many places in this house where I want to ravish your delectable body. I think you have tormented me on purpose these past few days, parading around in the skimpiest clothing possible.” Eric grips the hem of Sookie’s nightgown. “Are you very attached to this Lover?”

Sookie shrugs her shoulder in a negligent manner. “I’m surprised it’s lasted this long, Viking. Perhaps you are losing your touch,” Sookie challenges Eric with a smirk on her lips. With a growl, Eric rips the offending garment in half, revealing the matching thong underneath. He makes short work of that too, reducing it to mere scraps. His own pants are gone by the time he pins Sookie to the bed.

Eric demands, “Are you happy now?”

“Less talk, more pillaging,” Sookie says before she guides Eric inside her. And pillage her he does.


The next few days passed by quickly and it is the night before Eric and Sookie are due to leave Barbados. They have been inseparable since the night they formed their bond. Sookie has aligned her sleeping patterns more towards vampire hours; she finds it difficult to be away from Eric even during his daytime rest. For Eric, it is the same. They are due to meet with Dr. Ludwig this evening to discuss their bond; they both worry that the bond will not allow them to be separated. As much as the love each other, they do not wish to spend every second together. For Eric, he does not wish to have Sookie around vampires. Her scent has become even more appealing since they completed the bond; he worries that having her at Fangtasia will be too dangerous. And for Sookie, she has obligations to fulfill in regards to her telepathy. She knows that Eric will not be able to travel with her for every assignment she has.

Sookie has managed to pack all of their items and is nervously pacing in their bedroom while Eric lounges on the bed watching her. He knows she is worried about returning to Louisiana; the trials of Compton and Lorena, dealing with Sophie-Anne, Niall’s betrayal, they are all looming ominously over them. There have been no recent communications with the Ancient Pythoness. Eric and Sookie do not know if the outcome of everything will be favorable to them. Fintan had not spoken to them any more about what awaited them in Louisiana.

“Lover, if you have so much energy, I would be more than happy to help you work it off,” Eric purrs from the bed. His legs have spread open and his hand glides along his groin.

Sookie stops her pacing. She plants her hands on her hips and rolls her eyes, “Not now; I have a headache.” Her lips twitch in amusement as Eric moves gracefully towards the end of the bed.

Eric sighs in mock disappointment. “Ah, the honeymoon is over then. Well, it was fun while it lasted. I suppose I will have our weekly scheduled sexual encounters to look forward to. You will lie there stiff as a board while I thrust into you twice before dropping like a ton of bricks on top of you. Such will be our happy life together.” Eric spreads his legs so that Sookie can move between them.

Sookie looks at him with mock seriousness, “Weekly? You’ll be lucky if it’s monthly Buster!”

Eric growls, “You are lucky I know you are joking, Lover. I cannot imagine going a night without experiencing the pleasures of your body, but a month? Why would you be so cruel? As a human, I prayed I would be granted entrance to Valhalla upon my death. But I know the truth now; you are my Valhalla, Sookie. You are who I want to spend eternity with. When you leave this existence, I shall follow.” Eric’s words cause tears to form in Sookie’s eyes. She lowers her mouth to his, kissing him with all the love and devotion she feels for him. Her hands move to his hair as Eric’s arms wrap around her hips, pulling her flush against his body.

A loud pop comes from the far side of the room. “Knock it off,” Dr. Ludwig commands as she appears in the room. “From the smell of things, I’d say you two have fucked enough in the last few days to last a lifetime.”

Sookie blushes bright red and buries her face in Eric’s neck, hiding her embarrassment. Eric smirks at the vertically challenged doctor. “Not enough to last my lifetime; there is no such thing as ‘enough’ fucking.”

Dr. Ludwig barks out a short laugh at the Viking’s response. “Spoken like a true man!” Her humor fades as she assumes a professional mien. “I can see and smell that the two of you have completed the bond; that is good.  Do you have questions or concerns that I can help you with?”

“Well,” Sookie begins while chewing on her lip.  She moves to sit in the chair across from the doctor while Eric reclines on the bed. At Eric’s nod of encouragement, Sookie continues speaking.  “When we completed the third exchange, we were surrounded by a white light.  It was very bright, very warm, almost like we were sitting inside the sun.  I was worried it would hurt Eric.”

Dr. Ludwig smiles, “That was the light that’s inside of you Sookie.  It won’t hurt your vampire. It can heal him, soothe him, or inflame his passion, but it will never hurt him. Blood bonds and pledging are the mating rituals of the vampire race.  The Fae also have their mating rituals.  Fintan’s told you of the light exchange hasn’t he?”  At Sookie’s gasp, Ludwig continues.  “Why are you so surprised girlie?”

Sookie looks at the doctor in shock.  “Because I thought it only applied to mating with another Fae; I had no idea it would happen when I bonded to Eric.  Fintan never shared his light with Gran.”

Dr. Ludwig frowns as she speaks, her voice filled with sorrow.   “It’s because Adele never wanted it child.  Fintan would have been more than happy to share his light with her.  She wanted to stay human.”

Eric looks frustrated to be excluded from the conversation.  “Would someone please fill me in on what a light exchange is?”

Sookie looks at her mate apologetically.  “A light exchange normally occurs between two Fae when they choose to mate for the length of their existence.  A portion of the light from each partner transfers to the other.  For the Fae, our light is our essence.  So what Dr. Ludwig is saying is that I transferred a part of my essence to you when we completed the blood bond.”

Eric’s nods his head in understanding.  “Just as a part of my essence exists in you because we shared blood.  I do not see any issue with this.”

Before Sookie can interject, Dr. Ludwig speaks. “Sookie, a blood bond and a light exchange have similar purposes. Both forms of bonds tie your existences together. Initially, you will feel everything in the bond more intensely because it is so new; it will perhaps fade over time. If the two of you chose to, you can live apart. However, the bond will ultimately begin to weaken you both. The longer you spend apart, the weaker you will become. If you stay together, you will both become stronger over time. You may begin to share powers, but that is not a definite. I know some Fae have been able to share powers, but I do not know if that will happen between the two of you. So I wouldn’t recommend sunbathing in the nude anytime soon Viking,” Dr. Ludwig jokes with the vampire.

Eric smirks, “Pity….I can think of some very interesting things to do in the sunlight.” His eyes fill with lust as he stares at his bonded. Sookie’s blush spreads like wildfire once again. However, she licks her lips in anticipation before chewing on her lower lip. Eric growls deep in his chest, shifting on the bed as if he is readying to pounce on his mate.

Dr. Ludwig rolls her eyes. She snaps her fingers, sending an electric current through the bonded pair. The current is not meant to incapacitate them, merely refocus their attention on the topic at hand. Eric glares at the doctor, and Sookie yelps at the stinging sensation. “Focus you two! You can go back to fucking like rabbits once I’m gone.” Looking between the two, Dr. Ludwig knows this conversation needs to end quickly. The aura between the two charged with nothing but sexual energy and love. It’s actually quite surprising they can focus at all. In all her years of practice, she has never seen a bond this strong so soon after forming. It gives her hope that The Ancient Pythoness’ visions will still hold despite the recent setbacks.

“You said we will weaken the longer we are apart. How long can we be apart before that starts to happen?” Eric snarls his displeasure at the topic. The beast in him is rising quickly; he needs to claim his mate. Sookie shifts in her seat, crossing her legs tightly trying to get some relief from the overwhelming lust she is feeling. Eric’s pupils dilate with hunger as he smells Sookie’s arousal and his fangs drop. Sookie whimpers helplessly.

“It depends. I guess you will just have to find out. I have a tonic that will help you deal with the bonding sickness. We can discuss it when the issue arises.” Dr. Ludwig moves quickly away from them. “I’ll see you two soon. Have a safe return trip.” She vanishes from the room the same instant that Eric launches himself at Sookie. He has her skirt pushed up around her waist, his face buried between her thighs. His hand and mouth work to bring her quickly to a release. Sookie screams in pleasure as Eric’s fangs slide into her femoral artery, prolonging her orgasm. Before her aftershocks fade, Eric has her back flat on the carpet, naked, with his thick cock buried deeply inside her. Sookie’s moans become hoarse as Eric moves at vamp speed, his animalistic need to claim his mate driving him on. Sookie tenses and a silent scream forms on her lips as another orgasm detonates inside her body. Eric sinks his fangs into the soft flesh above her nipple. Feeling her walls clenching around his cock, her arousal dripping down to his balls, and her heavenly blood on his tongue, Eric releases deep inside Sookie, groaning and grunting against her breast as he feasts on her blood.

Sookie lies limply against the carpet, too weak to move after such intense pleasure. Eric lovingly laps at the remnants of blood on her breast as her wounds begin to disappear. He slides down her body, making sure the wounds on her leg have also disappeared. Seeing lingering evidence of her arousal on her thighs and lower lips, Eric leans in to lick those up as well. Sookie shudders and whimpers at the continued stimulation. Placing a soft kiss on her thigh, Eric leans up on his elbows to stare down at his mate admiringly. Sookie opens one eye to stare at Eric.


Eric grins wickedly before leaning down to steal a kiss from her lips. His tone is smug as he answers her question. “Just proving that the honeymoon is definitely NOT over!”

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