Chapter 41

“I heard you were dead,” Godric says as Fintan walks towards them.

Fintan smirks at the two vampires, “I’ll leave that to the two of you.” His expression hardens as he turns to look towards the house. “How is Sookie?”

Eric’s face is pained as he answers, “She still feels muddled in the bond, but I feel her more strongly now. She is in pain, but I do not think anything is happening to her now.  Can you tell if there are any wards on the property?”

Fintan shakes his head. “I cannot detect any magic. They are overly confident which will be their downfall.”

Godric asks Fintan, “How close have you gotten to the house? Have you been able to tell how many are inside?”

“No,” Fintan answers. “After I drank the blood Ludwig gave me to heal, I teleported to Russell’s mansion looking for the two of you. Unfortunately, Russell was not alone; Nan Flanagan has descended upon his residence, plaguing him to pledge money to support the Vampire Rights’ Amendment. Deciding not to waste any more time, I used the light of our bloodline to track Sookie. The pull led me here.”

In that moment, Eric doubles over in pain falling to the ground. “Sookie,” he manages to rasp out. Godric pushes all the calm and comfort he can into the bond with his child. It is with great difficulty that Eric is able to stand again; “I am going to fucking kill every last one of them!” He then vamps forward, leaving Godric and Fintan to follow hurriedly behind.


The overhead light in the room flicks on. “Well, well, well, what do we have here?” Bill pulls away from Sookie’s neck to find Neave and Lochlan standing in the doorway of Sookie’s room.

“What do the two of you want? As you can see, I’m enjoying my dinner,” Bill asks with blood dripping from his fangs. Sookie’s head rolls to the left and she groans in pain.

“We wanted to make sure you didn’t take too much. After all, we still want to play with her,” Lochlan says maliciously as he twirls a serrated knife in his hand.

“She is no concern of yours now. Lorena said she is mine to enjoy until the auction,” Bill says as he turns his body slightly to put Sookie behind him as his fangs seem to grow longer and his hands curl into claws.

“Oh, she’ll make it to Lorena’s precious auction. But there’s nothing saying she needs to be in one piece for the auction,” as she advances into the room baring teeth longer and sharper than any pair of vampire fangs Sookie had ever seen.

Bill pauses momentarily when he realizes some of Neave’s teeth are capped with silver. If Neave were to bite him, his own blood would be poisoned by the silver.  Turning to look back at Sookie, he gives her a look of regret as her own eyes widen in fear.  “Ensure you do no permanent damage. The better she looks, the higher the price my maker will be able to fetch. From what I’ve heard, Felipe de Castro is particularly interested to have a telepathic fairy in his court and he is especially fond of beautiful blondes.” Bill moves off the bed slowly while he is speaking.  As he backs away from the bed, the two Water Fae advance on Sookie who is sitting with her back against the wall and her bound hands covering her face as much as possible. With one last look of regret towards Sookie, Bill vamps out of the room.

“It is a pity we will not get to end you as we ended your parents,” Lochlan says as he runs his knife along Sookie’s forearm. The serrated blade cuts patterns into her skin as he moves it from her elbow to her wrist. “I particularly enjoyed holding your father down as the water filled his lungs; his body thrashing against my hold trying to escape his fate. And then it stopped, his body rigid in death. I flipped him over one last time so I could see his face; his eyes were bloodshot, filled with horror, his mouth hanging open…it was perfect”, Lochlan says with fondness and longing in his voice as he remembers that night more than twenty years ago.

Neave laughs as she too remembers that night. “Your mother screamed for us to spare your father; begging us not to hurt him. She was so annoying that I snapped her neck just so she would shut up.” Neave jabs Sookie several times in the sides with a sharp knife. Sookie’s screams turn hoarse and she slumps to her side in pain.

The two Water Fae laugh at Sookie as she crumples in pain; they enjoy her pain and suffering. “Listen to her, she sounds like a frog”, Neave says with her face close to Sookie’s.  “Come on froggy, croak for me,” she says while raising the knife again to Sookie’s body.

Sookie turns pain-filled eyes towards the female fairy, and swallows so she can speak. “You’re both going to die,” she says with a note of finality to her voice, a genuine smile on her face.

Lochlan looks startled by Sookie’s proclamation, but before he can react, Fintan’s sword swings through the air, severing Lochlan’s head from his body. Lochlan’s body falls with a sickening thud against the floor and his head bounces off the wall, splattering Sookie in the process. His body turns to ash.  Neave screams for her brother but a blur knocks her away from Sookie. Godric has vamped into the room pining Neave against the wall. He steps back to admire his work with a terrifying smile.  Neave is pinned to the wall like a butterfly in a display case; instead of pins, Godric used two iron daggers.

Godric then vamps to the bed to stand next to Fintan. Fintan has gently pushed Sookie to her back so he can assess her wounds. The wounds that concern him the most are the stab wounds to her sides; everything else looks to be swollen and bruised. Godric looks down at his daughter with tears in his eyes, “Little One, I’m going to give you my blood. It will help you heal.” He raises his wrist to his mouth, but her ragged NO stops him.

“Eric?” she rasps out. She is crying tears of relief to have been found, but she wishes it was her mate in front of her now.

Godric touches her head lovingly as he tries to brush the matted hair away from her face. “It’s alright, Little One. He has gone after Lorena. Let me take care of you.” He bits into his wrist and places the wound at Sookie’s lips. He massages her throat with his hand so she can easily swallow. He only gives her enough blood to ensure her wounds close.

“We need to get her out of here. I will take her to Russell’s,” Godric says to Fintan, who nods his head in agreement. Godric gently lifts Sookie up and flies her slowly out of the house to the waiting vehicle. Fintan travels on foot with Godric to ensure that he makes it to the waiting car safely. Once Godric has Sookie settled into the car, he tells David, his day person, to drive to Russell’s.  As David drives, Godric feels the bloodlust coming from his child.

Once the vehicle is out of sight, Fintan teleports back to the house to deal with Neave.  He finds her still pinned to the wall; her eyes filled with hatred.  Fintan stalks towards her body slowly, his sword drawn, ready to strike.

“I heard what you and your brother said about my son and his wife.  If it were up to me, I would spend hours, days, weeks even torturing you for the pain you have caused my family.  But I do not have that kind of time, nor would I want you to escape.  So, I shall have to settle for this,” Fintan says angrily.  His sword pierces the heart of the Water Fae.  Her scream fades from the air as her body fades to ashes.

Fintan looks surprised, “Well that felt better than I thought it would.”  He cleans his sword using the soiled linens in the room, then teleports to be with his granddaughter.


Russell Edgington has been a vampire for over three thousand years; he has seen and done it all. He has seen civilizations rise and fall; religions develop and disappear; the best and worst the human race has to offer. Nothing surprises him anymore. There have been times when he has grown weary of this existence, times when it seems there is nothing new or exciting left in the world. He was at such a point in his life when the Ancient Pythoness contacted him almost two hundred years ago. She told him of a vision in which the Supernatural races would move out of the shadows, a world in which Supernaturals and humans would coexist peacefully.  Russell wanted to scoff at the idea; there had been talk many times of Supes outing themselves, but nothing had ever come of it. The Ancient Pythoness told him of a woman who would act as an ambassador to all races, for she would be prejudiced against none and would find the truth among the lies. Russell was weary of hiding in the shadows; he was tired of having to uproot his life every decade so people would not notice his lack of aging. He had wandered this earth for millennia; he wanted someplace to call home. It was to this end that he asked how he could help. And that is how Russell Edgington came to be in America. He wandered the two continents for many decades before ultimately settling in Mississippi. He could have had one of the larger kingdoms in the United States, but he found something charming about the South.

Russell began to give up hope on the Ancient Pythoness’ vision ever coming true. Even after the Great Revelation, Russell thought perhaps the Ancient Pythoness was wrong. Many parts of the world were not friendly to vampires; in fact, many of the third world countries persecuted vampires. The treatment of vampires in South America and the Middle East reminded Russell of Hitler’s treatment of the Jews during the 1930s and 1940s. In the more progressive countries like the United States, radical churches like the Fellowship of the Sun and some smaller hate groups had sprung up to protest vampires and call for their demise. Where was this peaceful coexistence?

Right at his low point was when Russell met Sookie Stackhouse. While she had proven herself useful in several situations, he didn’t see how one tiny half-human girl would be able to unite the world so to speak. It wasn’t until Sookie saved his second, Betty Jo, from a would-be assassin, that Russell’s perception changed of this little girl. He saw first-hand how in a room full of hostile beings she took down the attacker with no regard for herself. When Russell asked her why she had done it, her response was simply that it was the right thing to do.

The right thing to do…Russell laughs to himself as he walks through his mansion remembering that night. The irony of a…vampire doing the right thing is not lost on him. The right thing is why he granted permission for Godric and Eric to hunt in his territory. If that bitch Nan Flanagan had not shown up tonight, he would have joined the hunt. That is one of the few drawbacks of the Great Revelation, no longer having to hunt for one’s meal. Russell closes his eyes with the memory, the flavor of their fear, of adrenaline coursing through his victim’s blood.  How he misses it! He shakes his head and opens his eyes to clear the memory.

He continues walking through the mansion towards his office. His second-in-command, Betty Jo, is standing at attention waiting for him to arrive. “Has everything been handled?” Russell asks as he sits behind his desk.

“Yes, Your Majesty; the Weres on V have been disposed of. I called Colonel Flood to let him know of the plan; he protested that we had no right to interfere, saying it was a pack matter”, all the while disgust dripping from Betty Jo’s words, which of course didn’t match her persona of a 1950s TV sitcom mother.

Russell growls in anger, “If it was a pack matter, then he should have handled it before it became a fucking problem! Perhaps Flood is no longer capable of controlling his pack. What do you think, Betty Jo?”

“With all due respect, Your Majesty, Flood is an old man. The Longtooth pack is larger now than it has been at any time during Flood’s reign as Packmaster. Most of those that are in the pack are transplants from the local military base, so they have no loyalty to him. He needs someone younger and stronger to take over the pack,” Betty Jo offers in a clinical fashion.

Russell purses his lips as he ponders her words. “You may be right. Who do you think
would…” Russell’s words are cut off as shouts come from the foyer. Both vampires rush out of the office to find an unconscious Sookie in the arms of Godric with Fintan standing at their side.

“Call Ludwig!” Russell demands of Betty Jo as he moves toward Sookie. “What happened?” he demands as he looks down in horror at the battered little Fae girl.

Godric looks at Russell apologetically. “Please, do you have somewhere I can lay her down?” Russell rushes up the stairs with Godric following close behind him. He leads them to a light-tight room with a large canopy bed. Russell vamps to the bathroom, ripping the shower curtain down so he can spread it across the bed. He moves back to the bed, spreading it over the bedding so Godric can lay Sookie down on top of it.

As the two vampires move away from the bed, Ludwig pops into the room, “Out of my way!”  She jumps on the bed to begin examining her patient. “The three of you out, now!” she says pointing towards the door. Fintan and Godric glare at her, but she stares back firmly. The three men move outside the door, which slams shut behind them.

“Tell me what happened,” Russell demands again. Fintan and Godric tell him everything.

Russell shows no expression as he listens to the tale from the two Supernatural beings. “You think there is a traitor among us,” Russell says to Fintan once the story is finished. “Do you know who it is?”

“I have an idea, but I need more proof. I pray I am wrong,” Fintan says with a look of sorrow on his face.

Russell turns to Godric, “Where is Eric? I would think your progeny would be here with his injured mate.”

“He went after Lorena while we took care of Neave and Lochlan.” Godric’s fangs click down and he shivers with delight, “And from what I can tell, he has found her.”

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